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    Default Sleepy Cousin Judy

    At the breakfast table, cousin Judy sat with her bowl of cereal eating away, not paying me any attention while I sat to her right, reading the newspaper and having a bowl of Cheerios myself. Mom was getting herself ready to go to work for the day and Dad had left earlier for his job. Her instructions for us were to stay out of trouble, and we had permission to go to the pool club and use the cabana. School was out a week already and Summer started off with a heat wave in the 90’s.
    Last night, after coming home very late and very smoked up, I had ventured into Judy’s room and imagining myself cloaked in invisibility, took advantage of her deep sleep and enjoyed her body. She never woke up that I could tell, or she was pretending pretty good. This morning she wore a pair of red short shorts and a yellow tank top, pixie-cut short brown hair with big brown eyes glommed onto the cereal box in front of her face. I sat in my baggy lacrosse shorts and a tee, eating reading the comics, yessing my mother and waiting for her to pull the car out the driveway.
    I came in late; it might have been about two thirty or so, very stoned. I don’t like to drink or do the other drugs kids I know mess around with but give me some chronic any time. So, I sat in my room and rolled one more fatty before conking out, sweltering in my shorts. I was horny, without a girlfriend and my cock was twitching for some attention. Naturally I started to squeeze it a little and think dirty thoughts. Somehow, my dirty thoughts shifted to cousin Judy lying asleep in the next room, barely covered by her bedsheet. Passing her doorway, open to let the humid evening air circulate as best it could, I saw her partially draped form on the bed; one leg fully exposed to the night. Turning off all the lights, I puffed my joint and slipped my shorts down, over my stiffening cock and off.
    Judy was a cousin from somewhere amid my mother’s tangled family tree. She came to live with us after her own mother was committed to an asylum; we were instructed NOT to take her phone calls for any reason. Her father had disappeared a long time ago and, after bouncing from relative to relative Judy ended up with my folks who gave her my sister’s room, who’s almost finished with college and hardly comes home any more.
    It was so hot, I was sweating when I got to Judy’s bedside and just watched her sleeping; on her belly she lay with the right side of her face on her pillow, her right arm straight by her side while her left had tucked beneath the pillow and her left knee bent. Sprawled across her bed like that, the top sheet exposed Judy’s left flank from hip to foot. I found myself moving the sheet gently aside to show more of her rounded behind and, with my pulse pounding in my throat I soon beheld all of her nakedness laid out. Without thinking much more I put my hands on her hot flesh and felt the soft contours of her skin, gently touching the crease leading down between her thighs; with my thumbs I eased them apart, skimming the juncture of my desire with the back of my hand. Judy showed no reaction, her thighs moving ever so slightly apart at my prompting, her eyes shut and her breathing rhythmic.
    Leaning over to her ear, I whispered very quietly into Judy’s sleeping psyche, “Oh you are so very beautiful. Your body is very sexy. You are having a very sexy dream.”
    I was standing in the dark naked, stoned out of my gourd, thinking I was invisible and could control this girl with suggestions while she slept. My cock was standing away from me stiffly, and I remember how tropical the room’s atmosphere felt that evening. “Roll over on your back,” I whispered so softly my lips were touching her ear and the words came as little puffs of air.
    After a moment’s hesitation, Judy slowly began to rotate herself, gradually ending up with arms and legs laid out straight and uncovered by any sheet. Her thin sleep shirt lay up over her hip; Judy was laid out for my enjoyment. Looking at Judy’s face, there was no change I could see; her eyes were closed and her breathing seemed normal. “Spread your legs for me. You are so beautiful,” I whispered hotly.
    Judy slowly moved her legs apart until they made a wide vee. I moved down to kneel between them and bring my face closer to her sex. With the backs of my hands I pressed gently against her thighs, spreading her further and brought my fingers to touch along her lower belly, pry apart the moist folds there and sniff the heady aroma of this hot girl I have before me. Judy had used Mom’s bath oil earlier this evening; I could tell because her heated flesh emanated the scent of Chanel, adding to the cloying sensual musk of Judy’s pussy and making my cock throb.
    Using the fingers of my left hand, I pulled softly on the folds at the top of her cleft until I felt a small bump I knew was her clitoris. Taking it between my thumb and finger I held it gently and kind of squeezed it in little pulses, more or less in time with her breathing. I was watching in case Judy was looking like she’d be waking up but her eyes were still closed, although she opened her mouth and was breathing deeper through it. After a while her little bump seemed to be getting bigger and I could roll it around between my fingers, back and forth, squeezing, pulling a little too. Judy’s breathing was getting a little ragged, not quite so steady, but her eyes were still closed so I guessed she was asleep. I leaned in to whisper again.
    “You are so beautiful, such a sexy girl,” I practically breathed into her ear, “I want to kiss you.”
    Pulling back far enough to look at Judy, I saw as she almost imperceptibly pursed her lips, eyes clamped shut still. Pressing my lips to hers, I breathed in her hot presence, broke away, then pressed back again for much longer. Her lips were soft and sweet, responsive when I pressed the tip of my tongue between them and teased into her mouth. Asleep or not, Judy’s kisses came alive and her own tongue came out to meet mine. Our tongues slid back and forth, tasting and flicking against the roof of each other’s mouth. I broke away and trailed kisses along her heated skin down her neck, saying, “I want to kiss you all over,” and laving more kisses to her shoulder.
    When I got to her lower belly, Judy’s breathing was audible and her skin superheated to my touch. My fingers were still entangled within the moistness of her pussy and I trailed my kisses closer. The excitement was pulsing through my veins when my lips closed upon that tangy nub, making her hips jump into my face. I took hold of her clit between my lips and worked it over, licking and sucking alternately softly then hard. I was using Judy’s breathing for a cue and noticed a slight rocking of her hips. Looking at her face, Judy’s mouth was open and her face tilted away, but her eyes looked closed. She tasted sweet, her pussy was too tight for me to fit a finger into, but I drilled my tongue in as best I could and got a shiver out of her; Judy’s legs clamped around my head and shook.
    I told Judy her juice was so delicious and I wanted more. “Your sex juice is a love potion to me and will make me fall for you,” I whispered to her, implanting my suggestion forever I thought.
    My penis was throbbing and begging for relief. Judy was sprawled out, panting, on her bed; both of us sweaty and overheated, Judy’s musk filling my senses and inflaming me more. Every breath smelled of her, Judy’s wetness dampening my upper lip still. “My manjuice will make you sexy,” my voice was echoing in my own head as I said these words into Judy’s ear, “it has everything a woman needs and will make you mine.”
    I stopped and looked at Judy a moment. She lay with her mouth agape, practically gasping for breath after nearly hyperventilating a moment ago. She was either a very good pretender or a really deep sleeper but at that point it didn’t make much difference to me. My penis and my lust would not be denied. I leaned in closely and breathed the words to her, “do you want to taste my juice?”
    After a moment, Judy rocked her head, yes, she wanted to taste me as I brought the head of my swollen cock close to her pillow. The bed sagged slightly when I knelt next to her face and rubbed Judy’s lips with the drip of pre-cum clinging to the mushroom-headed flesh I held in my hands. Her tongue darted out to swipe the sticky stuff from her mouth and gather it back for a taste, rolling it against her palate as she swallows and I tell her, whispering harshly, “open your mouth!”
    Judy’s mouth opens and she turns towards the source of heat next to her face, my penis, throbbing and at the bursting point. “Open your mouth and drink my juice, “ I say and get the tip of my cock just between her lips when I feel her tongue flick against the sensitive underside of it which sets off my cock spasming and spitting my load. Using one hand to hold my spewing penis and the other to hold Judy’s head, I’m seeing stars and can hear her gulping and sucking, nearly choking with so much hot fluid suddenly running down her throat and filling her cheeks.
    After a moment, my world stops spinning and I can breathe normally again. Judy let my penis slip from her mouth and a thin string of goo spans the gap until it breaks and falls against her cheek wetly. She’s licking her lips, swallowing, eyes closed.
    Bending to kiss Judy good night I whisper, “You are so sexy. “ And then I slipped back into my room, climbed atop my bed, and passed into slumberland.
    Mom had pulled out of the driveway and onto the main drag when I stopped reading the paper and turned to Judy, looking at her. She put down her spoon and looked back at me, a small smile on her face.
    “Judy,” I said, “You look really pretty today. There’s something about you different I like.”
    She giggled and got real pink sitting there. “Come here,” I asked, “let me take a look at you.” And I turned my chair to face her as Judy got up and came to stand next to me. Putting my left arm around her, I had Judy stand between my legs and I got closer and closer to her face, until our lips touched and we were kissing. Judy’s eyes were open and I was looking into the deep brown of them while our tongues tangled and tickled. “You are a very good kisser,” I complimented her. “You must have done this before.”
    She giggled cutely and set herself on my lap, throwing herself into making out with me in the kitchen. Though she was flat as a board, my fingertips traced the hard BB of her nipple, eliciting sighs and wiggles from Judy with every pinch and pull. I took her hand and placed it over the hard hot lump of my cock and squeezed it, her grip hot and firm as she held me. I rubbed her ass and legs, she was rubbing my cock inside my shorts and I said, “I want to kiss you all over.”
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    This was a really hot story and you told it in a way that made it seem even hotter. You need to format it better with spaces between the paragraphs so that it is easier to read.
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    I triple spaced using word and thought it would format properly. What is recommended?
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    There isn't a real recommendation, but indenting helps out. However, you can't re-format from word onto here, you just have to enter it here like your sending a message to someone.
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    Default More coming

    Thanks for the tips...ready to tell more Judy stories
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    Default Judy in the shower

    Now, by no means is this story going to be chronological because some parts arise in memory faster than others, and for good reason. One Saturday morning Judy stepped into the shower with me for the first time, and this is after a couple weeks of having discovered the joys of mutual oral gratification and other means of sexual interplay. Judy liked my cum, thought my penis was "cute" and liked watching me spurt the creamy stuff, usually spilling in a hot mess on her belly, back or chest but most often gulped into her sucking mouth and swallowed down.

    This particular day Judy woke me up after Mom backed down the driveway and drove off for the day. She came to stand by the side of my bed, lifted the sheet away from me and began playing with my dick. I feigned being asleep, lying on my back in anticipation of Judy coming up the stairs to my room. The bed springs sagged slightly as Judy leaned her knees onto the mattress and brought her face closer to my waist, her hand caressing the stiff flesh of my cock, and the soft puff of her hot breath on the sensitive skin made me pulse involuntarily; she squeezed the shaft gently in return, squeezing and forcing blood upward into the head where the mushroom-headed flesh felt hot and taut with anticipation.

    Holding my breath and using as much self-restraint as I could muster, I felt myself tremble a little when Judy parted her lips and ran her tongue wetly over and around my penis. swirling and teasing, licking and then sucking...her mouth opened wide and she begins to slide her tongue along the most delicate bottom-side part very gently, almost like a kitten lapping at milk. I surrendered at that point, feeling all restraint swept away in the wash of orgasmic joy feeling my load erupt into Judy's mouth and her lapping takes on more of a gulping and swallowing sound, rewarding her with the rich protein mixture of my semen. A groan escapes my lips and my hands go to Judy's head, fingers entwined in her hair, humping into her face to squeeze and milk out every last drop of my man juice. She rides out the storm, holding my shrinking cock gently in her mouth, now depleted of it's hot, lusty load.

    With a wake-up like that, I am ready for a shower to wash off the sweaty residue of sleep and sex. After getting the water adjusted on the cool side, since it was Summer, I stepped in and rinsed off before beginning to lather up. The water felt good and I was surprised when the shower stall door opened and Judy slid inside the confined space with me. Her body felt very warm and we rubbed together a lot. I got her all soapy and took my time to lather up her nubbly nipples, she kind of rotated her hips when I did that and we started to kiss. Her body was so slippery and so small I easily picked Judy up and we rubbed our slick groins together, she looped her legs over my hips while I held her from beneath her ass and she leaned back against the wall.

    My penis was poking and rubbing against her bottom and between the cheeks of her ass. Somehow I got it centered into the warm pit of her asshole and began to lift my hips a little, pushing against the soft hotness I felt there. We were both all foamy and slick with soap; Judy made no motion stopping me as my cock began to invade her rear. I felt the tip of my cock pushing past her tight ring and a little further where I stopped and Judy let out a little moan. Her ass clamped down on me a little and my penis responded with a little flex of it's own. I pushed in a little more and then more until my pubes were tickling against her ass cheeks, pulling out and pushing back in slowly felt so good I didn't want to stop. Judy was moaning and grunting while I pushed and plunged in and out of her butt, holding her up and dropping her onto my stiff cock, I fucked her steadily until there was the unmistakable tingling surging along my spine...which led to my ball sack and eventually, inevitably the head of my dick began to swell deep inside Judy and the whole muscle started to twitch and spasm, bringing a moan with every pulse of cum shooting into her guts, feeling the galactic pleasure of my own orgasm Judy's hot little ass has brought me for the first time.

    Later on, every time I looked at Judy, knowing my cum was deep inside her and she was carrying it around somehow gave me a thrill, like a sexy secret. We spent the Summer exploring each other and discovered Judy could cum time after time, like a string of firecrackers going off. But more than anything, Judy loved to have my penis in her mouth.
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    Default slip & slide

    don't that feel good. slipping into a tight hole.
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    very good
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