One evening I get an email from a guy I had met on the internet. He informs me that he was thinking of coming down the next evening with a couple of friends and was curious as to whether I felt like entertaining. I wrote back and agreed. Then I soon after received another email telling me what time they would arrive and how I was supposed to be dressed.

The following evening I started my transformation. I started with my black lace garter and stockings, a pair of lacy red boycut panties and a red lace bra. I was asked to wear my little breast falsies for the evening so I placed them in my bra and played with my nipples a bit. Then I proceeded to put on a long shimmering purple dress.

Next was my makeup. I started with the cover-up to make my face pale. Followed by two different shades of blue for my eyelids, some mascara, and some bright red lipstick for to make my lips look even sexier while they are wrapped around a hard cock. I used an eyeliner pencil to give me some sexy little lines in the corners of my eyes and then traced my lips to make them seem fuller. Then I put on a long curly haired pink wig.

Then I needed to decide on a porn to have playing when they arrive. I chose my favourite bisexual video and started it. I was to be a servant for the guys so I had earlier picked up a few different types of wine and liquer and arranged them on the countertop in the kitchen.

After about a half an hour the doorbell rang. I answered it to find 5 guys standing just outside. Suddenly I got extremely excited and quickly showed them in. I led them to the living room where they each took a seat. Dale (the only man of the group who I knew from previous encounters) told me that the porno on the television looked very interesting and that I had chosen well. I returned to the kitchen and started to make some drinks. When I came back to the other room I noticed all of the men had their cocks out and were stoking them while watching the movie.

Dale told me to come and sit between him and another guy so I obeyed. He then leaned over and brushed my hair over my shoulder and started to kiss and nibble on my neck which drives me absolutely wild. The other man (John) reached over and started to massage my breast through my dress. I moaned aloud.

Dale then grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face down towards John’s cock which was average size and cut, “Show everyone how good those cock sucker lips work”. I opened my mouth and took the head of it in. Wrapping my tongue around it while it slid in and out of my lips. The men all watched as I demonstrated just how good I could suck a cock.

“That’s enough for him for now, how bout you go put on that sexy nightie you wore for me last time. That way we can all see your sexy body a little better” Dale ordered me. I stood up and headed for my bedroom and proceeded to change from the dress to my skimpy black nightie.
I came back into the living room to find that Dale had a duffle bag sitting at his feet and he was digging through it. All of the guys had stripped naked and were sitting in their original spot. I glanced around the room checking out all of their equipment. They were all decent looking… Dale was about 40 and had a 7 inch uncut cock. John looked mid 30’s and was about 6 inches cut. Shawn was older, around 45 with a small 5 inch uncut. Ryan was about 30 and had a nice 7 inch cut. And then there was David, who was about 35, black, and had a monstrous throbbing juicy member that looked about 9 or more inches long and at least 2.5 inches thick. Oh my god!!!!

Dale saw me standing there staring at David’s package and then said, “you like that do you? Have you ever had anything that big in you?” “No never, I don’t even know if that could possibly fit” I replied. “Oh it’ll fucking fit alright… you’re going to be screaming but it’s gonna fit!” David said with a bit of a laugh.

Dale cleared off the shelf in my living room and placed a video camera on it strategically so that it was viewing the coffee table in the middle of the room. He instructed me to squat on my knees in the middle of the room. Once I was in position he pulled a set of ankle and wrist cuffs out of the bag and proceeded to strap me up until my wrists and ankles were securely fastened to each other behind me. “Now you are going to sit there like the little whore that you are and everyone can have their turns with you.” Dale said as he moved infront of me and held his cock infront of my face. “Suck you you little bitch”

I took him into my mouth and started to suck. He fucked my face as the other guys all moved around me. David knelt down on the ground beside me and started nibbleing on my neck. All I could think about was that huge dick of his and how big it would probably really be once it was fully erect. For some reason I didn’t think it was when I saw it before. I was so turned on as the men slapped their meat against my face as I sucked on Dale’s dong.

Dale slid out of me and then Shawn took position infront of me. His tiny prick was not very inviting after having the bigger one but I had to do what I had to do. David was now playing with my nipples underneath my false breasts and I was in heaven. Then suddenly I was bent downwards a bit and John said from behind me, “I’m just gonna skip the blow now and get the first pop at the beautiful cherry.” He pulled my panties down a bit and spit on my puckered asshole and the next thing I knew he was driving his dick into my hole. He had the length alright but I was used to my toy with was thicker and so it went in fairly easily.

The next to stand infront of me was David (oh David). At this point I didn’t really care who was fucking my ass because all I could think about was David and his magnificent fucking black cock. “I love having a little white whore sucking my black cock” he said as I opened as wide as I could. He grabbed me by the back of the head and pulled my mouth down onto the top of his throbbing member. Slowly putting it deeper into my throat until I started to gag. I could feel it getting bigger and bigger. Dale started to laugh, “You thought it was already full size before didn’t you? I am really going to enjoy watching that thing tear your ass open”

When David finally pulled away from my mouth I am guessing that it was 10 to 11 inches long and at least 3 inches wide at the bottom. I didn’t even think that it was possible to be that big. My toy was the biggest thing I had ever taken and it was 8 inches long and 1.5 inches wide, there was no way that that was going to fit inside me. Dale undid my cuffs and ordered me to lay face down on the coffee table. I did as I was told and then he removed some single cuffs from the bag and cuffed each wrist and ankle to a different leg of the table. Then Ryan went over and grabbed the camera, “I think we’re gonna want some hands on camera action with this scene.”

Ryan moved around to my ass end as David knelt behind me. Someone squirted a lot of lube all over my ass and smeared it into my ass hole with their fingers. I was scared so bad at this point. I was about to actually be torn in half by a monster black cock. Dale came around and ordered me to suck his cock, “if you bite down on me I’m just gonna tell him to slam it in as hard and fast as he can.”

I could feel the head of David’s dick pressing against my raw puckered asshole and then slowly it began to enter. It wasn’t bad at first and I moaned very loudly. It continued in very very slowly until it was starting to really hurt, so I wimpered. “It’s not even half way yet!” John said “You’ve got a lot more to go!”

As soon as he started to push a bit more I bit down just a little bit, Dale pulled out of me and suddenly I was jolted with pain as David slammed into me. “That was only another inch,” he said as tears ran down my face. Then he proceeded to pull out and push in for a bit and then gradually entering a bit more each time.It was actually starting to feel good. Someone pulled my cock out of my panties finally and started to stroke it. The feeling of being stuffed and having my dick jerked was amazing.

“I want to hear you scream like a whore again as I put the rest in,” David said as he thrust as hard as he could into my ass. Scream I did, but this time it was with more pleasure than pain. I was loving this. I screamed and moaned so loud I’m sure my neighbours were thinking I was being murdered. He fucked me with long slow strokes and every once in a while pulling out so that just his head was still in me and then driving it all the way to his balls. “Oh god fuck my slutty white ass!” I yelled and I felt him unload a massive shot of his juices into my hole.

He pulled out and held my ass cheeks so that my asshole was gaping open. “Well no one will every think you’re an anal virgin ever again!” he laughed. The guys undid my cuffs and sat down around me. I worked my way around the room sucking each one until they shot on my face my titts, and down my throat.

Everyone got dressed and said goodnight and headed out the door. Dale stopped before leaving, thanked me for the night and told me that I would be hearing from him. He said that he had a bunch of girls that wanted to see this video after it was made and that they may want to come with next time and see everything in person. “As long as David comes with you I’m all game!” I said.