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Thread: family issues

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    Default family issues

    i am trying to write this while at work so i may have to end without warning lol.

    Warning if overuse of commas and run on sentences bother you. you can stop reading here

    Ok so i was 17 and i had always been attracted to my sister who was a year younger than me. we had a very close relationship but it was never anything sexual, outside of my fantasies. i was your average to slim build around 5'7 and around 145 pounds, long wavy hair. My sister was shorter than i was and a perfect body. skinny, nice perky c tits, and an ass that could hug you.

    So one night after a family game of spades with my sister, dad, and mom i went up to my room to look at porn on my computer. I had gotten into the video i was watching and had failed to notice that my sister had came into the room and was standing behind me. My cock was extremely hard and starting to hurt from the pressure in my jeans, so i started to unbutton my pants. At this time my sister interrupted with "Ara! I knew you were a perv" as she giggled. My face turned bright red as i swiftly started closing tabs on my computer. "What are you doing in here?" i timidly asked my sister. "I was going to see if you wanted to go walking with me, but i can see your busy." she said with a grin. Looking up at her, she was wearing a skin tight tank top and some running shorts that were so short i could almost see her labia. I'm not sure if it was because i was horny from watching porn, or because she had just caught me about to jack off. But for some reason i wanted her really really bad. Something came over me as i daringly told her. "I dont see why you want to go walking you have the perfect body. But if you are in dire need of exercise i can think of a more pleasurable way to get in a work out". before i had even realized what i had sad i felt the warmth of her hand as she slapped me. Followed by the pain of the blow. She Screamed curse words at me before running from the room to go tell our parents. I didnt know what to do. A few minutes later my door opened again and in come my parents and my sister. After a gruesome scolding and being grounded from everything imaginable i was alone in my room again. I managed to fall asleep through the uncertainties of how my relationship with my sister would be after this altercation.

    It was around 2am when i was woken up by the sound of my door being opened i look up to see my dad coming into my room. He sits down beside me on the bed. "son, i know that you are at the age where sex is always on your mind. and that is only normal. I'm not mad at you for what you said to your sister. to tell you the truth it kind of turned me on" he said as he put his hand on my upper leg. I was frozen in shock. why was my dad telling me this. Why was his hand on my leg? why was he turned on by that?? He started to massage my leg. "Its obvious that you like girls, but have you ever thought about me like you think about your sister?" his hand moved from my leg up to my cock. "No! i have never thought about any guy!" i said while inching my self away from his hand. "Well i do, and i have been thinking about you for some time now. I know that your mom is mad at you right now but i think with some help from me she could see the humor in this whole situation and give you back your privilages.... but im not sure if i am going to talk to her about it yet" he said as he moved his hand back to my cock. "Dad.. what are you doing?". He reached in my boxers and freed my penis from my boxers. "Your not into guys, that's fine. just close your eyes and think about your sister, or any other girl that you find attractive" He said as he lowered his head down and engulfed my soft penis into his mouth. i was in shock i didnt know what to do. I wanted to make him stop but didnt know how to react. Feeling his warm mouth on my now hardening cock was starting to feel pretty good. So i took his advice and closed my eyes and started to think about my sisters head going up and down on my cock. Her sweet tongue wrapping around my head coaxing my seed from my testicles. It was an amazing feeling since i was still a virgin and had never had anything other than my hand. I was in ecstasy inside of her mouth... inside of his mouth. I couldn't hold back any longer as i shot the biggest load i had ever shot inside my dads mouth. He swallowed every last drop and seemed to enjoy it as he pulled my shrinking dick from his mouth. "See that wasn't so bad was it?" he asked me as he returned my dick to the comfort of my boxers. "Dad.. does this make me gay?" i asked. he laughed "Did you like it?". I shrugged "im not sure". "That may be something you will want to explore, and i will help you if you would like me to. But for now go to sleep. you have school in a few hours.. and lets keep this between us huh son? i love you" I nodded and rolled over onto my pillow as he left the room. Needless to say i didnt get any sleep as i thought about what had happened. My erection came back in no time as i thought about how i felt inside my dads mouth. I must have jacked off 5 or 6 times before my alarm went off telling me it was time to go to school.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dynamo Lion View Post
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    Yeah go on!

    I reckon the others haven't tuned into the humour.

    I laughed the whole time

    What have you got in store for us next??
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    Default Good incest family

    I think incest fantasies are always hot.You should be on with this
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