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    Post types of fake boobs=2

    in my book there are 2 types of fake boobs. the obvious one is implants. the second one which is not as obvious are fat boobs. yes i know all boobs are by nature made of fat and breast tissue but only to a set amount which differs with each girl. that's why i think that if boobs start getting bigger purely cause the girl has gotten fat they are now fake. what are your opinions?
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    Boob's are good.

    Anything bigger then the size of my head is to much though.

    PS ......... there are some seriously nice brains on the women here.
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    To me..fake means modifying something by hand instead of nature...but I agree with JPT. All boobs are fantastic...we must bow down to their superior supple powers
    I have a dream that someday ill be going "pppppbbbb" on ur wife's perfect titties

    "Piss on the obstacles and have fun while doing so"
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    getting fat is natural. its fake only when its altered to bcum what it is not
    nothin satisfies lyk a gud fuck
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    Well fake or natural..i love them all
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    the only fake tits i like are the type where the implants are behind the muscle. I had a friend who went from small C to big D , but got them behind the muscle. Then she got pregnant and now they don't even look fake..

    this is her.
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