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    Default Stories of being caught while Jacking Off !

    Lets here some interesting stories of being caught. My mom use to walk in on me jacking off alot when i was younger.
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    I got caught by my wifes teen sister going thru her undies with some knickers round my cock
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    Love to hear that story Matts.
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    What happened after that. Did she let u finish jacking?
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    She didn't have a choice, just the sight of her standing there looking at me had me shooting my load
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    My bestfriend caught me jacking off with his underware in his bathroom one summer when we were teens. we were swimming in his pool and I had to pee so I went to the bathroom and his underwear were on the floor, we had been talking about girls and stuff so we were both horny and I could see a wet spot in his shorts so I sniff them and i could smell him so I started jacking off and I guess I was gone for a while beacuse the next thing I know the door flung open,
    I was so scared but he just stood and stared at my boner and before I could say anything he was on his knees sucking me till I came. the summer of 96 was awsome.
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    I have a 17 year old step-daughter named Kay. I was inher room standing over her hamper as I was stroking my cock and had my face buried in one of her thongs. I was sniffing and licking the crotch, taking in her scent and smell. Just as I began unloading my semen into her dirty laundry, she walked in, an hour early from school. She just gasped and stood there with her mouth open. I couldn't stop coming. I just looked like an idiot, her underwear in my mouth, my sperm shooting everywhere. She just turned around and ran out the door. I threw her thong down and put my cock away then went and found her in the living room on the couch. She looked like she had just seen a ghost or something, in shock. I tried to apologize but she said, "Don't. Just shut up. Don't say anything." I stood there not knowing what to do or say. It was a very awkward couple of minutes. Finally she looked at me. "What the fuck was that?"

    "I.. I... I just... I'm sorry but you just turn me on so much. And I love you like you'll never know or understand. I'm obsessed with you. Doing that is my only way of... of experiencing you. I know it sounds sick but I can't help it. I knew I could never have you so that was just... a substitute." I was on the verge of tears.

    "I don't know what to say," she said. "I'm just so... disgusted. It's wrong, it's just so sick and wrong."

    "I know. I know that. I'm sorry. I don't know what else to say."

    We sat in silence for several minutes. Finally, she just got up and walked away. Over the next few days, things were weird between us. My wife even noticed it and asked what was up. I pretended not to know, discounting it as teenage hormones. Then one evening I was getting ready for bed and opened my night stand drawer where I kept my medication. There in the corner was a pair of my step-daughter's panties, neatly folded, a note on top. I quickly closed the drawer and waited for my wife to go to the bathroom. I opened the drawer again and grabbed the note.

    "I hope this will help your problem. When you need new ones, put these in my hamper and I'll replace them. K"

    I picked up the panties, unfolded them and saw a fresh wet spot in the crotch. I brought them to my mouth and nose, deeply inhaling the scent and tasting the warm wetness that had come from her youthful pussy. I used those over the next few days, jerking off like a teenage boy, licking and sucking her juices from the panties. When the flavor was gone, I did as she said and put them in her hamper. The next evening, a fresh pair appeared in my night stand again. This routine went on the next year and a half until she moved away to college. About once a month though, I get a manilla envelope in the mail with a new treasure from her and when she visits from college, she makes sure I get a few more. She turned out to be quite a sport about the whole thing.
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    I don't have one of me being caught jerking off but my Father walked in on me while some girl was blowing me. She turned her head and I came in her hair. When I finished spewing I opened my eyes and I saw my Dad walking out and a look of horror on the girls face and hair full of my special protein blend mousse.
    "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." -Admiral Yamamoto

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    This is not a jack-off story (sorry), but it is the only real 'walked in' story I have

    Short, with little details:

    When I was moving, my sister and one of my girlfriends were two of the people helping to pack me up.

    After everyone else left (I had the truck packed and was leaving first thing in the morning), the three of us finished off a bottle of wine and went to "bed" (a mattress I was leaving behind for my sister and an air mattress my girlfriend had brought, which we blew up).

    My girlfriend and I were alone for about 10 to 15 minutes and we had kissed, 69'd and she had just climbed on my cock and was starting to ride, when my sister walked into the room, in mid-sentence, asking if I had kept any toothpaste unpacked.

    She took one look at us, said 'Sorry' and walked out.

    The next morning, when I saw her (my girlfriend was still asleep), my sister just said, "You couldn't do without for ONE night?"

    She knows me so well.....
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    Default Got caught

    Well when I was in high school I whipped it out on the buss because I saw a girl playing with herself a few seats up. she saw me jacking off to her masterbation and realy went at it and I came on the buss seat. when We got to her stop she came over to the seat and got my cum in her hand and drank it up. Needlessly we had quite some fun later on after that.
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    Got caught by my old room mates mom, couple of years ago..
    she walked in, just as i started shooting a load..

    she must of rubbed 1 off over what she saw
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    Nope, I'm a ninja
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    My wife walked in on me getting off talking to this guy on the phone.I was at the point of no return. she stood in the doorway and watched me blow my load
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    Lend me some sugar, I am your neighbour!
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    I don't know if I was caught or not. I was wearing my mum's stockings one day when my dad came home unexpectedly. I hid down the side of their bed but I don't know if he saw me or not (cringe). I do know he thought I was gay for a while so maybe he did.
    Quote Originally Posted by minerva_x View Post
    Practices gynecology but has the license for cardiology.... bad..bad..bad...
    ....somebody appears to know me too well
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    It happened several times to me, but never so somebody really mentioned it.
    One day, i was jacking of in my room on some porn, when suddenly my sister walked in. She knocked three times pretty fast in a row and just entered. In the short time, i managed to stop the video on my pc and close it + get up my pants just so high, that it was just covering my dick. My sister seemed to not notice it and sat down on my bed and said something. I don't remember and at that time, i didn't even know what she asked too, but I answered and talked some bullshit for a few seconds. She was confused and I guess, then she realized what was going on and left. That was some crazy afternoon
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    My mom is dead, so she probably sees me every time, watching over me. It probably makes her cry out loud.
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    I used to live next door to a girl who was in my yr at school
    When i was about 14/15 i was over there one day. Arlana (my friend in my year) went to dancer with her dad and i stayed over watching tv with her brother and her mum was cooking dinner. Because we had known each other our whole lives it was normal for the other to be at each others houses all the time.

    I needed to use the toilet but her brother was using the shower and the toilet was in the same room.
    So i used the mothers toilet and bathroom. While in there she had thongs and bras everywhere.
    I couldnt help my self.
    After about 10/15min the mother came in and caught me as i was getting close to cumming. She was quite shocked and stared for a couple 2nds then left.
    I continued to wank and cummed quite quickly after into one of her thongs.

    As i left the room to go home she said to me with a slight smile, "i hope the bathroom is clean. Do i need to put any undies in the wash"
    I just replied, "only 1 pair" then left.

    That was the last it was ever spoken about
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    Default my friend

    with my panties
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    Few months ago I got naked went into my moms room started jacking off and she woke up and asked what I was doing I said oh nothing has I slaked out while I stroked my cock
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