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    Default Missy, Brother and Dad (double incest)

    Missy, brother and dad (double incest)

    My name is Sean, I’m 17, I got stuck helping out at a Prom for girls and boys who were 14 to 15. My sister Missy was inside dancing, and I was checking out all the young girls. They were all so hot looking in their fancy gowns.
    I sat with my dad outside who was drunk. Dad started telling me about how I ought to get me a 14 yr old girl. He went on and on how hot they were. Finally he leaned over in his whiskey breath and said: “Your sister is hot son. I’m gonna tell ya someth‘in, and you must promise never to tell anyone ever.”
    I said sure sure dad. He started telling me how it all started in his drunk‘in voice. I was in for the shock of my life.

    Missy just turned 14, and you know she starting to get some nice little tits and ass on her. She being slim, and that long straight dark hair of her’s down to her butt crack. A sweet face like mom, that smooth skin with brown eyes with those natural long lashes.
    She always been a lovable girl, and I love her as only a dad can. I watched as she started to become a woman, and she was starting to turning me on.

    I went through the usual guilt feelings for even thinking such a thing, If I was caught, jail, all the bad things that could happen. The thrill of taboo

    and the no no’s didn’t go away, it only increased. Nobody knows a man’s innermost thoughts, and I liked thinking about Missy.
    I fantasized about kissing every part of her body, sucking her little titties, and licking her little slit.
    I imagined having a 3some with your mom and I and Missy, and mom being OK for it the same as me. I tried not to think about fucking Missy while fucking mom.
    The first time when I finally let myself think about fucking Missy, while fucking mom, I almost said Missy’s name.

    I had a huge super cum, blast out, over and over like no other thrill I‘d ever had. Mom noticed my passion and smiled.

    I gave the mom credit for being so damn sexy. I said to myself, fuck it, I’m going for a lot of this, no one will ever know, but I must never yell out her name…..ever.

    It started out in the mornings after mom left for work, and you were gone to school. Missy had on this thin night gown, didn’t wear her little bra in the mornings. I could see right thru it and see her little tits. Tiny, with a little bulge at the nipples. She started hugging me real tight with my

    leg between her legs. She started shoving her little pussy into my robe covered leg. She rubbed her pussy up and down just a little. I liked it, and not only let her do it, but pushed my leg to her pussy firm. I put my arms around her and moved her up and down on my leg slightly, to her delight.
    I thought, damn,
    she’s making me so hot doing that. The thought of it being a big no no and very taboo was exciting to me. I was very careful that no one was home and no one could see in the kitchen where she liked to do it.
    There was always ‘the risk’ that she might tell someone what we were doing, after mom had gone to work. What if it got back to my wife or others. It wasn’t much, but I already mentally planned how to explain it away as nothing. I planned ahead to cover our tracks solid. This just made it more exciting.

    The next morning, same thing but only I picked her up and held her up against me face to face, her legs around mine. She liked this and kissed me, but differently for the first time.

    It was slow, and I could just feel her little tongue going across my lips, back and forth. She leaned way back and said: “Swing me,
    daddy.” She pushed her little pussy in to me hard as I swung her around,…. and then she gasp! I slowly let her slide down my front until her little pussy was sliding slowly down towards my dick.
    I had put on tight briefs, planning ahead for this. Her little pussy slid smoothly over the briefs and my restrained hardon. She held tight and then I stopped when my dick was right on her little clit. She trembled, moaned little, then I let her slide down past my bulging dick. She was a little out of breath, but had a big smile on her face. She said that was so much fun, and wanted to do it again, which we did.

    Now Missy was really getting excited and so was I. We both were gasping and were getting so hot, we fanned our selves between slides. I could feel her hot breath as she laid her head on my chest. I could feel her little panties thru her thin little night gown. Her

    little butt cheeks were so warm and felt good when I held her for another slide. Now my dick was real hard, but held back by the briefs, but still a pretty good bulge was under my robe. Up she went again, but this time she open up my robe and let her titties slide down my chest. As her titties began sliding on

    my bare chest, she gasp real big, and pulled back stopping the slide. She had a shocked look on her face. Her nipples sliding down on me stimulated her titties and she held her hands to them and rubbed them. She whispered,: “ Oh my gosh!, that made my titties so sensitive! It was like a wonderful shock, Wow, that really felt good!”.

    I held her at that point until it passed and she then continued the pussy slide. I let her slide very slowly this time. I wanted the peak of my bulge to hit her clit. We both were really turned on. This taboo was giving me a great hardon. I could feel her little heart beating hard, as was mine. This time I put my hands under her night gown, and I felt her warm

    panties. I inched her down, I slipped my fingers under the leg elastic on both sides of her little panties. Her little warm butt felt so wonderful. She knew what was coming and started in with little gasps. I eased my fingers in her panties further. I was now holding her very warm bare butt cheeks. I eased my fingers to just enter her lower crack. I felt

    the damp heat from her little wet vagina, and held my fingers there. She slid slowly down until my bulge hit her clit. She moaned and then a little tremble, she squeezed me real tight, then I heard a ‘oh….Oh…OH‘, and she started rubbing her pussy

    firm right on my hardon. She stopped and I heard a ‘ooohhhh’ kind of moan as she had an orgasm. She put her head on my chest as her body trembled and slowly went weak. I let her down to the floor. She held onto me tight as her legs were wobbly.

    She held on as best as she could with her weak arms. I picked her up and carried her to a dining room chair, and set her gently down. She held on to my body, her cheek resting on my dick as I stood

    there, playing with her long hair. My dick was so hard, I could feel it throbbing, and she felt it on her face. I wanted to cum so bad. I wanted to end this so I could go jerk off in the bathroom. My balls ached. That’s when she asked me, “What does cum look like?”
    My heart raced as ideas ran thru my mind. She said her girlfriend Lisa saw her dad’s cum once when she saw him jack off once, in their bedroom. He squirted cum on a magazine, and she found it later.
    I said:” I can show you some of mine, but everything we do must be kept a secret forever.”
    Her face lit up and said: “ Oh yes, this will be our secret, forever dad!” “Now, lets go see what cum looks like, ok?” She got all excited as I took her in her bedroom. Her room was located to where I could see or hear if anyone came to the house. I laid her on the bed, and took my briefs off and finally let my dick out. She whispered, ‘wow’ that’s big. I said here’s how we get my cum to cum out. First we show me things that stimulate my dick.
    I lifted up her little nightgown up to her neck. I feasted my eyes first on her new budding tits. Just a small handful. Her nipples were just sticking up a little, but firm. When I touched them it caused her to

    shiver, they were a sweet pinkish/brown. I peeled her little yellow panties down slowly, taking in finally every inch of the little pussy I was forbidden to see. I was trembling in my gut. I felt so hot all over as I took in a gulp of air. It was so hot to take a good long

    look, and see a tiny little patch of dark pubic hair over her slit. Maybe only 10-12 brand new hairs. My dick was now rock hard sticking straight out. I couldn’t remember it ever being this hard. My dick was bulging and pulsating, the full head was shiny
    and dark pink.

    Missy was just fascinated by it as she grinned and stared. I could feel my balls churning and they ached. I took my robe off and we laid there sideways, face to face. She reached down and gently felt all over my dick, her first time to ever do so.

    We both started kissing and it built up fast, her little tongue now darting around my mouth and mine explored her lips and then deep in her mouth. She moaned so sweet as we devoured each other.

    I reached down and lifted up her free leg. My dick for the first time slipped between those hot little legs. I felt the slick wetness of her little pussy as she began to rock back and forth on it. I didn’t know a 14yr old could get this wet.

    We started feeling every thing on our bodies for the first time. I felt her little titties and nipples. I was burning up with taboo excitement.

    She felt my dick head poking out thru her legs, and reached back and squeezed it and felt it. She felt my pre cum on her fingers. We pulled our bodies in tight and enjoyed our nakedness. We were 2 hot bodies meshing together now. Our hearts were racing with excitement. She whispered and told me she had a dream once , about us doing this, and how it made her get the hornys.
    I was surprised….. I told her I too wanted to feel her naked for a long time and feel her little tits and sweet pussy. I said there are a lot more thing we can do to feel good. I turned to a 69 position on our sides. I lifted her free leg and started kissing her little pussy. She jumped with lots of tingles. She had my dick in her face now and fondled every thing on me. I felt her little tongue on the tip of my dick head. Then more licking and putting the head of my dick in her little mouth, sucking gently. My tongue found her little clit and licked it. She jumped again and moaned. I let my tongue explore all of her pussy, plunging deep as she squirmed. She had that little patch of pubic hair which I licked. I told her that ‘cum’ would come out the little hole in the end of my dick when it got rubbed just right. She started jacking me slow at first. I would tell her ‘a little faster now’ and she would jack faster. I licked her little clit at the same speed as she twitched with each lick. I could hear her breathing increase and feel her breath on my dick. She was moaning more now and put her little lips around my head. I said to leave it there and just suck and jack a little faster. I ran a finger in her little pussy and massaged it, going a little deeper each time. She pushed her pussy to my mouth as she squirmed. I told her, breathlessly: “It’s….going to…..cum now…oh god here it… Cummmm!
    Eeeeeeyesssss!!!” She was jacking fast and sucking my head when my cum came splattering out. The first shot filled her little mouth, and she stopped to taste it. The cum then blasted her face and she locked her body up and moaned loud as she climaxed. She started licking the cum and put her mouth back on my still pumping dick. She tasted and swallowed some, then licked it up from all over. She had a pulsating moan as her little pussy tightened up on my tongue.

    We both sat up out of breath. She said: “ Oh daddy, your cum looks like cream. It tastes tart, and a little salty, but I love it! That made me feel so good when you licked me I had a special feel good that was out of the world!” She closed her eyes and took her finger and wiped my cum off her face and all around, and licked it over and over.

    I said now part two for more feel good time. I laid her down and opened her little legs. I started putting my dick in her, a little at a time. She put her hands on my arms and pulled me to her tight. She winced a little as I put in more of my dick. She moaned steady as we started a rhythm as my dick slipped back and forth in her wet tight pussy. She moaned out “Oh daddy, you make me feel so good! Oh daddy! Yes, Yes…YES!, I felt my balls get ready for our first ever fuck. She squirmed and twisted while she pumped with me. I started pumping her faster. She just moaned, “oh oh oh oh oh Oh Oh OH! , OH DADDY!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh“. I shot a big load in her pussy as she climaxed. We both moaned something, I don’t remember it all. I felt my hot cum fill her little pussy and leak out the sides with her juices soaking us. She was muttering something, whispering in my ear. Her breathing was like a panting dog. I felt her little pussy squeezing down on my dick as she shook. Her little arms were locked around my neck. Her muttering died off as her pussy still tried to pulsate around my dick.

    I couldn’t believe dad was telling me all this. My own dad, tapping my 14 yr old sister. It sure was doing one thing, It was making me hot for my sister. I too saw her getting tits and a nice butt, but I had girlfriends and they kept my mind on them. My mind was racing, if he could fuck her, why not me too. Now I couldn’t get her out of my mind. I had a raging boner over my own sister.

    The prom was letting out, and soon Missy came over to dad, kissed him and said: “That was great, dad!, thanks for bringing me.”
    Now I looked at her and all had changed. She looked at me, and sat down next to me and whispered in my ear: (“ dad’s been drinking, can you help us get home, he can’t drive like this.”) I said yeah, I’ll drive us home. She hugged me around the neck, kissed me on the cheek and said: “Oh, thank you Sean!” Of course she didn’t know what dad had just told me, and that didn’t help my huge boner to go down. She was so hot looking, her little tits were not quite filling out her low cut gown. I got a nice view. She smelled so good. I got him in the car in the back seat, as he laid down. She got in the car and scooted over right next to me. She had to have noticed my boner.
    * Missy thought to herself: Wow, dancing with all those boys, sure made me horny. I could feel several hardons. All I had to do is whisper anything in their ears, and they got hardon’s Looks like dad won’t be in any shape to give me some play time when we get home. Sean ignores me. I wonder if…oooo I see a hardon!. I wonder what he’s thinking about. Wow, it looks bigger than dads. Dad will be out for at least 10 hours..hmmm.. I think I’ll come up with a plan and see what Sean‘s thinking about.
    I got dad to stand up, and lugged him in the house. Mom was gone for the weekend, so we had to put him in bed. I tried not to look at Missy but I couldn’t stop. I now had that picture of her doing it with dad.
    She looked different now to me. I went in my room and laid on my bed, thinking about all dad had told me. Missy came in my room, twirled around and said: “So, how did you like my dress Sean?” Oh god she looked so hot. I patted my bed for her to sit down on it, and scooted over for her.
    She didn’t sit, but lay down next to me on her tummy, and smiled big. She said: “I’ll need your help unzipping my dress in the back.” I turned and moved her long hair and slowly unzipped it. I know she saw my boner. She did and whispered: “ Who are you thinking about Sean?” I said: “Why do you want to know?”
    “Well, you’ve had a hardon ever since I got out of the dance.”
    “Do you think I got it over you?”
    “Well……come on Sean, tell me if you did, please, please, please…”
    “Maybe,” I said. She started hitting me on the arm laughing.
    “Come on Sean! I want to know.” With her dress unzipped, her front was exposed and there were her little tits. They looked so hot, with nipples budding out. I said: “Come here“, and pulled her to me. I whispered: “If my hardon is over you, what shall we do about it?” I barely got the words out of my mouth when she kissed me, and pusher little tongue in my mouth. I started feeling her bare back and she started breathing hard. We kissed and felt our body’s all around. “Is this the first time you’ve got a hardon thinking about me?” she asked.
    I said: “How do you know I have a hardon?” Her hand immediately went over my pants and felt my hardon, and grinned.
    “Maybe I have a sausage in my pocket,” I said. She said: “SEAN…you DO have a hardon thinking about me…SAY IT!”
    She started un doing my belt, pants and zipper. I felt her warm hand on my dick. She closed her eyes and felt all around and took my dick out, and jacked it slowly. We took each other clothes off, I turned down the light and closed and locked my bedroom door. She was so hot looking, and so taboo, my heart was pounding. She got on top of me and put my dick between her warm legs. She said: “Josh, tell me about the first time I made you hot.”
    I couldn’t tell her dad just told me about her and him fucking, so I stretched it out a little. I felt her little body while I talked. Her little butt, and tits too, all so young and smooth.
    She rubbed her little pussy on my dick as I talked. I told her I thought she was hot a long time ago, but it’s such a unthinkable thing, I couldn’t let you know. The more I talked, the hotter she got. Then as I talked she started in kissing me, all out of breath as she gasp.
    She then moved up and put her little tit in my mouth and started moaning. “Josh, I’ve wanted you forever, I saw you naked a few times and my mind went crazy. I had to hide my thoughts, but I told my friend Jen about wanting you to feel me up, and I wanted to feel your dick.
    I figured she would say, ewwwwww, but instead, she ask me for details about seeing you naked.
    While she talked I was going crazy wanting to put my dick in her. I rolled her over and felt her little pussy. Just a small patch of pubic hair, and her pussy was really wet.
    I scooted down and opened her little legs, and started in licking her slit. She moaned and held my head. “Oh Josh, that feels so good.” she moaned. She would shiver when I licked her little clit.
    She was panting and moaning. I ran my hand up to her tits, and massaged them. She would gasp when I rolled her little nipples in my fingers.
    We heard a noise. It was dad. I put my hand over Missy’s mouth, and told her not to make a sound. My heart was really pounding now. He just got up to go to the bathroom, then back to bed.
    Whew, that made us really breathe hard now. I kissed her and continued to feel her tits. She was really hot and tried not to moan. She whispered: “Put it in me Josh, I can’t wait any longer.” I eased my dick in her entrance. She held me tight and wiggled.
    She moaned ….oh yes Josh. I put more in, and she wiggled some more. She was panting, and gasping as I started fucking her, each stroke getting deeper. She gripped me tight and worked her little hips with my strokes.
    She buried her mouth in my neck and moaned. “Oh god Josh, yes, fuck me Josh.” She was nice and tight, warm and wet. I felt her little legs lock with mine as we pumped together.
    I whispered: “Missy…oh god, I’m cuming …oh god …ahhhhh. She grabbed my butt cheeks and moaned in my neck. She moaned….“Oh..yes, yes, oh my god Josh, you make it feel so good! Fuck me big brother, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeee!”
    I could take no more and as my balls pulled tight, I felt a hot load of cum shoot out my dick and into her tight little pussy. She climaxed and moaned louder that we realized. “Josh!, oh Josh, oh god Josh, you make me feel so good….oh my god.”
    We lay there both in a daze, I had just felt the best cum I ever had, her tight little pussy still tight around my dick as I kept stroking that feeling. She squirmed, panting out of breath and shook some, as she whispered: “ Josh,…. that was my best climax, ever!!!”
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    Good story, 14 year olds are so hot!
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    lil bit confussed... in the begining his name is Sean, then the second half his name is Josh???? WTF other then that its a hot story....
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    Ah ha! I see you caught that!....Missy never liked the name 'Sean', so she called him by his middle name 'Josh'......I should have let readers know that.
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    I hope you continue with this story it very good.
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    maybe a 3sum with brother n dad wud be a good way to cary on the story
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    Rock hardon's and wet pussys is what I live for...more and more to cum...

    *Missy is getting more dick in part (2)
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    Dam great story,waiting for MORE!!!!!
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    Missy, brother and dad (double incest) (2)

    Hi, my name is Sean, I’m 17, but my little sister calls me by my middle name, Josh, because she doesn’t like the name Sean.
    I just had my first time fucking my sister Missy. She is 14. I had just found out my dad had been fucking her, and I wanted to also. She’s a very hot girl. Sexy is too mild for her. For 14, she is street wise and knows how to please me. After our first fantastic sex, things changed at our house. Missy and dad still fucked, but not to often. Her attention was with me now. She came in my room last night and wearing just a nightgown, no little bra, no panties. She smiled at me and started kissing me all over my face. I got really turned on. I was laying on my bed when she did all this. She said: “Josh, can we have sex again. That was so hot fucking you, you made me cum so hard, I can’t forget it.” I said: “Where’s dad?” She said he’s at work for another 2 hours, we have time. She flipped up her nightgown and got under the covers with me and sat on my dick. “Oooooo, I feel a boner under me. I knew you wanted me, didn’t you.” she said.
    I smiled and said: “Little Missy know it all, aren’t you.” She said: “I know when you get turned on, cause I can see your boner.” “So you’re a ‘boner watcher’ eah?” She laughed and said she guessed she was. “I want to be on top this time, ok?” I leaned her sweet little body over to me. I lifted her up, and she put my dick up in her. She gasp..and said…”Oh yeah, that’s what I want. I like yours and dad’s dicks both, but sometimes I like yours best. (it’s bigger)” she stopped. And froze. I knew why. She just admitted she had dad’s dick inside of her.

    “I said: (…don’t worry, I know all about dad and you….)” She breathed a sigh, and laid her head down on my chest. “I love you both, and you both make me so happy when you have sex with me…I know…we’re not suppose to, but it feels so good and we all like it, ….so fuck’em“..and we both laughed. “Jen’s grandmother told me girls use to get married and 12, and have baby’s, when she was a little girl. I’m 14, and I like to fuck, so there world.” She began to squirm on my hard dick, and asked me to feel her little titties.
    She sat up and bounced on my dick, as I felt her new budding tits. She closed her eyes and held my hands. “oh god Josh..you feel so good in me….can you put your thumb on my little clittie? I like that, it makes me so hot, and feels good.”
    I did, and she moaned so cute….’ooooooo josh….ooooo yes….ohhhhhh joshie….yesssssss…joshie.
    I had to cum now or explode. I held her little butt cheeks and bounced her faster and faster…” Oh god…Josh!…oh..oh..oh….OH Josh..your making me cum….. And she squealed in a real high voice and I shot, and I shot big, over and over in her little pussy. My cum ran out her little pussy and on to her, me and the bed. She moaned and laid her head on me, and ground her pussy on my dick, gasping with each jolt of her climax. She already had strong pussy muscles and kept clamping down on my dick with them.
    I got dizzy, she felt so good, I gasp for air, and felt weak.

    Dad and sissy would wait for mom to go to work some mornings, and then go sneak in her bedroom and she would have sex with him. Josh knew this and tried to figure a time for him and Missy to fuck. He told Missy he was trying to find a time for them. Missy giggled, and said: “After they have gone to bed, silly. Daddy plays with me sometimes after mommy has gone to sleep. He slowly gets out of bed and creeps into my room and starts kissing me, and feeling my little titties, I love it. We have to be real quiet and not moan, so we don‘t wake mommy.
    I think it’s fun to sneak it…it‘s exciting and I get the hornys waiting to see if he‘ll come in. I never know, but when he does, I get real excited and him too. We make each other cum real good.”
    Josh is hearing all this and figures a way. He’ll wait till they go to bed, and go in her bedroom and they can fuck too. He asks her “How often does dad come in your room.” “Oh…let’s see maybe…about once a week, it‘s always a Sunday night in fact. Mom goes to bed early to be ready for work on Monday, but not always, sometime he surprises me on another night. I like surprises.” “What if….we have our nights, and you tell daddy your tired and not to come by the nights we want to fuck.” “OK, are you coming to my room tonight?”

    Josh’s gut began to quiver and he thought. ..”Does dad lock your door when he comes in your room?” “Always”, Missy said. ..’Ok missy, I’ll come to your bedroom tonight. If the door is locked, I’ll wait till another night. If not, we can fuck but quietly, ok?”
    “Ok big brother, I can’t wait, you make me so hot Josh, and cum so good too. I hope you show up. Kiss me now, and feel my titties before you go.” “Missy!..mom and dad are in the back yard, right now!” She giggled and pointed out her blinds. “I can see them Josh! They don’t even know we’re talking here in my bedroom. How about just sucking on my titties then, you can do that while I watch them out back.”
    Josh checked, sure enough dad was sleeping, and mom was reading a book, and they couldn’t see in thru the slits in her blinds. As he was looking, he felt her pull his shorts down, and quick started sucking his dick. She pulled his hand down and put it on her tit. He had to smile, getting blow job from his sister, not 10 feet away from his parents.
    Missy sucked him and jacked him fast. She then looked up and whispered: (“….I can make you cum I bet, Josh…”) He kept watching out the window at his parents. Missy started in really jacking and sucking him fast and hard. He held her head as his little sister was about to make him cum in her mouth. She kept it up and squeezed his ass with her little fingers. Josh could hold back no more and jolted a cum right in her mouth, and kept pumping more and more in. She swallow it all. She looked up and him, and smiled saying, “See, told ya I could.”
    Josh and Missy couldn’t wait till tonight. They both were jumpy. They teased each other and copped feels when they could. When mom took her shower, and dad went to the bathroom, Josh jumped up and ran over to Missy on the couch, stood her up, lifted her skirt, pulled her panties to one side and started licking her little clit as fast as his tongue would go. Missy grabbed his head and went eeeeeeeee and her knees began to buckle. Josh stopped, and ran back to his chair like nothing had happened.

    Missy sat there glaring at Josh. She got up, adjusted her panties and walked to him and whispered: (“…I’ll get you for that big brother!, you know I can’t take that on my little clittie!…she reached down and felt his big boner…Ooooo… that’s huge, and it‘s all because of me…your sweet…”)
    It was Saturday night. Dad had a lot of beers and fell asleep at 9 in his chair. Mom stayed up and read. Josh play on his computer, and Missy watched T.V. They both waited for mom to go to bed. Josh would purposely yawn, and then wait, and yawn some more when he came in the living room. Missy caught on and she did too. Soon mom, yawned and put her book away, and went to bed.
    Josh woke his dad some, and pointed him towards the bedroom. Soon Missy and Josh were making sex signs with their fingers. He would make a hole with his fingers, and a finger dick with the other, and put them together and fuck them real fast. Missy would crack up, and flash him her titties, and lift her skirt up and hump her finger. They were having fun.
    When it had been quiet for a while, Missy stood up, and listened. She lifted up her skirt, and took her panties off, and put them in her little bra. She lifted her skirt up and walked around shaking her ass, and teasing Josh. He turned around, took out his boner, and then turned back around and wiggled it at her, and quick put it back. She was cracking up laughing quietly. She left and went into her room.
    Josh watched T.V. for a while. Josh went to his room, and put on his robe. He just realized their bedrooms were next to each other. He listened at her wall. He heard her moaning he thought. Then he heard dad moan too. Shit!..dad beat him to her.

    Josh took off his robe and slept naked, just thinking about Missy. He wanted his time with her. He heard Missy go to the bathroom then quiet
    He heard his door slowly open…it was Missy sneaking in. She tip toed over and crawled in bed with him. He pulled her to him and they kissed with a fury of tongues and feels. Missy..out of breath..whispered: (“…josh, oh josh..I couldn’t go to sleep thinking about you having a boner just for me….tell me how much you want me josh…I wanna hear it over and over again….daddy just came in me real quick, and left….I didn’t get any real lov’in…but I’m going to take some of you with me…to have you when ever I want
    …..oh missy baby… I was in here just thinking about you, wanting you so bad…I’m so glad you’re here…I’ve wanted you all for days…kiss me some more…mmmmm.
    She kissed him over and over and then turned and pulled up her little night gown and squatted over his face. She had a little bottle with her. She started suck his big boner. Both her little hands jacking him, as he licked her pussy. She moaned at he licked her little clit. She started humping his tongue and moaned more. Josh was trying to make it last, but he could feel a big cum on it’s way. He lick her little clittie faster..oh oh oh oh josh…yes yes yes…oh yessssss.
    Her mouth was so hot on his dick he …whispered…oh god missy..I have to…have to cum now! She quick took her mouth off his dick and jacked him faster. He felt something on the tip of his dick as he shot and shot cum out.
    He jolted and twisted his body in shaking pleasure. He then felt her little tongue licking his dick over and over. They stayed spent on each other, just feeling their body’s.
    Missy finally turned around and kissed him deeply, then she held up a little bottle full of his cum. She felt for the lid, and put it on tight. She whispered….(“I got you now big brother, right in here, anytime I want.”) Josh giggled at her and smiled. (“….your to much little missy…”) She kissed him some more and then quietly slipped out of his room.
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    Missy, brother and Dad (3)

    Josh sat up in bed, thinking about Missy. Wow, he thought, she can sure fuck good for a 14 yr old. I want her all the time now. It’s Saturday and tonight I want to go in her room and fuck her all night. Missy is so hot for Josh, and wants to find ways to sneak a fuck behind mom and dads back. Missy knows Josh is right in the next bedroom wanting to fuck her, and she wants him bad.
    Missy over hears mom and dad talking about a shopping trip and wants the kids to go with them to buy some clothes and fit them there. Missy knew what to do when they’re at the mall. The girls bathroom is where her 16 yr old friend Sandy sucked a guy off once in there.
    She pulled the guy in a stall and locked the door, and pulled her panties down, and sat like usual, the guy stood in front of her with is dick out. She jacked him so fast he had to cum right away, and she swallowed it all. Missy got so hot hearing the story, she masturbated right in the girls bath room at school that day.

    At the mall, all the shopping was done, and mom and dad went for coffee. Missy said Josh and her were going to the video shop, and left them. One set of bathrooms was next to the video shop. Missy told Josh to wait here, while she checked out the girls bath room. Soon, she quick pulled him in and in a stall, and took out his boner.

    She pulled her shorts down. He reach down and felt her sweet tits as she jacked him fast. (“Isn’t this naughty!), she whispered. Josh felt those little lips he loved sucking on his dick, as she played with her clit. Oh damn, she was so good at this, he could feel the cum coming. She rubbed her clittie faster and faster and gave out a tiny moan. Josh muffled a moan and huge shots of cum came out in her mouth.
    She wasn’t expecting him to cum this much and some dripped on her top, making a big spot on it. She tried wiping it, but it was noticeable. Josh smiled, said: “I’ll be right back.”
    Josh went and bought an ice cream, and gave two taps on the door. Missy peeked out, then came out. Josh jammed some ice cream on her, right on the spot, and said: “Opps, my bad, sorry.” They laughed as Missy wiped it and tasted it with a smile, and continued eat her ice cream cone.
    That night Josh snuck into Missy’s room, and crawled in bed with her, under the covers. She giggled and felt his boner. ( is this for me, Joshie?) ( it sure is missy baby..) They quietly started kissing, as she got real hot, and took off her night gown. She really pushed her tongue in his mouth,,,,(..oh josh, I miss you so much, you make me so hot I want to fuck you all the time now..) Josh never locked the door, and they never even heard it open and close.

    It was her dad.

    He sat in her chair and listened to his son and daughter moan and start fucking under the covers. His hardon grew huge. It was the hottest thing he had ever heard. He held his dick as it was starting to pulsate in his hand. He could hear Josh and Missy moaning, kissing and licking each other.

    He thought.…well, my boy has also found his sister is a hot little girl, can’t blame him, she drives me crazy too. She’s so sexy and hot, I’m so lucky to get to fuck her. She’s got him now to…wow, I was going to tap her little sweet pussy tonight, but this is hot, listening to them having incest at it’s finest.
    This has got me tingling all over, hear her sweet little moans, and him moaning as he fucks her. Two kids enjoying each others body’s. I bet he cum’s a gallon in her, and she climaxes good with him. He can’t stand it, he’s breathing so hard.
    He gets down on his knees and goes over to her bed.
    Josh and her have not cum yet, but it’s close. I’m just going to crawl in bed with them, they’ll freak out until I join in and fuck her too.
    He slipped in her full size bed as they froze and went quiet.
    He whispers: (..”keep going you guys, I’m just going to join you”…) They don‘t move... (“..daddy?”.. Missy whispers….“oh my gosh, come on in and we’ll have a 3some!..this is the best! …my two lovers and now we’re all together!…joshie, scoot over to give daddy some room.“…)
    Josh is about to have a heart attack, he’s so shook up. He’s afraid to speak. His heart is jumping out of his chest, beating so fast. (“…dad..my sister is the hottest girl in the world, and I..I oh my gosh..”) (“Shhhhh…we can’t wake you mother, she would have a heart attack is she catches us.”…)
    Josh needs a rest. His dick went down a flash. Missy starts kissing her dad and feels his huge boner…(“..oooo daddy, you really want me bad tonight!..that’s a huge boner you have for me.”..)

    His big boner really excites her, and she goes down to suck it. Dad’s hands feels her sweet little butt and starts to moan. He’s very close to cuming, he’s so hot. Now Josh’s dick has sprung up again and he feels her butt too.
    Together they start kissing her little body, feeling her pussy and titties. She’s in heaven feeling 4 hands on her, feeling all her good parts. She tries not to moan, but can’t hold it back. (…“oh god you guys…your making me crazy!, cum in my mouth, daddy…I want to taste you …now!…) She started sucking and jacking him fast. Dad, turns his face in a pillow and yells as he shoots cum in her little mouth, over and over…and over!
    Missy is moaning, trying to swallow it all. It’s the biggest cum he’s ever shot in her mouth before, and she’s loving it….(“wow daddy!..you had a big cum that time!..I like big cums, you like me to suck you, don’t you daddy. I make you cum big. I like that.”)

    Josh is about to explode and Missy turns and puts his dick back in her pussy. She starts fucking him fast….’joshie…make missy cum..yes …do it fast..oh gee, it’s cuming joshie ..it’s… Oh god josh!! eeeeee and she bucked and buried her face in josh’s chest and yelled her moan…her whole little body shook steady…and shook some more as she climaxed big. Josh made animal noises as he felt his dick explode in her, his balls ached at he pumped load after load in his sister…he moaned a long moan…and trembled and shook, then collapsed on top of her. They just held each other and shook. Missy and Josh just had the best cum’s of they’re life.

    All was quiet now,…. just a spasm or two making them jump.
    Dad was exhausted laying there. He too just had a super cum, that left him in bliss. Missy finally rubbed around her soaking wet little pussy and whispered: (“..my two men, making me so happy.”….) She felt her pussy and played in the cum and juices, feeling it over and over dripping out of her pussy. She rubbed some on her little clittie, and felt Josh still in her and it felt so good.
    Dad held her little face and kissed her softly. He got up and quietly left the room. Josh lay spent on top of her. Rubbing her body slowly. Missy kissed him. She put her little arms around him and they fell asleep…. together.
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    Missy, Brother and Dad (4)

    Josh slept till noon. He woke and smiled at his luck. He loved fucking his sister, she was so hot, he got hot thinking about her, looking at her 14 yr old body, feeling young tits and little slit. She liked fucking him too and she could fuck like no girl he had fucked before. She would fuck him anytime, anywhere, It was his first time in a 3some with his dad, him and Missy all fucking her together.
    He thought about his mom. She was just a grown up version of Missy, and felt sorry they were all having hot sex, while she was not. He figured Dad’s drinking had put her off, but she still was a hot mom. He looked at her hot legs sitting in her chair reading like she always seem to. God she had nice boobs, big and full. He peeked at them every time he got the chance. She would catch him and just smile, and hug him and pull his face into her big tits, and grin at him.
    He got up and ate and found his mom sitting up in bed reading again. He walk in her bedroom and laid beside her and looked at her. Damn, she was so sexy in her shorts, and tiny top. She had on no bra today, Sunday. He could see her nipples big, poking thru her little top. He looked at her short shorts, and could see a little line of hair that must lead down to her pussy.

    He was getting a boner.

    She finally stopped reading and took off her glasses and smiled at him. She said: “What are you up to today my little man“. At 17, she still called him ‘her little man.’ She knew him well, and that little horny smile of his. She smiled back at him and reached out and rubbed his arm. “You sure have gotten a good build Josh, do you work at a lot.” He blushed and said ‘yes’.
    She pulled him over to her and raised his shirt. “My my, look at those ab’s..oooo the girls must like that.” She started rubbing her hand over his chest. She knew what she was doing and watched his boner, hidden under his hand.
    Josh thought…Damn, his boner was getting bigger, and wouldn’t go away. She, like Missy, so sexy in the way she acts and talks. He tried to think of something else, but couldn’t.
    Mom was getting tingles rubbing his chest so she just climbed on top of him and squatted right on his dick. She closed her eyes and with both hands rubbed his chest. She whispered: (“..you could use a rub down son, to keep those muscles in shape. Mom will fix you right up.”)
    He thought …oh my god…her voice is just like Missy’s when she talks like that. Mom felt his now, big boner under her, and damn it felt good. She began to rock on it..mmmmmm..wow, she hadn’t felt those tingles in a long time.

    Josh didn’t know what to do. He wanted so bad to put his hand on those big tits that were rocking back and forth in his face, a zooming cleavage which she keeping bringing them closer to his face.
    She thought….I feel that boner of his right on my clit if I lean over more….damn…I could have and orgasm sitting on my own son’s dick so easy now. I’d sure like that. I bet he wouldn’t say a thing if I rubbed my pussy right on his big dick. He wouldn’t want to embarrass me. I can’t hold out much longer, this is feeling way too good to stop now.
    She couldn’t stop herself as she slowly closed her eyes and leaned down slowly and kissed her son while she rocked more on his dick. Josh freaked inside. He froze in place and just let her get off on him. She started to moan in his mouth and started slipping her tongue along his lips. He just let it happen and began to respond to her kissing so hot now. He let his hands come up and placed them on her cute little hips, and started moving them with her.
    He heard and felt her breathing strain as she moaned louder in his mouth. She started to shake and her body stiffened up as she sucked on his tongue….the she yelled in his mouth and moaned a long moan and shuttered on him and moved her pussy around on his dick. She lay still and kissed him softly, as she panted for breath.

    They heard the front door open in the living room.

    She quick jumped up and went in the bathroom. Josh went down the hall with a magazine held over his big wet spot where she had sat on his boner and went to his room. He quick changed his pants, and came out.
    Dad looked at him and said: “What’s the matter with you, you look like someone just scared you!”…and laughed. Josh just smiled and said he was just watching a scary video…and laughed too. “Honey, what’s for dinner.” dad yelled. Mom yelled back: “It’ll be ready at 5, dear, it’s snails, and worm left overs again. Dad didn’t even pay attention to what she said as he watched T.V. He yelled back…..”OK.” Josh just smiled and looked at his mom down the hall. She grinned big, blew him a kiss and shook her ass at him, as she giggled silently. She was trying to dry a huge wet spot on her shorts with a towel. Josh was in love.… again.
    That evening mom came in Josh’s room as he was on the computer playing. She whispered: (“..we need to talk Josh….”) He looked at her and melted. She had on her robe and it was half open at the top. Dad was just leaving for a ball game, he yelled “Bye.” and left. Missy was at her friends Jan’s house, spending the night.
    Josh said it looks like we’re all alone for the evening, where do you want to talk? She smiled big at him, and said: “Oh….right here on your bed will do.” He got up and sat way back in his bed, and leaned against the wall. Mom climbed up and laid her head in his lap on her back.
    She thought…. how am I going to handle this. I got carried away today, but I know he liked it, and I know I sure did. I want more from him, lots more, but he may feel uneasy making out with his mom. I hadn’t had an orgasm like that in years, his dad just wants to do a quickie, and that’s all, so I started cutting him off years ago.

    Damn, Josh make me so hot the way he looks at me, and stares at my tits. I wonder if he has the hots for me…I think he does. I’m going to find out tonight for sure.
    “Josh…..I wanted to explain about today and the way I acted. I….well….I..(josh interrupts) ‘Mom…that was the hottest thing we did today, I loved it, I hope you understand that I’m young and I get excited when…..

    Mom just reached up and pulled his head down to her lips and started kissing him. Josh’s heart jumped…but he felt a thrill like no other, wanting his mom so bad now. She whispered in his ear: (“ let’s not waste time, I need you Josh, you’re the only man in my life, your dad is in another world. I hope it doesn’t freak you out to make out with you own mother, I need it so bad Josh, help me with some happiness. I want you so bad. After today, I wanted to do a lot more than just kiss and rub us. It’s ok with me if you want to have sex with me, because I sure want to with you“…..)
    She went back to kissing him hot. She put his hand on her bare tits, and said…feel me up josh...feel your mom’s tits, she needs it. Don’t hold back, I think you want me like I want you, go for it….and she took her robe off and shut the door and locked it. She laid down and pulled at josh’s pants, and took them off and his shirt. Now josh lay on top of his naked mother as she hotly kissed him in a hot frenzy.
    She was so horny she wanted sex and she wanted it now. Josh’s trembling hands felt her body all over and her big full tits sent chills down to his dick. She became an animal and her tongue went crazy in his mouth, sucking his tongue and lips.

    He wondered how long it had been since she had any sex, she was going crazy now, and his dick was about to burst.

    She wiggled and squirmed and grabbed his dick and started jacking it. Then, she pushed his head down to her pussy and held it firm, as she started humping his tongue hard….lick mommy baby….mommy hasn’t been licked in years….oh god keep licking don’t stop!…suck on mommy’s clit baby….yes …YES…oh god do it baby…do it.

    Josh is hotter than he’s ever been in his whole life. His whole body is shaking he wants to cum in his mom so bad…. He’s afraid he’ll cum to early…he moves up on her and put his dick in her very tight wet pussy…she moans…mom is tight baby….just keep pushing it in…oh god yes josh baby...oh now…fuck mom…fuck me hard ….josh…there…I’m gonna cum baby…it’s coming…cum with meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!..OH!….oh……….oh god baby…yessssssssss joshhhhhhhhhhhhhh! …while she yelled his name he let go with a rocked of cum out of his dick he could feel in his whole body and it kept cuming and cuming…she screamed again…yes! Babyeeeeeeeeee!…and she shook and twisted her body and moaned weird sounds and fucked him faster and faster until she stopped and locked her body around his and squeezed his dick like a vice.
    He went dizzy and weak as she stayed clamped to him and just trembled. She squeezed his dick with her pussy, over and over again. Tears ran down her cheeks and she shook, still…’oh god josh, that was so beautiful for mom….your wonderful….we have to do a lot of that for mom and josh….yes we do….

    She knew she had to get up and couldn’t get caught fucking her son in his own room. She was weak, and josh helped her put her robe on….she was in a daze and walked bow legged down the hall holding her dripping pussy. Then she stopped and walked back just to kiss him once more, then continued to her room.

    Josh just fell back on his bed and collapsed for the night.
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    Great story pleasewrite more. Have Missy tell Jen about doing her brother. Then have Jen beg Missy to get Josh to fuck her. throw in a little lez actionbetween Missy and Jen. Maybe Dad hears and watches as he jacks off later to join them .
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    horney old man..you've been peeking at chapter 5...tsk tsk...Missy and Jen..OMG..Josh and mom..OMG...Dad and Jen!!!...OMG..Mom and..O...M...G!!!
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    Missy Brother and Dad (5)

    Mom went to work, but her mind was on Josh. Her life had changed way for the better and she felt horny like she did as a young woman. She daydreamed about him all the time now. She just wasn’t expecting this to happen. She hadn’t had wet panties for years, and now each thought added some to her pussy. By noon, her panties were soaked.
    Josh went to school and was in a daze. He wonder if his buddies or anyone could tell he was fucking his mom and his sister. He felt double good inside and felt like he was walking on air all day.
    Missy was happy too. Her new friend Jen, wanted to have sex with her dad, and Missy was helping her with ideas to entice him to at least feel her up. Jen wasn’t getting anywhere. Her dad so far wouldn’t touch her. Missy had and idea. She would go over to Jen’s house and make her dad hot and horny to get him to notice his 14 yr. old daughter desires. After school Missy and Jen were in Jen’s room planning their attack on Jen’s dad. Missy liked Jen, and asked her about two other girls who rumor had it, that they were caught licking each others pussy’s by one of their moms, and got in trouble for it. Jen smiled and whispered: (..”I’ve done that before, and I kinda like it.”….) Missy got a tingle in her pussy when Jen said that. She had never done it, but now wanted to try it. They had an hour before Jen’s dad would be home. Missy whispered: (….“oh my god…have you!”)…Jen nodded her head (….”tell me how it felt.”…) Jen smiled and whispered: (“…why don’t I just show you,…take your panties off and put them in your pocket“….) Missy now had major tingles in her pussy and pulled her skirt up and down came the pink panties. Jen sat Missy on he bed, raised her skirt up and parted her legs wide. Jen said to just lay back and enjoy. Missy was really turned on by all this, so she just laid back and felt. Jen got on her knees and had Missy’s pussy on the edge of the bed. Jen started rubbing Missy’s legs first and then slowly put her arms under Missy’s legs. Jen moved in close. Missy felt Jan’s heavy breath on her pussy. She now had major tingles in her pussy. Jen’s tongue started just touching Missy’s pussy. Missy’s face got hot flashes and chill bumps in her tummy. Jen went for Missy’s clit and circled it with her tongue. Missy put her hand on Jen’s head and raised her pussy up to meet each lick of Jen’s tongue. This was great. Dad and brother both had licked her pussy, but this was different and exciting.
    She thought…this is already better than masturbating. I want to give Jen some major tingles in her pussy too.
    Instead of Missy’s fingers rubbing her pussy and clit, Jen could do it…and…while Missy did it back to Jen, too. Missy moaned and squirmed as Jen licked up and down her pussy and flicked her little clit with her tongue. Missy was going crazy, but she wanted to lick Jen at the same time. She pulled Jen’s head up and whispered, (..”lay down this way, and I’ll lick you at the same time.”…) Jen smiled big and was only to happy to, and said back: (“..I knew you would.”…)
    Missy excitedly pulled down Jen’s white panties, and took them off and put them in Jen‘s pocket. This was major exciting. She had never done this before. The site of another girl pussy made her fingers tremble. She just stared at it. Jen had blond pubic hair and more of it than Missy. Missy got this hot feeling in her pussy, and she felt it getting wetter and wetter.
    Jen laid down with her skirt pulled up and raised one leg up. Missy was in a trance looking at Jen’s pussy. She had never seen one up close, of another girls. She laid down and raised her skirt and one leg like Jen did. Jen began first. She pulled Missy’s pussy to her face and started letting her tongue slide up and down Missy’s slit. Missy was almost dizzy with excitement. She did like Jen and stuck out tongue real far and closed her eyes. She felt Jen’s pubic hair first.
    She let her tongue go around it and felt the hair tickle her tongue. She let her tongue go down until she felt Jen’s slit. Jen opened her pussy wide for her. Up and down her virgin tongue went, feeling Jen’s slit. It tingled her tongue, and it was wet and slick now. Missy put her tongue in farther and felt the warmness of her pussy. She found Jen’s little clit and lick it. Jen moaned and jumped little. Missy wanted so bad to make Jen orgasm, she licked faster and Jen moaned more, pushing her pussy to Missy tongue. Missy got more excited and Jen started licking her faster.
    Their pussy bucked with the good feelings coming on strong. Jen had never had a orgasm by another girl licking her and she panted and squirmed as Missy didn’t let up and licked firmer and still faster…Jen the bucked her pussy and yelled out ..Oooooo yesssss, and had her first licking orgasm. Missy could tell it and pushed her pussy into Jen’s tongue and she too moaned loud and shook with great orgasm. They were out of breath but kept licking each others pussy’s. Missy liked the exciting taste of Jen’s pussy.
    Wow…Missy thought, that was exciting and planned to do it a lot to Jen. Jen, was in a daze and kissed Missy’s pussy over and over and tasted her juices.
    They heard Jen’s dad car. They quick put their panties on and acted normal. Jen’s dad came in and she ran and hugged him. He kissed her on the lips, and you could see him smell the air….pussy he thought. He knew that smell. Then he tasted his lips….pussy.
    He looked puzzled and just smiled at the girls. That changed his mood. Missy came over and kissed him on the lips too. He felt a twinge in his dick. He had met Missy a few times, but this was different, because she too smelled and tasted of pussy. He sat down and just wonder if his 14 yr. old daughter was licking pussy. The thought sent another twinge to his dick.
    Missy and Jen sat on his lap, and fondle his legs a little and just acted silly a little. Missy liked Jen’s dad and talked sexy to him. He noticed it. Jen hung on him and squirmed on his lap as Missy got up and pretended to fix her skirt, pulling it up on one side, and adjusting her panties.
    Missy had to leave and left. Jen continued loving on her dad. He moved her around backwards on the couch, so her pussy was right on his rising dick, facing him. Jen felt it and smiled as she squatted on him and rocked back and forth a little on his dick. He wanted to taste more pussy taste, and began to lick her face a little an kissed her deeper than he ever did before.
    Every thing was changing now as he began to feel thoughts about his 14 yr. old daughter. Jen put her head on his chest and started rocking more on his dick. He suddenly held her head and started kissing her with passion and let his tongue taste her hot lips. Now he was excited and felt her hips and rocked her more. Jen was now in heaven. She felt his chest up and down as she moved her pussy to rock on her clit. He felt her breathing increase, and it added to his beginning hot feeling for her. Jen worked her clit on his dick and whispered:
    “Oh daddy…you feel so good…rock me some more please“….He couldn’t say no, as she push her little tits into his chest. He was getting so hot now, he could feel the heat in his pants. He kissed Jen more and more, she stuck her tongue in his mouth and he tasted more pussy. He stopped and said: “let daddy go put on his robe, and you can put on your nightie. Jen kissed him and pushed her pussy firm against his dick and they went to go change.

    Mom came home from work and Josh was home from school. Dad went to shoot some pool. Josh looked at his mom and he felt his dick get warm. Mom fixed dinner, went in to shower her wet pussy she had all day. Josh and Missy did the dishes, playing and splashing water on each other.
    Missy said to Josh: “Jen and her dad are gonna have sex, I bet.” “ How do you know that.” “We made him horny when he came home today. Josh grinned knowing the guy didn’t stand a chance with Jen and Missy both ganging up on him. Josh whispered: (“..are you gonna fuck him too?”…) (“..no I want Jen to have sex with him so she’ll be as happy as me”..) (..I ate my first pussy today, and I liked it”…) Josh knew who it was. (“what does Jen taste like, Missy?”…) (“..yummy..” Missy said.) Josh laughed and looked around and felt his sisters pussy. Missy moaned and felt his dick. They kissed running their tongues in their mouths and breathed hard.
    Missy ask him if he was coming to her room tonight. He said maybe. She smiled and said she’d leave her door unlocked and wanted to suck his dick and feel him cum in her mouth.
    Of course he said he’d be there. Missy smiled and said he could lick her pussy while she made him cum. Ok, ok I’ll be there. Josh said. They both smiled.

    Whew,….. Missy sure knows how to make me hot, Josh thought. He looked at her short shorts and hot young legs. He just had to go over and rub her pussy a little. She felt his big boner and whispered…’is that for me Joshie?’, and giggled.

    Mom got out of the shower, and came in with a new red robe on. It was real low cut showing off her big tits. Missy noticed Josh looking at her tits. She hoped that Josh and mom would have hot sex some day so she could be as happy as her.
    She was too late in her desire for her mom. Mom looked hot for a change, and Missy noticed that too. The way mom looked at Josh, the way she now stood real close to him. Mom put her hands on him as she would walk by. The way Josh smiled at her now, and messed with mom’s hair. Mom talked real quiet to Josh now, and they giggled. They never though about Missy noticing them, and they did little feels right in front of her, like she wasn’t even there. Missy was getting hot watching them. Mom had moved her stuff into the spare bedroom, and stopped sleeping with dad now. Missy liked that. Now she could sneak into her daddy room at night and fuck him like she likes. Missy was sure that Josh and mom were fucking, and she got an idea.
    She wanted to watch Josh fuck their mom. The thought made her wet and hot just thinking about it. She got all hot thinking how mom’s face would look when she climaxed with Josh fucking her.
    She had a plan.
    The closet in dads bedroom was back to back with the closet in mom’s new room. One panel slid open, a secret pass thru panel. Both their closets had boxes piled against them and Missy would adjust them a little and be able to see mom’s room from dads. She then could watch Josh and mom have hot sex.
    That night Missy waited for Josh to come to her room. Mom also waited for Josh to come to her room. Now Josh was thinking who’s room should he go too first.

    Mom was aggressive. She wanted to make up for all the years of not having not only sex but hot passionate fucking mind blowing sex. Josh, her very own son was just the person to do it.
    Mom did not know Josh was fucking Missy. She did not know Missy was fucking her husband, Missy’s dad.

    She was about to get the shock of her life.

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    Man alive, keep writing, this is HOT, HOT, HOT. Also, I can see where it may lead.




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    Missy Brother and Dad (6)

    Josh was torn between having the hots for his mom and his sister. They both fucked really good. He liked his sisters being young at 14, and so taboo, and fucking his extremely horny mom now. He didn’t think about his mom moving into the spare bedroom, that she would be right next to Missy’s room.
    That night he went to Missy’s room first. She took his hand and laid him on his back. Pulling down his boxers and took them off. She had on a sexy blue nightie, with little tiny blue panties. She laid on top of him as they kissed and felt each other up. After having Jen lick her real good that afternoon, Missy wanted more clit licking done on her. Josh eased her little panties down as she panted, getting so turned on. He felt her butt and ran his fingers down her little butt crack…She moaned…as he fingered around her little back hole. She puckered her butt and moaned louder…‘Shhhhh‘..Josh said. Missy whispered, (‘oh joshie!...you know how to make me so hot.’)
    Missy turned and stuck her little pussy in Josh’s face. He started licking her soft at first, he let her squirm for more. She pushed her clit firm into his tongue and then he started licking her clit, and slowly speeded up as she moaned and squirmed more, she uncontrollably started fucking his face and moaning in bursts…“ohohohohohohoh” and pumping her pussy into his face harder..she moaned…(“Oh my God Joshie!”)…and locked her little body up and shook ..with a shaking squirming climax.
    Josh shot right in her warm mouth as she started swallowing it as fast as she could, then what she loved to do best, taste his cum, over and over in her mouth.

    They were spent...little spasms jolted them at times….

    (Mom swallowed hard, with her ear to the wall.)

    Mom sat up in bed in a daze. She had just heard her son and daughter having glorious sex. Her mind went back and forth between being happy for them, and shock. But what could she say, she too was having sex with her own son too. Finally her head cleared and she began to grin. She thought, little Missy is feeling Josh just like mom, and it does feel good. She had heard of brothers fucking their sisters before, but now….hers were. She wanted Josh bad, and Missy would just have to share with mom, and that was final. She was finally getting the hot sex she longed for and she was going to get it even if ….they

    ….oh my god…both fucked him together.

    Her heart jumped at the words that just came out of her mouth. Her pussy jumped with a jolt of a hot tingle . She felt a warm wave of desire flow over her, just thinking about it…
    wow…her body liked that idea.

    She paused...and let her self think of the pure excitement of having sex with her son….and her daughter. She was already having sex with her son, now adding her sexy daughter…..she got a hot feeling in her stomach. She felt her pussy getting soaking wet. She started picturing them all together.

    She once had a an affair with another girl, that no one ever knew about. It happened in high school. Her best friend, Megan. They slept over. They talked about sex. They wondered what it would be like to have sex with a girl. Megan wanted to try it.
    They turned out the lights. Megan’s folks were gone for the weekend. They started by just kissing at first. They liked that. Next they felt each others young tits, mom had the bigger ones. Megan got real excited feeling them. Mom got warm tingles in her nipples. Megan asked her if she could suck on them. Mom didn’t answer, this was all so taboo, and the fear of being branded a ‘lesbo‘. Megan just went ahead and raised her nightie up. Mom froze and just let Megan do what she wanted, loving the massive tingles she was getting.

    It was all coming back to her now. How hot that was
    and she never forgot it, but kept it a deep dark secret in her mind. Now she let the thoughts of just how much hot pleasure it had really been to her.

    Megan started sucking on her tits. She got new tingles she never had before. This was so very taboo, it made the pit of her stomach feel hot. She just lay there and let Megan do whatever she wanted, it felt so good. She remembers now, how she felt like a little sex slave, and liked the feeling. She wasn’t doing anything taboo, Megan was, not her. Megan was breathing hard, and just reached down and felt her pussy hair. Mom secretly loved this, as her pussy had never been so wet. She said nothing, but Megan could tell by her squirms, she liked it. Megan pulled her panties off slowly, expecting Mom to stop her any second. Megan felt her pubic hair more. She ran the tip of her fingers along mom’s young slit. She remembers she shivered and felt more wetness in her pussy as Megan pushed her fingers in further. They neither one said a word.
    Mom was quivering inside her pussy now, steady. She just let Megan proceed. Megan opened mom’s legs wide apart. She put her finger in deep and felt around, and pushed it in and out. Mom loved this and squirmed. Megan found her G spot, and massaged it. Mom moaned and raised her pussy high in the air. Now Megan was really excited, and so was mom. Megan went under the covers and raised mom’s legs at the knee. She opened her legs and pussy wide. Mom next felt Megan’s tongue licking around her clit. Mom jumped and moaned. Megan kept licking her clit till mom reached down, held her head tight against her pussy. Mom shook hard, and moaned out long and loud with a shuttering orgasm.

    Mom shivered thinking about that event. Megan did this every time they slept over. Megan never ask mom to do it to her, but mom so wanted to do it to her.

    She pictured licking Missy’s pussy, and got a jolt in her pussy, just thinking about it. Maybe this was going to work out hot for all of them. How would she start it.
    She got an idea.

    She’d make little Missy horny for mom.

    She knew just how to do it.
    Mom’s can touch their daughters like no one else can, without anyone suspecting a thing. She decided to take advantage of that.

    The next evening, mom had a talk with Missy in mom‘s room. They talked ‘girl’ talk, giggled and talked low. Mom whispered, (“when was the last time we took a shower together?) She knew Missy loved this. Missy’s face lit up and said back: (“how about tonight!”) Mom grinned and held up one finger to her lips, like it was a secret. Missy shivered at the thought. Mom had not seen much of Missy’s now 14 yr old body in a while. Missy’s tits were growing and so was her shape. She had a little pussy hair now.
    About 8pm they went and both put on their robes. They both waited till all was settled down in the house. Missy was excited and mom was triple that.

    Missy couldn’t remember the last time she saw her mom naked, but she always loved mom’s big tits, hoping hers would grow that big. Whenever she hugged her mom, she always put her head on her mom’s big tits and felt them with her head. Mom knew this, only to well.
    At 8pm they went in and shouted they were showering now, letting Josh and dad know. The guys didn’t think anything about it.
    Mom and Missy went into the bathroom, mom locked the door. They grinned and watched each other take their robes off. Mom start to hyperventilate as she watched Missy drop her robe, Oh the site of little Missy’s body excited her. Her tit’s had grown nicely, she had more waist and hips now. And that little patch of pubic hair looked like it was dying to be licked.
    Mom dropped her robe. Missy for the very first time got tingles in her pussy from the site of mom‘s hot looking body. It shocked her. She saw her big tits, her nice curves and a full bush of pubic hair. Missy was getting a preview of what she hoped her body would be like. They both just smiled as they stood and looked at each other. Running their eyes up and down their body’s.
    Mom started the shower and they stepped in. Mom couldn’t wait to wash little Missy's body. Memories of mom washing her came to Missy’s mind. Mom always started first with the soap. Missy stood with her eyes closed and let mom wash her. This time was different. Mom hands went slow, rubbing Missy’s body all over and she saved her tits and pussy for last. Missy noticed this and asked if she could wash mom some. Mom was weak in the legs and leaned against the shower wall, and closed her eyes now. Missy slowly did the same to mom, but not washing her tit’s or pussy.

    They both stood for a minute and just looked at their soapy body’s. They both grinned and started rubbing each others soapy body’s. Mom was breathing fast and Missy too. They started doing each others tits. They both got tingles and chill bumps, feeling each others warm tits. Missy had new feelings now, and got hot doing this. Mom was trying to compose herself and not suck on Missy tits like the wanted to. Missy just went ahead and started kissing her mom’s tits. Mom jumped and held Missy head, just feeling her as she now sucked on mom’s nipples. This was all new to Missy and she was ecstatic with the jitters. She never had an adult shower this way. She hoped her mom wouldn’t stop her from the hot pleasure. Mom had never showered this way with another woman and her stomach shook inside. They continued squeezing each other’s tits, and mom joined in sucking Missy tits and sucking her little nipples. Missy’s hand drifted down toward mom bush. She was dying to feel the hair. Mom spread her legs indicating, go ahead. Now mom’s trembling hand slid down to Missy’s little pussy. Missy jumped, and then spread her legs as well. They both got hotter and hotter as their hands felt new pussy’s.

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    hot story.
    There is nothing finer than a dripping box astride a hard cock.

    I like Boobies.

    The labels of society are created by religion. So are 90% of all armed conflicts. So dump religion, and fuck.
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    great story
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    Missy Brother and Dad (7)

    Their soapy fingers both felt new feels. They enjoyed the feel of their body’s all slick and wet. It was a very hot turn to them both. Mom held Missy from behind her and let her soapy hand feel Missy’s little pubic patch, and her warm soft young tits. She had never done this in her whole life. Her hand quivered as it felt the wet little hair. God…she said to herself...this I the most taboo thing I’ve ever done in my whole life, and I love it,…Oh god.. it just made me orgasm on the spot. It makes my legs shake with excitement. I’m stalling because I know as I put my finger lower, I’ll feel her little clit. I hope I can stand the tension, it’s so hot to do this.
    Missy is loving this. She getting turn on by her own mom, and it has her tummy jittering. She waits for mom to put her finger in her pussy…(‘go ahead mom‘), she wants to yell…
    (‘rub my little clittie. Please‘)…she’s in a hurry to have the tingles she wants. Missy puts her hands behind her and feels mom soft wet pubic hair…oh wow!…she thinks, what a new turn on…it’s wet and warm and is making Missy tremble.
    She decides to lead mom, and puts her finger on mom’s clit. Mom jumps and moans with excitement as tingles shoot through her. She’s so glad now she knows Missy is liking all this, just like her. Missy turns around and grabs mom’s hand and puts mom’s finger in her pussy, she was just to excited to wait.
    Now their face to face. Mom’s heart is beating so fast, she feels faint. Her daughter actually wants me, her mom to feel her pussy. Missy’s fingers go right in mom’s pussy and starts a three finger in and out motion. Mom is stunned and feels the juices start to flow in her pussy. ( Wow…Missy can really make my pussy feel so good.) Mom just didn’t know Missy had been around this kind of thing, and now she’s teaching mom about masturbating the female pussy.
    Missy loved her mom’s big pussy. Her small fingers went right and soon added all of her fingers. Mom had never had this done and her legs began to buckle. Missy held her and leaned her against the shower wall. Missy was getting a great buzz from fisting her mom now. Mom thought she came in here to try and get her daughter hot for her, so she could join in fucking her son and Missy. Instead Missy is making her hot for her, showing her new things.
    Soon mom’s pussy squeezed down and she muffled a yell and climaxed in the shower. Missy held mom’s fingers in Missy’s own pussy and moved them in and out while Missy rubbed her own clit. She too moaned out as she climaxed and they both slowly sunk to the floor, panting. Missy rubbed her mom’s tits and said: “Wow mom, your so much fun to shower with!, let’s do this a lot!” Mom just weakly smiled as she panted sitting on the shower floor.
    Mom thought, my little daughter is a sex machine, she is teaching me hot new things and I’m loving it.
    That night at Jen’s house, Jen had finally got Jen’s dad to respond to Jen’s desire to have sex with her dad. With Missy’s help, they made him hot when he came home from work that day. Now he sat in his recliner and tried not to think about Jen and Missy young little 14 yr old body’s. It was no use. Here comes Jen to sit in his lap. She knew just what she was doing as she sat right on his dick.
    She wore no little bra and no panties. Dad could see right thru her thin night gown. She squirmed her little butt on dad’s dick. Dad began to get hot and his breathing told Jen she was making progress. She slowly reached over and put dad’s hands around her tummy. She took control and moved them around like she was the puppet master over his hands, just touching the bottom of her young tits, teasing his hands with the feel.
    Jen’s mom took off right after she was born. Her dad raised her all the way. He was proud of his iron will not to allow lusty thoughts to enter his mind as he watched his daughter bloom into a sexy 14 yr old. All that was being tested now to the max. He couldn’t control his dick, as more and more he felt it get semi-hard around her. She now had nice little tits, a young girl’s shape and she wanted her dad to have sex with her now.
    Her little friend Missy was no help with his resistance of wanting to feel his own daughters sexy little body. He didn’t know how much more he could take of this. Missy actions got him hot for her too. Thoughts of touching them both were entering his mind now, every day. Jen was now moving his hands all around her little tits, and squirming her little pussy on his dick. She would look up and him and smile to see if she was making progress to get him into bed with her and have glorious sex with him. He resisted and sat up, picked her up and carried her to her bedroom. She at first thought,….
    ‘(he’s going to do it!’) When he laid her down, she still had her little legs wrapped around him, and wouldn’t let her legs go. He laughed and said: “Jen, it’s bed time, let go now.” She somehow pulled him on top of her and they both giggled , she tickled him. His dick landed right on top of her little pussy as they fell into her bed. She gasp…as his semi-hard dick push right on her little clit. He felt it too and stopped and just laid on her.
    She held on tighter, now pushing her little pussy into his full hard dick. He felt the jolt of pleasure in his dick as she started grinding her pussy slightly on it. She whispered in his ear: (“…sleep with me daddy, there are monsters under my bed, I just know it.”) He chuckled and smiled at his sexy little daughter. She grabbed his neck and pulled his lips to hers. She kissed him like a woman would for the first time. He felt her little tongue run across his lips. He was in shock what to do. He wanted so bad to kiss her back with adult passion, but he didn’t even have time to think, as she now had her tongue fully in his mouth and was making out with his tongue.
    He responded back now, it was just happening, and his passion for his daughter came rushing out. He got dizzy as she was now panting with him, She whispered again: (“…oh daddy…I’ve been waiting so long to do that….feel me daddy….feel me”. )

    The next day at school Jen and Missy excitingly talked about their nights they just had. They made each other so hot with all the latest news, Missy led Jen and snuck into a empty classroom and locked the door. They were licking buddy’s now, and Missy was the leader. She got on her knees, and lifted up Jen’s short skirt, pulled her panties to one side and just had to have some licking pleasure.
    Jen held Missy’s head as they went for a quick orgasm for them. Missy had her fingers rubbing her own clit fast.
    This was the first time this had ever happened, and Jen was shaking with excitement, as Missy licked her clit fast, she leaned over and put a hand inside Missy’s bra and squeezed her young tit as she bucked and moaned with a great orgasm. Missy stood up licking her lips, smiled and whispered…(“…oh Jen…you’re the best ever…I orgasmed too!”) They giggled and left.

    Walking home Jen told Missy how close her dad came to having sex with her last night. Missy immediately had an idea for later.

    That night mom was in heaven, thinking about Josh and Missy both giving her sex she never even dreamed about. They all worked out a late night door system. If mom’s door was open, Josh or Missy could come on in and have sex play. Closed, she had to sleep. Missy did the same with her dad. Door open, Missy could come in and fuck her dad. Closed he needed sleep. Josh and Missy didn’t need a system. Their doors were always open for each other. Closed and locked, they were fucking. Mom and Dad never disturbed them when one of their doors was closed and locked.

    Mom waited for Josh to come to her room tonight. She thought about the wonderful feeling of having him fulfill her needs. It was a hunger that had built up over years, and now she was making herself and him happy. She rubbed her pussy under covers as she waited. Soon Josh quietly left his room and went the hall. Dads door was closed. Either Missy was in there, or he needed his sleep. Missy was in her room waiting for him to walk by.
    She quietly pulled him in her room to talk. She suggested they both go in mom’s room and have sex with her. Josh liked that idea, so they both creped in her room and closed and locked he door. It was pitch black in her room. Mom heard the door close and lock. Her heart started beating fast. Josh slipped in bed with her under the covers. Then on the other side she felt Missy slip in. Now her heart jumped at what they had in mind.
    She had never had a threesome in her whole life, and now it was happening with her own son and daughter. She felt ecstasy run thru her body and shivered. She reached out and felt Josh on one side and Missy on the other, all warm as four hands started feeling her up. Missy whispered: (“…just lie here, and let us play with you mom….we want you to feel us, as we make you happy.”…) Josh whispered: (..”you’re the hottest mom ever, we’re gonna make you climax good!”..)
    The two started in on a trembling sexy woman, who was their mom. Their 4 hands felt and kissed every inch of their mom, as her hands felt their body‘s, Her trembling fingers felt Josh’s dick with one hand and Missy’s pussy with the other.
    Mom thought, ‘I must be in ecstasy land.’

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    Center alignment makes that so facking hard to read

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    Quote Originally Posted by Empress Lainie View Post
    This site has something to offend everyone.
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    makes you

    think I


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    a..................what make you think I care?
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    Missy Brother and Dad (9)

    That night, Jen tried this, she waited until her dad went to bed, then waited a while, went in his room and quietly crawled in bed with him. He kinda woke up….she quickly said she had a bad dream, and could she sleep in his bed. He sleepily said ..’ok’. She cuddled up to him, his back, her front. She started rubbing his legs, he slept naked. She felt more and more of him, and started feeling his pubic hair around his now erect dick. Slowly she put her little hand on his warm dick. He did nothing. She started stroking his dick. She started scooting down and moved over him to face his dick. All he did was start breathing hard. She stroked him a little faster.
    I was pretending to be asleep. I felt her feeling my legs, and it was making me excited, so I just let it happen. I was tired of fighting the urges to put my hands on her anyway. Damn she has gotten so sexy so fast, and I just didn’t realize it. I decided to play asleep and just see how far she was going to take this. I felt her little hand on my hard dick and it felt way to good to stop her. I could barely see her little mouth was so close to the end of my dick, I could feel her breath on it.
    There was no stopping it now, I felt a cum on the way as she jacked me. She somehow could tell I was about to cum and just as I was close, she started jacking fast and put her little lips around my dick head and held them there. I could hold it no more, my hands held her sweet little head, I trusted and shot a huge cum in her mouth and moaned as my dick just keep pumping more and more cum. She took it all and swallowed as fast as she could. I still over filled her mouth and it squirted out some, down her face and neck.
    She was rubbing her pussy the whole time and moaned as she rubbed her clit fast, then squirmed and bucked climaxing hard, she shook and moaned a long sweet moan.

    What a taboo thrill that was. Now I was hooked and couldn’t wait for next time, the thought of tasting her little pussy was making my heart pound with excitement. I had to let her know it was ‘ok’ and now we had thrills to look forward to.
    I pulled her sweet body up on top of me and kissed her like a long lost lover. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me back so hot I trembled. She whispered: (“…daddy, you’re the most wonderful dad in the world, did I make you happy?”..) I said more than happy little Jen, we are going to do a lot of ’happy’ stuff from now on. As she laid on top of me, my dick between her little legs, we just felt our body’s over and over.

    It was a first. The first time a man had cum in Jen’s mouth. She hadn’t had a feeling like it ever before. She loved the thrill of feeling his hot cum shooting in her mouth, filling it and pumping in more. It made her immediately rub her clit and have a super orgasm herself. She finally got to have some sex with her dad. She got to taste his cum, like Missy described over and over to her, the mega thrill of hot cum shooting in a girls mouth.
    She didn’t get in trouble for it, and her wonderful dad just let go and let her do it. Now he’s going to do a lot more sex with her. She sighed lying on top of him, feeling his dick between her legs. She felt his warm hands feeling her little pussy now from behind. She had plans and he had plans.
    Mom lay dizzy as Josh and Missy both felt her body all over, She gasp for air as Josh started kissing his own mom like a new wonderful girlfriend he just found. Their tongues explored their mouths and she kept gasping for air in between. He was making her hotter and hotter as she pulled him in tight to her tits. Missy rubbed her face on mom’s big bush and licked it, letting her tongue part the hair hiding her pussy lips. She teased mom’s pussy, just letting her tongue touch her big pussy lips and slowly parting them and tasting her mom as she went in deeper.
    Josh and mom were in a frenzy of kissing and him feeling her big tits. Mom whispered breathlessly to him: (“..oh god Josh,…pant…. I can’t wait any longer, put it in me …now!…I gotta cum baby...mom has to cum now!”) Missy could tell they were getting frantic fucking and she pulled away and came up to kiss them both as they got ready to fuck like never before. Three tongues were going crazy as Josh put his hard dick in his mom’s warm wet pussy. Mom lost control and started fucking like a wild woman.
    This made Missy so hot, she put her pussy up to Josh and mom’s mouths as close as she could get it, and then started rubbing her clit. Dad was asleep and the moans all got loud as they all started to cum together. Josh and mom pushed their tongues out to Missy’s wet pussy and she laid her pussy right over on them and humped fast then…..moaned loud…
    Three screams and moans shattered the night air as they all came together. Josh shot so hard his balls hurt, pumping over and over in his mom‘s hot pussy. Mom’s pussy squeezed tight down on him as she shook and squirted. Missy groaned and climaxed on their tongues and then shook and squirted out of control, trembling and shaking. The moans continued as they all trembled and shook at the pulses that were an after shock to their new event.
    Mom sobbed with pleasure, unknown to her ever before. Josh lay spent on mom, letting the pulses pump his dick and balls empty. Missy fell over on the bed moaning and rubbing her juices on her wet pussy all over. They all just let their hands and fingers play with all their body’s as euphoric dreams over took them all.

    Dad just smiled with his eyes closed at the wonderful sounds he just heard.
    Dad and Jen slept some, but their minds were on each other and dad still held his girl on top of him. His dick never went down very much. Jen loved the feel of him between her legs. Now she wanted it in her pussy. She couldn’t wait any more, she lifted her little hips up and started slipping her dads dick on her tight pussy. She wiggled it in a little at a time. Dad whispered: (“…let me get your little pussy wet first.”) He laid her on her back and spread her legs wide open. He inched down and was about to lick his daughter’s 14yr old pussy for the very first time.
    Jen squirmed with excitement. She loved to be licked, but now it was her dad. She dreamed of this day. As he trembled, he put out his tongue and eased it to her sweet little pussy. His gut felt hot with the tension. Jen squirmed with anticipation, waiting to feel his warm tongue in her pussy. Finally it happened, and the touch they both wanted. They both jumped as his wet tongue met her wet little pussy lips. Slowly he let it glide up and down her little slit, stopping to circle her bigger than normal clit. They both moaned with delight, and Jen’s body twitched with the massive tingles running through her little pussy.

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    If you care enough to copy and paste someone else's story...
    At least choose an alignment that makes it readable
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    Quote Originally Posted by Empress Lainie View Post
    This site has something to offend everyone.
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    Missy Brother and Dad (9)

    It was Sunday. Dad was up and thinking about the hot sounds her heard from his wife’s bedroom last night. He grinned to him self. Sunday night is when he usually went and snuck into Missy room and they fucked good, but now since mom had her own room, she could come to his room and have the big bed to play on. Missy was up next, she came in and hugged her dad, and kissed his chest. She felt his dick and smiled. She whispered: (“….daddy, I’m gonna get you tonight, I wanna be licked”…) Dad smiled and said back: (“you do?…well I think I have just the tongue to do that for you, little girl.”) She hugged him and squeezed his dick and said she was off to Jen’s house.
    Dad left to go golfing for the day. Josh finally woke up and smiled to himself about the thrill of last night. Fucking his mom was the best, hottest thing he’s ever done. God she fucked awesome. Her pussy was like a glove around his dick. Her hands so warm on his butt cheeks, as she squirmed and pulled on them to bring him in tight to her deep pussy. He shook his head to snap himself out of it.
    He got dressed and went in and peeked at mom. She lay naked all sprawled out with a content smile on her face. He looked at her hot smooth body and just had to tip toe in and kiss her pussy. Mom smiled and put her hands on his head and moaned a long moan. She pulled him on top of her and squirmed, feeling his rising dick laying across her pussy.
    She whispered: (“where’s dad”) Josh said he’s gone golfing for the day, and Missy’s at Jen’s I think. Mom smiled and said: (“..let’s take a shower together…”)
    Josh was all for that, and they proceeded to the shower. Josh loved seeing his mom naked. He use to try and picture her naked when he was little, and now he could see the real thing. Mom smiled knowing his eyes were feasting her body. She teased him a little. “Oh….can you reach my back Josh?…Josh, can you soap my legs in the very back…”
    Poor Josh has the jitters in his dick doing all this touching of his mom. She stood in front of him and smiled as she let the soap suds run down her tits and front across her big bush. She soaped Josh up all over and then she pulled him into her wet soapy pussy, and started rubbing her pussy on his dick. Josh was a very happy 17yr old about now. Mom rubbed her whole body all over him….teasing him, just to watch his eye feast on her wet soapy body. Mom was enjoy this as much at him. She had never done this with him ever, and it was turning her on more and more by the second. She rinsed them off and they got out to dry off.
    “Oh Josh, can you dry mommys back off baby?” Josh’s hands trembled as he did it. “Josh, mommy can’t reach way back there, can you dry mommy between her legs Joshie?”

    Josh thought ‘and I thought Missy was a sexy tease, mom’s driving me crazy, god…look at those fucking beautiful big tits! I’m gonna suck on them today, one way or another.’
    Missy went over to Jen’s house and Jen immediately took her in her room and closed the door. Her dad was gone shopping. Jen told her all that happened last night except the final part. Missy was so excited to hear it, and the story got her hot, and a wet pussy.
    ….Jen continued with the final part….”daddy finally put his tongue deep in me and he licked me so hot, I got mega tingles..(she and Missy giggle )…he wanted to get my pussy wet before we were finally going to fuck. (Missy starts rubbing her pussy)…he licked me so good my pussy got bigger inside. He then got up on me, and pulled my legs up and stuck his dick slowly inside…whew…he was so big...but it felt awesome. I put my arms and legs around him and started fucking with him.
    I moaned and he moaned as we fucked a little faster. I took his finger and put it on my clittie, and showed him how to rub it around while we fucked more…I got so hot and so did he, I started losing my breath from the feelings in my pussy, something was cuming and it felt good…we fucked faster as I had to yell….
    ”Daddy…I’m gonna cum…daddy your making me come daddy…oh daddy, oh daddy oh, Oh, OH Daddy…FUCK me Daddy…eeeeee..I….eee and I yelled something and just about blacked out as I felt his hot cum go in and fill my pussy, over and over again, leaking down my but crack and onto the bed too. He got so red in the face, then growled, he about blacked out too. Something in my pussy squeezed his dick, over and over again….it was so hot and wonderful, I’ll never forget it Missy.

    Missy got lost in the story and her finger was now dripping wet. She stared into space quiet, then shivered and smiled she had a little orgasm in her pussy. Jen asked: “Are you ok?”…Missy sighed and nodded her head. “Wow, Jen, that was so hot, isn’t it fun to fuck your own dad…dad’s are wonderful.” Jen smiled and nodded her head. Missy looked at Jen and asked, if someday her dad might fuck her too? Jen nodded her head and said: “I can make him want to fuck you too, if I want.” Missy and Jen stood up, hugged and felt their pussy’s and kissed hot.
    Josh put on his robe and sat in the living room for a while. Mom walked around slow and sexy in front of him, smiling feeling herself up standing in the doorway. Josh was thinking about chasing her around he house….so….he said:
    “Mom…I’m com’in to get you, and when I catch you…..” Mom smiled big and started backing up into the hall way…she flashed her tit’s at him.

    The chase was on!

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    Next part on the way...Josh chases his mom around the house...
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    Missy Brother and Dad (10)

    Josh took off chasing his mom, mom yelled in a high voice…eeeeee and ran and hid in dad’s closet. Josh pulled on the sliding door, as she held it shut. Mom was all excited, her heart beating fast. It had been years since she played any games with guys, and it was making her horny, like when she was a young teenager and a boy would chase her and try to feel her up.
    Josh forced open the sliding door and mom ran out, but he caught her by the arm as they both laughed and she giggled like a little school girl. She pulled him to her tight and her pussy and his dick rubbed together. Josh pulled her into her bedroom and locked her door. Mom sat on the bed and giggled and said: “You’ve been a bad little boy, chasing your mom around the house. Come over her mommy has to spank you. Josh looked at his beautiful mom, her hot body, her big wonderful tits, and said: “First I want to feel and suck on your hot tits,….then maybe I’ll let you spank me.” Mom said: “No, you nasty little boy, it’s not nice to feel and suck on your mommy’s tits. That two spankings you get,…. now come to mommy…come here…come on…Josh smiled and jumped his mom pushing her down on her back laughing. He put his face in her tits and licked them and sucked them as she started moaning. She reached around and spanked his ass once, then started feeling his butt cheeks. Josh got out of his robe and took hers off too. She moaned louder as he squeezed her tits and sucked her nipples, she fingered his hair and started losing her breath.
    She thought……….
    ‘oh my god, he can get me so hot so fast, my son is a hot lover, and he’s got the hots for me….his mom. I just want to lock him away and keep him for life. I want him all the time now, I get hot just looking at him. Oh god, come to mommy Josh…make mommy feel good like nobody ever has before…I love his big dick in me, I just want it to stay there and fuck me all night long. I want his cum in me now!
    She pulled Josh to her lips and tongue kissed him until Josh moaned, out of breath, She whispered: (“cum in me joshie, cum big in mom, I want your cum in me now…do it…now please!”) Josh quick licked his mom’s pussy, getting it more wet and started putting his dick in her…She had waited long enough and started fucking fast and moaning ….’fuck me joshie baby, fuck mom and cum big in me...I want it bad….I….oh god…I ohhhhh, Josh, go deep and shoot your cum in me hard…There!…I’m…oh god…I’m cuming so good…. Then Josh yelled and shot a mega load in his mom she would never forget. It filled her pussy instantly and came out the sides as she fucked him fast and …Screamed …”OH YES!!!”…that it baby, cum in mommy …oh my god….and she started shaking all over and locked her body up and climaxed the best one of her whole life. She sobbed moaned over and over, trying to breathe…her whole body felt like was on fire with the heat….She let her pussy squeeze down on him….and then collapsed with him. They had little jolts….come along and make them both jump and gasp!…then…all quiet as they passed out and into slumber.
    Missy watched Jen’s dad as he hugged Jen. “Well, I’m all done for the day…ahhh.., Oh hi Missy!…come get a hug too.” Missy’s heart jumped. He had never hugged her and she was thrilled. She ran over and hugged him from the front and stood on her tip toes and pushed her pussy into him hard. He blinked and smiled real big…”Wow, you really know how to hug a man good, Missy, I’d like another one of those.” Jen smiled big and whisper to Missy, (“he’s horny all the time now, give him a pussy wiggle hug!”) Missy stood on the couch and pulled Jen’s dad to her. Now her pussy lined up perfect with his dick. She lifted up her little skirt and jumped in his arms. She pushed her pussy to his dick and started working it all around his…. getting larger dick. He had his eyes closed enjoying all this, then Missy kissed him, like a long lost boyfriend. Her tongue sunk in his shocked mouth and dance around his tongue. He wasn’t expecting this. He wasn’t sure what to do. Jen started hugging him from behind and feeling his butt, and between his legs.
    He was being attacked by not one, but two 14yr old girls. He was no match for these two, and down on the couch he went, on top of Missy. Missy clamped on him like a monkey, underneath him. Jen got on his back feeling his dick and balls between his legs. Jen giggled lying on dad’s back, which made Missy giggle too. Jen’s dad was trying to catch his breath. Jen said: “Daddy, your such a sexy wonderful daddy, we have to rape you!” More giggling from the girls. He was in shock and just mumbled something. “The door is locked, all the blinds are down and you are our prisoner.” Jen said. He just shook his head and smiled. The girls proceeded to take his clothes off, Missy doing his shirt, belt and pants, Jen pulled his clothes off. Missy took her off her panties and laid his hardon on her pussy as Jen got herself naked on his back
    He thought….

    'I should stop this but…am I crazy!!! Any guy in the world wouldn’t turn down these sex crazed girls, playing ‘rape my dad’. This Missy is a wild child and she wants to fuck me, oh my I’m a gonner with these two. Ok kids, rape the dad and have a little fun.'
    Missy was getting so hot for Jen’s dad she called him ’daddy’ too. She scooted down and started sucking his dick and feeling his balls. Jen got off his back, turned and put her legs by her dad’s head, lifted his head and put her pussy right in his mouth. (she loved to be licked). Jen pulled his hands around to her naked butt. He started licking his own daughter again with Missy sucking him from underneath. Missy started jacking him faster and held his balls tight. Jen started to moan, her fingers rubbing her clit faster now. “Dad”…felt his balls starting to pull up and so did Missy, as she jacked faster, she wanted his cum. She loved to feel hot cum in her mouth. Dad took one of his hands down to try and reach Missy’s pussy. She raised her pussy up as high as she could for him ….and then she felt his fingers had found her clit. Dad rubbed it real fast as Missy screamed with is dick in her mouth…He unloaded a bucking pumping cum in her mouth, flooding her mouth. She moaned a real long moan and kept swallowing all she could. Jen pulled Dad’s head tight to her shaking pussy and let go with a squirt as she shook and moaned…..’oh god ..daddy…yes, yes, yes….you make me cum so good…EEEEE…oh daddy…..oh daddy……

    Missy still fuck’s her dad, her brother, her mom, Jen and Jen’s dad and many more. She’s quite a hot girl. She has 7 boy friends now. They give her things she wants, cars, money, trips and more.
    You might see her sometime, if she’s wearing sunglasses, your safe. If she looks at you eye to eye, and smiles and you get a fast hardon, or if you’re a girl, and you get instantly wet…

    That’s her.

    The End
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    love to eat pussy (.)(.)
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    "Ms.Missy, Blueheatt is on the phone."
    "Hi Blue..do you have a big hardon just thinking about me?"
    "Why of course, Missy"
    "Come on over, and I'll suck it dry for you!"
    "...your such a naughty girl Missy you need a good spanking."
    "OH BLUE!....WOULD YOU!!!"
    "Bye Missy"...(click.)
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    Red face

    Loved it! Why did it have to end?
    I'm here to have fun and chat about sex not hook up or picture exchange.
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    hot story.
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    Is josh still banging his mom ?
    Fine story hate to see it end
    " well so far it's been one hell of a ride "
    The problem with the gene pool is that there is no life guard
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