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    Default Doctor Who...the truth!

    for those of you unfamilar with Dr Who (shame on you!) here is a link....


    I wrote this for one of my lady friends...I post it with her full permission!!

    As we walked towards the exhibition hall we held hands quite naturally, Trish and I, all the nervousness of our meeting yesterday gone. We had spent a wonderful night and, as promised, I had managed to get tickets for the Dr. Who exhibition, posters for which were plastered all over London. Trish was a huge fan and on her visit to the UK, I had promised that quite apart from putting into reality our passions and fantasies enacted on the forum, I would take her to indulge her other passion...the good Doctor!

    Having tickets we were able to skip the queues and I grinned as Trish’s eyes sparkled, looking round the large hall at all the various exhibits, displays and signings. Two hours later, we sat down in the coffee shop, resting our feet while Trish went through the large carrier bag full of souvenirs. Her pride and joy was a signed photo of David Tennant, which she had obtained herself, and her only disappointment was not meeting Matt Smith, her favourite!

    After refreshing ourselves we both agreed a trip back to the hotel and revisiting our activities from last night would be in order and we smiled at each other excitedly as we made for the exit. However the hall was now packed with people and we lost our way slightly until I saw a small door marked “private – exit” and looking around we quickly nipped through.

    We checked that we hadn’t been seen and walked along the corridor, suddenly spotting someone at the far end disappearing into a side door.

    “Oh my God… That was him!” Trish exclaimed. She turned to look at me open mouth.

    “Who? I looked blankly.

    “Matt Smith! He must be doing a signing here after all!”

    “Well there’s nothing in the programme…and he would have done it by now.” However my words were lost on Trish as she took me by the hand and dragged me along the corridor to the door through which this man had dashed. The door was marked “private – no entry” but before I could protest Trish had opened the door and was peering round to look in. I heard her gasp and followed her in.

    It was quite a large room, fairly dark with one spotlight shining on what was, without any shadow of a doubt, a police phone box.

    “The Tardis!” We both exclaimed at once. There had of course been several in the exhibition hall on various stands and displays and we wondered what this one was. Trish had asked me several times to take a photo of her next to the Tardis but each time people had got in the way. She quickly thrust her camera in my hand and stood proudly by the box.

    I took a couple of photographs and suddenly, to my horror, Trish started to open the door.

    “What are you doing? That could be valuable!” I gasped.

    “Take a photo of me coming out of it… That will be so cool!” I laughed at her excitement and brought the camera to my eye as she disappeared into the box. I waited…then I waited a bit more. I called out. No reply.

    Now somewhat worried I put the camera back in my pocket and approached the box warily, pushing open the door. I stepped through.

    It was the Tardis.

    It wasn’t a police box…it wasn’t a prop…it was the Tardis...

    Trish was by now standing on the main platform looking round in amazement. I turned to look out the door, where the room was quite clearly still there, and then back into the Tardis. It must have been some trick with mirrors. I carefully stepped in and the door clicked shut behind me. I turned to check it… It was locked…

    I was past caring now as I stared in amazement at, what seemed to be the set for the actual Dr. Who programme. However quite clearly in the room itself it had only been a police box. Suddenly I heard a very familiar voice…

    “Hello you two!” We both turned to see Matt Smith bounding on to the platform from a room in the back of the machine. At least it looked like Matt Smith…a bit like Matt Smith. In fact oddly enough the man looked more like Matt Smith than the actor himself did. It was almost as if he was a better, sharper version of Matt Smith. Trish immediately gaped like an idiot…

    “Oh wow…it’s you!”

    “Yes it certainly looks like it!” The actor and grinned and peered down at his body.

    “Matt Smith…in the flesh…” Trish laughed.

    “Not exactly… I’m the Doctor!” We all laughed. It was apparent that he would want to keep in character. He saw our expressions. “No seriously… I’m the Doctor.…Matt Smith is just an actor who plays me.”

    Trish and I exchange glances. What was going on here?

    “Okay…” Trish said slowly. “Now I’m confused…”

    “You don’t think Dr. Who is a fictional programme do you? It’s a documentary!” He grinned at our reaction. Then the Doctor spread his arms out and indicated the rest of the Tardis.

    “This is all real. I’m real.” He pointed to his chest “I help the writers out by telling them of my adventures and they make it into a programme. They have to find an actor to play me each time I regenerate. They had done quite well with the new one but Tom Baker was nothing like me!” He laughed.

    Trish and I looked at each other, taking in this information. My immediate thought was that he was some eccentric actor but how had he done the trick with the Tardis? He seemed to sense our discomfort and quickly produced something from his pocket.

    “The sonic screwdriver!” Trish exclaimed. The Doctor grinned and switching it on, scanned her.

    “Let me see… Name Patricia… California… Over here staying with him!” He pointed the scanner at me. “Martin… English… oh!” He grinned. He looked at the pair of us.

    “And you made love last night - several times if I’m not mistaken!” Trish and I exchanged glances again. How on earth did he know this?

    “Sorry! Perhaps I said too much. It’s just that... well… I don’t get much when I’m travelling about!” He grinned at us happily. “Fancy a threesome?”

    Trish now only had eyes for the Doctor and I saw her dreamily nodding. The Doctor turned to look at me. What could I say?

    “Um okay then…” He seemed relieved at this and quickly led us through to the back of the Tardis. Trish and I kept looking at each other as he chatted on explaining how he only ever had a threesome once before with Amy and Rory but they couldn’t have those bits in the TV programmes! I wasn’t at all surprised.

    We entered what was, to all intents and purposes, a bedroom, with a big circular bed dominating the room. The Doctor then happily started to disrobe. Trish looked at me and shrugging her shoulders did the same. I followed suit and soon all three of us were naked. I gazed once again at her Trish’s wonderful body, the one I had taken so much time over the night before, but Trish was gazing intently at the Doctor’s body.

    I had to agree he did look pretty fit and his cock hung a good few inches. I wondered if he got any bigger or whether it just hardened…

    The Doctor quickly jumped onto the bed and lay back, his hands behind his head. Trish glanced at me and I nodded, encouraging her, and she quickly knelt on the bed between his legs, gazing down at his cock. She gently curled her fingers around the shaft and the Doctor closed his eyes, sighing appreciatively as her fingers began to work. I grinned, knowing how good she was at this and soon he was hard. Not wanting to feel left out I knelt behind Trish and gently stroked and caressed the taut cheeks of her backside, slipping my fingers between her legs as she bent down and casually engulfed the doctors cock in her warm, wet mouth.

    “God that’s good…” muttered the Doctor and I watched from behind as Trish’s head bobbed up and down and my fingers slid easily between the moistening lips of her pussy. I hoped she hadn’t forgotten me and was reassured when her hand slipped behind her and felt for my own cock which was, by now, rapidly stiffening. I took the hint and shuffled forward as she guided the head of my cock inexorably towards the wet lips of her pussy. The Doctor grinned at me and winked as Trish slurped noisily at his cock and taking a firm grasp of her hips I nudged the head of my cock against her pussy before sliding all the way in. She gave an appreciative moan which obviously transmitted through her mouth to the Doctor’s cock, as he gasped and rocked his head back against the headboard.

    “God even Amy wasn’t this good…” He muttered. I almost burst out laughing at the absurdity of the situation but now the tightness of Trish’s pussy was beginning to have an effect. I knew from the previous night how the Doctor must have been feeling and was not surprised when he suddenly gave a grunt and jerked his hips upwards. I heard Trish gurgle and knew that she was happy to swallow.

    I did briefly wondered if, being an alien, anything would be different but she seemed quite happy as the Doctor exploded inside her and she thrust her hips back at me. I took the hint and began to fuck her harder, my body slapping against her hips and I reached under with my hand, using the wetness of her sex to lube my fingers and gently circle it around her clit.

    The Doctor now seemed to have recovered from his orgasm and reaching forward he stroked Trish’s hair, lifting her face up from his groin and reaching further out to caress her firm boobs. As he began to play with her nipples Trish gave a cry and I felt her pussy twitching around my cock.

    “Oh God…” She growled as her orgasm built up and then with a cry she came. Her pussy clamped around my cock and this sent me over the edge, my orgasm hitting in me as I spurted inside her. Trish quivered, the walls of her pussy seeming to milk my cock as I flooded her, soft whimperings floating from her as the Doctor continued to caress her breasts.

    Eventually all three of us came down and Trish rolled onto her back and looked up at me dreamily. I laughed at the expression on her face. She was one happy bunny!

    None of us seemed quite sure what to say as we lay there looking at each other but I was surprised to see the Doctor’s cock still erect. He noticed my glance.

    “One of the benefits of being an alien!” He grinned happily. Then laughing he reached out to the bedside table, grabbed his sonic screwdriver and pointed at my own soft cock. Within seconds of him switching it on I was erect.

    “I want me one of those!” I laughed, gazing in amazement at my hardness.

    Then, to my surprise the Doctor reached out and slid his fingers underneath my cock, gently teasing my balls. He grinned up at me.

    “Us Gallifreyans swing both ways you know!” I looked at him nervously but had to confess I was enjoying his fingers teasing me. Trish looked on mesmerised as the Doctor continued to stroke me and then casually curled his fingers around my shaft and started to slide the foreskin up and down. I thought for one moment he was going to go further but to my relief he looked across at Trish.

    “You’ve had him I suppose?” Trish nodded and grinned sheepishly. “Have him again then!” Trish quickly lay on her back and opened her legs accommodatingly. A view I knew so well from last night! I moved between her legs and to my surprise the Doctor took hold of me once again, guiding me towards Trish’s sex. Our eyes met and we grinned happily as I felt her lips around me and then, in one long slow movement, I was inside.

    We kissed passionately as I started to make love to her and Trish wrapped her arms around me pulling me closer. Once again those familiar moans as we fucked and then to my surprise I felt a hand on my backside. I turned to see the Doctor grinning at me as his hand caressed the cheeks of my ass and slid a finger between them. I had to confess it felt amazing and seemed to be causing Trish some amusement. I kissed her again to stop her giggling and suddenly the groans turned to gasps as her orgasm approached.

    The doctor’s insistent finger only heightened my pleasure and as I felt Trish’s approaching orgasm, I, too, felt the familiar stirrings and with a strangled cry I came, once again pumping into her welcoming pussy. Trish came almost immediately afterwards, her fingernails raking down my back. We clung together as we trembled through our pleasure and then slowly relaxed.

    I leaned up on my elbows and kissed Trish on the nose before turning to look at the Doctor. His hand was around his cock and I wondered for a moment whether he wanted me to finish him off. He seemed to sense my discomfort and shuffling forward he took Trish’s hand and placed it on his erection. Trish was more than happy to take care of her idol and within seconds her chest was covered in the doctor’s sticky cum. I had a feeling she might not shower for a few days!

    “Right I have to go…” The Doctor quickly jumped up, recovering his clothes from the floor where he had strewn them. Trish and I stood up. “You’d better go to - unless you want to come with me?” He looked at each of us hopefully. I could tell that Trish was tempted…

    “I will!” I looked at her crestfallen. Was I to lose her so soon? She looked at me. “It’s a chance of a lifetime Martin!” Of course she was right. I was happily married and could not entertain a relationship with Trish. We hugged each other tightly and then without words we dressed. We walked through to the Tardis’s is main platform, Trish looking round excitedly and surveying the control panel.

    “I’ll be off then…” I said, looking on enviously. The Doctor looked on as Trish scampered down the steps and gave me one last hug. She took my hand and gazed at me.

    “This is a dream come true Martin… You know that don’t you?” I nodded and grinned. I gave a final hug and walked to the door, which this time opened. I peered outside and, sure enough, there was the room. I turned back to where Trish had joined the Doctor and waved. They waved back and I quickly closed the door behind me. I took two steps away from the police box and turned. Yes it was a police box. Nothing more. Then…

    That familiar sound… The BBC radiophonic workshop had got it right! I laughed as the box disappeared. It seemed so natural…

    But now I knew it was real.
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    I love it
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    thanks darling!!
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    only one person likes it?

    ah well...back to he drawing board....
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    Quote Originally Posted by rachael_babyface View Post
    very very cool story.

    As a Dr Who nerd, I approve and send you a cyber blue crystal from Metabelis 3 for your troubles

    Excellent x

    hehe...yay!!!! A rare honour honey!!!
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    lol...thanks Angel - and yes...I'm working on it right now!!!!
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    I like it,
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    Default I had the idea for a Doctor Who porn too.

    In a way it makes sense.
    Even before the time-war it's likely that the Time-lords didn't have a lot of sex seeing as how they're practically immortal, but the Doctor has always been a little more frisky than the others.
    Why do you think he likes humans so much?
    We're physiologically compatible with Time-lords, and we love sex.
    I mean let's be honest, he doesn't hang out on Earth for the stimulating intellectual conversation.
    We're little more than pets to him, which makes it kind of like bestiality too.
    The perverted shit that I enjoy writing. http://stories.xnxx.com/profile364111/
    I also write under this name. http://stories.xnxx.com/profile313531/Rebeca+Lewis
    I love comments.

    Oh yeah, and pictures of my cock for people who are into that sort of thing.
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