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Thread: Rec center

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    Default Rec center

    as some of you have read from me before about what happened to me while babysitting a group of boys, well something similar happened to me recently.

    My friend volunteers at what is essentially a gigantic complex like a YMCA doing an after school program with inner city kids. Just organizing them into groups, getting them to play games for a few hours.

    She needed help and when she asked me my mind went racing with fantasies of all sorts and I agreed.

    I'm in charge of a group of 12 urban boys, on one of the basketball courts on the far side of the complex. just me and them. at first I just wore sweats and a shirt, but the more i saw these little black thug kids ogling me the more i'd were more teasing clothing. tight short shorts, tank tops. some of these kids are real thuggish and kind of scary and would not try to hide their leers at me. But one kid named dylan was very adorable and has a sweet crush on me and would follow me around wherever i went and ask if he could do things for me.

    There are very large locker rooms in this complex and the womens locker room has a long row of lockers leading to some showers in the back. When we finish for the night the boys usually wait by the side entrance of the facility for their rides, some would walk home. The womens locker room is nearby so I came up with the exciting idea to shower afterwards. being completely naked a room away from a group of black kids that im in charge of excited me. Plus I wondered if they tried to peak in on me since nobody is in that part of the complex at that time. So I started showering and i decided to leave the locker room door open. My justification being that i needed to hear if anything went wrong with them while i was in there and also the locker room is so large anyway you can't see anything from the door.

    It only took two nights of showering afterwards to notice they had crept in the locker room, down to the showers and spied on me completely naked and showering. When I noticed I had my back to them so they were seeing only my ass. I had no idea how many there were but I distinctly heard whispering and a laugh for some reason... it took a lot for me to build up the courage but i turned and faced them, keeping my eyes clothed as i washed my hair. Knowing that at least two young black kids were staring at my naked white body was humiliating and so exciting at the same time. They eventually left at some point and I waited in the locker room until I was sure they were all gone before i went to my car.

    This kept up every time i showered for the next two nights (it's 3 nights a week) and they took it a step farther. when i came back to my locker to change I noticed they had stolen my panties. they have stolen 2 pairs of panties from me as of now.

    One thing i wanted to do was be seen naked by dylan, the boy who has a crush on me, in a humiliating "accidental way". I knew he was not one of the boys who were spying on me, I have pegged don who I'm pretty sure it is that is spying on me.

    Anyway I set up a plan.
    it was simple, i just called him into the locker room, when he came in i was dressed. i said bring me my sweat shirt (that i purposely left out in the gym area) he nodded. now i was fully dressed because i hoped that wouldn't make him think twice about coming right back in and it didnt.

    i quickly took of my sweat pants, tank top, panties and bra. im standing completely naked in the middle row of lockers with the smallest and youngest boy i've ever allowed to see me naked just moments away from seeing me if everything worked out. but i didn't get on the ground, i put one knee on the bench and bent over the bench (but not directly across the bench or he wouldn't have a clear view of my pussy from behind) so i bent over the bench going long ways with the bench and pretending to be digging for something in my bag from that angle. I knew he had come back in when i heard his shoes scuffle behind me as if he tried to stop suddenly or something, i slowly turned over my shoulder and i saw him looking directly at my ass and pussy, his eyes wide, at almost the same moment he shot behind the locker as i yelped a small "dillon!" and put a hand behind me to cover my pussy. but he had already retreated behind the locker saying "im sorry, im sorry, you said to bring this to you, im sorry im sorry" * i said to him from the other side "it was my fault, i forgot you were coming back" i wrapped a towel around me and came around to his side where he went and let him know it was my fault and i'm sorry and so embarrassed and so on. he calmed down and acted cool. i said "geeze, dillon, you saw me with no clothes on", (smiling to let him know i wasn't mad) do you think you can keep this accident a secret?" * *he said of course

    I'm trying to think of new embarrassing ways I can be seen naked by him and the others.
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    Default Rec center

    Very hot story so far - Please share more
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    Brilliant, i m very interested to hear the later parts..
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    Not bad at all, only a couple of minor typos yet I have to say this story will be wonderful as it develops; please bring more and more as you have time to develop it for us to read.

    Hats off to you.

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