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    Cool I have fucked my maid Reshma.

    This is about one fucking good experience I one had with my servant Reshma. Well, the latter is a 19 year old married woman with a 3 year old child. Her looks however were far from that of a married woman but look more like a porn star. Her boobs were as big as boulders and appeared to be literally tearing her blouse. He was slim and had an incredible ass. The only fact was that her husband, though good looking was a poor hawker and could not provide her with her needs. Moreover, he had sunken into alcoholism and could no longer satisfy her. This is what caused her to work at my place, despite my perverted nature. I was 21 at that time and I masturbated everyday. Seeing such a lady at home made me mad at fantasizing on her. I was no longer interested in conventional porn. All I wanted was to lure her into my bedroom. She was damned good looking. She was fair skinned and a little tanned as well. Her silky tresses do not at all epitomize her status. One day, during the summer vacations, my parents as well as my little brother went to London to see a dying family member. I stayed back under the pretext that my exams were nearing but I had something else at the back of my mind. Reshma continued to work at home and I admired her everyday. Her boobs, her tits, her ass, her face, the ideas about her pussy could not let me sleep. I deliberately had to fuck her!!!! One day, she came home in tears. Her clothes were ripped and had bruises all over her body. When I persistently asked her the problem, she voiced put her anguish to me. I simply acted as a hero, ready to help (and fuck) her. Those torn clothes made her seem more sexy. The left part of her T-shirt was all torn, revealing her pink bra which was fighting to contain her boobs. My mouth watered on the sight of those wonderful tits. I just wanted to eat them. Actually, her daughter had been admitted to the hospital and had been detected to have a heart problem When she asked her husband for money, he started beating her as he had no money. For once I felt care for her rather than sexual need. I wanted to help her but I again caught a glimpse of her tits. It was then that I fathomed a way to lure her. She told me she needed $5000 which was a petty sum for me as my family is recognized as being one of the wealthiest in the locality. It was then that I struck a deal with her. "Reshma, you know, I can help you out but if my parents find out about this, I will be doomed. Nevertheless, I can help you out but you have to do me a favor." Just before I opened my mouth, she stopped me. "Sir, I already know what you want," she said. "Please, don't call me Sir. My name is Kavish" "O.K Kavish'" she said, this time without sobbing. "You want to fuck me, don't you? I'm no longer a child. I can see the lust in your eyes. I know you always ogle me and fantasize about me, isn't it?" I was dumbstruck. She knew it and yet allowed me to do so. She then told me she was depressed and whether we could postpone the sex for the time being. I agreed and opened my father's locker to remove the money and an extra $1000. I asked her to get dressed in a saree and to come after her daughter was alright. Two days later, her daughter was back home and as promised, she came home. She had changed a lot. She had dyed her hair, bought some jewels and worn a wonderful yellow silky saree. She was also wearing a delicate perfume and looked gorgeous. Her blouse was backless, sleeveless and slightly open. My cock hardened in my pants. It was nearly midnight and she came to sit besides me. I did not just want to fuck her, but rape her. Kavish- Oh Reshma, you are really gorgeous. You look damn sexy... Reshma- Is that all? Come on, lets do it!!! I felt my cock harden more than ever. At long last, I was going to fuck her. I kissed her lips and then inserted my tongue inside her mouth. She copied me and kissed me as well. I sucked her tongue and simultaneously held her in my arms. She was blushing. I felt her pulse rising as I licked all over her face. She held me firmly as I kissed her belly, avoiding the boobs for the time being. She giggled as I licked her toes and her feet. I held her ass. It was damned good. I felt like eating them. I uncovered the saree and she started moaning. OOH. AAAAHHH. YEAH!!!!!!!!! I grasped them harder, wishing the saree was not in between. I started removing the latter when she pushed me on the sofa. "I'll undress for you" she said. Slowly, she uncovered her rack and removed the saree. She was now in a semi-open blouse and petticoat. She slid the latter down, only to reveal a golden thong. My cock was on the verge of bursting. She touched her pussy with one finger and started to finger herself. I signaled her to come back to me and she heeded. I untied the knot of the blouse and removed it. Her bra was also golden and revealing as well. I licked the part of the boobs wholly. My saliva spread all over those hard boulders which I massaged. She started feeling great. I removed her bra and caught sight of her perfect large tits. I grasped and fondled them. Her nipples were pink and I sucked them well. In the meantime, she was undoing my pants and was removing my underwear. My hard nine inch cock stood up and she got shocked. She had not expected such a big cock for a 17 year old. She took my cock in the hands and started stroking it. She started moaning in crescendo as she stroke my dick. I removed her thong to reveal her pussy. The latter was pink and was already wet. I inserted my finger inside it and she responded by moaning harder. I placed my tongue over her lips and sucked them . They were soaked with juice which I sucked. I sucked her G-spot and this time, she started to shout aloud. I continued licking her and caught a glimpse of her shit hole that I reserved for later on. I spat some saliva onto her clitoris and this time entered two fingers into her vagina. I licked her pussy as if I had not eaten since aeons. She continued stroking my dick and I felt I was going to ejaculate. I tried to concentrate more on her pussy and the need for cum disappeared. This time I inserted 4 fingers and fingered her hard. I heard her shout even louder. Oh right. Finger me. Fuck me tear me apart. Heeding her, I removed my fingers and this time I closed my fist. I could see an apprehension on her face. Slowly, I positioned my fist over her vagina and started pushing it inside. She began shouting!!!! I feared my neighbors would hear us and therefore, I removed my hand. Unexpectedly, she took my hand and placed it over her hole. FIST ME!!! YOU HEAR ME! I SAID FIST MY PUSSY!!! I took some lubricant and placed it over my fist. In one go, I pushed my hand inside her and it entered. It was unbelievable. Her face was full of ecstasy as I started fisting her. Frankly, I did not drive any pleasure in fisting her but it was clear she was enjoying it. -DO YOU WANT ME TO STOP OR SHOULD I TEAR YOU APART -AAAAH DON’T AAAAH DON AAAAH CONTINUA AAAAAAA HHHHH OUUUUHHHHHHHHHHH I’M GOING TO FUCKING SQUIRT. I pushed my hand even harder inside as she cried even louder. I continued fisting her until I sensed some pressur on my hand. I neglected it but it became more strong. Remove your hand! I’m going to squiiiiiiiiiiiiiirt! I simultaneously removed my hand and placed my mouth over her pussy. It took seconds. In a jet, a flow of liquid hid my face with force. I closed my eyes and welcomed more of the liquid. It was her juice. It tasted like the best juice ever. Even cane sugar was of no comparison to that nectar. I HAD MADE HER SQUIRT!!!!!!! -Oh Kavish, you are the best. I have never squirted in my life. You are a real man. I wan you to fuck me. Pleeease. I wiped my face with her saree and placed my lips over hers. I kissed her as hard as I could before lifting her. I placed her in my arms and made my way to my parents’ bedroom. I knew it was best for sex. The bedroom was an antique one with a King size French bed. The room had also a pleasant smell of jasmine compared to mine which smelled cum. I opened the door and lit the lights which I dimmed. I threw Reshma on the bed which cranked. I motioned to her to come to me. SUCK IT RESHMA. GIVE ME SOME PLEASURE NOW. She quickly got off the bed and stood up. She came to me and hugged me hard before starting to lick me. She kissed me in a French style. She then passed all over my well built chest before coming to my cock. She spat on the latter and placed her lips over it. It was really a sensation. Her mouth eas perfect and warm also. She rolled her tongue onto my dickhead. She then began sucking it. I was in paradise. In a pattern, she throbbed my cock with the mouth all by playing with my balls. The blowjob was perfect. She did it like in porn films and even better. I felt more blood rushing to my cock which stretched further and got longer. After some five minutes, I was ready to cum but I did not want to. I urged her to stop and she removed her mouth. She knew it and started playing with herself. After some time, she came back for my dick and licked the whole shaft all by stroking it up and down. When I regained control, I opened her mouth as wide as I could and then inserted my shaft into it. She did not close it and knew what I was going to do. I rammed my dickhead further and penetrated her throat. I was going to fuck her throat deeply. As I pushed my penis harder, she coughed, lubricating my cock even better with thicker saliva. I pushed my cock until it reached two balls. This was what I was looking for. I placed both of my hands over her head and started to throat fuck her. She was getting suffocated but this gave me pleasure. I kept on fucking her until she pushed me away. HEY YOU. YOU ARE GOING TO KILL ME. BUT I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!! Once again, I deep throated her until I knew she was getting hurt. I removed my cock and kissed her. Are you hurt Reshma? No Kavish. It’s good but a bit too hard for me. I respected her though I had bought her. After all, she was like an elder sister to me but I ENJOYED FUCKING SISTERS!!!! I led her to the bed and placed her over it. She was really horny. She motioned to me to come closer. I got over her and lied on her, without shifting my weight on her. She took my cock on in her hand, slid the foreskin and pushed the cock into her pussy. Despite my having fisted her, her pussy was still a tight one. As I pushed my cock inside, I felt a pleasure I had never got before. Her pussy was warm, wet, tight and comfortable. I pushed my cock even harder until the full 9 inch was in. She moaned FUCK! FUCK! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OOOOOOHHHHHHH OUOUOUOU I slid my cock backward and forward and looked into her eyes. Initially, I thought she was relenting to have sex with me. I thought she did not want to be unfaithful to her husband and child. But NO. All I saw was lust for me. She was liking it. It was as if she was a teenager going to lose her virginity to me. But I knew she had a daughter. I felt some love for her. I wished she was mine. She seemed to be passionate towards me. As if I was her lover. I smiled at her and she responded positively. I gathered some force and started fucking her. The sensation was great. My dickhead rubbed against her vaginal muscles which were getting warmer. I gaught her tits and continued to fuck her. I sucked them harder and harder until I saw what I had done. I had placed a suction mark on her breast. It looked very beautiful -Sorry Reshma. I think I have placed a mark on you. Won’t you husband notice. MY COCK WAS STILL INSIDE HER. For a while she seemed depressed but afterwards she started laughing. I was dumbstruck!! My husband does not sleep with me and he won’t know!!!!! I continued sucking her boobs and placed about 5 marks on her tits. I then reached her neck, where I placed a suction spot. -Oh, this one no! Everyone will see it. -Then tell them its your husband who has done this to you. -Oh Kavish. You are such a good lover. Fuck me! Fuck me harder. I want to cum again!!! I knew she liked me. I continued sucking the mark which grew intensely red. Then I stopped. I removed my cock and lied on the bed. She quickly got over me and soon, we were in the missionary position. She slid my cock back into her vagina and started moving up and down. I t was really a great experience with her bouncing on me. I felt my cock getting teared in the process. She put some fingers on her pussy and massaged it. I knew she was drawing pleasure from it. I held her breasts and pumped her harder and harder. After some time, I felt a warm liquid spread over my cock and I knew she was getting lubricated. I caught hold of her ass. Wow. They were incredible, perfect. -I’ve been a naughty girl Kavish. Hit me. Hit me. As I hit her, her ass grew red. I slapped her as hard as I could and she moaned even louder now. She then held me by the throat and started bouncing harder and harder. She was now in control as she fucked my cock. I somewhat started getting bored and thought of spicing the intercourse a bit. With my cock still inside her pussy, I held her strongly and got up the bed. I carried her to the wall and glued her against it. I ten started to pound her as she was handing freely. I stuck my mouth at her tits and sucked them even harder, leaving more marks on her. AAHH. OUCH OUUUCH OUNCH COMEEAA ONEEE FUUUUUUCK ME AAAHHHHHHHHH I felt I was going to cum but did not want to end the session here. Besides, I was getting tired. Still holding her, I placed her on the buffet where my mom kept her cosmetics. I threw some of the latter down to get some place. A perfume bottle got spilled, spreading the perfume everywhere. Our reflection in the mirror made us more horny. I made her stand on all fours on before the mirror before fucking her in the doggy style. That was really great. I could see from the reflection of her face in the mirror that she was enjoying a lot. I fucked her harder, harder and even harder. Then she started yelling and I sensed the same pressure again. Once more she came, this time spilling her juice all over the buffet. I quickly removed my wet cock and placed my mouth over her pussy to taste that wonderful juice again. Drink baby. Drink. Is it good? Yeah baby! Its very good. I want more, much more. The you’ll have to work harder. I could no believe it. She was still lusty!!!!!!1 Then, I wanted to fuck her ass. I stopped and looked directly into her face. What’s happen Kavish. Don’t you want more?? Yeah baby. I want to fuck your. Your….. your…… I want to fuck your ass. I saw fear on her face. Maybe she would not allow me…… What? You want to fuck my ass? Oh no. I can’t! It’s too painful. I’ve never done this before. -But I’ve never done it either. We can try if you like. No! I said no! -Don’t worry baby. It’s gonna be good. Loads better. -I think I must tell your mom how pervert you are because you ass-fucked your room lady.!!! She had agreed. She smiled at me. Without wasting a single moment, I took her in my arms and we exited the bedroom. I made our way to the bathroom. The latter was the perfect place for this with its Jacuzzi. Moreover, I had already prepared our hot bath. The bathroom was full of mist when I opened it. It smelled lavender. I put her inside the Jacuzzi and turned it on. She motioned me to come to her. I entered the tub and caught her. She was more horny. Her breasts stood firmly as I splashed some water on them. I then licked her nipples to which she responded by grabbing my cock. After some time, I asked her to turn away on all fours. She exposed her asshole to me which I licked with all vigor. Her shit hole did not smell shit but it was fruity. I licked it all be fingering her pussy and she moaned all by massaging her tits. I then took some lubricant and covered my dick with it. I put some on her asshole and inserted one finger into it. I was very tight and I wondered how my cock was going to fit in. I motioned to her to relax as I fingered her ass. Then, it became loosened. She was responding positively. I took my cock and pushed it against her asshole. -relax baby. You’ll see. It’s awesome. I pushed my cock harder and her asshole tore open. Seizing the occasion, I pushed my cock even more inside. Her asshole was extraordinary. I watched her reflection in a mirror and saw fear in the eyes. -Do you want me to stop?? -Fuck I said. Fuck it now. I started fucking her ass as she shouted. She cried even harder as I pushed my whole cock inside her. For some time, I thought it was getting to no avail….until she started moaning. She then started moving back and forth and urged me to fuck -Harder baby! Harder! Open me boy! I wanna get hurt!!!!! Then, I fucked her ass. It was really great. -Oh wow. Its great. Its verrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhh goooooooooooooooooood. Come on. Fuuuuuuuuuck She placed her hand over her vagina and fisted herself. I fucked her and fucked her and fucked her. I then removed my cock and went underneath her. She got over me and placed my cock in her ass again. Again, she got up and down. I grasped her tits and fondled them. She fucked as hard as she could. I felt ready to cum. This time, I could no longer retain myself. -Reshma, I want to cum. -Already?? Will you be able to play again if you cum? -Maybe… -Aren’t u satisfied yet!! -No!!! We’ll fuck till morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Where do I cum? On your face? -IN MY ASSHOLE. Keep the face for later. Unable to retain, I came into her asshole. The jet was violent. I came. I had never EJACULATED so much. I kept on ejaculating for about a min or two -Wow. SOOOOOOOO Much cum? Never seen that. I removed my cock from her hole. The latter was dripping with cum. She placed some of it in her mouth. -AAAAH. I want more and this time in my mouth. (If you have liked the story. Please contact me. I can send u Reshma's picture! Its worth seeing) Moreover, it continues on. So let me know if u want the other parts as well.
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    Default very good

    it's very good story , i wish if i have someone like Reshma

    nice work man
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    wow good story very lustful- post the pictue in your next post plzzz!!!
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    wow real nice story, could you write some more
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    man youare good
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