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    Default Protests spread to Bahrain....

    Unrest Spreads, Some Violently, in Middle East
    New York Times (02/17/11) MacFarquhar, Neil

    Violent protests continued in several Middle Eastern countries on Thursday. In Bahrain, police launched a crackdown on thousands of Shiites protesting against the country's monarchy, which they say has discriminated against them. After protesters flooded Pearl Square in the Bahraini capital of Manama, hundreds of riot police surrounded the area and used shot guns, tear gas, and concussion grenades to break up the demonstrations. At least five people are believed to have been killed.
    My daughter is there, she says this isn't aimed at Americans or the large military presence, and she's not feeling at risk, but they are on a curfew and told to start thinking about evacuation of families.
    Impress yourself.
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    It is an extension of the regional poor realizing that they can have it better. Hard to prosper when unemployment is in 20+% and no one can get a job even if the King gave you an education. That $3,500.00 & free food does not buy as much as it use to.

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