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    Default my mom likes to get dirty

    My name is jason and the year is 2009 and im 18 years old, i live with my parents

    and my sister,my moms name is jackie my dad is phil and sister is jessica, well my

    mom is very good looking she stands 5'4 125 lbs with a body that will amaze you.

    Her ass is round and her hips match perfectly and her boobs are fake and look

    nice firm and perky, if you saw her body you would guess she was a sophmore in

    high school but really she was a 33 year old women with kids. Well to get to the

    good stuff ill start by saying it was a sunny saturday morning when i woke up

    to the smell of delicious breakfast, as i walk into the kitchen my mom is cooking

    wearing these tight spandex booty shorts and a sports bra looking amazing,

    her sunkissed skin and her hair down swaying with her every move, i could not

    help to get a hard on right then and there. She looks to me and says hey cutie

    good morning are you hungry? yes momma i am and at that moment she glanced

    down at my bulg in my pants and her eyes widen as she smiles and said well

    goodmorning to you to. I was embarrassed and turned to walk away when she

    stoped me and asked me a question that will change my life forever, jason i

    have always wanted to ask you if you ever thought of me when you touch

    yourself? i didnt know what to say, i just stared and she says listen its ok son

    i think about you when i touch myself baby, well mom i said i do think about you

    and i hope you arent mad at me, she lauphs at me and says son, im not mad

    infact im very happy i finaly asked you and son dad is golfing all day and your

    sister is at beths house untill dinner so i want to show you something. My heart

    began to race as she grabed my hand and walked me upstairs to my bedroom.

    Lay on your bed and take off your pants and let me do the rest she says, WOW

    what is going on am i dreaming this cant be real, i pull down my pants and my 8"

    cock springs out and my mom gasps for breath and says wow son im impressed,

    and walks up to my bed takes her shirt off and her perfect shaped titties are

    mind blowing and next she takes off the booty shorts, my mothers pussy was

    inches from my cock and it was freshly shaved and her pussy lips were soaking

    wet and before i could take this all in my moms soft lips were massaging her sons

    shaft, the entire time i did not speak i was in shock but i did mumble out "OH MOM

    THIS FEELS AMAZING" after my cock is wet with my moms spit she climbs on top of

    me and steers my cock into her wet tight pussy and we both moan as it feels so

    good, here i am laying on my bed and my mom is riding my cock fast and telling

    to suck on her titties, we fuck hard and ruff for about 9 minutes and i cant hold

    my load anymore so i yell momma im about to cum, she jumps off me and gets

    on her knees and says cum on my face son, right then i shoot a long string of cum

    witch lands on my moms chin mouth and cheek, i shoot out 4 more long strings of

    cum and the entire time my mom is fingering her pussy, and i can see her cum

    driping down her inner thigh, looking down at my mother covered in my cum was

    the hottest moment i ever had, dont tell dad about this son we can do this every

    saturday if you would like, lets just say every saturday i fuck my mom so hard untill

    i cum in or all over her and i love every second of it.

    this a picture of my mother
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Default tell me if i did ok

    this was my first story im posting tell me what you think...
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    id love time with u both she is hot
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    nice story and pic....
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    it needs alot of work with grammer and syntax, and could always use more description in the sex scenes. but would love to hear more stories and pics of you and ur mom. she is hot, would love some sex pics
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    Great story, moms a knock out, but I did the simple math, if she is 33 and your 18, she was 15 when she had you?
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    Um paragraphs man paragraphs.
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    Woot I have stories?
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    What could i say. You have very hot mom.
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    Dam "GREAT", story and "SUPER" hot mom!!!!!!!!!!
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    dammnn thats hot, tell me more and share some pics of her maybe let me watch sometime
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    lucky bastard
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    great story and pic, if i was in that situation i would try to fuck her more than once a week.
    lets just all get it on.
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    man shared a story he didnt ask for critics to tell him how to share it
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    Verry nice story. U mom is hot
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    nice story your mom is hot
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    Quote Originally Posted by east35 View Post
    Great story, moms a knock out, but I did the simple math, if she is 33 and your 18, she was 15 when she had you?
    I was thinking the same thing while reading. Lol. Could be true. It's not that far of a stretch. In any case the pic of her looks good. I wish there was more pics!
    Check out my gf in the album and let us know what you think!
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    -Yoga pants/ leggings
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    Nice little story. Very amazing pic also
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    have fun
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    Sorry to be the fact-checker here, but that picture isn't of his mom, which of course casts a bit of doubt on the rest of the story, at least in my eyes.
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    L O L
    and it is funny how all these young bucks always seem to have those rare 8 inch dicks , or bigger.
    They never seem to have the most common average sized appendages.
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    nice story
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