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    Sex Machine
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    Default addicted to nipples...

    Yes I am.

    I love big erect long nipples.

    I love big areola.

    I love seeing pics of large nipples, especially being licked. I can look at nipples for hours wanking off at them, then spend a huge load of spunk.

    I can't get enough of nipples.

    This is one of my favourite threads http://forum.xnxx.com/showthread.php?t=36130

    My wife has normal sized nipples. None of my ex-girlfriends had enormous nipples or areola.

    I wonder what caused this primeval urge in me. Is it a fetish whose origin is breast feeding as an infant (I suckled for 9 months apparently).

    Or is it something else that's driving this constant urge for me?

    I like beautiful curvaceous women, nipples, breasts, areola, large clits, labia, butt, lactation, hairy pussy, milfs, matures, brunettes, redheads, lesbians, lingerie, masturbation, cumshots, blowjobs, sex toys.
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    Sex Machine
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    i think thats alot of people, i kno i'm one of them!
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    Porno Junky
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    Yea, me too, I love a big, thick, hard nipple, the longer the better to suck with!
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    Porno Junky
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    I am a nipple guy too. I love all nipples Big, small, dark, puffy you name it I love them all
    Thanks for the thread.
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