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    Default Your first time?

    Post your first time stories!

    My first time was a year ago with a girl I just met (Both 18 years old); we chilled at my house and later went out to drink. I got fucked up! I puked and felt shitty.
    Eventually I found myself in my bathroom with her and she gave me some mouth wash for my puke breath. For some odd reason I had the thickest and hardest boner I've ever had.
    It came way outta my shorts and poked her. She just looked at me, said "OMG!", so I started kissing her then I took her ass to my room cuz I knew she wasn't gonna resist that.
    We fucked and I made her cum 8 times apparently. I barely remember anything during cuz I was trashed as hell so sorry no major details.
    Today I have been with her a year and we are very much in love :D

    Sorry if the story was lame, but at least it's a true story. Unlike some other things on this forum I've heard that I just don't believe.

    Don't forget to post your first time story as they are usually interesting.
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    most of those really big moments have some of the most boring stories imaginable. I shredded two ligaments in my knee, and no one would really believe the way it happened.

    As for my first time, it happened one night when I was getting hot and heavy making out with a gal--I was in my mid-20s--and I was wondering if I really wanted to take it any further, when she said, "You're not taking me t his far and then stopping." Next thing I knew she had my cock out and was sitting on it, buried in her pussy.
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    i was 17 and my boyfriend of 3 yrs took me out for a picknick was about 3 in the afternoon and we sat and had lovley food we had drink cheap champage the one that taste like battery acid but we were 17 and didnt care then he pulled out some other bottle it was vodka and lemonade so we sat and drank that and talked then wen night fell we stared to kiss and i instigtivly just grabed his cock then recolied obv but he reasured me it was ok so i sat stroking it untill it was real hard (he was very big bout 9" )so naturally i was scared of it all untill he started rubbing my pussy then i was like a crazed sex woman he gentlly pushed his cock into my drippig wet pussy and thursted a few time and i pushed him off and got on top a a min then he came so we got off got dressed nd laid next to each other for a bout an hour talking and kisssing untill i got horney agin and we went again but this time there was no holding back we both knew how good it was going to be so we went for it and god did i cum was the best sex ever still up till tis date! then becase i came so hard my pulsing made him cum so then we strightened my self up and we went back to his mums were we went again soo yeah 3 times in one night <3 perfect night

    p.s it was both or first times !
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    My first time I was about 15 she was a neighbor girl year older. We were just friends We were at her house. In hera treehouse when she asked if I would show her my dick. I pulled my dick out and showed her. My dick has not hard when I pulled it out but it s was starting to get her she started to playing with my cock. My cock get real hard when she ouch it. She was sitting next to me she had shorts on it was summer time. I ran my hand ip hard leg and in to the bottom off her shorts. Her and I started to kiss as she stroked my cock and I was rubbing her pussy through her underwear. Them I pulled her underwear to the side to get direct contact with her pussy. She after about 30 seconds. She asked me to stop for a few . We did my pants were still down. She then told me that she wanted me to be her first time. She got in to a drawer got a out a condom that she said she stolen from her dads room. We both took off all of are close. I had never put a condom in. So was not sure what the hell I was doing but she did help. I guess we learned together. We started kissing and playing with each other. She laid down and I got on top and slid my cock in her. In a short bit off time I was blowing my load. I got off her and we laid there for a few minutes. She asked if I wanted to do it again. I did. She said she had more condoms but she wanted me to lick her pussy and she would suck my cock. We did this for a few minutes and I could not help it I cam so fast. I came in her mouth. We play around with each other till I got hard again she then put a condom on my cock and I got on her again fucking her pussy. After I came that time. We laid up there for a ling time nude together till I had to go home. We fucked a few more time after that till her family had to move. I will never forget her
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    Smile Seduced By My Cousin!

    I was a pre-teen she was 16 and horny so, for a whole summer she taught me many things about women and set the stage for my preferences in women I'd have to thank her if I could find her.
    Look under sex stories for "First Time, First Cousin" if you are interested?
    Before worrying if He or She will cheat determine what you could be doing to change that and fix it, rather then fixating on it!
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