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    Default I Have Sex With My Mom, Dad and Brother

    "I Have Sex With My Mom, Dad and Brother" by Melissa Roberts

    [Yes, I am the author of this story. I don't believe in plagiarism. There are people that "get off" by submitting stories that other people wrote and enjoy the accolades. I am not one of those assholes that claim to be authors of other peoples work. I wrote this story today and it took me eight hours of work to complete it. I "spell checked" it, and now it is ready. An author should sleep for the night then read the story again with fresh eyes in the morning, but I did not. I just drank a few beers and said, "Looks okay to me."]

    About six months ago my girlfriend Kelly called me and asked if I wanted to go out dancing with her at the lesbian bar for a couple of hours. I told her that sounded like fun, so she said, "Great! I will be over at nine o'clock to pick you up."

    I took a shower then started going through the clothes in my closet trying to decide what to wear for the evening. After a while I chose my little black dress. It has five buttons down the front, so it is adjustable from being modest to ultra sexy. If I feel like showing off a lot of skin then I unclasp all the buttons except for the middle one. When using just the one button, every time I take a step, people can see my entire left leg all the way up to my panties and the neckline plunges almost to my waist. People sitting or standing next to me can clearly see my breasts with their hard nipples straining against the fabric. I slipped on a pair of black thong panties and black high heel shoes then put on my dress and buttoned all five buttons. I looked in the mirror and said to myself, "Girl, you are smoking hot."

    Kelly picked me up at exactly nine o'clock. After I got in her car, I gave her a long french kiss then complimented her on how sexy she looks wearing her black tube top and short black skirt that is slit up the side.

    After we had a couple of drinks at the bar I made a trip to the bathroom and unclasped all the buttons on my dress except for the middle one then returned and asked Kelly to dance. They were playing disco music and we had a fun time dancing together. After a while they switched to slow sensual music. Kelly and I held each other tight and passionately kissed each other while we danced. After a while she asked if I wanted to come over her apartment and have sex with her. I replied, "That sounds like fun, but let's dance during one more song."

    I gently pushed her arms away from me then grasped her tube top and slowly pulled it down revealing her fantastic pair of big firm breasts. She unclasped the last button of my dress then pushed away the fabric and ran her hands around my waist. We began dancing again and the sensation of having our naked breasts pressing together in this public setting was incredibly erotic.

    We spent about a half hour at her apartment then I told her that I needed to be getting home because I had to get up early the next morning. I stuffed my panties in my purse then put on my dress and used just the middle button.

    When we got to my house about eleven thirty I noticed the living room lights were still on. When I walked in the back door my parents were sitting on the couch watching television. I walked up to them to say goodnight and Mom asked me to sit down between them because my Dad and her want to ask me a serious question.

    After I sat down my mother said, "Melissa, your father and I want to ask you something personal. No matter what your answer will be, you must promise to keep this a secret between us."

    I replied, "I promise not to tell anybody. Go ahead and ask me anything you want."

    Dad put his arm around me and I noticed that he was staring down the front of my dress at my naked breasts while Mom started deciding what to say. After hesitating for a few moments, she said, "Melissa, your father and I have been married for twenty years and our sex life has become fairly boring the past few years. You father and I would like you to join us in our sex life once in a while. It does not have to be very often, maybe just once or twice a week. Don't think that we are perverted people or something worse because we are not. It is just that we both love sex and thought it would be enjoyable for another person to join us every now and then. You can say "no" right now and we will never discuss this subject again, but we hope you will join us for some fun in bed."

    I stared at Mom for a few moments then turned my head and looked at Dad. While I was looking at Dad, Mom unclasped the last button of my dress and pulled it open revealing my naked body. Dad leaned closer towards me and we began kissing. Mom got up from the couch and I could see her undressing out of the corner of my eye. She stripped naked then got on her knees between my legs and buried her face in my pussy! Oh my God, my parents are perverted and I love them! I have been wanting to do this for years, but never had the nerve to ask them!

    Dad raised up slightly from the couch and pushed his shorts down then took my hand and guided to his cock. It quickly got hard and I began slowly jacking it up and down while Mom kept flicking her tongue in and out of my pussy. After a couple of minutes I felt an orgasm building up in me and started shouting, "Oh Mom that feels so fucking good! Don't stop! Fuck your daughter with your tongue! Eat her pussy! Eat your daughter's pussy! Fuck your daughter! Eat her pussy!"

    Suddenly, a shockwave of erotic incestuous pleasure raced through my body! It was awesome! My body trembled violently for a few moments then I relaxed while a second round of milder erotic sensations enveloped me with a calming influence. My parents enjoyed watching me sit silently on the couch for a short while then we all stood up and went upstairs to their bedroom. Once inside their bedroom I let my dress slide down my arms revealing my beautiful naked body while Mom got on the bed and pushed a pillow under her head.

    Dad got his camera from the top of the dresser and started taking video of me getting on the bed between Mom's legs. I though to myself at the time, "Oh my God, her pussy is beautiful. It is completely bald and perfectly smooth."

    I buried my face in her pussy and thought, "She tastes just as good as she looks."

    Dad kept taking video while Mom thrashed around on the bed from pleasure. She put both her hands on the back of my head and began thrusting her pelvis upwards into my face while loudly moaning. After a four or five minutes she suddenly became quiet and I noticed her body was shaking from the orgasm that was racing through her body.

    I crawled up next to her and laid on my back then told Dad that it was his turn now. He gave the camera to Mom then got on his knees between my legs. I stroked his cock back and for a few times then guided him inside me. I leaned back on my elbows and watched it slowly disappearing inside me. After it was all the way in, I laid flat on my back. Dad positioned himself over the top of me and we began fucking while tongue kissing each other.

    Mom walked around the room with the camera taking video of us quietly fucking for a few minutes then Dad started picking up speed. He started fucking me like a madman! Every time he thrust his cock inside me, he tried to get it further in! He was fucking the hell out of me!

    Suddenly, he stopped and I felt his cock ejaculating. I will always remember that wonderful incestuous sensation of my Dad's cock pumping his sperm in me for the first time! It was awesome! I thought to myself, "My Daddy really knows how to fuck!"

    Dad rested for a short time then pulled his cock out of me and rolled over on his back. I got out of bed then picked up my dress from the floor. On the way to the door I looked over my shoulder at my parents and said, "The answer to your question is yes."

    The next day I got up early, took a quick shower, then got dressed to attend my college class. I met Dad downstairs where he explained that he will be out of town on business for a few days again. He kissed me on the cheek and told me that he loves me then we both left the house at the same time.

    [That same evening]

    After supper my Mom, Michael and I were in the living room watching television when Michael got up and said, "I'm going over to my girlfriends and will be back about eleven o'clock."

    Mom and I watched television for a couple of hours then she asked me if I wanted to have a drink with her. I told her that I did, so she made us a couple tall glasses of peppermint schnapps with lots of ice.

    She came back to the living room and instead of sitting in her favorite chair, she sat next to me on the couch. We started talking about what happened the night before. After a while she leaned towards me and we began kissing. I thought to myself at the time, "Oh my God, my mother is a sex maniac, but then again, I am too!"

    A few minutes later there was a pile of clothes on the floor and my mother and I were laying on the couch passionately kissing while we ran our hands all over each other's naked bodies.

    Suddenly, we heard someone say, "Wow! Lesbian action! Awesome!"

    We both looked over to where we heard the voice and saw Michael watching us!

    Mom scrambled off the couch then picked up her clothes and held them in front of her in a vain attempt to hide her nudity. She looked at Michael and said, "Honey, it's not what you think! I can explain everything! Now, turn around for a minute while I put my clothes on."

    Instead of turning around Michael walked over to the couch. He sat down then said to Mom, "Relax and chill out. I think what you two were doing is cool. I think that more families should be like ours. You don't have to explain anything to me. By the way, you look awesome naked. You look just as good as Melissa."

    Mom smiled at Michael for a moment then dropped her clothes to the floor and said, "Do you really think that I look good naked?"

    Michael replied, "Hell yes! Your body is slender and toned, and you have a great pair of tits."

    Mom said, "Well, this calls for another drink. Do you two want to have a drink with me?"

    Mom got us drinks then she sat down on the couch between Michael and I. After she took a sip from her glass, she looked at Michael and said, "How come you are home early?"

    Michael replied, "Oh, my girlfriend and I got into an argument. I think that she is jealous of Melissa."

    Mom said, "Why do you think she is jealous of your sister"

    Michael continued, "Well, her brother just happened to be at the adult bookstore downtown the other night and he saw Melissa and I performing our live sex show in the "peep" room."

    Mom asked, "What is a peep room?

    Michael replied, "The call them different things depending on which adult bookstore you happened to be in. Basically, it is a stage surrounded by up to twenty individual booths that horny guys rent. A guy purchases tokens then selects a booth and locks the door. The guy pushes a token into the slot and it sends electrical current through the window. You could not see through the window before, but now you can. After two or three minutes you have to put in another token to continue the live sex show."

    Mom said, "So, how long have you and Melissa been performing live sex shows at the bookstore?"

    Michael replied, "Probably about six months."

    Mom asked, "How often do you two perform together?"

    Michael replied, "About once a week, sometimes more."

    I noticed that Mom was intrigued by what Michael was saying.

    After a while Michael moved closer to her and put his arm around her. He looked at Mom and said, "Have you ever thought about having sex on stage while dozens of guys are masturbating while watching you? Melissa and I are scheduled to perform tomorrow evening. Why don't you come with us. You and her can do a show together then I will walk in and fuck you both. What do you think? Do you want to?"

    Michael got up from the couch then reached down and gently grasped Mom's hand to help her stand up. He led her to the middle of the living room then took off his clothes. He moved closer to Mom then put his arms around her and they started passionately kissing each other while they ran their hands all over each other's naked bodies.

    After a while Michael told Mom to lay down on the floor then he got down on his knees and buried his face in her pussy! Mom started thrashing around, and moaning loudly!

    After a few minutes, Michael raised up then moved forward over the top of her. She reached between her legs and guided his cock inside her. They began slowly fucking. After a few minutes Mom started screaming, "Fuck your mommy! Fuck your mommy! Fuck her good! Give your mommy a good fucking! Fuck her! Fuck your mommy! Fuck her!"

    Suddenly, Michael pulled his cock out of Mom then stood up and started feverishly masturbating! Mom quickly got on her knees in front him then he shoved his cock in her open mouth! He grabbed the back of her head with both his hands and fucked her face for a few more seconds then he held her still while he ejaculated in her mouth!

    Mom swallowed several times then grabbed the base of his cock and pumped it several times to get out the last few drops.

    She waited a few moments then leaned back and let Michael's cock pop out of her mouth then said, "What time tomorrow are we supposed to be at the bookstore?"
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    Great story!!!!
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    That was a great story. I think I'll keep your name in mind, in case you make any more stories soon.
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    Incredible!!! Loved ever sentence!
    I will now of course be stalking you waiting for other great stories
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    Very good
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    great story, more plz.........
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    Nice story! Will be fun to read about what happens at the bookstore! Incest is so hot!
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