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    Default father and daughter

    My ten year old daughter sprawled herself on the floor
    in front of the TV. It was the middle of summer, and a
    plague of blue-bottle jelly fish had closed the
    beaches. Nance had been with me for a week, with
    nowhere to go. I felt bad, as the highlight of her
    coming to see me had always been the beach. This time,
    though, we had to make do with the tube.

    Still, it wasn't all that bad. Usually in the morning I
    would take Nance down for a swim, then back to the
    house to get changed for going shopping. I hated
    shopping. It must be a male thing, but following a girl
    (even if it's your daughter) around a number of
    clothing stores is not on the top of my list. Today,
    though, we hadn't even made it to the beach, and Nance
    didn't look like she was gearing up for an expedition.
    Although she was in her bathing suit.

    It was a little blue bikini set. I'd always been
    against it, because I didn't think she was old enough
    to be showing that much of herself off in public. It
    was so small it was almost obscene. If she had been old
    enough to show pubic hair she would have had to have
    shaved it before swimming... As soon as my mind got
    onto that track I got hard, and that was another reason
    to forbid the suit. I mean, if I was getting aroused by
    it, god help the boys in the beach!

    Right now though, we weren't on the beach. We were at
    home, and Nance was laying on the floor. Her dark hair
    was long, and was playing over the small of her back. I
    watched the line of her bikini straps, disappearing
    under her hair, and couldn't help but wonder what it
    would be like undoing the clasp.

    Wait.. what was I doing? Was I lusting over my own

    No, just watching over her. That's what I told myself.
    That wondering fancy was just an aberration. Nothing to
    do with the fact that her hair seemed to be flowing
    over the rise of her small buttocks, and that I could
    see the small patch of fabric covering her tiny

    All at once I stopped, my hand half raised, seemingly
    on its way towards my cock.

    I took a deep breath and relaxed.

    Nance looked back at me and smiled.

    I noticed the wispy pubic hair escaping her bikini
    bottoms. There was no hiding my arousal.

    Nance looked back at the tele. As she did she seemed to
    stretch out her legs, showing me the most unfettered
    view of her young bikini-clad vagina. I reached out
    involuntarily and clasped her right ankle. Nance's
    breath slowed, but she didn't look around. Instead her
    concentration tightened on the TV.

    I slid my hand slowly up her right thigh, and heard her
    breath catch. I moved higher, thinking "my daughter is
    letting me feel her up!" Nance just kept watching the
    TV, as I slid a finger inside her. I started moving it
    up and down, up and down, lingering each time on her
    clitoris, and each time Nance seemed to open a little
    more, even though she never made a sound.

    Finally I couldn't take it any more. I moved on top of
    her, undid my trousers and fumbled my way out of my
    pants. My daughter looked around, giggled, and reached
    her left hand around to guide me in. I nearly came
    straight away! The first sign my daughter gives me is
    to guide me in. Oooohhh...

    I pushed for a second, and thought she'd brought me to
    the wrong spot, when I broke through. My daughter's
    hymen. I pushed through, as Nance started to moan. I
    tried to go slow, but I couldn't help myself, and I
    thrust harder and harder, until Nance screamed...

    I stopped straight away, grabbed Nance, saying, "I'm
    sorry, I'm sorry." But Nance took my face in her hands
    and said, "Dad, I love you and that was the best
    feeling I've ever had."

    I laughed. She'd liked it! That meant we could do it

    Then she caught my hand and said, "You remember that I
    turn eleven in a couple of weeks?
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    Lovely, just lovely... Thanks...
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    Ah the memories of daddy gently fingering me as we watched TV. Just made me feel so good before bedtime!
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    nice story
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    amazing I want more
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    it was my brother that got me when i was ten
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    i like
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    What a beautiful story, Its wonderful to know that other people have had naughty fun with in their own family , This is super and has given me such pleasure whilst i read.Thank you.xxxxx
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    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm hot brings back so many memories
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    Default Hot

    My pussy is so wet now
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