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Thread: Prom Night

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    Default Prom Night

    Worked a high school prom last night, I couldn't help getting horny thinking about many of the young ladies who were getting laid later that night. There was definitely going to be some group action.

    Anyone have some prom memories to share?
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    My prom night sex wasn't /crazy/... I ended up hiking up my dress & riding my (now)hubby in his car. Ideally, I would've liked to go to a hotel/motel, but my uncle (who I was living with at the time) wouldn't let me out late : P

    I heard a girl got fucked by two of her friends in the bathroom at prom, but who knows if that's true.
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    Shitty prom night! got my first Speeding ticket in Riverhead Long Island, NY. It was bullshit. I had 4 people stuffed in a 53 Morris Minor that could barely go 50 MPH downhill (we called it the Rolls Canardly, rolls down one hill and canardley get up the next), and the cop asshole said I was doing 60 in a 40 mile zone. There was nothing I could do but pay it. The Judge wouldn't try to drive it up to 60, prick!

    I've only had two other speeding tickets in my life, been driving for 54 years.
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    My prom night was terrific. I went to a very nice hotel room with my boyfriend. We had fun in the jet tub and had a great time. Also, he proposed to me that night and we've been happily married for almost 4 years now!
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    I remember my prom as being the night I got my first blowjob. In fact, my best buddy got his first blowjob that night too. From the same girl!

    After the dance we ended up back at this girls house for an afterparty. We were all drinking and ended up in the jacuzzi. To make a long story short, we got her to get naked, and she let us suck her tits and finger her pussy. She got really turned on and started jerking us both off at the same time. We made her cum, then she offered to suck us off. We sat on the edge of the jacuzzi and let her take turns, sucking one cock while jerking the othger. Eventually, my buddy blew his load in her mouth which she swallowed. Then she went to work on finishing me off. In a few minutes, I warned her I was getting close. Even though I knew she swallowed I still decided to be curteous and ask her where she wanted me to cum. I was desperate to hear her say "in my mouth", but instead she told me that she wanted to see me shoot, and asked me if I wanted to cum on her tits. Well that sounded pretty amazing too, so I pulled out, and she finished me off by hand.
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    It was great we went to a friends house after prom for a party and before I had to take my girlfriend home I took her to one or the bedrooms and fucked her. I then took her home and then I went back to the party and started drinking and I ended up in bed with my friends sister not sure if we did anything that night but in the morning I fucked her.

    When we woke up we did not have any thing on she was 3 years younger
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    Awwwwwwweee everyone's prom night stories sound so awesome!
    I was so unimpressed by prom that me and my friends went home early and watched movies and ate like fatasses until we fell asleep.
    I was seriously up by 9 am the next morning. haha
    Oh I'm such a loser.
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    Okay, here goes...*deep breath*

    I did have sex with my date, in a hotel room populated by three other couples who were also having sex...but I'm sorry to say that it didn't devolve into a big orgy. Not quite, anyway. It was, however, the first time someone else watched me having sex, and vice versa. I remember my girlfriend (a fellow cheerleader) gathering my hair (which I had let down) so that she could get a better view of me sucking my date's cock, and commenting to the others in the room on how sexy it looked. She was on her hands and knees at the time, and HER date was fucking her from behind. I can still see her body lurching with each thrust -- she still had her dress on, but it was pulled up to her waist, with her panties down around her thighs. My date was sitting in a chair watching HER, and right after that I straddled him and guided that lovely cock of his into my sopping wet pussy. After I writhed on him for a bit, he grabbed my ass with both hands and was somehow able to stand up and carry me to the wall, pressing me against it and holding me about a foot off the ground while he fucked me hard.

    We went out for breakfast afterwards, and I remember desperately trying to make myself presentable just before walking through the front door. My parents were still asleep, thankfully.

    Looking back on it, I've always wished I would have had the nerve to have sex with my girlfriend, maybe her date, too. Or maybe with everyone. I was that turned on, and it wouldn't have taken much encouragement.
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    Prom night.. Brit style

    Was lead by the hand along Blackpool promenade by a very sexy female who scored for me in the Tower ballroom !!!!!
    I asked her where we were going "Under central pier, " she said...

    "what's in it for me?" says I..

    ."Sand !" she says

    and she was right, it was the most abrasive shag I've ever had !!!
    http://eroticinblackwhite.blogspot.com/ for Krissy

    NO FRIEND REQUESTs........I'm a Grumpy Old Man, ageing badly, far too sensitive about "friends"...but I love posting images.
    Please don't call me hun.....I'm more Irish than German !!
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    Ah senior prom. My date's nickname among the guys was Laura LotaLays. Had a Town Car limo. Got blown on the way there and after we did it riding up and down the seawall. Best moment, she was riding me with her head out the moon roof.
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    Uneventful. Went to the prom, went to a party afterward, then my date took me home!
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    I didn't have a boyfriend at prom time so I went with a good friend of mine. After the prom we went to a party at another friends house and we both went our own direction at the party.
    I ran into a boy I liked and started talking with him. One thing led to another and we ended up in a bedroom having sex. While we were going at it, another couple came in and started fucking on the floor beside the bed. It was like watching a live sex show and really turned me on.
    As the party was winding down, my original date and I decided to leave. He was driving me home and I thought the night was over until he turned the car in another direction. He drove down a small dirt road and parked the car in a pull off area. I ended up fucking him too.

    Not a bad night at all.
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    I spent my prom night sucking and being sucked with a few of my guy friends, and a couple girls. About 1 am this one girl showed up, she was fat, drunk and crying. The girls told us that we should give her a gang bang, which put a smile on the fat girls face, I did her twice, all that cum in her pussy felt so damn good.
    The next day I had to laugh as a lot of guys were bitching cuzz they had shelled out several hundred dollars and did not get any, lmao
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    ride em cowgirl up
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    Fucked my bf. after our prom on back seat of my dads restored 49 Plymoth, 4 door sedan.
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    My prom night sucked, didn't get drunk, stone or laid....
    "You see chaos. I see tranquility. You see damnation. I see salvation."

    MY ART, and the Art of many other Talented XNXXers
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