We were married only a few years when we started experimenting with the idea of including others in our sex play. We were both in our twenties and eager to try a lot of new things.

My wife talked a girlfriend of hers into having a threesome with us, which resulted in one very incredible experience for all three of us.

Turnabout was fair play, so I told my wife that I would find a guy to include in our next threesome. However, before I could find someone, fate put her in the path of a man named Siddharth. She met Siddharth at a house warming party and discovered that he had a very big, (six inches) cock. She was so fascinated by it that I suggested that she get together with him and try it out. She had sex with him at least twice a week for about two months. She seemed like she couldn?t get enough of his big cock. After the two months passed, she came to the realization that she liked Siddharth?s cock a lot more than she liked Siddharth, so she stopped seeing him.

For years my wife told me that a man?s size didn't matter. She held to the belief that it was not what you had, but how you used it. That all changed when Aparna met Siddharth.

She discovered a whole new world of pleasure that came with the sensation of being filled up by a large cock. Since her first experiences with Siddharth, she was eager to find more men who were well endowed.

We started going to swing parties, with the idea that she would have a good chance of finding more men who were well hung.

This is a party, usually held at a private home, where couples get together to have sex with other people. The house is set up to accommodate a variety of situations. They usually have a room where there is no furniture, and the whole floor is made into one huge bed. This room is for groups to participate in large scale sexual escapades.

Other rooms are divided into several private spaces where two people can be alone together and have sex in a little more intimate atmosphere.

There are common areas such as the living room, where people hang out and meet each other, and there also is usually a hot tub for people who want to relax and play in the warm water.

Some couples will only have sex with other couples, but most couples will split up after awhile, and each will have sex with other individuals they meet there. Sometimes they will have sex with several people as the evening progresses.

One night while were at a swing party, Aparna encountered a man with an even bigger cock.

His name was Jagdeesh. He had a monster of a cock. It was a full 7 1/2 inches long and very thick. When Aparna first saw him Jagdeesh was busy having sex with another woman.

When she saw the size of his cock, she couldn't take her eyes off of it. She quickly went to the room where I was and told me to ?Come and see this guy's huge cock."

I went with her to see what she was so excited about. When we got to the room the woman was no longer there, and Jagdeesh was just coming out of the shower and drying himself off with a towel. Aparna and I both looked down at his massive cock hanging down between his legs.

Jagdeesh smiled at Aparna as if he could read her mind.

?Would you like to try it?? he asked.

?I don?t think it will fit, but I wouldn?t mind giving it a try.?

He sat on the edge of the bed, and then motioned for her to sit next to him. When she did, he turned to her and placed his thick cock into her hands.

?What?s your name?? he asked.

?Aparna, what?s yours?? my wife replied.

?I?m Jagdeesh, and this is my first time here. A friend told me about this place so I decided to check it out.?

?I am glad you did,? Aparna cooed.

Aparna slid off the bed and kneeled in front of Jagdeesh. She held his cock in both hands and alternately licked and kissed it as they continued to talk.

?Do you ever have trouble finding women who can handle something this big?? she asked.

?A lot of women are scared away by it, but of the women who try it, about half of them stop me before I can get it all the way in.?

?You mean you never have had it all the inside a woman?? She asked.

?Sure, I have had it all the way in with a few women, but more often than not they stop me before I can get it all the way in.?

?I can see why? she laughed.

Aparna joked about how much cum must gush out of it, but he told her that he didn't think that he shoot any more cum more than normal.

Aparna?s experience with her first big cock was a bit different; Siddharth would deliver huge amounts of cum every time, more than she has ever seen a man squirt before. She often came home after being with him, with a tremendous amount of cum still inside of her.

Aparna climbed onto the bed and laid back. Jagdeesh positioned himself between her legs and then moved up to lie on top of her. His enormous cock was sandwiched between the two of them as they lay there kissing passionately.

I stood there against the wall and silently watched as Jagdeesh kissed and fondled my wife for about ten minutes. Aparna was clearly enjoying every moment of this. Her moans of pleasure were unrestrained as her body writhed with pleasure.

I felt a little jealous as I watched them. Aparna rarely kissed the men she met at swing parties, but with Jagdeesh she was engaged in a series of several long passionate embraces, interrupted only by Jagdeesh kissing her neck and breasts.

They both acted as if I were not there, and I realized that Jagdeesh had never once spoken to me or so much as looked at me except for a quick glance when I first entered the bedroom.

After awhile Jagdeesh rose up to his knees and began rubbing her pussy with the head of his enormous cock. I watched as he rubbed her extremely wet pussy and got the head of his cock wet with her juices. He pushed his cock head up to her pussy's opening and started to gently push it in. I watched while Jagdeesh would put it in a little bit and bring it almost completely back out again. He repeated this process again and again, each time going in a little deeper than the last, then pulling it back leaving only a few inches inside of her. I could see that she was a little bit apprehensive about weather it would all fit in her or not, but she seemed to relax a little as he took his time working it in a little at a time. When his cock was about half the way in, I could see her getting much more excited. I saw pleasure in the expression on her face and her moaning was getting louder.

Aparna was not a woman who could cum easily during regular sex. As a rule, she did not cum very often unless something large was inside of her. I was curious about how she would react to Jagdeesh's thick eleven inch cock.

As Jagdeesh made his final strokes into her, Aparna was moaning loudly and writhing with pleasure. When he was finally able to slide it all the way into her pussy Aparna erupted into a very powerful orgasm. She simply yelled Ohhhhh!!!! And her body began to shake.

People in other rooms heard her sounds of pleasure, and came into the room to see what was happening. About five men and two women stood there watching my wife receive Jagdeesh?s huge tool. Some of the audience let out moans of their own, when they saw Jagdeesh burry his massive cock all the way into my wife.

Jagdeesh started sliding his cock in and out of her in long slow strokes. Each time he buried his cock deep inside of her she let out another loud moan of pleasure.

Aparna's second orgasm came about two minutes later. Her body was flopping on the bed and she repeated loudly, "OHHHHH, OHHHHH, OHHHH".

Another woman from the party walked into the room as this was happening and watched as Jagdeesh continued to pump his huge cock in and out of Aparna.

?Oh my God? she whispered as she watched. After watching Aparna reach another powerful climax, she whispered ?Oh my God? once more and left the room.

Jagdeesh kept going for about thirty minutes, when he felt that he was about to cum.

He told her "here it comes darling", as he was about to empty his load of cum into her.

?Put it in deep Jagdeesh. Put it in deep, please!? Aparna yelled as she started to climax once more.

Jagdeesh pushed his huge member as deep as he could and shot his load deep into my wife?s pussy. He held it there for awhile and let every drop squirt deep into her stretched out hole.

?She will never be any good for a regular man anymore,? someone in the audience whispered.

After Jagdeesh was done filling my wife?s pussy, he pulled his cock out of her and started to wipe it off with a towel. Aparna motioned for him to bring it up to her mouth. When he did, she kissed the head of his cock, and then she looked at Jagdeesh and said:

"Thank you".

Jagdeesh smiled and told her:

"You?re very welcome.?

He then bent down close to her and whispered something into her ear. Aparna looked at me and then back to Jagdeesh and smiled.

After he left the audience went away, and my wife asked me to lay on the bed with her.

?Could you see much from where you were standing?? she asked.

?I could see him going in and out of you very well,? I told her.

As a practice, I would fuck her each time after she was with another man. I tried after she was with Jagdeesh, but I discovered that her pussy was stretched open so wide that I could put my 7" cock into it and it would not touch the walls of her pussy. My wife?s pussy was stretched so wide that it refused to close. I could look into it and see the inside of her pussy drenched in Jagdeesh's cum. I have never seen a woman's pussy open up like that before. It both fascinated me and worried me at the same time.

Aparna was sympathetic to my plight and sucked my cock until I cum into her mouth. We went home after that, because we realized that she would not be able to have sex with any other men that night.

The next morning she was almost back to normal in size, but she was still a little sore from being fucked by such a large cock. Jagdeesh to his credit was very gentle with her. He managed to get his huge cock into her tight pussy and not hurt her. Aparna asked me to fuck her that morning to try her out, and ?see if everything still works".

I did, and beyond her being sore, she was almost back to her normal size. She felt a little bit looser than normal, but not bad.

I didn?t realize it, but I guess you can stretch a woman out, and in time she will snap back almost all the way back to normal. Just look at a woman who has had children and you can see what I mean.

I asked Aparna what Jagdeesh whispered into her ear that night, but to this day she will not tell me.

The End.