An Indian Wedding

Some indian words in English

Didi -------Sister
Mousi------Mother's Sister
fuddy ------Cunt

Marriages said to be happening in heaven. But in India most of the marriages
happen on Earth only. Arranged marriages are still considered safe and approved.
Even hottest love pairs go for an arranged marriage for the safer side.
Astrologers inspect the horoscopes and decide auspicious time for marriage, in
some religion time for first penetration of brides hymen by the groom is decided
by the astrologer!.

Marriage is a festival in India. A lot of people will come
and it used to be a meeting place to meet people, all relatives and friends are
invited. It will be an occasion to rejuvenate your relations and friendships.
Highly influential people use this occasion to take bribes in disguise of
presents to the newly married. For a common man if he happens to be parent of
bride, it will be an occasion to see all his earnings flow away in front of his
eyes, and he is the least respected person on the occasion. Each marriage makes
him poorer and heavily in debts. Even though the people have been attending such
marriages from the day they were born, it never makes them bore. As soon as an
invitation is placed, people start preparing for the event. Married people have
to escape to some unknown location if they want to exchange a few words between

When the telephone rang and I uncertainly lifted it as I was lost in thought
about impending marriage of my cousin brother. I was not sure if would be able
to attend it or not. My hubby, who is a computer engineer employed in U.S told
me in the morning that due to some pressing engagements his leave has not been
sanctioned and hence he could not attend the marriage. Which meant I had to
travel alone to India and come back. I was feeling so desperate to attend it. My
Mousi just had telephoned to remind me on the previous day and had insisted me
to attend it. She was sad that her daughter who is my cousin sister named Cheenu
will not be able to attend. Cheenu had migrated to Canada quite recently and it
was not possible for her to come back in a short gap since a lot of money was
required as air fare and due to festival seasons heavy rush was for tickets.

So I had to come and pay all the customary rituals, which were necessarily
performed during a marriage. These rituals had to be done only by a happily
married woman and so I was selected for it. So I had no way to escape. Another
reason was that I was bored with the life in States. My husband was very
workaholic and he spent much time sitting in front of computer than attending me.
Even if I walked nude before him he would be busy programming in his fucking
laptop. I had married an IIT man who was a green card holder too, such a groom
happened to be most sought after Mr.Niceguy in India. My father had to pledge
even his life insurance policy to meet the dowry because of it. My elder sister
was married to a government employee in India. At that time my father was not
much earning and she was not much educated like me.

But this time it was Cheenu's husband, I call him Jijaji in respect, which means
elder sister's husband. I was expecting my mother' call but when I heard Jijaji's
voice I was quite surprised. He was spending a high amount to call an
international phone."Oh, Reenu is it you, Area yaar(buddy), I bought a mobile.
My first call from the mobile I thought to be with you", he was so enthusiastic.
"Oh Jeejaji, nice to hear that you own a mobile, I am at your service", I said.

"Reenu, what type of service you can offer to your Jeejaji?" he was asking in a
hilarious voice. He used to be very cheerful person and he never missed to pat
on my buttocks when no one was around. Even though I was bit troubled about such
display of affection, it was true that it excited me when he patted my buttocks.
I remembered one time when he had pressed my buttocks and had exclaimed that I
was not wearing panties inside. But that is an old story.

"I am calling you first time from my mobile, Reenu. I haven't called even my
wife, I am calling you from my office". He was talking.

"Okay, so tell me what's the matter, how are everybody, how is Cheenu? Thanks
for remembering your saali (wife's sister) ".

"Cheenu is not here, yaar she has gone to her mother's house",he said.

"So you are calling me when Cheenu is not there. Now only you remembered about
me", I teasingly asked.

"No dear, Reenu, I think about you quite often, in fact I miss you very much.
How is your American life. When are you going to deliver a boy for our family?"

Boy!, I was not even pregnant. And for getting pregnant, one need to be doing
sex, but my husband was not getting time for anything else than computer
programming. But I could not tell it to him, "Don't tease me Jeejaji, we have
just been married, enjoying life for some time, boy or girl later, let me first
settle here", I said.

"Ok, ok then when are you coming for the wedding, everyone is expecting you, is
your husband coming?", he asked.

"I will come anyway, but my husband is not coming, he is not getting leave"

"So your husband and my wife are not attending the marriage, that's very nice",
Jeejaji commented. "Cheenu is away for past two weeks yaar, Jeejajee is now on a
fast in her absence, I may take food outside if this goes on". He was always
speaking in a double meaning, and ladies were fond of him for that. He always
spoke like that.

"Don't be naughty Jeejaji, Cheenu will come soon, homely food in not
contaminated, but outside food is not like that, always there is a chance of
contamination", I said.

"Don't worry, yaar your Jeejaaji always wears condom to prevent contamination,
don't you know?", he said.

That reference made me thinking about an incident in the past. It was after
Cheenu's delivery. I was helping her to look after the new born. One day I saw a
balloon hanging between clothes in the string meant for drying clothes. I took
it and inspected it, it was a white balloon full of some milky substance. I
could not understand what that was. It had a smell of raw cut ladies finger.
When I showed it and asked Cheenu what was the glue like substance filled in he
balloon. She was shocked and she hurriedly took it away and flushed it down
through the toilet.

Then she told me about the usage of condoms and as she was
not having regular periods her husband was fucking her using condoms. Then she
might have told about it to your husband that he asked me "Saali, Cheenu told me
that you have taken some glue from a balloon in our room. If you want glue you
may just contact your Jeejaji, I am always at your service". My face became red.

He went on asking when I would come and about arrangements of marriage and
finished as mobile phone calls are expensive. Then I relaxed on my posh sofa and
had sip of French wine. My thoughts began wandering to the past.Memories about
my elder cousin Cheenu, my Jiju Ravi , time we spend together as I and Cheenu
stayed in our Nainital for our studies, running joke that I being the youngest
cousin will have to take both my Jija ,jokes between my mom, mausi (mothers
elder sisters) and our aunty , things were just rolling past my eyes. My mother
got married at an early age according to the custom prevailed at that time when
women were married off as soon as they attain puberty. So she was married when
just turning 16 and exactly after 9 months my sister was born and I am the
second child. My mother was not much educated and she came from a village

They used to speak in a bawdy language often full of references
about sex, copulation etc. She is not only extrovert, bold but while indulging
in her jokes she will not even sometimes spare me. She was youngest sister and
my manjhali mausi was only a year elder to her while the eldest mausi was 4
years elder to her. And both of them like mom used to indulge in bawdiest jokes
and songs. At my Nainital my mama and aunty were there. When mom will come to
Nainital mami will offer water second but will welcome her with gallis ( abusive
languages) first. And mom will pay her back in the same coin.

When we were only ladies around they always talked about sex and local gossips
like who fucked who in the neighborhood. My mother's only brother was married
and she was the bawdiest of all. She used every word in a double meaning and she
was freely using countryside language references like cunt, pussy etc. So I got
the sexual education at an early age itself unlike the city girls who get it
through some Mills and Boone novels. My mother and her sisters used the choicest

They referenced each other not with their maiden name but as mother of
their children. When I am around rather my name was used like Reenu's mother.
They Mami(aunty) will welcome mom as `Rinu ki mummy pakki chinar (Rinu's mom is
top slut) and mom will respond "Rinu ki mami badi chudavsi unki bur main ghus
gaye 10-10 yaar" (Rinu's aunty is a top fucker and in her cunt she devours 10-10
lovers). It was not limited to the songs. They will hug each other and
invariably mom will either squeeze mami's boobs or pinch her on her hips saying

It seems there was a great fucking at night and see how these boobs grow in my
brother's hands". My aunty will respond saying `Why not, your brother is ready
to fuck me even in front of you. Last time when I went for a wedding he fucked
me in the toilet while other ladies where waiting for the toilet to take a leak".
We had a servant too called Champa who was a village belly and she was an
encyclopedia of our countryside gossips and scandals.

My uncle was also a naughty man. He used to pat my mother's ass and her elder
sisters in the same way he handled his wifes. He had no reluctance to press the
milky boobs of my aunty in front of others. My aunty was an always sweating
woman. Her blouse and petticoat will be always socked in sweat and dirt while
working in the kitchen. Her armpits would be drenched even at winter. My uncle
was extremely font of her sweating and he used to sniff her wet armpits when he
see her at the kitchen. He never bothered what others were thinking of him. The
women in the house were also aware of his craziness about the wet armpits of my

They often make jokes about it. When my mother would tease him
referencing that the aunty had just did some heavy work and she was now all
soaked. He will pull mom in his lap and tease her, he will sometime pinch mami
on her hips innocently saying there was an ant. When elder sister will come, mom
and aunty will join the fun and often they cupped her fat buttocks. So wet words
were not taboo rather they were part of vocabulary of everybody around us. Sex
was omnipresent in whatever form possible in my mother's house.

My aunty was a carefree person and she was mostly responsible for it. She was
very caring and loving. She used to tease even the children and was of habit of
examining our boobs and its growth. When mom or mausi was not around she will
use her colorful vocabulary with us. She will be supported by Champa the servant,
who is a malish(massage) expert. When people have gone after lunch and ladies
were comparatively free of workload, my aunty will go to the Tamarind tree under
which a wooden cot was always left for people to relax under the tree having
fresh air. My aunty will remove her blouse and will lay there like a wrestler.
Champa will take a pot of gingelly oil with her and start massaging my aunty.

The atmosphere will be hot and the massaging will continue for an hour. I had
seen Champa massaging my aunty's enormous breasts coated with glistening
gingelli oil or mustard oil depending on the climate. When I and Cheenu were
only in std 8th she will tease us by singing Rinu's pussy started growing hair,
Cheenu's breasts are bigger than Reenu. Cheenu is a better fuck than Reenu as
Cheenu has a lot more hair in her moth. At that age we did not know what words
begin from cunt,pussy,phallus etc. My aunty used to comment on our developing
body even in front of my mom and mausi and everybody will join in laughter.

One day I asked our servant Champa bhabhi (like my mom and mausi we too used to
call her bhabhi and she used to tease her young nands). "Champa, why you are
saying cunt, cunt whats is that?". She laughed and lifted my skirt indicating my
vagina,"Reenu cunt means all this part of you body. Cheenu has a lot of hair
there. When we become older hair starts to grow there. Don't worry you too have
started becoming hairy. See your pussy triangle, its now flat no? But see my
pussy, she lifted her skirt and showed her milky white pussy.

It had no hair, I
was amazed seeing a elder woman's pussy for the first time. It was big and was a
triangle. Like the bisector which our teacher taught it had a channel which was
dark between her pussy triangle. "Champa, you have no hair there, you are grown
up no?" I asked. Champa laughed and told me that she used to shave her pubis to
escape from the scorching heat and she hinted me that my aunty also does it
occasionally. I asked her what is the meaning of `chudavathi' which they often
use. Champa laughed and asked me "Do you want to become a chudavathi?" then said
the meaning of the word was that chudavathi means a lady who has been fucked by
a man. Fucking means putting the large penis of a man into our vagina. I felt
ashamed and got myself released from her but mami joined and held me giggling
and said "Reenu, don't be ashamed, there is nothing in this to be ashamed of.
Champa is a chudavathi, aunti is chudavathi and your mother is also a chudavathi.
Unless we all get this `chudai' (poking) how could we get such nice beautiful
children like Reenu".

Champa giggled and she pinched me on my budding boobs. My uncle and aunty used
to indulge in sex almost at every opportunity totally oblivious to two growing
teen girls in house. Our room was adjacent to their bedroom. So every night when
its completely dark and silent, we heard Aunty's loud moaning and creaking of
bed. We got an idea about what was happening. One day I remember it very vividly
even today, I was in 10th and alone as Chinu has gone to her parents place. It
was winter and evening came early. My school closed before scheduled time and I
came . My aunty was busy somewhere so I went directly to my room and entered
into my bed. It was very cold and weather was gloomy. When my sleep broke I
heard some sound and opened the door slightly.

Light has gone out and in dim
light I could see aunty being held by uncle who has bend her. In this situation
neither of them could see me. Mami was whispering, "Not here, the girl Reenu
will come now, hey! leave me let us move to bed room". Mama quizzed, "hey Rinu
must be still in school so we are all alone. So what difference does it make and
I'm feeling so hot after your five days break. I knew that reference that he was
impatient for normal intercourse as my aunty was in her periods. A big amount of
dry clothes were tied between her legs during that time and I had seen Champa
burning those red stained clothes.

My aunty assumed that I was still at school and allowed my uncle to undress her
and fuck during the day time. She too was horny. Normally woman are very horny
on the days when their period has just over. She protested meekly that its
better to move to their bedroom. However he realized that protestations were
mostly symbolic and as his one hand was grabbing my aunty's boobs he lifted her
Skirt , saying that he can not wait. He stripped her very fast and in no time he
mounted from rear. He was fucking her from behind like the ox does it to the
cows. I could see his tight buttocks muscles contrasting and was hitting my
aunty's fat buttocks with a `phus, phus' sound. I was transfixed. I could see
the joyous way in which mami was responding, glow on her face and when he
squeezed her boobs she gave small moans. Soon pounding started in real frenzy.
Mami was responding in unison. Meanwhile but she asked him " Hey what happened
today? you are in great mood?!.

He answered by bringing hisorgan almost fully
out and shoving it full in one thrust,"I was hungry for full five days now I
know you too will be hungry to have my cock into your fuddy(pussy). "If you are
doing this what will we do at night?" she teased him. In reply my uncle put his
hands between her thighs andapparently squeezed her clit as she gave a very loud
moan , which further inflamed passion of Mamma. My uncle was telling her that as
nobody was there in house at this time let him fuck her in the verandah so that
they can watch if anybody approached.

I was surprised to hear my aunty giving
consent and they both moved to the open verandah full naked and began to fuck
her from the front. Aunty was lying on the floor with her legs spread and uncle
was ramming his big cock into her fuddy. They did not know that I was in the
house and from my window I can see them close and clear. They were expecting
someone from outside and never knew I was watching them inside. It went on and
on. I was mute and I don't know when my hand went inside my skirt and I was
caressing me over my panty. Only when they came and I realized what I had seen,
first fucking of my life and I'm almost wet I walked inside on my toes and went
back to bed.

My aunty came after sometime and was almost shocked to see me, but when she
realized that I'm sleeping she felt solace. She put the tea on table and woke me
up gently I smiled and took the tea. I went to kitchen where she was preparing
dinner. She asked me to do some help in the kitchen as she planned to sleep
early. I too joined in the chores.

I asked her what was the reason for going to
to sleep early and she replied uncle was very hungry; I smiled impishly and
dared to ask, "Why aunty, isn't his hunger satisfied with the evening fiesta?",
my aunt looked at me in surprise. She realized what I meant and said "So you
were here ?!" . "No aunty, I did not see anything", I pretended to be innocent.
hey it means. She took the rolling pin in zest and said "If only someone put his
penis inside your pussy you will understand the hunger". As light was out we
took dinner in candle light and as mamma was taking dinner fast in order to
retire to their bedroom. I could barely suppress my laugh knowing well that why
was he in a hurry. Looking at my smile my aunty blushed and she understood I had
seen them fucking in the verandah.

When I went back to my room, mami came and
offered two candles to me. One she lit and other a real huge and thick one she
gave me winking at me and she made a whole with her thumb and index finger and
pushed candle in it and moved it imitating a penis in a pussy .She said to me ,
"Reenu, you can watch us if you want, and have this second big candle in your
pussy and it will be very exciting. But before doing it apply some Vaselene and
stretch and spread your legs thoroughly. That night as lights were out they did
not even close the window but I could listen not only moaning and creaking. My
aunty talked a lot and gave instructions to him like "Bite my boobs", "yes fuck
me like that, put your fat lund into my pussy". She was talking as if giving a
radio commentary. I understood that my aunty must be knowing that I was
listening and she was giving detailed description .

From the next day aunty and I became closer friends. Not that there was any
curtain between us as before. She taught both Cheenu and me how to measure our
breasts and it was not done over our dress.

We were striped stark naked and she
inspected our growth almost everyday when we were alone. Cheenu resisted being
naked before aunt but I also joined in disrobing her. And then both of us were
taken to purchase our first teen bra. Once I entered in her room and saw a
special oil, women's body oil and asked her hey what it is for and she asked
giggling for most important place and then she became serious and said "Its for
my breats dear, it's a herbal oil prepared by my mother. It's the secret of my
big breasts and showed me her big boobs like footballs. No wonder why my uncle
was crazy about her. She told me that I should realize that most important part
for a girl are her boobs and that is what make a man crazy about her so she must
take proper care .She offered me some of her oil so that I too get bigger boobs.

And she even made me lift my kurta and massaged it on my boobs. She suggested
that I was at the proper age for taking care of boobs as when they don't develop
in this age girl's start worrying but the time for normal development is gone.
When mom visited us both of them discussed this and mom purchased a breast
massager for me and Cheenu. By this time we were in 11th. I had learned how to
touch me and a friend of mine who was pro in such things told me how tocaress
labia and rub clit. I even read some books kept in mami'sroom about oral sex
various positions.

I used to discuss this with Cheenu and as for as listening
was concerned she was an avid listener but when it cam to active participation
she developed coldfeet. And knowing her nature I used to tease her by lifting
her frock and squeezing her over her panty. Then winter vacation started and it
was time for family reunion and as we could not leave because of exams everybody
came here. My parents, mother's elder sisters all came one by one to the house.
Final entrant was the eldest sister of my mother. When I bowed to touch her feet
she lifted me and told mami, `arre Rinu has become a woman, look see her breasts,
how taut they look and well rounded too!" and she squeezed my breast in no
uncertain manner.

Showing it to mami, she said "Such good global tits, I think
some boy had handled it. Otherwise how could they become so well rounded and the
nipples taut like cherries.I was nonplussed but she giggled and said " aare I
meant they make you really beautiful, don't get embarrassed". And she kept on
caressing and fondling them. "No mousi, I wont allow any boy to touch me there.
I am not like that", I defended myself.

My eldest Mausi laughed and hugged me "Don't worry dear, I was just teasing you
little devil. But there is nothing wrong in allowing someone to press your boobs
at this age. If no boys then allow any girl. Its better to massage your breats
at this age whch will help you to develop good breasts.

Do you know your mother
and I started caressing each other and that's why we got better boobs than any
of other sisters?! She was then caressing my young teen boobs said it is known
as choonchiya uthan and this the best age for enjoying. You can flaunt them,
show it to boys and they will do what is known as chakshu chodan and so before
even getting your body touched, you are giving joy to so many. And you should
never hide it and even if you must, hide only partly. And then mom came and she
said "Whats is happening here? Leave my daughter alone, You are at your old
tricks again?" .

My mother too surprised to seeing my breasts become such large
and she turned her eyes away from me. But my elder mousy was still pinching m
nipples and was reluctant to leave my boobs. She said to my mother that she was
only comparing my breasts with her own daughters. Her daughter was Neelu who was
also looking at my breasts with a special interest. Mom showed mock anger and
said "Okay, don't envy about her, your black eye should not be on my pretty
daughter" ,she asked me to dress my shirt up. Meanwhile Neelu didi, her daughter
and our eldest cousin came and we hugged each other and I dragged her to my room.

She was eldest and most mature amongst us. She had spent most of time in Punjab
and used to behave like a Punjabi kudi(village belly). She had most `experience'
and will tell bawdiest jokes, and methods on how to tease the boys. But as badi
mausi was located far away they used to visit only 2-3 times in a year. She
hugged me again and almost measured my boobs and said "ooooh Reenu your tits
have become ripe for handling. How did they became such big in an year? Are you
massaging it?". I laughed and said "No, No Neelu Didi". Neelu squeezed again
asked my size.

I replied 32 and quickly added the cup size C. Neelu exclaimed "Perfect
size hai for boys to handle you. Men will die for you for having the right size,
now come inside and let me have a closer look". She pushed me inside the quilt.
She lifted my skirt and squeezed my cunt over my panty. "Hey do you touch
yourself here", she asked me. I could not speak lie to Neelu didi so I admitted
hesitatingly "Yes". She felt happy and pressed her fingers hard "Okay your have
progressed somewhat, lets see how much?!",. But she did not stop there. She took
my fingers and took it to her pussy region and said "Ok show me how you do it? "
She lowered her panties and allowed my fingers inside her panty. I was shaking
as it was broad daytime but she being Neelu didi was not to be deterred. When my
fingers gripped her pussy there was no mark of hair.

She opened a film magazine
and asked me to look in there and let my hands to do its job. We were so
engrossed in reading magazine and chatting about it but inside the quilt my
fingers were caressing outside labia. I was using two fingers to gently squeeze
them; I started trailing from the base of her clit and go even beyond her cunt.
I was using tip of my fingers and slowly I increased the pressure and when felt
wet ness suddenly I gabbed her cunt in my palm and started rubbing it hard with
base of my palm grinding against the clit. Till that day I had not inserted any
finger but after rubbing with palm for some time when I could feel that she is
becoming hot I slowly stopped the grind and started my caressing with two
fingers but this time they were teasing inner side of labia with force and

Neelu didi admitted yes I had learned something but meanwhile my
aunty suddenly entered the room and admonished us. "Hey, what's is going on here?".
Neelu didi teased her "Oh, aunty, you are an ant in our heaven, please go away
and don't tell anybody". I was shocked to head Neelu being so bold to aunty.
However unlike her she did not respond and was looking perturbed. Without
stopping my fingers I asked my aunty if we had caused any trouble. My aunty
replied that she was inspecting the rooms to arrange the sleeping arrangement
for all newcomers and family members comfortably tonight.

Suddenly an idea flashed in my mind and I suggested my aunty "Auntie, there is a
room (Barsathi) on the roof and it is presently vacant, I, Neelu didi and Cheenu
can sleep there and you can use this room for Mausa ji or whomsoever you may
like". She felt relived but again quizzed saying that what could be done about
absence of any cot there. Neelu didi this time came to rescue and said, "We will
take a sofa from here and rest we will manage ourselves, don't worry aunty" .
She was feeling happy and was back in her true colour and said ok but you will
be all alone there.

"Don't call for any boy friends there", she winked at us
mischievously and left to the kitchen. As she turned her back I pinched at Neelu
didi's cunt and with drew my fingers. Neelu didi was really happy and said yes
it was good. She asked me," Reenu did you do it with Cheenu, I think she is
right to fingered , Don't lie to me I bet you are doing it to each other" saying
this she cupped by boobs and I was thrilled.

I said "No Neelu Deedi, Cheenu is
very shy. She wont undress before me. Always she keep the changing dress when
she goes to bath room. Cheenu never piss in open too like all did here". Then I
disclosed Neelu didi that in fact I had tried to take a look at Cheenu's
privates when she was asleep. But even in her deep sleep, she closes her thighs
together. Most of the nights she wears panties and bra and even when I put my
hands over her boobs she removed it. Neelu didi told, "ok it means I will have
to train her but you are also learning so that we may have to train her together.
No girl exists in the world who doesn't take any advances from girls or boys. It's
the tactic and atmosphere which decides the course.

I have made so many girls do
. I said "yes Guruji" to Neelu with genuine respect. She started narrating her
experience of boys how she goes out to movies with them and do dating and how
they kiss her on neck and fondle but she has not permitted anybody to touch
under the garments. I asked innocently "Why guru ji?". She laughed " You will
not understand Reenu. When a boy touches a girl the girl will be saying "No", "No"
but a girl's No means Yes. Its not possible for a girl to keep control of the
situation when a boy touches over your boobs directly. It is hard to maintain
the control and once you loose control, very soon you lose your cherry too. She
said that she had no objection to that, but as it is a once in a life time
experience she wanted to do with somebody special and in such a surroundings
that she will savor it most.

I said "Neelu didi, but its too painful no? how can
u accommodate such pain?" Neelu didi laughed and squeezed my boobs saying "Banno
(pet name like girl), pain is half of the joy and that makes it memorable".
Meanwhile my aunty appeared on the scene and scolded us for chatting but not
moving cot etc. She asked us to act fast as elder ladies want to rest soon after
dinner. But I knew she was the only one who wanted to retire to the room as she
was now completed her menstrual period and thus maximum horny like her husband.
"Ok girls, what are you both doing here under a quilt let me see", she lifted
the quilt in a sudden pull, but much before that like good girls we were
reclining properly.
We shifted the cot and prepared room on the roof. It was
really remote and one could close the door to roof and one has to walk some
distance on the roof to approach room. It has an attached toilet and bathroom
too. We shifted our things and brought Cheenu things too. When Chhenu came,
Neelu didi hugged her in her inimitable style squeezing her boobs too and
whisperings some dangerous things. She did laugh but was feeling apprehensive
about sleeping with us. She did discus with Mausi ji if she can sleep with
others but was advised against it (and slowly I realized it was not so much
about space as it was to keep these growing teens away from nocturnal activity).

It was early dinner and I teased my aunt saying "auntie why are you leaving
earlier to your room, lets have some chit chat" and she laughed understanding my
innuendo and said "I have to arrange place for everyone. Already your mother is
complaining she is getting sleepy". Cheenu was wearing a slawar coveing her legs
and it made me and Nelu didi giggle. When we went up I innocently asked my
manjahlai Mausi and Cheenu's mom , `mausi can we close the barsathi from inside?'
she nodded yes and even said ki tomorrow is holiday so everybody will get up
late so we can take our time .

I bolted the door from our side and stopped for a
minute and listened mausi bolting door from their side too. I told Mausi," yes
we have brought our clothes here only and we will come down after getting ready.
She was going down the stairs and said thek hai aaram se aana. I was overjoyed
not because I knew about activity down the stairs but because it will give time
for me and Neelu didi to enjoy us. I was wondering how would we conquer the girl
Cheenu to make her naked against her wish. Will Neelu did succeed making Cheenu
surrender to us and to train Cheenu may be much against her wishes. It was hard
for me to tackle her alone but with the strength of Neelu Didi she was no match.

The dinner was served and after dinner everyone retired to their allotted rooms.
So I, Neelu and Cheenu went to the Barsathi upper side. Cheenu pleaded to sleep
with her mother but she asked her to go with Neelu and me. When I entered room
Neelu didi had changed into her night dress but Cheenu was still in her sahlwar
suit ( long suit with two parts upper long shervani and bottom loose pants).

Itoo changed into night gown and whispered to Neelu didi that door to roof is
closed from both sides and her face glowed. Neelu didi asked me to take
initiative and she will support me at all cost. Cheenu said she will sleep at
the farthest corner. But Neelu prevented it by saying that she will sleep there
as her legs were long and she used to sleep on her chest. So Cheenu was placed
between Neelu and me. Neelu pretended to be sleepy and was lying down on one
side of Cheenu who was apprehensive about our pranks but we bid good night and
switched of even night light and we went to sleep. I could feel that Cheenu is
uncomfortable sleeping in middle of two girls. I suspected she knew my
misadventures of feeling her nakedness and did not get courage to say openly to
me that she did not like it.

The closeness to Cheenu's body began to excite me
in some unknown ways. I could smell her sweat from her wet armpits. The salwar
suit she was wearing was so silky and not at all suitable in such congested
rooms. Cheenu was trying to get sleep by changing sides and tried to move away
from me. But Neelu effectively prevented it by coming towards us and she lay in
a W like fashion with her folded knees hitting Cheenu's midriff.
The more Cheenu
tried to move from my side the close become Neelu's knees touching her belly.
Neelu expertly used her kneecaps so that at every moment her knees touched
Cheenu exactly around her pussy. I moved facing Cheenu and I tried to comfort
her. I put my hands on her boobs as if absently , but she pulled it away. I
changed my sides and pretended to be asleep when nothing happened for 10-15
minutes, Cheenu felt reassured and had a cat sleep. I turned and slowly grabbed
string of her shalwar. The salwar is tied at the midriff using a chord, which
has a running loop at the front to loose it easily. But Cheenu had tied it
without a running loop and I could not untie it without waking her. But I tried
with the knot for about ten minutes without waking her cat sleep and finally I
was succeeded. The string was loosen and I silently placed my hand on her lap.
Then a finger touched mine and scratched. It was Neelu didi's fingers. The moon
had risen and the room was not dark. As soon as I loosened the chord of Cheenu's
salwar, Neelu began to lower it from backside and unknown to Cheenu we succeeded
to lower the salwar to her knee level. But in place of a pair of panties we
found Cheenu worn a khaki knickers.

The knickers were rough and had buttons. It
was not possible to remove knickers without waking her. Neelu hugged her close
from behind and nodded me to proceed. I began to unbutton her knickers and in
the process Cheenu woke up. Incidentally her hand reached the buttons and she
said "What is this?". She tried to resist but before she could do anything her
hands were tightly held by Neelu didi. I did not show any hurry in opening her
shalwar. Teasingly slowly I opened it and pulled it down. This was the turn for
Neelu didi who kept on holding her hands with her one hand and she pushed her
knickers down. Now Cheenu was expecting our hands to invade her thigh land but
it were not to be and was firmly covering her pussy with folded hands. My hands
went inside her top and grabbed her breasts. And Neelu didi had taken the lower
front. She was very softly rubbing her labia with her both fingers and I was
tweaking cheenu's tits . She responded slowly but there was a very strong mental
resistance. I started cupping her small pert young boobs softly while now Neelu
didi was applying pressure on her clit. Her body became warmer, resistance was
now reducing and she has started showing some response. Neelu was licking Cheenu's
back and I felt Cheenu was melting and soon we could make her willing
participant. But Cheenu was not showing any signs of acceptance. I did not know
what to do next. Suddenly Neelu didi rolled over Cheenu and called me and said "Reenu
it seems Cheenu is not liking it. Lets play with us. Let us make love to you !