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    Default My Granddaughter's first time

    My son and daughter-in-law work for an agency of the government that takes them out of the country for long periods of time, so their 10 year old daughter stays with me while they are gone.
    I have been her care giver most of her life since she was 3 years old. I often think of her as my own daughter instead of my grand-daughter. We are not modest around each other, she has seen me naked many times and I have bathed her and put her to bed, so we are comfortable around each other.
    I have always told her not to wear panties to bed because her body can "breathe" much better without them. We were both watching TV last night, I was in my boxers and she was in a mid-length nightie. She had her head in my lap laying on her tummy while I was rubbing her back. We did this almost every night and I would look at her sweet little butt cheeks as she lay there, her nightie always wound up around her chest as I rubbed her and I would let my hands wander the length of her small body, from her knees to her shoulders, every so often I would let a finger slip between her legs and I could feel her small pussy. When I did this, she would spread her legs a little bit and just enjoy the feeling.
    This particular night I was rubbing her and she said "grandpa, can I ask you a question?"
    "honey, you know you can ask me anything"
    "grandpa, what's a blowjob?"
    I had just taken a swallow of my coffee and almost choked on it when I heard her. This was a 10 year old child !
    "Sarah, I'll explain that to you, but where did you ever hear that term?"
    "we had a sex ed class in school today, and the teacher said that we should never let anyone touch our private parts". "After class, my friend Katy said that her daddy touched her there all the time and it made her feel good. Then when he was done, he would ask her for a "blowjob"
    I didn't know what I should do with the knowledge that one of her friends was getting abused at home, but I have always had thoughts myself of what it would be like to fuck a young girl, to take her panties off and kiss her little pussy and slip my tongue inside to work her little clit to orgasm. I decided that I wouldn't say anything, it seems that Katy likes the situation so why should I spoil it.
    "Sarah, a blowjob is a slang term for oral sex. It's when one partner takes the other partner's penis into their mouth and sucks it until they cum Usually the woman takes the mans penis in her mouth. The man will kiss the womans pussy and put his tongue inside her. He finds her clitoris or clit and that is very sensative for the woman, he can make her cum just by doing this.
    While I was explaining this to Sarah, she had reached her hand inside my boxers and wrapped her little fingers around my cock. I was so hard, I think my eyes crossed. "honey, I don't think that is a good idea." "doesn't this feel good grandpa?"
    "Oh honey, I can't tell you how good that feels."
    "grandpa, will you touch my pussy and make it feel good like Katy's daddy does for her?
    I had still kept rubbing her while explaining oral sex, and her fingers on my cock felt so good, I was leaking pre-cum allready. I let my finger slip between the cheeks of her little butt and began rubbing the lips of her little pussy, she was a little dry so I licked my finger, and then slipped it in between her pussy lips, she was so warm and tight, as I pushed in a little further, I felt her hyman. I pushed against it slightly and I could feel it give a little bit. I didn't want to rupture it yet, so I would back off and then go deep inside again and push on her hyman each time. I could feel it stretching, and Sarah was moaning, saying how good it felt to have my finger in her. She was moving her little hand up and down my cock, slowly stroking me until I knew it would just be a short time until I would cum.
    "Oh grandpa, something is happening, it feels like I'm going to wet myself"
    Sarah was about to experience her first orgasm.
    "it's ok honey, just let it happen, it will feel good."
    I pushed my finger inside her pussy and this time I felt a small tear appear in her hyman, She let out a yelp, and said "grandpa, that hurts"
    "Honey, it will stop hurting in a minute, and I kept pushing my finger deeper inside her. I felt the hyman shrink away from her channel, I knew then that one day, I would fuck her.
    Sarah was writhing up and down, as I fingered her, she was having a huge orgasm. I was having trouble keeping my finger inside her. I was about to cum myself, and Told her "don't stop honey, I'm cumming" I began shooting spurt after spurt of hot cum into my boxers, Sarah never took her hand away and my cum was all over it, I can't remember when I had such a good cum. Finally, I had to tell her to stop.
    "wow grandpa, did I do that?'
    "yes baby, you made that happen. thank you."
    "grandpa, I never felt anything like that before. I was afraid something bad was happening, but then it felt really, really good and I got all wet."
    "grandpa, will you show me how to give you a blowjob?"
    "Oh yes, Sarah, but we will have to do that later, grandpa can't do any more now."
    Sarah giggled and said " I can't wait to tell Katy about cumming on your finger grandpa"
    Instant fear paralized me. I knew what would happen if this were ever made public.
    "Sarah, you mustn't ever tell anyone what we did here tonight. The reason your teacher told you that no one must touch you there is because there are people who take advantage of little girls and boys and touch them and hurt them. If anyone finds out that I touched you and played with you, they would take you away from me and I would go to prison for a long, long time. What we did is against the law.
    Sarah started to cry, "grandpa, I don't ever want to leave you, I'm sorry I told you to touch me."
    "shhhh, don't cry honey, it's ok," I slipped my finger back into her little pussy and began moving in and out again, she dried her tears and opened her legs wide, I was now pushing my finger into her all the way, Sarah moaned and told me how good it felt.
    I began thinking about Katy and trying to figure why her daddy had only fingered her and not tried to fuck her.
    "Sarah, did Katy ever say why her daddy wanted her to give him a blowjob?"
    "She said it was because his penis was too big to fit inside her pussy. Grandpa, will your penis fit in my pussy?"
    "Honey, we might try it someday, but you will have to let me stretch your pussy a little bit first. Your body will adjust to the size of my cock and then it will feel good for both of us." I was still fingering her pussy when I decided I wanted to taste it. I laid her on the couch on her back and spread her legs
    "Sarah, I want to make you feel good with my mouth, I want to have oral sex with you."
    She said "OK" and I knelt between her legs and put my mouth to her pussy and kissed her, slipping my tongue between the lips as I did. I explored the inside of her pussy with my tongue and she tasted so sweet. I found her clit and began to pester it with my tongue, Sarah squealed and said "grandpa, it's happening again, watch out!" I stayed right there and increased my tittilation of her clit.
    OHHHHHHHH GRANDPA ! IT'S CUMMMMMMINNNNGGG ! Her body stiffened and I could taste her juices as she had her orgasm. In the meantime I had begun to get hard again. I'm pretty well endowed, I'm about 7 inches and pretty thick. I put Sarah's hand on my cock and she immediately began to stroke it. After a minute or two, I was fully hard again. Sarah looked up at me and asked "can I give a blowjob now grandpa?"
    OK honey, I'd like that. I told her. She scrambled to her knees between my legs. She put her fingers around my cock and once again began stroking it. "ok grandpa, tell me what to do"
    "Well, the first thing is, you have to make sure to use just your lips, if your teeth scrape my cock, it is very uncomfortable"
    "ok grandpa, she then put the head of my cock in her mouth, but didn't know what to do next.
    "now just slide your lips up and down, see how much you can get in your mouth."
    she cupped my balls in her hand as she sucked, I have never felt such a velvety softness before. I couldn't hold back, I had to cum.
    "Sarah I'm cumming." I thought she would pull away from my cock, but she kept sucking. The first stream of cum hit the back of her throat, but she kept going until the last of my cum.
    Sarah jumped up and ran to the bathroom and spit into a towel. Soon she was back and asking how she did.
    "Honey, that was the best blowjob I ever had."
    "I want to do that again for you grandpa, I want to do it for you all the time."
    "thank you honey, but now I think it's time we go to bed. Would you like to sleep in grandpa's bed tonight?"
    Sarah let out a squeal, "oh yes, yes, yes." and began running for the bedroom. I have big plans for Sarah and me, but that's another story.
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    Thumbs down aaaa yo

    that stpry was sick
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    Thumbs up good job

    I liked you'r story and whould like to here others and read part2 of this story.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pianodude427 View Post
    that stpry was sick
    Then why did you read it?

    I thought the story was good. I hope part 2 comes out soon.
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    Default Yes

    I loved your story. I hope you finally fucked her. Tells us about it.
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    Cool Story Im Going To Read Part 2
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    Great story!
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    so niceeee
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    Default my grand-daughters first time

    Oh-h-h so fantastic I love grand-father'granddaughter story I will read part for sure
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    Thumbs up

    Very good is part 2 out yet?
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    Great story.
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    What a great story this is.... I've been playing around with my granddaughter and she gave me her first blow job last week. I was absolutely wonderful! She also ran into the bathroom and soon came back wanting to suck me again.
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