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    Default How I Convince My Wife To Do Sex Other Man

    One day my friend Ravi and I were talking about how hot my wife Estella is. I told my friend that we take pictures of each other for our pleasure. His face just lit up and he smiled at me hoping I would share them with him. He, he, fucking old pervert! I knew this guy; he never let any babe pass by without being commented by him! What he didn’t know was that Estella and I discussed this many times, because it drives me crazy and that it turns her on. We both get so turned on by the thought of showing her off.

    Being an owner of big tit cups, she is often asked if they are real or not and they are 100% natural! We have all kind of pictures from clothed to lingerie and of course nude. Now Ravi and I are long time friends and have talked about a lot of things including threesomes! But we have never done anything because we never could find the right situation. Well, after Estella found out that I love the thought of guys getting hard from the thought of her, she asked me if I had been with a guy before! Hell, I told her that I did think about it but only if she was involved. Well that got her so hot that she would talk about someone seeing her pictures and would get so turned on by them! She said that she was getting hot about the idea of these people doing everything just to get her! Little did I know that meant getting her! I told her about how Ravi always comments on my wife and what a great set of tits she has.

    She said it was OK to work out a plan to share the pictures with him and see if we could have some fun. I told Ravi that Estella knows I was going to share her pictures with him and she is really looking forward to his response. So I get the pictures out and showed hem to him, starting from those where she was half clothed and ending by nude images. He’s going crazy looking at my hot sexy wife. I can tell he was hard now and I told him not to worry about it, that if he wasn’t hard about my wife, then there might be some troubles with pictures shot! I informed him that Estella hopes he liked them very much and may be the three of us could do some things. He looked at me with a surprised look on his face and a hard cock in his pants. I told him Estella was willing to be with us both just to see if some funny thing might happen! Happen the way she wants! He said he would be willing to do anything to see her aroused and actually get to touch her and be touched by her.

    I then explained that she wants to go down on us both and to see us both on the edge of sexual verge. Ravi grabbed his cock through his pants and said if he gets to have my hot sexy slut wife naked and sucking his cock, he would do anything she wants. Well, when Estella heard that she came into the room wearing a short white tank top with no bra and just a pair of black thong panties. I thought, Ravi was going to explode right there! Estella then asked my friend Ravi if he was serious and without hesitation he answered yes! With that he adjusted his cock in his pants. Estella then walked to him and stood in front of him, took some of her naughty pictures and gave them to him one by one.

    They started with her dressed in lingerie and then started to show the ones with her tits exposed! The poor buddy was just drooling and said he couldn’t believe how lucky he is and thanked us both again and again. I was really loving every second of this! I was so turned on by her standing there showing him our pictures and knowing what she wanted to do. Estella then said:

    “Well do you want to see the real thing?

    “Of course, he said!” And she said:

    “Follow me!”

    Ravi looked at me and asked me:

    “Are you sure you are all right with this?” I told him grabbing my cock:

    “I can’t wait to see her suck your cock!”

    Estella led us to the bedroom and said if she was going to get naked we must also. Ravi and I had no problem getting our clothes off and we appeared there soon all naked and hard as a couple of rocks. Our 2 cocks were erect sticking out in the air and saluting her!

    Estella looked at us and licking her lips, took off her tank top to reveal her great tits and then slowly removed her thong! Then she ordered us to get on the bed. As we were lying there she crawled up to me and started licking my cock till she got the taste of my pre cum and just cooed: “mmmmmmm”! I was going crazy with my naked wife sucking my cock right in front of our friend. Then she reached over and grabbed Ravi’s hard cock and he gasped at her touch. I told him to just wait, because her mouth was like velvet and wait for her to start on licking and sucking on him! As I said that Estella moved over to him and for the first time I got to see my hot sexy wife take his hard pre cum dripping cock into her mouth! I couldn’t explain what a turn on that was, I knew how much she loved to suck cock and taste cum. I was almost ready to cum by just watching her with his cock and I had not even touched myself.

    Then Estella said to Ravi:

    “Is it okay if my husband helps me with this?” He stammered:

    “Anything you want, honey!”

    So I joined her, she was holding his cock and for the first time in my life, I got to feel what it is like to have a hard cock in my mouth! The feeling was awesome, his cock was so hard but the texture was so soft. Estella held his cock for me to lick and suck, watching and telling how turned on she was and this was making it all better. We started to share his cock back and forth between our mouths and lips, sucking licking and just loving every single inch of it! Estella was now so turned on she got on her back and told me to fuck her while Ravi kneeled over her face, so that I cold fuck her and we both would suck his cock. Soon as I put my cock in her perfect pussy, Estella started cumming and I could only hold on so long. I had my cock in my wife’s pussy and she had ra’s erection in her mouth, what an amazing experience!

    Soon Ravi
    said he couldn’t take it any longer and he was going to cum! Estella yelled:
    “Yes, cum in my mouth, give me that fucking load!”

    With that he started to spurt in her mouth and I got my mouth on his cock! As he was cumming in my wife’s mouth, she began to share his cum with me. Well this was too much for me and I started to cum deep inside my wife. Estella and I licked and sucked each other faces smeared with Ravi ’s cum and he just kept moaning! We all looked at each other and agreed that it was so much fun! Estella said:

    “I hope you don’t think we are done yet!”
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    cool story love it cant wait for the rest
    iam so happy i could shit rainbows
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