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    Default My stories at XNXX

    I have been getting emails and im's asking me questions about my stories here at XNXX.com and someone told me I should just start a thread. Kind of like meet the author so to speak. So if you have any questions just ask and I will answer them here. Plus I will also give you some background info and insight that I may not have added to my stories. I will also be telling you about any future stories I am planning on sharing with you.
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    A little insight to after my first time with daddy follows. Waking up the next morning I awoke to an empty bed, dad wasn’t laying next to me. At first I thought it had all just been a dream but the soreness in my pussy told me it wasn’t. I sat up in bed and thoughts raced threw my head about want I had done.

    First I felt guilty and ashamed about what I had done, I had seduced my step dad. But then my thoughts turned to just how wonderful it had been. A warm feeling came over me as I remembered how he had made my body and myself feel while he made love to me. I thought about how loving it was that he took the time to hold me afterward.

    I went to the bathroom where I had a quick pee and I stood in front of the mirror and splashed some water onto my face. I stared into the mirror and thought to myself how happy I was and how it showed in the reflection in the mirror. My mind drifted back to the love making my dad had given me as I brushed my teeth. I could feel my well-used pussy start to tingle as the images from last night raced and filled my mind.

    I could hear that my dad was in the kitchen .So I went to my room slipped on a pair of shorts and a tank top and headed down to the kitchen. I peeked around the corner at him, he was standing in front of the stove and he was cooking something. I didn’t think he saw me as his back was turned away.

    But then I heard dad say, “ Morning princess have a seat your breakfast will be ready in a minute. “

    Dad never turned around or anything I thought maybe he was mad at me or worst. I sat down at the table and before me was coffee, orange juice and toast. Dad brought over a plate with scrambled eggs on it placed it in front of me and turned away never saying anything and returned to the stove. Dad then returned with a stack of pancakes that he sat down on the table.

    Dad looked at me and said, “ Cause you were such a good girl last night Princess I made you your favorite pancakes.”

    I replied, “ hey you were pretty damn good yourself dad,” as the warm feeling filled my body once more knowing that dad wasn’t upset with what had happened last night.

    After breakfast we went out side were we washed his car and he did some work on it. Dad had an old 1968 Camaro, which was he pride and joy next to me. He had pretty much done everything on it except the paint job. We talked about last night and I told dad just how wonderful and special he had made me feel. I told him that I would like to keep having sex with him if it was OK.

    Dad looked at me and he asked, “ what about your mom?”

    I replied, “ She doesn’t need to know as it is only sex nothing more.” I added,” It will be our own little secret and I would never tell anyone.” “ I promise daddy cross my heart.”

    Dad came over to me and looked me right in my eyes and he said, “If it makes you happy Princess.”

    I put my arms around him and said, “ Oh it does daddy it really does.”

    Dad got in his car and started it up and then got out and popped the hood. The engine was built pretty much as much as you could. Dad was on one side of the car leaning into the engine revving it up. When he did that I pressed the front of my shorts against the front fender. My pussy vibrated as I leaned against it especially when dad would goose the engine.

    I leaned under the hood with him as he raced the engine dad was staring at me. His eyes were brilliant and sparkling as he did. A smile came across his face as he just stared at me. It was about that time I saw want he was staring at. He was checking out my boobs. Which would give a jingle every time he goosed that engine.

    I just stared back at him and asked, “So are my boobs running ok.”

    Dad replied, “ what?” As he gave the engine more gas, which made my boobs shake even more.

    By the third week of having fun with him I had fell in love with him. I know it was wrong; my plan was to just have sex one time with him just to see if he made me feel like my mom felt. However he made me feel like I never had before, I even went out and tried sex with other guys but none made me feel like daddy could. Hell if I did any more guys I would have been known as the town’s slut.

    The only real draw back was I was becoming increasing more and more jealous of my mom. I couldn’t stand to see her kiss him or she her in his arms. I even started to kiss my dad on his lips in front of my mom. Mom asked me once, “ Michelle do you think you should kiss John like that?”

    I replied, ’I am a big girl now and dad is OK with it.” I added, “ What are you afraid I kiss better than you?” Mom just laughed and walked away, but I know I kissed way better than she did.

    I did for the first month or so get out of my bed and watch or listen to them fucking. But it wasn’t the same as it only made me cry cause she was fucking him and I wasn’t. Where as before it would bring pleasure to my body as I rubbed my pussy. Now it only brought tears to my eyes and hate into my heart for my mom.

    I really wanted to just kick in their door when she was doing him and tell her, “ leave him alone he is mine why don’t you just get out.” But never did.

    I think she may have suspected back then that something was up especially as I ran around the house in skimpy clothing most of the time. If we went to the lake for some boating I made sure I wore my tiniest bikini. Plus I loved to tease my dad as well like sitting down in his lap and maybe squirm around a little bit causing him to get a big boner. I even walked by him and rub his cock thru his pants any chance I got.

    Once dad and I were in the kitchen when I was baking a cake and I reached over and grabbed his cock and was giving him a hand job thru his jogging pants. Mom came home earlier than I thought.

    Mom walked into the kitchen and yelled, “Michelle!”

    Dad and I both froze and off the top of my head I said, “What?” I looked at mom and added, “ I spilled some flour onto dad and was just brushing it off.”

    Dad turned and hurried out the back door and into the garage like he was going to work on his car.

    Mom just kind of smile at me and I told her, “ Don’t be thinking dirty thoughts it wasn’t like that.” I went on with baking my cake good thing she didn’t hang around cause the shorts I had on were wet from my juices flowing freely as I had played with his cock threw his pants.

    If mom knew or suspected she never said anything to me and besides she was working a lot of hours it seemed. Plus she sure did have a lot of out of town stuff to do on the weekends. Which I loved cause that gave daddy all to myself on the weekends. I loved the weekend cause with mom gone I got to sleep with dad and I just loved waking up in the morning with those big arms of his still wrapped around me after a night of hot steamy sex.
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    Help me please. Ill tell you all about it pm me. Its my step daughter please help if you think you can.
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