Brother And little sister Brother have always shared a special relationship. Right now she's 21 and Brother am 25. As a teenager she always flirted with me but wouldn't give herself to me until she was of age. On her 18th birthday we did the usual family dinner crap and it was boring as hell. All Brother could think about was making love to my beautiful sister. The following day she was home alone. Brother was at home watching TV when she called me and asked me to come over and fix her computer. Naturally Brother went right over. Brother walked into the house and her sweet voice called from her room. Brother opened the door and there she stood. Completely naked. She walked to me and kissed me like a lover. We made love in her bed twice before our mom pulled in the driveway and we had to quickly end it.
Today we share an apartment and are very happy together. Of course everyone thinks we just live together, but we spend most of our time doing everything that non-family couples do. If it was legal to marry her Brother would do it in a heartbeat. She is my true love, my life partner, and is really great in the sack *wink wink* Brother don't know what Brother'd do without her.