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    Hey Guys!

    I am new here and wanted to get some feedback on a new incest video series I have been doing. It's called "My Pervy Brother" and it involves a Brother and Sister team. I can't say if they are really related but it doesn't matter right now cause he does not want to show his face. I have been working with him for a while and trying to convince his "Sister" to shoot with us and finally got her! So we have shot a few vid clips and they are pretty hot but did not want to push too much with anything else with them. But they are both down to do all kinds of things now but I am in need of a few taboo scenarios. Any ideas? Keep in mind he is still not comfortable showing his face. I have always wanted to film these kind of scenes so I am very excited to continue this series! So any suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


    Here are the stories that go along with the videos. To see pics or the vid clips then visit my Fetish Studio. Link is in my Sig!

    MY PERVY BROTHER - I Know He is Watching
    I thought I was all alone in the house. Mom was working and Bro was hanging out with his dorky friends so I decided to have some me time. Which usually means I get to masturbate and make all the noise I want! But little did I know my Brother had come home early and heard me pleasuring myself. I didn't lock the door so he was able to open it just enough to see what I was doing. And that little weirdo stood there and watched me! I didn't know he was there at first so I was fingering myself silly! Then I grabbed my Magic Wand, which I never get to used because it makes too much noise and makes me cum too loud! So when I first put it on my pussy I went crazy. It felt amazing and make me cum right away! So I start building up to another big orgasm and that's when I saw him. He was standing in my room by the door with his eyes popping out of his big head and he was rubbing his cock thru his jeans! I couldn't stop, I was soo turned on I didn't care who was watching! We made eye contact briefly as I screamed having the hardest orgasm ever! As I clamed down, reality hit me! My older Brother was standing there touching himself as I was masturbating! "OMG what the hell are you doing?" I yelled! "Get out of here you fucking pervert! I am soo going to tell Mom!" I said as I slammed the door in his face. I was pissed but still kind of turned on. I debated saying anything to Mom about it but I think I have a way to get him back!

    Not My Good Panties
    So, after I caught my brother spying on me while I was masturbating, I put a sign on my door telling him to keep out! I thought that would settle things. (You are have to do what signs tell you too, right!) Well I was getting ready for my date with Brad that night and about to take a shower when I realized I had left my robe in my closet and went back to my room to get it. I closed my closet door, turned around and guess what I see... My pervy brother jerking off with a pair of my favorite panties! (I was so mad!!!) I was going to tell Mom, but I had another idea instead. I have all the power here. I can get anything I want! I own him! I tell him that I he is going to let me use his nice car that Mom and Dad gave him just because he get's good grades! I blackmail him, threatening to expose him for the pervert he is if he doesn't let me use his car whenever I want. I tell him that I am going to fuck Brad in his car and that makes his cock twitch! "You like hearing about me fucking my boyfriend don't ya?" What a total weirdo! I tease him with my perfect body. Letting him know what a looser he is and that he will never get to fuck me. To make sure he was completely under my control, I give him a hand job with my panties and once he came I make him put on my sticky cum covered panties, like the filthy disgusting pervert he is!

    Brother Eats My Boyfriend's Creampie
    After I caught my pervy brother jerking off with my panties in my room I blackmailed him. I threatened to tell Mom, unless he let me use his car any time I wanted. (His car is much better than mine because he is a nerd and got good grades instead of having fun and being pretty, like me Well, I went out on a date with Brad last night, and he fucked me in every seat of my brothers car! (I came in each seat, and so did Brad!) We ended up staying out till the sun came up, and I had to sneak back into the house. I thought I was going to get caught by mom, but instead my pervy brother was there, in the living room waiting for me. I wanted to humiliate him, so I tell him all about how I got fucked in his car last night. (and wouldn't you know it, that filthy pervert was getting turned on by what I was telling him.) I knew then that he was completely under my control. I wanted to see what an obedient slave my brother was going to be, so I make him give me gas money and clean Brads cum out of my pussy with his tongue.

    Cum For Your Little Sister
    Since you are never going to be able to fuck this beautiful pussy, I am going to let you jerk off while I make myself cum! I am going to tell you how I want it done and you had not better cum before I do! I know you love watching your little sister play with her tight pussy! So take out that cock and start jerkin it! I bet you would love to just shove it in your sisters cunt wouldn't you? You are such a naughty boy! Now start jerking it faster while I tell you...
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    Thumbs down

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    Quote Originally Posted by storky View Post
    What do you mean?? I don't have any spam on my fetish studio. The stories above go with the video on my site. I have other fetish clips on there besides those. I wanted feeback on the incest series. You don't have to go to the site, you can read some of the short stories and advise me in the direction I should take. Thank you!
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    The links to the other sites have been removed.

    "Lost and Found Love" by Erika Snow is now available on Amazon and smashwords.
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