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    Default The Forbidden Land of Brother-Sister Sex

    Not only my friend has sex with his sister literally hundreds of times, but also on many occasions he invited a third (an in some cases even a fourth) person to join them. They were involved in both types of threesome (him, his sister and a GIRL; as well as me, ). However here in the first part of the story, Iíll confine only to the very first incident which ushered them into the forbidden land of Brother-Sister Sex.That's how he Narrated it.So enjoy it

    The events which made me look at my sister in a way a young boy looks at a sexy bitch. The events which told me that my sister was not a decent, sweet, sober and respectable girl whose conscience tells her to keep her pure and safe for her husband, rather she was someone who canít ignore the desires of her pussy.

    It was year 1999. I was 18 years old then and my younger sister was only 14 years old by then. Our family comprises of 5 person in total; my father, my mom, myself, my younger sister and a brother (youngest). My father is an Army Officer. And he had inherited quite a wealth from his father thatís why we were enjoying quite a luxurious life. In 1998 he was transferred to General Head Quarters Rawalpindi. But within a year he was promoted as Brigadier and was transferred to a lesser developed city of Sindh. Rawalpindi, being a big city had all the luxuries of life. For my fellows outside Pakistan who are reading this story let me tell you that Rawalpindi is also adjacent to Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan.

    And adjacent really mean adjacent. There is merely a Ring Road separating the two cities. So the two cities have the modern look, the color, the attraction in those. It had branches of almost all the famous brands of world, be it sportswear, food, garments etc. Also the two cities have very good, prestigious schools.

    So when my father came to GHQ Rawalpindi, he got me and my sister admitted in well reputed institutions. He was expecting his promotion as Brigadier but was not expecting his posting outside GHQ. So when he was ordered to take command of a brigade in Sindh, he decided that me and my sister would remain in Rawalpindi, and he along with my mom and younger brother would move to Sindh.

    As I have told earlier that we are rich enough so he got a small flat on rent and managed a young Pathan pair of Brother and Sister as servants. They were 15 and 14 years old respectively. So life was easy for us. So we started living in that flat without any elder to look out for our activities but our parents trusted us as we never compromised on our educational standards.However I realized that soon after our parents had left for

    Sindh, my sister who was just growing up at that time (14 years old) had started wearing clothes that my parents would not allow had they been there. She started wearing very tight fitting jeans, trousers and despite the fact that she had little breasts at that time, she started wearing body hugging shirts. These shirts were so tight that whatever little breasts she had developed by then, her boobs were exaggerated in it.

    However, I being a young, open minded fellow had no problem with it at all. Our circle of friends were all modern and open minded so it was not a big deal for me. I still took it as a ďFashion SenseĒ of a growing girl who just wanted to look modern.

    However once I felt little embarrassed when she came to the tutor in a similar dress. This time her shirt was plane yellow. As she had little breasts so she had not started wearing Bra, but the printed designs/textures of the shits hide many a things

    But that day, as the shirt was plane, her nipples became way too prominent through her shirt. It didnít show anything but the tiny tents on her shirt were too visible and I noticed that the tutor (being a young boy who had just done his masters was constantly looking at my sexy young sisterís breasts and nipples.

    However I still thought it was innocent on her part. Although we were very frank and friendly siblings, yet being an eastern brother it was not easy for me to talk to her on the subject and tell her,ĒLittle sister, your shirt makes your breasts too prominent and as you donít wear bra, your nipples are also visible so please stop wearing such stuff, or go with a braĒ. I thought that in a year when sheíll gain more flesh and fats in her breasts, sheíll realize that sheíll have to hide her breasts from the ogling eyes.

    However my perspective towards my little innocent sister changed one fateful day. She was having summer vacations (2 months off from her school). One day I was using my PC and I had to go to ďTemporary Internet FilesĒ to search for a webpage. (Remember it was 1999 by then and we were having Windows 98 with few security features).

    I and my sister were using the same login and we didnít know much about computers at that time. While rummaging through different pages I opened a Hotmail page. It was a mail that Saba, best friend of my sister, had sent to her. I suddenly got curious for nothing. Except that I had hots for Saba. She was a year older than my sister but had development of a 20 years old girl.

    The statement may seem exaggerated but believe me guys she had HUGE breasts. 34 I would say. 34-B Breasts on a 15 years old girl seems too hot to handle. Anyway back to that email. It was one of the sexiest email that I can imagine from a young 15 years old girl for her best buddy who is just 14 years old.

    As the mail was reply to my sisterís mail so I could rea both, my sisterís mail and Saba ís reply. From the contents of the mail it was quite clear that Saba had lust for my sister, lesbian lust and she had been seducing my sister for some time now. I came to know that Saba had touched my sisters Breasts and Gaand many a times on the pretext of a joke, and I also came to know that my sister didnít mind it at all.

    However my sister had not yet surrendered to her lusty advances. So does it mean that my sister was a nice girl??? I wish I could say it. But it was not so. My sister had little interest in lesbianism, but even at the age of 14 she lusted for boys.

    My sister, named Nadia, told Saba in that mail, Dear you have made me so hot that now Iím in a state where if I donít finger fuck myself, I feel strange frustration) and then she went on to tell her very mischievously,

    Dear while fingering I have not left any boy who fucks me in my imagination, my broís friends, all the cool guys of our street and even my tutor too I was stunned, My sister Nadia, who was just 14 years old girl was fingering her pussy thinking about the boys in the neighborhood, my friends and thinking about even her tutor too.

    My goodness what a bitchy slut she was at the age of 14. But interestingly, I was more aroused while reading it, that I was shocked, and if you talk about anger???? Well let me admit it was not there at all. I was not angry at my bitchy sister, rather I was enjoying it.

    I had a stiff dick in my trouser. Now I knew that my sisterís choice of dress was not innocent, rather it was on purpose. Nadia was trying to seduce her tutor to fuck her pussy. I looked at the sent date of the mail. It was about couple of weeks ago.

    I knew that my sister would have surely contacted Saba in the meanwhile. So I frantically searched for other mails. And soon I got one It was just a day ago and it was even hotter. It was again reply to my sisterís mail. So I first read my sisterís mail and then itís reply by Saba. In this mail, my sister had written, Ē

    Saba, my teacher has started taking interest in me, but the problem is that I have little breasts.

    He has either no interest in smaller breasts or looking at my breast size, he thinks Iím still a little girl. Had I got bigger breasts like YOU I would have shown him A LOT) And then my sister went on to write, My tutor is a goof.He doesnt know that with little effort this problem (of smaller breasts) can be solved. If he works on my breasts for just 2 weeks by sucking on these and playing with these, surely my boobís size will increaseĒ. And in the end she typed,Dear you were interesting in making me nude and play with my naked body, so come on, come to my place, Weíll do something because Iím way too hot and frustrated by now. Make some program. You are bad girl Sabaís reply to this mail was also hot but the most important thing was last part of her reply. As I have already told you that she lusted for my sister.

    So knowing that my sister had surrendered to her sexual advances, she was jumping with joy. She told that she was in Lahore, and just in couple of days she would come back to Rawalpindi and then sheíll come to our flat. My heart raced. I could envisage a very HOT live sex treat for me. Although my own sister was to be part of it, but I comforted myself by thinking that Iíll only see the rusty busy naked body of Saba.

    But how could I forget that there will also be my sister, nude and sexy and at some corner of my mind, I knew that there is every possibility that I may not only love watching Saba fucking my sister with her finger but I may also start lusting for my own real sister. But I was ready to take every chance. After all my sister was also

    HOT as hell. She was only bit younger and had little breasts, but soon when sheíll be grown up girl, I knew my sister will definitely raise thousands of DICKS with the single jiggle of her ASS or a single bounce of her BOOBS. You guys are HARD just reading it?? Have pity on me, I was living with that hot girl. Anyway, back to the story. I knew a hot sexual treat was about to unveil so I had made arrangment so Saba enojy for it.

    My room had two doors, one opened in the TV Lounge, while the other door was common between my and Nadiaís room. Same goes for my sisterís room. So in the door that was common between me and my sister, I managed 4,5 tiny holes to accommodate a full view of the room. I was ready and was waiting for the time to come.

    The very next day, Nadia told me that Saba was coming to the place and she wanted some snacks for her. I brought those with pleasure Iíll skip the unnecessary details to go directly to the point when they went into the room and locked it. Both were looking stunning and sexy.

    My sister had again worn the same sexy shirt which she once wore infront of her tutor and Saba was in more modest dress. She was wearing Shalwar Qameez, But her dress was stitched a bit too much at all the RIGHT places.

    Her thighs, her hips, her waist and her boobs, all were prominent and sexy. Normally I donít lust for girls as young as they were, but they were Hot Bitches. My sister Nadia, was bit shy and flushed (thinking about the time to come) and Saba was bold and seductive.

    They were so hot that as soon as the servant left the room after bringing the snacks and cold drinks they put those things on table, and locked the room and hugged each other. My sister was bit shy so she was just hugging Saba, but Sabaís hands were all across my sisterís body (her back) She rubbed her hand all over her body and then her hand went down to my sisterís ASS.

    She placed her full hand on her ASS from her jeans and squeezed it. And my sister, whose innocence was losing, made such a cute and innocent move that nearly killed me. She pushed her face in Saba ís neck and hair in order to hide herself But didnít object to it at all and was enjoying it. It was only the start of it and my prick was hard as rock.

    I had also locked my room and had stripped out of my clothes. I was playing with my penis watching the scene in front of me. Then still during hugging Saba asked my sister to unhook her jeans, which Nadia did with shy moves. Once the jeans was unhook, they again hugged each other, without first putting off her jeans.

    The movement of Sabaís hands on my sisterís body was the same, except that this time when her hand went towards her ass, Saba pushed her hands in my sisterís Jeans. My sister accommodated her hand by wiggling her body. Saba ís hand went in my sisterís jeans fully. Man it was too hot. You guys may call me a jerk, a pervert but it was really a very sexy sight,

    My 14 years old real sister was enjoying a girlís hand on her ass. As the jeans were pushed down a bit, I noticed that my sister was wearing a baby pink underwear and her sexy ass was looking very firm in it. It seemed to be bit smaller than her ass. Then Saba tried to put her hand on my sisterís ass from inside her underwear but this time Nadia became bold and released herself and Saba from the hug and with a big smile asked Saba to first show her body first before proceeding to make my sister naked and play with her ass.
    Saba smiled back and took my sisterís hand in her own hand and placed it directly on her stomach and asked her to move it either up (towards Sabaís rusty busty
    BOOBS) or move it down (towards Sabaís wanting and waiting cunt). My sister wanted to take it slow so she rested her hand there and first started kissing Saba on her face, and then on her lips. It was a hot scene. Two underage girls, one 14 and other 15 were kissing each other. My sister then started moving her hand onto Saba ís big Boobs. Saba was bolder of the two so she didnít shy even to the least and welcomed the first touch of my Sisterís hand on her BOOBS with a soft moan and more forceful kiss on my sisterís lips. I was watching with more interest as it was not my sisterís BOOBS which were being fondled rather the busty Saba ís boobs which had always aroused me a lot. My sister kept on changing from one breast to the other and then put her hand in Saba ís shirt.

    Itís when Saba asked my sister to get naked. AGAIN a problem for me. Although I was loving the scene in front of me yet she was my sister. Which brother likes to see his own younger sister nude?? But my sister was not being nude to take shower, she was already having sex so I put all MORALITY issues behind and watched with interest as Saba removed my sisterís shirt. Nadiaís back was towards me so I could not see her breasts immediately. But the glow in Saba ís eyes was quite visible. There was some treat for her. After playing with my sisterís breasts for few moments she removed my sisterís Jeans too.

    Although Naida was not wearing a Bra, but she was wearing an underwear. My goodness. I could not imagine that a girl of 14 years of age could look so sexy, so ripe and so bitchy. Her ass was quite of a good size and I could well foresee that the crack of my sisterís ass was quite deep. I though what a lucky chap heíll be whoíll fuck my sister in her

    ass for the first time. Her flesh was glowing coz of her white complexion. Then Saba, who was sitting on bed, asked my sister, who was standing facing saba, to turn so that Sabacould play with my sisterís ass. It was the moment. Nadia turned around and I was treated with a pair of most innocent breasts on the most sluttary and bitchy girl.

    Her boobs were small, with relatively big areola and large nipples. Surely Saba ís mouthing of my sisterís nipples had made them hard and long. As Saba started putting her face in the crack of Nadiaís ass, there was a look of satisfaction on my sisterís face. Itís when Saba started removing my sisterís underwear.

    My dick was bursting, almost. As the underwear was removed I was blessed with a delightful sight. The pure and natural look of a young 14 year old girlís cunt, which was covered by a reasonably thick layer of hair. Itís when I could not control and my prick started releasing jets after jets of hot sperm on the door.

    It was orgasm of immense force and even more immense pleasure. I admit itís bizarre, itís taboo and itís dirty that a brother got orgasm while watching his own real sisterís naked body. But the fact is fact. I thought that after having released tension of my penis, I would start having angry/bad feelings for my sister.

    But astonishingly I didnít lose any bit on interest in watching the scene. Then my sister asked Saba to DO IT. Nadia suggested, ďYar letís first finish our first ORGASM coz Iím too much frustrated and hungry for a finger, either my own or yours but I want an orgasm right now. Forget about the romantic lovely sex advances.

    First bring each other to orgasm and then weíll have romance for the next orgasm.Ē Saba approved the idea and then she also got naked. It was fun watching her undress as she was a buxom girl even at the age of 15. She had really big breasts considering her age.

    And as her shirt lost touch with her breasts, her boobs bounced a bit and my dick started becoming erect again. Saba kept on removing her dress unaware of the watching eyes. My sister too was watching Saba with lot more interest and sex desire. Soon Saba was totly nude. She had opted for a more clean look.

    She was clean down there. Seemed like she had removed all of her Pussy hair just hours ago. My sister instantaneously put her full face in Saba ís Pussy and inhaled the smell of her pussy.It surely was nice coz she spent good amount of time on Saba ís pussy. Saba then asked my sister to lay on bed in a relaxing mode as the REAL time had come. My sister, totally nude and sexy, lay down on bed, and exposed her totally naked body to Saba (and to me too).I watched as my sister closed her eyes and tilted her head back. Saba started off by making love to her legs. Sister enjoying the soft touch being applied to her legs. Saba ís hands moved slowly upward, caressing and rubbing the silky white skin of my 14 years old sisterís legs.

    Nadiaís breathing grew deeper, and a soft moan came from deep within her throat. Saba smiled, as she knew Nadia was completely a puppet in her hands now. She had taken time in seducing my sister and it was the reward day for Saba. As the contents of her mail revealed For five months now they had been flirting with each other without going this far, and without being way too serious. However credit goes to Saba who saw the Bitch in my innocent looking sister.

    Saba became more daring, rubbing higher and higher. Her fingers were now rubbing my sisters inner thighs only inches from her hairy pussy. She looked at the treasure that presented itself to her and stopped for a while. Probably wanting my sister to demand for more. My bitch sister didnít disappoint Saba. Higher Saba, please, move your hand high. I want this touch murmured my sister.

    Her soft plea caught Saba off guard. She momentarily stopped what she was doing and looked at my sister who had lifted her head and looking down at Saba. Saba smiled softly up at My sister as their eyes met. My sisters hand moved down to touch Saba s cheek and pulled her closer to her excited pussy.

    My goodness folks, just imagine it, a 14 years old naked girl was forcing her friendís face towards her pussy so that her friend could satisfy her. It was way too hot. Saba s tongue lapped happily at my sisterís clit. My sisters hands ran through Saba s short hair, every now and again pulling her tighter into her wetness.

    Saba greedily sucked and licked at My sisters pussy, the sounds of wetness echoing in her ears. My sisters body quivered and shook as the first orgasm hit her. She held Saba s face between her legs with her hands with her legs tightly pressed on either side of them. She rocked back and forth, letting each wave flow through her, coating

    Saba s lips and chin in her cum. It was the first cuming of my sister infront of my eyes. However it was not her first. I knew from her mails that at the age when almost every girl play with dolls, she would play with her pussy. My sister started fingering her pussy when she was only 12 yearls old. Again strange but true.

    As the orgasm passed, my sister released Saba s head and pulled her up on top of her. My sisters lips hungrily devoured Sabas, tasting her own sweetness on Saba s smiling face. Would not you return the favor to me, atleast Iím clean shaved unlike you said Saba. My sister readily accepted. Saba had been long waiting for this moment to arrive, and not wishing to waste another single minute.

    She straddled My sisters face, leaning forward over the edge of the couch. My sister licked Saba s pussy, tasting the juices that flowed freely from it. Her hands moved over Saba s bottom, pulling her closer to her face. Saba s soft moans bounced around the room. My sister, in order to make her friend more happy, darted her tongue deep into Saba s cunt, and tasted the first full climax erupt against her face.

    Saba collapsed on top of My sister, her legs wobbly from the sensation she had been given. Her lips found one of My sisters nipples, and she lovingly flicked it with her tongue. My sisters hands reached between Sabas legs, and slightly touched her swollen clit,sending Saba into another frenzied orgasm.

    She pushed wildly against My sisters fingers, her second orgasm as intense as the first. Saba s head rolled back and then forward, her tongue licking My sisters nipples savagely. They both stopped for a few moments, letting Saba recover and come up for air.

    He breathing had grown shallow and deep. Sweat poured out of her, and she could barely speak. Oh my god Nadia, I never knew that there is more pleasure with some one else finger she said in between breaths. My sister was in mood again. She was super hot. She asked Saba to spread her legs. Saba did so, her legs spread, one over the back of the couch, the other dangling over the edge.

    My sister lightly spread Sabas legs a little further, and gently blew on Sabas pussy, making Saba raise her bottom to her. Oh god, the 14 year old bitch was experienced to the maximum. She knew everything Kamasutra told. She would have surely seen plenty of

    XXX movies even at that very tender age. My sister stood up and looked seductively at Saba, who was so easily excited that she would do anything My sister would ask of her. My sister sat closer to her now, her own legs spread,

    Intertwining with Saba s. She rested her own pussy against Saba s, their juices mixing with each others. Saba instantly bucked against My sister, feeling not only the fire in her own pussy, but that of My sisters also. My sister responded in kind, and moved up and down, grinding into Saba.

    The two girls moved rapidly against each other, their pussies slick with wetness smacked happily together. My sister reached her second climax just as Saba was experiencing her third. Both girls pulled each otherís legs, bringing the two of them closer and tighter against each other.

    They both moaned loudly as the passion took hold of their bodies. They lay in this position for some time, their pussies wet and sticky against each others, not wanting to stop the feeling of joy they both had just experienced.

    My sister reached for Saba s hands, and laced her fingers with her own. Both girls continued their sexual exploration for some more time, inserting a finger each in each otherís pussy.

    They the feel asleep in each otherís arms, exhausted and content. They were now more than best friends. If you think it was all it.You are wrong. But more parts shall follow soon. Just watch out for those. And Iíll welcome any comments

    Guys may wear the pants in the relationship, But Girls control the zipper.


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    After having seen my bitchy sisterís lesbian encounter with her best friend, I observed a constant hard on in my pants, everytime that bitch walked passed me. Initially there were not any clear ideas in my mind. I had blur thoughts.
    At the most I would just go and masturbate at the image of my 14 year old sister, getting totally naked infront of her best friend, spreading her legs shamelessly and letting her friend play with her pussy. I admit it very shamefully that I was more aroused at the images of my sister.

    Saba, her friend, who was really a sexy babe with a very tremendous growth of breasts at a tender age, was cornered in my thoughts. All what aroused me to the maximum was my sisterís nude body. With the passage of some more time,
    I observed very clearly that my sisterís breasts were becoming heavier. Partly it was because of her growth and age, and partly it was because of her boobs being played mercilessly by her friend, and who knows (by more than one friend and know knows by some boy as well.

    She was a bitch in heat and I could expect anything from her. As the time progressed, I noted another thing. My 14 year old sister was practically seducing our young servant boy. He was 16 by then and had full hormonal system running through his body.

    And my sister was taking full advantage of it. She was giving every possible signal to that boy to dare a bit and fuck her. I noticed that she used to wear skimpiest of clothes in the house and would always ďForgetĒ to wear scarf when he was around.i noticed it many times that when her shirtís neckline was bit lose and deep, she would bend forward very frequently and very profoundly infront of him so that he would see each and everything of her bra-less boobs, including the hard nipples.
    I am sure, he was masturbating too much during those days, while thinking about fucking my underage sister. And I had no doubt that someday he was destined to fuck my sisterís pussy. My masturbatory sessions were continuing with images of my sister when one day when I accidently discovered that right at the time when our servant boy was due to go to my sisterís room for Dusting purpose, my sister intentionally decided to change her dress. She pretended to have ďFORGOTTENĒ to lock the door and was absolutely and totally naked when the servant boy opened the door and was gifted by the sight of my sisterís nakedness. It was when I thought that she was treading along a dangerous and treacherous path. She was just 14 and was willing to lose her virginity and thatís too to her servant. I was her brother and being her brother I wished that she could protect her virginity for her husband. Having lesbian encounters, even if it is hundreds of times, was one thing, but having a boy to penetrate his dick in her pussy was something I could never allow.

    But then I had to think another thing as well. She was only 14 years old and she had already enjoyed being nude infront of someone, she had enjoyed being seen nude, she had enjoyed her breasts and nipples being sucked by someone,
    she had enjoyed having her pussy penetrated by fingers which didnít belong to her. She had tried to seduce her male teacher, and here she was seducing her young servant. So it was really like living in foolís paradise, to expect that sheíll keep herself virgin till she gets married.

    Even I was not in a position to say, whether or not she would still be a virgin after a month. How could I rationally believe that she would be a virgin at the age of 22/24 years
    So it was evident and crystal clear that my sister would not be a virgin, rather a well-used bitch at her wedding night. In the circumstances I was thinking, if she is going to lose her virginity, why should it be some stupid guy? Why should it be our servant or tutor? Why not MEÖ..???? Come on folks. Donít scorn me for being such a pervert. Try to understand my point of view. I just wanted to protect the family prestige. I didnít want her to lose her virginity to someone whoíll probably be ďBroadcastingĒ the news of my sisterís popped cherry to his friends. I didnít want my sisterís pussy to be the Talk of Town. All I wanted, if she is going to lose her virginity, then it should be someone she can trust. And who can be such a trustworthy person other than me, her real brother.

    So from that day I started seducing my sister. I know, with her tender age and huge carnal desires, lust for a cock in her pussy, she would come in my arms so soon and so easy. And itís what turned out to be eventually---EASY.
    You must be thinking, why I was taking too much pain in seducing my sister, when I could easily blackmail her into having sex with me by telling her that I had come to know about her tryst with Saba. But I thought it was too cheap a path to follow.

    I wanted my sisterís naked body in my arms and bed, forever, not for just few times. I wanted her to love whatever I was going to do to her. I wanted her to enjoy her time with me. I didnít want her to remain under a sense of fear and guilt.

    I wanted to enjoy the hotness of a sexy bitch. I didnít want mere body of a terrified and blackmailed girl, rather I wanted the soul of that bitch in bed. Secondly, I could use that information at some other time, in order to get both Saba and Nadia in my bed.

    So I decided to seduce my sister into sex. I started with some hungry looks at my sister, but only at that moments when she used to be in the MOOD. For example, just at the time when she would flaunt her body to our servant,
    I would give her that hungry looks right at her breasts and nipples. I knew that her pussy would be soaking wet and she would welcome every vulgar look at her body, even if it is of her real brother. Secondly I started giving her more time. We had always been very very close siblings.

    But to persuade, rather prepare, her to have sex with me, I needed to be extra nice and extra friendly to her. And more frequently I would bring up the topic of Girl Friend and Boy Friend. It was a heartening sign for me to observe that she was taking too much interest in such topics.

    Every time I came up with such a topic, I would say it repeatedly, ďAs you are grown up nowĒ, ďas we are grown up now so we can discuss these issuesĒ etc. These assurances had impact on her. She had started to feel like a ďGrown UpĒ and was treating me as a friend.

    With each passing day, our conversations became more explicit than the previous day. I ensured her in unambiguous terms that I understand the need of young girls and boys to have friendship/relationship with opposite sex.
    I jokingly asked her, whether she had some boyfriend or not? She blushed and replied that she had not. I asked have you some liking for someone in your class or in the vicinity. She blushed again and refused to answer.

    I said, ďCommon dear, donít treat me as your guardian and brother. Treat me as your best friend. Nadia, I ensure you, that you can trust me in every single issue and can talk to me without any shyness.Ē And then I asked, ďOK, tell me, can I talk to you without any hesitation on every single topic? Including girl friends, boy friends and even including SEX?ĒÖÖ..Nadia was blushing quite a much but it was clear that she was enjoying the conversation as well. Specially when I mentioned to her that we can even talk about sex, she made gestures which showed that she liked such frankness. Then taking advantage of the situation, I thought to myself that I had to bring up a topic that is bit explicit. I was 200 % sure that Nadia would not object to anything I come up with for discussion because we had always been good friends. So I asked her very frankly and casually, ďYar, have you ever measured your breasts?Ē. My sister was awestruck. She had open mouth and looked into my eyes with a look which was not of anger.

    It was a look that merely said, ďOh big brother. You are tooooo naughtyĒ. Nadia, my sister, replied in a fake anger and clear smile, ďbrother, whatís the problem with me that you wanna fix? Why are you asking it?Ē. I pretended to be bit serious and said, ďCoz I wanna suggest you something. I think your breasts (I was intentionally using the word BREASTS) have grown reasonably well, and you are no more a child so I think itís the time that you should start wearing a bra.
    More specifically at home coz your nipples become quite prominent through your shirt.Ē And then in order to lighten up the situation I jokingly said, ďIím your brother so Iíll have no problem, but our young servant boy will surely have lots of problems.

    Are you getting my point Nadia?Ē Nadia was enjoying and blushing at the same time and said, ďOh Sorry bro, Iíll try to avoid it.Ē I winked her jokingly and said, in a light hearted manner.Your such dressing really looks very sexy. Then becoming bit serious, I said to her that we needed to talk about sex so that I could help her in whatever complications she had in her mind regarding sex etc.

    That day I asked whether she knew about the relationship of girl and boy which produces the baby. She admitted that she knew the obscure facts regarding it (Iím sure she knew it very well). I asked when did she come to know about it,
    she replied she was 12 years old when a classmate told the girls about the spicy things the boys and girls do in bed. I asked, whether she had seen any XXX movie, she replied in negative, but confessed that she has heard a lot about it from girls.

    She however told quite bravely that she had seen such stuff on internet but only to the extent of pics. It was an interesting topic again. I was too much excited. I asked about her physical response to such stuff. I asked whether she gets wet or not? Now Nadia was too much excited. She was loving the conversation with a BOY. I asked her whether she knew about fingering etc (although I knew it well that she could take 2 fingers up her pussy) She feigned shyness and anger, but with a pause, admitted that she knew about it. I smiled and said, ďOne last question, Do you do fingering?ĒÖ.There was no point of return for her. She had to admit, and thatís what she did. ADMITTED that she used to do fingering.

    I asked how frequent did she finger fuck herself. She told that there was no particular frequency, but twice a week is normal for her. For the first time she took part in INVESTIGATION and asked me about my masturbatory sessions.
    I liked my sisterís boldness and admitted confidently that I masturbated almost daily. She burst into laughter hearing it. She thought I was way toooo hot to handle. Then one day the topic turned to Dates.

    And I told her about the things which boys do on the eve of their dates with girls. And just to arouse her sexual feelings and more specifically in order to ensure her that I was her friend I said, ďNadia, you are becoming young. You too have desires as a normal young girl.

    Iím an open minded fellow so I would not ask you to stay away from boys but I do request that you should be careful regarding your physical relationship with those boy friends whoíll come in your life. Iím not saying that you should have NO physical contact.

    Believe me, Iím fine even if you get totally naked with your boyfriend, but try to avoid having his male organ penetrated in you. You are well aware of masturbation so Iíll encourage you guys (nadia and her boyfriend) to masturbate each other.

    But try to keep yourself virgin till you are marriedĒ. I kept speaking, ďHowever I also know itís very difficult to be naked with opposite sex and yet not have full sexual intercourse. So if you are in such a situation and really decide to have sex, then plz do take all precautionary measures.Use Condoms

    My statement had quite an impact on Nadia, she was blushing but getting hot too. She also got the feeling that in my shape she has got a friend in whom she can trust. We kept on talking about these issues for some days,
    and during those days, my masturbatory sessions while thinking of my sister, increased considerably. But I also noticed that my sisterís hotness had also increased considerably and she still consistently used to wear the same NIPPLE POKING dresses.

    It was like a Lust Triangle. I was seducing my sister, my sister was seducing the servant. Just few days into having such bold discussions with my sister, came Saturday night. On Saturday Nights, famous channeld Mnet (mnet) used to telecast erotic movies, XX movies.

    I was regular viewer of those movies. But it was the start of summer season. Only my room had Air Conditioner, so Nadia, who used to sleep in her own room in winter, had to shift to my room at night to sleep. Also only my room had TV in it.
    In ordinary circumstances, I would have felt problem watching a XX movie with my sister in the room, and more specifically because of the frustration caused by the loss of liberty to masturbate. No Young boy can live without masturbation,
    let alone when he has just watched a sexy XX movie. But this time around, the situation was changed. I took it as a chance to enhance my chances to seduce my sister. In order to mentally prepare my sister for that night I told her that a XX movie was to be telecasted that night, & that she could watch it with me if interested. She had become my friend, rather a sister, so she accepted very happily. When the movie started at 3:30 AM (midnight) I awoke her from her sleep and we started watching the movie.

    Soon the hot stuff began and we started to feel bit hot. After 15,20 minutes, I asked jokingly, ďYar are you experiencing any physical phenomenonÖ.like getting wet?Ē She blushed and did not respond. I repeated the question and she said very bravely/confidently, ďItís a stupid question. Iím watching an X-rated movie, and thatís too for the first time in my life, how can I be NOT wet? I can ask the same sort of stupid question like ARE YOU HARD? Its stupid question coz I know you are Hard. No normal boyís DICK can be flaccid.Ē
    The way my little sister spoke, it was quite evident that she was hot as hell. She had quit thinking me as a brother. She was treating me as a young boy with whom she liked talking about sex.

    Her confidence and intentional use of word DICK made it clear that she was seduced by me, and was then trying to return the favour to me by seducing me. All I could manage was a heartful laugh and told her that she was right. I was hard.

    My sister was hugging a pillow at that time. I said ďPAUSEĒ and then asked her, ďTell me honestly, where your hand is right now? Iím sure itís not free, it is surely touching you at the special spot. Isnít itĒ.

    She had grown too hot by then so she did not shy at all and shamelessly admitted that her hand was definitely pleasing herself. I asked, ďIs it inside your panty or you are touching it from outsideĒ. She laughed and said, ďOff course from outside coz I didnít want the splashing sound to be emitted but now that you know it, Iíll put my hand inside my panty.Ē And she winked at the end. We both were hot. So I decided to take a final step and said, ďListen Nadia, we both are regular masturbators.

    And right now we both are watching a hot movie so we both are feeling the urge to masturbate. Why not masturbate right here while watching TV. We are friends so we should be open regarding sexuality.

    Atleast I have no problem playing with my DICK while you are sitting beside me. And if you finger fuck your PUSSY, itís perfectly fine and OK with me.Ē Saying it, I put my hand inside my pajama shamelessly and started playing with my dick.
    Then looked at Nadia and gave her a go ahead signal. She was a bitch. It was difficult for her to control demands of her pussy for longer duration of time. She was shameless as well. She threw away the pillow, and put her hand inside her panty.

    And we started masturbating ourselves. I was a quite masturbator but Nadia was not, or probably she was seducing me. There was very light rhythmical moaning sound emitting from her mouth, and there was splashing sound of her fingerís slide against her wet pussy.

    Both the sounds were having an effect on me. I wanted to ejaculate soon but I was also thinking about the options at hand which could benefit me in an hour or so. The movie kept on rolling. Half an hour before the end of the movie, I again spoke and said, ďNadia, enough is enough.

    We are friends, yet we are behaving very abnormally. I have problem masturbating while putting my hand inside my pajama. My arm is aching coz of improper posture. And I have never masturbated with hands inside pajama. I always first get naked before I masturbate.

    Youíll have to stay in my room for many more months before winter comes and during those months weíll feel the urge to masturbate. If we do not lay the foundation for a truly frank friendship then Iím afraid weíll create problems for each other.

    Why can not we be so normal and frank to masturbate freely while lying nude beside each other? Lights are off and in the dim light of TV Screen, even if you get a glimpse of my hard Dick, I have no problem with it. Infact I have no problem even if the lights are switched ON.

    So what do you say? Can we get naked and masturbate freely?Ē Nadia did not reply anything, rather did something practically. but what she did really took me with a surprise. She leaned forward towards me, put her hands on either side of my hip bone, and pulled down my (elastic string) pajama in one swift motion. She did it so quickly that I was amazed and surprised at the same time. There I was, a young boy, naked from waist below, his hand holding his rock hard dick and feeling his real sisterís eyes on his dick.

    It was dirty, it was taboo, it was pervert, yet it was so enjoyable. So Fucking hot. I paused for a moment, and then without breaking eye to eye contact with my sister, I slowly started giving strokes to my prick.

    My sister had a second look at my pole and I intentionally moved my hand to the base of my pole, so that it becomes visible to my sweet sister with all its glory. My sister had put her hand inside her panty and was breathing very heavily.
    Her little breasts were rising and falling with single inhaling and exhaling. Itís when I took the second step. And just as my sister made me nude, I leaned forward and with a single swift motion removed her Spanty. My goodness.

    I was making my REAL SISTER, nude infront of me. And look at my bitch sister, she didnít resist even to the least. Didnít even move a limb to stop me, rather only shifted her hips in a way to afford me the ease to remove her panty.

    I could see my sisterís pussy in the dim light of TV Screen. She had hair on her pussyT, and her hand was buried inside the valley between her legs. Her legs were not parted though. I kept on looking at her glory hole for couple of seconds and then placed my hands on her ankles and parted her legs.

    It was a sign of encouragement from me that she could finger fuck her pussy in the easiest possible posture, i.e. with her legs wide spread. My bitchy sister again did not object to it and with the light movements of her hand on her pussy she parted her legs to a considerable angle and started fingering with some pace now. I had regained my position and was masturbating. The movie was still going but we had completely lost interest in it. We both were masturbating silently, occasionally looking into each other eyes, but most of the time looking at each otherís private parts, My sister was continuously looking at my dick and I was flaunting it intentionally to my sister, and my eyes were locked at my real sister, my sweet sister glory hole, and she was not doing anything to hide it to the least.

    Every second was worth enjoying. I donít know for how long we kept on doing it. But it was not long before our desires touched another height. I was not satisfied now, merely looking at my sisterís pussy, I think the same thought was in my sisterís mind.

    We both wanted to touch each other. Having gone so far, it was just matter of minutes before we could practically into the forbidden land of INCEST. BROTHER-SISTER INCEST. I first took another initiative and, again, without speaking a single word I released my dick and held my sisterís night Shirt. And then I tried to lift it up in order to have a look at her breasts. It was just a hint to her that we were no longer brother-sister, not ever friends, rather we were two bodies in heat who just wanted sex.

    Guys may wear the pants in the relationship, But Girls control the zipper.


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    great story ,can't wait for your next one
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    Default hey cool

    I think you missed a thread somewhere above this one

    take your advertizing somewhere else
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    It was a hint that I actually wanted to see my sister TOTALLY Nude. My sister obliged me

    and she too pulled her hand away from her pussy and removed her blouse entirely off her

    body. All the barriers were broken now.

    As she removed her blouse, I removed her pant entirely from her legs and my sister suddenly

    became totally nude, infront of her real brother. We were not speaking to each other. It

    was like we were two young lovers, exploring sex and youth.

    Then my sister did the same to me, removed my trouser completely and I removed my shirt.

    Even with AC switched on, the room, the atmosphere and the two bodies in the room had

    become too hot. Burning with passion.
    As soon as we became totally nude, it was my turn to take over finally. My sister regained

    her position to masturbate but this time I didnít regained my position to masturbate.

    Rather I leaned forward and without any hesitation ÖÖÖÖÖ..
    I placed my lips on my sisterís right breast and started sucking it ÖÖÖÖÖ

    It was a moment of truth. My sister immediately gave a loud moan, closed her eyes, moved

    her left hand on the back of my head and started playing with my hair and exerted pressure

    of my face on her breasts, her right hand moved towards my stomach in order to hold my LUN.

    It was an outstanding and exceptional feeling. Just imagine guys. There was a 14 years old

    girl who was my SISTER.

    A girl who was so hot even at the tender age of 14 years. That 14 years old girl was

    letting her brother suck her breasts, one by one, and was searching for her real brotherís

    LUN. I kept on sucking my sisterís breasts for sometime, specially teasing her nipples with

    my bites.

    Then I switched on the table lamp to lit up the room with reasonable amount of light. So

    that we both could now enjoy looking at each otherís nudity without any bit of cover

    (either of cloth or of light). The light of table lamp only made the scene more enchanting

    and romantic.

    There were beads of perspiration on our foreheads/nose and we were looking at each otherís

    sexual parts with hunger in our eyes. Then my sister smiled and moved her hands towards my

    rod. Placing it on my thighs and then slowly moving it up.

    The moment when her fingers touched my BALLS was like an electricity went through my body.

    Her movement continued until she finally broke another barrierÖÖÖÖ.She had placed her hand

    on my Rock Hard Rod and had held my rod in the tight grip of her hand.

    There it was, My SISTER was holding my prick and was giving it slow strokes. She had

    placed her head on my chest and was looking, with love and lust, at my rod. Folks, you can

    not imagine that feeling.

    Not only it was the first ďForeignĒ hand on my prick but also it was of my real sisterís.

    Those who became lucky in the later part of my sisterís life to have my sisterís hand on

    their prick's will tell how soft and smooth her hands were, and how good it felt to let her

    masturbate DICK.

    Then I said, ďNadia, Iím not going to FUCK you, but we can do every single thing else. We

    can enjoy each otherís nudity, we can enjoy masturbating each other, You can suck my dick

    and I can Lick Your pussy. Do You have any objection?Ē She smiled and said ďNOĒ.

    Itís when we embraced each other like two pieces of magnet suddenly joined together. We

    were kissing each other in a patienceless manner, we were rubbing our hands at each otherís

    backs, we were fondling each otherís private parts, we were rolling on the bed.

    And then in the next half hour or so, we did everything other than actual fucking. I parted

    my sisterís legs and Licked her sweet hole with such a passion that she could not control

    her moaning, I inserted my tongue inside her pussy I and did the IN & OUT movement.

    I placed my DICK in my sisterís mouth and she accepted the offer without any hesitation (in

    the later part of my life, experiences with my GFs told me that girls are very touchy in

    this respect and hardly suck DICKS).

    We were becoming too hot and we decided to release each other finally. We positioned

    ourselves in 69 mode with my sister sitting on me. I mean I was lying on bed and my sister

    had placed her pussy on my face and was having her face on my rod.

    My sister was sucking my dick in an inexperienced manner but with lot of fervent

    enthusiasm. Soon I was on the brink of shooting my load in my sisterís mouth. I warned her

    and she quickly moved her face away and started jerking me vigorously.

    On the other side, I was licking, biting, sucking and fingering my sweet SISTERís pussy.

    She had already cum once and it was her second time. Just as I reached my orgasm and she

    reached hers I inserted almost my complete tongue in my SISTERís hole and started tasting

    the Juices. Then I reached my orgasm. With a grunt I shot loads and loads of hot sperm on

    my sisterís hands, boobs and neck. Few drops landed back on my stomach. My sisterís hands

    were soaking with my Semen.

    Itís when my sister started having orgasm too, her legs shook and she lost control over her

    limbs. She literally sat on my face and I really liked this intensity of her orgasm. My

    face was buried in my sisterís ASS and pussy and she was cumingÖÖÖ..

    After we had cum, we laid there for sometime, totally naked and still hot. Then we went to

    the washroom to wash ourselves. As it was too hot so we decided to take a shower and again

    masturbated each other in the washroom.

    Even after reaching our orgasm, there was no sign of guilt in us. We were happy for what we

    had done and we were thinking about future prospects. Definitely there were many more good

    times to come soon.

    This way, I was sure that I had curbed my bitchy sisterís desires for sometime atleast.

    Sheíll not be so frustrated to show her body to a boy, and sheíll not be so frustrated to

    have a dick in her cunt.

    I know I could fuck my sister then and there, that day. But you see, Iím a true and loving

    brother. I could never compromise on my familyís prestige. I only did all it, in order to

    save family prestige, because, had she done all this with any other boy, he would have told

    all this to his friends and soon my 14 years old sisterís pussy would have been the talk of

    town. ÖÖÖÖÖAm I right???? Well honestly speaking, I had decided that as long as we can

    enjoy, without actual penetration, we should keep it only SOFTCORE sex i.e. without

    penetration. The same rule applies as long as she can keep her virgin without penetration.

    But I had told her that if someday she finally decides that sheís gonna have a dick in her

    pussy then it should be my dick, her real brotherís Dick because CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME

    To Be contd
    Guys may wear the pants in the relationship, But Girls control the zipper.


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    After having tasted my sisterís pussy, and after having my sisterís mouth on my cock, I was quite satisfied, content and relaxed. Every time I got hot/horny, I had a bitch right next to my bedroom. I could avail her at any time I wanted her.
    All I needed was to ask her for a favor and the result was always an orgasm. She could use her mouth skills, hand job or ďPussy MassageĒ to bring me to an orgasm. Just imagine folks, a 14 years old girl rubbing her bald pussy on her real brotherís dickÖShe was a real slut.

    And quite interestingly, there was not even a single time when she refused my idea to come in my bed to have the ďSoft CoreĒ sex. It was quite astonishing that my bitchy sister was ready to have sex at any time. Few times it happened that at midnight,I felt horny and I went to my sleeping sister and rubbed my hand over her boobs or pussy or ass. Usually a person who is in deep sleep doesnít welcome such advancement towards him/her. But that slut was so fucking hot that she would get up and without complaining that I disturbed her in her sleep, she would further my advancements. In the previous part, I have told you, how I managed to seduce my real younger sister into the realm of incest and how I managed to get all the sexual pleasures without breaking the last barrier i.e the penetration. However it was not easy to curb the desire to put my cock in some tighter hole than relatively loser hole of her mouth. This is the story where I took my sisterís anal virginity and ripped her Ass apart.

    So read it on folks. Hope youíll like it, even those who are not anal sex lovers. At that age, she had already started having menstruation. Once when she came from her school and went in her room to change her dress, I asked her to leave the connecting door,between mine and her room, Open so that I could enjoy the scene of her undressing. Always she used to oblige me, but that day she said that it would look dirty. I asked why? She replied that she was having menses and that if I could wait for another couple of days then we could enjoy our old sex game. I was so horny that I asked her to at least get undressed. She said Fine, and started removing her dress. When she removed her sports bra, my dick jumped to its length and consequentially I jumped to reach her. While she was removing her Pant, I was already playing with my sisterís breasts and sucking her nipples. I donít know in what state of mind she was, probably she was also very hot, she suggested something which we had never considered before.
    She said that as she was having her menses so she could not give me the ďPussy MassageĒ because of apprehension of some blood spilling out of her pussy which would look real dirty. Then with some hesitation that 14 years old BITCH said,
    Brother, we are not left with any proper option so why donít you try putting your thing in my assholeÖ.I thought to myself, why didnít this idea come to my mind previously.

    I wanted to keep my sisterís cunt virgin because a non-virgin girlís husband can ruin life of his wife if he gets to know that she has already let someone use her pussyi. But there is no such fear in case of Ass. I was a stupid not to try it to my sister.I accepted it happily and with lot of enthusiasm. I was about to Fuck my real sister, my 14 years old sister, in her Ass. And all on her own request, demand and behest. Although I was not an anal sex lover, even now I hardly fuck girls in their Ass, but at that time, it seemed pretty decent offer. I had never put my dick in a tight hole, just my sisterís mouth was the only place I had put it in. But now I was getting the chance to fuck my sisterís Ass.

    I asked her once again whether she was sure about it? She was such a brave and courageous girl that despite knowing her limitations, her slim figure, her very tight virgin ass hole, her very tender age and my reasonably sized 6Ē prick,
    she didnít even give it a second thought and instantaneously replied that she wanted to try it all by her own will and wish. We decided that it would be appropriate if we do it in the washroom, under the shower. It was the month of May, in Rawalpindi, and a moderate temperature of water would definitely give our first ever sexual intercourse a pleasant feel. Also it would give us a relatively neat, clean feel coz of her menstruation. We were so hot that we wanted to try this out immediately.

    We asked our servants (brother and sister in their mid-teens) to delay our dine, locked the rooms and started kissing madly. I was sucking my sisterís lips while she started playing with my cock. She was treating the string/cord of my trouser in order to remove my trouser.

    She was already in her underwear only and was nude from waist above. My sister was standing only in her black underwear with ďAlways UltraĒ sanitary napkins inside. Then I lifted my half nude sister in my arms and brought her to the washroom.

    There I got undressed completely and removed my sisterís remaining cloth. She had grown little hair on her cunt because she could not shave it during her menstruation but still it was quite neatly trimmed. Probably she had shaved her pubic area just a day before her menses started.

    Anyway, Once we got nude, we again hugged and played with each otherís bodies. We kissed each other and sucked our tongues into each otherís mouth. My 14 years old BITCH sister was an expert kisser. I wonder from where she had learn that skill.

    Anyway, we then turned the shower ON and jumped under it. However, before that, I didnít forget to put the bottle of Johnsonís Baby Lotion on the rack. THE SCENE WAS ONÖÖ.! Nadia, my sister was standing under the water stream, her hands covering her tits and pussy.

    It was not because she was shy of it, rather only to enhance the hunger in my. She was just acting to be a very noble, shy and decent girl who was about to be fucked for the very first time. The water was running all over her body, from her medium-cropped hair, down her shoulders, her little but growing breasts, slimmer belly and wide HIPSÖThe ďVENUEĒ of that dayís TREAT For the first time ever in my life, I noticed that my sisterís Ass was something to watch for. At the age of 14, she had not developed much breasts, but for some reasons her Ass was that of a grown up girl. It definitely was the centre of attention of the boys in the vicinity. Such a nice Ass and the way she used to do move made her a horny Anal SLUT.

    My sister was bit nervous, bit confused, bit shy, bit excitedÖ.All because of her BUTT. After all letting a boy lick her pussy was something else, but letting him actually enter his cock in her hole Asshole was something else. While the former was pure and mere pleasure,
    the later demanded some patience, endurance and determination. She was going to get quite a lot of PAIN and I was determined to give her Maximum pleasure out of this situation. pussy is the natural and proper channel for a boyís cock, but Ass is not the natural way, so she could let me do it again only if she liked it the first time. I am not a fan of WILD sex. All I love is romantic sex. And itís the quality which drives most of the girls in their teens crazy. Here too, I wanted to make it memorable for my sister.

    I wanted to make slow progress and make it look romantic rather lusty. I acted as if I was approaching her for the first time, and she loved this fantasy. I looked down and saw her little but very firm and round breasts dangling a few centimetres from my chest;Water was running over them, and between her cleavage making them look like two islands in the middle of a river, her nipples seemed hard. I donít know whether it was because of the cold water or because of her hotness and anticipation.

    My mouth felt dry, and had to swallow some spit. It was not easy at all. I was not an experienced fucker by then. My sister was my first. I was still in my teens. I didnít know whether or not I would be able to put it properly in her asshole.
    I didnít know how I would manage to keep fucking her while she was shouting with pain. But I wanted to do it. I was so desperate and horny. Every thing felt dreamy. My prime aim was to first make her REAL hot and then proceed further. For this I had to act romantically and slowly,
    as if we were two lovers. I lifted my hands and gently touched a breast with each. They were firm and solid, somehow bit different than always. She shuddered, just for a minute. Then I slowly started to climbed up with my fingers and reached her nipples.

    My sister was looking at me. Her mouth was half open and her eyes were full of anticipation. I grabbed her nipples between my thumbs and middle fingers and started to rub them. They were hard and pointy, and I loved the rough moaning of my sister.

    With my thumbs, I brushed them softly and then flicked them, watching my sisterís boobs bouncing a little. The water from the shower was running over my hands and down my arms, and covered them with a light sheet of water.

    Brother are you enjoying?, asked my sister. She was sounding like an elder sister, mature and fully grown up, who was just enjoying the pleasure of her younger brother playing with a toy that she had gifted him. I nodded in affirmative.

    "You look like a kid who just got a new toy.", said my sister with a smile. She was trying to ease the tension in the atmosphere and in order to lighten up the mood. We both needed this encouragement because it was going to be our first
    actual INTERCOURSE. Brother please suck my boobies, Nadia said. So I bent, and took her right breast in my mouth. I started by licking her nipple, tasting the water on it and the small bumps on her skin.

    Then I put my lips around her nipple and sucked softly, imagining there was milk in there; though all I could taste was water. Nadia moaned briefly and passed her hand through my wet hair. Slowly I took more and more of her breast into my mouth,sucking in her aureole and as much as he could of the cup. Soon most of her little breast was in my mouth. All this time, my other hand continued to massage her left boob. After playing with her like this for a few moments I moved to the other breast and gave it the same treatment.

    This was bliss for her. She was hot and moaning loudly. She reached down and started rubbing her pussy. She moaned and said: You are getting me wet. When will you put it in? I then asked my sister to bend against the wall so that she could relax while I played with her Ass. She did so and I took my position behind my sister. Her wide Ass was looking fantastic with water drops sliding through its sexy curves. I started licking her ass cheeks. She was loving the feeling and was pinching her nipples.

    I then put my hands on each of her Assís cheeks and spread them a little and then put my face in my sisterís Ass. It was a lovely feeling. Her asshole was so hot, in appearance as well as in physical reality. I spent some time feeling it with my face.

    My dick was painfully hard by then. So I asked my sister to use her foot on my dick in order to give it some pleasure. As these were my sisterís last days of menstruation so the blood flow was little. Specially at that particular moment, it was quite neat and clean.
    At least I could finger fuck her. While I was rubbing my face all over her asshole, I removed one of my hands from her ass and started penetrating her hole with my finger. The inside of her pussy was warm and she twitched every time my finger went it.

    Slowly and slowly her moans increased, turning deeper; her body shook more. Sexual energy was building hard in her fast, heading towards an orgasm. After all how much could a 14 years old Bitch take? I played with her for a long time, attacking her sensitive parts from different sides, munching, licking and sucking. The object was only one, plenty of pleasure for her in her first Anal Intercourse, and minimizing the pain. My sister was only 14 by then. And I knew that there will be uncountable episodes of me fucking my real sister before sheíll finally get married.

    So I wanted to go in slow so that she loves the sex. I wanted to let the doors open for my future fucking sessions with my sister. I knew if she loved it the first time, sheíll give me immense pleasure in the next 10 years or so, till she will get married.
    I was thinking like a pervert and I was loving it. Thinking dirty about me real underage sister gave me a real turn on. It still turns me on, thatís why Iím narrating all it to the world. Believe me I like it when you guys jerk off thinking about my sister.

    That slut really needs all the cock and all the Cum you have I then took the shower head and started washing her ass. Looking at the water streaming down her cheeks and into her ass crack excited me very deeply. I spread her ass with one hand, and placed the nozzle of the shower head to her butt hole. The water current splashed in her ass and Nadia giggled. Anticipating an insertion, my Slut Sister handed me the bottle of Lotion with a smile on her face. I thanked him, looking deep into her eyes and then, with lot of lotion on my hand I rubbed it on her backdoor, specially in her ass crack. Then I started to penetrate my finger in her ass crack carefully. I slowly pushed my long finger into her ass, up until the first joint and pulled it out again.

    I lubricated it with some more lotion and then again stuck it in and kept it there, making half turns with my hand like a screwdriver. And with my thumb I started rubbing her pussy. The pressure on her clit, gave her a delicate massage.
    It helped me in diverting her attention, from the Pain from Anal penetration, towards pleasure from Vaginal Massage. My little sis moaned softly and shivered a bit. Gradually I increased my pressure, force and length of insertion.
    This was clearly giving her some strong sensations, as she arched her back and pressed harder against my hand. "Ohh," she said, Too much pleasure. Brother itís too much pleasure.

    You can put your finger further inside It was a good sign, she was liking my Assault on her ASS. I was inserting my thumb in her cunt at the same time. Soon I had whole of my thumb in my sisterís pussy and whole of my middle/long finger in her asshole.

    Feeling an approaching orgasm, I increased my pumping rhythm. The noise of my hand flapping her genitals became louder and louder in the small room, overcoming the running water, and soon mixed with Nadia's increasing moans.
    Her body started shaking hard, and she had to support herself on the wall, and started massaging herself. I didn't stop either, and explored deeper and deeper inside her with every gesture. After a few moments my sister was really losing control, her moans turned into hard uncontrolled sighs; she brought both of her hands to her pussy and started rubbing in vigorously although my hand was already there. As her body was shaking involuntarily I continued to rub her, squeezing all her orgasm out.

    "Ah, ah, ahh" she whispered between Brother please stop. Please slow it all down. I calmed down the rhythm of jerks and finally took my finger & thumb out of her anal & Pussy. Little Sis was leaning against the wall,slowly retrieving her breath. You can imagine the scene. A 14 years old, underage slut, standing totally naked right in front of her real brother and spreading her legs to give her real brother access to all the places where even any boy other than her husband should not venture.

    Then she put a hand on each butt cheek and pulled them apart, showing me her small hole. And with a naughty smile she said, It was a good idea to let you enjoy my Ass, wasnít it.
    I complained that pleasure is all herís and whatíll I do with the Hard dick of mine. I asked her to suck it but she smiled and said .Brother Iím too hot even now.Within 5 minutes Iíll be ready again for sex. And donít U worry. Iíll definitely put this dick in my Ass. I wanna check what pleasure is hidden in penetration. I smiled & my cock made a small leap, getting all of a sudden very hard in the knowledge Iíll soon fuck her ass.

    After relaxing a bit I again slowly buried my face between her ass cheeks. It was hot and dark, and water was flowing all over my face. I then slowly stood up, my knees hurt from kneeling so long on the hard tub floor. I looked at my sister,
    who was standing with her back to me and smiling over her shoulder. Our bodies joined and I grabbed her tits from behind. We then kissed each other while I massaged her breasts and she started to move her butt in circles, exciting my cock.

    I again put a handful of lotion and rubbed it all in her ass crack and on my cock as well. I put my finger again in her backdoor. This time with relatively lesser effort. And then tried to put some lotion right inside her asshole. It was tough ask me,
    but I somehow managed to put some of lotion literally inside her asshole. Now it could serve the purpose well. Water and lotion when joined together form a very slippery liquid. Suitable for first time Anal Fucking of a 14 years old Bitch.

    Then came the real moment. I grabbed my hard cock and placed it in her crack, exactly between her cheeks. Water flowed down her back and gathered into her ass creek where my cock was lying. Finally it received the attention I was desperately waiting for.

    My dick was wet from the water and shining with eagerness to pump her behind. I started pushing the head around her ass ring. She helped me by spreading out a cheek while I held the other. My balls were burning and I felt that I had to sodomise her quickly otherwise I'll explode.
    So I pushed the tip against her hole; feeling, more than I expected, resistance. "This is probably going to hurt a bit", I told her, "but the water should help". She said, ďI know, just be careful." I pushed again, resolved to enter her ass. I managed to force my cock past her ring; and bit by bit I entered her, struggling through the tight muscles. After a minute I rested, only about half of my head was inside, and I had to hold it there. My sister breathed hard and tried to relax her Ass. She was surely feeling some pain but was amazingly determined to get fucked and amazingly silent. She was leaning with her cheek on the wall and her breasts were flattened hard on the tiles. I pushed again, feeling the anus give in and let me pass a bit. A minute later the head was entirely in, held tight in place by her muscles.

    I continued slowly pushing deeper inside her. The water was running all over our bodies, and my cock made a bridge between her and me. My sister used her hand to rub her clit, and I had to spread her ass wide with both hands. I clutched the ass cheeks strongly, feeling the muscles hidden inside them and as I pushed further I looked down: it was a fantastic sight, seeing my cock penetrating the small hole in my Real underage 14 years old bitch sister. A few more centimetres in and then I felt my cock's head no longer pressed by her anus.

    I began to very slowly pump in and out of her, penetrating her deeper with every stroke. "You like that? My cock in your ass?" I whispered in her ear. She did not respond. She was just enjoying it but at the same time she was in pain as well.
    I reached around and joined her in rubbing her pussy. We were moving together, my cock entering deeper with every gesture. It was not fully in, but every stroke pushed it a bit more. With each little thrust moans of pain and pleasure were emitting from Nadiaís mouth.

    It was very tight, and I had to be quite forceful. I could feel my cock surrounded from all sides by her body; it was pushing hard on my cock like a fat man squeezing through a narrow door. Her ass was almost milking me in, like vacuum.
    My sister's ass slowly became more accommodating and I could feel my penis sliding more easily inside. I grabbed her waist and started to really pump her. Every time I took it out almost entirely and buried it in up to the hilt.
    My balls started to heat, and I could feel drops of cum forming in my cock. Although my speed was not too much, but it was still quite a much for a virgin 14 years old girl. And also I wanted to keep it bit longer so I had to force myself to slow down a bit.

    "Yeah, thatís better" whispered My sister, "Itís my first time bro, please keep slowĒ. And proceeded to ask, ďHow long will it take? Iím enjoying but still I want to finish it so that I can relax a bitĒ I said, "I'm almost cumming in your ass."
    I was fucking her in erotic slow motion now, amazed that her ass could take it. She moaned harder and rubbed herself faster; I grabbed her tit again and pinched her nipple. Then, I changed my rhythm and fucked her deep and slow, pushing the cock all the way in every time.

    I closed my eyes and felt the water all over me. Cum was amassing in my shaft, getting closer and closer to splash out into her butt. Fuck," she said through her clenched teeth," Oh, fuck me...". It was all I could take. My sister actually asking me to fuck her harder.

    "I'm cumming in your fucking ass..." I managed to whisper. My balls were on the verge of squeezing and making me cum. Finally I knew that I couldn't hold it longer, I told her that Iím cumming now and grabbed her Tits tight.
    Knowing it, my sister pushed herself/her Ass hard on my cock and moved it in circular motion. It was too experienced a move from 14 years old Slut. I started cuming in my sisterís Asshole. I gave final jerks to my penis fast, feeling my balls sending spasms through my body.
    My cock started to pump out right into my sisterís ass. A great sin was finally accomplished. I had not only fucked a girlís ASS but it was also my Sisterís Ass. She had lost her anal virginity to her real brother, someone which is not approved by the society. My legs became soft and I grabbed my sister's head. My own head felt dizzy and mouth felt dry, all seemed turning around me, Nadia, the shower curtain, the water. All were spinning.

    After a few moments I stopped pumping out cum. My cock was dry now from inside but from Ass. I was so hot that it did not become flaccid quickly.
    It seemed that itíll take ages before being flaccid. Finally the process began and as it started losing its hardness, it slowly and automatically started coming out of Nadiaís ass. As it slipped completely out, few drops of Cum followed the path from my sisterís ass and dropped on the washroomís tub floor. Some other drops followed their path on Nadiaís legs. I had shot quite a much sperm in her Ass. We both looked at the lovely site for a while. We had committed a sin, but we both were happy to do it. We took the shower then.

    This time it was seriously just a BATH. That day opened the windows of opportunities for us. In the years to come, I participated in numerous and uncountable sexual episodes with my sister. In the later part, I even managed to fuck her pussy as well. Although I had not planned it, nor did I want her to lose her virginity to anyone other than her husband but circumstances forced us into it.

    To Be Contd.
    Guys may wear the pants in the relationship, But Girls control the zipper.


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    no good
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    My sister was about to be 15 and during the course of past 6 months I had literally fucked her in ASS dozens of time. But I was

    reluctant to fuck Nadia, my sister, in her pussy. The reason was that in the Asian culture, specially in Indo-Pak, a girl’s prestige is

    family’s prestige.

    A girl with bad character is a blot. And what constitutes a girl’s bad character? Her ruptured hymen! If the girl’s hymen is ruptured then

    after marriage, her husband may get suspicious about her character and it normally results in strained relationship between the


    I didn’t want my sister to meet any problem after her marriage. That’s why I never intended to fuck her in her pussy….Atleast not in the

    first 6 months of our sexual expeditions. I was quite contended by inserting my dick in her asshole and fucking her like crazy.

    In the beginning, I didn’t notice that my sister was yearning to lose her virginity. She was willing to get a dick in her virgin pussy,

    irrespective of the factors mentioned above. She had no fear of her future matrimonial life being disturbed.
    She just wanted to enjoy sex to its maximum and she was not satisfied with her ass being fucked all the time. Everytime we had sex,

    there was an urge to use her pussy. I knew my sister was such a desperate bitch that she would not object at all in case I put forward

    this option to her, rather she would welcome it. And as the time progressed and I got to know my sister better, my mind changed.

    There was no doubt in my mind that my sister was one of the biggest sluts of the world. At such a tender age, she liked to show off

    her body to boys, she had lesbian sex experience and she, very happily, allowed her real brother to do anything with her naked body.

    I knew that a slut like her was not going to live as a VIRGIN for long. It was just a matter of seizing the right opportunity for her and she

    would be feasting some lucky chap with her virgin underage but hot pussy. So I finally concluded that I would be a fool to think that my

    sister would be a virgin on her marriage night, and consequentially I thought that I would be even a bigger fool, an idiot to let some

    ass-hole fuck my sister in her pussy.

    If she is to lose her virginity then the first dick to enter in her pussy should be of none else but mine, her real brother’s..Her attitude

    and habits were also that of a slut. She was being reasonably satisfied, sexually, by me, and there was no reason for her to look for

    other options and opportunities. But being a slut, she was not contented to me. Everytime we used to go to markets she would give

    smile to every cool looking boy.

    She would purposefully bend down infront of boys just to show them her breasts. She would welcome any opportunity to go to

    congested places, with lot of people and rush, so that boys can take advantage of her and she can enjoy the male hands on different

    parts of her body.

    The more I thought about her such attitudes, and the more I observed her, the closer I went to the reality that it was unlikely that she’ll

    remain virgin for long. And it’s when I decided that I’ll fuck her, my real sister, in her pussy.

    And one day, when the dusk was falling, we were sitting in our TV Lounge, watching a movie. I had hugged her softly and was making

    circles on her belly when I softly asked her in a low/indifferent tone, whether or not should we fuck in real sense, in natural way i.e in

    her pussy.

    She paused for a while, kept silent for few moments….May be to lose her virginity was not an easy decision even for a slut of her

    stature. But slowly her cute smile came back to her enchanting face, she blushed a bit and nodded her head in affirmative.

    We instantly held eachother in a tight hug. As it was going to be her first fuck in pussy, I wanted to be real slow. I wanted it to be

    romantic and I wanted it to be her best as well. Again I wanted to go slow, give her maximum pleasure and minimum pain.

    Afterall, would not a brother give this much care to his sister? We planned to do it all at night so that nothing/no one could disturb us in

    any way. Night rolled around. I had cleaned up my bedroom, made all the right preparations, including making sure the Lotion was

    handy at the side table. When Nadia, my sister, got there, we had little chat, and slowly we started kissing each other. I decided that

    we should first get undressed and then proceed our foreplay. Her shirt came up readily, exposing those wonderful little tits to my

    fingers and lips.
    I began to work lower. She had sweet pink pajama on, perfect for a little 15 years old teenager. I got her pajama untied but couldn't

    begin to work my hand inside them. In my suave, sophisticated manner I commented on that:"You and your damn tight Pajama" She

    looked up me, and said "Well You’ve used, pretty much, what’s inside these pajamas." Almost as soon as she said it, she gave a bit

    of a gulp and went a little red in the face. She surely was bit confused, excited and tense for her first vaginal fuck.

    I stood up and very easily picked her up in my arms. Her lips came to mine and we started to kiss heavily. I then removed her pajama.

    In just her panties, she helped me off with my shirt, and then started to help me off with my jeans.
    I was doing all what I had done on numerous occasions but this time I was acting as if it is our first fuck. I was teasing her, to make

    her hot and burning with desire. I began to nibble on her thighs. I teased her pussy softly thru her panties before easing them off her,

    bit by bit.

    She was baby clean. Not a single hair could be seen there. And I liked her care for her hygiene. Her cleanness was a good

    encouraging factor for me to use my tongue all over her private parts. I leaned in close, and caught a deep taste of her scent. It was

    Strong, and sweet, the way I like it. I began to lick. I have always been proud of my licking, and I was giving her some of my best. Her

    fine little ass was bouncing all over the bed; her fingers were curled into my hair and pulling. I added a finger to my tongue, driving her

    even higher.

    I sucked softly on her little clit while I slid my hands up her sides and played with her rock hard nipples. Then I did something which I

    had always thought dirty but at that time I deemed it just and proper to make her hot. I started playing with her asshole……with my

    My tongue darted into her asscrack and danced around her little anus. This really drove her wild, after the initial shock of the act.

    Then, rocking her back and forth, my tongue danced from hole to hole, back and forth, and up around her clit.

    I finally let her legs back down, spread wide open and returned to concentrating on her clit. I played with it for half an hour, teasing and

    pleasing, till I knew it was time. Rising up to stand by the bed, I slipped my briefs off, exposing my rock hard cock.

    Again, nothing new to her, but she welcomed it as if it was the first full grown penis she had seen in her life. She did her magic, with

    her mouth, on my dick till it was hard as iron. "Are you sure you are ready to do this honey?" I asked, giving her the chance to back


    She nodded and quietly, whispering, told me she was willing. "I'll do it real easy and slow. Yet tell me if it hurts, ok?" "OK." She

    whispered to me. I positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy. I rubbed it against her lips a few times, just to make sure she

    was ready.

    I pressed it against her hard little clit, and she moaned, a deep long moan from within her throat. I was rubbing my cock over her

    pussy. She was wet, so damn wet that her wetness was flowing to her ass hole. It meant I didn't need lotion.
    Yet I put large amount of lotion on my cock and her pussy to make it easier for her. I pushed in slowly, then pulled my dickout & away

    and then back in, then away, each time pushing a little further, a little deeper. My sister’s eyes were looking at my facial expressions

    all the time, and I was observing her. She was biting her lips. I was about half way in, working so slow, bit by bit when I asked her if it

    hurt. "No, no, it doesn't hurt!" she wasn't whispering now. Her confidence was back again.

    I eased back up, till only the very tip of my dick was in her, and then slowly, steadily pushed all the way into her. Her eyes went wide,

    she gasped and moaned, and her arms tightened round me. Did it hurt? I asked her….. She replied swiftly and smiling, “NOOOOO”..

    But I could see tear in her eyes. She was surely loving it and the little pain she felt showed through those tears. But a slut like her was

    not to back out..Did you like it? I asked again. “YES” was one word answer from her and then she closed her eyes,wanting to enjoy

    every second of her first fuck. I began to fuck her, slow and easy. She picked up the rhythm after a bit, and her hips moved with me

    jerks. Her legs were wrapping round me, her nails scratching my back. I slid my hand under her beautiful little ass, and began to tickle

    her anus with a finger, then gradually eased the finger inside her. It was no problem; first of all she was well used by my dick up her

    asshole and secondly because her juices were running down her ass making it as slippery as her tiny pussy.

    When my fingertip invaded her ass, she started moaning loudly and wildly, But this time I didn’t object, No one was in the portion we

    were in. My cock was throbbing inside her. She was intensely tight. I was working the finger in and out of her ass.
    I was giving her love bites on her neck, whispering in her ears, "Nadia, I love you. All this feels so good!" I gradually increased the

    pace, all the time telling her to tell me if it hurt, or if she was sore. Her only answer was to fuck back harder, and she cried out,

    Brother don’t stop it, carry on. After a while, I began to feel the pressure deep down inside my balls. Trying to be gentle, I was loosing,

    pounding harder into her. I could hear the wet slurping sound that my sister’s pussy was making gripping my cock each time it

    plunged in and out. My body strained and flexed, and I felt the hot cum boiling up from my balls. With a long deep hard shiver, orgasm

    took me. I quickly pulled my cock out of my real sister’s pussy and started to cum.

    For that moment, I had lost track of the world. As I came back to my senses and opened my eys, I noticed the mess that I had

    created. There was my cute little slut sister, all drenched with my cum. Cum was all over her body. Her slim waist, her little breasts

    and even her curly hairs, all had drops of my cum. I had cum so heavily. Then I observed the look at my sister’s face. She was looking

    like an angel. The heat of that bitch was appeased. She looked contented and relaxed. With closed eyes and smiling face, she told

    me how much satisfying it was for her and that she would love to continue doing it in future. It was our first full sexual intercourse, but

    not the last one. We carried on that path for years to come. The forbidden path, the greatest sin, brother sister incestuous


    But it was sheer pleasure. Infact the fact that we were real brother and sister, increased the sexual excitement. In the years to come,

    we also started involving other people in our sexual adventures. Sometimes it was another boy, sometimes it was another girl.

    And once we were successful in alluring another couple of brother and sister to have a foursome in one room. It was one of the most

    pervert but the most sexy adventures of all times.

    The End
    Guys may wear the pants in the relationship, But Girls control the zipper.


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    very nice, any more
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    Oh Yeah!! I
    I CAN SEE IT NOW, THEY ARE all in the same bedroom, it's a king sized or larger bed with 4 posts and curtains around, and they are all there in bed together, and the other man is so beautiful in his visage that ist bro, starts kissing him...




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    Very nice. I enjoy the brother/sister stories. Soo taboo and very sexy. Keep it comin if you have any more. sex free
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    Default very nice

    I have read the all story. i hve enjoy it . go Ahead
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