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Thread: The Wife

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    Default The Wife

    hey everyone. since im having trouble trying to figure out how i want the My Sister Amanda Series to go, i have been talking with mrbigfun and she has helped me come up with this next story. so i cant take all the credit in the creation of this one. but i hope y ou enjoy it all the same.

    Chapter 1: The Bar

    Hello, my name is Mark and I would like to share this story with you. To start off with let me describe myself. I am 25 years old, 5'8" tall with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Now i have a pretty fit body, not to muscular but built enough that the ladies love to run there hands over me whenever they can. Now I had just gotten off work and decided to go to the local bar to have a few drinks. I work for this networking company and we have been doing alot of upgrades to the system so it's been a pretty stressful week. I was really thankful today was Friday cause I didn't plan on doing a fucking thing all weekend.

    Now all I had on was a buton down shirt which i had untucked as soon as i clocked out, a loose fitting pair of blue jeans, and some tennis shoes. I really wasnt dressed to pick up any girls tonight, I was ust out to have a few drinks and relax. But then she walked in, a stunning woman. She stood about 5'5", curly dirty blonde hair that flowed to about the middle of her back, a nice set of tits that if i had to guess, would have to be at least a 36C. She was wearing a white tank top that was extremly tight on her, like so tight that you can damn near make out the design of her bra. A plaid skirt that went maybe an inch past her veluptouse ass. One look at her and my cock started to stir.

    I watched her as she walked up to the bar and sat down, crossing her legs, and looking around. I noticed that i was not the only man who was staring at her, with looks like that it was hard not to stare at her. I usually don't go up and talk to women but for some reason I did. i walked right up to her...

    "Hey, mind if I sit here?" i asked her pointing to the stool next to her.

    She looked up at me and smiled. "Sure, have a seat" she told me.

    As i sat down i realized that my cock was fully erect and I was sure that there was a buldge in the front of my jeans. I hoped she hadn't noticed it so i just looked into her green eyes as I called the bartender over.

    "Get me another Jack and coke and whatever the lady wants, and put it on my tab. " I tell him.

    She looks up and orders a Vodka and coke and as the bartender walks off, she looks back at me.

    "So do you do this often? Come talk to women you don't know?" she asks me.

    I chuckle as I tell her, "No, you are the first one I have ever done this to."

    She smiles at me as the bartender comes back with our drinks. I take a few sips off mine before she asks me.. "So handsome, what's your name?"

    I look at her, "Mark. My name is Mark. Whats yours?" i ask her.

    "Well Mark, its nice to meet you, I'm Jessica." she says as she holds out her hand.

    I take her hand and give it a small shake before pulling it towards me and kissing the top of her hand. She smiles at me again as i let go of her hand then takes a sip of her drink. I watch her as I see her eyes roaming the bar before looking back at me. I notice she is loking me up and down and feeling my cock strain against my jeans I'm hoping she doesnt notice the buldge. As i watch her I notice her eyes get a little bigger as they are looking towards my crotch. I feel my face turn red from embarassment knowing that she has definently noticed it. It is hard to hide an 8.5" dick in any kind of clothing, especially when its at full attention.

    "I take it you like what you see?" she says to me with a laugh.

    My face turns even redder, i can feel the heat from it as I tell her, "I'm so sorry. I don't know why I'm like this tonight. This is really embarassing."

    She laughs a little as she takes another sip of her drink before placing her hand right on top of my buldge. "It's okay handsome. I don't mind at all. In fact, I kinda like it. How about you and I go over to that booth in the corner over there." she says as she points to a booth way of in the corner.

    I nod and we both get up off the stools, grabbing our drinks and head over to the booth. As we get there i let her slide in on the inside facing the room as I slide in beside her. The corner seems fairly dark. As I sit down I wrap my arm around her as she lays a hand back on my buldge.

    "This beast feels pretty big" she tells me as she begins to rub my cock up and down through my jeans.

    I look up at as smile and tell her, "Its big enough i haven't had any complaints."

    "From the feel of it i bet not. Would love to wrap my lips around it." she tells me.

    I Just look at her and chuckle, then felt her slide my zipper down. I looked down as she was reaching in then looked back up at her with a semi shocked exoression on my face as she smiled and winked at me.

    "Don't worry handsome. Everyone is to busy with other things to noticed this big dick handing out." she tells me as she pulls it out.

    Apon seeing it her eyes get big then licks her lips.

    "Wow that thing is bigger than I thought it would be." she says as she begins to slowly stroke it. The pre-cum already ozzing out of the tip.

    I smile at her and I turn to look around to make sure no one is watching us I feel her wet lips engulf my head and slowly slide down the saft till I fell the back of her throat. I let out a light moan and look down and see her lips wrapped around my cock and her head bobbing up and down on it. I start to grind my hips to her rythm as she continues to take all 8.5" of my throbbing cock.
    I felt her head go all the way down and take my entire length down her throat and swallow. The feel of her throat squeezing the head of my cock was something I have never felt before andI knew after that I wasn't going to last long.

    "Oh god im going to cum." I tell her.

    All she did was l slide her lips off my shaft till just the head was in and twirled her tongue around the sensitive part of my cock as she sucked. She was sucking like she was milking me, and thats exactly what she did. A few seconds of that and my balls tightened up, my cock swelled up before blasting several think ropes of cum in her mouth. She moaned with every jet I pumped in as she massaged my balls. It seemed like an eternity that my orgasm lasted but finally I came down. Panting I look at her as she slips my head out of her mouth with a pop.

    "That... *pant pant* was the best... *pant pant* blowjob that I have ever had." I tell her, breathing heavily.

    "Mmmmm I'm glad you enjoyed it handsome. But now I want this big dick inside me, filling me up." she says in a most erotic voice.

    I look around I remembered that we were still in the bar before looking back at her.

    "Want to come to my place then baby?" I ask her.

    She shakes her head no as she says, "Lets go to our hotel room."

    I look at her quizzically as i ask her, "Our?"

    "Mine and my husbands. He is sitting right over there at the bar. He saw the whole thing handsome." she tells me.

    After hearing that I begin to start sweating. I'm thinking, "Great, this guys wife just sucked my dick in public and he saw the whole thing and now he's going to be pissed off at me and probobly try and beat the shit out of me." But i look at her with a worried look and she seemed to have seen it.

    "Don't worry handsome, he loves watching me get fucked my other men. So how about you and I get in our car and go to the Hotel. Then you can fuck me with this big cock of yours." she says as she starts to stroke my semi hard cock.

    All i could do it nod as we get up and head for the door.

    To Be Continued...........
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    ok everyone. here is chapter 2. hope everyone enjoys it and please leave comments.

    The Wife

    Chapter 2: The Hallway

    As we stepped outside of the bar, Jessica spun around and wrapped her arms around my neck and planted her lips on top of mine, kissing me passionately. Her tongue pushing past my lips and into my mouth, dancing with my tongue. I can still taste the cum of mine she swallowed not more than 5 minutes ago. I wrapped my hands around her and slid them up her thighs and under her skirt to her soft skinned ass. That was when I noticed that she wasn’t wearing any panties and that just made my cock hard all over again. As we were locked in a lovers embrace, her husband stepped out of the bar, turned to look at us, smiled, and then walked on past us to the car. A few minutes of that and we finally broke the kiss as she grabbed me by the hand and pulled me towards the car.
    “Baby you drive us to the hotel, and you handsome, sit in the back with me.” She said as she gave me a wink.
    Her husband climbed into the drivers’ seat and Jessica in the back seat behind him while I slid in the back seat next to Jessica.
    “Honey I want you to look at this” she tells her husband as she unzips my pants and pulls out my fully erect cock out.
    I watch him as he looks in his rear view mirror and adjusts it so he can see my cock in it. His eyes get wide as he takes in the size and grins as he watches his wife lean over my lap and licks the head.
    “Isn’t it a big cock baby?” she asks her husband before sitting back up and pulling me into a deep passionate kiss, he tongue pushing past my lips and begins to dance with mine. I take a hand and reach between her legs under her skirt and feel her wet panties, slipping a finger under them through the side and find her button and begin rubbing it. She begins to grind her hips against my hand and moan, never breaking our kiss. She takes her hand and grips my cock firmly with it and begins to stroke it, up and down.
    She breaks the kiss and looks at me with lust in her eyes as I rub her clit, she looks down as my cock as she continues to stroke my cock as she feels it pulse in her hand. I lean over to her and put my lips near her ear and ask her, “Do you think your husband is jacking off while he watches us?”
    “Oh I know he is handsome” she says.
    I look back up at him and I see his eyes dark from the mirror to the road and back again and noticing that he is bouncing in a way that the car isn’t causing. I look at Jessica then back at her husband and lean forward. I smile as I see him stroking his cock as he drives down the road, then lean back and push 2 fingers deep into her waiting cunt. She gasps and moans as I do and I started to finger fuck her when all of a sudden the car stops. I look around and notice that we have arrived at the hotel and before we get out I stop her.
    “I want you to pull your tits out and walk with them out all the way to the room. I also want you to lead me to the room by my cock.” I tell her.
    She looks at me and smiles and takes her shirt and bra off before getting out of the car. I slide over to the same door she climbed out of and just as I was about to stand up, she grips my cock and pulls on it lightly as I stand up, then turns around and begins to walk inside the hotel, guiding me by my cock. As we are walking down the hall a door opens up and out walks a thin red headed woman. She stood about 5’4” tall, about a C cup set of tits, and an ass to match the rest of her curves.
    The red headed woman saw us and stood there in shock, her mouth hung wide open as she just stared at us as we walked up to her. Jessica stopped in front of the woman and said, “What? Have you never seen a cock before?”
    The red head just stood there not moving or saying a word, but her eyes were glued to what Jessica had a hold of. Jessica watched the red head for moment then dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth and began to slide her mouth up and down my shaft. The red head gasped slightly and her mouth opened wider as she watched Jessica suck my cock right there in the middle of the hallway. Jessica pulled my cock out of her mouth with a loud pop and looked at the red head.
    “Come here sugga, help me with this. This is a lot of cock for me.” Jessica told the red head.
    All the red head did was just stand there, staring at my cock. She stood up and walked over to the red head and put her arms around her shoulders and guided her to me saying, “Its ok sweetie, he doesn’t bite.”
    Jessica got the red head in front of me and pushed her gently down to her knees, my mushroom head just inches from her face. The girl’s eyes never leaving my cock.
    “It’s ok sweetie, you can touch it.” Jessica told the red head.
    Slowly the red head lifted her hand and wrapped her hand around my shaft, gasping when she felt it for the first time. Jessica gently pushed the red head closer and closer to my cock till the head was touching her lip, then she instinctively sucked the head into her mouth... I groaned slightly as I felt it slip past her lips and into her warm, wet mouth. I felt her run her tongue around the head and on the underside of my head, causing me to grind my hips, shoving more of my cock into her mouth.
    “It’s ok sugga, suck his cock, he likes it when you suck his big hard cock…” she told the red head.
    The red head looked at Jessica then back at my cock and slowly started to slide her head up and down my shat, taking more in each time.. Jessica went behind her and ran her hands down the front of her body then back up, going under neither her shirt to cup her breasts. I heard her unclasp the bra and saw her hands under the shirt massage her tits. The red head began to moan on my cock as her tits were being played with.
    “Take her shirt off” I tell Jessica.
    She smiles and nods as she lifts the red head shirt up as I pull my cock out of her mouth long enough for the shirt to go over her head and off then pushing my cock back into her mouth. Then the bra fell off, leaving her tits completely exposed for Jessica to play with, which she wasted no time in doing. Reaching around the front of her and began to fondle and massage her tits again, pinching her nipples till they were hard. The whole time the red head is moaning as she continues to suck on my cock.
    Jessica leans forward and keeps a hand on one of her tits while she uses the other one to cup my balls and massages them, the feeling is so great that I begin to grind my hips in rhythm with the red heads sucking. The red head was very talented at sucking dick, and with Jessica massaging my balls I could start to feel my balls starting to tighten up. All of a sudden the red head gasps and moans and as I look down Jessica had a big grin on her face. She had slid her hand off her tit and down to her pussy and was fingering her.
    The red head pushed her head as far down my shaft as she could, I could feel my head go into her throat then felt her swallow. She slid her head back and pulled my cock out of her mouth while she grabbed the shaft and licked the head all the way around before wrapping her lips around my shaft and sliding down again. She got half my cock in her mouth when she paused, her eyes opened up real wide and I felt her whole body start to shake as she screamed with my cock muffling her as she had her orgasm.
    “That’s right sweetie, cum for me” Jessica said as she kept slamming her fingers in and out of the red heads pussy.
    That was all it took for me... “Oh fuck I’m going to cum” I told the girls.
    Jessica pulled my cock out of the red heads mouth and started to stroke me.
    “You want him to cum all over you?” Jessica asked the red head.
    All the red head could do was nod while she panted from her orgasm which was still going on. Jessica started to stroke my cock faster till she felt it swell up, aiming it at the red heads face just as I shot the first stream, hitting her on her cheek. A few more shots landed on her mouth forehead and chin, while the last couple of shots landed on her tits. Jessica stroke and squeezed my cock, making sure every drop of my seed was out before removing her own fingers from the red heads pussy. Holding them up to her face she looked at me and grinned as I saw that her first 3 fingers were soaked. She took her fingers and sucked on them till they were clean.
    “Mmmm that was wonderful, I’m so wet right now. Come on handsome, I still want to fill that big thing fill me up.” She said as she grabbed the red heads shirt, stood up, then grabbed me by my cock and led me to their room…..

    To Be Continued………
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