It's time for part 3 of my first story this is the last part here are part 1 and 2 (I love feed back good or bad so feel free to leave a comment on any of the parts)

part 1:

part 2:

I almost could not control myself at this point but after thinking about it I remember some older girls at school talking about getting their pussys licked so that's what I want to do next "Carly on you back and open those legs" she did with speed almost as if she wanted it I got between her legs her bald pussy was 3 inchs from my face the smell coming from it put me in a state of extacy I went on the attack and began to lick her pussy up and down letting my Tongue explore her inner lips and what I heard almost made me cum again

Mrs.C was moaning!!! She was enjoying this I lifted my head "is Carly starting to enjoy this?" I said with a grin "oh god Sam get back to my fucking pussy!!" I did as she said and got back to licking her pussy next I got bold I reached up and grabbed one of her tits

Her moaning got louder and louder she screamed "holy fucking shit Sam I'm going to cum!!" I kept up my licking and a minute later she let out a scream "hoooly shiiit saaam!!" I felt her juices flow into my mouth her taste was amazing

I moved up to her and kissed her on the lips she smiled "wow Sam were did you learn that?" I smiled "I don't know it just came over me" she looked down "hmmm Sam looks like your ready for another go" hearing that my heart almost skipped a beat

I moved back and Mrs.C got on all fours in front of me her beautiful was in full view my cock was starting to hurt and I needed her now I got behind her and aimed my cock at het pussy I started to slowly push into her and the feeling was amazing I could hear Mrs.C moaning then I heard just what I needed

"Shit Sam please just fuck me hard!!" and I did just that the speed I amassed was increbible the feeling was great me and
Mrs.C were moaning and grunting almost in sync "hoooly Fuucking shit Sam this feels soooo fucking gooood!!!" her velvet inner pussy felt so great on my young dick I was not going to last much longer

"ooooh my god Carly immmm going to cuuum sooon!!" she let out a moan then said "shit Sam I want you to cum on my big tits" that did it for me I pulled out Mrs.C Layed down on her back I hovered over her tits and she grabbed my cock I began to Jack me off I looked down I could see her big smile and the dried cum of my first blow job looking further down I saw her golden D tits

That was it my head slammed back and I grunted and blew a load more massive then the one before spurt after spurt of hot cum splated first on her chin the next hit her golden tits nearly covering them

It was hard to catch my breath but as I did I looked down to see Mrs.C my bio teacher and now lover rubbing my cum into her hot tits with the biggest smile on her face "my god Sam you were damn good" I smile "well Mrs.C I mean Carly I hope we can do this again" "oh hell yes Sam anytime my husband leaves you can come over and fuck my pussy good" he both smiled and laughed

that night I slept with her in my arms it was amazing....and to think this all happen beacuse of a shoe box and sone pictures....I love blackmail

The End of "The blackmail of my blond teacher"