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    Default My hot little sister 2!!!

    My hot little sister 2!!!
    I thought I would write another story about me and my little sister Beth. So here we go.

    After our amazing weekend at the lake, about 3 weeks had gone by before Beth and I had seen eachother. I saw her at my dad’s house one afternoon. We got to talking, mostly about what had went down at the lake and we both determined that we both wanted to do it again. My wife travels a lot for bisiness and was going to be out of town for the weekend. I asked Beth if she would want to come over and keep me company and she agreed. We hugged goodbye. My dad went upstairs and then Beth and I snuck a quick make out. We then parted ways.
    The next couple days finally went by and Friday came. It was about 7 when my dad dropped Beth off. She came in and I asked her what she wanted to do. We decided to order some Chinese food, and watch some movies. I had her go to my bookshelf and pick out a couple movies and then we would agree on one. As she was looking for a movie, I began to watch her. She had on a tank top, and a cute little pink bra that you could see. Also she had on the tightest pair of leggings that left little to the imagination. That’s when I figured out that she didn’t have any panties on.
    A few minutes went by and I was rubbing my rock hard cock through my pants and watching her very intently. I then walked over to the bookshelf, and I quietly took my pants and underwear off. I then quietly got down on the floor next to her, then I quickly pulled her leggings down. She screamed at me; “what the fuck are you doing?” I told her to shut the fuck up. I also told her if she comes into my house dressed like a dirty little slut, then she will be treated like a dirty little slut. I started fingering her really hard and she was getting wet. She either wanted it, and was playing along, or her body was just betraying her.
    I then got behind her and quickly buried my cock all the way in her. I wasted no time at all and just started slamming into my 15 year old sister as hard as I could. She kept saying things like, stop, and why would you do this to me. After about 15 minutes I couldn’t hold back anymore and just let loose a huge load of cum in my sisters pussy.

    After I was finished she pulled her pants up and just turned around and smiled at me. Then she said; “fuck I needed that so bad. I have been dying to be fucked like that since the lake”
    We fucked 4 more times that night. What an unreal night. God I love fucking my baby sister.
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    wheeeeeeew thats a good story! anymore encounters?
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    There are so many more. These are all true stories of my sister and I. I have quite a few more. If you haven't go under my name and look at threads posted by me and read the first one. I will be posting again soon.
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    Great job I'd like to read more about you and your sexy sister.
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