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Thread: Cynthia's move

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    Default Cynthia's move

    Cynthia saw Ameila, her daughter at 16 passed out on the couch. Ameila's breath was heavy, deep from the bottle of wine empty on the table.
    Cynthia couldn't help but notice her daughters chest rise with each breath. The way her breats stood, made Cynthia feel as if they were inviting her. For some time she has been noticing her daughter. Ever since she caught her laying on her bed, exploring her young body with her toys Cynthia's mind began to build a fantsy. That fantasy has since grown, growing into an urge.
    She found herself standing in the middle of the living room. Watching Ameila as she lay. Her t-shirt pushed up, exposing the soft skin of her stomach. As she lay on her side her shorts fell back, showing the pick of her thong. Cynthia's body reacted. Her pussy beginning to throb. Her self controll was lost, her body wanted action. Her body wanted to feel the lust of sin, the lust of darkness.
    Reaching out her fingers traced over the curve of her daughter. Ameila shifted, rolling to her back as if to accecpt the gesture. Cynthia slid her fingers under her shirt, slidding even higher. Showing the pink of her bra, pushing Ameila's young B cup breast inward. Her cleavege line drawing the imagination to what lay inderneath.
    Unclasping her bra clip, Cythnia couldn't help but feel electrified. Her body tingled at the thought. Cynthia reached down, unbuttoning her own pants, she slid her fingers under her panties. Her fingers teased at her opening, feeling the warmth of her own juices. Cynthia's finger tip was wet, sticky with her own nector. Pulling her hand out she slowly touched her finger to Ameila's nipple. Softly in a circular motion, bringing her young to attention. Pulling away a stan of juice hung to her finger, slowly breaking free.
    Not able to stop Cynthia leaned down. Her warm breath exhaling, kissing her own daughters nipple. The taste of her own nector, combined with the raw emotion of her act filled her body with exstacy. Ameila moaned. Her arms streching over her head. Cynthia panicked. Standing up she ran out of the room. Escaping into her own, only to finish what she had started alone.
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    this is starting out very hot. please keep going and tell us more or email me more. rammann0428@yahoo.com
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    makes my lil pussy wet too
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