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    Default My first fuck at twelve

    My name is Bishu. I was 12 and my auntie 19 when I fucked her . That was 60 years ago, and my first fuck. I was born and brought up in Kolkata, a typical Bengali, very slender, dark and not tall. I don’t know about other Bengalis, but my dick was pretty long, even when it was not stiff.. My mother and, especially, my grandma used to tease me for this shaft of mine. “We wish you had little more in your head and a few inches shorter Danda (Stick).” Especially my grandma used to say that while washing me. I must say I was a very impractical chap, I was not able to wash myself on my own. So it was done by my grandma or mom. I used to get very embarassed when my grandma used to take my cock in her hand and give it a good rub to clean up. At the same time, I also felt good when she had my shaft in her hand, although I never had any erection or sexual excitement. That will come later. At this stage, I used to be very unhappy because of my long danda, not knowing then that this piece of flesh can be used not only for pissing, but also for something else.

    We were a small family, my grandma, mother, uncle and myself. My father died when I was a baby, so I had never seen him. We were a typical Indian middle class family, not poor but also not rich, pretty conservative. Both my mom and grandma used to get some pensions and my uncle used to earn fairly well. But he had to stay in the district Midnapore in Bengal. He was a very good car mechanic.

    This story begins exactly one month after my 12th birthday. It was the day when my uncle got married. That was in Kolkata, not very far from where we lived. My mom and grandma had chosen the bride. The bridegroom, my uncle, saw her on the wedding day. I was, of course, very excited when we went to the bride’s place for the ceremony. They were definitely better situated than us. A big and neat house, not like ours, quite small and old. My auntie was the third of five children. She had one elder brother, one elder sister, and two younger sisters. Years later, as it turned out, I fucked all of them. I fucked even my auntie’s mom.

    But now, as I saw my auntie for the first time during the wedding ceremony, I think I fell in love with her, there and then. I had the privilege, being my uncle’s only nephew, of remaining near him and my auntie throughout the ceremony. And when our eyes met, my auntie smiled at me, I think more out of embarassment than real empathy because she always found me staring at her with open mouth. Fortunately, she was too busy following the instructions of the priest to notice that my eyes were glued to her breasts. I had never before seen such fantastic tits, of course, also because her wedding dress sat tightly and narrow on her body. But her tits were really gorgeous. I know that because I had them in my hand very often, later. But now, she had to move her arms up and down continuously as instructed by the pundit. And she was also sweating in heat produced by the Agni (Fire). So I could see the silhouette of her breasts, especially of her nipples, as if she were topless. I was sitting so near her that I had to keep my hands pressed down between my legs. Otherwise, I might have felt tempted to touch those beatutiful balls. For the first time in my life, I think, I felt some cribbling in my cock. It made me very nervous because I did not know why and where it came from.

    The ceremony went on and on. I must have fallen asleep. When I woke up, the ceremony was over and the customary flirting and teasing between the bridegroom, now husband, and the new sister-in-laws, there were altogether at least a dozen of them, was on. And I had my head on the lap of my new Kakima, auntie!! I thought I was dreaming. “Had a good sleep”? Oh, my god, what a sweet and tender voice! During the ceremony, she was not supposed to talk. She was only murmuring the mantras or whatever she was asked to say by the pundit. Now she was talking freely and I just stammered: “Yes”. “Misthi Khabe?” (Do you want to eat sweets?). Of course, I was addicted to bengali sweets. She bent forward to get one piece of sandesh. As she bent, her stiff tits touched first my nose and then my lips. I could have taken them in my mouth. I think she felt slightly embarassed, but just smiled, put the sandesh in my mouth and said “Khao” (Eat). All of a sudden I felt that my cock was rising. Oh my god! What is that, I thought. Never had it before. My Danda was never that long. I tried to press and hide it between my thighs. But I think my Kakima noticed that something was going on in my pants. “Do you want to go to the toilette?”, she asked. I was so relieved and thankful to her for this help, intentional or unintentional.

    Not much happened after that on that day. In the morning, we came back home with our new “Bouma” (Daughter-in-law). I used to sleep with my mom and grand mom downstairs and my uncle upstairs. Of course, I did not know at that time what husband and wife do in their bedroom other than sleep. But not our neigbours. Next morning, at least five women from our neighbourhood flocked in, sat on the verandah and started laughing, because my uncle and kakima were still in their room. I could not understand what was so funny about this. After all, both had absorbed a very stressy marriage ceremony. When they came down, the ladies from the neighbourhood burst into laughter and both my uncle and kakima looked very embarassed.

    Apart from a wedding party, nothing exciting happened during the next few days. A week after the marriage, my uncle went back to work in Midnapore. Kakima slept alone upstairs. But then something happened which upset me completely. As I mentioned earlier, my grandma used to wash me everyday. One day I was standing stark naked in the bathroom, my grandma rubbing my shaft with oil as usual. And then my Kakima entered the bathroom. She wanted to fetch something. As soon as she entered the room, my grandma said: “Have you ever seen such a small chap with such a danda? I wish he had some of this flesh in his dull head.” This was now unfair for two reasons. Firstly, I was not dull. Although I was not one of the top students in my class, I never failed and belonged to the upper middle category. Secondly, talking to my kakima about my danda was so humiliating for me. I hated my danda and also the fact that I did not have any pubic hair. And now I was standing there naked in front of her with my grandma holding my shaft. Oh my god! I wish I could hide myself somewhere. And I found that my auntie was also staring at my danda. Naked as I was, I ran out of the bathroom into our sleeping room and laid down on the bed trying to hide my idiotic cock. Then I heard someone entering the room and sit next to me. It was my kakima. I was so ashamed now. But she said gently: “Don’t let yourself be upset by Thakurma (grandma), she just wants to tease you. You don’t need to be ashamed of having a large danda. It doesn’t matter whether your danda is big or small”. And she caressed my arm a little and I felt that cribble in my shaft again. “Yes, but now you have seen me naked”. “Come on, what’s so bad if your kakima sees your danda?”. “ But Kakima, I have not seen you naked”. “Oh! You want to see me naked? Why? I don’t have any danda like you”. “Yes, but you have two nice minus (boobies). And I am sure you have also lots of pubic hair like mom”. “Hey, you naughty boy, how do you know that I have nice boobies? Have you ever seen them?”. “No, but I can see a little bit of them when you bend down, and they are first class”. “You are really naughty”, she said and bent over me, her boobies touching my arm. And I continued: “I have also seen some of your pubic hair”. “How, my god!”. “Day before yesterday you were standing in front of the window wearing your gown, and the sun was shining through it, and I could see some hair and also your paccha (buttock)”. “My god, then you have seen me almost naked!”. “No, kakima, please, show me your body completely naked, please”. By now my cock was rock hard. I could not care less. I laid flat on my back and my shaft was up 90 degree. She was now watching the danda and said: “Don’t be silly, now get up and dress yourself. What would Thakurma or ma say if they see us like this”. “Please, kakima, please, only once show me everything”. “What will your Kaku (uncle) say, if he knew that I have let you see me naked?”. “Oh, we won’t tell him”. Now she had to laugh. Then she said: “Okay, I will ask Thakurma if I can wash you. If she says, yes, you will come upstairs and I will wash you and show myself naked. But only once, okay?”. “Yes, kakima, okay”. Then I got up, no more shy to show her my cock, knowing that I will see her fully naked a day after. And now it was giving me a thrill seeing how she was watching my danda.

    I could not concentrate myself on anything. I could not sleep well. I was then waiting to see what happens. Like everyday, my grandma came and started undressing me. I was desperate. But at that moment, kakima came in the room and asked my grandma, if she would rather like to get ready for puja leaving me to her for washing etc. “Oh yes”, said my Thakurma, “That’s a very good idea, I wouldn’t mind if you would take this load off me everyday”. I almost jumped hearing this proposal. “Sure, ma, I can do it for you everyday”, said Kakima. “I will take him now to my bathroom, so that you can wash yourself and start puja”. My heart was almost exploding. Does it mean that from now on I will see my goddess Kaki naked everyday?

    So we went upstairs to her bathroom. She closed the door and immediately stripped me off. Before I knew what was happening, she took a bucket full of water and poured on my head. I screamed because the water was cold. She was wearing her gown, so I was able to see her boobies. She saw me watching her round balls and said: “You don’t have to steal a look at them, you will see me naked in a few minutes anyway”. Oh my god, am I dreaming, I thought. Then she brought a bottle of oil, sat down in front of me on a low table and started oiling me all over, starting from my neck. Oh, it was much nicer than when my grandma oiled me. By the time her hand has reached my belly, my cock was up and stiff. Although I am myself quite dark, my cock was even more dark. And she was very fair. She was watching this black piece of rod and started giving him a good malish (massage) with oil. Ohhh! I almost fainted. After all, till to this time I had not even masturbated. So the prickling was totally strange to me. “Goodness, your danda is now so hot “, said my goddess. Now, I thought, I must touch her, anywhere on her body. But before I could do anything, she took off, all of a sudden, her gown and said: “Now you pour a bucket of water on me, will you be able to do that?”. “Yes”, I said faintly, totally confused, and brought an empty bucket. She laughed;: “Come on, don’t be so nervous, bring the water, pour it on me, and then take a good look at me. I am showing you everything.” This time I managed to do what she wanted. Then she said: “Now oil my body”. I started the same way as she did from neck downwards. I was rubbing and rubbing her back, not knowing whether I should oil her boobies too. “I thought you like my boobies, what don’t you come around and oil them”. “Yes, I will “, I said very faintly and came around standing in front of my goddess. Oh god! She was sitting with her legs wide apart. I could see the whole of her pussy with a long slit, covered with a thin coat of hair, not as thick as my mom’s. Oh! And then I had her boobies in my hand. I started giving a light massage, first the nipples then the rest, hard as rock. I kept on doing this. She was sitting there with her eyes closed, legs apart, the pussy glistening. “ You are doing a good massage, I like it”. “Really?”, I almost fainted.

    Then she got up and said: “That’s fine for today, now we must get ready” and turned her back towards me, searching for something on the cupboard. Her pussy was now at the same height as my danda. I could not control myself anymore. I just moved my cock and touched her pussy with it. For a second she said nothing. Then: “Hey, are you mad, don’t do that, take away your danda from my guddu (pussy) ”. I did so and then we poured again a bucket each of water on us. She then dried and dressed me, gave a light kiss on my mouth and said: “Go, ma must be waiting with lunch”.

    I was in a trance. I just didn’t realize what was happening around me and I was already waiting for the bath next day. But then something else happened. Around 4 pm, there was a knock on the door which I opened. My mashima (mother’s younger sister) was standing there. She said she has come to meet my kakima. It was decided that she will stay overnight in our house. It meant that she will use my bed, and I will sleep with my Kakima. Wow! Wow! Hardly this decision was taken, there was another knock on the door, and – oh my god! – my uncle was there. It turned out that he has lost his job because the company has gone bancrupt.
    My first thought was: “Bullshit, I can’t sleep with Kaki in the same bed”. For the first time in my life, I hated my uncle. And I started thinking like this:”Ha, ha, you don’t know that I have seen your wife completely naked, I had her big tits in my hand, and I had touched her pussy with my Danda, ha, ha, ha”.

    But then it was decided that I can sleep with my kakima and uncle in the same bed because my own bed was too small for my visting Mashima and myself. So after dinner, we went upstairs and I laid down on the bed on one end. A few minutes later came my Kakima and laid down next to me. My uncle was in the bathroom for some time before he also slept next to my Kakima. After a while I fell asleep. I woke up a little later because our bed was bouncing up and down. I slowly opened my eyes and saw my uncle on top of my Kakima, moving up and down and sighing:”Uh! Uh!, Oh!, Oh!, Ohhhh! Ohhhh!“. Now he was moving very fast, then he gave 3-4 jerks. I heard my Kakima only once: “Uhhh!”. Then my uncle said: “Ufff! Ki Aram” (What a pleasure). Then he got off my Kakima. In that moment I could see that she was naked and that he took out his danda from her pussy. I could also see that his danda was not big, much smaller than mine. I had no idea what was going on. But I was able to watch in the darkness that he was lying next to her and kneading one of her tits with one hand. That went on for some time. Then he took one hand of hers and put it on his danda, and started giving it a rub with her hand. The danda got stiff. Then I heard my Kakima whisper to him:”Don’t you think, once is enough? The child could wake up”. “No, he is sleeping fast, let me have it once more, please”. And before my goddess could say thing, he was up on her again, and this time I could see his upright danda. He took it in his hand, my Kakima spread her legs apart a bit, and he inserted his cock into her pussy. Then he again started bumping up and down on her, at the same time kneading the two gorgeous tits of my goddess with his hands. It was not very long before he started sighing again: :”Uh! Uh!, Oh!, Oh!, Ohhhh! Ohhhh!“. Then he got out of the bed and went to the bathroom. I could hear him pissing. Since he had kept the bathroom door open and switched on the light, I could see him washing his cock, drying it up with a towel. Then he came back, laid down in the bed, turned his back to my Kakima, and almost immediately started snoring.

    Then my kakima got up, totally naked, picked up her gown from the floor, went to the bathroom, and started washing her pussy. I had a full view of her pussy, and I was now getting mad. My danda was now hard like rock. For the first time in my life, I started rubbing it and felt good. But then my kakima returned and so I stopped rubbing. She laid down, gave a very gentle kiss on my forehead, then turned her back on me. Now I was determined to touch her. I wanted to touch her pussy. I waited for some time hoping that she might fall asleep. Then I had no more patience. I could see that her gown was covering her buttocks, but not much of her legs. So I slowly started sliding down till I was able to reach her naked legs with my hand. After a while, I put my hand on her buttocks and kept it there. She didn’t move, so I let my hand slip till it was on her naked thigh. Oh my god! What a pleasure! I just kept my hand there for some time, and then started moving it towards her pussy. Ufff! My middle finger was now in her slit which was moist. I moved my finger a little and found a hole. So I kept on moving it till I could not anymore because the other fingers were already at the wall of her pussy. Now I started to move my middle finger into her pussy, sort of exploring the inside of it. My god! I found there so many different ups and downs, all very wet. Then I slowly took out my finger. Now I thought I can repeat the whole procedure, but this time using my Danda instead of the middle finger.

    For the first time, I was happy to have a long danda. I just pressed my belly against her buttock and then started inserting my cock in her pussy and stopped when I had the whole danda in her hole. I kept it there for a while enjoying the feeling of being in her pussy. I was not sure what I should do next. Then I felt some movements and saw that my aunt was slowly moving herself up and down. Ohhhh! What a feeling. Oh my god! Then I also started moving. I knew now that she was awake. So it was like see-sawing. And now, all of a sudden, I started breathing and sighing like my uncle: ”Uh! Uh!, Oh!, Oh!, Ohhhh! Ohhhh!“. Then I heard the same kind of breathing and sighing coming from my kakima. “”Uh! Uh!, Oh!, Oh!“. Thank god that my uncle was snoaring away not knowing that his wife was in the process of being fucked by a child, his nephew.

    Then, all of a sudden, the pussy started squeezing my danda till I felt as if it was arrested in a vice. The grip was so hard that I could hardly breathe. Then the pussy started pumping quickly, on and off, on and off. And my kakima was now groaning quite loudly: ”Uh! Uh!, Oh!, Oh!, Ohhhh! Ohhhh!, Uh! Uh!, Ohhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh! Ohh! Oh!“ This went on for a while, then her pussy let loose my cock. But now I started pumping. I had to do it very fast and then I felt that some liquid will come out. I thought it would be my piss. Oh my god! I will not piss inside my goddess! So I forgot that my uncle was there and talked almost loudly:”Kakima, e ki hochchhe, amar ki pechchab ashche?” (Kakima, what is this, am I going to piss)? “ Na, Na, thik aache, eta pechchab noi, kore jao, rawsh berobeh” (No, no. it is okay, it is not piss, carry on, a juice will come out). It was too late anyway to control anything. A whole lot of juice was bursting out of my cock and pouring into her pussy. And now I was also groaning: “Kakima, Uh! Uh!, Oh!, Oh!, Ohhhh! Ohhhh!, Uh! Uh!, Ohhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh! Ohh! Oh!“. And then I was finished. I put one hand on her breast and started kissing her neck. She then turned round and kissed my lips. And I kept on stroking one of her breasts. Oh my god! I was in the heaven with my goddess! Then she asked me to get up, go to the toilette and wash my penis. I did what she wanted. Then she did the same. After that, we both fell asleep.

    Next day, we did as if nothing had happened till my grandma asked kakima to wash me. We went upstairs into her bathroom. She locked the door, took off her gown standing there stark naked – what a beautiful body! Upright breasts with hard nipples, a slim tummy and a beauty of pussy – with light dark hair and a long slit. I put my finger on it. But she was in a hurry. She undressed me, forcing me back to sit on a chair, took my cock in her hand and rubbed till it was erect. Then she turned her back on me and sat on my lap, my cock going deep into her pussy. We started see-sawing. She took on of my hand and put it on her breast. “Tepo, khub tepo, ufff!” (Press, press hard). “Oh yes, kakima, I can crush your boobie, ohh! What a pleasure”. In the meantime she had taken my other hand and put my middle finger on her clit and started rubbing it furiously. Very soon, we were both groaning: ”Uh! Uh!, Oh!, Oh!, Ohhhh! Ohhhh!, Uh! Uh!, Ohhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh! Ohh! Oh!“ And now I saw in the daylight, for the first time in my life, my sperm. Her legs, my legs and the floor beneath were full of this white juice.

    But we had to hurry up with our washing because we were afraid that someone may come and knock on the bathroom door.

    After this, we used to fuck regularly. I came to know from her that my uncle was almost impotent. His cock remained stiff only for a very short time and he discharged his juice after only two or three movements. My kakima has been my only love, although I have fucked at least one hundred women in my life. She knew that and even enjoyed when I used to tell her all my sexual experiences. She even knew that I fucked my grandma and also her mother! She was my best friend. She died only a few years ago. She even asked me to fuck her while she was actually in her deathbed. But for that she was too weak. So I finger-fucked her. Even now when I think of her, I get hot and masturbate.
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    Very amazing story as I enjoyed every moment of excitement!
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