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    Default Fuck buddy - 10 years on

    Attached some pics of my fuck buddy, from our most recent get together last week when her boyfriend went away for a week. She's in pretty good shape for a 54-year-old grandmother, as you can see and we've been satisfying each others needs for about 10 years now.

    We first met when I was on a gig and after smoking a joint in my car, she gave me a blowjob; It was an auspicious beginning. Even though she was drunker than shit, it was still pretty good. There was another time I fucked her in my car, but from then on we'd go to her apartment and get it on.

    One of the best things about this woman are her tits (or should I say two of the best things?), sweet little things, a bare handful with such sensitive nipples, I can make her cum by sucking and pulling.

    Her ass is divine, though, and when she's on her knees and gives me that look with a twinkle in her eye, I can hardly contain myself while directing my stiff cock against her soft warmth. It goes in so easily and the feeling of pushing into the pillow like cushion of her ass, reaching around to twiddle her clit until she begins to cum is heavenly. She is multi-orgasmic and I love to fuck her hard and deep, bringing her close to the edge, and then slow and shallow while feeling her quiver and shake, moaning until I plunge into her wetness and grabbing her hips, pull her tight and shoot my load deep within her clasping pussy.

    After all these years, her body is so familiar to me, and mine to her; we know just how to please the other. She says there is NOBODY who can eat her pussy like I do, especially her boyfriend who doesn't like to do it at all.

    She likes to keep herself clean shaven and I always loved the taste of her pussy. Man, once I start licking her nub, it gets all swollen and she starts moaning like a wounded animal once my mouth locks around it and I suck it in between my lips to squeeze, pull and nibble. She puts her fingertips lightly on the top of my head and kind of directs me; I take my cues from her motion and the noises she makes and as she reaches her loudest orgasmic crescendo, my cock throbs with anticipation.

    When we first began, I would bring her to this point and then, right in the middle of her cumming spasms I would plunge my waiting cock between the lips of her wet snatch. She would be squirming and my cock would slide millimeter by millimeter inside her oh god it felt so good, liquid heat. I could hold myself back and with her pussy walls were grasping at me, pulling me in, I'd fuck the shit out of that girl, throw her legs up over my shoulders and bounce up and down on her, my cock like a piston in her well lubricated cylinder. When I came, it felt like a bolt of electricity up my spine and I'd gush shot after shot deep within her, feeling it slosh back up on the head of my cock buried somewhere behind her belly button.

    I've been very fortunate to have found her, a woman with the sexual appetite of a man. We enjoy each others company and I've turned her on to XNXX to peruse the pictures and talk about what we like. She doesn't mind posing for me and would like to suck on a woman's breasts herself, and would let a woman eat her pussy if it were as good as the way I do it, but doesn't know anybody she'd like to try it with.

    If you want me to share some more FB stories, let me know, PM me if in the area.
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    Very Very Sexy Story , My Dick is getting big n big after reading this story.
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