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Thread: Mom Master Plan

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    Default Mom Master Plan

    Mom’s Master Plan

    I’m Will and I’m 20 now. Dad died 5 yrs ago and I had stopped by mom’s house to visit. She was in her robe and we sat on the couch talking. She was in a strange mood, talking about how the few dates she had, they were such quickie’s in bed. She said she did have one boyfriend, but never said any more about him.
    She talked:….
    “Your dad knew how to have wonderful sex with me, I miss that so much. I have a clit that is back up in me, like my sisters, we compared one time. We both talked about not being able to masturbate hardly at all. Your dad knew this and he could make my clit swell out and I just can’t do it like he did.”
    She was getting a little turned on talking about it. She smiled at me real sexy like, turned her body and ask me to massage her legs. My suppressed desire to have sex with her, as a boy, and as a teenager came right to my cock. Mom was only 36, She had big beautiful tits, long flowing light brown hair, that dangled way down her back in curls.
    She had a classic face and smooth perfect skin. She always dressed sexy around the house. I wanked off to her so many times in the past, and now I was going to rub her hot legs. My cock started burning inside as I had to try and stop the trembling in my hands.

    The memories came flooding back to my childhood. I was about 10 and I got up about 1am to go pee. I heard mom and dad moaning. I peeked in their bedroom door, which was open a good 2 inches. Dad was rubbing her wide open legs while kissing her pussy. Mom was smiling and moaning with pleasure. Dad kept rubbing the insides of her legs, and sucking on the top part of her pussy. Soon she moaned real loud and said: “There!…right there!’ as dad kept sucking on the top her pussy. She pulled him up and he stuck his dick in her and they had very hot sex.
    The next time I saw them fuck was when I was 14. I came home early one Saturday afternoon. They didn’t hear me come in as I was to be gone for the afternoon. I heard them in their bedroom, moaning and I figured they were fucking. Again I peeked on their bedroom door. It was wide open this time and dad was again rubbing the insides of her thigh’s. He had his face in the top part of her pussy, as she moaned and then begin to begin to get hyper and shake. This time she moaned out: “..Oh yes baby, right there...suck hard for me…real hard.” I left as I did want to get caught watching, and quietly went outside and messed around out there. The memories came to mind as I felt mom’s hot legs on my lap.

    I started rubbing mom’s legs as her eyes closed and she soon started squirming with soft moans. She pulled he robe up to her pussy. She had no panties on, I could see her pubic hair on her pussy. I knew she was remembering back to when dad would suck her clit area, and I got excited thinking about it.

    Mom’s master plan

    (…that’s it Will…look at my body, and feel mom’s hot sexy legs. I know it’s turning him on. I know he will feel sorry for me and then I’ll get him to suck mom’s little clit, and make it big. I know he’ll love it just like his dad did. I can’t even masturbate with out my clit being sucked on hard, and swelled up. I tried everything I know, but Will is the key. Will’s lips sucking on it will drive me crazy and I can have sex again. Will has no idea I’ve lusted for him for a long time. When his dad passed on, It soon became an obsession, and I’m so frustrated. I’m going to have sex again with my son and my new boyfriend from now on. He’s well on his way, I feel his hands tremble as they get closer and closer to my pussy. My little enticement is working and I‘ll have two lovers, soon.)

    Finally, it just got to me and I leaned over to her and whispered in her ear. (“…mom, let’s us work your clit out so you can at least masturbate and feel good.”) I knew of course this would require me to lick on her pussy.

    She gasp real big,…. paused…. and then started kissing me like a boyfriend. She raced her tongue in my mouth and then whispered in my ear: (“…oh god…you would do that for me???”) I said: (“…yes, I think you need it bad.”) She was out of breath as she sat up and pulled me by my hand into her bedroom. She left the light on low and we were going for it. We locked our arms around each other as our tongues went crazy in our mouths. Wow…my own mom was turning me on strong. She started undressing me as we kissed more and more. I dropped her robe off her shoulders and we let fall to the floor.
    Still kissing, we got in her bed. We were both trembling and hands shook as we felt each others body’s. She said: “…you’re the greatest son ever. I want to pleasure you so bad now, I just have to…” I laid her on her back as she squirmed and gasp for air. I did just what dad did, parting her legs wide and feeling them….she moaned with anticipation of what was going to happen next. I moved up slowly, massaging the insides of her thigh’s. Her legs were trembling a little. I started licking around her pussy, getting slowly closer to her clit area. She started hyper ventilating as I got my lips over her clit area. I put my arms under her legs and pulled her pussy tight to my lips. I sucked hard on the tiny tip of her clit, to draw it out some. Mom moaned like I had never heard before and twitched her pussy. Her legs were really trembling now.
    I kept it up and her clit started swelling up more and more. She could hardly stand the sensitive feel of my lips on her clit now. I continued more as her clit slipped in and out of between my lips, over and over. I felt her start to shake all over….She grabbed my head and started fucking my lips, and then….she yelled loud …”Oh there baby…YES!!!!..Oh BABY!!!!”..…and moaned a glorious climax as pussy juice flooded my face. She just held my head and trembled for a long time….“oh my god oh my god oh my god“…she kept mumbling. My cock was ready to explode. I rested as did she. I got up and told her to rub her clit to keep it stimulated as long as possible. She did, over and over again. I made my exit quietly, to stop the feeling of wanting to fuck my mom so bad. Wow, she made me so hot, it took me ½ a day to calm down.
    Mom called the next night, and ask me when I could come over again. I said: “ I think we got it now mom, you can masturbate like other women. She said: “YES, that did it, I’ve already climaxed 5 times masturbating, …but there is something urgent I want talk to you in private about.
    I said: “Ok…I’m on my way mom,”
    I wondered what now? She could masturbate now, what else.
    Then…. I got a hot feeling in my stomach thinking about what it might be. She opened the door and she was in a see trough black night gown. I had this feeling again that she wanted to have sex with me. She sat me on the couch again and put her legs on my lap.
    She said: “..you’ve made me so very happy, I think it’s time I made you happy.” I gulped as I knew what was coming next. She reached up and turned out the light. She pulled me to her and started kissing me again, only with more passion than ever before. She whispered: (“…more than anything, I want you to be my secret lover, no one will ever know. Only you…. can make climax even better than your dad did. I want you 24/7 now, I can’t go 10 minutes without thinking of you. Have all the girlfriends you want but come to me anytime, and I’ll give you pleasure like never before.”) She shifted me to lay on top of her and started feeling my cock very gently. I was giving in fast. She started kissing me like the best girlfriend I ever had. I was a gonner with all her passion.

    She opened up her night gown and put my hands on her beautiful tits. She guided my hands around them. She whispered: (“…let’s have sex right here on the couch, where you first started rubbing my legs and made me so hot. I’ll just be a new lover for you, I want you so bad, I tremble inside for your touch.”) She undid my pants and pushed them and my boxers down. My rock hard cock sprang out as she opened her legs for me. My cock slipped in her so smooth and her pussy felt so hot on my cock. I was crazy hot for her now. I lifted up her legs onto my shoulders, to direct my cock onto her G spot. She went wild with each stoke of my cock massaging it. I reached down and massaged around her now normal clit.
    She jumped like an electric shock hit her. She moaned and whispered continuously right in my ear. (“..oh baby,…gasp….you never knew it,…. but I’ve wanted this for so long. I’ve watched you grow into a man…. and I couldn’t help but want you… Did you ever think about wanting to have sex with me? I know boys think about having sex with their moms…I‘m betting you did too.”

    I paused…..then told her that it was true, I had fantasies about having sex with her.

    My cock went into shock, now knowing my mom has had urges to have sex with me for a long time. I started in fucking her slowly and let us build up. I took her finger and we both rubbed her now…… swollen clit. She was a wild fuck. She knew how to move her pussy with me, as she moaned and squirmed and pulled me in deep in her pussy. I loved feeling her legs wrap around me as we had a unified fucking motion that was awesome. I was very turned on and my balls were pulling up and up. My mom was a fucking machine at it’s finest. She somehow knew I was about cum and dug he fingers deep in my butt cheeks and whispered in between her breathing. “…Oh god ….oh yes …it’s cumming….oh let‘s…cum together…with …me baby…Oh..OH…Ahh…YES!…as I shot my load deep in her pussy, over and over again. She yelled and shook, her body still fucking me as fast a she could. Her fingers dug in me and she held them there and trembled, and moaned for a long time.

    I thought she needs a hot boyfriend to fuck this woman good. I had a great girlfriend and more if I wanted them.
    I remembered my buddy Stan. Stan had always had the hots for my mom. He thought she was about the sexist mom around and talked about how he’d love to get together with her after dad died. I laughed about it until now.

    I had a Master plan.

    One evening I paid mom a surprise visit. She was thrilled, but I had a friend with me, so no sex for her. Stan was a handsome guy and soon they were talking a laughing. They hit it off real good as they sat on the couch, close together. Stan moved in closed and told her how hot she was. Mom smiled and said: “Could I ask you favor Stan.? “ He said: “Yes.” “I’ve got these sore legs, do you suppose you could just rub them a little?” She put her legs in Stan’s lap, she pulled her robe way up to the edge of her ‘no panties’ pussy…. and closed her eyes.
    I quietly left them.
    I drove straight to Stan’s mom’s house.
    I had the hots for Stan’s mom since I was 14 yrs. Old. She was slim, short black hair, with nice tits and she had flirted with me for years. She was now a widow also. After a short while I was at Stan’s house, but he had left for the day. She got bold and cornered me that day in the kitchen. We smiled at each other and she whispered in my ear:
    “Will, do you still have the hots for me?” We didn’t speak. I put my arms around her and started kissing her neck, She got really hot and we immediately started in kissing and feel each other up. I picked her up as we continued kissing and carried her into her bedroom, and we started undressing each other. She and I both knew we wanted each other for years, and now it was going to happen.
    I was great pealing off her clothes and viewing a hot bodied woman I had versioned for years. We took our time undressing and kissing our body’s She smiled her sexy smile and slammed me down on the bed. She whispered: (“…you’re a lusty little boy, lusting for me all these years, I’m just going to have to teach you a lesson about women who lust after young boys too. How many times did you wank thinking about me?…we’ll I orgasmed about you more times that you ever knew about.”)

    With that she slid down and started playing with my cock, kissing, licking and feeling my balls. I reached down and pulled her around to taste that sweet pussy of hers, I’d thought about for years. She had the sweetest black bush, trimmed to a hot runway leading to her slit. I sunk my tongue in her and felt her jump and moan. I felt her take my cock deep in her mouth, as I licked her wet clit, then put 3 fingers in her warm pussy. She twitched and moaned as I gave her G spot a good massage.
    She had never had a man do this to her and she was shook up. She trembled and shook with pleasure. She got real aggressive sucking and jacking my cock. I had to stop her wanting to make me cum and return the pleasure…. I wanted to feel her pussy on my cock as I had fantasized about so many times. I turned her and got on top of her. I put her legs up and finally put my cock in her sweet pussy. She was warm and wet as my cock sunk deep in her. He hands trembled on my back, her eyes closed in euphoria. We kissed between breaths as our natural motion start fucking us faster. She moaned her words between gasps…..”…oh Will…oh god …I dreamed of ….this,…. but…oh god …fuck me Will…oh baby…Oh….OH…..ohmygod…as I could hold my cum no more and the first shot filled her pussy….She yelled her climax loud and let out a long and beautiful moan…. She kept fucking me fast and hard into her pussy, feeling every shot of cum entering her wet pussy. Our body’s slapped together as it happened and happened, over and over again. She just trembled as I did until we just melted together into a mental bliss.
    My mom smiled at Stan as she squeezed his cock with her pussy, and said:
    “I hope Will and your mom are having as good a time as we are.”
    Stan’s mom smiled at me as she squeezed my cock with her pussy, and said: “I hope Stan and your mom are having as good a time as we are.”

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    And I had as good a time as all of them!
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    good story
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    Nice hot story!
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    Very well done
    " well so far it's been one hell of a ride "
    The problem with the gene pool is that there is no life guard
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    Default Mom"s

    Wow great story !
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    Your ALL very kind. Suprise ending?....You fuck my mom, I'll fuck yours...lol
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    Very nice...
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    good story
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