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    Default XNXX nice storeis that i like

    A Nasty Incest Porn

    My name is Tammy im 19 I live in South Florida with my parents still (im moving as soon as I have the money) I have brown hair with blonde highlights green eyes 5’3 110ibs, anyway. One day I came home from shopping with my friends, and I opened my drawer to put a pair of sweat shorts on when I noticed one of my blue victoria secret panties in my drawer. I never keep those in that drawer. Just then I heard the door open and it was my brother I didn’t know what to think so I ran and hid in my closet. And I looked through the crack in my closet. My brother jacob who is still in high school walked in with his friend nick, who were both 16.

    “Tammy?” Jacob questioned as he cracked my door open.
    I just stood still in the closet
    “Ok she is not home nick this is the only time im gonna do this for you ok, she would kill me if she knew I was doing this for you”. jake said
    “Alright thank you for doing this your sister is soo hot” nick said

    Jacob opened my panty drawer “there you go whichever one you want” Jacob said.
    Nick grabbed a pair of panties and started rubbing the crotch area. Jacob just looked at the floor embarrassed.

    “its too bad that these are clean” nick said.
    “oh my god you are sick” said Jacob laughing
    “oh come on even though she’s your sister you can’t deny that she is super hot” nick said
    “well yea but I just block that out of my mind” Jacob said.
    “man if she was my sister dawm” nick said “I know you jack off thinking about her”
    Jacob looked down at the floor with a red face
    “yea don’t worry id do the same thing if I was you?” nick said “so does she have a dirty clothes hamper in here”
    “yea she does I’ll just keep looking out her window and if her car pulls in then we have to get outta here as quickly as possible ok”.

    What Jacob didn’t know was I was having my friends dad work on the transmission and they gave me a ride home. I stood there in the closet shocked and embarrassed, I didn’t want them to look at my dirty underwear, but at the same time I was very curious on what they were going to do.

    Jacob pointed at the clothes hamper “there it is, I’ll keep watch.” he said
    Nick opened the lid and dug around till he came across some red panties that I wore a couple of days ago. He stared at them for a minute “oh my god she is so sexy thank you so much jake.” he brought them up to his face and smelled the crotch area and worked back and forth between the ass and the crotch.

    “mmm I can smell her pussy and ass” nick said.
    “that is sick” jake said
    “you want a sniff too” nick said
    “no way” jake said shyly
    “I think you do you’re just too ashamed to tell me” nick said. “c’mon be a pervert with me”

    Jake looked down at the floor for a minute “do you promise you won’t tell anyone about this”
    “of course not” nick said “come join me”
    Jake walked over to nick and nick dug down and pulled out a pair of my really cute pink panties, and he stared at them for a minute then looked at nick and stuck them up to his nose. I just stared at my brother sniffing my panties I couldn’t belive it.

    “mmm” jake moaned “I agree she is so so so hot, they smell good I got a huge boner”
    “I do to” nick smiled “do you want to jack off in them?”
    Jake laughed “are you serious”
    “sure” nick said
    “I don’t like jacking off in front of anyone” josh said
    “cmon its just me we’re friends id feel weird doing it if you don’t” nick said
    “ok” josh said
    Nick unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down and his boner popped out, he took one pair of panties and wrapped them around his dick and took another pair of my panties and put them up to his nose. Then josh pulled out his dick and did the same. Both boys started moaning. I was just dripping wet watching this I moved a hand down my pants as quietly as I could I was getting very uncomfortable in the closet but I was super horny watching my brother and his friend jack off with my panties.
    “im gonna cum” my brother said
    His body tensed up. I had a perfect side view as I saw my brothers semen shoot out into my dirty panties he stroked it until all of it came, then he wiped his hands and his dick up with my panties. Seconds later nick did the same.

    “I better go before she gets home and catches us.” nick said pulling his pants up.

    The two boys left and I heard my bedroom door close I climbed up the window and walked around the block and then I came inside the front door. My brother was sitting at the kitchen table eating a penut butter sandwich.

    “ha tammy” he said
    “oh hey josh” I said
    “where is your car” he asked
    “its in the shop I got a ride from jacky” I said
    I went in the kitchen to cook something and I could tell he was looking at me I beant over and I knew my panties were showing It was really turning me on about how attracted to me he was.

    The next morning I woke up late It was my day off from work. Josh was at school and my parents were at work. I opened my eyes I lied there and started thinking about what happened yesterday. I stared at my clothes hamper and thought about what happened yesterday. I started thinking about him stroking his dick in my panties, and shooting cum in them. I started fingering my pussy and it felt so good. I haven’t masterbated in probably 6 weeks. My boyfriend broke up with me about 2 mounths ago and I have been so devastated I haven’t even thought about sex since then. I took off my clothes and got up and looked in the mirror. I was completely flattered by the way they said I was so so hot, I looked at my body and turned around and looked at my ass. They are right I am so sexy. I was extremely horny and I walked over to my clothes hamper and opened it. I was curious about how they smelled because the two boys were enjoying it so much. I picked up a pair of my panties and put them up to my nose I smelled my pussy on them, and I moved my nose over and I could smell my ass. I picked up several and did the same then I came to the pink ones that my brother cummed in I looked at the white dried cum stain. I smelled the cum stain and I licked it. My pussy was just aching, and I got the one that nicked cummed in and licked those ones too.

    I decided since he invaded my privacy it was time to invade his. I walked up to his room and the door was locked, so I went in the attack and opened the door on the ceiling of his room I climbed in and looked around. It has been probably years since I was last in this room. I just thought I would snoop around a bit. I looked under his bed and I found a bunch of dirty magazines. a lot of the pages were stuck together. I then opened his closet and found his dirty clothes hamper. My pussy was just so wet from this, this is by far the naughtiest thing that ive ever done I grabbed a handful of his jockeys and boxers and one by one I sniffed and licked all of them. While fingering my pussy to orgasim.

    I decided that later that day when he gets home im gonna make it look like im not home and I hope he comes in a does the same thing he did yesterday. I left the panties that I wore all day hanging out of the clothes hamper. I left him a note and said that I was gonna go out with friends and ill probably be home late about the time mom and dad get home. I waited outside for him and when I saw his car coming down the road I went and hid under my bedroom window outside I opened my blinds so I could peek in if I needed too. He got home and walked in the door and about 10 min later I saw him coming into my room from the window. He went straight for the hamper and picked up the panties. He quickly unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down his underwear and his hard dick popped out, he grabbed another pair of panties and sniffed them then he laid down on my bed and started jacking off with the old pair of panties and started licking today’s panties. I watched him passionately lick them as if he was making out with them strocking his cock.

    I decided I was gonna go walk in on him I wasn’t sure what I was gonna do. As quietly as I could I went to the back door and opened it very slowly and tippi toed to my room my door was slightly open, I then took a deep breath and opened the door and looked at him. His eyes were closed licking my panties jacking off.

    “Jake?” I said questionably
    He looked up “oh shit” he said as he jumped up and pulled up his pants quickly and hurried and put the panties back in the hamper. He then turned around and slowly looked up at me. He had panic and shame in his eyes. We stared at each other for what seemed like forever.

    “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to walk in on you I didn’t know your were in here”. I said
    he opened his mouth and nothing came out “are you ok” I said to him
    “Im sorry” is all he could say. I felt so sorry for him I could tell he was completely humiliated.
    “its ok, can you leave I just got home and im gonna change and take a shower” I said calmly trying to blow it off like its no big deal. He nodded his head and walked out with his head down. The rest of the night he stayed in his room and when my parents got home my mom made dinner we all sat at the table and my brother was completely silent
    “jake honey are you ok, you are so quiet.” My mom said.
    “yea im just tired” he said and put his head back in his plate. I looked at him and he looked up at me I gave him a smile and he smiled back. After dinner I knocked on his bedroom door he came to the door.
    “hi” I said
    “are you ok your not talking” I said
    “im just so embarresed about today” he said
    “don’t be embarrassed its ok, just when did you start doing this and tell me the truth” I said.
    “well my friend nick is in love with you and he gave me fifty dollars if I would let him come over and see your panties.”
    I laughed “did he come over too?”
    “yea im sorry.” he said “he was sniffing your underwear and he asked me to do it to and I did and it just turned me on a little so I had to come do it again today”
    “well its pretty grose but im really flattered” I said smiling “So you can do it anytime you want ok”
    “really can I go do it now, mom and dad are sleeping?” he asked
    “yea but only if you do it for now on when Im around ok” I said
    We quietly went down the hall to my room trying not to make too much noise. We got to my room and I put on a movie and locked my door just encase one of my parents walked in. We walked over to the hamper and he grabbed a pair and sniffed them.
    “let me see” I said laughing and grabbed the pair and sniffed them too. “mmm they smell good”
    We both giggled silently and sat down.
    “so how often do you whack off” I asked
    “oh god at least 3 times a day” he said
    “are you gonna tell nick that I caught you today?”
    “I wasn’t planning on it” he said
    “ive seen him with you before he’s kind of cute” I said
    “he wants you so bad” he said
    “do you think I should have sex with him?” I asked
    “yea that would be a dream come true for him” he said
    There was a long pause we both stared at the floor then I looked into his eyes with a big smile.
    “Hey I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” I said
    He smiled back “ok”
    We both sat there for a minute and then I finally said
    “so who is first”
    “I don’t know” I said shyly
    “well you seen mine earlier today so you have to show my yours” he said
    “ok but you have to show me again I didn’t get a good enough look today” I said
    He nodded I got up on my knees and faced him and unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped my zipper, and pulled down my pink silk panties and gave him a good luck of my pussy. He just stared at it for about 10 seconds. I zipped em back up and buttoned it and sat down.
    “ok now your turn” I said
    He got on his knees unzipped his pants let his jeans and boxer his hard on popped out. He had a nice size dick and I looked at it for a minute, then he put it back in.
    “mom and dad we’ll be gone till late tomorrow night can I bring nick over” he asked
    “sure” I said
    “I can’t wait to tell him that you showed me your vagina he’ll be so jelous” he said
    “ok well tell him that if he comes over you can both see it”

    Then next day I was at work and my cell phone rang it was my brother
    “hey what are you doing” he said
    “nothing just working” I said
    “hey do you mind if nick brings one of his friends over tonight” he said
    “I guess not as long as everyone keeps this quite ok im not a slut” I said
    “oh they will there both cool, see ya tonight”. he said “bye”

    I got home that day and I was a little nervous I didn’t know really what to expect I just watched tv and waited patiently when I heard two cars pull up. I sat there and the door opened and my brother walked in followed by nick and then a tall good looking guy. I shyly sat there on the couch.
    “tammy this is nick and josh” my brother said
    “hello” I said with a soft spoken voice
    “you want to go to your room” my brother said
    “I guess so” I said
    As we walked to the room I whispered to jack “did you tell them everything”
    “yea is that ok” he said
    “ummm I guess” I said
    We got in the room and josh had a back pack he put on my bed.
    “so jake told me today that if we came over then you would show us your vagina” nick said
    “oh did he” I said “I suppose I have to now”
    “do you mind if I take a picture of it” josh said
    “ahhmmm I guess I don’t care who are you gonna show it too?”
    “no one if you don’t want me to but I have been thinking of starting a web site and I would put it on the web site if you wanted I wouldn’t show your face so know one would know who you are”. josh said

    “no that would be ok I guess” I said
    Josh took his camera out of his back pack and told me to pull my pants down the boys stared as I shyly pulled my shorts down and moved my panties down showing my bare shaved cunt. He put his camera close to it and snapped a picture with his digital camera. I pulled my pants up and sat on the bed my brother and the two boys sat down on some chairs. We started talking for a while and my brother told josh how I caught him jacking off and sniffing and licking my panities and how he had nick come over the day before and he sniffed my panties. I like nick and Josh they were very cool and josh was over 21 so he ran to the store and got some beer and we all four sat around and talked for a long time. They told me about the girls they have had sex with and my brother and I shared are sexual history’s. We talked about porn that we’ve seen and are sexual fantasies. We all were getting really buzzed and nick said
    “We should use josh’s camera and make a porno and put it on josh‘s web site and charge twenty dollars a mounth and we could add new ones every mounth”
    “that would be cool” I said
    “we got 3 hrs before your parents get home do you want to go back to your room” josh said
    “ok” I said
    We got back to my room and josh got his camera out.
    “any ideas of the first seen” nick said
    “how about I just turn the camera on you tammy and interview you and we’ll go from there” josh said
    “sounds good” I said
    I sat down in a chair and josh pulled out his camera and aimed it at me and turned it on
    “ok everyone this is the lovely tammy and tammy how old are you?” josh said interviewing
    “I am 19 years old” I said
    “and who is this guy here?” he said pointing the camera at jake
    “that is my brother” I said
    “oh that is your brother I see, and you have known your brother your whole life have you ever seen his cock”. said josh
    My face got red “yes I saw it a lot when we were really young we used to take baths together and just yesterday I saw it cause I walked in on him jacking off with my panties and licking another pair at the same time” I said
    “oh I see, and did you like what you saw” josh said
    My face got red “yes I did”
    “and would u like him to show you his cock right now” josh said
    “that would be nice” I said with still a beat red face
    “ok tammy well I want to see your drivers licence and josh I want to see yours” josh said.
    I pulled out my id and josh pulled out his and he aimed the camera on both of them.
    “well there is proof they are brother and sister they kind of look alike in the face with the same eyes and they both have the same last name hoglund” josh said
    “ok jake why don’t you pull your dick out now so your big sister could have another look at it” josh said. Jake’s face was beat red too and he unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down and moved down his jockeys and his rock hard boner popped out.
    “that is a very nice cock you have there Jake” josh said
    “thank you” jake said
    “what do you think of your brothers cock tammy” josh said
    I smiled and said “its very sexy”
    “now Tammy I want you to open your mouth ok and your brother is gonna put his cock in your mouth alright” josh said
    My mouth opened in shock and my brother and I stared at each other for a while “ummm o kkkay” I said hesitantly
    I looked up at jake and he moved closer to me he put his dick up to my face and I opened my mouth and he slowly put it in I sucked it a few times and and then sucked really hard until the end of his dick made a popping sound as it came out my mouth. I looked back at the camera with a big smile.
    “oh that is very sexy tammy, what do you think of that Nick” he pointed the camera at nick and nick just smiled and his dick was in his hand strocking. Then he pointed the camera back at me
    “now tammy us and all our viewers are dying to see your pussy, can you lower your shorts there and show us” he said
    I lowered my shorts and pulled down my panties again.
    “oh that is very nice let me zoom up on that” he said putting the camera right in my crotch “not a hair on that thing just like you were born yesterday” josh said. “now well you play with it a little for us”
    I brought my finger down and stuck it in my pussy and started rubbing my clit.
    “mmm” I moaned
    “wow that is very nice tammy you know now what we would really like to see” josh said
    “what is that” I said
    “we’d all like to see your ass” josh said
    “oh really” I said
    “why don’t you stand up turn around and pull down your jeans” he said
    “ok” I said
    I stood up turned around and looked back at the camera and slowly pulled down my jeans showing my pink panties from behind. All the boys stared at my ass in the panties.
    “josh can you pull em down for me” I said to my brother
    “ohh yea” he said
    He put his hands on my hips and slowly worked down my panties down to my knees.
    “ohh that is a beautiful ass your sister has there jake” josh said

    “ok tammy now I want you to get totally naked and lay on your bed and put your legs up as far as you can” josh said
    I nodded as a took off my shoes and pulled my jeans and panties off and quickly took off my shirt and bra then I lied on my bed and looked at the camera and grabbed my ankles and pulled them up to my head. Josh pointed the camera and zoomed up on my pussy and asshole.
    “ok jake now you need to lick your sisters asshole ok” josh said
    Josh nodded
    “tammy is that ok if your brother sticks his tongue in your asshole” josh said
    “ohh that would be wonderful” I said
    Jake got on his knees and softly put his tongue on my asshole. He licked it for a few minutes it felt wonderful. Then he licked from my bum hole all the way up to my clit and sucked on my clit.
    “does that taste good jake” josh said
    “oh yea” he said
    “what tastes better her asshole or her pussy” nick said still jacking off
    “hmm let me see” my brother said as he put a finger in my pussy and sucked on his finger
    “mmm that tastes good” then he slowly pushed his finger in my asshole then he put his finger up to his nose and sniffed it then sucked on his finger “I like em both but I think her ass is the best tasting” he said
    “I want to taste it” I said
    Jake put his finger all the way up my ass this time and then slowly pulled it out I squeezed on his finger with my butt until it popped all the way out. Then he brought it up to my face and I grabbed his hand and sucked on his finger looking at the camera at the same time. Then jake stuck his finger back in my hole and finger fucked it for a while and then he took his other finger and stuck it in. He pried my rectum open with his two fingers then he brought the tip of his tongue to the the opening of my ass. He had a long tongue and I felt almost 2 inches slide in my ass. He started moving his tongue around the walls of my asshole.
    “how does that feel tammy” josh said
    “mmm wonderful” I said moaning
    “would u like your brothers cock in your ass now” josh said aiming the camera at me
    “oh yea” I said
    My brother stood up and I rested my legs for a second then I grabbed my ancles again and pulled them up to my head. Josh pointed the camera at jake
    “did you ever think that your were gonna get to fuck your sisters asshole jake?”
    Josh said
    “well I have shot many loads thinking about it” he said
    “well your sister has got her ass sticking out now and she is ready and nick and I and all the viewers are dying to see it so why don’t you guys get started” josh said “now im the director here so I decide what to do. First jake I want you to put the tip of your dick against her asshole”
    Jake did as he was told
    “now put your dick all the way in as slow as you can” he said
    He pushed very gently and my asshole started opening up hugging the tip of my brothers cock he slowly pushed more until the head was all the way in his dick was a little thicker than a silver dollar and was about 7 inches long he pushed inch by inch slowly until his cock completely disappeared in my asshole.
    “ok now hold that there for a few seconds then tammy I want you to pretend that your taking a shit and squeeze his cock all the way out” josh said
    “god you are so tite tammy” jake said
    I smiled at him and I pushed his dick out slowly inch by inch until his dick popped out of my ass making a squishing sound.
    “ok tammy now stay in that position and jake jump up on the bed and put your cock in your sisters mouth so she can taste it then get back down and spread her cheeks so her ass opens and everyone can see inside it.” josh instructed
    Josh jumped on the bed and with no hands he stuck his cock in my mouth and pushed in and out a few times then he got back on the floor and spread my cheeks with both hands. I could feel my ass open and josh put the camera close to my ass and zoomed up in.
    “mmm that is so cute tammy” josh said. “ok josh now stick that beautiful dick of yours back in her ass and fuck it until you cum in her asshole” josh said.
    Jake put his dick back in my ass and started fucking slowly I started moaning at first then it turned into a scream josh was moaning hard too he fucked harder and harder for about 2 minutes.
    “IM GONNA CUM” I screamed as I reached down and put two fingers in my pussy and pushed back on my pubic wall.
    “im gonna cum too” he said
    I started screaming really loud and the orgasim went through my body and fluid started squirting out my pussy while at the same time jakes body tensed up and I could feel his dick pulsating then I could feel warm cum shooting up my asshole. We both relaxed for a second and he pumbed out the last of his sperm in my arse. I could feel his dick getting softer and he pulled out looking at me and smiling at me.
    “ok tammy now I need you to stick your legs over your head and hold your back up with your hands and im gonna get a good shot of you pushing the cum out of your ass” josh said
    I did as he said and I held my legs over my shoulders and held my back up and josh put the camera on my ass so all the viewers could see was my asshole, my pussy and my face. I gave a big smile and pushed as hard as I could. Farting noises came from my ass and cum came oozing out making little bubbles then it dripped down my legs.
    “well that’s the end of our shoot say bye tammy” josh said
    “bye bye see you next time guys” I said

    Josh turned off the camera “oh my god that was so hot” he said
    I got up and put on my clothes as the guys watched.
    “do you guys want to keep doing this we could shoot a few more scenes and make a website it would be the kinkiest porn site ever” nick said
    “hell yea” jake my brother said
    “yes lets do it” I said
    The boys left and shortly after my parents got home, my mom put dinner on the table and me and my brother just ate and everything was just normal. Two weeks went by and we never talked about our porn that we made everything was completely normal. I started to think that it wasn’t going to happen again and I thought that it was for the best, but every night before I would go to bed I would masterbate making myself cum over and over. Then one day my brother knocked on my door before school “tam, nick and josh asked me yesterday if you wanted to do another film.”
    “yes I was wondering when you guys wanted to do it again” I said
    “mom and dad are going out of town to ski for two days” he said
    “oh really are they both coming over again” I said
    “if you want em too” he said
    “yes I would love that” I said
    I went to work and sat there all day staring at the clock I was so exited my pussy was wet all day long 5:00 finally rolled around and I hurried home when I got there I saw josh’s car parked there. I went inside where I saw my brother jake and Josh sitting on the couch.
    “hey guys” I said to them
    “hey Tammy” josh said
    I went and sat on the couch across from them
    “where is nick at” I asked
    “he pussed out” jake said
    “whats all this stuff” I asked
    “that’s all my camera gear, I got a stand to put it on so I don’t have to hold it” josh said
    “cool” I said “well where do you want to do this scene at”
    “we could just do it here” josh said
    “ok” I said
    “alright lets just do what we did last time and I’ll turn the camera on and we’ll go from there” he said
    “ sounds good” I said
    Josh put his camera on the stand and aimed the camera on me “ready” he said. I nodded. He turned the camera on.
    “ok we are sitting here with Tammy again” I waved. Jake came and sat next to me “and this is jake tammy’s brother” josh said interviewing “ok again I’m the director here so I decide what you do and you do it.”
    We both smiled
    “ok lets first start out with you and your brother making out” he said
    We both looked at each other smiling and I opened my mouth and he kissed me. I stuck out my tongue and my brother stuck out his and we circled toungues.
    “ok tammy now I want to see your cute little asshole again do you want to show us” josh said.
    “of course” I said pulling off my pants and and my panties and my shirt and bra I took my panties and looked at the camera and sniffed my panties and I gave them to my brother smiling. He sniffed them too. I then laid down on my lower back and grabbed my ankles and pulled them up to my head. He took the camera and zoomed it up on my asshole.
    “that is the cutest pink asshole I have ever seen tammy” josh said “now jake I want you to get your sisters asshole ready to be fucked”
    Jake sucked on his finger and put it in my ass he slowly stuck it in as far as it would go. He then stuck another finger in and circled it around. He spit on it and then licked it and stuck his tongue in it. Josh put the camera on the stand and came and picked me up. I screamed as he lifted me up, he lifted me to where my back was on his chest and my legs were spread. He walked us over close to the camera and he reached down and put his cock right on my asshole, he then let me down and the camera got a close up of his dick slowly disappearing in my butt as I started moaning. He moved my asshole up and down on his dick.
    “jack come and fuck your sisters pussy while I fuck her asshole” josh said
    My brother quickly got naked and walked up in front of me and stuck his dick in my pussy. I was incredible having one cock in your ass and one in your pussy both fucking you.
    “im gonna cum” josh said “im gonna cum in your ass”
    Josh lifted me down and my brother took his cock out of my cunt and stepped back, and he set me down in the doggy style position. He started moaning and I could feel his dick pulsating and the hot cum squirting out into my asshole. He kept fucking until his balls were drained. He got up and went to the camera he grabbed it off the stand and zoomed it up on my asshole.
    “spread your butt cheeks” he demanded
    I spread em and pushed on my ass and I could feel cum being pushed out.
    “mmm jake look there is my cum bubbling out your sisters asshole” josh said
    “makes good lube for me” he said smiling
    Jake came over to me and stuck his dick in my mouth for just 3 seconds and then got behind me and just rammed his cock up my ass and fucked it. The camera zoomed up on his cock going in and out of my ass josh’s white cum was squishing in and out. The camera stayed on as josh ran to the kitchen and came back out with a big spoon. Then jakes cock started to twitch and he let out a moan and his dick started pulsating in my ass, shooting loads of cum up me. He pulled it out and I stuck my ass in the camera and spread my butt cheeks.
    “ok tammy now I’m gonna stick this spoon on your ass and I want you to push all the cum on this spoon” josh said
    I laughed “ok”
    Josh put the spoon on my asshole and I pushed and the cum came squirting and oozing out. And the spoon had a whole load of semen on it.
    “now I want to see you eat that spoon” Josh said as he grabbed the camera and zoomed up on the spoon. I grabbed the spoon and put it up to my face and smiled and then opened my mouth and put the spoon up high and let it all drip in my mouth and I showed the cum in my mouth to the camera and then swallowed it, then I put the spoon in my mouth and sucked the rest of it all.
    “see you next time” I said to the camera as it faded.

    Josh my brother and I all sat at the kitchen table and drank some beer and we all came up with ideas for the next seen. Then about an hour later josh had the camera and turned it on.
    “okay everyone for this next seen were gonna turn the volume up a little and here is the lovely tammy. Josh said. “do you know what were gonna do in this seen tammy?”
    “I do” I said smiling.
    “and you sure you want to do it” he said
    “of course I’m very exited” I said
    “ohh your sister is one nasty fucking whore Jake” josh said
    “hell yea she is” jake said
    “ok tammy lets get started you know what to do” josh said
    I smiled and nodded as I quickly took off all my clothes and grabbed a big glass and squated over it and started peeing in the glass, once it was full I squirted the rest of my pee as far as I could. I then grabbed the glass and started drinking my warm piss straight from the glass as soon as I got the last gulp down I let out a big burp.
    “mmm very hot tammy now you know what to do next.” josh said
    I squated down again and after about a minute I started to poop, the camera zoomed up on the shit slowly coming out of my ass. Then the piece of shit laid gently on the floor. Then I got on my back and put my legs up in the air and spread my cheeks apart. My asshole was gaping from the shit.
    “oh tammy you are so sexy we all want to see your shitty asshole” josh said zooming up on it
    I reached down and stuck my finger in my asshole then took it out and sucked on my finger.
    “mmm yummy” I said
    “you want to fuck your sisters shitty asshole jake” josh said
    “fuck yes I do” he said
    My brother picked me up and put me on the table and put his dick in my asshole it went in and out really smoothly.
    “hey you need to share jake” josh said
    Jake pulled out and his dick was had smeared shit all over it and he stood back and josh replaced him and stuck his dick in my shitty hole. Jake then came to the other side of the table and stuck his shitty cock into my mouth and I sucked it almost clean. He then stood back and I opened my mouth and my brother started peeing in my mouth I swallowed a lot of it and the rest went on my face and drenched my hair. Then josh pulled his cock out of my ass and I stood up and grapped the piece of shit that I made it was hard and it was about 7 inches long. My brother got behind me and started fucking my pussy. As I held the shit in my hand, and josh got in front of me and stuck his dick in my face and let me smell it, then he wiped a little of it on my cheeks and nose and cleaned off his dick with my hair.
    “oh fuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkk im cumming” I yelled and screamed my orgasim lasted about 10 seconds then I grabbed josh’s cock and sucked it. I could taste my shit and at that moment it was so yummy.
    “I’m about to cum” my brother said and josh started jacking off really fast. Then he pulled it out of my cunt and both boys walked up and shot there load onto the shit I was holding. Then josh grabbed the camera and put it in my face as I started licking the cum off the shit then I put it in my mouth and started sucking on it.
    “well that’s the end of this scene everyone hope you enjoyed it” I said and gave my shit one last slow lick and gave it a little kiss as the camera faded off.
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    Default MOM AND DAD WERE OK WITH IT.....

    I grew up in a very liberated household. Nudity was the order of the day and my parents were ok with me and my brother jacking off if we felt like it. We didn't know this when we were younger but one day I saw my dad jacking off in front of the tv and realized it was ok. I had a younger sister and it was ok to do it in front of her but my parents had strongly warned me and my brother about any interplay between us and my sister. Cockplay with my brother was ok as long as it was in moderation.

    We were never quite sure how far we could push the sex stuff but if we went too far we heard about it and for the most part, we could pretty much do what we felt like doing.

    When I got to be 16 I started seeing Linda, a girl in my high school, and she would frequently come to my house. Of course, everybody had to get dressed when she was there and after a while this got to be very constricting for everyone because we were all so used to being naked all the time. After Linda and I had been going together for about a month, I knew that she was quite liberal and so I got up the courage to tell her about our family nudity. I think she was surprised but not shocked and she was not at all judgmental about it. I told her that with her visiting so frequently it had put kind of a strain on the whole household because we all had to radically change our lifestyle.

    I asked her if it would be ok for everybody to carry on with our normal (for us) mode of undress. And she surprised me by saying it was ok as long as she didn't have to go nude. So I told my parents and siblings and the next time she came over, we were all back to being in the buff. It was no doubt a major adjustment for her but for a 15 year old girl she did a good job of handling it. After about her third visit she told me she felt awkward being the only one dressed and said she had decided to go along with the rest of the family.

    Of course I was thrilled to hear this and eagerly looked forward to seeing her nude. We had played around a little bit at that point with her rubbing my hard cock through my pants and I had gotten a finger in her pussy and sucked on her titties a few times but had never seen her naked.

    So she stripped down and joined the group. She had a very nice body on top of being extremely cute. One evening we were sitting in the living room watching tv. My brother and sister were off somewhere with friends and mom was in the kitchen and dad was somewhere in the house doing something and the two of us had the room to ourselves.

    I don't remember what we were watching but there must have been something on the screen that triggered arousal in me. You know how easy it is for a 16 year old to become aroused and out of nowhere my cock sprang to life. I was reasonably well endowed for my age....about 7 inches and a quite nicely formed cock as I have been told many times in subsequent years by various lovers. Of course Linda noticed my cock standing straight up and it was the first time she had seen me with a full erection. I saw her looking at it with the strangest expression on her face. She timidly reached over and grasped it and gave it a nice squeeze. She told me later that she didn't know what came over her but when she saw my prick standing so proud with the foreskin rolled back exposing my shiny cockhead with the skin stretched tight she had an overwhelming desire to touch it. And who was I to complain?

    I asked her if she would stroke it for me and she started to move her hand up and down the length of my now rock hard prick. We were so caught up in what we were doing that we didn't even notice my dad walk in the room. As he sat down opposite us we became aware of him and Linda's hand came off my prick so fast that you would think she had touched a red hot poker.

    My dad said "Don't' let me interrupt you kids. It looks like you are having some fun." I could tell that Linda was still in shock and didn't really know what to do.

    But I noticed a really strange thing happen. My dad's cock had quickly hardened which was sort of an unusual sight. I rarely saw his cock in an erect state even when my brother and I might be jacking off in front of him. But obviously seeing Linda's hand stroking my erect penis was some kind of trigger for him because now his 8-inches was fully engorged and I could see Linda staring at it. She had that "deer caught in the headlights" look on her face, probably wondering what the hell she had gotten herself into.

    I whispered to her to please go back to stroking my prick, which had gotten even harder if that was possible. But she shook her head and whispered back "Not in front of your dad." I tried to tell her it was ok but she wouldn't do it.

    Then my dad grasped his hard cock and started slowly masturbating in front of us. I lightly stroked my own cock but being 16 and incredibly horny I had to be careful as it wouldn't take much for me to start spurting my cum. I think the whole thing was freaking Linda out at the same time it was turning her on. I guess her horniness finally overcame her timidity and she reached over and took hold of my throbbing penis. Watching what my dad was doing to his prick, she started mimicking his actions on my cock. Of course I was in sensory overload at that point and in no time I was spurting stream after stream of hot cum all over my chest and belly. Like all inexperienced girls, as soon as I started shooting Linda let go of my prick and I had to grab it and finish myself off to a most glorious orgasm.

    My dad had a pretty good head start on me and by the time I started cumming he had already been stroking his prick for some time so he immediately began ejaculating a major load all over himself. I had only seen my dad cum a couple of times but never as forceful or with as much volume as he did this time. Linda and I both watched in awe as stream after stream of cum shot out of his prick and coated his chest and belly. One spurt even splattered off his cheek.

    As dad and I both milked the last drops of semen from our still hard pricks, Linda's head swiveled back and forth between the two of us taking it all in. Dad called out to mom in the kitchen to please bring a couple of towels and that we had spilled something and made a mess. Mom walked out with two hand towels and laughed when she saw me and dad with cum covering both our bodies with our wet and sticky pricks still in our hands with the last vestiges of our orgasms dripping from the tips.

    "My, somebody has been having some fun" she laughed. She asked Linda if she had gotten to cum too and Linda sheepishly said no and so mom scolded me for being selfish. Mom tossed one towel to Linda and then kneeled in front of dad and began cleaning him up. She took his now deflating prick in one hand and with the other she wiped his chest and stomach clean while Linda took the hint and started doing the same for me.

    Then my 16 year old sensibilities were shocked to the core when mom took dad's cum covered prick and started licking the cum off it and then put it in her mouth and sucked it clean. Linda didn't see this as she was too busy cleaning me up. Just watching this made my cock come back to life.

    This little session broke the ice as far as sex was concerned and Linda and I had many mutual masturbation sessions, some with other family members watching and some with others participating. One of the best was Linda jacked both my brother and me off together while my younger sis watched and diddled her clit. But more about that in another story.

    And no, there was never any sexual interplay between my parents and any of us kids. We all had a really healthy attitude towards sex and I feel that growing up in that atmosphere has totally eliminated any of the common hang-ups a lot of people have when it comes to sex.
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    Default Lockdown

    “You awake, man?”

    Brian jumped and looked over to see his manager staring at him across the checkout counter. “Yeah, sorry. Slow day.”

    Brian had been jolted out of his thoughts, contemplating his life yet again. For the past five years, he had worked at FilmWorld, a small movie store in the mall near where he went to college. He got the job his sophomore year to help pay for his education, and two years after graduating still worked there, at 23, as he could not find a job with his engineering degree. Through all of his life, Brian had always valued his education. He studied hard throughout high school and ended up graduating salutatorian. He worked even harder in college and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a 3.96 GPA. And now what? He was an assistant manager at a damn movie store! Lot of good that studying did! He only had a couple girlfriends throughout his life, not getting too far with either before they left. He always figured when he graduated college and got a real job, the women would come flocking to him. But that clearly didn’t happen. Not that he could really blame the girls. Brian knew he wasn’t the most attractive guy around. He had always been a pretty doofy looking guy. He had no body definition, as he had spent all of his time studying, and on the occasion he had spare time, would watch movies. Unfortunately, girls aren’t drawn to movie aficionados as much as they are drawn to guys with great bods. Recently, Brian had tried to fix this. He began working out a couple months earlier, started growing out his hair (it was now about four inches long and a mess, as he couldn’t figure out how to style it). He also got new glasses with thinner lenses and overhauled his wardrobe (with help from his sister). Unfortunately, while at work he was still forced to wear the required khaki pants and maroon “FilmWorld” polo shirt, complete with nametag. Boy did that make him feel attractive.

    “I think I’m gonna grab some lunch,” his manager told him. “Can you handle this place on your own for a bit?”

    Brian looked down the length of the store. There were about thirty people, most of which would probably just browse and buy nothing, something that drove him insane. Like the old man in the western section. That guy will be there forever and probably walk out with nothing. Or the group of high school skaters. They’d browse the extreme titles forever, and at best would try to steal something. Or the mom with her young daughter in the family section. The kid will want every movie there, with her mom eventually getting pissed off and leaving with nothing. Brian had seen all these situations before having worked at the store for five years now. Usually, when someone walked in the store, he could figure out whether they were going to buy something or not.

    “Yeah, no problem,” Brian responded, looking back to his manager. “I’d be surprised if a quarter of these people ended up buying anything.”

    His manager laughed. “Hopefully not, as we could definitely use the business,” he said. Then, looking down the length of the store, added, “But you’re probably right. Oh well, I’ll see you in fifteen.”

    And with that, his manager walked out of the store towards the food court, briefly waving to Brian behind him.


    George slowly continued down the western section. The western section was at the far end of one row, with the other side of the row being the adult films. George had his practice down to an art by now – start slowly going down the rows, section by section, making it look like he is browsing everything, that way when he gets to the adult film section, he wouldn’t look like a pervert, he could pretend he was just browsing like he had every other section. George had become somewhat of a softcore porn addict at the age of 67. His wife had passed away from lung cancer five years earlier. They had kept up a decent sex life until the last six months of her life. Hence, when she was gone, George had trouble looking for sexual relief. George was well aware that, with his grey hair and wrinkled, slightly sagging skin, he was not likely to be getting any new girls. A few months after his wife’s death, he had been in a movie store, accidentally walked into the adult film section, and decided to give it a try. Watching it, he had the first satisfying orgasm since his wife had passed away. Soon, he was visiting various movie stores looking for more porn (unfortunately, mainstream stores didn’t have hardcore porn, otherwise he would have been buying that).

    Unfortunately for George, at the moment he couldn’t move on to the adult film section, as there was a black high school couple looking through the titles and laughing. Not wanting to get caught by them, George was stuck looking through the westerns until they moved on.


    Ace, Bend, Flip, and Turn (or Anthony, Brett, Phillip, and Turner as there real names were, but no one, not even their parents, used those anymore) were indeed busy looking through the latest skating DVDs out, as well as other stunt videos. There was a new Tony Hawk video out, that Bend and Turn were interested in, but Ace and Flip were more focused on a new extreme stunt video, promising lots of injuries on the front. The four were arguing back and forth as, between the four of them, they could afford one of them, but obviously couldn’t decide which. A few customers walked by and gave them an awkward glance, but they generally moved on pretty quickly, ignoring these boys as rebellious teens. Unbeknownst to these boys though, a group of middle school girls on the other side of the store were checking them out and dreaming about them.

    As much as they tried to look different, the four boys looked eerily similar. They all had baggy pants on, sagging halfway down their asses. They all had different pants, with Ace and Bend wearing baggy jeans and Flip and Turn wearing slightly different colored khakis, but all four wore them the same way. They also all had oversized T-shirts on, some advertising skate companies, others advertising low end sports drinks. Ace and Flip had long hair, Ace’s tied back in a pony tail going halfway down his back, Flip’s nearly the same length, but not tied in anyway and was thus all around his face. Bend’s hair was about six inches long, also not styled at all and thus dropping in his eyes. Turn’s hair was only about an inch long and gelled back. Ace and Turn were slightly older, both being 16 and in tenth grade while Bend and Flip were 15 and in ninth grade at the same school.


    Beth had just bought her daughter, Alyssa, a toy as a result of her great first grade report card. She came into FilmWorld to buy a movie for herself to watch, as she didn’t get to see many movies as a single mother. Unfortunately, Alyssa had run straight to the Family section, and was picking up movie after movie and showing it to her mother. Beth kept trying to tell her she had just got a new toy, and thus was not getting a movie too, but Alyssa wouldn’t listen, and as much as Beth tried to move into the drama section, she was stuck in the family section.

    Seven and a half years ago, Beth thought she was with the love of her life, having gone out with her boyfriend for the past three years. However, when she unexpectedly got pregnant, he disappeared faster than Beth believed possible. Disconcerted, Beth swore off men and raised her daughter on her own. And now here she was, 33 and stuck in the family section of a movie store with her seven year old daughter. However, while Beth may have sworn off men, men had not sworn off her. A couple yards down, on the opposite side of her row, a man was checking her body out at that very moment.


    Quince and Sha’dasia were seniors in high school, with Quince 18 and Sha’dasia 17, soon to be 18. They had been together for over two years now, and had opened up all aspects of their relationships, especially sexually. As such they were currently looking through the adult films in the store trying to pick one out that might introduce something new for them. Each time they picked one up, they critiqued the cover, laughing at how fake the girls were, or the faces they were making, not to mention the titles and subtitles for many of them. They were taking their sweet time, enjoying every moment there, not knowing they were holding George up from feeding his porn addiction.


    Over in the comedy section, Mary, Andy, and Brit were checking out Ace, Bend, Flip and Turn on the other side of the store. They had seen them walking outside a few stores down, and followed them into FilmWorld. They didn’t want to be too obvious, so they went to the opposite side of the store, but there was no mistaking what they were doing, as they pointed and giggled watching the four skaters on the other side of the store, discussing how dreamy they were, occasionally making comments too loud, but then catching themselves and quieting down again. The three girls were in 8th grade and, while they had been interested in boys for the past couple years, only Brit had even kissed a boy yet. Mary and Andy always attributed this to the fact that Brit was the oldest, at 14. Mary and Andy were still 13. While this may have been true, it is more likely that Brit got the first kiss because, besides being the oldest chronologically, she was also the oldest physically, and thus attracted more boys. Brit at 5’6” stood about four inches over Mary, who was four inches above Andy. She also wore a 36C bra already. Mary had just moved up to a 34B, having been a 34A for the past two years. Meanwhile, Andy had not really developed much yet. She had not gotten her period yet, while Mary got hers over a year ago, and Brit got hers nearly a year before Mary. Andy wore a 32A bra, though she really had no reason to wear a bra at all, as she didn’t even have tiny mounds coming out of her chest. While Brit had been the only one to kiss a boy, the three girls, who had been best friends since first grade, had practiced on each other starting in fifth grade, so they all had kissing experience, though none had more than that.


    Mike, who had come in looking for a new action movie to distract him from his sad home life, now had a new mission. He was looking for the opportunity to approach the beautiful woman a few rows down from him. Yes, she had a daughter, which generally would be a turn off to him, but at the moment, Mike didn’t care, her mom was hot. She looked to be about 27, which meant to Mike that he wasn’t going to have much of a chance at 35. Eight years, though not a huge difference, can seem like a lot. Especially when he does nothing but work in a cubicle writing computer code all day. Not the most exciting lifestyle to sell a girl on. At least he was making good money at $75,000 a year. Even with the money though, he still lived alone in an apartment. After spending his days writing code, Mike spent his nights watching movies and playing video games on his ridiculous home theater system – the best that money could buy.

    But Mike wasn’t thinking of his own life. Rather, he was getting rather annoyed at the woman’s daughter, constantly asking for movies, distracting her mother, and giving Mike no chance to approach her. But Mike wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity. He was sure that eventually the opportunity to talk to her would present itself.


    Jack and Pam came into the store looking for various movies for themselves and their families. Jack and Pam were brother and sister who had both grown up in the area. Pam, the older one at 46 currently, had gone to college a couple hours away and met a local who ended up being her future husband. She moved in with him after college, leaving her old family behind. Jack, 44 at the moment, had gone to the local college, and married his high school sweetheart. Both Jack and Pam went on to have their own families. Pam currently had three kids: a girl at 19, a girl at 16, and a boy at 15. Jack had two kids: a boy at 18 and a girl at 15. This was the first time in about a year that Pam’s family had come to visit, and the rest of both of their families were at Jack’s house. Pam and Jack came out to get movies to pass some time at home, as well as catch up with each other without their families around.

    Jack and Pam were both very astute people, and were currently enjoying the various situations in the store. They were laughing about the high school couple browsing the adult section. They were laughing about the old man who wanted to go to the adult section, but obviously didn’t want to be there at the same time as the high school couple. They were laughing at the middle schoolers ogling the skater boys from across the store. They were laughing about the man clearly wanting to approach the mother of an energetic and somewhat demanding young girl. And there were a few other customers they were enjoying analyzing. Jack and Pam had long since forgotten about the movies they had initially come in to look for and were now discussing each of the situations in turn, and how they either used to be like some of them, hoped they were never like other, and, in George’s case, hope never to be that desperate.



    Brian had zoned out yet again. It was really going to be one of those days, he thought. He looked up to see who had spoken, out of habit asking, “How can I help you?”

    “Exciting job, huh?” a young woman replied. Brian was amazed when he looked up, amazed that he had somehow not seen this girl come in. Looking back at him, leaning on the counter, was a very attractive girl, he was guessing about 21 or 22. She had long dirty blonde hair tied back in a pony tail, eyes that were a mix of blue and green, a small nose that was lightly freckled, and a big smile on her face. She was wearing a slightly baggy T-shirt that hid the size of her breasts, but that didn’t stop Brian from trying to judge at a quick glance, though he found his attempt unsuccessful.

    “I’m sorry?” Brian asked, not having heard her.

    “I said ‘Exciting job, huh?’ You look enthralled here,” the girl went on sarcastically. “Staring off into the store, wishing you were somewhere else. I can’t say I don’t do the same sometimes.”

    “Oh yeah,” Brian answered, continuing, “Really exciting. But I bet you haven’t been working retail for five years now.”

    The girl smirked, telling Brian, “Not yet, but I’m getting there, I’ve sold clothes for a solid three years now paying my way through college.”

    Brian smirked back. “Well, if you want my advice – quit. Quit now. Otherwise you’ll end up wasting away your life working retail two years after graduating.” Brian suddenly realized he was throwing away his chances with this attractive girl, who seemed to be quite open with him, so he quickly added, very sarcastically, “Not that I’d know anything about that….”

    The girl laughed, looked him in the eyes, and said, “Thanks for the advice, maybe I will! In the meantime, I need this for a class, so you think you could ring it up?”

    Brian recognized the end of the conversation, and was cursing himself for having said way too much. The girl was holding out her DVD along with her credit card, ready for payment. Brian grabbed both, looking at the card before the DVD, and seeing her name was Rose. Trying to continue the conversation, thinking he might still be able to get this girl’s number, Brian said, “Rose, huh?”

    Rose looked at him, then at his nametag, and smiled, replying, “Yes, Brian. So –”

    Before Rose could get any further, both she and Brian heard a brief bang come from out in the mall hallways, both turning their heads to look out the store.


    Frank had brought his kids, fraternal 12 year old twins named Evan and Erin, to the mall to get some new clothes. They had just come out of one store after an unsuccessful search, and decided to get some lunch before continuing. They were walking towards the food court when they heard a bang – the same bang Brian and Rose heard. They stopped in their tracks, staring forward where the sound had come from. They couldn’t see anything, but there was an intersection shortly ahead of them so it probably was around one of those corners. They were about to start walking again when a man ran across the intersection with a handgun over his head.

    Without thinking, Frank grabbed his kids and pulled them in the store they were walking by, which happened to be FilmWorld. He saw an employee at the checkout desk talking to a young girl. He told his kids to go to the back of the store while he went to talk to the employee. The kids ran to the back with terrified looks on their faces, causing all the patrons in the store (most of which had not heard the bang) to look at them.

    Frank hadn’t noticed the other patrons paying attention and went to the checkout desk, interrupting the conversation the employee was having. “Are you in charge here?” Frank asked, a little more loudly than he intended.

    Brian, caught completely off guard by this man running into his store and approaching him replied, “For the moment, yeah.” By this point the whole store was paying attention to this conversation.

    “There’s a man with a gun in the mall!” Frank exclaimed, again much louder than intended.

    The store immediately went into a frenzy. Customers were screaming, some were just standing in shock, others started to run towards the entrance of the store.

    “Oh my god,” one of the middle school girls screamed.

    “I gotta find my wife,” a man yelled running out of the store.

    “Woah,” one of the skaters said, standing stock still.

    Many other exclamations were heard going around the store, which were temporarily stymied by the sound of brief rapid gunfire out of the store, much louder than the initial bang.

    “Christ,” Frank said under his breath, “there must be more than one of them.” He had realized the handgun he had seen before couldn’t have produced the rapid gunfire he had just heard.

    Screaming ensued as the customers now heard the actual gunfire. Some customers continued running out the front of the store while most, including Frank, headed towards the back of the store. Rose was looking at Brian, wondering what he was going to do. Brian was in shock. He knew he was the only employee in the store, so he was responsible for the customers in his store. He started to walk around the other side of the check out counter when he stopped short hearing a shout coming from outside.

    “Lockdown your stores!” Brian heard the instructions come from outside the store and down a bit. Then he saw the security officer who had announced it running quickly by, shouting instructions to the stores as he went. “Lockdown your stores!” he repeated, continuing, “Close your gates! Customers go to the back of the stores!”

    That was all Brian heard as the security officer ran past. As soon as he was gone, Brian regained his composure and ran forward, grabbed the gate at the front of the store, pulled it down and locked it. He then turned around and shouted, “Everyone to the back of the store!”

    All the customers not already at the back headed to the back, some running, some walking. Brian and Rose headed back as well, being the last ones to get back there.

    There was screaming and crying in the back, and some customers with blank looks on their faces, obviously still in a state of shock. Brian was trying to figure out what to do next, but couldn’t get a handle on the situation with all the shouting.

    “We’re gonna die!” Sha’dasia screamed.

    “Yeah,” her boyfriend announced angrily, “There’s nothing to hide behind back here!”

    Brian turned around. The guy was right. The store was organized in long aisles running lengthwise to the store. Maybe two or three people could hide at the end of each of the two aisles, but there were far more than six people back there. He looked back at the crowd of customers in the back, and then saw the door to the employee room in the back. The room wasn’t huge, but it would be plenty of room for all these people. Brian reached in his pocket and pulled out his key and, turning to Rose, handed her the key and quietly told her, “Go unlock the back room and get all the people inside.”

    She took the key, looked up at him with a worried look on her face, and asked, “What are you going to do?”

    “I have to make sure there’s no one else in the store,” he replied to her, then turning to the crowd yelled, “Listen up!”

    Very abruptly, all the customers turned to look at him. The screaming stopped, though some were still crying. “This is Rose,” Brian announced, putting his hand on her shoulder, “She’s going to open the back room. After she opens the door, I want everyone to go inside and find a seat against a wall.”

    With that, Brian looked at Rose and nodded. She understood, returned the nod, and quickly walked to the back door. The rest of the customers had already crowded around her by the time she had unlocked and started to open the door. She pulled the door open, and then held it open as everyone besides Brian rushed inside. She watched as Brian ran up and down each aisle, briefly checking behind the checkout counter. When he got back to Rose, he told her to go in. She did, and he followed closing the door behind him.

    When Brian turned around from closing the door, he surveyed his surroundings. The room was about 18 feet by 10 feet. There was a desk, a safe, and a small fridge against the wall at the opposite end from the door. There were also a bunch of boxes of DVDs stacked against the wall bordering the store. The two other walls were empty. There wasn’t much room, but more than enough for everyone to sit or stand in, everyone being the twenty people, including Brian that were in there.

    The scene was quite crowded. Against the wall opposite the door, at the end near the desk, George, the old man, was standing looking over the scene. Next to him, Beth was sitting cross legged with her daughter Alyssa on her lap. Mike, who had been checking out Beth, had taken the opportunity to sit next to her. Quince was sitting next to him with Sha’dasia right next to him leaning her head on his shoulder. Next to them stood the four skaters, Ace, Bend, Flip and Turn. Jack and Pam were next to them, standing in the corner directly opposite the door. Frank and his twins, Evan and Erin were all sitting on the floor against the wall adjacent the door. Mary, Andy, and Brit, the three middle school girls had sat down against the boxes, almost directly across from the skaters, and were leaning against each other. Rose and Brian were standing by the door looking at them all.

    George was stoic, not having anything to say, feeling slightly embarrassed that he had come into the store for porn and now his life may be in danger because of it.

    Beth had a straight face, though tears were slowly rolling down her face. She was petting her daughter’s head. Alyssa was crying, not so much because she knew what was going on, but because all the adults seemed to be really scared, which in turn scared her.

    Mike was staring at Beth, impressed with how straight a face this young looking mother was keeping, despite obviously being scared for her own and her daughter’s life.

    Quince, who had initially looked furious outside in the store, now looked completely calm, staring at the box opposite him, running his hand over Sha’dasia’s head on his shoulders. Sha’dasia was still lightly crying on his shoulder, occasionally sniffling.

    Ace, Bend, Flip, and Turn looked to be taking it best of the group, whispering amongst themselves, occasionally smiling, though being very careful not to laugh, knowing the others probably would not like that.

    Jack and Pam were talking amongst themselves. Both looked really worried, but kept talking and looking around at all the others in the room.

    Frank was sitting on the wall staring off into space wondering what would come of this whole situation. Meanwhile, next to him, his daughter Erin was crying pretty loudly, and her twin brother Evan next to her was clearly trying not to cry, wiping his eyes every now and then and holding his breath on and off so as to not whimper.

    Mary, Andy, and Brit were not looking at anything; they were huddled in a tight group, leaning against and hugging each other, all lightly sobbing.

    Brian and Rose both took the whole situation in. After thoroughly surveying it, Brian looked to Rose and nodded towards the end of the room. They headed towards the other end of the room, and stood next to the boxes near the desk end of the room.

    Brian and Rose stood against the boxes looking at the other people, not talking or showing any form of emotion. After a couple minutes, the crying lightened up, and the room had quieted down. Noticing that the room had calmed down, Jack looked over at Brian and asked across the room, “So what happens now?”

    Brian looked to Jack, and realized he was expected to be the leader still. This type of situation had definitely not been part of his job training, so he wasn’t entirely sure, but he had a few guesses. “Well,” Brian began, “when the situation ends, security will make an announcement over the mall’s speaker system that everything is fine and to open the gates. While we will be able to hear it in here, I have no idea how long that’s going to be.”

    “So you have no idea how long we’ll be here?” Jack repeated. Brian just shook his head in response. “Well, we might be in here for a long time then, and I suggest we all sit down, get comfortable, and get to know each other.”

    By this point, everyone in the room was watching and listening to Jack. After this last comment, a few (Beth, Mike, Quince, Frank, Brian, and Rose) showed their agreement by nodding their heads. Everyone else just stared.

    “Well,” Jack started after about half a minute, “since no one disagrees, I guess I’ll start. My name’s Jack, I’m 44 and I’m a science professor at the community college.” Finishing, Jack looked at his sister next to him.

    “I’m Pam and I’m 46. I actually live a couple hours away and am just in town to visit my brother,” she said, nodding towards Jack on that last comment. She then continued, “Guess I picked a bad day to visit.” This drew a couple short, nervous laughs from a few people.

    Frank spoke next. “My name’s Frank, I’m 42, and these are my kids Evan and Erin. I brought them to look for clothes while their mother was at work.” Evan and Erin just stared out at everyone.

    Across the way, Beth asked, “How old are they?”

    “Twelve,” Evan and Erin said in unison. They looked at each other and smiled at their synchronous answer. Then they looked at Beth and together said, “We’re twins.” This also drew a few laughs as the kids spoke together.

    Next going around the room was Mary, Andy, and Brit. Not sure what to say, Mary just said, “I’m Mary.”

    “I’m Andy,” the next girl added.

    “And I’m Brit,” the last girl stated. Realizing the rest of the group was still looking at them, Brit decided to add, “We’re all in eighth grade.”

    Rose was after the girls, and seeing they didn’t have any more to say jumped in with, “I’m Rose. I’m 20 and a junior in college. I came here today to pick up a movie I need to write about for a class assignment due tomorrow. I’m guessing I won’t get to be doing that now.” That last comment drew a few snickers from the crowd.

    Next up was Brian. “I’m Brian. I’m 23. Obviously, I work here, have for five years now. The manager left for lunch not five minutes before this whole incident started. Lucky me.” Again, a couple snickers came from the crowd.

    George was up next, but wasn’t sure what to say. “My name’s George. I’m retired and was just looking for a movie to kill time today.” Jack and Pam looked at each other and smiled, remembering him trying to get into the adult section, but kept their thoughts to themselves.

    Beth followed. “I’m Beth, 33, and this is my seven-year-old daughter Alyssa. We came to the mall today to get a toy because Alyssa just got a really could report card in first grade, didn’t you, baby?” Alyssa just sat on her mom’s lap and nodded, a bit embarrassed at the attention.

    Mike then introduced himself, and had his speech all planned out. “I’m Mike, 35. I’m a computer scientist by day, single guy by night. I was just looking for a movie to pass the night away.” Mike looked over at Beth to see if she caught on when he slipped the word “single” in his intro, but she didn’t react. Dejected, Mike just looked next to him.

    “I’m Quince, and this is my girlfriend Sha’dasia,” he said, patting Sha’dasia’s head, which was still on his shoulder. “We’re seniors in high school and can’t wait til it’s done.” Sha’dasia smiled at this.

    There was then a small pause as the four skaters apparently didn’t catch on that it was their turn. Everyone was looking at them, and Jack eventually asked, “And you are?”

    The replies came in single syllables.





    Again, everyone was looking at them, waiting for more to be said. Eventually Jack spoke up again. “That’s it?”

    “Yeah,” Bend replied.

    “Well, how old are you? What do you d–”

    But Jack was cut off before he could finish. A scream echoed in from outside, followed by a couple gunshots. For the next couple minutes, there was sporadic gunfire and screaming. When it let up, the group, which had started to look a bit better after the introductions, was back to looking scared. After a minute or so of silence, Jack looked up again about to talk, but before he could think of something to say, more screams and gunfire were heard.

    It all let up after another couple minutes, and the room returned to silence. Jack didn’t try to talk this time. No one did. Brian decided it was time to sit down and sat dejected against the boxes behind him. Rose followed suit, sitting close to him. George took the opportunity to sit in the chair at the desk, as no one else appeared to want it. Finally, the four skates slid down the wall to the floor.

    Slowly, people started to talk. Jack and Pam were whispering amongst themselves. The four skaters were talking to each other. Mary, Andy, and Brit began talking to each other.

    Brian looked around the room and took it all in. “Fuck,” he muttered under his breath.

    He meant for it to go unheard, but Rose was too close and the room was too quiet for her to miss it. “What’s up?” she asked.

    “This sucks,” Brian answered. “What if we die here? I have done nothing with my life.”

    “I’m sure you have,” Rose replied, trying to cheer him up.

    Brian leaned his head back against the boxes. “Nope. I’ve worked her for five years. I barely talk to my family. No real close friends anymore. I mean….” He paused for a second, realizing what he was about to say. After a couple of seconds of thought, he figured there was no reason not to say it here. He continued, “Shit, I’m still a virgin. I could die a virgin today. How pathetic is that?”

    Rose saw the depressed look on his face. Rose couldn’t really relate. She was still close with her family, had a few really good close friends, and, while not with a guy at the moment, had a couple meaningful relationships in the past which produced quality sex. But she felt really bad for the guy. Brian seemed like a really nice, good guy, he shouldn’t have to end like this, if it was in fact going to end here. She knew she couldn’t help with his first two problems, but she thought she might be able to fix the latter.

    “What if I could help you with that last issue?” Rose added, after a long pause. Brian, who had briefly forgotten what he had said, looked over at her. Rose smiled at him seductively. Suddenly Brian remembered what he had said and his eyes went wide. Rose chuckled and leaned in, gave him a brief peck on the lips, and then hugged him, climbing on his lap to do so. It was at this point that Brian realized that Rose had a skirt on. Not a short one, but a long, loose skirt. She was facing Brian with one leg kneeling on either side of his legs with her skirt covering her legs.

    With the room as quiet as it was, the new movement caught everyone’s attention. They didn’t know what was going on, it just looked like Rose had known Brian for a while and was looking for some comfort. Eventually people looked away and talked amongst themselves again.

    Meanwhile, Brian was beginning to get hard in his pants, and Rose could feel it against her mound. With her right hand, she reached down and under her skirt. While no one else could see where her hand went, George, from the desk chair, could see perfectly as her hand slid beneath her skirt, and he began to get excited at what might happen. With her hand, Rose slowly unzipped Brian’s pants, making as little noise as possible. She then had to back up a little, and maneuvered her hand around to pull Brian’s hard cock out the hole in his boxers, and then out his fly. When her hand first touched him, Brian gasped quietly. Rose had his cock out, hidden underneath her skirt. She looked into his eyes, and he stared back into hers. She then moved her hips up, and using the same hand that was holding his cock, slid her panties to the side, and slipped the head of his cock into her cunt. Brian leaned his head back and closed his eyes. Slowly, she started to lower herself onto him.

    While they were being exceptionally quiet, the movement again drew people’s attention, and this time there was little mistaking what they were doing, as Rose began moving up and down on Brian’s lap. The only two who didn’t see it were Alyssa, who was facing the opposite direction lying against her mom, and Sha’dasia, who had her eyes closed leaning on Quince’s shoulder. Even though all the rest of the people saw what was going on, no one commented on it. They just watched, almost entranced by the situation. They all felt that this could be their last moments in life, and had no will to stop what may be the last act of these two young people’s lives.

    Rose and Brian were becoming more and more ignorant of the people around them as they continued fucking. What started out completely quiet slowly grew. The moans that were initially held in were no longer held back, and as their tempo increased, the light slapping of Rose landing on Brian’s legs could be heard as well. The sounds eventually caught the attention of Alyssa, who turned around and looked. At seven years old, she had no idea what was going on and asked her mom, “What are they doing?”

    Her mom thought for a second, then responded, “They’re just playing a game, dear.”

    Alyssa, who had been crying and worried since she heard the loud bangs and people screaming, smiled and looked up at her mom and said, “Can I play, too?”

    Beth just smiled back at her daughter and said, “Sure.” She then started bouncing Alyssa on her lap, as if that was all that Rose and Brian were doing.

    Meanwhile, Alyssa’s comments had led Sha’dasia to finally open her eyes. What she saw was a room full of people watching a couple of college age students obviously having sex, though nothing could really be seen. She turned to Quince and was about to say something when rapid gunfire rang out, followed by more screaming heard through the walls. This led to more whimpers of fear in the room, and Rose and Brian stopped fucking to look around, and realized many people were looking at them.

    “Fuck this!” Sha’dasia exclaimed. She then pulled Quince off the wall, twisted him around and pushed him onto his back on the floor. “If this is the end,” Sha’dasia said, “then I’m going out fucking too!”

    With that, she grabbed Quince’s baggy jeans and boxers and pulled them off and threw them against the wall. Quince’s black cock was bare for all to see. It was pointing straight up at his head and was nearly ten inches long and almost two inches in diameter. There were audible gasps heard round the room as people first saw it. The middle school girls just stared in awe, as it was the first penis they had seen. Beth’s eyes were locked on it, as she had many men before, but never one that big, and she wondered what it would be like. Meanwhile, Pam nudged Jack and said, “Bet you wish yours was that large,” to which Jack just responded, “How do you know it’s not?”

    In the meantime, Sha’dasia had stood up and peeled her own tight jeans off, as well as the tiny black G-string she was wearing. She then straddled Quince, grabbed his cock, aimed it at her hole, and dropped herself on all ten inches at once. Quince moaned loudly, not holding anything back, and started thrusting his hips up into Sha’dasia as she started bouncing on top of him.

    While everyone else was just staring in awe at what was going on in front of them, Rose took the silence as a sign of acceptance. She grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head, revealing that she was not wearing a bra and exposing her 34B breasts and tiny nipples. She then pulled up off of Brian’s dick and pulled her skirt and panties down to her knees, then leaned back, kicked them the rest of the way off, along with her sandals, and laid back, completely naked. The way she was laying, her head was about a foot away from George’s chair and her feet were right next to Brit, who was still sitting against the boxes on the wall. Rose then looked at Brian, smiled, and nodded her head for him to come over to her.

    Brian took this sight in, this beautiful 20 year old girl, completely naked in front of a bunch of strangers, her tiny nipples rock hard, her pubic hair shaved into a neat triangle pointing at her slit, wanting him to fuck her. He needed no further urging, not caring how many people were watching. He pulled his shoes and socks off, tossing them aside, then proceeded to unbutton his pants, pulled them down with his boxers, exposing his cock to the rest of the room. If he hadn’t been so focused on Rose, he would have felt embarrassed, as his cock was just under seven inches long and just over an inch in diameter – a far cry from Quince’s. But that was the last thing on his mind right now. He yanked his shirt over his head, and then, being fully naked, crawled over Rose’s body. As soon as he was lined up, Rose reached for Brian’s cock and guided it into her cunt. She then laid back and let Brian do all the work. Brian complied, thrusting hard enough into her to jiggle her average-sized breasts every time.

    While Brian and Rose had gotten ready, Sha’dasia had grabbed Quince’s shirt, pulled it over his head, and tossed it to the side. She had then reached up and pulled her own shirt over her head, then reached behind and unhooked and slid off her black lace bra (which matched her G-string), and threw those to the side (which happened to land on Mike). Sha’dasia was now fully exposing her 38DD breasts and huge nipples to everyone in the room, and they were bouncing all over the place as she violently fucked her boyfriend.

    With the two young couples now naked and fucking on the floor, the rest of the people were starting to react. George, having a perfect view of Brian and Rose at his feet, was horny as hell, but tried to hide it. He sat in the chair and brought one hand down to try and cover the bulge in his pants. However, he couldn’t keep his hand still and was slowly rubbing the head of his prick through his pants.

    Alyssa meanwhile did not understand what was going on, and had never even seen a penis before. As such, she got up and sat down near Brian’s hips and watched his penis sink into Rose. She was silent in curiosity. Her mom probably would have stopped her, but Beth was transfixed by Quince’s large cock. She had not moved, barely even breathed, since it had been revealed, and was now staring as Sha’dasia raised and lowered herself, taking the whole length into her. Mike, who was sitting next to her, was still in awe as he watched these young guys fuck around him.

    Ace, Bend, Flip, and Turn had huddled closer together and were whispering amongst themselves and pointing at the various couples and laughing at jokes that only they heard.

    Jack, sitting next to them, was slowly fidgeting. He hadn’t been sitting in the most comfortable way to get an erection in, and his dick was now pointing down his leg, hooked down there by his pants, which was slightly painful. He didn’t want to fix it or draw attention to it though, as his sister was sitting right next to him. Pam was looking back and forth between the couples fucking and the various people around the room and how they were reacting.

    Frank, meanwhile, was dumbstruck. He knew that he shouldn’t be watching this scene, and his twins, Evan and Erin, really shouldn’t be. But he couldn’t think of a way to stop it, and, he had to admit to himself, he was enjoying it. While he had a healthy sex life at home with his wife, she wasn’t quite the looker that these two girls were. Evan and Erin were just staring at the two couples. While they obviously knew the differences between guys and girls, they didn’t know too much about sex, as their parents had kept them rather sheltered. Unfortunately, that just increased their curiosity at what was going on around them now.

    Finally, there was Mary, Andy, and Brit. Brit was on the end, with Rose and Brian’s feet within arms reach of her on one side and Quince’s head a couple feet away in front of her and to her right. Her body was frozen in place, looking back and forth between the two. Andy was on the other end, the farthest away, and was now smiling watching the display. Always being mistaken for younger than she was because of her looks (while she was 13, she was often mistaken for 11, sometimes even 10), this whole situation made her feel older than she was, and she was latching onto the sensation. Mary was inbetween the two and staring at where Quince and Sha’dasia’s hips met, as she was perfectly aligned to see Sha’dasia’s hairy cunt repeatedly devouring Quince’s oversized cock. Mary couldn’t tear her eyes away from it, and was getting incredibly aroused. Without realizing what she was doing, she had unbuttoned her jeans and slid her hand inside her panties and was rubbing her barely fuzz-covered pussy.

    Andy was the only one who noticed Mary’s hand, as everyone else in the room was too busy fucking or watching the fucking. The girls had all practiced kissing on each other, but had not done anything more. At the moment though, Andy, emboldened by her sense of adultness due to her surroundings, suddenly decided she could do more. She leaned towards Mary, reached for Mary’s face and turned it towards her own, and kissed her. Mary’s eyes initially went wide, shocked by the kiss, but her body had taken over her mind and she immediately kissed back, pushing her tongue into Andy’s mouth. Andy then twisted her whole body to face Mary and reached forward and cupped one of her small boobs. The touch was like electricity to Mary, who pulled her one hand out of her pants, reached around, and pulled Andy’s head tighter to her own. Andy took advantage of her friend’s now vacant pants and slipped her other hand where Mary’s just was, touching her friend’s vagina for the first time. Andy immediately noticed that Mary’s pussy felt different from her own, Mary was soaking wet down there, and there seemed to be a lot more skin down there, but she just put that off to Mary being more physically mature than herself (after all, she did not have hair down there yet, not that Mary had much - heck, she hadn’t even had her first period yet, while Mary had hers over a year ago). Without knowing she did so, Andy flicked Mary’s clit, which set Mary off. Mary leaned her head back and screamed loudly.

    All heads in the room suddenly turned to Mary and Andy. Even Brian, Rose, Quince, and Sha’dasia momentarily stopped fucking and turned around to see what the sound was. Every one stared in shock as Mary continued moaning. Andy, loving the attention, continued to rub Mary’s pussy, which kept Mary moaning, and kept getting Andy’s hand wetter. When Brit saw all this, she was shocked at first, but then immediately felt left out. She turned her body, and reached around Mary grabbing both her boobs from behind while pushing Andy’s hand that was still up there away. Andy took advantage of her free hand and straightened Mary’s legs towards her. She then reached up and tried to pull Mary’s pants and panties down with one hand. That being unsuccessful, she let go of Mary’s pussy and grabbed the pants and panties with both hands and pulled them down. As soon as Andy’s hand was gone, Mary had dropped both of her hands down to her own pussy and started up where Andy left off.

    Due to the other couples fucking (as they had started again, though Quince and Sha’dasia were both trying to watch the girls while doing so), most people did not have a clear view of Mary with her pants off. Pam, however, had a very clear view and sucked in a breath when she saw Mary’s exposed cunt. This was not so much because she was turned on by it, but moreover because she was shocked by what she saw. Mary’s clit was sticking out between her lips and was easily three quarters of an inch long, maybe even an inch! While Mary’s hands quickly went straight to her clit, blocking Pam’s view, this also led to another sight – Mary’s already soaked cunt was giving out tiny squirts with every stroke of her clit! Pam had always been a light squirter, but only during climax, not during continual stimulation. The thoughts of how good it must feel to have such a large clit and squirt so much was what ended up turning Pam on.

    After tossing Mary’s pants aside, Andy began to take her own clothes off, throwing them all to the side. While she was stripping, Brit had reached under Mary’s shirt and pulled it over her head, along with her bra, leaving Mary completely naked, and clearly horny as she was still moaning and stroking her own clit. Brit then returned to reaching around and fondling Mary’s now-naked tits.

    When Andy finished stripping, she decided to take things a bit further, and crawled up Mary’s legs, pushed her hands aside, and buried her face in her friend’s pussy. She started kissing Mary’s outer lips, then brought her hands up, spread her friend’s lips, and took Mary’s clit into her mouth and started sucking. This set Mary off again, and she threw her head back and screamed as she climaxed for the second time. While she did this, such a powerful squirt came out of her cunt that Andy jumped back, and those that could see witnessed a powerful stream of female cum squirt out of this 13 year old nearly five feet. After it quickly faded, Andy smiled, and returned her head between her friend’s legs.

    Meanwhile, Mary’s scream had drawn the attention of everyone in the room. Literally everyone turned to look at her, including Beth, whose gaze was drawn away from Quince’s cock for the first time since it was first exposed. After the brief show, the two couples returned to their fucking, while most everyone else’s eyes remained on the middle school girls. Alyssa was the only one not staring, as she was still more interested in the penis she was watching go into Rose. George was now clearly stroking his cock through his pants watching the young girls, not trying to hide his actions anymore. The four skaters were carefully watching the girls, occasionally laughing as if this was funny or normal to them, but it was obvious they were entranced by the scene. Jack was still fidgeting with his cock uncomfortable in his pants, aware of nothing besides the uncomfortable feeling in his pants and the sex all around him. Pam was staring at Mary, astounded by her ability to squirt more than most full grown women. Next to her, Frank was staring at Andy. He was enthralled by the young girl who, while he was told was two grades older than his daughter, looked a year or two younger, and was clearly less physically mature, yet was eating her friend’s pussy like it was Thanksgiving dinner. Though she was lying down now, when she had stood and stripped, Frank had seen that Andy had not developed any pubic hair yet, and was completely flat-chested, with no noticeable mounds, but had tiny pink nipples (that were sticking out). Evan and Erin were sitting next to him staring at the naked girls in a state of complete shock, unable to believe what they were seeing.

    Finally there was Mike. While initially staring at Mary when she screamed, he quickly drew his attention to Beth. Judging by the look on her face and her deep breathing, Mike quickly determined that she was as horny as him, if not more. He decided that this was his chance to make a move, if he was going to make a move at all. Looking at Beth’s face, he gently placed his hand on her thigh. Apparently she was more zoned out than Mike had initially thought, as she just continued staring at the young girl in the corner, completely ignorant of his gaze and his hand. To make his presence known, Mike lightly squeezed her thigh, still looking at her face. Beth jumped at this sudden feeling. She turned her head and saw Mike staring at her, his intentions clear on his face. For nearly ten seconds, Beth just sat there staring at him, still lost in horniness. Then, very suddenly, she reached out and grabbed Mike’s head and pulled it to her own. She closed her eyes and started kissing Mike, her first kiss since Alyssa’s dad had left before she was born. While initially shocked, Mike quickly started kissing back, and reached around and pulled Beth closer to him while they kissed.

    Kissing quickly turned to more as, judging by the ferocity with which Beth had kissed him, Mike assumed she was open to much more. Still kissing her, Mike slid his hands down her back and then up under her shirt. Not wasting anytime, he pulled the edges up and Beth immediately complied, raising her arms while kissing him, and then pulling her head back to allow him to pull the shirt over her head. As soon as she was free of the shirt, she reached behind her and unhooked her very plain bra and tossed it to the side, exposing her full 36C tits, that, despite having some light sag to them (that happens with a kid after all), held up very well and were much more perky than most 33 year old women’s tits. As soon as the bra was out of her hand, she grabbed Mike’s head again and pulled it straight to her tits. Needing no more encouragement, Mike devoured her tits, taking the inch long nipples into his mouth and sucking and nibbling on them, which he meant to be gentle, but was so carried away he nibbled harder than intended. Luckily, Beth was loving every second of it, with her head back and eyes closed, lightly moaning while holding Mike’s head tightly in her tits.

    While this new couple went mostly unwatched, as between Rose and Brian, Quince and Sha’dasia, and Mary, Andy and Brit, people had more interesting sites, it did not go unnoticed. Pam saw this occur and realized that they had now made it okay for the rest of the adults to get involved, as prior to them, only the teens had been engaging in the sex acts. Around this time, she also noticed her brother’s fidgeting, while he was watching the various acts around him. Realizing what was bothering him, Pam came to the conclusion that given the situation, taboos were nonexistent, and decided that she would help her brother out. Reaching down to Jack’s crotch, Pam started unbuckling his belt and whispered in his ear, “Need help with that?”

    Jack, who was desperate for release, momentarily forgot all about his need and turned his head to see his sister smiling at him while she was unbuckling his belt. Jack was completely shocked by his sister’s actions. He had never even thought about hooking up with his sister, and here she was reaching into his pants! The last time he had seen her naked was nearly 35 years ago when she was ten and they played the old ‘show me yours and I’ll show you mine’ game. Under normal circumstances, Jack probably would have backed away from such advances from his sister, but these were not normal circumstances. Of course, Pam would not have made such advances under normal circumstances, but here they were, surrounded by sex, and both were caught in the moment. As such, after a few seconds of shock, Jack smiled, nodded, and whispered back, “And I bet you need help too….”

    Jack then reached down and started unbuttoning his sister’s pants. By this time, Pam had Jack’s dick out of his pants and was jerking him off. She was actually surprised how large Jack was, at eight inches long and a little over an inch and a three-quarters wide. Last time she had seen it, it was barely three inches long! Jack soon had Pam’s pants open and was trying to slip his hand in her black panties, but was having trouble with the angle. Noticing this, Pam leaned back against the wall and lifted her hips off the ground. Jack, catching on immediately, pulled her pants and panties down to mid thigh level, and was surprised to find her cunt shaved. Not wasting any time though, he slid his hand down to rub her puffy lips and slid a couple fingers between them.

    While Jack and Pam were subtly masturbating each other, Evan happened to look over and see what they were doing. Evan and Erin had been raised in a very sheltered household, and he and his sister had never seen each other naked, not even as young kids as their mother always bathed them separately. They had not learned anything about sex as they had been home-schooled and didn’t have any close friends to tell them about it. Up until now, Evan had never had thoughts of incest, let alone know what it meant. Hell, he had never even masturbated before! But right now, surrounded by sex, he was suddenly hornier than he had ever been before. Seeing what Jack and Pam were doing, and knowing that they were brother and sister, he wanted to do the same. Not thinking much about it, Evan nudged his sister, who was still staring at Andy eating Mary out. When she felt the nudge she turned towards her brother. Evan just pointed over towards Jack and Pam. Erin looked over and saw the two playing with each other’s private parts. She was shocked and just stared. She didn’t think brothers and sisters should be doing that!

    While Erin was looking over there, Evan had reached over and slid his hand down his sister’s sweatpants. She jumped at the violation, but didn’t stop Evan, she just looked down at his hand down her pants. Evan, trying to imitate Jack and Pam, grabbed Erin’s hand with his free hand and put it on his pants over his penis. Erin was in a trance-like state. She understood what Evan was trying to do, and she started to unbuckle his jeans like Jack’s pants were, showing no emotion on her face. Soon, Evan’s pubescent erection was out of his pants, being almost five inches long and about three-quarters of an inch in diameter. When Erin dropped her hands to touch this small erection, Evan had no idea what he was in for. He had never touched himself down there other than to wash it or to peee, let alone had someone else touch him there. Erin grabbed it around the base and immediately slid her hand up, like she saw Pam doing to Jack, but as soon as she touched the head of his penis, Evan gasped loudly and shot cum out all over his shirt, pants, and Erin’s hand, having his first orgasm of his life.

    Frank, who had still been staring at Andy’s tiny ass while she ate Mary out, turned and looked at his son when he heard him gasp. At first he wasn’t sure what was going on, but as he followed his gaze down, he saw his daughter’s cum-covered hand on her brother’s dick. Without thinking, he grabbed Erin’s wrist and pulled it away telling her harshly, “You can’t do that!”

    Erin had apparently come out of her trance when she saw her brother cum. She was now immensely curious about her brother and got mad at her dad for pulling her away from him, immediately looking at him angrily and asking, a little louder than she meant to, “Why not?”

    Frank immediately answered, “He’s your brother! Family shouldn’t be doing that to each other.”

    Erin immediately got a smirk on her face, pointed to Jack and Pam, and said, “They are!”

    Frank turned, and was surprised to see Pam with her pants half down and her brother’s hand buried between her legs, and her hand jerking off her brother. Pam had overheard the conversation and was looking over at Frank. “Sorry,” she began, smiling at him, “There’s too much going on here, I couldn’t help myself! You might as well let them explore here, everyone else is.”

    Frank took the moment to look around the room, which he hadn’t done in awhile, being caught up in Andy’s small body. He saw the three eighth grade girls, two of which were naked, all over each other. Past that he saw Brian slowly pumping in and out of Rose while kissing her, along with seven year old Alyssa sitting next to them watching. Behind them George was sitting in his chair flagrantly rubbing his dick through his pants watching the scenes in front of him unfold. In the corner beside him, he saw Mike’s head buried in Alyssa’s mom’s chest, and Beth’s hands now working at taking Mike’s pants off. Just before them, he saw Sha’dasia still riding Quince maniacally, with both moaning quite loudly now. The four 15 and 16 year old skaters next to them were the only ones in the room, besides himself, that were not doing anything sexual, though they were no longer laughing. They were all looking back and forth at the different sex scenes before them in awe. In the corner in front of them, next to Frank, he again saw Jack and Pam playing with each other.

    Frank then turned and looked back at his twins, only to find them both naked now. Evan was a skinny kid and his body was mostly hairless. His skinny dick was still hard despite having just cum and was surrounded by light fuzz. Erin had turned and was now facing her brother, playing with his small testicles with both hands. Erin had peach fuzz around her slit that was very similar to her brother’s. She had tiny little mounds on her chest with very puffy cone-shaped nipples that her brother was currently playing with.

    Frank didn’t know what to do. He realized there was no point in stopping them, and some part of him thought that it was better they explore with each other than the other people in the room, so maybe it was a good thing. Frank, however, had no idea what to do with himself, so he pulled his knees up to his chest and sank his head down on top of them.

    Pam saw this and felt a pang of sorrow for the man. She didn’t want him to feel bad, and she partially blamed herself, as the twins had used her and Jack as justification for what they were doing, which Frank did not seem to be okay with, but had no control over. She knew she couldn’t stop anything now, but she wanted to help, and could only think of one way to do so. She leaned over to her brother and whispered, “I hope you don’t mind.” Jack looked back at her with a look of confusion on his face, but Pam had already drawn her hands away from his cock and had reached down to pull her shirt over her head. She then reached behind her and took her bra off, exposing her 40D tits that, while sagging noticeably, still looked great for a 46 year old woman who had three kids. Pam then put a hand on Frank’s head, causing him to lift his head and look at her. She just said, “Come here,” and pulled Frank’s head into her tits. Frank, now numb with confusion and lost in thought, just did as he was told and allowed himself to be pulled into this stranger’s tits while her brother still fingered her. He sucked on the large nipples, over an inch long and more than half an inch wide, in front of him, becoming oblivious to everything else.

    Meanwhile, the rest of the room was becoming quite eventful. Mary had screamed out in orgasm for the fourth time as Brit played with her tits and Andy ate her out. No one had paid attention after the first, but her friends had kept going. After this fourth one however, Mary fainted in exhaustion. Brit, who had been behind her, gently laid her back on the ground while Andy finally pulled her head away from her friend’s cunt, revealing a huge puddle on the floor from all of Mary’s cum. Andy’s face was also completely soaked, and she tried to wipe some of it off as she sat up. When she stopped wiping and looked forward, she saw Brit, still fully clothed, on the other end of Mary looking at her. Seeing this, Andy crawled over Mary to Brit and leaned in to kiss her. Brit let her, tasting Mary’s pussy juice in Andy’s mouth. As Andy kissed Brit, she reached over and started unbuttoning her pants.

    Over in the far corner, Mike was now standing with his shirt off and pants around his ankles and Beth, still shirtless but with her pants on, was leaning forward to take his dick in her mouth. Mike’s dick was standing straight out in front of him, and was a little shorter than Brian’s at a bit over six and a half inches, but wider than Brian at about an inch and a half wide. When Beth leaned forward, she took all of Mike in her mouth at once. Mike, feeling the tip of his prick tickling the back of her throat, was not prepared for her to take him all at once, and couldn’t hold back. He moaned and shot his cum straight down her throat. Beth, caught off guard by the sudden cumming, gagged on the cum and pulled her head off his dick coughing. While the first couple spurts had gone down her throat, she had pulled her head off while he was still cumming and thus took a spurt to her cheek, then to her forehead, one in her eye, and then a smaller one that just jumped on one of her tits before Mike was done. After recovering, Beth, who had not been satisfied and was still extremely horny, leaned forward and took Mike’s shrinking dick into her mouth, intent on getting him erect again and feeling him inside of her.

    A few feet away from them, Rose was now moaning loudly as Brian increased his tempo. Besides speeding up his hips, Brian was also kissing the side of Rose’s neck as she moaned and had brought one hand up to a breast and was squeezing and flicking a nipple. Brian was close to the edge, but was trying his best to hold out until Rose came. He didn’t have to wait long. Suddenly, Rose leaned her head back more than it already was and screamed, drawing the attention of a few others as it was so loud. As she did so, her cunt contracted on Brian’s dick so tightly that he could barely move out. While she was so tight, Brian thrust once more as far into her as he could, leaned his head back, and moaned loudly as he shot load after load of cum deep inside Rose. Rose, feeling this, launched into a deeper orgasm, leading to her whole body shaking and her cunt tightening even more on Brian’s dick. This simultaneous motion of tightening while shaking continued to milk Brian for all he was worth, until he collapsed on top of her. As Rose’s body slowly stopped convulsing, she looked up at Brian and kissed him briefly. She then tried to sit up, which Brian caught onto and got off of her, his dick making a slimy pop as it slipped out of her. He moved over to the boxes and leaned back against it. As soon as he had gotten off of her, Rose sat up, and as soon as she did, a large wad of cum dripped out of her pussy and onto the floor. She then backed up against the boxes next to Brian, leaned her head on his shoulder and held her knees up against her chest with her feet on the ground, exposing her cum-leaking pussy to any who happened to see. Brian, assuming the same position, put his arm around her and took in the surrounding scene.

    Next to them, they saw Brit, now naked, with Andy sucking on her friend’s 36c boobs (which, Rose noted, were larger than her own). Past them, they saw Evan and Erin facing each other and exploring each other’s bodies with their hands. Then there was Jack, Pam, and Frank. Jack now had his shoes, socks, and pants off, Pam was completely naked, but Frank was fully clothed still. Jack had his hand buried between his sister’s legs while Frank had his hands on the side of Pam’s tits while he sucked them. Pam had her eyes closed and had one hand jerking off Jack and the other holding the back of Frank’s head in her tits. Past them, the four skater boys were sitting completely still, taking in all of the surrounding scenery. Two of them, Ace and Flip, now had their hands down their pants. Next to them, Sha’dasia was currently moaning in her second orgasm while Quince, who had not cum yet, was getting closer to that point. Not far from them, Beth, who had successfully gotten Mike hard again, had turned around and pulled off the rest of her clothes and Mike was now fucking her doggy-style with his cum dripping down her face and tit. At the desk next to them, George was still shamelessly rubbing his dick through his pants taking in all the scenery.

    Finally, where Rose and Brian had been on the floor fucking, Alyssa was sitting there, looking at the puddle of Brian’s cum that had leaked out of Rose. While Brian and Rose were watching, Alyssa reached forward and lightly touched the puddle then raised her finger, creating a string of cum connecting her finger to the cum a few inches below. She continued raising her finger until the string broke and dripped. At this, Alyssa started laughing and repeated the action. Then again. And again. Alyssa was having a lot of fun playing with the cum, but also, as Rose was noticing, was starting to make a mess, getting drips of cum on her clothes.

    Rose and Brian had been watching this whole ordeal. Brian didn’t know what to do about it, though was intrigued by this little girl playing with his cum. Rose, who saw the kid surrounded by sex, also didn’t think there was anything wrong with the situation, but also didn’t think her mother would appreciate having her kid’s clothes covered in cum. As such, Rose crawled forward to the girl and trying to be friendly, asked her what her name was.

    Alyssa stopped playing with the cum and looked up at the naked 20 year old in front of her and answered, “Alyssa.”

    “Alyssa, huh? That’s a nice name! My name’s Rose. I should probably tell you that you shouldn’t be playing with that,” Rose said, pointing to the puddle of cum.

    Alyssa looked down at it, with one finger still touching it and both hands covered in drips of it. She asked, “What is it?”

    Rose looked at the puddle, then around the room, and finally back at the girl, and figured there was no reason to lie. “It’s called cum,” Rose replied.

    “It’s fun!” Alyssa announced with a big smile.

    Rose couldn’t help but laugh. “Yes,” she began, “I guess it can be!”

    Alyssa then lost her smile and asked, “Then why shouldn’t I play with it?”

    Rose, stating the reasons she thought of before pointed to Alyssa’s clothes and said, “Well, you are making a mess of your clothes with it.”

    Alyssa looked down at herself and saw the small drips of cum on her shirt and pants. She then got a big smile and immediately reached down and grabbed the sides of her shirt with her semi cum-covered hands and started to pull it up, but had trouble getting it over her head.

    Rose was taken aback by this sudden action. She hadn’t meant to get the girl to take her clothes off, just to stop playing with the cum. She quickly thought about it, and realized, with over half the people in the room at least half naked already, she saw no harm in a seven year old taking her clothes off as well, so after the moment of thought, she told Alyssa to let go of her shirt and that she would help.

    Alyssa immediately let go of the shirt and just held her arms up. Rose grabbed the shirt and pulled it off the young girl, exposing her tiny nipples that were less than a third of an inch wide. As soon as the shirt came off, Alyssa stood up. Rose then reached forward and untied and took off both shoes, followed by her tiny white socks with flowers on them. She then unbuckled and pulled down the girl’s pants, exposing flower printed underwear. After Alyssa stepped out of her pants, Rose pulled down the flowery underwear, and Alyssa stepped out of those as well, exposing the young girl’s tiny, hairless slit and tiny bum.

    Alyssa quickly sat down and started playing with the puddle of cum again, though the puddle was much smaller now. Rose took the young girl’s clothes, and brought them back to where she had been sitting next to Brian, placed the clothes next to her on the pile that had hers and Brian’s clothes already, and then cuddled back up to Brian in the same position she was in before, knees up, cunt exposed. She briefly looked over at Brian and said, “I wasn’t expecting that!”

    Brian looked back at her, lightly laughed and answered, “I can’t say I did either! But at least she’s having fun!” Brian then leaned his head in and kissed Rose. They sat there kissing for awhile when Brian suddenly jerked his head back, feeling someone touching his semi-limp dick.

    Brian looked down and saw Alyssa holding his penis in her small hands and she looked up at him and asked, “What is this?”

    Brian, not knowing what to do, just kept looking at the naked little girl holding his penis and only managed to say, “Uhhhhhh….”

    Next to Brian, Rose was giggling, and jumped in the conversation. “That’s a penis,” she told Alyssa. “Boys have penises while girls like you and me have vaginas. Penises make the cum you were playing with!”

    “Ohhhh!” Alyssa said, smiling over at Rose. Then she looked down at Rose’s exposed cunt and the small amounts of cum still leaking out of it. She reached over and swiped some of the cum off Rose’s cunt and said, “Do you make cum too?”

    Rose shivered at the touch, but tried to remain calm. “No,” she began, “That’s just more of Brian’s cum that he put in me. There’s much more inside.”

    Alyssa, who had been rubbing the cum she swiped off between her fingers looked back at Rose’s cunt and smiled. Suddenly, she leaned in and pulled Rose’s lips apart and tried to look inside, causing Rose to gasp again. While looking, Alyssa asked, “Can I get some of it?”

    Rose lightly grabbed Alyssa’s wrists and pulled her away from her pussy. “I’m sorry, Alyssa,” she said, “It’s stuck up in there.”

    Alyssa frowned for a bit, then she looked back at Brian, smiled, and grabbed his penis again while asking Rose, “Can he make more for me?”

    Brian’s body jerked at the touch, and he looked over to see Rose looking at him. Brian shook his head to say no, and Rose passed on the message. “Sorry again, Alyssa,” she told her, continuing, “Boys can only make so much cum, and Brian put all of his in me.” Brian and Rose watched as Alyssa pouted and looked down. She almost looked as though she was going to cry.

    At this point, Brian looked past Alyssa and happened to see Beth and Mike. Beth was still on her hands and knees, though she had one hand behind her pulling one ass cheek to the side to expose her asshole to Mike. Brian noticed that her face was covered in cum. He nudged Rose and nodded in the direction of Beth and Mike, just in time to see Mike pull out of Beth’s pussy and enter her ass. At first, Rose was a bit confused as to why Brian was pointing this out to her, wondering if he wanted to fuck her in the ass, but just as she was thinking that, she saw a glob of cum drip off Beth’s chin and onto the floor.

    Rose smiled and leaned into Alyssa and whispered, “There’s some cum on your mom, maybe you can go play with that.”

    Alyssa turned and looked at her mom for the first time since she began watching Brian and Rose. She saw her mom naked and getting fucked in the ass. If she had known what fucking was, she might have been disgusted, but she didn’t think this was unusual. She had seen her mom naked many times before, as they sometimes took showers together, though she had never seen her mom in that position while naked. Alyssa saw the cum on her mom’s face and thought it would be fine to go and play with it.

    Mike was on his knees fucking Beth’s ass. He couldn’t believe his luck. He had never fucked a girl in the ass, and couldn’t believe how tight it was. He had his eyes closed and was focused on the feeling. As good as it felt, he was not anywhere near cumming as he had just shot a load earlier all over Beth’s face.

    Beth was in heaven. She had not had sex since Alyssa’s dad left her. They used to have a very healthy sex life, and Beth loved it in the ass. After he left, though, Beth ignored her needs and focused on her daughter. She occasionally masturbated, but only used her hand, and only on her pussy, she hadn’t felt a dick in her ass in seven years and was now savoring every moment of it. She had her eyes closed and was moaning loudly. She had brought one hand down to rub her clit and was thus balancing on one arm.

    Beth was getting even louder as Mike picked up his tempo and she increased the speed of her hand on her clit. She was on the verge of orgasm when she suddenly felt something touch her face. Her body jumped and she nearly fell on her side, luckily she got the hand that was on her clit down in time to catch herself. Beth opened her eyes (as did Mike who felt the sudden movement) to see her daughter playing with Mike’s cum that she just swiped off her face. Alyssa looked up to see her mom, her eyes now open, though one had cum in its lashes. “Can I play with the cum?” she asked her mom.

    Mike had no idea what to do here. He was worried Beth was going to flip out that her daughter, which he immediately noticed was naked, was asking to play with his cum on her face. As such, he just stayed still, a bit scared, his dick slowly going limp in Beth’s ass.

    Beth was shocked at her daughter’s question. She opened her mouth about to tell her daughter no, when she noticed her daughter was naked. Suddenly, she remembered that she was naked too, and that a man she had just met had his dick in her ass! She also noticed her daughter already had tiny drips of cum around her body, and that her hands were soaked. Alyssa was giggling and still playing with the cum she just swiped off her mom’s face as she waited for an answer.

    Not knowing what to say immediately, Beth tried to delay by looking around the room. She saw Quince and Sha’dasia still going at it; the four skaters staring all over the room; Jack, Pam and Frank all over each other in the corner; Evan and Erin still exploring each other’s bodies; Mary passed out in a puddle of her own juices; Andy, who now had her face buried in Brit’s hairy cunt; Brian and Rose, clearly recently finished, now watching her; and George, who was shamelessly staring at her and her daughter while rubbing his cock through his pants.

    Far from being disgusted, Beth was actually turned on by everything, especially the old man who was clearly getting off watching her and her daughter. Beth then realized her body had just been close to orgasm before Alyssa had touched her and that her body still wanted more. Finally, she had an answer for her daughter. “Sure Alyssa,” she began, “Just let me get in a better position.” She then turned around and told Mike to sit down.

    Mike, who had been scared and getting limp up until that point, was shocked to hear this mom tell her daughter it was okay to play with his cum on her face, let alone that she was going to ‘get in a better position’ for her daughter to play with it! Mike immediately got turned on at this and his near limp dick suddenly spasmed and hardened in Beth’s ass (which she felt and smiled at). Remembering her directions, Mike pulled his dick out of her ass and sat against the wall next to him with his legs out in front of him.

    Seeing him sitting, Beth noticed that his dick was covered in a light yellow-ish slime with a couple brown spots. While she had seen this before on Alyssa’s dad when he had fucked her in the ass, Beth was suddenly drawn to do something she’d never done before. She leaned in and licked up the side of Mike’s slimy dick.

    Mike’s dick got completely hard after that. He hadn’t looked down and hadn’t noticed his disgusting slimy dick until Beth leaned into lick it. Seeing her lick her ass slime off his cock was the hottest think Mike had ever seen. This girl was dirty!

    Beth, suddenly remembering what she was doing, looked up at Mike and smiled seeing the complete look of shock on his face. She then sat up, turned around, and tried to lower her ass onto his dick. Needing both hands for balance, she didn’t do a very good job. Luckily Mike caught on, and grabbed his dick, aligned it with Beth’s asshole, and let her lower herself on it. Beth slowly started riding up and down on Mike’s dick, the entire front of her body exposed to everyone, her tits bouncing each time she did, with cum still dripping down her face, and a little on one tit. Beth then told her daughter, “Now you can play with the cum.”

    “Yay!” exclaimed Alyssa, jumping forward and sitting across Mike’s legs looking at her mom. Alyssa was curious to see the tiny glob of cum on her mom’s boob. She reached forward and swiped the glob off, flicking her mom’s nipple by mistake, causing her mom to gasp. Alyssa then rubbed the glob of cum on her own chest, giggling as she did so.

    As Alyssa was doing this, Mike took his hand that he grabbed his dick with and slid it around to Beth’s mouth, which gladly accepted it. Beth sucked hard on Mike’s fingers, getting all of her anal slime off. When she was done, Mike started rubbing the cum on Beth’s face towards her mouth, feeding her his own cum.

    Alyssa rubbed the cum on her body til there was nothing left to play with. She looked up at her mom only to see all the cum gone. Alyssa was really sad and asked her mom, “Can I have more cum?”

    Beth suddenly realized that she had just eaten all the cum she had meant for her daughter to play with. She turned her head so she could just barely see Mike. Mike, assuming the question was whether he was ready to cum, shook his head in the negative. “I’m sorry, Alyssa,” she told her daughter, “You’ll have to wait a bit.”

    Tears started forming at Alyssa’s eyes, and she asked, “Why can’t I have more cum?”

    Beth was a bit taken aback by her daughter’s reaction – she was basically begging for cum! Beth wasn’t thinking too hard about it though, as she was enjoying the feeling of her body riding up and down on Mike’s dick. Eventually she started to say, “Maybe–”

    “You want cum?”

    Alyssa, Beth and Mike turned their heads to see who had said that (as did Brian, Rose and George, who were all watching this odd scene play out). They saw Sha’dasia staring back at them, still bouncing on Quince’s cock, her big black breasts bouncing wildly. Quince was also staring up at her a bit shocked.

    “Yes!” screamed Alyssa. Sha’dasia looked to Beth, who just nodded her approval.

    “Alright,” Sha’dasia replied, slowing down her tempo as she had just come down from her fourth orgasm while riding Quince. “Come over here, girly,” she continued, “Stand right here.” She said pointing just to the side of Quince’s head.

    Alyssa did as Sha’dasia said, standing right near Quince’s head, asking, “Like this?”

    “Perfect,” Sha’dasia replied, smiling. “Just wait there a moment.” Sha’dasia then rapidly picked up her tempo on Quince. While Sha’dasia had orgasmed four times while riding him, Quince had yet to cum, but she knew he was now close. As Quince started to moan loudly, Sha’dasia pulled her body up and off his cock for the first time since they had started fucking. Quince’s cock came out with a loud pop, and a moan from Sha’dasia as she felt her body empty. Beth gasped as she saw Quince’s full cock again, as it was still as large as when she first saw it, but now there were massive veins sticking out the sides of all ten inches of it. She could only imagine what those would feel like in her cunt.

    Meanwhile, Sha’dasia grabbed Quince’s arms and pulled him into a sitting position in front of her. She then whispered into his ear, “Kneel in front of the girly.” While Quince had obviously been following the conversation and knew what was coming, his eyes still went wide when he heard his girlfriend tell him to kneel naked in front of a naked little girl. He was quick to follow orders and was soon kneeling in front of Alyssa with his ten inch cock pointing out in front of him, and up little bit, aimed at her chin but about six inches away. Sha’dasia then came over, grabbed his cock, and told Alyssa to take a step forward.

    As Alyssa followed these directions, Sha’dasia aimed the cock lower and Alyssa stepped right into it. Sha’dasia then started rubbing the head of Quince’s cock over Alysssa’s torso. As it slipped over her tiny nipples, Alyssa giggled. After about half a minute of this, Alyssa asked, “Can I hold it?”

    Sha’dasia said, “Sure,” and let go of the cock as Alyssa’s tiny hands grabbed Quince’s cock. Quince groaned as he felt the tiny hands that, together, could barely reach around his cock. He also noticed that Alyssa’s arms were barely longer than his cock was, and that her arms were skinnier than his cock. Alyssa had initially grabbed the shaft, like Sha’dasia had done, but she soon realized it was easier to hold the head, so she put both hands on the head of Quince’s cock and rubbed it back and forth over both her nipples. She giggled a lot and said, “This tickles!”

    Sha’dasia smiled and told her, “If you think that tickles, you’ll love this!” And with that, she lowered her head and took one of Quince’s balls in her mouth. Quince had been trying to hold back as long as he could, and was very close to the edge with Alyssa’ hands rubbing his cock head all over her, but as soon as Sha’dasia started sucking on a ball he was gone. He erupted straight into the top of Alyssa’s chest nearly screaming in ecstasy. The first spurt came out so hard that some of the cum ricocheted off her chest in all directions, getting a little on Alyssa’s chin, a little on Sha’dasia’s head, a little fell near Beth, who was still ass-fucking herself on Mike, and some splattered near Brit and Andy, who barely noticed as they were so busy with each other.

    As soon as that first spurt came out, Alyssa went from giggling to giddy laughter. She began jumping up and down as she was finally getting some cum to play with. She started jumping up and down while holding the cock head against her torso. This had the unintended effect of both rubbing the cock head with her tiny hands as she jumped and also rubbing the front along her body as she jumped. This was too much for Quince, he began screaming, getting louder with each spurt, though each spurt sent less cum with less force onto Alyssa. This went on for nearly a minute until Quince was not spurting cum anymore, though still yelling in a mix of pleasure and pain. Sha’dasia, who had been laughing through the whole thing, finally ended it by stopping Alyssa’s jumping with her hand, and with her other hand pulled Quince’s softening cock away from her, saying, “I think you’re going to kill him if you do that much longer!”

    As soon as Sha’dasia had pulled Quince’s cock away, he collapsed against her, completely exhausted. When he moved out of the way, the scene awaiting the rest of the room was amazing. A seven year old girl was standing naked in the middle of the room, smiling and laughing, her Torso covered with thick white cum dripping down her body with one big streak in the middle where his cock had been rubbing up and down against her as she was jumping, with a bunch of splatters of cum all around her on the floor. The sheer amount of cum looked like it had cum from two or three different men, which just made it all the more astonishing that it was just Quince. The scene did not last too long however, as Alyssa soon began rubbing the cum around her body and playing with it, pulling strings off her body and stretching some between her fingers.

    Beth had been watching this scene and, far from being revolted as she would have been in any other situation, was turned on and actually somewhat jealous. Rather than paying attention to her daughter at all during this interaction, she returned her attention to where it had been before Mike had distracted her – Quince’s cock. When she saw her daughter grab the ten inch cock, she was so jealous and turned on that she brought both her hands to her cunt, slipping three fingers inside her with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other. Her pace continued to speed up until she saw Quince cumming on her daughter, at which point she closed her eyes and screamed in orgasm.

    While Mike had initially been watching Alyssa, intrigued by this situation, he directed his attention back at Beth as he felt something slide into her cunt through the membrane separating that from his dick in her ass. He then realized how turned on this woman was getting watching her daughter get a cumbath and was more amazed by that then the little girl actually getting covered. He felt her tempo increase and, when she lifted up and arched her back in orgasm, Mike started quickly and forcefully shoving his cock up her ass, still going strong and having plenty left before cumming again.

    As soon as Sha’dasia had gotten off of Quince to jerk him off, Andy had pulled her head out of Brit’s cunt to watch. She had brought Brit to two orgasms and was on her way to the third when she stopped. While Andy was very curious to see this big black cock cum, Brit couldn’t care less. She tried to lean in to kiss Andy, but Andy shrugged her off, completely focused on watching Sha’dasia, Quince, and Alyssa. Brit took the hint that Andy wasn’t interested, but was none-the-less in search of more sexual relief. She looked over and saw Mary still passed out on the floor and got an idea. Brit crawled over to Mary, then literally crawled over Mary, lowering her face to Mary’s soaking slit while she lowered her own cunt onto Mary’s face. She ran her tongue down her friend’s slit, lightly flicking Mary’s engorged clit that was sticking through her lips. As soon as she did, she felt Mary’s body flinch under her, then gasped as she felt a tongue flick her own clit. Her lick had awoken Mary, who couldn’t have been any happier to awake with a pussy over her face. She immediately started licking it, and soon reached up and, placed her hands on Brit’s ass cheeks, pulling her hips closer to her face, which had the added effect of spreading Brit’s ass cheeks and exposing her tiny anus to anyone who was watching.

    George had been watching the whole room. He had watched as Alyssa played with the cum, then asked what Brian’s cock was, then went over to her mom, who switched ass-fucking positions to give her daughter access to her, then Sha’dasia jerking Quince off all over Alyssa, then Brit crawling over Mary. The whole time he had tried to remain somewhat subtle, keeping his clothes on and only rubbing his cock head through his pants. This all went to hell as Mary pulled apart Brit’s ass cheeks, exposing her tight asshole pointed straight at him. While George had always fantasized about anal sex and watched lots of porn featuring it, his wife had never let him do it, so he had never done it. He could only imagine how tight it was and how good it would feel, and Brit’s tiny rosebud was too much for him to handle. “Fuck this,” he announced while staring at Brit’s asshole.

    Sha’dasia heard George state this, looked up, and followed the path of his eyes, turning her head to see Brit’s tiny asshole. She didn’t see the big deal, as to her it was just another asshole and assumed George was just a perverted old man who liked little girls. She turned back around to look at George again, but as she did her eyes went wide and she muttered, “Holy shit….”

    George had his pants around his ankles and was jerking off. But it wasn’t the mere sight of this that had entranced Sha’dasia, it was his cock. George’s cock, while only about six and a quarter inches long, was just over two and half inches wide with massive veins sticking out the sides and a bulbous head that was slightly wider than the shaft. The old man’s sack was also very large, nearly twice the size of Quince’s and hung deep between his legs.

    Sha’dasia stared at this for awhile and decided she needed to try this cock out, ignoring the fact that it was on an old man. She lightly pushed Quince off of her and called out, “Hey old man, get over here!”

    George, who had still been staring at Brit’s asshole, turned his head to see Sha’dasia staring at him. He just looked back at her, a bit confused, wondering if she was talking to him. She quickly confirmed this by making a “come here” gesture with her finger. George saw this hot black chick with huge tits and big hips gesture him over and his mind was blown! Why did this teenage girl want him? He didn’t know, but he also wasn’t going to waste anytime questioning it. He quickly pulled off his shoes, and stepped out of his pants and briefs around his ankles, pulled his shirt over his head, and walked over to Sha’dasia completely naked.

    Sha’dasia briefly looked at the rest of this old man’s body and wished he had kept his shirt on, as his stomach stuck out and hung down a bit and he had light skin sag all over. But she kept returning her gaze to his cock and getting the urge to feel its width in her. When the old man got to her, she moved aside, patted the ground behind her and said, “Lay down.”

    George needed no further instructions. He said nothing and laid down on the ground where she asked, which happened to be less than three feet away from Brit and Mary eating each other out, something George didn’t mind at all.

    Sha’dasia wasted no time. As soon as George was on the ground, she climbed on top of him, her back to George’s face, and lowered her wet cunt onto his wide cock. She took him to the base in one quick stroke, going down much easier than she expected. While the veins felt amazing against her cunt walls as she started fucking him, the width was not as much more than Quince as she thought it would be. After about thirty seconds of this, she decided this was not what she wanted, but got another idea.

    George meanwhile had held his breath while Sha’dasia lowered herself upon him. While he quickly noted that she was not nearly as tight as his wife had been, this was still the first sex he’d had since she passed away five years ago and he was going to enjoy it, so he closed his eyes and focused on the moist vagina sliding up and down his dick. He didn’t have much time to enjoy it though, as he soon felt his dick pop out of the vagina as it was lifted completely off of him. He opened his eyes to see Sha’dasia leaning behind her on one hand, grabbing his cock with another, shifting her hips forward a bit, and aiming his cock at her ass.

    While Quince had fucked Sha’dasia in the ass a few times, those times were few and far between. While Quince enjoyed it, Sha’dasia didn’t like the fact that she couldn’t take his whole dick in her ass, she could take just over half of it, and as she had only had sex with Quince up to this point (though they’d been fucking for three years now), she’d never had a cock to the hilt in her ass. She was determined to do so now!

    She started to lightly push her ass down on George’s dick, but was not getting anywhere. His fat dick head was too big to slide into her ass easily, but, again, Sha’dasia was determined. Knowing it might hurt a little, she changed technique. She stopped pushing down, but held George’s cock right at her asshole. She tried to force her asshole open as much as she could by pushing out like she had to shit, and while doing this thrust her body down on the cock. George’s dick head slipped into Sha’dasia’s ass, her anus tightening around his shaft as the head popped in. This caused a scream from Sha’dasia, as she felt her asshole stretched to its limits, as well as a loud moan from George feeling his dick slip into the first asshole it had ever entered.

    The screams, which earlier would have attracted attention, went mostly unnoticed as they were becoming commonplace in the room. Jack, Pam, and Frank paid no attention, Jack now with his head between Pam’s legs as Frank continued to suck her tits. Evan and Erin were still rubbing each other’s bodies next to them, though they were now noticeably closer to each other. Brit and Mary were too involved eating each other to notice anything, though Andy was paying close attention. Brian and Rose were watching, but only because they had been from the beginning. They were starting to get turned on and were starting to rub their hands over each others’ bodies. Beth and Mike were both more focused on each other and Alyssa, who was still happily playing with Quince’s cum. Quince, however, was watching in shock as his girlfriend was first demanding to fuck a man nearly four times her age, and was now taking him in her ass. Finally, the four skaters had been watching intently the whole time, Ace and Flip speeding up their hands in their pants while Turn joined in and slid his hand down his pants. Bend was the only one still not stroking himself.

    After allowing her ass a few seconds to adjust to the size of the dick in her ass, which was thankfully quite wet as it just came out of her cunt, she started to lower herself down the shaft. She had to do this in phases as her ass was being stretched to new extents with each inch George’s cock went in deeper. First, she just went down a couple inches and pulled up until just the head was in her. Then she went back down taking another inch, then back up, then another inch, then back up, until she was sitting on George with his entire dick up her ass. The first time she took it all in, she just sat on it enjoying the sensation of being so filled. Then she slowly started rising and falling on his dick, all the while George was moaning, trying to keep his eyes open staring at the back of this high school-aged black chick who was lowering her ass on his dick.

    Quince, who had been sitting in the middle of the floor watching this whole seen, suddenly smiled watching his girlfriend taking this dick. He decided to get up and move over to the side of the room to find a more relaxing, comfortable position to sit in. As he was walking over to the wall though, he felt a hand tightly grasp his wrist. He looked over to see Beth, still bouncing on Mike, staring at him with one hand on his wrist. When he turned to look at her, she said, between gasps, “Fuck…me….”

    Quince quickly looked over this chick with another guy’s dick in her asshole asking him to fuck her at the same time. He had never participated in group sex, let alone with some thirty plus year old white folks. He looked at her and responded, “I’d like to, but I don’t quite think I’m ready to, if you know what I mean,” quickly glancing down at his mostly limp dick with that last part.

    Rather than responding, Beth jerked Quince’s hand hard towards her. This action caught Quince off guard causing him to stumble towards her and Mike, making a big step over Mike’s legs with one of his own so as to not fall on him. He ended up with one leg on either side of Mike’s facing Beth, who wasted no time leaning forward and immediately taking Quince’s entire limp dick, which was about six inches long now and barely an inch and a half in diameter, in her mouth.

    Quince’s cock immediately jerked to attention and started to grow. As it did, Beth had to let more and more of it outside her mouth, but not before sucking off all of Sha’dasia’s cunt juice that was still on it. Soon enough, Beth only had half of Quince’s dick, now returned to its full size, in her mouth. When she realized she had gotten it fully erect, she slowly pulled her mouth off of it. When the head finally escaped her mouth, it quickly jerked upwards and lightly hit her nose. Beth just looked up at Quince’s face and said, “Now...fuck…me!” While saying this, she stopped bounching on Mike’s cock, brought one hand to her cunt and used two fingers to spread her lips to show her open and willing cunt to the black teen.

    Quince looked down in shock at this mom who so desperately wanted him to fuck her that she had sucked his recently-fucked limp dick to full strength. The feeling had been amazing, as Sha’dasia had never done anything like that before. Looking down, he saw Beth’s pink cunthole awaiting his cock, and past that Mike’s balls, but not his dick which was entirely in Beth’s ass. Quince briefly had some conflicting thoughts, wanting to fuck this bitch, but not wanting to put his dick so near another man’s. However, he quickly resigned these thoughts and wondered when he’d ever get this opportunity again. So, without responding to Beth’s request, he got down on his knees, spread on either side of Mike’s, and gently pressed his cock against her hole, asking her, “You ready for this?”

    Beth just stared down in wonder at the large black cock about to enter her and nodded in the affirmative. Then, without further ado, both Quince and Beth watched as he shoved his cock as far as he could into her, which, as she was not as accustomed to fucking such a large object like Sha’dasia was, was only about eight inches. As soon as Quince’s dick entered, there were three screams – Quince at the tightness of Beth’s cunt, Beth at the pain and pleasure of such a large dick entering her cunt, and Mike, who had been watching in wonder this whole time, disappointed that he was not going to have Beth to himself, but those thoughts suddenly gone as he felt, through the thin membrane separating Beth’s cunt and ass, Quince’s huge cock enter and fill Beth’s cunt. The feeling was more than he could have imagined and completely caught him by surprise. Soon enough, Quince began fucking Beth, pounding her so hard that she was lifting a couple inches up on Mike’s dick, only to go back down those two inches as Quince pulled back. All three continued moaning, all eyes closed, and Beth quickly approaching an orgasm.

    Flip had watched this whole show and was now ready to get involved, as he and his friends were the only people not in some way fucking anyone. He looked around the room checking his options. Pam, Beth, and Sha’dasia were obviously in use. Rose appeared too attached to Brian to pay any attention to him. Erin and Andy he decided looked too young, so his eyes eventually stopped on Mary and Brit eating each other out. He whispered to his friends, “Watch this!”

    With that, Flip stood up and stripped, showing off his skinny, non-muscular body and it’s nearly seven-inch long, just over an inch-wide dick. As soon as he was naked, he started walking towards Mary and Brit. Suddenly, he felt a hand wrap around his dick and heard someone say, “Where do you think you’re going?”

    Flip abruptly stopped walking, looked down, and followed the hand that was on his dick over to Sha’dasia. When his eyes met her face, he found her looking back at him. She took her hand off his dick and brought it down to her cunt, spreading her inner and outer lips and exposing her cunt hole, much as Beth had done a couple minutes earlier. With her hole exposed, she looked to Flip and said, “Why don’t you put that thing in here?”

    Flip looked down at the black cunt spread in front of him and replied, “Fuck yeah!” His initial plan was to walk over and shove his dick in Brit while she was on top of Mary, but seeing this black girl who was older than him and with huge tits spreading her cunt for him was even better in his eyes, he didn’t even care that she had some old guy’s fat dick in her ass already. He stepped over the old man’s legs with one of his, got on his knees, aimed his dick at Sha’dasia’s cunt, which she was still holding open, and without thinking twice, shoved his dick in her to the hilt.

    Sha’dasia had watched as Beth had sucked off her boyfriend and then shoved his dick in her pussy while already having one in her ass, and was intrigued by the concept of taking one in each hole. She saw the opportunity as Flip was walking by, and took advantage of it. She was amazed at the feeling as she felt Flip’s dick push against George’s through the membrane separating her ass and her cunt and moaned as he pushed in quickly and repeatedly. Having fucked Quince so many times with his much thicker dick, she barely felt Flip’s width in her, but the rubbing of his cock against the membrane was a completely new feeling that she was loving. She was getting hotter and hornier by the second, and soon wanted more. After about a minute of getting fucked by Flip, she turned her head to his friends and asked, “What are you guys waiting for? Get over here!”

    Ace, Bend, and Turn had zoned out, watching in awe as Flip had started fucking Sha’dasia. They were snapped back to what was going on by her comment to them. While not sure what she was planning, Ace and Turn didn’t need to be told twice. They both got up, stripped down, and were next to Sha’dasia in no time. Both had cocks about six inches long, though Ace’s was about an inch and a half thick while Turn’s was only about an inch wide, about the same width as Flip’s. Sha’dasia dragged Ace around to the far side of her, since he had gotten to her first, and positioned Turn on her near side. She took each of their cocks in a hand and started alternating sucking them off.

    After another half minute or so of this, Sha’dasia had realized that Bend still hadn’t come over. She kept jerking off Ace and turn and turned her head to see Bend still sitting against the wall, frowning and fully clothed still. At this point, she wanted every cock she could get and was desperate to get this last guy. She looked straight at him and said, “You know, you’re invited to this party too!”

    Bend just looked at her and responded, “You won’t want me.”

    “What?!?” Sha’dasia exclaimed, continuing, “Do you see me here? I want every cock I can get my hands on!”

    “Well,” Bend replied, “you won’t want mine.”

    “Fuck that!” Sha’dasia answered nearly screaming it. “Get your cock over here so I can play with that damn thing!”

    Bend was taken aback by this, and finely caved. “Fine, I’ll get it over there, but you won’t want it.”

    And with that he stood up, pulled off his shirt, shoes, and socks, and then finally dropped his pants. Suddenly, Sha’dasia realized why Bend had been shy in getting his cock out – it was tiny! His erection was barely four inches long and just short of three-quarters of an inch wide, clearly uncircumcised as the foreskin completely covered his tiny head. It was even smaller than Evan’s! Below his cock were two tiny hairless testicles. Either this boy shaved or he hadn’t hit puberty yet, the latter appearing most likely. Ace, Flip, and Turn who had heard his conversation with Sha’dasia and had watched him strip in curiosity started laughing as soon as they saw it. Sha’dasia, though, far from being turned off, was even more curious about it and unconsciously whispered aloud, “Oh my god! I want to try that!”

    While it had been just a whisper, the comment was loud enough for all the guys to hear, and it caused all of them to stop laughing, and Flip even stopped fucking her as they all just stared in wonder at Sha’dasia as she was mesmerized by the tiny cock. Bend, who had been fully expecting rejection, was by far the most shocked of them all, just standing there with his pants and boxers around his ankles staring at Sha’dasia who was staring at his cock.

    Sha’dasia eventually stopped staring and took in her situation. The way she was currently set up, there was no way she could take this extra cock, and also realized Flip had not restarted fucking her, still in shock as to her apparent desire for Bend’s small cock. Sha’dasia caught his eye and said, “What’s wrong with you? Keep fucking me!” Flip immediately broke out of his funk and started pounding her cunt again. Sha’dasia then looked at Ace and Turn standing on either side of her and told them both to get on their knees. Then she turned to Bend. “I’m gonna lay back. When I do, I want you to step over my head and shove that cute dick of yours as far into my mouth as possible!”

    Sha’dasia then proceeded to lay back on George, her head almost directly on top of his, and left her mouth wide open. As soon as she did, Bend stepped out of his pants, stepped over Sha’dasia’s head, got on his knees, leaned forward a bit, aimed his dick into Sha’dasia’s mouth, and pushed forward. Sha’dasia lifted her head in response and soon had the entire four inches easily in her mouth. However, she was not satisfied with just that, and, with some fancy tongue work and use of her lower lip, she sucked his two tiny balls into her mouth as well. Then, instead of having him thrust into her mouth or moving her head along his cock, she just kept his hips in place and used her tongue and some well-timed sucking action to try and get him off, pulling his foreskin on and off his head with her tongue. Whenever she needed to breath, she stopped her sucking and tonguing and inhaled deeply through her nose.

    George had been completely surprised when Sha’dasia had pulled Flip over to fuck her, and even more so when she got the other boys involved. Earlier in his life, he may have been turned off by this, but right now, he didn’t care how many dicks were around him, just that he was fucking this hot black teen slut in the ass and she was begging to be abused by every cock she could find. George thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of Sha’dasia laying back on him with his fat cock up her ass while feeling Flip’s cock in her cunt, her body shaking as she jerked off the two boys on either side, and her mouth shut as she sucked Bend’s tiny cock. While earlier he had held back some in fear of scaring the girl, George no longer had any worries about that. He started thrusting his hips up into hers harder and reached around and grabbed Sha’dasia’s immense tits and mauled them with his hands. While playing with them, he noticed that her nipples had to be sticking out at least an inch, and that if he flicked them hard enough, her whole body would make a small shake, and it would make Bend gasp, as she would suck in sharply every time they were flicked, which felt great to Bend.

    Sha’dasia meanwhile was in heaven. She had cocks of all shapes and sizes everywhere she could take one and absolutely loved it! She quickly reached orgasm when her nipples were first flicked, combined with the feelings in her cunt, ass, and mouth. After that, she maintained a near-constant orgasmic state as she continued fucking, sucking, and jerking.

    Meanwhile, Quince had watched what Sha’dasia was doing while fucking Beth and was completely turned on by it. When she had laid back on George and took the tiny cock in her mouth, he had to look away. He looked at Beth’s face, as she had her eyes closed and was moaning and bouncing on his cock as well as Mike’s. He suddenly leaned in and kissed her, shoving his tongue deep in her mouth while bringing a hand up to fondle her bouncing tits. When he did this, Beth immediately opened her eyes wide at the shock of this new action, but quickly got into it, and started moaning into Quince’s mouth and massaging his tongue with hers.

    Meanwhile, Brian and Rose had been watching both the scene with Sha’dasia and Beth go down. They had been sitting against the wall leaning against each other, with Brian having his arm around Rose. When Quince kissed Beth, Brian realized how horny he had become again, and he leaned over and kissed Rose. Rose had been dying for more action, and was actually far hornier than Brian, but didn’t want to act on it as she didn’t want him to think she was a slut, as she was really starting to like the guy. After only a few seconds of kissing, she reached over and put her hand on his cock, desperate to get more action. She didn’t rub his cock at all, she just held it in her hand. After nearly half a minute of this, he stopped kissing her and just looked at Rose. Rose, in response, just spread her legs, exposing her cunt, which still had some of his cum dripping out of it from when he had fucked her before. Brian just smiled at this invitation, shifted his body in front of hers, aimed his cock at her cunt, and started lightly fucking her. He leaned his body forward and put his head on her shoulder and slowly thrust his hips repeatedly forward.

    From this position, Rose could see the rest of the room while she was getting fucked. She looked at Sha’dasia on top of George and Beth on top of Mike. She had never really thought about anal sex before, and actually refused to do so with one of her ex-boyfriends (which was part of the reason he became an ex). However, now, watching these other girls get fucked in the ass and enjoy it so much, she had become curious. She made up her mind to try it, turned her head to Brian’s, and whispered in his ear, “Do you want to fuck my ass?”

    Brian immediately stopped fucking her and leaned back a little, staring at her face a couple inches in front of his, his eyebrows raised in surprise. “Can I?” he asked. Rose just smiled and nodded in response.

    Brian pulled out and was starting to back up off of her, but Rose lightly grabbed his wrist, and pulled him so that their faces met and she could kiss him. After the kiss, she looked at him and whispered, “Just… be gentle. I’ve never done this before.” As soon as she finished saying this and without looking to see Brian’s reaction (which looked similar to his reaction when she asked if he wanted to fuck her ass, but with even more shock), she moved to the side of Brian and got on her hands and knees. In the direction she was facing, she could see Beth if she turned her head to the left, and Sha’dasia to the right, but just wall if she looked forward. Brian quickly got behind Rose and looked down at her tiny asshole pointing at him. He lightly grabbed his cock, which, having just come from Rose’s cunt, was covered in both her cunt juice and his cum, and pressed it lightly against the hole. Rose pushed back lightly and soon the head of his cock was in her ass. Brian had kept pushing, but Rose jolted forward a bit. Brian, catching on, stopped pushing and just waited for Rose to adjust to his cock. After a few seconds, she lightly pushed back, and Brian took it as a sign to push forward. After about an inch more went in, she jolted forward and Brian stopped pushing. This process continued until Brian’s nearly seven inch dick was buried to the hilt in her ass. Once he was in all the way, he waited for Rose to fully adjust to it. When she leaned forward a bit, he started pulling out and pushing back in, making small strokes at first but gradually increasing until just his head was inside and then he buried himself again to the hilt. After a few full strokes, Brian reached down and cupped Rose’s tits hanging below her. He lightly played with them and rubbed her nipples. When he did, Rose realized how sensual that feeling was, but wasn’t feeling the sensual feeling in her ass, which was still hurting a little. In an effort to change that, she brought one of her hands down to her cunt and rubbed her clit while Brian fucked her ass and played with her tits. This continued for a couple minutes as Rose was rising to a climax, which she hit abruptly, moaning loudly. When she did, she dropped her hand from her cunt, and realized she was now getting pleasure from her ass, so she put her hand back on the ground and just enjoyed the pleasure of Brian fucking her ass.

    While all of this was going on, Andy was starting to feel left out. After pulling away from Andy to watch Quince cum all over Alyssa, she watched entranced by the following series of events, Sha’dasia taking the old man’s fat cock in her ass, as well as the four skaters, Quince pounding into Beth as she rode Mike, and Brian fucking Rose’s ass. Andy had been really disappointed when Sha’dasia got the four skater guys on her, as she really wanted to try taking a cock. She turned around, only to see Brit on top of Mary eating each other out. In fact, as she turned around, Mary had just had another orgasm, squirting cum into Brit’s hair that was hanging down over her hear buried in Mary’s cunt.

    If she was more secure about herself, she might have tried to take one of the skaters away from Sha’dasia, maybe even more than one. Unfortunately, being underdeveloped for her age, she was scared of being turned down for looking like a ten-year-old girl. In fact, that’s why she had taken such an active role in the sexual activities in the first place, eating out first Mary, then Brit. She thought if she acted older, than she might be thought of as older than she looked. At the moment though, it seemed that no one was thinking of her in any way, old or not. Andy took a look around the room, looking for something, or someone, she could do. Brian was fucking Rose in the ass. Beth still had Mike’s cock in her ass while Quince pounded her. Sha’dasia was quivering on top of George who was still mauling her tits as she took his cock in her ass, Flip’s in her cunt, Ace and Turn’s in her hands, and Bend’s in her mouth. Alyssa was now sitting in the middle of the room, rubbing Quince’s thick cum on her body and stretching out strings of it, occasionally tasting some. Jack had long since taken both his and his sister’s clothes off, and was now fingering her with one hand, kissing her on the mouth, and had one hand cupping the top of one of her ass cheeks. Pam was naked, still holding Frank’s head in her tits as he obediently sucked her nipples. Evan and Erin, meanwhile, had started copying the moves of Jack and Pam, and were now kissing each other as Evan fingered Erin as she jerked him off.

    Andy was about to give up, when her eyes went back to Frank sucking on Pam’s tits. He was still fully clothed! Not only was he the only one fully clothed, he was the only one with any clothes on at all! Andy immediately made up her mind, ignoring the vast age difference between the man and herself, and crawled over to him. She untied his shoes, then pulled them off, along with his socks. Then she moved up and unbuckled his belt.

    Frank felt it as someone took off his shoes, and then moved up to his pants, but he was completely zoned out. He had not recovered from the shock of seeing his kids fondling each other, and was still oblivious to everything that was going on by sucking on the breasts that he was being held in. When he felt his pants and boxers being pulled down, without thinking he lifted his hips off the ground, putting his bare ass on the floor when they reached his thighs. He didn’t pay any attention to who was pulling them off, he just accepted that they were being pulled off while he sucked Pam’s tits, which she was still holding his head against.

    When Andy had pulled off his pants, Frank’s dick stood straight up, just over six and a half inches long and about an inch and a half wide. However, what Andy noticed more than that was how hairy he was. His dick was surrounded by a forest of thick black hair and his balls were barely visible through the hair covering them. While some girls may have been turned off by the amount of pubic hair Frank had, Andy smiled in satisfaction. To her, pubic hair was a sign of maturity, something she had not developed yet, but desired. As such, she was looking forward to playing with the dick surrounded by the most pubic hair in the room, which she thought made her more mature.

    Rather than reaching out to touch it, Andy put her hands on the floor on either side of Frank’s hips and lowered her head to his dick, immediately sucking in his cock head. Frank felt this and lightly gasped into Pam’s nipple, which he was currently sucking on. Andy swirled her tongue around the cock head, exploring every inch of it with her tongue, especially enjoying running her tongue around the area that connected the shaft to the head. After a minute of this, Andy started lowering her head on the dick. She had actually practiced sucking off a carrot before (she felt immature physically, so she tried to practice being mature sexually, she also lost her virginity to a carrot as well), so she had some level of experience, but never on the real thing. She was able to get about five and a half inches in her mouth, but was unable to get that last inch without setting off her gag reflex, though that didn’t stop her from trying.

    Andy soon got bored of sucking Frank’s cock and wanted more. She pulled her mouth off his dick, and looked up at Frank. He was still sucking on Pam’s tits and had his shirt on, both of which annoyed Andy. He hadn’t even looked at her yet! She wanted his full attention, and she wanted him naked. She decided to solve both these problems in one action. She moved up and sat across Frank’s thighs and grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled up. As she did this, it forced Frank’s head away from Pam’s tits, though his shirt was over his head before he got a chance to see who was pulling his shirt off. He just resigned himself to having his shirt pulled off. He straightened up with his arms up, his shirt being pulled over them and his head. With one last strong pull, Andy had his shirt over his head and off his arms. Frank suddenly got his first glimpse of the person stripping him as well as the person who had just sucked on his dick and was shocked to see Andy, who looked all of 11, maybe even 10 years old, sitting naked across his legs smiling at him. Frank was frozen, unblinking, mouth hanging open, staring at the naked young girl on him.

    Andy, for her part, was fully enjoying the shock on Frank’s face. While he was staring, she looked up his body, from his slightly hairy stomach, which hid his well-defined abs, to his incredibly hairy chest, which hid his well-defined pecs, up to the look of shock on his face. She leaned forward and but her hands at the bottom of his stomach, sliding her hands up through his hair and over his muscles, feeling how strong this man really was. She slid her hands over his abs, over his chest, and up to his shoulders. She then looked up into his eyes again, only to see him still staring in shock. She slid her hands up the side of his neck, onto his cheeks, and leaned in to kiss him. She lightly brought her lips to his mouth and kissed his upper lip. She kissed the lip a few times, but only to feel nothing in return from Frank. She pulled back with a mix of disappointment and anger on her face to see that Frank was still staring in shock at her. She actually smiled at this, as she took it to mean he was in lust and shock. However, he needed to recover if she was to do anything with him. “Kiss me,” she ordered, looking straight into his eyes. The voice seemed to jolt Frank out of his funk, at least to some extent. Andy leaned in to kiss Frank again, and was pleased to feel him kissing her back, even brushing his tongue along her lips. Andy responded by sticking her much smaller tongue into his mouth, allowing the two tongues to dance in his mouth.

    Frank was still in shock. While hearing the girl’s voice had driven a response from him, it was not because he was jolted out of his state of shock. Rather, Frank was still deep in shock and had no idea what to do. Thus, when Andy had told him to kiss him, he simply followed directions. His mind was still trying to process what was going on. This young girl, who looked younger than his daughter, was naked, on him, and he was naked, and she clearly wanted to engage in sexual activities with him! Frank would never admit it, but he was more attracted to this young girl than any other woman he had ever been with. Since she first stripped down and ate her friend in front of him, showing off her hairless and tiny cunt lips and tiny asshole to his hungry eyes, he had been entranced with her. Frank lost his virginity when he was eighteen, and had only slept with two other girls before getting married, and had never slept with someone other than his wife since. Though he and his wife still had a decent sex life, it was nothing exceptional. Also, his house had always been very conservative, so he had not seen his daughter naked since she was four. This young girl on him was completely forbidden to him, someone he in no way should be involved with, but both of these, combined with how different a girl she was to anything he had ever had before, only furthered his inner desires for her. However, Frank was not thinking about any of this – it was all subconscious. He was merely focusing on kissing the girl as she had told him to.

    After a few minutes, Andy pulled back from the kiss, smiling at Frank, who was just staring back at her. She was enjoying his shock. She slid her body up on his legs, until his dick was pressing up against her stomach and her cunt was over his hairy balls. She giggled as the coarse hair tickled her naturally hairless cunt. Andy looked down at his dick pointing up her stomach. She brought a hand over and pressed it tight into her stomach, which caused a couple spasms in it, which she enjoyed. She then looked up at Frank again and whispered, “I’m going to fuck you!” There was no response from Frank, he just kept staring at her face. Andy giggled at his shock. She then looked down and raised her hips up a bit, leaned forward, and pushed his dick lightly between her young cunt lips. She paused here to look back up at Frank, only to be disappointed that he was still staring at her face, rather than their soon to be conjoined genitals. “Watch,” she ordered. Andy watched as his eyes looked down to where his dick was pressing into the young girl’s cunt, with no change in his shocked expression as he did so. Andy giggled at her control over this man. But she didn’t giggle for long, she wanted to fuck him!

    Andy lowered her eyes to her own cunt, but realized she couldn’t see much, so she just looked back up at Frank’s face. Then, with her eyes on Frank, she slammed her body all the way down on his dick. This hurt far more than Andy expected, as Frank’s dick was much wider than the carrots she had practiced with. However, she made it through the pain without ever closing her eyes, as she wanted to watch Frank, which paid off in the end, as she watched his eyes go wide as she slammed her body down on them. She slowly started lifting her body and lowering it on his dick, as she did this, Frank slowly lifted his head to look this young girl in the face again. Frank was staring in shock, but if he could have noticed details, he would’ve noticed that, while smiling, the young girl had a couple tears going down her face from the pain of having real sex for the first time, especially when she was so young and tight. However, Andy did not care about the pain, she wanted to be mature and to have sex, so she continued sliding up and down Frank’s dick, which was getting less and less uncomfortable as she went. After some time had passed, she was actually beginning to get pleasure from it. As this change came on, she leaned in and kissed Frank again, who kissed back without being ordered to this time. If Frank had been more aware of what was going on, he would’ve tasted the salty tears at the corner of Andy’s lips. Andy, meanwhile, grabbed both of Frank’s hand and placed them on her tiny ass cheeks as she kissed him and rode his cock. Her ass cheeks were actually much smaller than his hands, so she had to bring his palms slightly on her sides while Frank curled his fingers into the crack of her ass, lightly brushing her tiny anus. Andy and Frank continued fucking while he grabbed her ass and she kissed him.

    Meanwhile, changes had occurred directly around Andy and Frank. As soon as Frank had been pulled away from Pam’s tits, Jack took full advantage of the opportunity of having his sister to himself. He pulled her body down lightly until she had room to lie down and spread her legs. Then he wasted no time positioning himself between her legs, aiming his dick at her very wet cunt and pounding it straight in as far as he could go, drawing moans from both siblings.

    Evan and Erin heard these moans from Jack and Pam and looked to see what they were doing. They were shocked not only to see Jack’s penis inside his sister’s vagina, but also to see a young girl that looked younger than Erin bouncing on their now-naked dad’s dick. Both were happy to see that their dad was finally having fun like everyone else in the room! However, they quickly moved on and focused on Pam and Jack. They watched in astonishment as Jack’s dick (which seemed very large to them, though not as large as others in the room) started to slide in and out of his sister’s pussy.

    Erin was the first to break from her entrancement of the scene before them, and tapped her brother’s shoulder to get his attention. Evan slowly turned his head away to face his sister. Erin just looked at him and nodded. Understanding it completely, Evan was even more shocked at this nod than from watching Jack and Pam. He froze momentarily, but soon got on his knees and backed up, allowing Erin room to lie down, which she actually did parallel to Pam’s body on the other side of her dad. As soon as she spread her legs like Pam’s, Evan positioned himself above her, aiming the tip of his skinny dick at her tight hole. Having not seen Jack enter Pam initially, he wasn’t sure what to do here. With Evan pausing, Erin soon took control, grabbed her brother’s penis, and slowly pushed it into her. When about an inch was in, she let go, reached around and grabbed her brother’s ass, and pulled it slowly down onto her until his whole penis was inside her and they could both feel each other’s light fuzz of pubic hair tickling the other.

    If Erin had known more about sex, she probably would’ve been surprised that taking her first penis, or object of any kind, into her vagina didn’t hurt at all. The reason for this was that there was already a sizable hole in her hymen, and Evan’s dick being so skinny, it slid through without problem, nor with tearing the rest of her hymen. She did, however, feel some light agitation as he began thrusting up and down into her, as his dick rubbed against her hymen, slowly stretching it. However, she barely felt this pain as she was focused entirely on how good his dick felt in her.

    Evan, on the other hand, was astounded immediately at the incredible feelings he was getting from his dick as soon as he had pushed it into his sister’s pussy. In fact, had he not cum earlier, he definitely would have shot off as soon as he entered her. As it was, he was still very close to cumming again, though, having cum for the first time in his life earlier, he didn’t know that. He just felt a feeling build and naturally thrust his hips quicker and quicker into his sister. In less than a minute from when he started, he pushed his dick as hard as he could into his sister and felt as his 12 year old cum erupted from his dick into his twin sister’s pussy, moaning while it happened.

    Erin, meanwhile, had very little idea what was going on. She had no idea there was even such a thing as cum before her brother exploded on her hand earlier. If she had not seen that, she would have guessed that the feeling inside her was her brother peeing in her! However, she wasn’t really worrying about what was happening inside her, she just felt her insides suddenly fill with a deep warmth, and suddenly felt like she herself was going to pee! Not wanting to pee in front of all these people, she tried to hold it in. Unfortunately for her, her brother, being so young, remained hard after he came, and soon began thrusting into her again. She didn’t understand why, but suddenly she had to pee even more. As the feeling grew, she tried to squeeze her legs together, but her brother was in the way. When that didn’t work, she tried twisting her hips back and forth trying to hold it in. Finally, after she thought she could take it no longer, she tried to push up against her brother’s chest, trying to push him out of her. However, as she pushed up, Evan thrust one last time down and in before stopping with Erin’s hands against his chest. That last thrust was enough to send Erin over the edge! She screamed out loudly as her body began trembling violently and she felt what she thought was pee explode out of her, but was actually her own sex juices from the first orgasm of her life, which ended up being a very strong orgasm as she had tried to hold it back for so long.

    Evan, hearing the scream and watching his sister’s body tremble as well as feeling an explosion of wetness around his dick, thought he had somehow hurt her, and was suddenly really worried. He watched as she continued shaking for about half a minute. The convulsions started to slow down, and eventually stopped. After her body stopped, Erin took a few deep breaths and then opened her eyes to see her brother’s worried face looking down at her. Evan, thinking he had hurt his sister, whispered, “Sorry.”

    Erin smiled and pulled her brother closer down on top of her and whispered back, “Don’t be! That was the best feeling I ever had in my life!” Evan smiled, and was thankful that he had not hurt his sister. He kissed his sister on the lips, then let his body weight rest on his sister, lying on top of her and resting with her, both in an unbeknownst post-orgasmic bliss.

    While Evan and Erin calmed down, Erin’s scream, had various effects around the room, as all heads (except Mary and Brit) had turned to her due to the volume of her scream, and continued watching as she obviously had a very intense orgasm.

    First, right next to Erin, her dad and Andy had turned their heads to watch as soon as they heard the scream. Andy didn’t let up in her riding, and was enjoying the scene. Frank, however, had frozen and watched the whole scene until they stopped fucking and laid on top of each other. As he saw them laying there, he suddenly realized that his son must have cum in his daughter and became fearful about her getting pregnant! Then he realized he was fucking a young girl that he might be getting pregnant!

    Despite this fear, Andy suddenly felt his dick bulge inside of her, leading her to believe he was turned on by what he saw (which he was, though only subconsciously). As such, Andy sped up bouncing on his dick. Frank suddenly turned to Andy, and grabbed her sides, trying to stop her, stating, “We can’t do this!”

    Andy, not liking being forced to stop, started shifting her hips back and forth so she was still moving his dick inside her and asked, “Why?”

    Frank could have lowered his hands to his hips and stopped Andy completely from riding him, but he left his hands on her sides while she continued shifting her hips while they talked. “I could get you pregnant.”

    Andy just laughed in response to this, which confused Frank enough that his grip on her sides loosened and she began fully bouncing on him again as she responded, “You can’t get me pregnant! I haven’t had my period yet!”

    Frank was shocked by this last comment, though he really should not have been. A girl who barely looked eleven was fucking him, she clearly wasn’t physically mature, why should she have had her period yet? In his mind though, Frank clearly got turned on, despite how hard he tried to deny it. Somehow, he had developed an attraction for young girls. Perhaps it came from his never having been with one or having seen one when he was that age, or not having any sexual experience with girls until he was 18, or his limited sexual experience, or perhaps it was a subconscious attraction to his daughter. Whatever the reason for it, his attraction, conscious or not, was clearly there, and this girl saying she had not gotten her period yet was too much for him. Without warning, he suddenly exploded in Andy, experiencing the most intense orgasm he had ever felt.

    Andy had been building up slowly, and had gotten increasingly turned on watched Evan and Erin. Frank’s cum filling her insides up set her off, and, rather than moaning, she leaned forward and hugged Frank, burying her face in his neck, lightly biting him to keep back from screaming. As she came down, she felt Frank’s cum leaking out of her around his dick, and she pulled her head away from his neck a bit and rested it on his shoulder, resting one hand down near Frank’s ass, the other on his opposite shoulder. Frank, not knowing what else to do, put an arm around the young girl on his shoulder, and leaned his head against hers on his shoulder. The two remained in this position for some time to come.

    Meanwhile, next to Frank and Andy, Jack and Pam had also heard Erin’s scream and turned to watch her, though Jack didn’t slow down pounding into his sister while they looked aside. He watched as Erin convulsed on the ground in orgasm, wondering to himself what it would have been like to fuck his sister at their age. While he had never done anything with his sister since the ‘show me yours and I’ll show you mine’ when she was ten and he was eight, that didn’t stop him from thinking about her as he was going through puberty. He hadn’t seen naked boobs until he was 14, and didn’t get his first blowjob and lose his virginity until he was 16, yet here were two twins losing their virginity to each other at 12! He was not only very jealous of them, but also turned on, and began pounding harder as he watched Erin convulse in orgasm.

    Pam, on the other hand, could barely see the two kids from where she was laying, but that didn’t stop her from trying. While Erin was completely obscured from her view with Frank and Andy in the way, she could still see Evan, and watched as his body shook from the force of Erin’s orgasm. She then watched Evan lean down to, she assumed, kiss his sister, then saw the top of his body as he lay on top of her. This sight, combined with the increasingly hard thrusts from her brother, served to make Pam wetter. She laughed lightly at the thought of the two kids, announcing to her brother, “I think we created a couple of monsters!”

    Jack momentarily paused when he heard this, realizing what she was saying. Those kids were copying them! Evan and Erin wouldn’t have fucked if they hadn’t! The thought turned Jack on, making his dick twitch in Pam’s cunt (which did not go unnoticed by Pam). Jack responded, “Lucky them!” He then resumed his thrusts with increased speed.

    Jack was quickly reaching orgasm, but didn’t want to do so alone, so he started a trick he learned from his wife: he began thrusting in circular directions into Pam’s cunt, first thrusting against the right wall of her cunt, then against the top, then the left, then the bottom, then the right, and so on. Pam had not been expecting this, and the attention to all sides (especially when he was trying to thrust against her bottom) soon had her quickly approaching orgasm. After going around the cycle a few times, Jack felt himself ready to burst, thrust one last time pushing as hard as he could against the bottom of her cunt as he began spurting inside his sister. This last thrust set Pam off as well, so that she began her orgasm simultaneously with her brother, and both continued to get off as Jack continued to shoot off inside her, each burst getting Pam to a higher level of orgasm, making her cunt continue to tighten around her brother’s dick.

    As Jack came down, so did Pam. After both had calmed down a bit, Jack, who had closed his eyes upon orgasm, opened his eyes to see his sister’s face below him smiling and staring back up. Pam whispered, “Well, that was fun!”

    Jack laughed and responded, “Sure was! We waited way too long for that!” Pam just smiled back. Jack then laid his head down on his sister’s shoulder, much as Evan had done to Erin, and calmly laid on top of her as she wrapped her arms around him.

    The last two people who really took note of Erin’s scream were Ace and Turn, who were still getting handjobs from Sha’dasia. Sha’dasia had really stopped focusing on the hand jobs by this time, focusing most her effort on the small dick and balls in her mouth, as well as shifting her hips to get as much pleasure as possible from the dick in her cunt, as well as the fat one in her ass. However, Sha’dasia noticed as both Ace and Turn stared at Erin as she screamed out in orgasm, and then realized she had practically forgotten about them. She immediately resolved to fix that problem, knowing she wasn’t the solution. She did a quick glance around the room with her eyes, and suddenly gave a small laugh while having Bend’s dick and balls in her mouth, causing him to moan from the vibrations. She pulled her head off of his dick for a bit, and let go of Ace and Turn’s dick with her hands, patting each one on the stomach to get their attention and motioning them to bend and listen to her. They both bent in, and Sha’dasia began whispering to them. As she whispered, they began to smile, and briefly looked towards Mary and Brit, still eating each other out. Sha’dasia soon motioned for them to go with a nod of her head, and she watched as the two boys headed over to the two young girls. While still watching, she leaned in and took Bend’s dick and balls back in her mouth, this time grabbing his ass with both hands and pulling him into her face, while still keeping the corner of her eye on Ace and Turn. Bend, while enjoying the sensations on his dick, was curious as to what his two friends were doing, and continued to watch what they were doing, as did Flip.

    Ace and Turn had quietly walked over to Mary and Brit, Ace to the side with Mary’s young cunt, Turn to the side with Brit’s. Mary and Brit were completely engrossed in eating each other out, and actually had their eyes closed, so they didn’t know what was going on other than that each one was approaching another orgasm, as they’d both gotten each other off multiple times already. Ace sat on the ground in a puddle of Mary’s juices, spread his legs to either side of her, and aimed his dick towards her pussy hole, which was just visible below Brit’s head. Turn kneeled with slightly spread legs to get his dick at the same height as Brit’s pussy hole, which was visible just above Mary’s head. Both boys just sat there for more than a few seconds, waiting to follow the last step of the instructions they got from Sha’dasia.

    Soon, both Mary and Brit began to moan around each other’s cunts. This was the sign. Ace and Turn looked at each other and smiled. The girls’ moans were increasing. Turn raised one hand, still holding his dick aimed at Brit’s pussy. He held three fingers up in the one hand. Then two. Then one. And when he lowered the last finger, both he and Ace shoved their dicks into their respective girls, taking both their virginities at the same instant. Both boys shoved in as far as they could and held their dicks inside the girls, enjoying the feeling of being inside their first pussies. The girls, however, immediately went over the edge and screamed out from an orgasm resulting from both pleasure and pain. As the girls’ screams lowered and they began breathing heavy and gasping for air, both boys began thrusting in and out of the girls, which extended the girls’ orgasms.

    As the girls came down, they both tried to dive back into each other’s cunts. Mary was the first to do so, and she just tried to lick around the dick that was going into Brit’s pussy. She found it inconvenient, and didn’t like it as much, but didn’t think about doing anything to change it, she just accepted. When Brit tried to go back to licking Mary, she quickly got frustrated with the dick that was preventing her from gaining full access to her friend’s pussy. Unlike Mary though, she wasn’t willing to accept being blocked from her new favorite thing in the world. Without thinking twice, Brit grabbed Ace’s dick while he was thrusting out, pulled it all the way out, aimed it lower, and, with the help of Ace thrusting forward, shoved it, into Mary’s virgin ass. Mary screamed out in shock as she felt something penetrate her ass for the first time. Brit, in the meantime, dove immediately back into Mary’s sopping wet cunt, not noticing the blood from Mary’s torn hymen. Feeling Brit back on her cunt, Mary slowly calmed down, and began to adjust to the dick thrusting into her ass, and soon was actually enjoying it.

    Turn, in the meantime, had no idea what had happened. He had been thrusting into Brit while enjoying Mary licking the cunt around his dick when all the sudden she stopped and began screaming. He had stopped thrusting when Mary screamed, but as she continued breathing, he decided to not worry about her and begin thrusting again. Eventually though, Mary wanted to go back to licking Brit’s pussy, and decided she would return the favor provided to her. Following the example exactly, she grabbed Turn’s dick as he was thrusting out, pulled it all the way out, aimed it at Brit’s asshole, and shoved it in, with the assistance of Turn thrusting forwards. As soon as Turn entered Brit’s anal cavity, she screamed much as Mary did, only she screamed directly into Mary’s cunt, rather than pulling her head away. This, combined with the thrusting in her ass, sent Mary off into yet another orgasm, during which she clenched her ass so tight that she stopped Ace mid thrust, as she became so tight he could not push in or out at all. The tightness around his dick nearly sent Ace off, but he didn’t want this experience to end yet, so he stopped moving, closed his eyes, bit his lip, and didn’t move for nearly a minute, trying successfully to hold back his orgasm.

    Meanwhile, Turn watched all of this and suddenly understood why Mary had screamed earlier. He paused briefly when he heard Brit scream, but soon smiled and started thrusting hard into her ass. Soon, she got used to the feeling, and began focusing on Mary’s cunt again. Mary was coming down from her orgasm as she felt Brit begin on her again. She opened her eyes and was about to begin licking Brit again when she saw the blood from her broken hymen dripping out. Mary paused for a second, momentarily disgusted, but then her sex drive overwhelmed her and she not only dove back into Brit’s cunt, but actually licked the path of virgin blood that was leaking from it. After this, Brit and Mary continued to eat each other out while Turn and Ace continued to thrust into their respective asses.

    Elsewhere in the room, Beth was moaning out in orgasm as she rode Mike’s cock in her ass while Quince continued pounding his huge dick into her cunt, which had by now adapted to the size of it. It was her second orgasm while riding them like this, and Mike and Quince were still going strong, having each cum once already. As she came down, she felt her pussy walls stretched out and now easily adapting to the thick cock now in it. She had long since forgotten about everything else in the world and was focused solely on getting the sexual pleasure she had so long denied herself. After riding Mike’s cock in her ass for a little longer, she decided she wanted more.

    She very suddenly stopped riding, and told Quince to wait a second. She then pulled herself up and back, letting Mike’s hard dick pop out of her ass. As she backed her hips up, she guided Quince forward with her hips, never letting him slip out of her. When she got to where she wanted to be, she leaned forward, resting her body on Quince, and reached down to grab Mike’s dick. She stayed there for a few moments, during which Quince met Mike’s eyes for the first time since they began fucking the same girl, and they exchanged looks of confusion. Then, without warning, Beth took a deep breath, pushed Mike’s dick right next to Quince’s, eliciting a “What the fuck!?” from both of them. But before they had time to say anything more, Beth pushed her hips down while trying to pull Mike’s dick up into her, and she forced his dick in her cunt below Quince’s. When she got Mike’s dick as far in her as she thought she could, which left about an inch and a half outside her cunt, she stopped and just absorbed the feeling of the two cocks in the same hole. During this break, Quince and Mike again looked at each other, though very briefly. This time, they quickly and awkwardly looked away as soon as their eyes met, both having never touched another man’s dick before, let alone with their own dick. Neither knew what to do with the situation. That quickly end though as Beth announced, “What are you waiting for? Fuck me!”

    Mike immediately snapped his head towards the back of hers and began thrusting into her, willing to do just about whatever he was told. He was surprised at how good it felt, and soon began thrusting his hips up quickly.

    Quince, who wasn’t as willing as Mike was at the start, was also surprised at how good it felt as Mike’s cock moved up and down in the same hole he was in. Focusing on the feeling, Quince blocked everything else from his mind, and began thrusting into Beth. At first, he thrust at the same time as Mike, but found this didn’t provide much pleasure, so he changed to thrust opposite Mike, so that as Mike pulled out, he pushed in, and vice versa. This provided not only more sensation as the cocks rubbed against each other, but also allowed each dick to go in deeper, as they both were not up there at the same time.

    Beth enjoyed feeling completely filled with both cocks inside the same hole. The feeling was great when Mike began thrusting, and she quickly began breathing deeply and gasping for air. When Quince began moving at the same time, it actually did not feel as good to her, and she calmed down a bit. However, when Quince changed his pace to be opposite Mike’s, the opposite motion on the front and back walls of her cunt brought her quickly towards an orgasm. The motion against each other in such a tight space was also bringing Mike and Quince to orgasm as well, both forgetting their initial disgust to the idea.

    It did not take long for Beth to throw her head back and scream out in the most intense orgasm she had ever felt. Quince felt a couple squirts on the top of his dick, and took it as a sign to speed up, despite the fact that Beth’s cunt had tightened around both dicks as she orgasmed. Mike felt Quince speed up and followed suit. The combined added speed extended Beth’s orgasm for some time. Eventually, her screams lowered, and she slowly came down from her orgasm, though Mike and Quince were quickly approaching their own inside of her. In fact, not half a minute after she came down, Mike began moaning and Quince announced, “I’m gonna cum!” However, his words were followed by someone else’s:

    “I want more!”

    The words were ignored by Mike and Quince, who were literally on the brink of orgasm, but they were heard by Beth. She looked ahead to see her daughter, whom she had completely forgotten about during the course of her activities with Mike, and later Quince. Alyssa was sitting naked not far in front of her, smiling at her mom while watching her take two penises in her vagina. Alyssa, who had stayed mostly quiet for quite some time while playing with Quince’s cum that he had earlier sprayed on her, now had very little left. There were traces of some left over and dried on her, but most had spread out over a large wet spot on the floor, and Alyssa wanted more to play with.

    However, that was not the thought that entered Beth’s mind when she saw her daughter. Rather, she realized what she was doing for the first time during this whole affair, realized there were two dicks in her about to cum, and, reminded by her child in front of her, suddenly remembered that neither had protection, and that she hadn’t used birth control in years.

    Beth started to pull up off the two dicks, but it was too late. Quince screamed, “Yessss!” while Mike moaned louder, and both guys shot their first squirt of cum into Beth’s cunt at the same time. Before another shot could get off though, Beth had pulled herself up, and pulled both dicks towards her daughter. Mike and Quince were equally shocked at the sudden cold air on their dicks, but moved their bodies to follow the direction their dicks were pulled. When they were aimed at Alyssa, Beth jerked their dicks and milked them for all they were worth. This was all done fast enough that the third and all subsequent squirts were landing on Alyssa, who was laughing and enjoying the cum shower. Both men, having cum once before, shot smaller loads than they had before. However, Quince’s, which was still as thick as it was before, coated Alyssa’s hair in white, while Mike’s while not as thick, shot mostly into Alyssa’s neck and face, one shot even landing in her laughing mouth, which just made Alyssa laugh harder.

    When both men finished cumming, Beth let go, backed up against the wall, and leaned back in a daze. Mike and Quince quickly followed suit, one sitting on either side of Beth. All had different thoughts running through their heads.

    Quince was shocked that he had allowed another man’s dick to touch his, even if it was inside a vagina, even more shocked that he had enjoyed it, and yet more shocked that the woman he was fucking pulled him out of her so he could cum on her 7 year old daughter.

    Mike, while feeling some of the same shock Quince was feeling, was more amazed by the woman he had just finished fucking. She seemed like a shy, caring mother when they had come into the room, only to find her to be a wild sex fiend ever since. His thoughts were solely focused on how to hook up with this woman if and when they got out of this room.

    Beth, meanwhile, was worried and trying to put together what just happened. Two men just came in her, albeit briefly, and she was completely unprotected. What should she do if and when she got out of this? Alyssa has wanted another brother or sister for a couple years now, but this is not how she planned on getting her one. She also couldn’t afford one right now. Should she get a morning-after pill just in case? Or should she let Alyssa have the sibling she has wanted? But then who would the father be? Obviously, she would know when the baby was born – dark-skinned baby would be Quince’s, light-skinned baby would be Mike’s. All of these questions, and many more, ran through Beth’s mind as she was left Beth in her own little world against the wall.

    This spectacle did not go unnoticed in the room.

    Brian had been fucking Rose’s ass for awhile now. He had felt himself on the verge of cumming a couple of times already, but always slowed down when he felt it, as he wanted to cum at the same time as Rose, who, while finding pleasure in her ass, was not getting to the point of orgasm from it since that first orgasm where she had rubbed her clit to get off. They both had turned their heads to look at Beth when they heard her scream in orgasm. However, it wasn’t until she had come down from the climax and subsequently pulled off of the two guys that they realized she had had both dicks in her vagina. Shocked as they both were, they continued to watch as she jerked both men off on her daughter. Brian felt himself get very turned on watching this, and knew he was not going to be able to hold back this time. He slowed down to hold it off as long as he could while simultaneously bringing a hand down to her clit, quickly rubbing circles around it and tweaking it back and forth.

    Rose had a lot of built up pleasure, and this attention to her clit was just what she needed to get off. Almost immediately upon contact, she began orgasming, and both she and Brian heard a quick squirt from her cunt splash on the floor. Brian, not realizing she was going to climax that quickly upon his touch, tried to speed up his thrusts to cum at the same time she was. He felt her ass clench when she hit her peak, and was feeling it loosen up again as he kept thrusting. Finally, as Rose was almost completely recovered, he began moaning, knowing he was about to cum in her ass.

    But Rose had different plans.

    As soon as she heard Brian moan, Rose pulled forward, and heard Brian’s dick pop out of her ass. Brian was in shock, and completely confused, but Rose quickly turned around and guided him the couple steps over to where Alyssa was sitting. She was facing the opposite direction, but Rose didn’t care, and she started furiously pumping Brian’s dick with her hand. Within seconds, Brian was cumming on the young girl’s back and hair.

    When Alyssa felt the first shot hit her, she turned her head a bit to see what it was, and saw Brian’s dick shooting more cum on her. She immediately screamed, “Yay!” and quickly turned her head back around and bent it down, allowing his cum to hit her back and the back of her neck better.

    Brian ended up shooting a large load of cum on the girl, larger than either Quince or Mike had shot on her, though his cum was less thick than either of theirs and was dripping down her back. He knelt in the same place for a bit after his last spurt, rollicking mentally in the intensity of the orgasm he had just experienced. When he finally felt well enough to move again, he just muttered aloud the word, “Christ!”

    Rose laughed as she heard that, and pulled him back towards the wall they had been sitting against earlier. They both assumed the same positions they had before Rose had allowed Brian to fuck her ass: backs against the stacks of cardboard boxes, knees up, leaning into each other, Rose’s head on Brian’s shoulder. “Fun, huh?” Rose asked.

    “That was incredible!” Brian replied, quickly adding, “You are incredible!” He pulled his head up to look down at her as he said that last line.

    Rose raised her head to look at him and replied, “You’re not too bad yourself!” She then leaned up to kiss him briefly. After the kiss, she whispered, “Maybe we can do this again sometime.”

    “I’d like that,” was all that Brian could say. Rose then smiled and laid her head on his shoulder again, and he laid his head against hers, and the both of them watched the rest of the room.

    At nearly the same time Brian was shooting his cum on Alyssa, Sha’dasia was screaming from yet another orgasm from the thick cock in her ass, the young cock in her cunt, and the tiny cock and balls in her mouth. Her scream around the cock in her mouth sent vibrations through Bend’s genitals, and he quickly gasped out, “I’m… gonna… cum!”

    Sha’dasia, who had seen the prior incidents, immediately pulled her mouth off him and said, “Not here you don’t!”

    Bend looked down at her shocked. He had no idea why she wouldn’t let him cum in her mouth, after seeming to be so excited about everything sexual. But what he saw when he looked at her was Sha’dasia smiling up at him, followed by a quick twist of her head towards Alyssa. Bend looked over, and, understanding completely, smiled back at her, then stood up and quickly ran the few steps over to Alyssa, just in time to shoot cum on to the side of her head and shoulder. Bend’s cum was very loose, and quickly dripped down the side of her face and from her shoulder down her arm. What his cum lacked in thickness though, he made up for in quantity, completely covering the young girl’s shoulder and arm, and even some of her chest on that side.

    Sha’dasia was watching Bend jerk off on the young giggling girl when she realized she wasn’t feeling any movement in her pussy or ass anymore. She looked down to see Flip, who had been fucking her pussy, staring open-mouthed at his friend cumming on the little girl. Sha’dasia laughed and called to him, “What are you waiting for?”

    Flip quickly looked back at her, and Sha’dasia was smiling back at him, just like she had been smiling at Bend. And just like she had done with Bend, she twisted her head in the direction of Alyssa. Flip got a huge smile on his face and immediately pulled out and ran over to the front of the little girl. However, not on the edge of orgasm like those before him had been, he just stood there and jerked off, keeping his dick keeping it aimed at Alyssa’s face, who was now laughing and cheering so loud that everyone was staring at her.

    Meanwhile, Sha’dasia had clenched her ass, and started raising and lowering her ass onto George’s thick cock while Flip tried to jerk off on Alyssa. As she felt the cock start to stiffen in her ass, she stopped moving and, staring up at the ceiling, asked, “You ready, old man?”

    George just smiled below her and responded, “I think so.”

    Sha’dasia pulled herself up, creating a very loud and squishy pop as the old man’s cock came out of her ass. As George got up to head over to the young girl, Sha’dasia took a seat cross-legged in the middle of the floor and brought one hand down to her cunt while the other went up to her enormous tits as she watched the little girl get a cum shower.

    George, having looked over and seen everyone else cum on Alyssa, knew he wanted to as well. When would he ever have an opportunity to do something like this ever again? Probably never, so he planned to make the most of it. As he got to the girl, he pushed Flip, who was finally on the verge of cumming, towards her far side of her saying, “Sorry, this spot’s mine, kid!” George then knelt in front of her and took his thick cock in hand. Flip, who had been shocked at being pushed, but was too close to orgasm to argue, began shooting cum onto the hair and shoulder of the young girl, covering the opposite side his friend did. Flip’s cum, however, was thicker and whiter than Bend’s, and very slowly dripped down the girl’s arm.

    Moments after Flip had started cumming, George had also. George aimed his first couple spurts at the young girl’s chest, covering one nipple in very thick, very white cum, while just missing the other. He then aimed lower, shooting the rest of his cum towards the young girl’s slit and the top of her thighs. George’s cum was so thick that most of it stuck wherever it hit, not dripping at all, and the few drips that did happen came in chunks, not in droplets. George also was shooting a lot, laying an immense load of cum on the young girl.

    Having seen their two friends go over to the girl, and getting sick of being ignored by the two girls whose asses they were fucking, despite enjoying the feeling of it, Ace and Turn pulled out and walked over to Alyssa too, without the least reaction from Mary and Brit. With Bend still standing at one side, Flip cumming on the other, and George pouring cum all over the front of the cheering youngster, the two boys stood side by side angled at the girl’s back and began jerking off.

    Ace, getting immensely turned on by the whole situation, was quickly approaching orgasm. As he shot his first load into the girl’s hair, Bend stepped back and away from the young girl, giving Ace more room. Ace took advantage of the room, and inched around to the side of the girl, constantly shooting into the girl’s hair, enjoying the thought of his cum stuck in her hair.

    As Ace stepped aside, Turn centered himself on the young girl’s back, and kneeled. Then, feeling himself get close, he took a page from the book of George and aimed at the young girl’s tiny butt. His first shot just missed her butt crack, but he quickly adjusted, and the next shot hit directly at the top of her crack and dripped down inside. Alyssa clearly did not expect this, and the combination of the shock and the ticklish feeling it created caused Alyssa to jerk her butt up and laugh, which inadvertently caused her stomach to lightly hit George’s cock, which was still cumming in front of her. The result of this was a small wad of cum, one of the last to leave George’s cock, to shoot into the girl’s tiny navel. Turn quickly adjusted as Alyssa moved up, and shot cum on both the girl’s butt cheeks, which proceeded to drip down the back of her thighs.

    Meanwhile, on the far side of the room, things had been heating up for awhile. Andy had long since pulled her head back from Frank’s shoulder, kissed him briefly, smiled at him (which he did not return, just sat there in shock), pulled herself back, lowered her body on his legs, and took Frank’s limp dick into her mouth.

    Pam watched as Andy did all this, and decided to copy her exactly on her brother Jack, the only difference being that Jack, having also seen what Andy did, and knowing what was coming, got turned on enough to have a semi-stiff cock by the time Pam took it in her mouth.

    Erin and Evan continued their pattern of following Pam and Jack, and Erin did exactly what Pam, and in turn Andy, had just done, only to Evan. The major difference here was that by the time Erin got Evan’s little dick in her mouth, it was as hard as it gets, through a combination of never going fully limp and getting aroused quickly from seeing everyone else.

    The three girls had been sucking on their partners’ dicks for many minutes before Andy heard Beth’s scream and turned around to see her jerk Mike and Quince’s cocks onto the young girl. Afterwards, she had turned around and returned to sucking Frank’s now rock hard dick. The other two girls had no idea what was going on with Alyssa, as they were focused on sucking their partners’ dicks and facing the opposite direction, so they couldn’t see it. The three guys, however, had a full view of it all. Jack didn’t pay much attention to it, focusing more on his sexy though mature sister sucking him off. Frank, however, couldn’t help but imagine adding his cum to the collection of the rest of the cum on the young girl, making him both hotter and harder. Evan also got turned on watching it, though he was imaging cumming on his sister rather than the young girl who actually was getting it.

    Andy felt Frank’s cock jerk and stiffen in her mouth at one point, though she did nothing special to make it happen, which confused her. She hadn’t sped up her movements, she wasn’t using her tongue, his cock just suddenly spasmed. Andy looked up, and saw Frank staring at something past her. She pulled her mouth off and turned around, and saw Flip, Ace, Turn, and George cumming on Alyssa from all sides, while Bend was only a couple steps away, clearly having just finished. Andy briefly forgot about Frank and watched as the skaters and George covered the girl in cum, and saw as Alyssa jerked up and bumped into the old man’s cock.

    Andy watched the scene play out. After Alyssa bumped into George’s cock, the old man twitched, shot out one last spurt, and his body slumped onto his knees, apparently completely exhausted. The three skaters continued cumming, each reacting differently as they got towards the end of their orgasm. Flip was breathing heavily, gasping for air as he finished. Ace had been moaning while he had been shooting cum all over the girl, quieting down as he finished. Turn, meanwhile, was half laughing, half moaning as he came all over the young girl’s butt and the back of her thighs.

    The three boys finished cumming at nearly the same time. When all three were done, they smiled at each other, and, with Bend, walked back to where they had initially been sitting when they first came into the room, only this time they sat there completely naked. They quickly began whispering to each other and laughing, also like they were doing when they first entered the room.

    After the four skaters walked away, George finally got up and walked over to the chair he had been sitting in earlier, and sat down and leaned back in the chair, completely exhausted. Sha’dasia also got up and went over to Quince, sitting across his lap and kissing him. As George and Sha’dasia moved away, Alyssa got up, jumped around happily for a bit, and laughed as the cum dripped down or off of her.

    When Andy saw everyone clear away from Alyssa, she finally turned back around to Frank, who was still staring at Alyssa, who was now standing and rubbing the cum around her. Seeing this, Andy just smiled, stood up, grabbed his hand, and tried to pull him up. Frank felt the pressure and looked to his arm and saw Andy pulling his arm. He maintained the same near-emotionless look of shock on his face that he had while staring at Alyssa. However, he did not have the effort to argue or resist, so he just stood up and followed as Andy dragged him over to Alyssa. When she got there, she got on her knees in front of him and started sucking his dick again.

    Pam saw Andy and Frank get up, and pulled her head off her brother’s dick so she could turn around to see where they were going. What she saw was Andy sucking Frank’s dick in front of Alyssa, who was happily dancing while covered in cum. With the amount of cum on the girl, she made the assumption, and correctly so, that probably every other guy in the room had shot their load on her, and that Andy was going to have Frank do the same. Having seen that, Pam turned around and looked at her brother. She said nothing, but just raised her eyebrows in question towards him. In response, Jack smirked and shrugged his shoulders. Pam then smiled back, pulled up Jack, and brought him over next to Frank, aiming at Alyssa, and got on her knees in front of him to suck him off.

    Moments later, Evan and Erin had assumed an identical position next to Jack and Pam, continuing to copy whatever they did.

    The three females continued to suck their respective guys off for awhile, the whole time with Alyssa dancing and cheering behind them, constantly asking for more cum. The guys were all torn between watching the female sucking them off or the tiny girl dancing in cum.

    Evan could not take all the action for long. Despite being the last guy to get over there, he was the first one to get off. Erin had been sucking him hard and fast, and was shocked to suddenly feel a squirt in her mouth. She immediately pulled away in a combination of shock and intent, but brought her hand up to keep jerking him off. Evan’s second spurt hit Erin’s neck, but after that, she had it aimed at Alyssa, and Evan’s watery cum landed all over the young girl’s stomach and hips, quickly dripping down her legs. This elicited further cheers from Alyssa.

    Pam heard and saw Evan get off, and tried to get Jack off soon after. She suddenly started using her tongue on Jack’s cock, which she had hitherto held back from doing. She ran her tongue up and down the sides of the shaft while still sucking him, then ran her tongue around the area where the shaft meets the head, eventually focusing heavily on the underside of the cock head. Jack was already approaching orgasm, and the tongue brought him off quick. As Pam felt his cock stiffen more in her mouth, she immediately pulled off and began rapidly jerking her brother’s cock in the direction of the young girl. Alyssa caught on that he was about to shoot cum, so she stood in front of him. Mere seconds after she took her position, Jack began shooting all over the girl’s torso, completely covering her chest, including both nipples. His load was probably the thickest besides George’s, and stuck mostly to her chest, slowly dripping down.

    Andy had seen the two other guys get off before Frank and became a bit angry that she was taking the longest to get her guy off. Trying to make up for it, she tried to speed up and take Frank deeper. Her head began rapidly moving back and forth on Frank’s dick, with it hitting the back of her throat every time she took him in. Feeling his dick hit the back of her throat, Frank looked down at the girl who was sucking him off for the first time since coming over. He was astounded that this girl who could possibly pass as an eleven year old was taking his dick to the point that she was making gagging sounds almost every time he went in. The sight of that, combined with the feeling, quickly brought him to orgasm, which, unfortunately for Andy, occurred when he was as deep in her mouth as he could go. The first spurt went straight down Andy’s throat, forcing her to pull off his dick and start gagging and coughing. Frank, meanwhile, took matters into his own hands for the first time. He grabbed his dick and aimed it directly at Alyssa’s face as quickly as he could. From mere inches away, he shot cum over her forehead, her closed eyes, her nose, and even her mouth.

    When Frank finished cumming, he realized what he had just done, given a seven year old girl a facial, and immediately got disgusted with himself. He quickly went back to the wall where he had been sitting before, and slumped down against it. Much to his surprise, he soon felt Andy sit on his lap again and wrap her arms around his neck, resting her head on his shoulder. Pam and Jack were sitting next to each other on one side of Andy and Frank while Evan and Erin were, of course, sitting the same way on the other side.

    This left everyone sitting except Alyssa, who was jumping and laughing and cheering and just having the time of her life being covered in cum, as well as Mary and Brit, who were still eating each other out. However, Brit soon noticed how quiet it was without any moaning or screaming (save for that coming from Alyssa), and noticed everyone else had stopped, and some of the people were staring at them while they finished up. Brit felt herself blush (though no one could tell as her face was already so red from all the sexual activity) and got off Mary and moved towards the wall they had been sitting against, with Mary quickly following suit.

    With everyone sitting around and stopping all sexual activity (although still naked), everyone was able to see the results of their activity. There were a few small drips of male and female cum where Brian and Rose had been. There was a small puddle of female cum and a few shots of male cum off to the side around Beth. There were tiny splashes all around where Sha’dasia had taken Quince, as well as the other five guys. There was only a very tine puddle around Pam and Jack, nothing visible around Andy and Frank, and a long line of female cum around Evan and Erin. Then there was an enormous puddle where Mary had been, and a smaller one not far away where Brit’s pussy had been over Mary’s face. Finally, of course, there was the area towards the middle, a little closer to the side with Beth and Brian, where Alyssa was and had been, where there were many puddles and drips of cum all around.

    Everyone had been sitting around for a couple minutes watching Alyssa play around while covered in cum, saying absolutely nothing, when they suddenly heard the following:

    “Attention all mall patrons and employees. The situation that arose has been neutralized. We would like to thank you for your cooperation. We ask for your patience for just a little longer. In about five minutes, we expect to be ready to open the gates to the stores and allow all patrons to exit the mall. Employees are asked to stay until given the okay from security to leave. Again, an announcement will be made in about five minutes to open the gates to the stores. Please wait for this announcement to do so.”

    This announcement drew shock out of all people in the room. All had long since forgotten about the shooting, having gotten lost in their lust and sexual frenzy. There was a brief moment of shock that passed over the room, broken by someone screaming, “Oh my god!”

    All heads turned towards Beth, who was the one who screamed it. The scream was followed by a burst of movement as she rushed from where she was sitting to her daughter. Alyssa, who had stopped dancing to stare at the ceiling where she thought the announcement had come from, was still covered head-to-toe in cum. The rest of the room watched as Beth began licking her daughter’s face, trying to lap all the cum off.

    Pam was the first to recognize what was going on. They all had to leave in five minutes, yet this woman’s seven year old daughter was covered in cum. Pam immediately rushed over, grabbed the young girl’s arm, and began licking the cum off of it. Sha’dasia quickly came over to lick off the other arm, though her desire was more to taste the mixture of all the cum rather than clean off the girl. Erin soon followed Pam, and Andy followed her, and each of the young girls went to the back of Alyssa and began licking off the back of her legs.

    The other three girls took a little more time to think it over. Rose looked at Brian, who was staring in shock at the group of women licking the young girl. She actually came to like this guy, who had paid strict attention to her in this room during this whole ordeal when there were so many other females he could have hooked up with. She was now stuck between wanting to stay exclusive to him and not gross him out, but also help clean the girl and prevent trouble from bringing a seven year old girl covered in cum out into the mall. Dong so would involve licking the cum of many different men, as well as licking the body of a young girl. She decided it was more important to clean the girl before the store gate had to be opened, and whispered to him, “I guess I have to help, though I hope it is only your cum I’m tasting!” With that, she kissed Brian’s cheek, and went up and leaned over Erin and Andy to lick Alyssa’s back, which coincidentally had been where Brian had cum on her. Brian was blown away by Rose’s comment and began to get turned on thinking that she wanted to taste his cum.

    Finally, there was Mary and Brit. These two girls had discovered a deeper interest in each other than they ever would have had this situation never occurred. Boys didn’t seem to matter to them anymore, and licking up cum seemed disgusting to them. They had watched their friend Andy go over, which surprised them, as they had completely missed what she had been doing with Frank, and they still thought she was the least mature of the three. They waited to go over until Rose did, as she was the last female besides them to do so. After Rose did though, they looked at each other, each waiting for the other to take the lead. Eventually, Brit shrugged her shoulders, and crawled over. She may not like guys, but that didn’t have to stop her from enjoying this. So Brit actually squeezed below and in front of Beth and began licking the cum off of Alyssa’s young hips and slit. Mary came over, and found room to get at the front of one of Alyssa’s legs, and worked her way up to share at licking the slit Brit was working on. While all the girls were licking Alyssa, she began laughing, giggling, and twitching, screaming out how much it tickled her.

    The guys had just been sitting and watching in shock and awe as seven females of various ages licked their collective cum off of a seven year old girl. Brian was the one to break the shock. He had been watching, and since he had heard Rose’s comment, had been getting turned on. He soon looked down and realized that he was getting hard again. However, given that the situation was now ending, he was suddenly embarrassed by being naked in front of the crowd (though no one was really looking at him). Thus, he went over to his clothes that were thrown towards the corner and began getting dressed again. His movements attracted the attention of all the other guys in the room, and soon they were all getting dressed, while watching as the females licked various parts of the young girl, trying to get all the cum off of her, the whole while Alyssa still laughing and screaming about how much it tickled.

    One by one, the girls backed off, until Beth was the only one still by her daughter, who was now covered in saliva rather than cum, with the exception of the girl’s hair. As the other females began getting dressed, Beth started rubbing her hands over her daughter’s body, trying to wipe off or rub in the saliva and whatever remnants of cum were still left over until Alyssa was practically dry. She then grabbed her daughter’s clothes and began dressing her, doing her underwear, pants, socks, and shoes first. Then she maneuvered some way to get the girl’s shirt over her head while holding her hair straight up, so little to no cum from the hair got on the shirt. However, once the shirt was on, she still had to hold the hair up, as letting it go would have gotten the shirt covered in cum. Brian saw the dilemma, and went looked through the stacks of boxes behind him, dug through one, and turned around holding a promotional baseball cap one of the movie companies had sent. He went up to give it to Beth, but instead of taking it, she just molded her daughter’s hair into a bun on top of her head, asking Brian to put the cap on over it. Brian pulled the cap on, which was way too big for the girl’s small head, thus allowing her cum-matted hair to fit inside it. Beth then thanked Brian and turned around to get dressed, only to see Mike holding her clothes for her. She smiled, and grabbed an article of clothing at a time and soon got dressed herself.

    During this whole time, the only words spoken had been between Brian and Beth about the hat. No one else knew what to say, not even those that knew each other, like Quince and Sha’dasia, Mary and Brit, or Jack and Pam. As Beth, finished putting her shoes on, Brian finally walked over to the door of the back room they had occupied for so long. Rose followed him. He stopped at the door, and turned to look at Rose, who gave him a loving smile. Brian returned the smile, then turned to face the door again. With his hand on the handle, he closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. As he let it out, he opened his eyes and said, “Well, here we go!”

    The second the door was opened, a cold breeze rushed into the back room, making Brian and Rose briefly shiver. When they stepped out, they were surprised at how fresh the air smelt. While in the back room, no one had noticed how hot the room had gotten, nor how much the smell of sweat and sex had permeated the room, though everyone noticed it the second they got out.

    With people still walking out from the back room, the next announcement came on:

    “All stores should now open their gates. Patrons should walk to the nearest exit. Employees please stay in your stores until asked to leave.”

    Brian, hearing this, walked to the front of the store. He saw a couple stores across the hall already opening their gates. Following suit, Brian pulled out his key, unlocked the gate, and pulled it up.

    Then he watched as everyone left, looking a little worse for wear from the incident with lots of disheveled hair, wrinkled clothing, and flushed faces.

    He watched as Quince and Sha’dasia, the first to leave, put their arms around each other and walked away smiling.

    He watched as Ace, Bend, Flip, and Turn, walked out heading the opposite direction, the whole group laughing and giving each other a good shove every now and then.

    He watched as Evan, Erin, and Andy left smiling, hearing Andy say, “We should hang out sometime!” Shortly behind them Frank followed, moving slowly and staring at Andy..

    He watched as, at the same time, Mary and Brit left holding hands and heading in the opposite direction of Andy. He saw Andy turn around and look back at them, giving a big smile, but Mary and Brit didn’t turn to see it. He then saw Andy notice Frank staring at her, and gave him a wave, which he returned, though his expression of shock didn’t change.

    He watched as George walked out right after Mary and Brit with a huge smile on his face, staring at them as he went.

    He watched as Jack and Pam walked out whispering to each other and smiling, apparently acting like nothing unusual had happened.

    He watched as Alyssa left, with Beth holding one of her hands and Mike holding the other. Alyssa started skipping in the hall, causing Mike and Beth to look at her, then each other, and they just smiled at each other.

    Finally, it was just Brian and Rose. He turned to see her at the register and walked over to her. She turned around and gave him a torn piece of receipt paper with her number on it. “You know, you’re a pretty cool guy. Call me sometime!” Without waiting for a response, she began to walk out.

    Brian looked down at the number and smiled. Then something on the counter caught his eye. “Rose!”

    She turned around, about five feet outside the entrance to the store. Brian grabbed what was on the counter and tossed it to her. Rose caught it and looked down as he called out, “Here’s the DVD for your class! And I’ll definitely be calling you!”

    Rose looked back at Brian and smiled, giving him a short wave before turning to leave. Barely was she out of sight before another announcement came on:

    “All patrons should be leaving the mall now. Employees will be asked to leave as soon as the patrons have been cleared out.”

    Brian heard this, but was more focused on Rose in his mind. All of the sudden, his smile changed to a frown and muttered, “Oh shit!”

    Brian put Rose’s number in his pocket and ran to the backroom, unlocked it, went in, and came out carrying a couple jackets and some keys. As he was walking to the front of the store, his manager walked in.

    “Interesting day, huh, Brian?” he asked. “Guess I picked a bad time for lunch. How’d everything go here?” Brian had just reached him as he finished speaking, and handed his manager his jacket and keys from the back room. His manager, a bit surprised said, “Trying to get out of here, huh?”

    Brian tried to reply to all the questions, in no particular order. “Just thought I’d save you the time of getting it. But yeah, everything went fine here. Pretty boring really.” A small smile crept over his face as he finished saying that.

    “Yeah?” his manager replied. Before Brian had time to reply, another announcement came on:

    “All employees should lock their stores and leave the mall at this time. Repeat, all employees should lock their stores and leave the mall at this time.”

    “Guess it’s time to go,” Brian’s manager said after the announcement ended.

    “Yep,” replied Brian. And with that the two walked out, pulled down the gate, and locked it, then walked off in opposite directions.

    “See ya tomorrow, Brian,” his manager called out.

    “Yeah, see ya,” he replied, wondering what his manager would have said if he had actually gone into the backroom.
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    Default Perverted Kids Perverted Kids

    My name is Britney Hoglund and I am 5’5 brown hair brown eyes. I work out 6 times a week and I tan a couple of times a week. Anyway….

    I was walking to work one day, my car was in the shop and I worked at the gold’s gym about 2 miles away. I was walking pretty slow, and about 200 yards away I saw a school bus pulling over and a boy about 13 or 14 got out of the bus with a back pack on, and he started walking down the sidewalk. I didn’t pay much mind but then I saw him turn into the woods. I became curious on why he would go into those woods all by his self. I wasn’t scheduled to work that day and I was just going in for extra hours. I decided to follow him. I turned into the woods and I saw him way up in the distance, I followed about 50 yards away being careful to always stay hidden in case he looked back. What seemed like forever he finally came to this little hide out I stood up on this rock and watched him. He set down his back pack and pulled out a bunch of dirty magazines. He then took off his shirt and jeans and stood there in his white briefs. His little hard on stuck out of his underwear as he was looking at one of the magazines. I found a place to lay down and I watched him as I unzipped my jeans and started rubbing my clit. He pulled down his underwear and I saw him bend over to take off, first I saw his cute little but crack then as he bent over his little asshole was showing and his balls were hanging. It was sooooo cute. I moaned to myself rubbing my clit faster.

    He put the magazine in front of him and he sat down on a tree branch and he looked at his hard on and was rubbing it. Then he grabbed the back of his legs and stretched down until his tongue touched the end of his cock. I watched him as I was so turned on, I didn’t know that a guy could lick his own penis. My pussy was dripping.

    He then grabbed the magazine and I could see a picture of a naked girl in the pile driver position and he started licking the page and tongued her pussy and ass. After a few minutes of doing this sperm started shooting out of his dick. He put the magazine back in his back pack, and grabbed his underwear, and put them on. As he got dressed I quickly left and started heading back toward the road.

    As I was walking back my pulse was racing and my pussy was still wet. I thought that I wanted to talk to him. I looked back and saw him walking from a distance, he got closer and I walked up to him, he looked at me.

    “hello” I said to him
    “what are you doing out here?” I said
    “I ummm am just hiking around” he said in his young squeeking voice
    “me too you wanna join me?” I asked
    “ok” he said
    “My name is Britney” I said offering my hand.
    He grabbed my hand and shook it. “I’m Ricky.” he said

    I began walking back the way we both came from and I made conversation with him, I found out he was 13 and I told him that im 20. We walked on for about 20 more minutes.

    “god im thirsty do you have any water.” I asked
    “umm yea I have some in my backpack” he said

    He put his back pack in front of him and reached in it and hid what was in it and searched around for the bottle of water.

    “Here let me get it” I said grabbing the back pack away from him.
    Before he had time to react I opened the bag and looked inside.
    “oh my god, look at all these dirty magazines” I said
    His face got so red and he tried to take the bag away from me, and I pulled away not letting him.
    “no I said I want to look at em” I said “can I”
    “sure if you want” he said
    We sat down and I pulled them out of his bag there were playboys hustlers, and penthouse. He sat across from me.
    “so did you come out here to look at these” I asked
    “yea I come out here this is the only place where I can be alone” he said
    “can I start coming out here and looking at them with you” I said
    We looked at them for a while and he showed me his favorite girl and I showed him my favorite guy. He sat with his legs together to hide his boner. We looked at a picture of his favorite girl bending over and smiling.

    “What is your favorite part on her?” I asked
    “I like her butt hole” he said “I think a butt hole is the nicest thing on girls”
    I laughed “ I agree I think butts are very sexy have you ever seen a girls butt hole for real?”
    “No I wish” he said
    I sat there and thought for a second and my blood was racing, and I became really horny. Possibly as horny as I’ve ever been. I hesitated for a second then I finally blurted out.
    “ I’ll show you my butt hole if you show me yours” I said
    He blushed hard “I don’t like anyone to see mine, but I would love to see yours.”
    “noooo that’s not fare if you want to see mine I have to see yours” I said “I tell you what I’ll go first but you have to show me yours after”
    “allright” he said after a short silence
    “ok ready” I said
    I stood up and unbuttoned my jeans and turned around and pulled my jeans and my panties down to the bottom of my crack and slowly bent over and with both hands I pulled my cheeks apart for about 4 seconds then I pulled them up and buttoned my jeans again. I sat down and looked at him his face was flush and he had a big smile on his face.

    “did you like that” I asked
    He nodded

    “your turn now” I said

    He very shlyly got up and pulled down his shorts and spread his ass. It looked so young and there was not any hair there yet, it was soft and looked like a girls asshole. He pulled up his pants quickly and sat down his face was beat red.

    “mmm you have the cutest butt hole ive ever seen” I said trying to build his confidence. “can I see it one more time”
    He smiled and blushed and shook his head. “its getting dark I need to get home so my mom don’t worry”
    “oh ok” I said disappointedly
    “but do you want to meet tomorrow after school and I’ll bring some more magazines for us to look at” he said
    “yes id like that” I said
    We both walked back to the street and we got there.
    “we’ll I’ll meet you out here at the same time tomorrow ok” I said
    “ok see ya” he said. We both started walking away “hey britney”
    “tomorrow do you want to show each other more of our private parts?”
    I smiled “sure looking forward to it”
    He smiled and walked away.

    The next day

    I waited on a bench for him to get off the bus. It arrived and he got off and looked around curiously until his eyes met mine. We gave each other a big smile and we waited till no one was paying attention, and headed up the forest. When we got to the spot he pulled out some brand new magazines and showed them to me. He seemed to be so proud of them and he should have been cause they were good I just kept looking at them and we didn’t talk about what we showed each other yesterday. I didn’t know what was gonna happen and I was just waiting for him to bring it up. I think he was hoping I would bring it up first but I just kept cool to see how brave this boy was.
    “Do you want to play the same game we did yesterday” he said finally.
    “And what game is that” I said
    “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” he said
    “Ok what do you want to see on me?” I asked
    “I want to see your boobs” he said
    “Ok I’ll show you my boobs if you let me see your cute butt hole again because I got cheated yesterday” I said
    “ok that’s fine” he said
    “and this time you have to show me it for 20 seconds so I can get a good look ok” I said
    “alright so its your turn to go first lets see it”
    He smiled “alright” he seemed much more comfortable then he was yesterday. He got up and turned around so where his ass faced me and he pulled down his pants and his underwear and he spread his cheeks.
    “ok im watching my watch and you have to stay like that for 20 seconds” I said
    I moved closer to him and I stared at it
    “god that is so cute” I said
    20 seconds was up and he pulled em up and sat down.
    “Your turn” he said giggling
    I smiled and I stood up and got in front of him and pulled up my shirt to where my pink bra was showing then I lifted my bra up exposing my left nipple. I only gave him a 3 second look then I pulled my shirt down.

    He then got up “Hey I got something to show you” he said
    “whats that” I said smiling
    Then he quickly unbuttoned his pants and pulled his underwear down till his little boner sprang out. He pulled em up quickly and turned around giggling
    “Hey let me see that again” I said
    “ I will if you let me see your cunt” he said
    “Oh you want to see my cunt do you” I said
    I pulled down my jeans to my ankles and stepped out of them, and sat down and grabbed the side of my panties beside my crotch.

    “ok on the count of three ill pull my panties aside so you can see my cunt, and you have to pull out your boner at the same time.” I said
    He nodded
    “one, two, three” and I pulled my panties aside and I felt the air hitting my pussy and his boner popped out once again we both stared at each others crotches. Then once again we covered ourselves.

    It got dark once again and we had to stop and we walked toward the road.

    “Do you want to meet again Monday after school” I said
    “yep lets do it” he said
    “ok have a good weekend” I said smiling

    Monday after school

    We met again the same way, as we walked toward the same place, on the way there he showed me his penis which was once again hard. I walked ahead of him and dropped my jeans and panties and spread my ass again for him. We got to the place.

    “So what are we going to do today?” I asked
    “How about we both get totally naked.” he said
    “lets do it” I said
    We both took off all our clothes and we both stared at each others body’s. and we sat across from each other naked.

    “Do you want to play another game?” he asked
    “Its called I’ll touch yours if you touch mine” he said
    “ok” I giggled
    “ok you touch my penis and ill touch your cunt” he said
    We both got up and walked up to each other and I wrapped my hands around his hard on and he touched my pussy, and stuck his finger in it. We then once again went and sat across from each other.
    “So whats next” I asked
    He thought for a while
    “How about I get to do whatever I want to you and then you get to do whatever you want to me.” he said
    “mmm that sounds fun” I said “anything goes we can’t say no”
    We flipped a coin to see who goes first and he won the toss.
    “Ok you win so what are you gonna do?” I said
    “I’m gonna lick your cunt” he said
    He came over to me and got down on his knees and spread my legs. And started licking my shaved twat, and I moaned as he ran his tongue up and down my slit. He went and sat down.
    “Well now its my turn, and im gonna suck your dick and lick your balls and im gonna stick my finger up your butt hole while im doing it then when I get done you have to suck on my finger.” I said
    I went over and pulled his legs up and spread his cheeks, and then I gave the head of his dick a kiss and then licked it smiling at him, his mouth opened and he had an I’m in heaven look on his face, I then moved my head up and down and breathed on his cock teasing him. Then I grabbed his dick and started licking his nuts. Then I stuck my tongue on his asshole and circled around for a minute then I pointed my tongue and slowly inserted my tongue in his ass I had my tongue in and I moved my tongue up. Then I pulled it out and ran my tongue once more over his hole then slowly licked all the way up to the head again. Then I looked in his eyes and sucked my finger and slowly worked it in his ass then I put his cock in my mouth. “auhhmmm” he moaned. I pulled my finger out and kept sucking and put my finger up to his mouth as he sucked it. I pulled my mouth off his cock then took my finger out of his mouth.

    “So now what are you gonna do?” I asked
    He just sat there shocked and speechless
    “Well what are you gonna do one more then we better get home” I said
    “Ok first I have to do the same thing you did to me and then instead of sticking my finger in your butt im gonna stick my penis in it, then im gonna pump it in and out till I squirt, then im gonna stick it in your mouth and get you back for making me taste mine.
    “Ok but I get one more after that” I said
    He got up and I sat on a stump and grabbed some tree branches and lifted my legs up. He came over to me standing up and as hard as could be. I spread my cheeks so my asshole opened up and he got on his knees and licked my ass, and worked his tongue in it. Then he got back up and put the head of his cock on my brownie and pushed it in. He started fucking my asshole and I rubbed my clit and stuck two fingers in my pussy. I started screaming and I felt myself starting to cum and it came like an explosion and my pussy juices squirted out on to his stomach. I felt his cock start to lock up and it started pulsating in my ass and I could feel his warm sperm squirting in my ass. He pumped the last drop in and pulled out slowly and I squeezed his cock out hearing noises as it popped out. Then he brought his cock up to my mouth and I opened my mouth and sucked it until it was clean.

    “All right” I said breathing hard “Now you have to put your mouth under my butt and im gonna queeze it out and you have to catch it in your mouth.”

    He got on his knees and opened his mouth and I pushed it out and a load of white semen dripped out of my ass into his mouth he sucked the last of it out of my hole then I sat up and made out with him exchanging the cum back and forth till I finally swallowed it.

    We both got dressed and started walking back to the road and on the way we stuck our hands down each others pants. He stuck his fingers in my pussy then he would lick the juice off his finger and right before we got back to the road we both stuck fingers in each others assholes and let the other suck there finger. As we got to the road a very cute girl was walking across the road.

    “Oh my god that is Lisa Cruger the hottest cheerleader at school” he said
    “I bet you would like to stick your thing in her butt too” I said
    “Oh yea I want to fuck it and taste it and do lots of other things too” he said
    “hmm maybe I could arrange that for us” I said

    A week went by and didn’t see my new 12 yo boy toy. But I have been talking to Lisa Crugar the cheerleader that we saw walking down the street. She is 14 yo and extremely cute with darkish blonde hair and glowing green eyes she is about 5’3 and 110 ibs. We have become really good friends and the biggest thing we have in common was I was a cheerleader in high school too. I have been meeting her after school and I take her to eat at denny’s we talked about lots and lots of stuff. And after about the fourth straight day of doing this the conversation of sex finally came up. I told her of my first time. And I asked if she has had sex yet. She said she lost her virginity to one of the football players at a party. The next couple of times we met we just talked about sex and then she said
    “I have got a secret that I haven’t told anybody” lisa said
    “Oh do tell” I said excitedly
    “Ok but you have to swear never to tell anyone ok!!” she said in her young cute voice
    I held up my hand “I swear”
    “Ok this one time my parents weren’t home and my brother and I were sitting on the couch watching tv and I looked over at him and he had his legs up and his shorts were down and his penis was hanging out of his boxers. I didn’t say anything at first and then I finally said umm and pointed at it and he looked down and covered himself and acted embarrassed but I think that he had this planned, because he said after a minute of silence, that I have already seen it, and asked me if I wanted him to show it to me in clear view.”
    I just sat there getting so wet while I was listing
    “After I sat there in shock I said ok and he stood up and pulled down his shorts and underwear and it popped out. It was so big I stared at it. And then he asked me if I wanted to touch it so I did and it was so hard and soft feeling. Then he put everything on again and he asked if he could see mine too. And I said no. I think he was mad cause he got really quite after that I felt bad but jeez.”

    I looked at her and smiled “How long ago was this?”
    “About 2 mounths ago.”
    “And have you talked about it since?”
    “No we just pretend it didn’t happen” she said
    “Wow so did it turn you on?” I asked
    “Yea it did a little but you can never tell anyone about this ok” she said in a stern voice
    “I promise I won’t tell anyone” I said
    “How old is he?” I asked
    “He is 21” she said

    We changed the subject back to cheerleading for a while. Then I asked
    “Do you know who Ricky Sparks is?” I asked “He goes to your school.”
    “Yea his is a 7th grader.” she said “I haven’t ever talked to him but he is a cutie. How do you know him?”
    “Well im gonna tell you a big secret now, and you have to swear never to tell a soul.” I said
    Here face lit up in curiosity. “I won’t tell I swear.”
    “Ok well I have been meeting him after school and we go back to this place in the woods and we play sex games.” I said
    “YOU HAVE SEX WITH HIM” she shouted
    “shhhh” I said
    “Oh sorry” she whispered “So what do you do?” she said smiling
    “Just stuff” I said
    “Oh cmon you have to tell me everything I told you everything about my brother and I would never tell anyone that.” she said
    “Ok you asked” I said “I caught him one day back there jacking off with dirty magazines and we started talking and we showed each other our private parts. Then we kept on meeting each day and I let him touch my pussy and I touched his penis then I licked his penis and sucked on it and he licked my pussy, on the last day we licked each others butt holes and he put his dick up my ass and cummed in it then he sucked his own cum out of my butt hole and we made out with it.”

    Lisa’s mouth was open “Oh my god!!!” she said
    “Hey you asked so I told you” I said
    “I know its just I never thought about licking someones bum hole before.” she said
    She sat there shocked for a minute “So are you gonna do this with him again?” she asked
    “yea ive thought about it, all I have to go do is meet him at his bus stop again.” I said
    “And like you are 20 and he is 13” she said
    “That just makes it more kinkier.” I said “So are you way grossed out now, I’m sorry I shouldn’t of told you”
    “no no I’m just shocked but I think its pretty hot” she said
    “really” I said and thought for a minute “Do you want to meet him with me?”
    Her face got red “I don’t know what if we got there and he saw me and didn’t like me?” she said
    “Oh he likes you” I said “trust me”
    “Really tell me exactly what he said.” said lisa
    “Ok well on the last day we were together we were walking back up toward the road and we had our hands down each others pants and he was putting his fingers in my pussy and then licking his fingers, and I was stroking his penis then he put his finger in my asshole and so I put my finger in his ass and we walked like this and before we got to the road we pulled our fingers out and we both sucked on our fingers. Then when we got to the road we saw you walking your dog in your cheerleader outfit and he said that your were the hottest girl in the school and he wishes he could taste your butt hole. And that’s why I met you last week and started talking to you.”
    I smiled at her and she smiled back
    “I am so so horny right now.” she said
    “So do you want to join us tomorrow?” I asked
    “ok” Lisa said
    “awsum, ok I’m gonna go meet him at the bus stop tomorrow and I’m not gonna tell him about you and he is just gonna be in shock.” I said
    She laughed excitedly. And I paid our bill at the restaurant and I walked with Lisa down to the hide out. And told her that Ricky bus gets there at 3:00 and she needed to be there at 2:45 and wait for us.

    The next day I waited for Ricky at the bus stop he stepped off and all the kids cleared and he started walking home with his head down.

    “Ricky!!!” I shouted
    He turned around and his face lit up and he ran up to me and gave me a big hug
    “I thought I wasn’t gonna see you again, where have you been.” he said
    “Sorry I have just been really busy” I said “so would you like to take a walk.?” I said smiling
    “Of course.” he said smiling back
    As we started walking through the woods he had a permanent grin on his face.
    “Hey well I have a surprise waiting for you at our spot.” I said
    “What is it” he said
    “I can’t tell but I think your gonna like it.” I said
    As we arrived at the spot there was Lisa wearing a cute pink shirt and tight blue jeans. Rickys face just looked in shock.
    “Hi lisa” I said
    “Hello britney” she said shyly
    “Lisa this is Ricky, Ricky this is Lisa.” I said
    They both said hi and Ricky and I sat down neither of them said a word and there was a huge layer of ice that needed to broken. Ricky just sat there and stared at the ground. I could tell he was really confused.
    “So Ricky the last week in a half or so I met and been talking to Lisa here and I told her what we do down here and she thought it was cool and she said she thought you were really cute, so I told her what you said about her.
    “What did I say about her?” Ricky said nervously
    “That she is the hottest girl at your school, and that you want to see what her butt hole tastes like and that you want to stick you penis in it.” I said
    Ricky and Lisa’s eyes met for the first time and she gave him a big smile and opened up her beautiful eyes. Ricky smiled back at her.
    “So she asked me if I wanted to come join you guys and I said sure” lisa said “is it ok with you?”
    “Oh yea im glad you came, Im sorry I just never would of thought in a million years that you would ever be down here.” he said
    “Ricky I told Lisa about us tasting each others butt holes, and I think she liked that.” I said. “do you want to do it for her” I said
    Ricky looked at Lisa “yea I wanna see” lisa said.
    I walked over to Ricky and grabbed his t-shirt and took it off. His face got red and we both looked at Lisa, she was just watching smiling. I unbuttoned his jeans and quickly pulled down his pants and underwear and quickly pulled them down his boner popped out.
    “Ohh nice and hard again I see.” I said as I grabbed it and started stroking it. “Turn around so lisa can see your cute butt”
    He turned around and I grabbed his cheeks and spread them open and stuck my tongue between them and licked his asshole for a few seconds , then I looked up at Lisa who walked over to get a closer look.
    “Want to try it?” I asked.
    She got on her knees and I spread his cheeks apart and she very slowly put her face up to his ass and stuck her tongue out and pointed it right at his hole she started licking up and down. I got in front of him and started sucking his cock while Lisa continued to lick his ass.
    “I want to lick your ass now Lisa, and your cunt too” ricky said
    “Ok” she said
    “Well lets get these tight jeans off” I said
    I grabbed her hips and unbuttoned her jeans and took off her belt and pulled her jeans down. She was wearing light blue g panties and her ass was well tanned she grabbed a tree and bent over, and I watched as Ricky came over to her quickly and pulled down her panties. She had to cutest asshole and pussy ever she had light blonde pubic hairs and it looks like she kept them trimmed. Ricky started rubbing her pussy and then rubbed her asshole then he put his finger in his mouth and pushed his finger up her ass. She started fucking his finger. Then he stood up pushed his cock on her pussy and slowly crammed it in she let out a moan.
    “Oh yes fuck me” she said
    I got in front of her and looked at her face to face.
    “You like getting fucked don’t you, you dirty slut.” I said
    She opened her eyes and looked at me in shock for a second, and I gave her a smile letting her know its just all part of the game.
    “Oh fuck yes I do.” she said
    Then I grabbed her firmly on her cheeks making her mouth stick out, and put my face about an inch from hers.
    “Since your such a nasty whore I bet you would like to stick your tongue up my dirty asshole while ricky fucks you” I said
    She nodded
    I gave her a soft kiss on the lips “your adorable” I said
    Ricky continued to fuck her slowly he was lasting very well, and I got up and took off my jeans and panties and got on my hands and knees in front of Lisa and her and Ricky stopped for a second so Lisa could get on her hands and knees too. Ricky stuck it back in her and I positioned myself to where my ass was in Lisa’s face and she was screaming as she stuck her tongue out and it met my asshole.
    “mmmm” I moaned
    This went on for another couple of minutes, then I got up and turned around.
    “You like the way my butt hole tastes Lisa?” I said
    She licked her lips “mmm yummy” she said
    “yea good little slut, you’re a good ass licker, little sluts like you like to lick dirty assholes.” I said
    Ricky continued fucking her and stuck his thumb up her ass.
    “lets see if she likes the way her own hole tastes” Ricky said as he pulled his thumb out of her ass and brought his arm around to Lisa’s mouth, Lisa was moaning and she opened her mouth and Ricky stuck his thumb in and she moaned more as she sucked on his thumb. I got in Lisa’s face again
    “MMM you are such a little whore” I said “I bet deep down you wanted to show your big brother your cute little pussy didn’t you.”
    Lisa’s eyes were closed and her head was going up and down, she smiled.
    “ohh yea I did” she said
    “And you wanted to suck his big cock didn’t you?” I said
    She swallowed “yea I did”
    “And you wanted to 69 him and lick his cock, and balls, and stick your tongue in his asshole, while he ate your pussy and asshole.” Lisa’s body started quivering and she started screaming
    “oh god, oh god” she shouted
    Then I raised my voice at her “Then you wanted him to bend you over and slowly stick his cock in your tight little asshole and fuck you until his dick started throbbing and he started shooting his hot sperm up your…..
    “ahhhh” Lisa yelled as she gabbed my head and pulled it against her upper chest and squeezed my head as hard as she could my head was starting to hurt from her grip and she screamed all the way through her orgasim. She finally let go and came back down on her hands and knees and I pulled away, and I was dazzed from all the blood being contracted in my head and Ricky pulled his dick out and quickly came over to us holding his dick and started shooting streams of semen all over both of our faces. I have never seen that much cum before. Ricky finally stopped and we all sat down exhausted. We all began to laugh as Ricky’s cum was dripping off both of our faces. We all had a group make out and Ricky helped us lick his cum off our faces and hair.

    The next day we all met at the down at the hide out Ricky and I got there first and we began talking. Up in the distance we could see Lisa walking down and she had an older guy with her they got closer and closer.
    “Hi Britney” Lisa said
    “Hello” I said “Who’s your friend?”
    “This is my brother James.” she said “and James this is Ricky and Britney.”
    James looked at me and then looked down at my body, and we both exchanged smiles. He was built well and had those same beautiful eyes that his sister had.
    “I told you she was pretty” lisa said
    “I’ll say” he said smiling
    “I went in James’s room last night and I brought up that story I told you at lunch yesterday Britney, and we started talking about it, then I told him about you guys and what we did yesterday, and I asked James if he wanted to come too.” lisa said
    I walked over to James and rubbed his stomach. “well we’re glad to have you aboard James.” I said
    “So what did you guys do after you talked about it” Ricky said
    “Nothing he wanted to do something, but our parents were home and I wanted to save it for today.” Lisa said.
    We all sat down and started talking for a while, and things were a little weird at first. And finally I said.
    “Hey lets play truth or dare, and Ricky and James will take turns daring each other then Lisa and I will take turns daring.” They all got exited and agreed.
    “Ok well I’ll dare Lisa first and then Ricky will dare James and we will go from there.” I said
    “Ok Lisa I dare you to go give your brother a big wet kiss on the mouth.” I said
    She smiled and looked at James and got up and walked over to him slowly they were hesitant at first but James grabbed the back of her head and the came lip to lip. They opened there mouths and circled tongues for a second. Then Lisa pulled away and went back and sat down.
    “Ok Ricky its your turn now with James.” Lisa said
    Ricky thought for a second. “Ok here is a truth,” he said “Have you ever stolen Lisa’s dirty panties?”
    James face got a little flush. “Yes I have.” he said
    Lisa’s mouth opened “Oh my god, when did you do that?” she said
    “I do it a lot when your at school and cheerleader practice.” James said
    We all sat there in silence for a minute and Lisa’s face looked shock.
    “Ok lets just stop this truth or dare thing, lets keep asking James questions, and James you have to tell the truth ok.” I said
    “Ok, I’ll tell you everything I don’t care.” he said
    “So anyway what do you do with her panties?” I asked
    “umm well I sniff them and jack off with them.” he said “Sorry Lisa I can’t help it I’m a pervert.”
    Lisa smiled and blushed “That’s ok James I’m a pervert too, I think that its hot that you do that.” she said
    “really, I’m glad you don’t mind.” he said “Do you guys want to hear what else I do with them?”
    We all got a little closer to him and we all were very curios. “Do tell.” Lisa said smiling
    “Ok well I smell them first and if they are stained then I lick them. Then I get a pair of her clean panties and I Jack off with them, and I cum in them and fold them neatly back in her drawer. Then one morning I was sitting at the table and she was getting ready for school and She bent over and I saw her panties and they were the ones that I cummed in the night before, and I started jacking off under the table watching her walk around knowing that my cum stain is touching her pussy. Then I imagine pulling her pants down while I stroked myself and I imagined me putting my face up to her ass and spreading her cheeks and smelling it. Then I imagined me putting my tongue in it and licking her crack up and down and circling my tongue around her asshole. And there is a bunch of other stuff I want to do to her too.”
    “Ohh James you make me so horny.” Lisa said.
    We all sat there and Ricky started jacking off and I was rubbing my pussy.
    “Hey Lisa would you let your brother do that to you?” I said
    She hesitated for a second “Yes I would, do you want to do that to me James and let Britney and Ricky watch?” she said
    James face lit up “Hell yes I would.” he said
    “And you can do everything that you always wanted to do to me and I’ll let you.” she said
    “everything?” he asked
    She nodded
    “No matter what it is?” he asked
    She looked up to the sky with those beautiful eyes. “no matter what.” she said
    “ok well lets get started come here.” he said
    She walked over to him and he took her shoes and socks off and he unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down.
    “mmm these are you pink panties I have spent a lot of time with these.” said James
    Lisa gave a big smile.
    He grabbed her by the hips and turned her around and admired every second he started rubbing her ass and then he started pulling her panties off very slowly. He was moaning as her crack appeared and he pulled them down very slowly until her panties reached her ankles and he helped her kick them off. He pulled out his really hard dick and took her panties and wrapped them around his cock. He stared and rubbed her ass a little more then he stuck his face up to her crack and spread her cheeks till her asshole appeared. He put his nose in her crack and started sniffing he did this for about a minute then he ran his tongue up and down her crack and he stopped and went even slower over her asshole. Then he just started moaning as he put his mouth on her hole and his tongue was pressing hard in it. Then he laid her down on her back and pulled her legs up to where her ass was sticking straight up in the air. He then got some duct tape out of his bag and he taped her hands and ankles together and propped her back up against a tree stump with her ass still sticking straight up in the air. Then he stood up and started taking his clothes off and stared and admired the site of her.
    “mmmmmm this is a dream come true.” he said
    She just smiled at him
    After he was totally naked he went up to her and put his nose up to her asshole again and just kept sniffing and then he licked her over and over from her asshole up to her pussy. Then he got on his knees over her face and directed his cock in her mouth she sucked very willfully and he continued licking her ass and cunt. Then he took his cock out of her mouth and got by the side of her and slowly stuck his finger in her pussy and pulled it out and put his finger in her mouth she sucked his finger. And with his other hand he stuck his finger in her asshole and then replace that finger in her mouth. He then stuck his finger in her ass again and stuck it in her mouth again he did this over and over and a few times he would suck his own finger after he pulled it out of her ass. Then stood up and guided his cock in her asshole. He pushed very slowly until it went all the way in. He fucked her ass really slowly pulling his cock almost all the way out before he barried it all the way in again. Lisa was moaning loud and James was rubbing her clit as he kept putting his dick in and out of her ass. He then took it out of her ass and put it all the way in her pussy. Over the next several minutes he would very slowly stick his cock all the way in her pussy and pull it out and put it in her ass. Back and forth over and over, her ass then her pussy, then he put it in her ass all the way. And held it there for a minute. Lisa’s eyes were closed and she was smiling. Then he very slowly pulled it out. Ricky and I stood behind him and watched as he pulled her cheeks apart and her asshole opened up really wide. We all stared at her gaping asshole he stuck his tongue in her open hole and he circled around it tasting the walls of his little sisters asshole. Then he pushed his dick in it again and it made a farting noise as he pushed it in, and started fucking it faster and faster till his body tensed up. He pulled it out and jacked off shooting all his cum in her asshole. He stood up and smiled at us looking at Lisa’s cum filled gaping asshole. Then he got on his knees and put his mouth on her asshole and sucked all of his cum out. Then he stood over her and positioned his mouth over her face she smiled and opened her mouth and he let all of his cum drip into her mouth.

    He then un taped her hands and ankles and Lisa stood up.
    “Wow that was the most kinkiest thing iv’e ever seen.” I said
    “Yea I am so happy that was one of my long life goals, fucking my little sister in the ass.” James said
    “Well I thought it was quite fun too.” Lisa said
    “So James what, what else was it that you want to do with her.” I said
    He pulled out his water bottle and started drinking it “Give me a while to recover and I’ll show you.” he said
    “Well why we are waiting for him can I do that same thing to you Britney?” Ricky said
    “ahh no I don’t want too.” I said
    “Why not?” Ricky asked
    I got embarrassed they were all looking at me waiting for my answer.
    “because its just not a good time right now ok.” I said
    “why?” ricky argued
    “just because!!!” I said sternly
    “Ricky for god’s sakes you can’t fuck her in the ass right now because she has to take a shit. James said as he continued to drink his water
    My face got beat red “thanks for filling him in James.” I said
    “oh sorry” Ricky said.
    He thought for a minute “So take a shit.” he said
    “no!!!” I said
    “yes please do it I want to watch.” Ricky begged
    “What!!!.” I shouted looking at him, then I looked at James and Lisa. They both looked at me. Lisa smiled and nodded at me.
    “Yea do it Britney and then Ricky can fuck your shitty ass.” James said
    I just stood there in shock.
    “We are all perverts here remember.” Lisa said
    I was starting to get horny again and I couldn’t belive that I was considering it.
    “you guys really want to watch me do that?” I asked
    “yea do it, do it.” all of them begged
    I sat there and smiled. “ok” I finally said
    Then I sat there for a minute and they all waited. “ok well I’m gonna go over there by that tree and whoever wants to come can I guess?” I said
    I took off my shoes and socks and then my shirt and bra and then my jeans and panties. I started walking and I looked behind me and they were all following me staring at my ass as I walked, I got to the tree and they all circled around me. I squatted down and they all got behind me and stared at my ass. I started pushing and looked behind me where I saw James and Ricky stroking there cocks, and lisa just was totally naked still rubbing her pussy. Then I pushed again and I felt it start coming out. All of them continued masterbating until it came all the way out. I then stood up and looked at them.
    “umm I need something to wipe with now.” I said
    “No don’t just go back there and we’ll take care of you.” Ricky said
    We all walked back and when we got there Ricky grabbed me and pushed me down to the ground. I giggled as I hit the ground and I was on my hands and knees Ricky quickly pulled his dick out and put it in my ass. He started fucking my ass hard. “You like getting your shitty ass fucked britney.” Ricky yelled
    “Oh yes Fuck my Shitty ass!!!” I yelled back
    James and Lisa watched and then Ricky pulled me on top of him so I was sitting on his dick. James got on his knees and Ricky stopped fucking me and just kept his cock in my ass, then james pushed his cock up my pussy, they both fucked my pussy and asshole. Lisa then got behind and started licking her brothers asshole, while he fucked me then she did the same to Ricky.
    “Hey Ricky get pull your shitty cock out of Britney’s ass and put it in my sisters asshole.” James said
    They both pulled there dicks out of me and Ricky grabbed Lisa and put her on her hands and knees and he took his brown dick and put it on Lisa’s asshole and pushed it in and started fucking her. Then James stood up and aimed his dick at his sisters face.
    “open your mouth.” he demanded
    Lisa opened it expecting him to stick his cock in her mouth, but instead his dick started shooting pee in her mouth. She was a little surprised at first but she kept her mouth open and she swallowed some of it then he peed on her hair, and kept going watching his piss Rica shade off his little sisters forehead as she gets fucked in the ass. He was finally done and Ricky pulled out of her she sat on the ground and started laughing. I sat next to her and started making out with her, tasting the piss in her mouth.
    Lisa and I got in the 69 position and we started licking each others cunts, and Lisa started licking my dirty asshole. I licked her ass and cunt over and over, and then James came up and stuck his cock in his sisters asshole. We continued in the 69 position and I kept licking Lisa’s pussy and watched her brothers cock go in and out of her asshole. He would pull his dick out of her ass and stuck it in my mouth and then stick it in her pussy. He switched over and over between his sisters pussy then my mouth then her asshole then my mouth, and Ricky meanwhile was doing the same thing on the other side my dirty asshole then Lisa’s mouth, then my pussy then her mouth, then back in my asshole over and over. Then they switched sides, now I was sucking Ricky’s cock out of Lisa’s ass and watching it go in and out of her ass and pussy. And James was in my ass then his sisters mouth then my pussy back to her mouth then in my ass over and over.
    James and Ricky whispered something to each other as they fucked Lisa and I’s pussy and asshole. They both stood up and Lisa and I kept 69’ing Lisa was on top of me and I looked up and saw Ricky wish his dick in his hand he started peeing on my face and aimed it at my mouth, I stopped licking Lisa’s pussy and opened my mouth to his pee. The piss went in my mouth and then he aimed his dick so it hit Lisa’s asshole then back to my mouth until he was done. Then we turned around still in the 69 position but I was on top and James stood over his sister and started peeing on her face and switching back and forth from my ass and pussy on to her face.

    After we were done Lisa and I stood up we looked at each other and we were both covered in piss our hair was drenched. We gave each other a small kiss on the lips.
    James came behind me and pulled me on top of him and I sat on him and guided his dick up my asshole. Ricky walked up and stuck his cock in my mouth. Lisa got down and licked her brothers asshole and balls and licked his dick as it went in and out of my ass, and licked my wet cunt. I started screaming and I started squirting cum on Lisa’s face as she licked me. Lisa then stood up with my cunt juices dripping off her face. She aimed her pussy at James’s dick as it went in my ass. Piss started shooting out of her pussy it hit my pussy and Ricky pulled his cock out of my mouth and stuck his dick in her stream. James got exited and pulled me off of him and stuck his mouth open and started drinking his sisters piss. Both the boys were jacking off, we all quickly lined up and we all took turns taking her piss in our mouths we were all swallowing. Her stream started dieing down and James put his mouth on her pussy and sucked it clean. Then He laid her down on her back and stuck his dick in her pussy and started slowly fucking her they were face to face and he started kissing her.
    “Your such a hot little sister Lisa.” James said
    Lisa was moaning.
    “Oh your so hot too I love your big cock.” she said
    “Can I fuck you all the time?” said James still slowly fucking her
    “Yes!!! Yes!!! All the time.” she said
    “Will you let me smell your ass everyday before you go to cheerleading practice?” he said
    “Yes I want you to smell my ass, and stick your tongue in it, and stick your cock in it.” she said
    “mmm then I’m always gonna stick it in your mouth after I get done so you can taste your ass too, and then I want you to pee on my dick and in my mouth all the time, ok” he said
    Lisa started screaming “IM GONNA CUM!!!” she let out a long scream and grabbed his ass and pulled him into her, and she scratched his back leaving marks on it.
    “I’m gonna cum too I’m gonna cum in your ass ok.” he said
    He pulled it out of her pussy and quickly stuck it in her ass and lasted only a few seconds before he started shooting warm cum in her ass. I got on my knees James slowly pulled it out of her ass and I opened my mouth and he stuck it in.
    “mmm your sisters ass tastes so yummy.” I said after sucking it clean
    Rick was watching and jerking off.
    “Can I cum in her ass too?” Ricky asked
    “She’s all yours.” James said
    Lisa turned around in the doggy position and spread her ass. Her hole was gaping again, and cum was leaking out. Ricky got behind her as guided his cock in her asshole it started making farting noises as it went in. He fucked her ass for only about a minute, before he started cumming. He pulled it out and I got behind her and put my mouth over her gaping butt hole and sucked as Lisa pushed it out into my mouth. She turned around and I spit the cum all over her face. Then I licked it off her face and we started kissing swapping it back and forth, Lisa had all the cum in her mouth and bent me over and put her mouth on my asshole and spit it all in. She stuck her finger in my ass and made sure that it was all in, then pushed my cheeks together.
    “Why don’t you just keep that in there for a while.” She said

    It was getting dark and we all cleaned up and put our clothes on and headed home.
    The end

    Sorry it was so long and I fixed the spelling the best I could. But hope lots of people cum and please email me and let me know about it.
    Love Britney
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    Default Hot Tub Sister

    ntroduction: An afternoon in the hot tub starts an adventure for a brother and sister

    "Anybody home?" Matt didn't see or hear anybody, thought he might have the house to himself after football practice.

    "Just me." His sister Ashley's voice, from the back of the house. "Mom went to the store and Dad's working late."

    She came bouncing down the hall, wearing her usual t-shirt and jeans. The two of them were pretty much as opposite as a brother and sister could get. Matt, eighteen and a senior, was the jock, tall, muscular, blond, with the kind of jaw that usually got described as "granite." He was the captain of the football team, and all the girls followed him around like puppies.

    Ashley was two years younger, a sophomore, and had gotten the brains. Not that she was bad looking; if you asked most of the guys at school they'd have said she was cute. She had long auburn hair that she usually put up in a clip at the back of her head, gray-green eyes, and a soft, oval face. It didn't really matter what she looked liked, though. No teenage boy will ever have anything to do with a girl who's obviously smarter than he is. Girls like that scare them to death. Ashley was cursed with intelligence. Being Matt's sister didn't help, either. He'd always been protective of his baby sister, and the fear of a smart girl was nothing compared to the fear of having Matt pound the shit out of them. Typical double standard, since Matt had been through just about every girl in school.

    So Ashley was a virgin. More than just being a virgin, she'd never even kissed a guy or had a boyfriend. Not that she cared all that much, she was usually too busy studying to worry about what she was missing.

    Matt needed some relaxation after practice. "Well, sis, I think I'll just throw on my trunks and climb into the hot tub for a while."

    "Hmm, that doesn't sound like a bad idea. I think I'll do it, too."

    Matt gave her a lopsided grin. "That I'd like to see - you in the hot tub in my trunks."

    Ashley slapped his arm, turning red. "Stop that!" Being a virgin didn't make her naive. She knew all about boys and sex, she just didn't have any experience.

    "Sorry." He wasn't, really. He'd always teased his sister unmercifully. Not that he'd let anybody else do it. "Come on, put on a swim suit and let's relax."

    The two headed off to their respective rooms. Matt hit the hot tub first, sinking slowly into the water, letting it soak the tension of football practice out of his muscles. Ashley came out a few minutes later, and Matt had to pick his jaw up off his chest. Ashley was wearing a bikini that didn't leave much to the imagination. It was basically three little pieces of cloth held in place with thin straps. It barely covered her nipples on top and her slit on the bottom. The other shock for Matt was that Ashley actually had a shape. He never saw her in anything but her baggy jeans and t-shirts. She actually had boobs - not very big, but the shape was nice. And there was a little curve to her hips, too. Matt felt his dick starting to do things that aren't supposed to happen when you're looking at your sister.

    "Damn, sis, do Mom and Dad know you've got that?"

    Ashley felt a little self-conscious as she slipped into the water across from her brother. "Well, Mom's seen it, but she says I can't wear it in public."

    "So I'm the only one that can see you like this, huh?" Matt was grinning again.

    Ashley blushed. "You're bad." She leaned back, letting the water cover her. She had her hair up in a butterfly clip so it wouldn't get too wet, and she slid into the water up to her neck, feeling her muscles start to relax. She decided she could do a little teasing, too. "Now I know why you guys always want to get girls into the hot tub. Get us all relaxed and we'll do anything you want."

    "Like this?" Matt moved so fast that Ashley didn't have time to think. His hand flashed out, grabbed her by the arm, started pulling her toward him. And then it was like everything was in slow motion. Partly it was because it was hard to move fast through the water, but she was pretty sure it was partly her mind doing funny things. She felt herself moving through the water, slowly, closer and closer to her brother. Watched his face coming toward hers, his body. Then his lips touched hers. Instinct took over, she opened her mouth slightly, felt Matt's tongue slip between her lips. Matt's hand was on her lower back, pulling her, and her knees moved to either side of his hips, letting their bodies press together. She could feel the bulge in his trunks that had to be his dick rubbing against her belly.

    Ashley tasted just as good as Matt thought she would. He knew what he was doing was wrong. Knew he shouldn't take advantage of his little sister. She was a virgin, he'd overheard her telling one of her friends at school just a couple of days before. That made it even more wrong. And even more exciting. He just couldn't help himself. Ashley was the first girl he'd ever wanted, since he was twelve and she was ten. And she was the only one he'd never been able to have. The girls at school threw themselves at him. He'd fucked so many of them he couldn't keep track. But every once in a while, when he looked at Ashley, he'd get that stirring. And today, looking at her in that bikini, seeing her body almost bare in front of him, he just couldn't help himself.

    Ashley moaned as she felt Matt's hands move to her boobs. She'd wondered if he was going to stop with just kissing her, but it looked like he wanted more. She wasn't sure how much he wanted, or how much she'd let him have. Matt shoved her top up, off her boobs, his hands squeezing her, rubbing her nipples. She gasped, breaking off their kiss, feeling a boy's hands on her for the first time. He moved his hands to her hips, lifted her up so her chest was out of the water.

    Matt looked up at Ashley, waiting for her to tell him to stop, searching for fear or disgust on her face. But all he saw was what he was used to seeing from girls he was with. Her mouth was open slightly, her nostrils flaring. And in her eyes was nothing but pure lust. Matt leaned his head forward, took Ashley's tit into his mouth, and felt his sister's body shudder.

    Oh god, he's sucking on my boobs. Ashley couldn't believe it. She closed her eyes, leaned her head back, as Matt's lips and tongue, and even his teeth, roamed over her chest. He licked, sucked, bit lightly. Ashley's body was going crazy. She'd never felt anything like this. Her skin was tingling all over, and there was a pulsing deep in her belly. She'd realized that she'd never really felt horny like this before, never really been turned on. She wanted her brother to fuck her, and she was afraid he'd stop before they got there.

    Matt wasn't thinking about much of anything, his body was operating on its own. He pulled Ashley back down so her face was even with his, and kissed her again. His right hand went to her belly, started sliding down, while his left took hold of Ashley's wrist and guided her hand to the waistband of his trunks. He kept waiting for her to pull back, or tell him to stop, but she just kept taking whatever he did.

    I don't believe it, he's going to touch me down there! Every time Matt's hand moved a little lower on her belly, Ashley expected him to stop, but he didn't. Now his fingers were creeping into the bottom of her bikini. And as small as that bottom was, that meant they'd be touching her slit. When Matt had put moved her hand to the top of his trunks, she'd just started rubbing his belly, not sure if she should actually put her fingers inside the suit or not. But now, with his fingers about to violate her, she slipped her hand into his trunks, wrapped her fingers around his dick. She felt it pulse, and she moaned deep in her throat as she felt a boy for the first time. A couple of seconds later she moaned even more as Matt's fingers slid across the opening of her slit, then she jerked as his middle finger curled up and slipped up inside her. She felt it start to move in her, in and out, twisting a little, while she stroked his dick, hoping she was doing it right. Her eyes rolled back in her head for a second, then she looked at Matt, right into his eyes. She was pretty sure he wanted it, all of it, as much as she did.

    Matt whispered hoarsely, "Pull my trunks down." He still couldn't believe this was actually happening. Ashley was going to let him fuck her. He knew she wanted it now, could feel it in the way her body moved, in how wet her pussy was, could hear it in her gasps and moans. As Ashley freed his cock he took it in his hand, reached with his other hand to push the crotch of her bikini to the side. He pulled her body toward him, guiding the tip of his cock to her pussy.

    Ashley took in a huge, gasping breath as Matt moved her bikini bottom out of the way, then another when she felt the end of his dick press against her, right there between her legs. He's really going to do it, he's going to put it in me! He wiggled a little, and the head of his dick popped into her, between her pussy lips. Ashley bit her lip and held her breath as Matt's hands moved to her hips, and she knew he was about to shove himself inside her.

    There was a grinding noise from the garage.

    "Shit! Mom's home!" Matt shoved Ashley away, and both of them began to try to put themselves back together, then scrambled to wrap towels around themselves, Matt to make sure his mother couldn't see his cock, which was still hard as a rock, Ashley to cover up that she was wearing her tiny bikini.

    The two teenagers got into the house just as their mother was walking into the house. She gave them a cockeyed look. "Don't you two have anything better to do than lay around in the hot tub all afternoon? Both of you, go get dressed. Matt, bring in the groceries, Ashley can help me put them away. Then get your homework done." They both groaned, which was what their mother would expect. They had to make sure that she didn't suspect anything.

    The rest of the day was torture for both of them.

    For Matt it was horrible guilt. He wasn't used to that. He'd never felt guilty about anything he'd done with a girl, even in the few situations where he wasn't absolutely sure that the girl really wanted him to do what he was doing. They were girls, that was what they were for. But this was different. Ashley was his sister, his little sister, and he was supposed to protect her, not take advantage of her. He'd failed her, and wasn't sure he could face himself.

    Ashley on the other hand was just afraid that her only chance was gone. She'd never really thought about sex much, definitely not about sex with her brother, but as soon as his lips had touched her, as soon as she felt his hands on her skin, she knew why she'd never been interested in the boys at school. It was because she wanted Matt. And now she'd gotten so close, had actually felt his dick start to move into her. Damn her mother, why did she have to come right then? Ashley knew Matt, knew he probably would never try anything like that again, would be afraid of doing anything that would get him in trouble. He had a football scholarship to look forward to, and wouldn't do anything that might screw that up.

    That night Matt didn't sleep at all. He spent the night tossing around in the bed, trying to get comfortable, to relax, to get some sleep. Ashley slept, but was constantly dreaming about Matt's dick. Every time she woke up she found her hand between her legs.

    The next few days the two kids barely saw each other. Both were pretty busy, but Matt was also doing all he could to stay away from his little sister. Part of what he was doing consisted of fucking every girl he could his hands on. It was a little bit of a strange way to keep his mind off what he'd done, and almost done, with Ashley, but he figured that if he got enough from other girls he wouldn't think about her.

    Most of the girls were ones he'd already been with, but one was new. She was a sophomore, Ashley's age, named Rachel, with long, wavy dark hair, brown eyes, and a curvy little body. He couldn't even remember how he met her, but they found themselves together one afternoon at school, talking. Rachel had a low, soft voice instead of the squeak you got from most teenage girls, and Matt thought it was sexy.

    At some point in the conversation, Rachel whispered, "So, I hear you like to have fun with girls. You in the mood now?"

    "If you don't mind doing it outside." Matt was in the mood all right, but there weren't many good places to go at school. What he had in mind was under the bleachers at the football field.

    "Mmm, yeah. I like taking chances. And I like to get kinky." Rachel's face was pure lust. Matt wasn't sure what she meant by "kinky." Most of the girls he'd been with would consider sucking a guy's dick to be kinky. But Matt knew from checking out porn online that there were girls out there who like to really get kinky. He wondered which kind Rachel was. And how he'd like it if she really wanted something out there.

    They snuck under the bleachers, and Matt could tell that Rachel was turned on by the chance of getting caught there. She had his cock out and was stroking it in no time, and Matt didn't take much longer to get her jeans open and pulled down.

    "Turn around." Matt knew that with a girl in jeans, the easiest thing was to do her from behind.

    "Okay, but do what I tell you to."

    "Sure, no problem." As Matt spun Rachel around, he wondered what was coming. He wasn't used to having a girl tell him what to do.

    Rachel, her back to Matt, spread her legs as wide as she could with her jeans on and braced her hands against the back of the bleachers. She'd obviously done this before. Matt moved up behind her and slipped his cock into her. She was hot and tight.

    "Yeah, fuck me. Hard." Matt started slamming into her as hard as he could. "Spank me!" He hesitated a second. He wasn't used to girls who talked during sex, and had certainly never had one ask for that. "Spank me, please!"

    It was like she was begging him. Matt drew his hand back, slapped Rachel's ass. She squealed. "Yes, harder!" He smacked her again, this time putting some force into it. Rachel moaned, "Oh fuck, yes!"

    He fucked and spanked her for a few more minutes, Rachel obviously loving having him slap her ass. Then she began to pant and slam back even harder and faster against his cock. Matt knew she was about ready even before she gasped out, "Shit, I'm gonna cum. Pull my hair!" By now Matt knew not to question what she told him to do. He reached up, gathered her hair in his hand, and jerked her head back. "Uh uh uh fuck oooohhhh!" Rachel's body shuddered and Matt could feel her pussy spasming around his cock. She took in a couple of deep gasping breaths, trembled again, then stood still. Matt stopped pumping into her, waiting.

    "You didn't come yet, did you?"

    "No, do you want me to pull out so you can't get pregnant?" Most girls were scared to death about that.

    "I don't care about that. But I want you to put it in my ass. And choke me."

    Matt was flabbergasted. He'd never fucked a girl in the ass before. And he didn't think they usually liked it much, let alone asked for it. As for choking, he'd heard some rumors about that, but didn't know if people really did it or not. But, Rachel had made it pretty obvious that she meant what she said when it came to sex, so he leaned back, letting his cock pop out of her pussy. He used one hand to spread her ass cheeks while the other guided his cock to the ring of her anus. He pushed in, felt Rachel's sphincter open, and the head of his dick slipped into her ass.

    "Yeah, fuck me in the ass!" He didn't need anything more than that. Matt bucked his hips forward, shoving his whole length into Rachel's bowels. She squealed. He groaned, realizing that this was the tightest thing his dick had ever been in. He started pumping into her, hard like he knew she'd want it. He wasn't going to last very long.

    "Choke me!" It was a command, not a request. Matt reached up with one hand, wrapped his fingers around Rachel's throat, squeezed lightly. She shuddered, shoved her ass back against him. He could tell that Rachel was fingering her own clit while he fucked her in the ass. She grunted, pushed back against him even harder, then stiffened. Shit, he could feel her ass rippling around his cock. Matt couldn't take any more. He let out a huge groan, then spurted inside Rachel's ass, filling her with his cum. They stood there together for a few seconds, then Matt stepped back, letting his cock pop out of Rachel's ass. Rachel turned around, pulling up her jeans, grinned up at Matt.

    "That was nice, but next time you should choke me harder." She winked.

    "Yeah, god it was really good, he stuffed his dick up my ass and even choked me a little while he did it."

    "No shit! Did he shoot in your ass?"

    "Yeah, I had to go to the restroom and wipe so it didn't keep leaking out."

    Ashley couldn't believe what she was hearing from the lunch table behind her. The conversation had been going on when she sat down, and the girls who were talking probably didn't know she could hear them. She knew Rachel was a little slut, but she didn't think she go that far. Fucking some guy right there at school. And letting him put it in her butt? God, that was too much.

    "Who'd think the football captain would be kinky?"

    Ashley nearly passed out. Matt! They were talking about Matt! He'd stick it in that whore Rachel, but wouldn't even talk to his own sister since the day they almost did it. She felt betrayed, embarrassed, like she wanted to crawl into a hole and die. But at the same time she was angry. She wanted to shake Matt until his teeth rattled for being such an asshole.

    That night their parents announced that they'd be gone for the weekend.

    "Mick and Nancy got a cabin for the weekend and asked us if we wanted to come along. Thought it'd be nice to get away from the house for a couple of days. I figure you two can manage to not burn the place down." Ashley looked at Matt and rolled her eyes. Their dad thought his sense of humor was just out there Matt grinned back at her. Maybe she's not too mad after all. He'd been afraid to talk to her since the day in the hot tub. He wanted to get back to being close again. Of course, he'd never talk to her about what happened.

    Later, in bed, Ashley's mind ran on and on with ideas about what she should do when her parents left. She didn't know if she should try to seduce Matt or beat him up. Her hand went to her belly, rubbed her skin, traced down. She was teasing herself with her own fingers, eyes closed, pretending it was Matt making her feel this way. She let her finger slip just inside her slit, where Matt's finger had been. Where Matt's dick had been, but just the tip of it. She trembled as she remembered the way it had felt, how much she'd wanted it. The disappointment when Mom had gotten home at just the wrong time. Ashley pulled her hand away, the frustration rolling over her like a fog. Her finger was no good. She needed the real thing.

    Ashley thought she was going to go insane by the time the weekend got there. Mom and Dad were leaving Friday night, and Ashley had made up her mind. Since Matt wouldn't do anything, she was going to.

    Their parents left as soon as they finished dinner on Friday. Once they were gone, Matt headed for his room. That was where he spent all of his time lately when he was home. Can't bear to be anywhere near your little sister, huh? Well, Ashley would see about that. It was actually a good thing that he was in his room. She'd been afraid that he'd take off with his buddies, that she wouldn't even see him all weekend.

    Ashley spent a couple of minutes thinking about it, not if she should do it, but how. Should she change from her t-shirt and jeans, maybe into the bikini she'd been wearing in the hot tub? Or maybe even just get naked. No, she was just going to go into Matt's room and confront him. One way or the other it was going to be over tonight.

    Matt was surprised when Ashley walked in. She didn't even knock. She'd never done that before. He wondered if she was going to scream at him for what had happened in the hot tub. If she did, he was just going to take it and not say anything. He sure as hell deserved it.

    "We need to talk, big brother." Ashley's voice was quivering.

    "Okay." Here it comes, he thought.

    "About the hot tub." Matt could see her lip trembling. She was really upset.

    "God, sis, I'm sorry. I don't know what got into me. I know it was wrong and you're upset at me, but I promise I'll never do anything like that again." He hoped the apology would be enough. Ashley's response stunned him.

    "You idiot! I don't want you to apologize, I want you to finish what you started." Now she was really pissed. How stupid was her brother, anyway?

    "What? Are you nuts? We can't do anything like that, you're my sister. What's wrong with you?"

    The anger that flared through Ashley burned white hot, beyond anything she'd ever felt. She could feel her face twisting with rage. She wanted to hurt Matt the way he'd hurt her.

    "You'd rather put in that little slut Rachel, huh? Up her butt? And all the other girls you do from school. But I'm not good enough for you, I guess. Well I want it, and I'm going to get it, or Mom and Dad are going to find out what happened in the hot tub."

    Matt felt like he'd been hit with a club. He couldn't believe this was his little sister. And he knew it was all his fault. And the worst part was, he wanted her. He remembered the way her tongue had tasted, the way her skin had felt on his fingertips. The way the lips of her pussy had felt wrapped around the head of his cock. He licked his lips as he watched his sister walk toward him, his cock starting to pulse in his pants.

    Ashley stopped in front of Matt's chair, pulled him up out of it, and threw her arms around his neck. As soon as he felt her press against him he was gone. He slipped his arms around her, bent down to her as she stretched up. Their lips met, parted, their tongues picked up where they'd left off in the hot tub. The kids started clawing at each other's clothes, fumbling, awkward, but somehow they managed to get each other stripped without wasting too much time. They stopped, looked at each other's bodies, each seeing all of the other for the first time.

    Ashley felt her pussy twitch as she looked at her brother's dick. She hadn't really seen it before, just felt it. It was long and hard. He wanted this as much as she did, regardless of what he said. She was wet and ready, and not in any mood to wait.

    "Are you gonna fuck me or not?"

    Hearing his little sister use that word ran Matt right over the edge. He'd been staring at her tight little body, trying to hold himself back from what he wanted to do, but now it was too late. He stepped over to Ashley, picked her up, and basically just threw her onto the bed on her back. She spread her legs, licked her lips, and he climbed onto the bed with her, what was left of his self-control keeping him from literally jumping on top of her. He looked down at her as he slid the tip of his cock up and down her slit, then popped the head between her lips, the way he had in the hot tub.

    Ashley stared into Matt's eyes. This time it was really going to happen. There was nothing that could stop it. Her voice came out as a hoarse whisper when she told him what to do.

    "Put it in me. Fuck me." Matt's hips jerked forward, a stabbing pain shot through her pelvis and she whimpered. But she didn't care about the pain as she felt her pussy being forced open. Matt's dick was in her, she had what she'd wanted since the day in the hot tub. God, it felt so big, it was in her so deep. His hips banged against her pelvis, then he pulled back, shoved it in again, started pumping it into her. Ashley's head lolled back on the bed and she pulled him closer to her.

    "Fuck me fuck me fuck me." She couldn't stop whispering it as she felt her brother's dick sliding in and out of her hot, wet pussy, felt her muscles gripping him, trying to pull him even deeper inside her. Her hips were moving against his mirroring his thrusts. He was pumping faster and harder now and that just excited her more. Then he slammed into her as far as he would go.

    "Shit, I'm gonna cum!" The words were barely out of Matt's mouth before Ashley felt the first shot of his semen pour into her. She purred as she felt his cum filling her pussy, the warmth making her feel good. But she was disappointed, too, felt like there should be more somehow.

    "God, sis, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cum inside you." Matt was wracked by guilt again, now that it was over and he realized what he'd done. Fucking his own sister, worse, cumming in her, taking a chance on getting her pregnant. And then he realized that it wasn't over. His cock was still hard, even after he came. That had never happened to him before. He felt Ashley wriggling against him, starting to push her hips up at him again, her pussy sucking in his still-hard cock. The guilt disappeared, overwhelmed by lust, and he started pumping into her again, fucking his sister again, knowing that he was going to cum inside her again.

    Ashley moaned when Matt started ramming his dick into her again, her mind and body about to go wild. It felt so good when he shot his cum into her, and knowing it could get her pregnant just made the whole thing better, more dangerous and exciting. Good as it had felt, though, she was sure there should be more, that something else should happen to her. Maybe this time it would.

    Matt started even slower this time, shoving his dick deep into then pulling out, slow, til just the tip was still between her lips, then plunging back in. There was no pain now, that had gone away fast. Ashley let her mind take in the way Matt's dick seemed to move everything around in her belly when it shoved into her, the way the muscles in her pussy gripped it, squeezing, when it slid back. As Matt started to speed up his thrusts Ashley moaned, started whispering, "Fuck me fuck me" again. He was really pumping into her fast now, pounding her, and she felt herself almost getting high on the feeling of his dick moving inside her. She could feel it scraping over her clit with each stroke now, and the muscles in her pussy were starting to pulse.

    "Oh fuck! Yes Yes YES!" Her pussy spasmed and the feelings radiated out through her belly, her tits. Her back arched up off the bed. Her eyes closed, lights flashing across her eyelids. She felt her brother bury himself in her, felt his cum spurt out into her again. Her body vibrated, dancing to some inaudible music, for what seemed like an hour, but must have been only a few seconds. Then it stiffened for a second before relaxing back on the bed. Ashley spent a few seconds getting her breath back, then looked up at Matt.

    "Now wasn't I better than that bitch Rachel?" Matt nodded, feeling a little numb. She was better, a lot better. And he was afraid that now he wasn't going to be able to get along without her. Meanwhile, Ashley was thinking. About whether Matt would put his dick in her butt, like he did with Rachel, and how it would feel
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    Default The Cum Drinkers

    Copyright © 1997, Rich Humus, ALL Rights Reserved

    This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without
    the written permission of the author. This story may be freely
    distributed with this notice attached. The author may be contacted

    The Cum Drinkers
    by Rich Humus

    Kate and Linda were sitting at Kate's small dinette table one
    summer morning, discussing the neighborhood gossip and local news.
    Their husbands were out playing golf, and as was their wont, Kate and
    Linda got together to chat, shop and generally goof off. Each was
    wearing short shorts and a light blouse, as the summer weather was
    quite warm.

    "I tell ya, honey, that husband of mine is a real dud in bed
    sometimes. I dress sexy for him and talk sexy, and all he wants to do
    is shove it in me, jerk a few times, come, and roll over and fall
    asleep. I really do miss the wild times I used to have when I was
    younger, you know?" said Linda as she slowly sipped at the cup of
    coffee in her hands.

    "Exactly. I mean, I love Roger dearly, and wouldn't really want
    to spend my life with any other man, but jeeezus, I do get HORNY once
    in a while." Kate responded. "What's the sexiest thing you've ever
    done, Lin?" she asked almost shyly.

    Linda looked at her for a few minutes, gauging the depths of the
    other woman's sensitivities. She swallowed the sip of warm coffee in
    her mouth and leaned forwards surreptitiously.

    "When I was in college I got drunk accidentally on purpose at a
    fraternity party. After it got real late, I ended up being the only
    girl there. The guys all started talking about their sexual conquests,
    and they all claimed to be the worlds' greatest lovers, you know?" She
    stopped for a second to take another sip of coffee. "I said that any
    woman worth her salt could outlast ten guys, and they all laughed. I
    challenged them. I got up real slowly, and stripped as sexily as I
    could, without falling on my face! A couple of the guys hauled some
    mattresses out to the living room, and I lay down right in the center
    of them. I started stroking my cunt and licking my lips really sexy,
    and before you know it, there were 20 or 30 naked guys dancing around.
    I laid back, crooked my finger at the nearest one, and motioned him

    "What'll it be, smarty?" I asked. He said he wanted to fuck me
    but good, so he got down there, jerked his cock until it was hard, and
    shoved it in. Let me tell you, these guys were just drunk enough so
    that they couldn't last very long. This first one must have stroked
    about 10 times before he shot off straight up my pussy. The next guy
    wanted a blow job, so I sat up, stuffed his teeny cock in my mouth,
    and a few seconds later had a sperm chaser after all the beer I'd

    Linda stopped for a moment to look at her friend. Kate's cheeks
    had tinged a slight red and her eyes sparkled a bit, and Linda thought
    she could see Kate's nipples beginning to harden and poke out from the
    light blouse she wore.

    "Oh God, that's hot! So what else?" queried Kate with a
    breathless smile.

    "So, for about the next 2 hours, I fucked and sucked every guy in
    that frat house until there wasn't a drop of sperm left in any of
    them, and it was all up my pussy or down my throat, or mostly, all
    over my tits and face and in my hair. At one time, I counted six guys
    jerking off all over my head while I fucked this black football
    player's ass off, and wouldn't you know they all came all over my hair
    and face. I had to stop and get a towel to wipe the shit off my face.
    I was drenched in it, I swear!" whispered the young wife.

    "I never saw so much cum in all my life, before or since. They
    absolutely ruined the mattresses, and when I finally got up, I leaked
    a trail of sperm all over the house looking for a shower to rinse off
    in. But they all were pooped out, and I could have gone on for another
    couple of hours by then. It was great. But, I had to transfer to
    another college, because the word got out, and everybody thought I was
    some kind of tramp or something, so I left and went to the State
    University instead. That's where I met Hank, and we've been together
    ever since. I haven't even seen another cock except his since then."

    "Even on TV or a magazine or anything?" asked an incredulous

    "Oh, hell, they don't count! I'm talking about in the flesh! Hey,
    what about you, Katie, what's the wildest slutty thing YOU'VE ever
    done?" questioned the leering Linda, leaning forward and licking her
    lips devilishly.

    "Well, I NEVER balled thirty guys in one night, if that's what
    you mean!" she responded. "In fact, I've never made it with more than
    one guy at a time, even. Ummm, I guess the nastiest thing I ever did
    was ask Roger to cum in my mouth one time while I was sucking him

    "ONE time! Are you telling me that you don't sip the sperm
    cocktail, young lady?" asked Linda in a mock stentorian tone.


    "You don't swallow cum? You don't let that gorgeous Roger shoot
    off in your mouth?" Linda asked again.

    "Well, it's not that I don't like him to, or that he hasn't , a
    couple of times. But he usually just wants to use my pussy instead, so
    we don't do a lot of oral sex or anything kinky. He doesn't even like
    to lick me down there either."

    "Oh shit honey, we've got to get you fucked and sucked up right
    one of these days!" exclaimed the amazed Linda. "But anyway, tell me
    all about the one time you let little Rog there blast off over your
    teeth. I wanna hear all about it!"

    "Well, it's not as sexy a story as yours. Roger and I were making
    love, and I was getting a little sore down there, you know, from all
    the pounding, and I finally had to tell him to stop if he didn't have
    an orgasm quickly. He pulled out, and crawled up over me. His dick was
    all wet and red and bouncing up and down right in front of my face. He
    grabbed the base of it and waved it right in my face. I was fascinated
    with it, I tell you. He told me to suck him off then, if I couldn't
    bear to have him in my pussy. I started to say that it was just that
    he was getting a bit rough, and before I could, he poked me in the
    mouth with his cock. There must have been something about it, I don't
    know, but the moment that cock hit my lips, I just kinda quivered all
    over and wanted to suck the guts out of him so badly, I didn't know
    what I was doing. I normally didn't go for that deep throat stuff, but
    I grabbed Roger's ass and pulled him right into my mouth, as deep as I
    could. I think it scared the shit out of him!"

    "I can imagine!" answered Linda breathlessly. She had felt her
    own pussy get a little wet as they talked, and now dropped one hand to
    her lap furtively.

    "So anyway, I pushed and pulled him in and out, actually fucking
    myself with his cock in my mouth. Then, I don't know what came over
    me, no pun intended, I pulled his dick out of my mouth with one hand
    and looked up at him. He was looking down at me like I was some kind
    of angel or something, this totally incredible look on his face. I
    knew, deep down in my soul, then, that I could have this amazing power
    over him, or any man, for that matter. I knew what he wanted. We'd
    watched enough porno movies for me to see that he always liked it when
    a guy spermed on a girl's face or in her mouth. So I looked him
    straight in the eye, and in the nastiest voice I could, I said 'I want
    you to come right in my mouth, lover. I want to taste your sperm.' I
    poured it on in the sluttiest way I could think of - you know, telling
    him I wanted him to shoot his stuff all over my face and in my mouth
    and all that really gross stuff we used to giggle about in high
    school. So I'm jerking him a little bit, and then he just kind of
    grunted once and BAMMO! - right on the kisser, he lets fly with that
    cock of his. I was so shocked I opened my mouth in reflex and BAMMO!
    again, another spurt, this time right in my mouth. I'm going crazy
    now, loving the feel of the stuff, and I jerk him some more, and he
    shoots his stuff all over my face and in my mouth. It was in my hair,
    and all down over my neck and tits and just all over the place!"

    Kate finished breathlessly. Linda just looked at her and said
    "Wow.", arching her eyebrows knowingly. "So now you like eating cum,

    "Well, I suppose so. But I don't very often, 'cause in the last
    few months, Roger's gotten so busy with his job and all, that I'm
    lucky if we even make love once or twice a month, much less have time
    for all kinds of other fun stuff. But yeah, it was kinda neat, I
    really liked the feel of his sperm spraying on me, and for some
    reason, I LOVED the taste of it - you know, kinda bitter and salty,
    but interesting?"

    "Katie darling, you don't have to tell me. I've swallowed enough
    sperm to float a battleship. It's still my favorite drink!" she
    giggled. "It's amazing how icky and gross we would have thought this
    was a few years ago, but God, now that I've done it, I just gotta say
    I love it! Hey! I've got an idea!"

    "What now?" Kate knew her friend had some deliciously wicked
    thought that she was about to hear. "I know this is gonna involve sex
    and fucking, so you might as well spit it out!"

    "Kate, I NEVER spit it out!" Linda laughed. "No, what I thought
    was this. We go around and see in how many different ways we can drink
    sperm. You know, there's gotta be other ways than straight from the
    tap, so to speak!"

    "LINDA! What do you mean? Are you actually proposing that we suck
    other guys off and swallow their cum? Are you crazy!"

    "No, no, listen, it's perfect. We turn the tables on the guys -
    you know, wham bam thank ya ma'am? Well, we'll make it wham bam thank
    ya mister! They don't have to know our names or anything, we'll just
    rustle up, drain 'em dry, and hustle off. They'll go crazy wondering
    who we are, but they'll never see us again! It's perfect!"

    Kate stopped to think about it. It was the craziest idea she'd
    ever heard, even from the usually whacked out Linda.

    "You mean just go up to some guy we like the looks of, tell him
    we want him to cum in our mouths and that's it?"

    "No, silly. That'd be too easy. No, we get them to give us our
    favorite drink in strange and exciting ways! Oh hell, let's
    see....like having a waiter in a fancy restaurant jerk off in your
    coffee. Or the grocery delivery boy pop off real fast in your car in
    the parking lot. Stuff like that!"

    "Hmmmm. Yes, that could been really hot!" agreed Kate. "And we
    could keep track of each of the ways that we get them to do it! Yeah,
    that's great!" she clapped her hands excitedly. "When do we start?"

    "Right now, if you're game!"

    Forty-five minutes later found the ladies strolling the local
    mall. They had changed into short skirts and very light sweaters.
    Linda had decided that they would alternate with the ideas for getting
    the cum from the men they eyed, and she would go first. She thought
    it would be exciting to try to seduce a shoe salesman into giving her
    a sip of his sperm. The girls walked into the first store they found
    with few customers and a likely looking guy. He as a tall, dark-haired
    man they both found attractive. Linda sat down in one of the fitting
    chairs, crossed her long legs, and inched her skirt up even more. The
    salesman hurried over.

    "Yes, miss, what can I do for you today?"

    "Well, I thought it might be time for a new pair of high heels,
    what do you think" Linda teased, stretching her leg out and twisting
    and turning it, showing off her long slim leg to great advantage.

    "Um, well, I suppose so. What heel height did you have in mind,
    and what size are you?"

    "I'm a size seven. And I just love a four or five inch heel,
    don't you? Don't you think it makes my ass stand out real nice?" And
    so saying, Linda quickly stood and turned around, thrusting her firm
    ass right in the salesman's face. He stammered and gulped, rising
    quickly. Linda checked. 'Yep, a boner. This one's gonna be easy...'
    she thought to herself.

    "Just let me go check the back, see what we have." he said,
    blushing. He turned and walked through a door into the rear stock
    area. Turning quickly to make sure Kate had an eye on things, she
    followed him back there, and shut the door behind her.

    "Hey, lady, you can't -" his protest was cut short by Linda
    lifting up her skirt.

    "Like what you see, pretty boy? Well, this pussy belongs to my
    husband, and he's the only man who'll have it anytime soon, if I have
    anything to say about it. But I like your looks. Take out your cock."

    The man simply stared at her. He didn't know what to do, and not
    wishing to waste any time, Linda walked over to him, threw one arm
    around his neck and kissed him full and hard on the lips.

    "Ok, then I will." she said. She bent to her knees, and rubbed
    the rapidly growing bulge at the front of his pants. "Hey, feels like
    you've got a nice one here. Let's let it out to breath a bit."

    She slid the zipper down and fished around inside his underwear,
    finally extracting a bona fide boner. It wasn't especially large or
    fat, but seemed adequate. 'Besides', Linda thought, 'it isn't going
    anywhere where size means anything!' She bent to lick at the head.
    The salesman groaned.

    "Oh god lady, I don't know what you came here for, but that feels
    good, just keep on sucking...."

    Linda stopped and looked up at him. "Honey, I want your most
    expensive pair of Italian leather high heels, right now and right
    here. Before I go any further." As if to accentuate her point, Linda
    straightened up and smoothed her dress back down. The salesman hurried
    down the aisle, finally finding the shoes Linda demanded.

    "And while you're there, an nice pair of suede boots, too!" He
    grabbed a large box from the shelves. As he walked back, Linda swept
    her sweater up over her head, freeing her nicely formed breasts. The
    man's eyes bugged out and his cock twitched.

    "Are these shoes waterproof?" Linda demanded.

    "Ah, yes, yes, they are, as a matter of fact.." mumbled the
    salesman, peering quizzically at one of the tags.

    "Good. Now I'm gonna suck you, and you're gonna love it. But, and
    this is a big but, no coming in my mouth. If I taste even the tiniest
    drop of your spunk before I tell you to cum, then out you go and
    you'll be shooting all over your pants. Got that?"

    "Yeah, sure, I guess so." Who wants to look a gift blow-job in
    the mouth, right?

    Linda sat on one of the small stools, and motioned him over. He
    walked up to her, and she leaned forward and fed his still-hard cock
    into her mouth. Linda prided herself on her cocksucking talents, and
    it wasn't long before she had the man groaning and moaning in
    pleasure. She stroked his shaft as she mouthed the tip of his cock,
    wetting him down with her saliva. All the time she sucked at him, she
    keep looking at him, looking for that fateful sign of the impending

    While one hand stroked and massaged his balls, the other felt for
    one of the leather shoes. Linda kept on sucking the man's cock,
    dragging it into her mouth, rolling her talented tongue around the
    head, squeezing the shaft with her lips.

    Finally the man started to shudder. "Oh jeesuz I'm gonna cum in a
    sec" the man grunted. Linda looked up at him. She whipped his cock out
    of her mouth just as she felt the vein begin to pulse, just as he
    closed his eyes in ecstasy. Pumping his prick with one hand, with the
    other she brought the shoe up. Aiming his cock right into the inside
    of the shoe, she jerked the man to an orgasm. SPURT! SPURT! SPURT!
    right into the soft leather lining of the shoe, spit his cock's load.
    Linda milked him off, every drop of the large load collecting in the
    heel of the shoe as she tilted it back. Finally he was empty.

    Linda looked at him. "Bet you never saw a girl do this before."
    she said calmly and quietly. Then staring him right in the face, she
    tilted the back of the shoe up to her mouth, and let the entire puddle
    of semen flow directly across her lips into her mouth. As the shoe
    emptied, Linda lifted it above her face, letting the last few drops
    drip out and land with a small plop on her cheeks and chin.

    "Ummmm, my favorite. Cum ala Giorgio." She dropped the shoe back
    into the box. "I'll take them. Don't bother wrapping them." He was
    too astounded to say anything, but nodded his head. Linda picked up
    the shoes, the suede boots, and tossing the sweater back over her
    head, walked back out into the front of the store as if nothing had
    happened. As she walked past one elderly matron looking at
    rubber-soled shoes, Linda couldn't help herself. She slid one finger
    along her cheekbone, sliding the small drops of sperm there together
    until they made a noticeable shiny trail on her face. The older woman
    looked at her and gaped in horror.

    Linda grabbed Kate's arm and they rushed out of the store,
    dissolving in a fit of giggles and laughter like school girls.

    "Well, what'd you do, tell me, tell me!" gushed Kate. Linda sat
    her down at a bench a few yards down the aisle, and opened the shoe

    "Look." she pointed in at the large wet stain occupying the back
    of the inside of one shoe. "I sucked him, and jerked him off into it.
    Then I drank his cum right out of the shoe! You should have seen his
    face! The poor guy doesn't know what hit him even yet! And I got the
    shoes, and this pair of boots for my troubles!"

    Kate looked at her. "You know, I think I could get to like this

    "Honey, you ain't seen nothin yet!" answered the flushed Linda.

    Part 2 - Someone's in the Kitchen with Katie!

    Kate and Linda were convulsed with giggles as they waltzed down
    the mall aisle from the shoe store.

    "I never saw a guy look so astonished as when I tilted that shoe
    up and let the cum drip down into my mouth! I thought he was gonna
    have a heart attack!" wheezed Linda, almost out of breath from the
    laughter and excitement.

    "Yeah, well now it's my turn" spoke Kate, "and I want to do it up
    right, too. Let's go get something to eat."

    "..and drink!" finished Linda.

    The girls made their way to a nice upscale Italian restaurant
    that was hidden away at one corner of the sprawling mall. After
    waiting a few moments, the young blond headwaiter led them to a
    comfortable booth near the side of the restaurant, where they could
    see out into the mall and watch the shoppers walk by. They glanced at
    the menus for a moment, and Kate motioned for the waiter.

    "Yes, ladies, what'll it be today?" he said nonchalantly,
    innocently looking down the top of Kate's loose blouse at her
    unrestrained breasts. She noticed him immediately, and pulled the menu
    close to her chest coquettishly.

    "I'll have the clams with white sauce, a salad with oil and
    vinegar dressing, and a cup of coffe."

    "And I'll have the same, to make it easy on you." said Linda, a
    moment later. "And please bring the coffee right away."

    He walked away, and Kate leaned over to Linda. "Did you see the
    way he tried to look down my blouse!"

    "Of course, honey, isn't that what you want?" laughed her friend.
    "What do you have planned for your 'drink'?" she quizzed.

    "I think I might ask for some special cream in my coffee, like
    you suggested! That ought to blow his mind!" Kate whispered.

    Presently the waiter returned with the coffee, placing the cups
    on the table in front of each lady. "Creme or sugar" he asked, not
    aware of the ladies upcoming request.

    "None for me, I like it black, but my friend has a special
    need..." said Linda, barely able to conceal the excitement in her

    "Oh, yes, well what can I get for you?" he turned to Kate.

    "Well, my doctor said I'm not getting enough protien in my diet.
    So he has me on a special liquid diet six times a day." Her voice
    dropped on each word, until she was barely whispering. The waiter
    leaned closer. "I would like some warm cream in my coffee."

    "Well, sure, I'd be glad to go heat up some Half-and-Half" the
    waiter answered, and began to turn away.

    "No, you don't understand." said Kate, grabbing his arm as he
    stopped to look at her. "The cream has to be at exactly body
    temperature, 98.6 degrees, and very very fresh!" She paused for
    effect. "I want you to ejaculate in my coffee."

    The waiter turned a beet red. Linda thought sure she saw a
    perceptible bulge begin in his pants. "Are you kidding!" he whispered,
    "what are you trying to do, get me fired?"

    "No, but we will get you off, wouldn't you like that? When's the
    last time you came?" Kate looked at Linda. "I want to make sure I get
    my money's worth!"

    "Uh, three nights ago, with my girlfriend."

    "OK, then, my friend, whip it out right here and let's see the
    old boy go to work"

    "You want me to jerk off right here in the restaurant! In front
    of everybody! You're nuts! No way, you crazy -"

    Kate cut him off. "Ok, I can see that might be a bit difficult.
    Tell you what. You stand there in front of the table so that no one
    can see, and my friend will rub your cock through your pants.
    Meanwhile, I'm gonna play with my nipples through my blouse until
    they're hot and hard. Once you get hard, Linda will pull your cock out
    real quick, suck on it a few times, and then you take over, ok?"

    "Jeeze, lady, this is the wierdest thing..." But he nodded his
    acceptance. Linda began brushing her long slim fingers up and down the
    growing bulge in his white trousers, while she whispered to him.

    "Yes, that's it, make it hard for us. Kate and I are some
    cum-drinking sluts, we love to sip cum and let it slide right down our
    throats to our stomachs." She knew the nasty talk would help to get
    him off. "I love it when a guy comes all over my mouth and face, then
    I slurp it up with my fingers and eat it all down. Wouldn't you like
    to cum on my face some day, handsome?"

    Now Kate joined in. "Yea, baby, that's right, get that cock hard
    so I can drink your cum in my coffee, that's what I want. Would you
    believe that yesterday I had 10 men come in my mouth before lunch? I
    stopped at the new construction site over on Maple and walked right
    into the trailer there. I told the foreman I wanted 10 of his best men
    to come in and jerk off for me and spray their cum right into my mouth
    so I could drink it all up." She whispered the erotic words, looking
    right into his eyes the whole time. Only she and Linda knew the story
    was false, but it did give Linda an idea.

    He rapidly produced a healthy erection. "Oh, man, this isn't
    gonna take long at all. Why don't you take it out and suck it a bit
    right now?" he whispered, looking around to make sure that no one was
    watching. Linda looked at Kate.

    "Should I?"

    "Ah, what the hell - why not? Just don't let him shoot off in
    your mouth, you greedy bitch!" Kate laughed. Linda slid the zipper of
    his slacks down and reached in, quickly extracting the well-formed

    "Hey, this is't bad." she said, dipping her tongue to slide it
    over the gleaming head of his cock. She pursed her lips and slid them
    down over the tip, sliding slowly down the length of his shaft and
    jerking the exposed portion with her left hand. Again and again she
    slid down, feeding the warm flesh into her mouth and lips, wetting it
    with her saliva. Linda knew how to prolong a blow job for dozens of
    minutes if she wanted to, but this time she was going for speed, not
    delay. Kate continued to knead her breasts and pinch the nipples,
    making the rigid tips stand out and poke through the flimsy blouse.

    "Now remember, the minute you think you're gonna orgasm, get it
    out of there and aim it at my coffee - I want every drop right in the
    cup!" said Kate. The waiter nodded at her.

    "It's not gonna be...long....now...ohgod yes, yes, here it is!"
    he groaned, hurriedly pulling his pulsating rod from the slightly
    disappointed Linda's mouth.

    "Quick, quick, shoot in the cup, in the cup!" said Kate. The
    waiter pulled on his cock a few times, and Kate watched fascinated as
    the tiny hole at the end winked open and a long thin stream of sperm
    shot out, splashing perfectly right in the coffee cup in front of her.
    She thought it was one of the most sexy things she'd ever seen. Again
    he pulled on the shaft, and another large bolt, even larger than the
    first, flew out to land in the cup. Kate could hear Linda gasping as
    the third jet followed the first two, now noticably pooling in the
    coffee. A fourth and fifth stream shot out, one missing the cup
    slightly to drip down the side and into the saucer. The young waiter
    grunted with the effort of unloading his balls for the kinky woman's
    request while maintaining a respectable image from the rear.

    "ohgodI'mcumming," he grunted through clenched teeth "right into
    your coffee."

    "Yes, yes, do it again, do it again!" urged Kate, and he complied
    with her request, urging one last spritz of his semen to make the long
    trip out of his balls, up the shaft of his cock, out the head, and
    across the several inches of open air into her waiting reservoir.
    Finally, though, he finished, gasping for breath. Kate and Linda
    looked at him.

    "That will be all." said Linda formally, dismissing him with a
    wave of her hand. He hurriedly stuffed his shrinking penis back into
    his pants and turned away, anxious to tell the cook and bartender this
    story. Linda looked over at Kate.

    "WOW! You did all right there, kiddo! Look at the load he dropped
    in your lap!" Kate glanced down at the coffee. The milky white semen
    floated serenly on top of the dark brown liquid, easily amounting to
    three or four teaspoons worth. A thin strand hooked over the rim of
    the cup and down the side, bubbling at the end. "And he got almost all
    of it right in there!" she agreed, her eyes sparkling with mischief.
    She trailed her fingertip up the side of the cup, collecting the
    single line of white liquid. She looked at Linda as she brought the
    white-coated finger to her lips, and sucked it dry. "Ummmm, good
    stuff! Very nice, just the right tang and texture - not too bitter,
    not too salty, very nice indeed."

    She brought the cup to her lips and tilted it, sipping just the
    very tiniest amount from the top of the liquid. It was mostly pure
    semen. It was warm as the coffee itself, and Kate purposely let some
    slip back down over her lower lip and drip down her chin, knowing it
    would excite Linda no end. "Ummm, absolute heaven..." she sighed, eyes
    closed, swallowing the warm, salty essence. "I'm really starting to
    like this stuff, you know." She opened her eyes again to gaze into the
    cup. "Too bad there's not more."

    Linda looked at her. "I dare you to walk back to the kitchen and
    ask for another helping!"

    Kate grinned. "I just might do that!" She got up with her cup of
    coffee, hips swaying sexily, striding towards the swinging doors that
    led back to the kitchen area. Luckily no one stopped her. How would
    she explain that she wanted the cook and any other lucky males back
    there to masturbate and ejaculate semen into her coffee cup? As she
    entered the hot steamy kitchen, she remembered the single line of
    semen bisecting her lower lip and chin. 'What the hell, it'll help 'em
    get the idea' she thought.

    As she pushed through the white doors, she was heartened to see
    four adult males working in the kitchen - 1 older black man, 2 white
    men, and one young black man who seemed about 18 or 19 at the most.
    The old black man looked up to see her.

    "Hey, missy, you ain't allowed in here, this's the kitchen."

    Kate didn't say a word, just kept walking up to him. All four men
    stopped their activities to watch her. She walked right up to the man
    who spoke. He was about 50 or 60 years old, coal-dark skin with snowy
    white hair up top, and towered a good 5 feet, three inches tall. He
    peered up at her curiously. Kate brought her face down to almost his
    eye level. She knew what she wanted him to notice - the line of semen
    on her chin.

    The old man peered at her face for a second, seeming to not
    recognize what he felt sure he saw. Slowly a grin crept over his
    crinkled face.

    "Shit, lady, you got cum on your mouth! Whatthefuck.."

    At his words, the other three men quickly gathered around the

    "Goddam, look at that - she does, she's got some jizzum right on
    her chin. "

    "Motherfuck I know what she wants now, man, a good fucking from

    "Shit, horseface, you go watch the door, don't let none o'them
    fucking waitresses in here to fuck this up!" said one of the men
    excitedly, punching the previous speaker jokingly on the arm.

    The old black man spoke. "Just what is it you want, lady? We
    don't need to funny stuff back here now..."

    Kate answered him coolly. "Don't worry, Pops. First off, no
    fucking. No way am I gonna get down on this floor and let you guys
    fuck with my snatch. But -", and she looked around cautiously, "I'll
    give you guys the experience of a lifetime, if you cooperate. But ya
    gotta play by my rules, or the games off, hear me?"

    The guys looked at each other. They all nodded or agreed to go
    along with her as-yet unvoiced plan.

    "Ok. All I want is your cum. Whatever you got stored up in those
    nice balls of yours, I want. I'll show you my titties if you want, or
    talk dirty, or whatever. But I don't remove any other clothes, and I
    don't fuck. Got that?" They all agreed. She continued. "I'll suck you
    if I have to, but I'd rather you jerked off. I want you to cum in my
    cup here. Not on my tits, not on my face, not in the goddam soup, but
    here in my coffee. Ok?" Again, stunned but eager agreement. "Now
    heres what I want - you all gather around me up close like this..."

    Kate gathered the men in a tight circle around her. She dropped
    to a squatting position, careful not to drop her knees to the grimy
    floor. She pulled her blouse up over her head and asked one of the men
    to put it someplace where it wouldn't get dirty. The men gazed in
    admiration at her creamy white breasts and hard nipples. Kate ordered
    them to unzip and take out their cocks, and start playing with them.
    She watched shyly as four pricks soon felt the warm kitchen air. She
    was a bit suprised to see the cock on the young black man was rather
    small, not at all what she expected. It hardened under his fist to no
    more than four or five inches fully extended. One white cock seemed
    nicely shaped, and came with a large set of (hopefully, Kate thought)
    cum-filled balls. The other white cock was a bit larger, perhaps seven
    to eight inches in length and two inches thick. Very nice, thought
    Kate. But when she glanced to her right fully, and saw the cock on the
    old black man, she had to fight back a gasp. The old man had a cock
    easily ten inches long, and it wasn't even hard yet. Kate couldn't
    resist reaching out and grasping it firmly in one slim white hand. She
    shucked the skin back and forth on the shaft, pulling more and more
    blood into it, feeling it harden in her fingers to a steel-like shaft.

    "WOW! This is some dogbone you got here, man, where'you been all
    my life!" she joked. "I hope this thing works as good as it looks!"

    "Don't you worry, lady, I still got plenty of jizzum for you. Why
    don't you just lick the tip a bit and see." Kate looked up at him,
    and then nodded, letter her face fall to the level of this super-cock.
    It was almost fully hardened now, and seemed as long and thick as her
    arm. She extended just the tip of her dainty pink tongue and laved the
    shiny plum-colored head of the man's penis. As she did, she pulled up
    on the skin, and was gratified to feel a small lump of pre-cum come
    floating up the vein and pop out of the slit at the end. She gathered
    it up, and fed it back into her mouth. "Hmmm. Kinda nutty, but nice!"
    she smiled up at the old guy. She wanted to save this one for last!

    Swerving to her left, she saw a zebra of cock, white, black then
    white. They were all being fully fisted by their owners. Kate leaned
    forwards and kissed each one in turn, tasting the differing tang and
    textures of the precum on each tip. She sat back on her heels, taking
    in the situation. Squatting on a grimy floor in the kitchen of a
    restaurant right in the middle of the busiest mall in the city, her
    chest fully exposed, and four erect cocks being masturbated directly
    at her face. This was beyond her wildest fantasies! The youngest one
    was rapidly pumping away at his cock, breathing hard and grunting.

    "Man I'm gonna cum right now, this is hot, lady get that cup over
    here!" Kate hurredly moved the cup to hold it about three inches in
    front of his pulsating cock. He pointed it down and quickly blasted
    five strong streams of young black cum right into the center of the
    cup, splashing the liquid around crazily. As he finshed pulling the
    last dregs of his load out and dripping them into the cup, Kate leaned
    forward on impulse and popped the tip of his shaft in her mouth,
    feeling the last jet pulse across her tongue. She noisily slurped the
    cock shaft into her mouth then pulled back, letting it fall from
    between her lips with a wet smack.

    "That's for being such a good shot, and not sperming all over a
    helpless lady's pretty face, my boy." she grinned up at him. He
    blushed and stuffed his cock back into his trousers, obviously not
    exactly at ease in this situation. As Kate shifted her weight, one of
    the other men began to grunt and groan. Just as she turned her head to
    check the status, his cock jumped and a gout of semen flew out. Kate
    ducked her head quickly to the side, almost hearing the white bullet
    whiz past her hair. She yelled "NO! DOWN,DOWN!" and quickly, but
    without spilling any, moved the cup to the front of his pants. He
    pushed his shaft downward and away from him. Another jet leapt out,
    this time impacting solidly on Kate's left tit, splashing into tiny
    drops and drooling down the curve of her bosom. 'FUCK!' she thought,
    'he's blowing all over me!' Kate reached out and grabbed the cock
    from its' owner, pulling on it and pointing the head directly into her
    coffee cup. She milked three good shots of semen out of him, it joined
    the two loads already swimming about in the caffeine. The man wheezed
    and grunted with pleasure, falling away.

    "Ohfuck lady you'd better get over here.." she heard the third
    man groan, and turned to see a blur with a cock in the middle. The man
    masturbated so fast that Kate thought he would injure himself, but he
    kept the shaft of his penis in one spot, the head seemed not to even
    move about. Kate moved the cup so that the lip of it rested right
    under the tip of the man's cock. She looked up at him.

    "That's right, honey, blow that jizz right in there, I like your
    cum, I want your cum, I want to taste it and mix it with the others,
    just keep on jerking...maybe tomorrow I'll come by again and you can
    spray your nasty cum all over my face and lips, would you like that,
    big boy, wouldn't you like to cum on a married woman's face and let
    her go home to her husband and kiss him, knowing that your cum was
    still drying on her face, wouldn't you like that.." she rapidly
    encouraged the man. Her words had the desired effect. Suddenly the tip
    of his cock turned dark red and a long, thick stream of warm semen
    spilled out, disappearing into the cup in her hands. Again, a jet of
    cum flew out, then another and another. Kate counted an astonished
    seven jets of cum before the man exhausted himself into her drink.

    She turned to the old black man. "Ok, now it's your turn, my

    A few minutes later a smug Kate stole out of the kitchen, bearing
    her prize before her carefully. She made her way back to the table
    where Linda was finishing up her salad. She looked up as her
    girlfriend returned.

    "And just where have you been, you naughty girl?" Linda laughed.
    She looked at Kate. Kates cheeks were flushed and red, and her eyes
    seemed sparkly. Her lips were tightly compressed, and Kate didn't say
    a word. She set the cup down in front of Linda. Linda looked in, and
    saw what appeared to be coffee-flavored semen, rather than the other
    way around.

    "All right, you did it! How many did you get?" Kate leaned over
    and picked up a napkin and rapidly penciled some words on it, then
    twisted it for Linda to read.

    "3 + 1 in here - look up"

    Linda read the words and looked up at Kate's face. Kate slowly
    opened her lips as she sat down. Linda saw the line of white almost
    immediately. As Kate's lips opened further, Linda was astonished to
    see the entire lower part of her mouth was flooded with semen. It
    covered her teeth and tongue almost completely. Linda even saw streaks
    of it on the roof of Kate's mouth and farther back in her throat. Kate
    opened her mouth as wide as she could so that Linda could peer into it
    like a dentist. Kate swished her tongue around in the sperm, spreading
    it around like a milky paste. Satisfied that Linda had seen enough,
    she closed her mouth and swallowed roughly. Two times. Then she licked
    her lips with her tongue, pulling in any stray droplets. Finally she
    cleared her throat enough to speak.

    "Five loads in less than 15 minutes. Not bad for a beginner, eh?"

    The Cum Drinkers Part Three

    Kate and Linda left the mall, and decided to drive downtown and
    see 'what kind of trouble they might be able to get into', as Linda
    laughingly called it. Kate was still buzzed about her momentous affair
    at the restaurant, and idly rubbed her crotch through the short skirt
    she had on.

    "God, I'd love to be able to finger myself right now.." she
    murmured as Linda merged her car onto the expressway into town.

    "Well, hell, go ahead, darling, I won't tell!" grinned Linda. Kate
    looked at her with a gleam in her eyes. She pulled up on the hem of
    the skirt until her white pantied crotch came into view, then hunched
    down on the seat. She lifted her hips off the seat and pulled the
    crotch of her panties away until Linda could see the pink lips of her
    pussy peek out. Kate kept her bush trimmed away quite a bit, and Linda
    loved the sight of the glistening feminine lips. Kate moistened her
    index finger in her mouth and slowly wormed it up into her canal,
    closing her eyes and moaning softly as she did. She tweaked her
    clitoris as she slowly moved her finger in and out of her now-moist

    "oh god this feels sooooo good" she breathed heavily. She
    continued massaging her mons and twisting first one, then two, then
    three fingers up into her depths. Suddenly she cried out softly,
    arched her hips up off the seat, and whimpered 'cumming cumming
    cumming....' through clenched lips and closed eyes. Linda smiled as
    her friend slumped back down onto the seat and sighed heavily.

    Kate was awakened from her reverie by a honk from just outside her
    window. She abruptly sat up and looked out, straight into the face of
    the driver of a van who had pulled up to their right and, from all
    appearances, had watched the entire performance. He grinned at Kate,
    gave her the 'thumbs up' signal, and slowly passed their car. Kate
    just smiled at him and nodded.

    The women soon found themselves in the business district of town,
    an area decorated with fashionable high-rise office buildings and chic
    shops, with the usual scattered crowd of weekend tourists and natives
    about. Linda parked her car in an underground lot near a large plaza,
    and the two women walked up into the bright sunshine of the late

    "So, whatdaya want to do?" inquired Kate, grinning impishly.

    "I don't know, let's just wander around and see what comes up!"
    returned Linda, smiling back at her friend. Both women were dressed to
    kill. Kate had on a short white skirt with a wide belt and a knit
    halter top, which showed the upper slopes of her breasts in alluring
    detail. Her long legs were skin- bare, but she had on daring high
    heels of black leather. Linda was more coyishly dressed, in skin-tight
    blue jeans and a sweater. Neither women wore a bra. They attracted
    many glances and outright stares from men as they wandered aimlessly
    around the plaza, stopping to dip their fingers in the fountain and
    pat their flushed cheeks with wet hands. They sat for a moment on the
    lip of a large fountained pool.

    "Watch this." Linda whispered to Kate. They say three good looking
    men walking their way, dressed in jogging shorts. "I'm gonna give
    these guys the treat of the day.." Kate watched spellbound as Linda
    pulled down the cleavage of her sweater with one long fingernail. She
    glanced back at the men. All three seemed to see it at the same time.
    Linda's finger pulled the sweater material down, down, down, until it
    would stretch no more. Then she pulled the side of the cloth away,
    completely exposing one full breast. She licked one finger and rubbed
    it over her stiff nipple. Linda looked up at the men as they tried to
    walk inconspicuously closer. She caught one's eye. Winked. Kate looked
    at them and blushed furiously.

    "Hi, guys. Sure is warm here in the sun, isn't it?" Linda asked
    boldly. The men walked closer. This was something they'd never
    expected when they left wives and girlfriends to jog around downtown.
    Here were two incredibly beautiful women, obviously not hookers, and
    one was fully exposing her breast to them. One man looked around

    "Jeeze, lady, what're you tryin' to do, get arrested or something?
    What if a cop sees you?"

    "I don't see any around, besides, by the time he got here, I'd
    just cover up again and say he must have been mistaken. You'd back me
    up, wouldn't you?" Linda responded, dropping into her 'little girl
    lost' voice towards the end.

    "Um, gee, sure, sure, yeah..."

    "Ok, so let's get right down to business. How would you guys like
    a little entertainment for a while?"

    "What do you mean? We're not interested in pay-"

    "Who said anything about money? We're just a couple of horny gals,
    and we'd like to kill an hour or two getting our chimes rung. How
    about it?" Kate looked at Linda incredulously. Here she was, in the
    middle of downtown, in the middle of the day, propositioning three men
    for sex!! "My friend here is all tensed up, aren't you honey" she
    finished, looking at Kate. Kate just looked back at the three men
    blankly, then nodded her head slowly. This was SO strange! But a
    delicious thrill ran through her. This was adventurous sex, dangerous
    sex, sex with a stranger. She'd never dreamed of it.

    Linda stood up and motioned for the men to follow her. Kate
    dropped in behind them.

    "I'm Jack, this is Bob, and the tall one's Roger" spoke up one
    man. Kate was about to blurt out their names when Linda turned and cut
    her off.

    "I'm Gina, and this is Eva" she said conspiratorially, arching one
    eyebrow at a bewildered Kate. Linda led them into a luckily unsecured
    office building. She herded them into an elevator, and punched the
    highest button. "I hope you guys aren't afraid of heights!" she joked.
    The car clacked and jerked to a stop on the 45th floor. The five
    stepped out cautiously into the hall, looking about. It was deserted.
    Linda led them to a steel door that opened up to the brilliantly sunny
    roof area. They looked around at the various vents, blowers and
    mechanical equipment positioned randomly on the roof.

    "C'mon, guys, over here," Linda motioned, bringing them to one
    edge of the roof. They looked down over the parapet and gazed for a
    moment at the street scene below them. "I've always wanted to fuck up
    on top of a building!" said Linda, smiling. "Line up, guys, and drop
    'em." she commanded. Kate was amazed at the way Linda took charge. The
    three men looked at them, then shrugged their shoulders and peeled
    down their running shorts. Three large and growing jock-straps stared
    the girls in the face.

    "Hmmmm. Nice cups, guys. Jack, you first" Linda pointed at one
    man. He peeled the athletic supporter down. His almost fully erect
    cock sprang up, bouncing and gleaming in the sunlight. In turn, Bob
    and Roger shed their remaining clothes, standing there in sneakers and
    pubic hair.

    "Ok, here's the story. We want your sperm. That's all. But not in
    the usual way. We'll only touch you with our hair. We'll wrap it
    around your cocks and you can jerk off with it, but that's it. And
    when you come, you have to catch it all in the palm of your hand.
    After that, who knows?" Linda ordered. Kate knew what was after

    Jack said "What, no fucking or sucking? That seems like a waste,
    you know?"

    "Hey, don't look a gift horse in the mouth. If you don't agree,
    there's the door." Linda returned. The men slowly nodded in agreement.
    Linda and Kate walked over to them and knelt in the small semi-circle
    formed by the young men. The guys started pulling their cocks, and the
    women leaned forward, allowing them access to their hair. It was
    strange at first, the men thought, feeling the soft, silky locks
    around their cocks, but it rapidly grew erotic and sexy. Linda had Bob
    and Rogers cocks tunneling through her longer hair, while Kate enjoyed
    the feel of Jack's penis as it rubbed sexily through her scalp. The
    women leaned back, and Kate pulled her sweater up over her head,
    baring her chest completely. Linda was quick to follow. The men gazed
    longingly at the full breasts of each woman, watching in fascination
    as the four nipples hardened and turned rigid. Kate reached over to
    tweak Linda's left breast, and Linda turned to her and did the same to
    Kate's right tit.

    "Like this, guys?" Kate spoke for the first time.

    "Oh yeah, that's it, rub her nipple, make the cunt hot!" grunted

    Kate moaned as Linda's fingers kneaded and teased her aroused
    flesh. Above them, the men were rapidly rising towards orgasm,
    stroking their cocks and gazing at the beautiful women at their feet.

    "Don't forget guys, come in your hands. Save it all." Linda
    reminded them.

    "Oh, man, this is farfucking out" said Bob, through clenched
    teeth. "I'm gonna shoot off any second now." He backed away from
    Linda's head slightly, and started making long strokes down the shaft
    of his cock. Linda broke her own rule, reaching up to massage and
    fondle his scrotum. She tickled his balls, urging the warm semen being
    readied for it's journey up the shaft and out the tip of Bob's
    reddening cock. Then he quickly brought his left hand around and
    pointed the tip of his cock at it.

    "Watch this, I'm gonna cuuuuummmmm!" he groaned. Linda felt his
    balls tighten up in their sack and watched fascinated as a thick
    streamer of semen flew from the head of his cock and splattered wetly
    in his cupped left hand. Again she felt his balls churn, and she
    squeezed them, coaxing every bit of available sperm out of them. Bob
    groaned again, and another jet of cum headed for his hand.

    "fuckfuckfuck I'm
    cummmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggg" he groaned
    through clenched teeth, as the pleasurable shivers ran through this
    body and were evidenced by the rapidly pulsing cock in his right hand.
    He pulsed three more squirts of sperm into his hand before his body
    untensed and he shrank back, emptied.

    "Not bad, not bad at all. Let's see what you've got." said Linda.
    She gently put her fingers around his wrist and pulled his hand
    towards her. "Hmmm. About an ounce and a half, I'd say. What about
    you, Kate?" she questioned, turning the palm towards her friend.

    "Yep, that looks about right. Nice and thick, too, not so watery
    and runny as some I've seen," thinking back to the scene at the
    kitchen only a few hours before.

    "Ok, good. Now hold it, man, and don't let it drool away." Bob
    cupped his hands together, puzzled at the requests, but wondering
    where this bizarre woman was headed.

    Just then Kate felt, rather than heard, the soft squish of Jack's
    penis as it shuddered and released a jet of sperm across her scalp.

    "Ohman here is comes!" he yelled, quickly stepping back and
    directing his penis towards his other hand. Kate pulled away, brushing
    the small line of cum from her forehead. She watched, encouraging, as
    Jack emptied himself similarly to Bob.

    "Yeah, go ahead man, cream it all for me, let it go, I wanna see
    it, I wanna see it" she murmured to him, looking up at his strained
    face as he forced the ejaculate up and out. His palm filled.

    By the time he finished spurting, Roger had joined the spillage
    going on, spraying one wicked stream over Linda's shoulder before he
    could position correctly and direct the outpourings of his arousal
    where it was directed. The two men panted and groaned at the release,
    sweat pouring off their trim bodies. Kate felt a small trickle of
    sperm slid down over her eyebrow and drop to her cheek. Finally, the
    three men stood, palms cupped with their offerings, rapidly shrinking
    cocks dwindling.

    "Now what the fuck are you gonna do?" inquired Roger. "Make us
    stand here with cum all over our hands?"

    "No, silly. We're gonna drink it all down like little birdies!"
    rejoined Linda. The men looked at her, mystified. As if to respond,
    she lay down slowly on the tossed clothes, and motioned for Kate to
    join her. Kate did so, until their heads were right next to each
    others, legs pointing in opposite directions. "Now, come over here,
    move your hands to just over our faces, and open up!" Roger moved over
    to her and knelt down next to her head. Bob came to the top of her
    head, and Jack went next to Kate. The two women opened their mouths
    and wiggled their tongues nastily.

    "Ok, guys, let 'er rip!"

    The men slowly opened their cupped palms. A stream of sperm
    dropped out, like a warm white shower, dripping quickly into Linda's
    open mouth. Kate was also inundated with the semen, feeling it drip
    slowly into her face. On and on the shower continued, line after line,
    huge dollop after huge dollop of sperm adhering to the law of gravity
    and dropping from the mens' hands into the faces and open, awaiting
    mouths, of the bare chested women below them. As they finished, the
    men moved their hands down, allowing the women to lick and cleanse
    their palms. Kate squished the sperm around in her mouth. She had
    gotten just about all of Jack's, a good bit of Bob's and even a drop
    of two of Roger's ejaculation. Linda had captured most of Roger's, the
    rest of Bob's and a few drops of Jacks. Share and share alike, she
    thought. She too swirled the captured cum around her cheeks and over
    her teeth, enjoying the sensuous feel of the slightly sticky, salty
    sauce. Finally she swallowed, feeling the mass slide down her throat.
    Looking over, she noticed Kate had just done the same. The two women
    kissed, spearing their spermy tongues into each other's mouths,
    rubbing lips and tits as they shared the men's sperm. Kate reached
    down and rubbed her overheated crotch, feeling the orgasm begin and
    rapidly explode all through her body, shuddering with it's force.
    Linda squealed and quivered the same as her own fingers brought the
    climax to her.

    The women lay next to each other for a few moments, feeling the
    men stroke their bodies and glow in the pleasure. Finally, Linda sat
    up, and said "I bet you never had that happen before, did you?" The
    men shook their heads in disbelief.

    Later, while driving home, Kate and Linda discussed their newfound
    fascination with semen.

    "I don't know what it is about me, I've just gotten to really
    enjoy the taste and texture of cum. It's different than almost
    anything else I've ever tasted!" said Linda, calmly.

    Kate agreed. "I know what you mean, it's strange. Some women, and
    men, for that matter, might think this is really gross or something,
    but I suppose when you think about it, it's not really all that bad. I
    mean, hell, what is sperm anyway? Ninety-eight percent water. A few
    million little sperm cells wiggling around, to small to see without a
    microscope. And some other fluid and sugars and stuff. Big deal. But
    to think that we're doing something that is really different, well
    that turns me on like crazy!"

    "Yeah, just the feeling of that slippery, kinda sticky juice on my
    body is sexy. And I love to watch a man come, it's very intense, they
    way they screw up their faces and groan and moan. I wonder if it feels
    anything like when we girls have an orgasm."

    "I don't know. I kinda think that a man's orgasm is centered
    around his cock, where mine feel like their going all over my body. I
    suppose it's all in your head anyway, but it's gotta be good for them
    too, right? Or else they wouldn't be so horny all the time!" Kate

    "You got it, babe," Linda joked along with her. "Hey, tonight
    let's see if we can get our golfed out husbands to donate a little
    squirt or too for us, and compare notes tomorrow, eh?"

    Kate agreed. . . .

    The next day, Linda's husband came over to watch a baseball game
    at Kate's house, so Kate excused herself and went to see Linda. She
    had a wonderful time the night before, and wanted to hear all about
    Linda's evening too. When she got to Linda's house, the two women
    grabbed a bottle of wine, two glasses, and sat out on the covered
    porch behind the house.

    "Well, honey, how'd you do last night? You have a certain glow
    about you, I take it you got lucky?" asked Linda breathlessly.

    "Well, if you count about 30 orgasms as lucky, I guess you could
    say that!"

    "Jeesus! What'd you do, invite over the Hell's Angels or
    something?" quizzed Linda.

    "Oh, no, not this time. I got Rog all hot and bothered by walking
    around in a short nighty, and managed to get him upstairs. We took a
    nice hot bath together, and then we went to bed. I told him I'd really
    like for him to eat me for a while, and promised to return the favor.
    Well, he got into it right away. He kissed me real hard and deep, and
    then he just kinda moved down my body, kissing my boobies and sticking
    his tongue in my belly-button on the way down. Then he moved around
    and pushed my knees apart, and just leaned right down in my pussy. He
    breathed on it really warm for a few seconds, then put his tongue on
    my clit and started to suck it in. He twiddled it with the tip of his
    tongue, and then slid one finger up in me. It felt GREAT! Then he
    began sliding his tongue up and down the lips of my pussy, kissing and
    sucking at them like he hadn't eaten in days. He was gently pushing
    his finger in and out of my hole, rubbing the inside really great.
    Then he must have found my G-spot 'cause all of a sudden I started
    cumming over and over again. He knew he had me, and kept licking and
    sucking and pulling on my clit and squeezing my G-spot. I must have
    cum for three solid minutes, I finally had to push him away because I
    got so sensitive I couldn't stand it anymore. He sat up with that
    shit-eating grin of his on his face, then lay down next to me and held
    me for the longest time, I just lay there and gasped like a race horse
    after the Kentucky Derby."

    "WOW! That sound's really good. Then what, did you do him?" Linda
    asked excitedly.

    "Well, yeah. I wanted to pay him back for the great time he'd
    given me, so after I got my breath back, I rolled him over on his
    back. His cock was just semi-hard, so I put my hand around it and
    started to slowly stroke it back and forth, kissing him and telling
    him how great he was. He ate it up. He started pumping his hips back
    and forth, moving his cock through my hand. Then I put my head on his
    stomach and stuck my tongue out, letting the tip of his cock touch it
    each time he came though. Gradually I let more and more of it go into
    my mouth and moved my hand away. After a few minutes, he was stroking
    all the way into my mouth and to the back of my throat. I made sure I
    had plenty of spit and kept him nice and wet and slippery. Every now
    and then I'd bite down real gently on him, and let him pull back
    through my teeth. He had his hands on the back of my head, sometimes
    moving my head back and forth on his cock, sometimes just holding me
    and fucking in and out of my mouth with his beautiful cock. I could
    taste some pre-cum leaking out of him, and didn't want to have him
    shoot off too fast, so after a few minutes, I stopped. I told him I
    wanted him to watch what I was doing, so we switched positions a bit.
    I sat up, and rested against the headboard and a couple of pillows,
    and I made him come up and straddle my chest. I pushed my boobs
    together and he slid his cock back and forth between them for a bit.
    That was fun, I really like the feeling of his cock between my
    breasts. Then I pulled him up and let him put his penis right into my
    mouth. He was looking down at me, and I was looking up at him, and it
    was adorable. He looked just like a little baby, with his eyes closed
    and a dreamy sort of look on his face."

    "Then I told him I wanted him to cum right in my mouth and down my
    throat. He was getting really near, so I pulled him out of my mouth. I
    opened up as wide as I could, and just pulled his cock back and forth.
    I felt him begin to tremble, then he said 'watch out, honey, here I
    cum' and then he did. Boy, did he cum! The first shot went straight
    into my mouth, luckily I didn't choke on it or anything. Then he went
    off again, and this one went into my mouth too, but a little bit of it
    hit my upper lip. Roger must have been storing it up for a week,
    because I had to close my mouth and swallow, and just as I did, he
    shot off again. Well, my mouth was closed, so it hit me right between
    the lips and dribbled down over my chin. That felt so neat I closed my
    eyes and he shot again, this time it hit my cheek and jaw. I can
    remember the feeling even now, it was so crazy and kinky and sexy
    feeling these little spurts of hot liquid hit my face. All in all he
    must have shot seven or eight streams of cum onto my face, and as he
    slowed down I put his cock back in my mouth and sucked the last bits
    out and swallowed them. It was SOOOO GREAT!! I'm laying there all
    sweaty and gasping, with Roger's cum all over my face, and he's
    holding on to the headboard above me and shaking and shuddering like
    someone possessed. I kept his cock in my mouth for a couple of
    minutes, just kinda nursing on it like a baby on a tit. I could feel
    the cum cooling and drying on my face, and I started to rub it in. But
    he grabbed my hand and told me to wait, he just wanted to look at me
    like that. So I stopped, and we just stared into each other's eyes for
    a minute or so. Then the goddam phone rang! I nearly jumped out of my
    skin. You know how it is after you have a hot and heavy session like
    that, you get all relaxed and calmed down and you're half asleep. So I
    jumped, and managed to answer the phone. It was my mother, of all
    things! I couldn't just tell her to call back, so she has me on the
    phone talking about her neighbors and all this other gossip and stuff,
    and I'm lying there talking back to her with my husband's semen all
    over my face! It was wild! Roger started massaging it into my face
    while I'm talking, and that nearly set me off again. I started
    giggling and groaning, and Mom asked me what the heck was the matter.
    Well, I couldn't exactly tell her that Roger was wiping all his cum
    off my face, now could I? I finally got her off the phone, and Roger
    and I rubbed his cum into my face and boobs and all, then we fell
    asleep. I woke up this morning with it all caked and dry on me, but it
    felt good anyway. So that's my story. What about you?"

    The CUM Drinkers Part 4

    Kate and Linda spent a quiet few weeks reliving their recent
    adventures. Nothing too exciting happened to either of them, since, in
    real life, sexual escapades tend to run in cycles. You have a great
    couple of weeks, then a few barren ones. Then things start to perk up
    again. Kate was looking forward to the upcoming Halloween holiday,
    she loved dressing up in sexy exotic costumes and wandering the
    neighborhood, watching the children run shrieking from house to house.
    She wondered if any of the neighbors realized that the woman dressed
    in the micro-skirt, tall stilletto heels and heavy makeup was their
    neighbor Kate. She even talked Linda into going out with her that
    evening. Kate's husband was out of town on a business trip for several
    days, and Linda's mate went across town to play poker with some
    buddies. Once again, the ladies who loved cum were on their own.

    "Lin, I just know you'll love this - it's so much fun to walk
    around the neighborhood all dressed up and seeing people's reactions
    to us. They'll never know its us!"

    "I hope you're right, hon, if this gets around Roger'll kill me!"
    her friend responded, only slightly humorously. The ladies spent the
    afternoon before Halloween night getting their hair and fingernails
    done, both of them luxuriating in the splendor of the salon they went
    to. Their every need was catered to as they sipped champagne and
    strawberries. Linda, on a dare, even had the young beauty parlor girl
    trim her pubic hair back, until just a small patch wove it's way on
    top of her mound, and her pussy lips were completely bared. Linda
    allowed herself a mini-orgasm as the cute young girl carefully trimmed
    and shaved her sexual regions. The girl was not as embarrassed as
    Linda might have thought - as she finished, she leaned forward and
    gave Linda's crotch a loving swipe with her tongue, pausing to diddle
    her clit just long enough to let Linda know that she was turned on
    herself. Linda picked up her head between her hands and kissed her

    The ladies anxiously awaited nightfall. In their part of the
    country, the sun set quickly, and the night, though seasonally cool,
    was not at all unpleasant. Kate was wearing a very short, tight skirt
    that rode far up her thighs, a tiny cotton halter top, and high red
    heels with stockings. The tops of the stockings just barely hid
    beneath the hem of the skirt, and if Kate bent down or sat, a nice
    expanse of creamy thigh was exposed, under the sensous red garter
    strap. She loved dressing like that. Linda wore short shorts that
    seemed painted on her trim buns, and spent several minutes trimming
    the crotch up until her panties almost peeked through the seams. A
    lacy, almost see-through blouse and a black lace bra completed the
    outfit. Linda purposely wore the dark bra under the white blouse, so
    that interested viewers could see exactly what she was so proud of.
    Her legs were bare, but she also wore heels, though not so high as

    Finally, they were ready. Leaving Kate's house excitedly, they
    walked several blocks down one broad avenue, then zigged and zagged
    their way until they were far enough from their homes to be safe from
    really familiar prying eyes. Then they just tagged along with the kids
    going from door to door, taking care to stay far enough away so that
    the random parent out with his or her children wouldn't become
    suspicious. They loved to see the kids dressed up in their costumes -
    there were darling little princesses, fierce pirates, kung-fu
    warriors, Ninja turtles, and of course , a surfeit of Batmans and Dick
    Tracys. As the night passed, the number of young kids on the street
    seemed to dwindle, and Kate noticed that the age of those out now
    seemed to have increased to the mid-teens. She saw one young girl who
    couldn't have been more than 15 dressed like the most exotic
    streetwalker she had ever seen, complete with spandex pants, stilletto
    heels and garish makeup. "How could her mother send her out like
    that!?" she wondered to herself. "Oh, well, I guess they're growing up
    earlier than ever...."

    The women didn't notice that a small group of boys had seemed to
    pick them up, and was following them wherever they turned. They didn't
    seem to be deliberately tailing them, though, so they weren't too
    worried. Every few minutes, Kate or Linda would turn and sneak a
    quick look back at the pack of kids, each time seeing the number
    increase by three or four bodies. At one point, there seemed to be
    close to twenty or twenty-five kids following them, nearly all boys or
    young men.

    "Kate, I don't know about this, I think we'd better head back. I
    don't like the looks of that gang back their behind us. Whaddaya say
    we head for home, eh?" The words were hardly out of her mouth when,
    with a suddeness that took their breath away and almost made Kate
    stumble in her shoes, three older teenagers appeared on the sidewalk
    just ahead of them. They were rough looking, boys about 17 or 18, with
    jeans and wild looking tee-shirts on. The three boys spread across the
    sidewalk, effectively blocking their paths.

    "Well, what have we here" sneered one, "looks like a coupla
    hookers out for a quick trick or treat!" His buddies laughed and
    chortled at his wit. "How's business, girls, getting any tonight?"

    "Hey, we're just out to have some fun, and we're NOT hookers!"
    spoke Kate sharply, but she was ignored. The three walked slowly
    towards them, and Linda turned to see the entire gang that was
    following them close up. Within seconds, they were surrounded by
    almost thirty laughing, leering teenagers, mostly boys, but Kate
    notices some rough-looking girls along with them.

    "Hey, babe, nice tits" a voice rang out, causing cheers and

    "What say we head back to our party house and take care of you"
    spoke another voice from the shadows. This was greeted with clapping
    and choruses of "Oh, yeah, that's the right thing" and "Let's give the
    bitches a Halloween to remember" and other lewd comments. Kate
    reddened and clutched at LInda's arm for support.

    "What are we gonna do!" she whispered to her friend, "These guys
    look tough. And there's nobody else around! What're we gonna do?"

    Before Linda could respond, her question was answered. Four of the
    biggest, strongest looking guys came up, and each pair grabbed the two
    housewives and pinned their arms to their sides.

    "I think we should have a good ol' fashioned gang bang!" said one.
    He seemed to be the leader, if judging only by his swagger and size.
    "We're gonna take you ladies over to our secret little hiding place,
    and have some fun, eh guys?" Cheers rang out. Quickly, hands covered
    their mouths, and Kate and Linda both felt handkerchiefs or bandanas
    wrapped around their eyes, quickly blocking out their vision. The
    strong arms still held their arms pinioned to their sides, and Kate
    suddenly felt hands roaming over her tits and pawing at her legs.
    "Jezzus this bitch's got nice tits!" rang out one young voice, and
    Kate felt herself blush furiously. The nerve of these kids, grabbing
    her and Linda! The wives felt themselves being led down one block and
    up another, down another and across a third, then cutting across what
    felt like several lawns and yards. They had no idea where they might
    have been. They could have been dozens of blocks from their own homes,
    or they could have been one street away. Finally, they felt the hands
    push/pull them up a short flight of stairs and across a porch, then
    through a swinging screen door into a musty, smoky smelling room. The
    house smelled of beer and smoke and other odors that Kate and LInda
    could only guess about.

    Finally, they were pushed roughly into what seemed to be a large
    living or dining room. Mattresses, dirty, filthy, grungy, smelly
    mattresses covered one entire corner of the room. Their eye coverings
    were whipped off, and the wives blinked slowly in the dim light. As
    they adjusted, they saw what appeared to be a house that had been 50
    or 60 percent completed, then never finished. Floors and walls were
    in, and most doors, but they could see that the trim and finishing was
    not done. The kids gathered in around them, loudly bustling and
    jostling the women around. The leader stepped up to them.

    "OK. You don't need to know my name, you can just call me Long
    John. You'll find out why in a few minutes. Me and my friends here are
    gonna have some fun with you both, and as long as you don't fight it,
    we'll try not to hurt you....too much." The last phrase was added
    with a leering grin. He reached out and tweaked the nipple of Linda's
    right breast, and she shrank back in protest. She couldn't speak
    through the rough hand clapped over her mouth, but her eyes burned
    fire at the obnoxious teen. "You may as well not yell or scream or try
    to get out. We've locked all the doors and windows from inside, and
    we're blocks away from anybody else. It's nice and private here -
    that's why we like it. Now my buddies are gonna take their hands off
    of your mouths, so let's not scream or anything, OK? Or it might be
    worse for you...". He motioned to the boys holding the women's mouths
    covered, and they let their hands off, slowly. Kate drew in a full

    "Listen you little punk, if you think that Linda and I are just
    gonna stand by while you do God knows what, well you can just go fuck
    yourself, you know -"

    "NO! We can just FUCK YOURSELF you snotty little bitch! And by the
    time this evening's over, you're gonna be begging for more, you slut
    cunt!" the leader screamed back at her. "So shutup and follow orders,
    and you might just survive." He stomped over to one corner of the
    room, ordering several sitting teens off the cushions and mattresses.
    "Ok, everybody back. Just circle around them. Move back, fuckheads,
    that's it, back.." The group slowly enlarged the circle around the
    two women, who found themselves the center of attention once again.
    "Ok. Strip." He said it with such a lack of feeling that at first
    Kate and Linda didn't even understand him.

    "I said STRIP! Get those fuckin' clothes off or we'll do it for
    you." Kate and Linda looked at each other, and didn't move a muscle.
    Seconds passed. Neither woman moved. "Ok, Ok, if that's what you want.
    Joe, Tony, you guys, get these sluts naked and NOW!" Four or five
    boys leapt at the women, tearing their clothes off like madmen. Kate's
    skirt was ripped right off her body, and the halter top was pulled
    roughly up over her head. The crowd whistled and cheered when they saw
    her in the garter belt and stockings. Linda fared no better, being
    held struggling while one lad unzipped and pulled her shorts down her
    legs and pulled them off her ankles. She too soon lost her chest
    coverings, and within seconds both women were virtually naked. Kate
    had only her garters and stockings, her panties having been claimed by
    an unknown male. Linda likewise lost her bra and panties. She kicked
    her shoes at the boy who called himself Long John.

    "Here, have these too you shithead!"

    "Now, now, mustn't loose our temper, little girly. Ok, I think for
    the opening act, it's time for a little sucky sucky. Just to keep
    things safe, I think we'd better restrain you cunts a bit." He
    directed Joe and Tony to tie their wrists together behind their backs,
    not too tightly, but tightly enough so that neither woman could move
    her arms forward. Long John nodded at them when they were suitably
    trussed, then glanced at Joe and Tony.

    "On their knees. You ladies are gonna kiss every dick in this
    room, and any of the pussies that want it, too." Male hands pushed
    Kate and Linda to their knees on the rough hardwood floor. As their
    knees touched wood, the sound of every zipper in the room being
    lowered was like a quick buzz saw through Kate's bones. A line of boys
    soon formed to Kate's left. Each teen had his cock out. Long John
    stepped back in front of the women.

    "OK, guys, take your turns now, don't be piggish, leave some for
    the guy behind you. Don't cum unless you absolutely have too. There's
    a long night ahead of us." The first male moved up to Kate and with
    no warning whatsoever, grabbed her head and shoved his hard cock into
    her face. Kate tried to turn away, but the strong hands holding her
    kept her face in line with the cock shaft. Relentlessly it pressed at
    her lips, but she refused to open them. She could smell the manly odor
    of the young boy's cock wafting into her nostrils, and despite her
    fear and despising of the way they were being treated, she found
    herself beginning to respond. The boy reached down and began massaging
    her nipple, gently but firmly. Kate was a bit suprised. She looked up
    at him. 'He is kinda cute...' she thought. Her mouth opened of its'
    own accord. The cock head tipped past her lips and slid over her
    tongue. It hardened almost immediately and the boy groaned. He pumped
    in and out no more than 10 times, then abruptly pulled away with a

    "Oh god I gotta stop or I'll fuck her right here." He pulled back
    from a gasping Kate, letting his overheated cock cool down. He stepped
    to Kate's right, and offered the cock to Linda. She looked at Kate,
    then turned to face the boy.

    "Ok, you fuckers. If this is what you want, then this is what
    you'll get. But let me tell you one thing, I'm gonnna fuck the living
    shit out of each and every one of you assholes here, then I'm gonna
    walk out of this place and fuck you all forever." Her manner didn't
    faze the cock staring her in the face. He shoved. She opened. Kate
    turned to face another cock.

    After seven penises had introduced themselves to Kate's lips and
    teeth, she faced a furry female bush. She had no choice but to lean
    forward and tongue the slit being held open for her. The girl groaned
    in pleasure as Kate's tongue found her clit.

    "Oh fuck, she knows where to go, she knows..." groaned the girl.

    'Of course I do, I'm a woman like you' Kate thought to herself.

    After swabbing up and down the slit, which tasted suspiciously
    salty to Kate several times, the girl moved across to Linda. Kate took
    this time to turn to her friend and question with her eyes. Linda
    looked back fiercely, not beaten or humbled.

    Linda bent to the pussy in her face. As the girl held it open, she
    saw the pearly drop of cum start to slide out. "Shit, girl, you've got
    cum in your pussy!" she started to say. She looked up at the young
    blonde, who simply winked back at her. Linda bent to the task. Kate
    thought to herself that the pussy had tasted a bit familiar.

    "Yeah, Bobby and I had a quick fuck a few minutes before we found
    you, and now you get sloppy seconds. HA HA HA." the young girl
    laughed. "Now clean me out, douche-bag!" Linda touched her tongue to
    the girl's slit and lapped up the semen that had now started to flow
    from the girl in force. The more she lapped up, the more dripped and
    dribbled out of the girl. 'This guy musta cum buckets!' Linda
    imagined. The sperm tasted tangy and tart to her. It dribbled from her
    tongue and lips, streaking her chin as it flowed. The girl leaned
    forward, grasping Linda's head with her hands and pulled her into her
    crotch, bumping her hips forward, grinding her sex into the other
    woman's face.

    "Oh God yes, suck my clit, bitch, get me off...unh unh" the young
    woman moaned.

    Kate meanwhile had another cock thrust at her, this one large and
    black, shining in the light. Kate pulled it into her mouth and sucked
    strongly, beginning to get more and more aroused at the scene. She
    wished her hands were free so she could reach down and play with her
    clit and pussy, or that someone else would do it for her. She licked
    and sucked at the shaft of the ebony prick in her mouth, tongueing
    around the head and feeling it glide over her lips. All too soon, it
    pulled from her mouth and the black boy moved down to Linda. Kate
    faced a thin, rather small cock. She opened up and let it invade her
    mouth as had the one before. She held steady as the body to which it
    was attached thrust forward, arching before her. Suddenly she heard
    Linda choke next to her, and turned her head slightly, just in time to
    see the black teen's cock spew a load of salty sperm onto Linda's
    sweaty face. The teen jerked his cock off.

    "Yeah, baby, lick that cum, ahhhhh, yes, shit I jus' couldn't hold
    it no more." He shot several streams of white goo against Linda's open
    mouth and lips, as she tried desperately to re-capture the organ. The
    first blast had obviously caught her off-guard and caused her to choke
    slightly, but she soon recovered. Cum flew into her hair and across
    her face in wet white lines. The boys and girls watching cheered and
    guffawed to see what they viewed as the young wife's humiliation.
    Their noise quickly died, though, as they saw her lick around her
    lips, trying to capture as much of the semen splattering her face as
    she could.

    "Holy shit, she likes it!"

    "Look at her try to get it all! Goddam, that bitch is eatin' that
    cum like she ain't had none in years..."

    "Yeah, get it baby.."

    Linda was moaning and groaning with suppressed pleasure. Kate
    figured she was reliving the scene she had described to her from her
    college days in the fraternity house where she had outlasted 30 or so
    college studs. As the black teen moved away, Kate and Linda got back
    to the tasks at hand..er, mouth.

    Some fifteen minutes and eight cocks later, Kate got her first
    sperm shower of the evening. Her smile was painted white by a tall,
    gangly teen with a veiny, bulbous cock that had barely touched her
    lips when it sprayed a load of hot semen into her mouth. Kate
    swallowed quickly, preparing for the next stream, but the fellow
    pulled his cock from her lips and, tilting her head back, jerked his
    cock roughly, directing the streams of sperm across her face and into
    her hair. His performance brought more hoots and catcalls from the
    crowd gathered around them.

    The line continued to visit the two kneeling women. Every eighth
    or ninth person was female, but the vast majority of the sexual organs
    presented to Kate and Linda were male in origin, all were in a state
    of extreme arousal, and several reached orgasm during the 'ceremony'.
    As the end of the line neared, where "Long John" himself occupied the
    last position, Kate and Linda's facial features, breasts, and hair
    were spotted with drying semen, pussy juice and sweat. Kate had been
    the recipient of four male and three female orgasms. The sperm from
    one teen had covered one eye completely, as he seemed to get a
    devilish glee in shooting directly into her closed eye-socket. Another
    had demanded that she keep her mouth open as he came in it, and he
    deposited an amazing eleven squirts of heady, aromatic teenage jizzum
    into her beautiful mouth, without spilling a drop. It took Kate
    several swallows to get it all down. After another boy had sprayed
    her features, the girl behind him massaged the semen into her face.

    "Here, let me rub that jizzum into your skin. My boyfriend really
    gets off on cumming in my face, and I think it helps keep my
    complexion clear. Certainly a lot more fun than rubbing with an OXY-10
    pad, isn't it?" The two sexy wives continued to kneel, naked, their
    hands tied behind their backs, breasts thrust out, being kneaded and
    twisted by the rough hands that came with each teen. After the girl
    finished massaging what little sperm still stuck to her face, Kate was
    forced to lick the girl to orgasm, which she did willingly. Meanwhile,
    Linda was, if anything, even more heavily plastered with sexual
    juices. No less than nine boys unloaded their first orgasms of the
    night into her face and mouth and tits. At one point, two boys at once
    decided to spray her, each jerking and pulling on their cocks until
    they erupted almost simultaneously. The streams of white sperm flew
    from their cocks, splattering loudly on Linda's cheeks and nose,
    streaming down over her chin and dripping to her breasts. Through it
    all, she kept her face proudly up.

    "C'mon, you fuckers, spray that cum on me, go ahead, I love it,
    give me your cum. I want it on my face, in mouth, in my hair. Do it to
    me, drench me in your jizz, go ahead...." she cajoled them, letting
    them know that they weren't doing it just for their own pleasure. The
    sights and sounds of the mature married woman egging them on seemed to
    excite them even further. Before seconds had passed, Linda's face was
    thoroughly drenched in balljuice, it dripped from her nose and coated
    her lips like white lipstick. She got as much into her mouth as she
    could, swallowing loudly and gulping the thick, viscous fluid into her
    belly. She seemed insatiable.

    On and on the dance continued. Finally, there was only the last
    boy in line. 24 boys and 7 women had passed by each wife, some just
    for a brief minute, others long enough to enjoy a good sucking or
    licking, others long enough to blast sexual juices onto the waiting
    ladies. By the time Long John stepped up, Kate's face was an almost
    unrecognizable mask of sperm and juice. Her hair was absolutely
    covered with webbed white streaks. Her breasts seemed to be leaking
    white mother's milk, only this milk came from cocks. Sperm dotted her
    shoulders and thighs. She had swallowed a good bit of the juice
    herself, and her lips were covered. Her one eye had dried shut from
    the load one lad deposited there. Linda was a match - her face
    streamed cum. It seemed that the boys, knowing she wanted it, made
    special efforts to drape her lovely features with as much semen as
    they could. Not nearly so much was matted in her hair or off her head.
    It was though someone had spray painted thin white lines up and down
    her face. She was literally covered in sperm from ear to ear. Her
    tongue stretched out to lick as much as she could from her face, but
    still left much more there for the gang's enjoyment.

    The boy who called himself 'Long John' finally stepped up to Kate.
    "So, you sluts like cum, eh? Well, I think we can accomdate you
    tonight. You look so fucking sexy there, naked, kneeling, with that
    fucking jizz all over your faces. But we're just getting started,
    right gang?" The other kids yelled and cheered in agreement. "Now,
    let's just see how good you REALLY are at sucking cock. I ain't found
    a bitch yet that could get me all the way down." As he finished, he
    dropped his pants to his ankles. Kate and Linda gasped in unison. They
    were looking at the longest cock they had ever seen. Even semi-hard,
    it seemed at least 10 or 12 inches long. It reached almost to his
    knees. It was thin and pale, but very very long. "Now you know why
    they call me Long John, eh?" he laughed as he pumped blood into his
    cock. Slowly it stiffened. It was so long that it couldn't defy
    gravity and point more than halfway into the air. It remained parallel
    to the floor, fully hard. "This fucker's 13 and a half goddam inches
    long, you bitches, and both of you are gonna get it in every hole you
    got before tonight's over, and maybe I'll even drill a coupl'a new
    holes in you, hawhaw" he giggled fiendishly. "Now just open up real
    wide, slutface, and I'll slip it down nice and easy.." he ordered

    Kate knew in her heart that she could never get the boy's cock
    more than six or seven inches into her throat, it just wasn't
    possible. He'd choke her to death with it! John grabbed the back of
    her head with one hand, and held his cock about halfway down the shaft
    with the other. Kate looked up at him with terrified eyes. He slipped
    the head into her mouth, over her lips. The cock being so slim, it
    really wasn't hard to accept it into her mouth. But the boy kept on
    sliding forward with it. Kate felt it slip over her tongue and begin
    to bend down her throat. She constricted involuntarily, momentarily
    closing off the passage. The boy stopped. "Aw, c'mon lady, you ain't
    even trying. Take a breath and let's keep on swallowing." Kate found
    she could even open her jaws wide enough to breath around the shaft in
    her mouth. "You got about six inches in now, that ain't bad for a
    beginner. But you're only halfway home..." Kate swallowed and the
    motion of her throat muscles pulled the head of the cock down, over
    the back of her tongue and past her tonsils. She tilted her head up
    like a baby bird, making the passage as straight as possible. Another
    inch slid by her lips, then another. John groaned at the sensation of
    feeling his sensitive glans slide down the woman's esophagus. The head
    popped into her throat, pointing almost straight down into her belly.
    Still, he pulled her head towards his groin. He removed his hand from
    the shaft of his cock as another inch slipped into Kate's throat. She
    felt a terrible pressure in her neck, as the unnatural object
    stretched her tissues and muscles. She had once swallowed a hard-
    boiled egg whole on a dare as a teen, and this felt just as bad. On
    and one the cock slid down her gullet. Her eyes watered. Her breath
    caught in her lungs. She snorted air through her nose, her nostrils
    flaring like a Kentucky Derby winner.

    "Three inches to go, man, just three more inches. I can't believe
    you got ten in there already, babe, you must be a fuckin' sword
    swallower or something." John panted. Kate felt his cock pulse with
    excitement. The knot in her neck grew noticably. "Oh fuck, hold on,
    hold on, you're gonna make me shoot, I gotta pull it out..." John slid
    his cock back up the way it had just gone, the shaft emerging from
    Kate's lips slick with spit and drool. Inch after hard-won inch
    re-emerged into the cool air. Kate gulped air herself as the cock head
    popped back out of her throat. She gagged as it triggered her reflex
    going by. The head slid back over her tongue and out. Once back into
    the air, the boy's cock shone, red and wet from the friction of her
    mouth and throat. A large dollop of pre-cum bulged from the tip, and
    he dripped it off onto Kate's lower lip.

    "There, babe, have a taste of a real man. Maybe if you're good,
    I'll give you sommore later" he guffawed. Kate could only gasp and
    choke in pain and, somehow, disappointment. She knew she should feel
    humiliated at the treatment she and Linda were getting, but a part of
    her that she didn't know existed had somehow come to the surface, and
    she wasn't sure what it meant. She LIKED being held captive by this
    gang of kids. She LIKED being forced to suck cocks and pussies for
    hours on end. She LIKED getting her face drenched with the
    ejaculations of the boys and drippings of the girls. And she LIKED the
    feeling of that long, slim shaft sliding down her gullet. She forgot
    all pretense of sophisticated womanhood, forgot her husband and their
    home and their life, all she wanted was to be a slut, a fuckbag, a
    whore, to give in to the thrills of sexual release. She existed only
    as a pussy to fuck, a cunt to take hard cocks and wring the jizzum
    from. She existed only as an asshole to shove a cock into, wiggling
    and moaning. She existed only as a mouth to suck on hard penises and
    wet cunts. She wanted sex and she wanted it now. She had turned into
    an animal. Sex had taken control of her entire body. She wanted to get

    Her voice trailed off.

    "That's what I like to hear. Next!" John said, and walked over to

    Part 5

    "OK, babe, you're next. Think you're woman enough to handle all
    of me?" he asked cruelly.

    "You just try it, stud, I'll get it all in!" she answered
    forcefully. She was not about to be cowered by these punks. She was
    determined to wrest every possible ounce of sexual energy from them
    and still want more. John moved over to her, fisting his red
    cock-shaft. A clear drop of pre-cum oozed out of the tip, and he
    touched it to Linda's pert nose. He reached into his jeans and slowly,
    almost painfully, pulled his scrotum into the air. Linda almost
    gasped. She had never seen testicles the size of these - this boy must
    be a freak of nature! she thought. Each round mass was almost the size
    of an actual egg. The thought of the amount of sperm stored up in
    those treasurehouses of seminal fluid made her pussy contract and
    begin to dampen even more than it had been. She opened her mouth as
    wide as she could, and bent her head back.

    "OK, stud, slide it in!" she said throatily. John moved close to
    her and slowly slid the tip of his long, thin cock into her mouth. It
    rested over her tongue for a second. Linda leaned herself forward, so
    she would control the amount and speed of entry. As the tip moved to
    the back of her mouth, she gulped in a lungful of air, and then angled
    her head again. This time, the boy's cockhead slipped down over the
    back of her tongue and into the top of her throat. Her tongue and lips
    continued to caress and lick the shaft in her mouth, wetting it with
    her saliva. John tensed.

    She moved her head slowly forward. The gang gathered around her.
    They could see the outline of John's cock forcing it's way down her
    throat. Inch after inch was fed in. John was getting red in the face,
    groaning with the pleasurable feeling provided him by this wanton
    woman on her knees in front of him. After a moment, fully half of his
    cock was buried in the young woman's mouth and throat. She looked up
    at him defiantly, and moved her lips closer and closer still to his
    wiry pubic area. The cock continued it's downward journey. Linda
    groaned deep in her gut. It felt like someone was shoving a baseball
    bat down her throat. John grabbed the back of her head with his hands,
    forcing inch after inch of his penis into her mouth. Linda swallowed
    convulsively. The guys around could see the bulging cock as it
    stretched the skin around her neck. Her nostrils flared as she gulped
    air in around her swollen esophagus. But there it was! Her nose
    brushed pubic hair as she fully deep-throated the boy's long thin
    cock! John whooped with joy.

    'Jeeezus Keeerist you swallowed the whole fucking thing, cunt,
    you really did!'

    He slapped high fives with several of the boys around him. It was
    a grotesque scene. Over twenty fully dressed teenagers gathered around
    two naked women, their hands tied behind their backs as they knelt on
    the rough wooden floor. One boy seemed grafted onto one woman's face,
    her nose buried in his crotch, her neck obscenely stretched by the
    length of his erect penis.

    'Ok, bitch, as a reward I'm gonna let you swallow my cum!' John
    roared as he slowly moved the last few inches of his cock back. Then
    he slammed it forward again, choking Linda. He tightened his grip
    around her head with his hands, then viciously began fucking her face,
    dropping the entire length of his cock into her neck and throat with
    each thrust. Linda prayed that it wouldn't take him long to cum. She
    tightened her lips around the shaft in her mouth as best she could,
    twirling her tongue where it would go. Seconds passed, but Linda could
    sense from the twitching member in her mouth that his orgasm wasn't
    far off. Suddenly he tensed, raised up on the balls of his feet, and
    pushed that last half-inch forward. His cockhead swelled, nearly a
    foot down Linda's neck, nearly into her stomach. A streamer of cum
    shot from the tip, coating her esophagus and dripping into her belly.
    She felt the tremors ripping through the shaft as she pulled back on
    it. Another blast of hot teenage sperm shot from the cock, its' hot
    feel like a tonic to Linda's ravaged membranes. As the head neared her
    upper neck and mouth, it pulsed again and again. Finally John yanked
    it free, jerking off in the trapped woman's mouth. Jet after jet of
    hot white jizz flew from his over-sized balls, splashing wetly in her
    mouth, spraying up over her lips and across her cheeks. The crowd
    around them cheered at John's triumph.

    Linda knelt silently, moaning inside, as the boy's cock jetted
    stream after stream of white cum against her face and into her mouth.
    She counted seven long spurts of the white stuff strike her. She
    gasped and swallowed as the liquid filled her mouth and coated her
    tongue and teeth. Finally John slowly finished his ejaculations,
    jerking his cock slower and slower as the stream of sperm slowed to a
    dribble. He let the last drops drip down to Linda's nose, attempting
    to humiliate her even further. The boys and girls of the gang had
    gathered in to witness the scene, and Linda could hear some of them
    moaning and groaning in excitement. She coughed slightly and cleared
    her throat, swallowing again to force the hot liquid into her waiting

    "Well, you fucker, I told you I could do it. Now, is there anyone
    else here man enough to last more than 30 seconds with my mouth on his
    cock? Huh? I bet not!" she growled defiantly at them. They seemed
    almost awed by her behavior. "C'mon, you shitheads, here I am. Show me
    what you've got, I'm here with cum all over my face and tits, waiting
    for you to come up and give me more. Let's see just who's the
    fuckingest bitch around here. I bet your pussy girlfriends won't do
    this for you, eh? Hey, you!" she motioned with her head at a young man
    watching with rapt attention, his hand massaging the lump in his
    jeans. "Your cunt girlfriend ever let you blow off in her face like
    that? Huh? Bet you'd like to do that right now, wouldn't you? Better
    ask your chick, though, wouldn't want her to get all jealous now,
    would we?" she taunted. She smiled inwardly as she saw the young
    black-haired girl next to him blush deeply and dig her hands into the
    boy's arm she was holding. Linda continued.

    "Hey, babe, ever had him jerk off in your face? Ever get that wet
    feeling between your lips? Ever get cum up your nose from a stiff
    cock? I bet not! I bet you would never let him see you with cum on
    your tongue, would you? Ahhh, you're all alike, just a bunch of
    strutting young jerks who don't know a thing about fucking and
    sucking. Think you know it all, though."

    Linda glanced over at Kate. She was watching all this wide-eyed,
    scarcely believing what she was hearing. Suddenly the leader spoke up

    "Ok, bitch, you want cum, you'll get cum. Alright everybody,
    lissen up! There's gonna be some fucking going on here, right now. I
    want everybody to line up. Darla, you get on that fucking mattress
    over there and spread your legs. Guys, fuck ol' Darla there, but don't
    cum in her. When you get ready to shoot, whip it out and feed our
    little lady here. She seems to really dig eatin' cum, well, we'll give
    her enough cum tonight to float a battleship." He motioned to a
    scraggly looking bleached blonde with huge tits, evidently Darla, who
    shucked her clothes off as the mattress was brought up next to the
    kneeling wives. She quickly lay down on it, caressing her hairy pussy,
    getting it ready for the fuckings to come.

    "Hey, shithead, if you're gonna do this, at least untie my hands.
    My fucking arms are gonna fall off in a minute. We ain't going
    anywhere fast!" Linda spoke, anxious to get her hands free and relieve
    the tension in her cunt as best she could. She also needed to wipe
    some of the cum from her eyes and nose. John pointed to her arms and
    nodded at one of the guys, who stepped forward and untied Linda and
    Kate. The women massaged their aching arms, thankful for the respite
    at last. Other guys stood around them, waiting to intercept if the
    wives should try to bolt out the door or anything. Linda reached up
    and smeared the masses of cum from John's cock that had spread over
    her features around, cooling the heated skin. She pulled cum from both
    eye sockets and slurped it into her mouth noisily, smacking her lips.
    Kate did the same, her face was quite wet from the half-dozen boys who
    had not been able to contain their ejaculations. Linda grinned a
    white-painted smile at Kate.

    "Having fun, ducks?"

    The boys began to line up to begin fucking the young slut. First
    up was a gangly red-haired boy, who began grabbing her tits as he
    knelt down between her thighs. Darla reached down and pulled his
    rapidly hardening cock towards her slit, moaning with anticipation.
    The boy slid forward, feeding his shaft into her wet tunnel. Darla
    reached around his hips, grasping his ass and pulling it into her. She
    cried out a little whimper.

    "Oh god yes, Jerry, fuck me hard, give it to me!" she cried. The
    boy, Jerry, started pumping his young butt in and out of her,
    thrusting deeply as he could. His ass rose and fell in the age-old
    rhythm. The crowd could hear the slurping noise his cock made in the
    young girl's dripping wet cunt already.

    "Jeeze, listen to her, she's flooding already!"

    Jerry suddenly slowed his pumping, fighting back against Darla's
    efforts to urge him on and on. He pulled his cock nearly all the way
    from her clutching pussy.

    "Oh God I'm gonna cum real soon, God that feels so fucking good
    in there." he grunted.

    "If you're gonna cum, get over here and spray it on Miss Cumface
    there, she's the one that's gonna get it tonight. Sorry, Darla, you'll
    have to wait for the next guy!" cackled John.

    Jerry pumped into Darla a few more times, then suddenly scrambled
    to his feet. He grabbed his reddened cock with his right hand and
    rushed to present it to Linda. He jerked it a few times, and suddenly,
    with a grunt, he ejaculated a stream of thick cum right into her
    waiting face. The rope of sperm splashed wetly across her lips and
    nose, dripping into her hair. Linda opened her mouth wide, giving the
    young boy a target to shoot for. Again he jerked, sending another full
    stream of semen at her. This one disappeared into her mouth, splashing
    wetly across her tongue and soothing the young woman's mouth.

    "Yeah, baby, take that cum, I'm cumming in your face, bitch, take
    it!" he groaned at the release he was enjoying. Two more spurts of cum
    exited his cock, landing wetly with a plop on Linda's cheeks and
    forehead. He shook the last drops off his now-shrinking cock and
    raveled it back into his jeans, swaggering away.

    Linda groaned and swallowed noisily, gulping down the wet semen.
    Another boy was already busy fucking the squealing Darla. For the next
    twenty minutes the same scenario played out - boys would fuck the
    young slut girl for several minutes, then hurriedly exit her clasping
    pussy and stand proudly in front of Linda, ejaculating streamer after
    wet streamer of semen onto her face and hair, and into her open mouth
    whenever possible. After several minutes, her face was a mask of white
    lines, criss-crossing themselves all up and down her face, across her
    forehead and cheeks, laying slickly and wetly in her hair, lips and
    eyes. Linda darted her tongue out as far as she could, licking at the
    cooling sperm as it collected on her features. She swallowed eagerly
    each drop of semen blasted into her mouth by the fresh young penises.

    Kate couldn't believe the look of her friend. She gazed at Linda
    in a mixture of lust, awe, and disbelief. Linda's face was totally
    covered with semen trails. There was barely a square inch of skin that
    wasn't covered by the mixed ejaculations of the boys. It tangled in
    her hair and across her shoulders. By now, cum was dripping heavily
    from her face almost as fast as it was being deposited there. Trails
    of white lines led down her slim neck and across the upper slopes of
    Linda's heaving breasts, coating her erect nipples and dripping down.
    Cum trickled down her shoulders and over the tops of her arms. She
    looked as if someone had poured a gallon of melted vanilla ice cream
    over her head.

    Suddenly Kate heard a boy grunt and groan while fucking the slut
    Darla. He pushed into her grasping hips and came loudly, to the groans
    of dismay from the audience.

    "OHshit I can't help it I'm cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmminnnnnnnggg!" he
    groaned as he emptied his lust into the girl beneath him. He pushed
    repeatedly into her loins, pulsing stream after stream of cum into her
    waiting cunt.

    "OK, man, OK, don't worry about it. I've got an idea how we can
    get our other friend here her fill of cum. You want to drink cum too,
    don't you?" John leered, looking at Kate. "Darla, you let some guys
    cum in your fucked up pussy. In fact, I want the next ten guys to
    shoot off there, I want her cunt swimming in cum in the next few
    minutes. Darla, dear, don't squeeze any of it out if you can, keep it
    all in there. You guys, prop her ass up with some pillows and keep her
    pussy hole up in the air. I don't want that shit leaking all over the

    Two boys did as he bade, hoisting Darla's sopping snatch in the
    air, containing the copious load just deposited there snugly pooled at
    her cervix. Another boy slipped his cock into her slit as they
    finished and pounded away. John walked over and grabbed Kate by the
    arm, firmly but not violently.

    "OK, babe, here's the scoop. You're gonna be the cum depository
    for all the jizz goin' up Darla's pussy. Hope you like lickin' snatch
    too, because that's what you're gonna do for a while." He moved her
    over to the couple screwing on the floor, watching and waiting for the
    young man to have his orgasm. He did so almost noiselessly, then
    pulled away. Kate could see the oozing wetness he left in Darla's
    vaginal tract. Her pubic hair was soaked with sweat and cum. John
    pushed Kate down on her back, and posititioned Darla over her in a 69
    position. Darla sat up and straddled Kate's head with her thighs. Her
    cunt was directly over Kate's face. Then she sat down. Kate was
    immediately smothered by the girl's steaming pussy.

    "ohgod yes, bitch, lick my clit you whore" Darla whispered.

    "Push the cum out, Darla" spoke John.

    Kate felt Darla clench her thighs and was rewarded with a thin
    stream of cum dripping from Darla's opening. Kate spun her tongue up
    into the slit above her lips, scooping more and more of the slimy
    ejaculate from the young girl above her. She felt Darla's fingers
    reach down to her slit and begin caressing her clit. She felt another
    hand at her own cunt, massaging and thrusting fingers gently into her
    hole. Darla emptied herself into Kate's waiting mouth. Dollops of cum
    squished out, landing heavily on Kate's face, lips and tongue. Finally
    the streams lessened. Darla leaned back down over Kate's body and Kate
    saw a cock slip into Darla from underneath. Her view was of the shaft
    of the cock sliding in and out, just inches above her nose.

    Now the girls were working in tandem. Every other guy would
    cum in Darla's cunt, while the other would pull out quickly and jerk
    off into Linda's face. After each intra-cuntal ejaculation, or
    sometimes after three or four, Darla would sit up and squeeze the cum
    from her sopping pussy into Kate's mouth and across her face. Kate
    drank it down greedily, possessed by the sensuality of it all.
    Meanwhile, Linda continued receiving her upright cum showers.

    The orgy went on for nearly 90 minutes. Every boy in the house
    had ejaculated at least two times, many three, and a few even four
    times. Kate and Linda couldn't imagine where they got all the semen.
    Linda's face was a mask of cooling sperm. Her eye-shadow had long
    since merged with the cum dripping from her eye sockets, trailing
    blue-white lines down her cheeks. Her mouth and throat were clogged
    with the ejaculates of the boys. Her hair was soaking wet, clinging to
    her scalp in wet tendrils. She estimated that she had swallowed over a
    pint of semen all told, not counting that from the first go round in
    the line up. She felt the pooling wetness in her stomach. Kate also
    was soaked by the cum dripped from Darla's well-fucked pussy. Every so
    often, Darla would squeeze her self out onto Kate's face and mouth.
    Most of the cum dripped into Kate's mouth to be eagerly swallowed, but
    a lot dripped onto her face and neck. Kate had several orgasms
    herself from the probing hands and fingers and even lips noisily
    paying their respects at her cunt. Linda was thrusting several of her
    own fingers in and out of her eager vulva herself as the guys spasmed
    in front of her. Finally, it seemed there was no more cum left to cum.
    Every guy in the house was completely drained. Drained into Kate's
    mouth. Drained onto Linda's face. Drained into Darla's pussy.
    Drained. There wasn't a fluid ounce of semen left in a testicle for
    miles around, seemingly. Linda was drenched. Kate was drenched, though
    not so thoroughly. Darla's pussy had that well-fucked look, red and
    juicy. Every cock in the house stood at half-mast.

    Darla climbed reluctantly from over Kate's body and stood up.
    Kate got to her feet and shuffled to the still-kneeling Linda.

    "Next time, we just stay home!"

    The END of the Cum-Drinker's Saga
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    Default The days After My Wedding

    “MMM look at that tight little ass.” Todd said

    “Todd you got to be kidding me she is like 12 years old.” I said, as a cute girl walked away she was wearing tight sweat shorts and a pink shirt, and long blondish brown hair.

    “Yea but she was really hot.” he said.

    “Does your wife know what a pervert you are?” I asked.

    “No, your not going to tell her are you Britney.” he said laughing.

    Todd and I work at an airport fixed base operator, the jobs really boring, its slow at times, and we just have

    to keep ourselves entertained with weird conversations. Todd is around 32 years old, he’s fairly good

    looking, and I have worked with him about a month.

    “So after work you want to go in the maintenance room and get naked?” he asked

    “In your fucking dreams Todd, first of all I live with my fiancé and we are getting married in 3 weeks, but

    even if I wasn’t you still don’t have a chance.” I said

    “Fine well you can’t stop me from going home and jerking off and think about your little pretty body.” he
    “Maybe you should keep that to yourself Todd.” I said

    Todd sat back in his chair with an evil grin on his face. We sat there in silence for a few minutes and my

    pussy was getting a little wet thinking of Todd jerking off thinking about me.

    “I bet your wife wouldn’t like knowing that your are fantasizing about other women.” I said.

    “Not just women, Britney I’ll not just be thinking of you tonight, but I know that little hot slut that just

    came through here will appear in my jerk off fantasies.” he said.

    “you are such a freak” I said

    “I’ll be thinking I was licking her little pussy, and fingering her cute little butt hole.” he said.

    “Okay Todd I really didn’t want to know that, please just keep those thoughts to yourself ok.”

    “Ahh baby , I won’t talk about it anymore, if you let me take your panties home with me tonight.” he said

    I stood up in my chair and got right in his face “First of all I am not your baby, and if you don’t want me to

    tell the boss that I am being sexually harassed by you I suggest you shut your fucking mouth!!” I said

    “Ok, ok, we’ll just sit here the rest of the day with nothing to do, and not talk.” he said

    “Good” I said sternly.

    The rest of the day we just sat there and I red a book and he played solitaire on the computer. I went home

    and I didn’t think of it much, my fiancé Jeff took me out to dinner then we went home and had our usual sex

    before we went to sleep.

    The next morning on the way to work I started thinking about Todd, it’s a long drive to work and I started

    thinking of him laying in his bed jacking off thinking about me and all of his other little fantasies. I got

    really horny my pussy got wet, and I started rubbing it through my dress pants.

    I finally arrived at work and went in and Todd was already there. I went and sat down next to him and

    turned on my computer without looking at him, and just sat there quiet.

    “Still not talking to me Britney?” he asked.

    “No” I mumbled still staring at my computer.

    “Well would if I said that I was sorry, and that I’ll be nice for now on.” he said

    I turned around and looked at him with a pouty look on my face.

    “Will you accept my apology?” he asked , I still kept my pouty look.

    “Friends?” He said reaching his arm out.

    “Friends” I said shaking his hand.

    For the next few hours we just talked about movies and I told him about my dinner last night the morning

    was really busy lots of people coming and going.. Then in the middle of the day it got really slow and we

    were both bored again.

    I started thinking about what I was thinking about on the way to work, and started getting really horny

    again. I looked over at Todd and he was going through a company manual.

    Without a thought in my head I blurted.

    “So why would you want to take my panties home with you?”

    He looked up surprised.

    “I thought you didn’t want to talk about that anymore.” said Todd.

    “Well I was just curious.” I said

    “Well are you going to get mad if I tell you?” Todd said

    “No, I won’t get mad.” I said
    “Well I would of took them home and sniffed them and jacked off with them, and I would of came in them.”

    he said

    “Ok, I got it, you are so blunt.” I said as my face got red and I quickly turned around and looked at my

    computer again.

    He went back reading his company manual, and after about a minute, I turned around again.

    “So have you done this with any other girls panties except for your wife’s?” I asked

    “Well do you want to know?” Todd asked

    “Yes I want to know.” I said with a slight smile.

    “Well once I saw an 8th grade cheerleader walking to practice, and I watched her practice, then I broke into

    the locker room before her practice ended. And I got up into the ceiling and I had a little peek hole, and the

    cheerleaders came in and I got to watch them all get undress and shower. But I especially had my eye on

    that one cheerleader I saw walking. She was sooo hot she had long dark hair and a tight tanned little body.

    She took off her cheerleader outfit, and was totally naked. Her pussy was real small and had just a little hair

    on it. Most of the girls all were naked, they all had little or no breasts, and they were talking, and laughing,

    and I loved the way their cute little butts giggled as they walked to the shower, when they came back I

    watched them one by one, dry their naked body’s off and then they would all put their panties on first, some

    of them would bend over as they were putting them on so I could see their little assholes. I especially

    enjoyed watching the one girl I’d been watching, she walked over to her locker her long hair was still wet,

    she had breasts that were just starting to develop, with little pink nipples, and the had very short pubic hair.

    When she went to put on her panties she lost her balance and used both hands to break her fall on the floor.

    Which gave me a very clear view of her little butt hole and pussy.”

    “I now new how to get in my hiding place in the locker room and I found out when the next game was, and

    before their game I was up there in the ceiling watching them get ready. The girl took off her panties again

    and put on her cheerleading outfit, and put her panties in her locker. Luckily she didn’t lock it and when the

    girls all left I went down there and took her panties out of her locker. I went into the concession stand

    where no one could see me and after sniffing her panties I took out my cock and jacked off with them and I

    could see her out there, the girls all holding her up and they were doing there little cheer. After I shot a big

    load in them I rubbed it all around the inside of her panties and then I went back in the locker room and put them back in her locker. And I went back to my hideout and waited for them to come in. They finally came

    back in and I watched her get naked again, she first put on her bra and she took the panties out without even

    looking at them and slipped them on, she put on a shirt and some tight jeans on. After they left I went

    outside and sat in my car. And I again jerked off when I saw her walk by my car with her mom and dad.

    Knowing that my cum was in her panties.”

    I just sat there and stared at him while he told this story, my pussy was swelling up I was so horny.

    “You are such a horn ball” I said.

    “Hey you asked so I told you” he said.

    “Well I have to admit all your dirty stories kind of turn me on.” I said

    “Really” he said smiling

    “Yes but lets not talk about this anymore ok.” I said

    “Why not?” Todd asked

    “Cause it makes me uncomfortable too.” I said

    “Ok” he said

    Another few minutes past, we didn’t say anything to each other.

    “You know Britney, I think you are the prettiest girl that I have ever met.” he said

    I blushed really hard “No I’m not.” I said

    “Oh yes you are” he said

    “Out of all the girls you’ve seen in your whole life you think im the prettiest.” I asked

    “You are the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen by far, I love your pretty hazel eyes, and your long curly

    hair, drives me crazy.” said Todd.

    My face was beat red now.

    “Well thank you very much Todd that is very sweet of you.” I said

    “And I love your lips, and that pouty look you get on your face, and mmm you have the nicest ass I have

    ever seen……Oh sorry I will stop.” he said

    “Well hold on you can keep going” I said smiling.

    “Ok, like I was saying you have the nicest ass I love when you get up to go to the bathroom I watch your ass

    the whole way, the way you kind of swing it as you walk, and your boobs are like the perfect size nice and perky, and I love when you wear a sleeveless shirt and your bra strap is showing.” he said.

    I looked down and he had a hard on in his docker pants, and he had his hand on it, as he continued.

    “I think how lucky your fiancé is that he gets to have his cock sucked by the most beautiful girl in the world.

    If I was him I would eat suck on your tits and lick you all over all day long.”

    He was now rubbing his cock through his pants and he saw that I was watching him.

    “Ok Todd that’s enough you can’t do that at work.” I said

    “Ahh ok” he said adjusting his cock and hiding it.

    “Well Todd I am totally flattered.” I said “If I was single I would go out with you.”

    “But since your not, how am I suppost to work with the hottest girl in the world and stay sane.?”

    He said

    I thought about it a minute. I was as horny as can be.

    “How about I let you go home with my panties tonight.” I said

    “CAN I!!!” he shouted

    “Would u like that?” I asked

    “Oh yes, yes I would love that.” he said smiling

    About that time a citation jet landed with about 10 passengers, and we spent the rest of the day getting them

    squared away and getting their hotels, and rental cars lined up. It was about five minutes before quitting


    “Okay Todd, I’ll go in the bathroom and get them for you, I will put them in my purse, and meet you out at

    your car.” I said

    I got up and walked to the bathroom and there were a lot of people there and I shook my ass a little as I

    walked and looked back at him smiling. He looked back at me and I know he was rubbing his cock again

    under the desk

    I got into the ladies room and went into the stall and took off my pants and took down my panties. I stood

    there with my pants and underwear down in the stall and stared at my dirty panties, I sniffed them hoping

    that they were ok, and was relieved that they didn’t have a butt stain on them, but the crotch defiantly had

    a pussy stain on it, I got horny, my pussy has been throbbing all day, and I leaned against the wall and

    rubbed my clit. I rubbed it faster thinking about what Todd was going to do with my panties tonight , I
    started fantasizing about me walking in when he was jacking off with them, making his fantasy girl come

    true and fuck him everyway there was, and sucking his cock and licking his balls. My body tensed up and I

    felt my stomach muscles tighten and my legs got weak and I tried hard not to scream as a huge orgasms shot

    through me juice started squirting out my cunt on to the stall door and dripped on the floor. I slowed the

    pace of my finger, and as I started to recover, I stood up and smiled as I stared at the panties and dried my

    pussy off with them. Put them in my purse and put my pants back on.

    I locked the door to the FBO and walked outside and saw Todd waiting there in his car. I walked up to him

    made sure there was no one around and, he rolled down his window and I reached in my purse and pulled

    out my panties.

    “Well here they are, have fun tonight.” I said

    “mmmm thanks baby, see ya tomorrow.” he said gazing down my body.

    “See ya” I said smiling. “and I want those back by the way.”

    The next day I got to work and I didn’t get a chance to talk to Todd alone we had a meeting with some of

    the corporate people and we were busy all the way up till after lunch time. We finally were at our desk

    sitting next to each other and as the last customer left we were alone again.

    I tuned to him “Hi” I said

    “Heyyyy” he said back

    “So did you have fun last night.” I asked

    “I had so much fun my dick is sore today.” he said

    I smiled “So did you bring them back”

    “Yea u want them?” he said

    “Yes of course I want them back they were just on loan.” I said laughing.

    He pulled them out of his bag and handed them to me they were almost totally stiff with cum stains.

    “Well I see you were busy.” I said

    “Oh yea all night.” he laughed “I’m just all frustrated now, knowing that smelling your pussy on your

    panties and jacking off with them is as close as I will ever get to you, I’ll never get to see your naked pussy

    or your tits or nothing.” he said

    He frowned at me, and I frowned back at him, and he turned his back and started going through some files.

    I sat there and looked at his cum stains on my panties, that were now in my purse. I wore a skirt today and

    then I got an idea.

    “Hey Todd” I said


    “Do you want me to go change panties and wear the ones in my purse for the rest of the day.” I said

    “Oh fuck that would turn me on sooo hard.” he said

    I grabbed my purse and went into the ladies room and changed, I fingered my cunt again while I was doing

    it, and I walked back out and went and sat next to him, we both couldn’t stop smiling.

    “Did you really put them on?” he asked

    I nodded my head and lifted my shirt a little and pulled the top of the panties out so he could see.

    “And you can keep these for a souvenir, as I threw today’s panties in his face. He grabbed them and put

    them in his bag. His hard on was showing in his pants again and then he just was looking at me as he was

    rubbing it through his pants again. This time I just watched him for a while. I was getting really horny

    watching him he just kept gazing at me rubbing his cock then I turned and faced him and spread my legs

    and hiked up my skirt a little and until he could see my panties underneath my skirt. His eyes got really big

    and he rubbed his cock faster. I pulled my panties aside revealing my shaved pussy to him and bit my lip

    and stuck my finger in my cunt and then with two fingers I circled my clit.

    Todd moaned and he undid his fly and zipper and pulled his pants down slightly and pulled his cock out of

    the hole in his boxers. His cock was a lot bigger than my fiancés and we just sat there watching each other

    masturbate. I started moaning and I felt an orgasm coming on……..ALL OF THE SUDDEN THE FRONT


    It was our boss and we both quickly straightened up.

    “How are ya’ll doing today” he said.

    “Ahh fine, good” we both stuttered

    “I just needed to drop these off these files to you and I need you to file them, its time consuming but I know

    you guys have a lot of time on your hands.” he said smiling

    He left and my heart was just racing, I looked over at him and his face was white as he rolled way under his desk with his belt undone and his boxers showing.

    “I don’t think he saw anything.” I said

    “Thank god, that scared the shit out of me.” he said

    He fixed his pants and I fixed my skirt and we both just sat there letting are heart rates come down which

    took several minutes.

    “I completely hate your husband or fiancé whatever the fuck he is.” he said

    “Ahh you can be jealous, but don’t hate him.” I said

    “I hate him I’m jealous of him, I wish there was someway I could get back at him.” he said

    “Get back at him? For what he didn’t do nothing to you.” I said

    “He get you. Fucking lucky asshole.” he said

    I smiled at him.

    We sat there for a few minutes and started to organize the files my boss left, then I looked at him.

    “Well my fiancé is a pilot and he leaves for a trip tonight at 7:30. And he’ll be gone all night, if you want to

    get your revenge.” I said

    “mmm are you fucking serious????” he asked

    I nodded my head, and smiled, my pretty teeth at him and looked at him googly eyed.

    “Will you let me really get back at him?” he asked

    I got closer to his face and looked in his eyes and got a serious look on my face. “I know what a fucking

    pervert you are and you could do whatever you need to do to be satisfied.” I said

    He smiled “That’s a good girl.”

    Work ended that day and I got home he left about 7:00 and I waited nervously for Todd to get there. I took

    a shower and I was shaving my legs and I shaved my pussy again. When I heard a knock on the door. I got

    really nervous I went to the door and let Todd in.

    “So were do you and your fiancé fuck?” he asked

    “Well mostly in the bedroom there.” I said

    “Well lets go in there first.” he said taking my hand and leading me in.

    We both sat down on the bed and he sat on one end and I sat on the other.

    “Well this is just like we are at work again.” I said laughing.
    “Yea except were on your fiancé fucking bed.” he said

    I smiled “Well hold on” as I took took off my pants. I had a long t shirt on that was going down to my legs.

    Then I laid on my back against the pillow and spread my legs, to where my panties showed and then I

    pulled my panties aside and fingered my pussy.

    I stared at him smiling. “Now it’s like were at work.”

    He unzipped his jeans and pulled them down and took his cock out of the whole in his boxers. And started

    jacking off.

    “I like jerking off on his bed while his future wife watches me.” he said. “Would that piss him off?”

    “mmm it would piss him off more knowing how fucking wet I am looking at your cock.” I said

    I took off my panties and threw them at him. “why don’t u use his future wife’s panties to jack off that big

    cock of yours” I said

    I took off my shirt and was totally naked now and I turned around and stuck my ass in the air and fingered

    my pussy some more and watched him jerk off through my legs.

    “I bet he would be really pissed if his future wife came and put her lips around my cock on his bed.” he said

    I crawled slowly over to him and put my hand around his cock and looked at him smiling as I started

    running my tongue up and down his cock. Then I put my mouth on it and moved my head up and down his


    He then stood me up and grabbed both of my arms and threw me in the center of the bed he got up and took

    off the rest of his clothes.

    “He would really be fucking sore knowing that I’m going to fuck the shit out of his soon to be wife.” he

    jumped on top of me and guided his dick in my pussy, and started fucking me really hard with all his force.

    I started moaning and it quickly turned into a scream. “OH FUCK, FUCK ME, FUCK ME,” he was

    grunting and he grabbed the back of my head and thrust in and out of me as hard as he could.

    “I bet he don’t know that I’m fucking his hot fucking future wife.” he yelled while fucking me.

    “I’M GONNA CUM!!” I shouted. I was screaming and he pulled his dick out and started rubbing my pussy

    really hard and I squirted straight up in the air he brought his mouth up to my pussy and started sucking all

    my cum, he had a good mouth full. And then he put his cock back in and started fucking again and he spit

    my cum on my face.

    “mmm fuck yea, you dirty whore, you like me to spit your cum right in your face.” he said

    “FUCK YES I DO” I screamed.

    “Now I’m going to take my cock out and shoot cum in your mouth and I don’t’ want you to swallow it.” he


    “ohh baby I want your cum in my mouth.” I yelled

    With a few last thrusts in me he pulled his cock out and jacked off in my face and I opened my mouth and

    Todd’s hot cum squirted in my mouth.

    I stood up my mouth full of his cum.

    “Now I want you to spit my cum all over his pillow.” he said

    He grabbed my fiancé’s pillow and grabbed the back of my head. I opened my lips and let his cum ooze on

    the pillow. Then he rubbed my face in it.

    Then he got up off the bed, and I laid on my back and looked at him wiping my face off with the pillow.

    He opened my fiancé’s underwear drawer and took out some of his boxer briefs and put them on.

    “Does my cock fill up his underwear better then his does baby?” he asked

    “mmm your cock is much bigger than his” I said tying to catch my breath.

    “Come lay on your stomach on the side of the bed.” he demanded

    I got on my stomach and put my head on the edge of the bed and Todd pulled his cock out of my fiancé’s

    underwear and stuck it in my mouth. I continued to suck his cock and he put his hand up to my ass and

    worked his finger in my asshole.

    He kept on finger fucking my asshole while I sucked his cock in my fiancé’s underwear then he pulled his

    fingers out and put it in my mouth.

    “That taste good baby, you like tasting your fucking asshole.” he said

    I just moaned as he kept fingering my ass and making me taste it, and sucking his cock at the same time.

    Then he walked off and went into the bathroom.

    “This his toothbrush?” he asked

    “Yea, what are you going to do now?” I asked

    He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me off the bed, then he bent me over the bed, then he put his finger in

    my asshole again and leaned over and said in my ear

    “I’m going to fuck his future wife up the ass, and then I’m going to cum on his tooth brush.” he said

    He pulled his finger out and replaced it with his cock, he pushed in and out of my asshole for several

    minutes. I grabbed the tooth brush from him, and he said he was going to cum. He pulled out and I held

    the tooth brush and jacked him off and held my fiancé’s tooth brush up, till his warm cum squirted all over


    We both got up I was holding the tooth brush and he got behind me and put his head on my shoulder and

    we both walked to the bathroom, me still naked and he still wearing my husbands boxer briefs. We both

    looked at the tooth brush and cum was all over the bristle and a string was dangling off it. I took the string

    of cum and spread it over the bristle like tooth paste. I put it back in the toothbrush holder just like it was.

    He took off my husbands underwear and he still had some white sperm dangling off the end of his dick, I

    took the underwear from his hand and wiped his dick off with them, then I put my mouth on his dick and

    sucked the rest of it clean. We walked back over to his dresser and I folded his underwear up neatly and put

    them back in the drawer.

    Todd and I both got dressed and I walked him up to the door.

    “I’ll see ya Monday morning” I said.

    “Looking forward to it” he replied and he gave me a long kiss sticking his tongue deep in my mouth.

    It was about 5 am the next morning and I heard my fiancé Jeff come in the door. I woke up rubbing my

    eyes and he came in the bedroom.

    “Hi honey” he said

    “Hey baby, how was work.” I said

    “Long and boring, and I’m tired.” he said

    He went in the bathroom and I watched him pee, then he took off his clothes and got in the shower. I laid in

    bed still feeling horny from the night before. He got out of the shower and dried himself, and grabbed his

    tooth brush and put the tooth paste on it and stuck it in his mouth. I lied there and started fingering myself

    under the covers watching my sexy future husband, who was much more gorgeous than Todd, he had a nice

    athletic body and nice six pack abs.

    I continued masturbating watching Jeff hot naked body brushing his teeth with Todd’s cum. He got done and I watched him come into the room naked he looked at me and had a semi hard on. He opened the

    drawer and grabbed his boxer briefs, and put them on, and walked up to me and I could see Todd’s cum

    stain on them. He climbed in bed and put his face right on his pillow, and we started kissing passionately

    and we made love.

    Monday morning

    I got to work, and I got there before Todd. Monday mornings are always slow. Todd showed up late, and

    came in and sat next to me.

    “Hello Britney” he said

    “Hey Todd.” I said.

    After a little small talk, Todd finally said. “So I had fun the other night.”

    “Me too.” I smiled

    I told him all about how my husband brushed his teeth with his cum and how he wore the underwear that he

    fucked me in. Todd had an evil smirk on his face the whole time.

    “But we can’t do that again Todd, that was just a one time deal ok.” I said

    “That’s cool I got what I wanted.” he said

    A few weeks went by and it was coming up on my wedding. Todd asked me several times if he could come

    to my wedding. I said no over and over again, because it would have been too weird. But he finally

    persuaded me to let him.

    It was the day of my wedding and I was in the dressing room my brides maids were all in there helping me

    with my beautiful wedding dress. They all helped me with my makeup. It took a few hours to take all the

    photo’s and it was a half hour countdown to the ceremony. I finally got away and I went looking for a

    drinking fountain, I went down a long hall way with a bunch of empty classrooms, and the drinking fountain

    was at the end of the hall. I took a big drink and wiped my mouth, and I turned around and looked down the

    hall and I saw a guy coming down the hall walking at a very fast pace. He got closer and I seen that it was


    “Hey Britney” he said

    “Hey Todd, what are you doing here. I don’t want you to be seen with me ok.” I said.

    “I just wanted to tell you how gorgeous you look in your wedding dress.” he said
    “Ok Todd, well thank you but I need to go.” I said

    He grabbed me and pulled me into one of the class rooms.

    “Todd, what are you doing stop it” I said

    He kissed me and I quickly pulled away. “Todd, stop I have to go.” I said

    He continued to try to kiss me and I started fighting less and less until I just stood there and kissed him

    back. He forcefully grabbed my hand and put it on his hard cock that was bulging out of his pants. He

    rubbed my hand on his cock. Then he released his kiss and took his hand off mine, my hand just stayed

    there and kept rubbing his cock.

    “Come on baby, one more time, you are so beautiful I want to fuck you in your pretty dress.” he whispered

    I took a step back and grabbed the door and closed and locked it. And rushed up to him kissing him. I

    quickly started undoing his belt and button and zipper and pulled his cock out and started stroking it. I

    knelt down slowly being careful with my dress and started sucking his cock.

    “you little slut, you look so hot sucking my cock on in your wedding dress.” he said

    “I am your little dirty whore Todd, I feel so fucking dirty with your cock in my mouth.” I said

    “You want to really be a fucking whore Britney.” he asked

    “yes, yes” I panted

    “Will you let me do whatever I want” he asked

    “Yes do whatever you want just don’t mess up my dress or my makeup ok.” I said

    “mmm good girl” he said as he took off his pants and underwear. I was still on my knees and he turned

    around until his ass was staring me right in the face.

    “Eat my ass slut, spread my cheeks and stick your tongue in my asshole.” he demanded

    I did as he asked and I spread his cheeks and stuck my tongue on his asshole and moved it around rimming

    him. He reached around and grabbed the back of my head and forced my face in between his cheeks, and

    he was rubbing his ass up and down my face. I reached around and put one hand on his balls, and rubbed

    them, and stroked his cock with my other hand.

    This went on for several seconds, then he turned around and took his boxers and put them under my chin.

    He put his dick up to my face and it was getting a little softer.

    “Now open your mouth and keep it open.” he said

    I did as I was told until piss started coming out of his dick shooting in my mouth. He stopped the flow, and

    I closed my mouth.

    “Swallow it.” he demanded

    I did as I was told

    “You want some more?” he said

    I nodded my head and opened my mouth and he shot some more piss in my mouth and he stopped the flow

    again as I swallowed, he then aimed his dick at the teachers desk and started pissing all over it. I got up

    and grabbed his dick and aimed it so Todd‘s piss was shooting all over the teacher‘s desk and on the marker

    board. We both laughed until he was done.

    He then grab me and stood me up and bent me over the teachers desk. He hiked my dress up carefully to

    my panties and pulled my panties aside and got on his knees and kissed my asshole. Then he spit on it and

    rubbed his saliva in my hole. He finger fucked my asshole with one then two fingers for a moment.

    He got up and guided his cock in my asshole and started fucking me. I moaned and told him to fuck my ass,

    and I put my head down and started licking his piss off the teachers desk.

    “Want me to cum in your asshole, Babe?” he asked

    “Yes cum in my asshole.” I said

    “I’m going to send you to get married with my fucking load up your ass.” he said

    I worked my finger in my pussy carefully through my dress and I felt an orgasm coming.

    His body tensed up and his dick started pulsating in my ass I felt him milk all of his cum in my ass, until he

    finally pulled out.

    He wiped the access cum off my asshole with his finger and he stuck it in my mouth, and I sucked his cock

    till it was all clean.

    He quickly put on his clothes and I straightened my dress up.

    “I’ll be watching you get married and I’m going to be rubbing my cock the whole time” he said.

    He climbed out the window and the ground was about six feet down

    I looked out the window and there was no one around

    “Hey Todd stay there for a second.” I shouted

    I sat up on the window sill and pulled my panties aside until my pussy stared out at him.

    He looked up at me, and piss started flowing out my pussy. He smiled and went and stuck his mouth up to

    the stream and my piss was going in his mouth and spashing off his face. He quickly pulled out his cock

    and let the last of the stream hit his dick. I got out of the window and smiled and waved to him.

    I ran back and my brides maids were asking where I was, and I told them I had a problem with my dress.

    The piano was playing , and as I waked the isle my cum was running down my leg into my shoes. I got up

    there and I could feel Todd’s cum in my asshole and I could taste his piss and cum in my mouth. I looked

    over and Todd was sitting in the second row and somehow he cleaned all my piss off his face.

    “Do you take this women (etc).”

    “I do” he said

    “Do you take this man?”

    “I do” I said

    “You may kiss the bride.”

    My husband gave me a soft kiss on the lips. And I looked over at Todd, and gave him a half smile. He

    smiled back with his hand rubbing his cock through his pants.

    “I know pronounce you man and wife”

    To be countinued........

    Ok this story is completely fiction and I hope no one would ever do this in real life. But hope everyone sends their comments good or bad. And guys please yank it once for me.
    The days After My Wedding part 2 by britney hoglund
    Fiction , Anal, Blowjob, Cheating, Humiliation, Water Sports/Pissing, Wife Posted: 2006-08-23

    Author's infos
    Gender: N/A Age: N/A Location: N/A The Days After My Wedding
    By Britney Hoglund

    (This is part 2 from The Days Before My Wedding. Please read that one first……….thank you

    Two weeks went buy I have been on my honeymoon with my husband in St. Thomas. I have not thought about Todd a lot other than a lot of guilty feelings.

    We got back from our honey moon and it was time to go back to work. I drove to work and arrived at the airport, and went in really nervous to see Todd. We took care of all the passengers and about 11:00 me and Todd were all alone again, behind the counter.

    “So what’s up Britney” said Todd
    “Not much Todd how you been.” I said

    Another 20 minutes or so passed of just small talk, I told him about my honeymoon and he told me about the girl, that took my place the last two weeks, he said she was an old women and that he was really bored without me.

    “So I enjoyed your wedding.” he said
    “I bet you did Todd and you have put me through such guilt the last couple of weeks.” I said
    “I know you enjoyed it Britney” he said
    “Yes I enjoyed it, but I’m officially a married women now, so that’s the end of it.” I said
    “Ok” he said

    A few minutes later I got up and went to the ladies room. I knew Todd was looking at my ass on the way there but I just tried not to think of it. I came and sat down and worked on my computer.

    “Your ass looks sooo hot today.” he said bluntly
    “Todd stop it, if we are going to work together, we need to just be professional colleague’s for now on.” I said

    Todd rolled his chair behind my chair and leaned and whispered in my ear.

    “How am I supposed to not think of you in that classroom, and you in your pretty wedding dress sucking my cock.” he whispered.

    I just sat there still and listened, I felt my pussy begin to get wet.

    “And the thought of you bent over in your dress and my cock going in and out of your sexy little ass hole while you sat there moaning and licking my piss off the teachers desk.” he said again whispering.
    “MMM I know that is pretty hard to forget.” I said as I grabbed his right hand and brought it down to my pussy and started rubbing my pussy with his fingers through my pants.

    He pulled my hair aside and started kissing my neck, and he unbuttoned my dress pants and pulled down the zipper and worked his hand down to my bare pussy.

    “you are so evil Todd.” I said rubbing his fingers in my cunt.

    “Why don’t you let me come over to your house tonight, and fuck you on your husbands bed again.” he said still behind me rubbing my pussy. I just sat quite with my eyes closed. He slid my wedding ring off my finger, and he put it around my clit, and continued to rub my pussy.
    “And I’ll wear your husbands underwear again as I fuck you, and you could put on your wedding dress again for me, and I could fuck you in your mouth, and your pussy, and your asshole. Then you can jerk me off on your wedding photo’s and I can watch you lick my cum off them.” he said

    I pulled away and took my ring at put it back on my finger.

    “Todd we can’t do this anymore.” I said as I re adjusted my panties and buttoned my pants back up.
    “c’mon baby I want you.” he said with a puppy dog look on his face.
    I took a big sigh and looked at him for a moment.

    “well its almost time for our lunch break, why don’t we just skip lunch and go and lock ourselves in the maintenance room for a half hour.” I said.
    “oh yea lets do It.” he said

    We both clocked out and we both separately walked to a little room behind a hanger He got there first and when I walked in he was sitting on a bench waiting. I walked in and locked the door and turned the lights on. He rushed up to me kissing me, and quickly started taking off my shirt. He grabbed my tits and tore my bra off, as I was undoing his belt. I took off his pants till he was down in his boxers. He stepped back and slip off his boxers. I unbuttoned my pants till I was down to just my blue Victoria secret panties.

    We started making out again slowly and then he turned me around, he got on his knees and looked at my ass through my panties. He slowly started pulling down my panties admiring my ass. He helped me step out of them, then he grabbed my cheeks and pulled them apart. I bent over slightly and he stuck his tongue on my asshole forcing his tongue in. I rubbed my ass up and down on his face just like he did me on my wedding day. Then he lifted me up on a table and I spread my legs and lifted my ass up. He ran his tongue up and down slowly from my asshole up inside the folds of my pussy and up to my clit. He repeated this several times, for several minutes.

    I wanted to return the favor and I sat back up and put his cock in my mouth. I had him sit on the table and I ran my tongue from his asshole up his balls and all the way up his dick to the end. I took off my ring and put it on his asshole and stuck my tongue through the ring to his hole. Then I put the ring on the end of his cock and licked his dick hole through the ring. He looked at me moaning as I did this. We stood up kissing again. And he started to lay me down to put his cock in me. When I looked at my cell phone and our lunch break was up.

    We both got dressed and went and clocked in and sat behind the counter again. We were both really frustrated by all the four play and we didn’t get to fuck.

    We sat there for a while in silence
    “You sure I can’t come over tonight?” he asked
    I took a big sigh.
    “Todd you don’t even know how guilty I been feeling about all this, can you try to understand.” I said. “I mean your married do you have the slightest bit of guilt for what we been doing.”

    “yea I mean I feel a little guilty but not guilty enough for me wanting to stop this good thing we got going here.” he said

    I put my head back. “Todd I don’t want to stop either its just…..” I said not knowing what else to say

    “you make me so horny I can’t help it.” I said starting to rub my pussy through my pants. Todd saw this and started rubbing his hard on.

    All of the sudden I stopped and straightened up. Todd looked at me curiously

    “I have an idea.” I said in a kinky tone as I bit my lip.
    “what?” he asked
    “your wife works evenings, why don’t I come over to your house tonight.” I said

    Todd looked down at the ground. “ahh we shouldn’t do that.” he said

    I sat there and looked at him and then I started getting angry.

    “so what Todd you can just come over to my house, and fuck me everyway from Sunday. Show up at my wedding and make me suck your cock and lick your ass in my wedding dress, and piss in my mouth and send me to the altar with your fucking cum in my ass. While you sit there and watch and play with your little peter. But I ask to come over to your wife’s house that’s going to far.”

    “Well uhh.” he stuttered.
    Then I got in his face.

    “What’s a matter Todd you don’t want to fuck me on your little wife’s bed.” I said

    He sat there sheepishly

    “Oh but I want to rub all my pussy cum all over her pillow and stick her tooth brush up my ass.” I said mocking him

    Todd just sat there and smiled. We sat there in silence for a moment.

    “c’mon Todd lets go to your house tonight. Don’t you want to fuck me in the ass?” I said with a puppy dog look on my face.

    Todd sat back in his chair and took a deep sigh

    That night I drove up to Todd’s condo I called him prior to make sure his wife was gone. I told my husband that I was going out with some friends, he was out of town anyway. I knocked on the door. Todd answered.

    “Hi, get in here” he said pulling me inside as he looked out to make sure no one was watching. He quickly closed the door and locked it.

    “So nice, your wife decorates very good.” I said

    Todd walked in nervously running his hand through his hair. And sat at the kitchen bar.

    I walked around the kitchen with a closed mouth smile on my face.

    I been thinking all day, I felt that I needed a little revenge from how Todd has degraded my husband, not that it didn’t turn me on.

    “So is this your wife’s coffee cup.” I asked

    Todd nodded his head.

    “hmm that is a nice cup, I bet she drinks her coffee out of this every morning.” I said.

    I was wearing a white tank top and tight blue jeans I had my Victoria secret underwear on and a matching bra. Todd wasn’t used to not seeing me in my work clothes. I was exited about finally getting to come over to Todd’s wife’s house tonight and I went to the gym, and tanned, and spent about an hour on my hair and makeup before I came over.

    “yes this is a fine cup.” I said “a fine cup it is.” I said as I started undoing my jeans I pulled them down slightly and moved my panties aside letting my pussy stick out.

    “yes it is true, this is a fine cup.” I said as slid the rim of the cup between my pussy lips. I turned the rim of the cup so that my pussy juice covered all the way around the cup where she drinks from.

    “you like that baby.” I said Todd was starting to calm down and he laughed as he watch me do it. I finished and rubbed the handle in my pussy, and put it back where I found it.

    “I hope she enjoys her coffee in the morning.” I said
    “So Todd aren’t you gonna show me your bedroom.” I asked

    He took me by the hand and led me down the hall, as we passed the bathroom I had a smile on my face. We walked in the bedroom, and Todd went and sat on his bed. There was a big closet and I walked in and saw all of Todd and his wife’s clothes, there were tons of shoes as you would expect from a closet of a women.

    I looked and there was a dirty clothes hamper. I walked over and fumbled through and pulled out some very cute pink panties. I looked at them a second and they were about my size. Which surprised me a lot because I always pictured Todd’s wife for some reason to be overweight and unattractive, because he was so interested in me. I didn’t give it much thought and I went out. Todd was sitting on the bed with kind of a strange look on his face. I looked at him and brought the panties up to my nose and sniffed them.

    “I can smell your wife’s pussy Todd.” I said

    Todd kind of had a weird look on his face but it turned to a smile and he pulled his cock out and started playing with it as he watched me.

    I turned them inside out and held and stuck the crotch part of the panties out to Todd, and I started licking the crotch of the panties. I ran my tongue up and down from where her pussy goes to where her asshole touches. Todd continued to stroke his cock. I went back into the closet and grabbed one of her bra’s and put her panties on the side of a chair. I started dancing and I gave Todd a strip show working all my clothes off slowly and finally throwing my panties at Todd and I dropped my bra on the floor.

    Todd was using my panties to jerk off with, as he watched me put on his wife’s dirty panties and slipped on her bra. I continued to dance and I was rubbing my tits. And fingering my pussy through her panties. I walked up to Todd who was still jerking off and I jumped on the bed and started giving him a lap dance.

    I turned around and stuck my ass up to his face and I moved my booty around. Then I parted her panties to where my asshole was right in his face. I continued moving my ass and I started rubbing my finger on my asshole. I jumped off the bed, and I kissed my finger that I was just using to finger my ass and blew him a kiss.

    “are you ready to fuck me now baby?” I said

    “oh yea.” he said

    “Is your dick nice and hard, and ready to fuck me on your wife’s bed wearing her dirty panties?” I said

    Todd nodded his head.

    “Well first I need to go pee, you want to come watch.” I asked

    Todd nodded again smiling

    He followed me to the bathroom and I shook my hips on the way there like I did to him when I was going to the bathroom at work.

    We got to the bathroom and I sat down still wearing her panties. I didn’t bother to take them off I just sat on the toilet and parted them aside and peed with Todd watching. He got on his knees in front of me and watched my warm piss flowing out into the toilet. The flow weakened and there was just now pee dripping off my pussy and I stood up really quick and the panties covered my pussy again, and her panties slowly stared absorbing my pee.

    “Oops I forgot to wipe. Is said. Why don’t you get that for me
    I grabbed the back of Todd’s head shoved it up to my pussy he licked my piss through his wife’s panties. Then he parted the panties and stuck his tongue in my pussy.

    I got up and started walking around the bathroom I started going through the cabinets. I pulled out one of her tampons and stuck it in my pussy with the wrapper still on. Then I grabbed her tooth brush and rubbed it on my pussy. I put it back where it went and then looked back at it not being satisfied. I took it out again and I turned and put the Bristol part of the toothbrush worked it in my asshole.

    I faced my ass towards Todd and fucked my asshole with his wife’s toothbrush while her panties were on me parted aside.

    “I bet your wife will like tasting my asshole as she brushes her teeth.” I said “I bet she really would like my asshole to be on her towel.” as I grabbed her towel and wiped my ass with it. I put the towel neatly back on the rack and I looked around and I let out an evil laugh, as I looked around the bathroom.
    “ohh and I know she would like it on her dental floss.” I reached for her floss and Todd grabbed it from me and put it back in the drawer.

    “Ok Britney you made your point, lets go back in the bedroom.” said Todd

    “ahh but I was just starting to have fun.” I said frowning

    “Ok but lets go have fun in the bedroom.” he said. As he grabbed my hand kind of forcefully and led me down the hall. I felt a little angry, he was all for that stuff when we were over at my house, and at my wedding. My pussy was really wet and I was really horny so I just blew it off.

    We went into the bedroom and he threw me on the bed and jumped behind me and pulled his wife’s panties aside. He started fucking me doggy style, while he was fingering my asshole. He loved putting his finger in my ass then making me suck his finger as he pumped his dick in and out of my pussy. He pulled his dick out and stuck his tongue in my ass and spit on it and worked his spit in my ass lubing it up.

    He eased his cock in my pussy, and fucked it hard for a few minutes then he pulled out and I lied on my back and he brought his cock up to my mouth. Then he got on top of me and put his dick in between my tits. I mashed my tits over his cock, and as he started moving his dick between my boobs I massaged his balls and I reached around and worked my finger in his asshole.

    “Take your finger out of my ass and suck on it.” he demanded

    I took my finger out and put it up to my mouth and looked him in the eyes and I licked my finger up and down and then stuck it in my mouth.

    “MMM does your husband know what a nasty slut he married.”he said as he continued to fuck my tits.

    “I am a nasty fucking slut, I’m your own personal dirty whore.” I said

    He stopped fucking my tits and he puckered up his lips and saliva started slowly coming out his mouth and landed between my eyes. He continued jacking off with my breasts.

    “I figured since your such a dirty hoe, you needed me to spit on your face.” he said.

    I smiled. “I bet your wife wouldn’t approve of you having your own personal hoe, that you fuck while on her bed while she’s gone.” I said

    Todd didn’t respond and again I was disappointed that he didn’t play the game both ways. He just continued fucking my tits and watching his spit drip down my cheek.

    Just then my cell phone started playing its tune in my jean pocket. I jumped up and dug it out.

    “Todd its my husband, be quite ok.”

    Todd gave the zip lip gesture.

    “Hi baby” I said into the phone.
    “Hey honey, what are you doing.” Jeff said.
    “I’m just here at the mall with Jamie trying on shoes.” I said

    The phone conversation continued and Todd came behind me and bent me over the bead and helped me spread my legs.
    “Yea I got that in the mail I will pay it in the next few days.” I said into the phone

    Jeff put his dick on my asshole and started slowly working it in.

    “ah huh.” I stuttered into the phone as Todd’s cock worked its way in my ass.

    Todd could hear my husbands voice on the phone.

    “What are you doing baby.” said Jeff on the phone
    “I’m trying on shoes” I said
    “you sound like your working out or something.” he said

    Todd’s cock continued working in and out of my asshole.

    “no I’m just tired I’m ready to go home and go to bed.” I said again stuttering

    “ok well get that bill in the mail, ok.” Jeff said

    Todd just stood there letting his cock sit still in my ass. I started moving my ass up and down his cock, at a slow pace.

    “I will honey, I told you I would.” I said
    “ok I trust you.” Jeff said
    “ok baby.” I said

    Todd started fucking my ass faster.

    “alright brit well I gotta run, I’ll see you in the morning ok.” he said
    “ok baby.” I said as I started rubbing my pussy hard with two fingers.
    “I love you lots.” he said
    I could feel an orgasm coming and I swallowed hard.
    “Love you too.” I stuttered
    “bye sweetie.” I said
    “bye bye.” I said flipping the phone shut

    Todd still fucking my ass hard grabbed the phone quickly from me and started rubbing my cunt with it.

    “You fucking slut, telling your husband you love him with my big cock up your ass.” he said

    “You like me fucking your sweet asshole while, you talk to your husband.” he said
    My orgasm was getting closer and I grabbed the phone and through it on the bed and rubbed my pussy really hard.


    My pussy started gushing, and my cum squirted all over Todd’s bed. I continued screaming, as my body began to get weak.
    “Now its my turn to fucking cum.” Todd said

    Todd grabbed my hair pulling it really hard, making my head go back against his chest. He released my hair and grabbed my hips, and then thrust really hard in and out of my ass. I felt his body tense up behind me, and I could feel cum start to build up from the bottom of his cock all the way to the tip. Then it finally started pumping his cum inside my asshole with each stroke more and more, till his balls finally drained.

    I leaned over on the bed, and Todd slowly pulled his cock out of my ass which was making air sounds as he pulled out, we both laid on the bed and we were breathing hard. We laid there for several minutes catching our breath.

    “Well I guess I better go.” I said
    “Enjoyed it baby.” he said smiling

    I got up and started looking around for my clothes still wearing Todd’s wife’s dirty panties, which are now a lot dirtier with my piss stain on them and Todd’s fresh cum that was starting to leak out of my asshole into his wife’s panties.

    I walked around gathering my clothes and I passed by the dresser and noticed a framed picture sitting on the top. I picked up the picture, and looked at it my jaw dropped in surprise.

    “Is this your wife?” I asked
    “That’s my Lisa.” he said
    “Wow she is really pretty.” I said

    It was a picture of Lisa Todd’s wife. She was standing next to Todd leaning against a car, she had long icy blonde hair, down past her shoulders. Very deep blue eyes that just glowed. She had very smooth white pale skin, with a slight tan. She had very perky breasts and her nipples you could slightly see through her shirt. She was smiling in the picture and she had beautiful white straight teeth with cute dimples. Her face was very sweet looking like an angel. I have always been told I was pretty, and I always agreed with everyone that told me that. I think I have very good features, and I work hard to keep looking good I work out a lot and I try to eat right on most days. But compare to Todd’s wife I am not pretty at all I don’t even stand a chance against her. I put the picture down.

    “Todd why in the world have you been doing this with me, your wife is stunningly beautiful, there is no way you think that I am as pretty as her.”

    “I know your not.” he said coldly

    I sat there in shock for a moment, I just tuned around and looked at the picture, I started getting a choked up feeling in my throat. I felt like I was gonna start crying then I started feeling extreme anger. I just then realized what he was doing, and what I was doing. Truth is this whole time I thought that Todd was in love with me. I of course love my husband and not Todd. Todd is a fucking asshole, he’s a womanizing, cold hearted, bastard. I guess I kind of liked him a little at work. I guess every girl deep down gets turned on by a bad boy. I started having sex with him and I got turned on by how kinky he is, and I was feeling incredibly guilty, but I was having a lot of fun sneaking around and having a secret.

    My angry thoughts continued looking at Lisa’s picture. She looked like such a sweet nice girl and he just takes every opportunity to fuck around on her, and here I was helping him. I guess through all our kinky sex games I was starting to have feelings for Todd. But he didn’t care at all he was just using me to degrade both me and my husband, and I fell for his sick little game. I was furious at Todd and more so I was furious with myself.

    I heard Todd get up from the bed behind me. My body was frozen, I wanted to slap him, and run out of the house, but I’ve never been one that like’s to show my emotions. My face was red and tears were starting to fill my eyes, and to top it off I was sitting there naked wearing his wife’s panties.

    “Britney” he said.

    I put down the picture, and I opened my mouth and nothing came out. I took a hard swallow and finally was able to get the word out.

    “what.” I said

    “I know your upset, and you know I just always tell things like they are. And you asked me and my wife used to be a model, and I was just telling the truth I mean she is a little bit prettier then……….

    I turned around

    “Britney.” Todd said in a soft voice

    “FUCK YOU.” I said as I pushed him into the dresser I quickly took off his Lisa’s panties and threw them. I grabbed my panties and bra and threw them next to my jeans, intending too just pick them up and carry them with me after I put on my shirt and jeans. I quickly bent over and put one leg in my jeans lost my balance and slipped on my panties and fell face first and hit my head on the side of the door.

    I sat there for a few seconds dazed holding my fore head, and came to my senses somewhat, I struggled to get back on my feet but my body was completely week from both my emotions and being fucked so hard. I just put my head on the carpet and began crying. I cried harder than I ever had in my whole life to where it was difficult to breath. I felt a huge feeling of guilt, and sadness, and anger, and I was completely humiliated lying on the floor totally naked with Todd’s semen leaking out my asshole.

    I continued laying there crying.

    “I’ll never forgive myself.” I cried “I’m just gonna have to tell him so he can go find someone else that deserves him.”
    I kept on for several minutes, I don’t know what Todd’s reaction was yet. But in the middle of having my face in the carpet. I heard Todd putting his clothes on, and I heard the bed comforter slide off the bed.
    Todd knelt down beside me and covered me with the bed comforter. I didn’t want Todd to even touch me but I accepted the comforter. It was a relief to be covered, the only time you really enjoy being naked is when you are happy and you are having sex. Not while you are on the ground crying like a little girl.

    “Britney, please stop crying.” Todd said in a sweet voice “will you please calm down and let me explain a few things.”

    I cried for another moment and I started to calm down and I scooted my butt over and leaned against the wall with my head down staring at the floor.

    “I’m sorry Britney I don’t like to see you cry.” he said he grabbed my knee through the bed comforter.

    I finally lifted my head and looked at him with my blood shot eyes.
    “Todd we can’t do this anymore.” I said

    Todd nodded his head

    “I agree its over, to be honest I didn’t want you to come over here tonight. I wanted to tell you not to . I love Lisa so much, but I knew what I have been doing at your husbands house and at your wedding and everything, I knew it wouldn’t be right for me to say no. I didn’t actually enjoy at all watching you mess with my wife’s things, but I knew it was only fair.”

    He paused for a second

    “Well actually I kind of enjoyed watching you give me that lap dance in her panties.” he said with a smile

    I just sat there I didn’t smile back I was in no mood for humor.

    “but anyway I knew when I married her that I didn’t deserver her, and I knew that I would end up cheating on her. I am just always horny and I always want to try something knew. Then I started working with you at the airport and I really liked you, and I just ignored it for a while. But as I got to know you better, and found out how funny you were and what a good personality you had aside from being really attractive. I started fantasizing about you, every night. After a while I just didn’t care anymore, all I wanted was to have sex with you.”

    I started wiping the tears off my face listening to him.

    “But I’m really sorry Britney, I guess this was all a mistake.” he said

    “Oh Todd its ok I wanted it too, and aside from all my guilt I was having a lot of fun, my life has always been pretty boring I’ve always been just a good girl and I was always worried about making everyone happy and then you came along and it felt good to be bad.”

    We sat silent for another moment.

    “But Jeff is the perfect guy I’ll never find another guy like him, and there is no way I can just continue on after all the stuff we’ve done I’m just going to have to tell him, and then I guess we’ll just move on one way or the other.”

    I continued to try to straighten my face.

    “And I’m sorry for what I said to you, I just been really stressed out, and I guess I just blew it out on you. But I didn’t mean what I said to you ok.” I said

    Todd nodded.

    “So what does Lisa do?” I asked
    “She’s a flight attendant.” he said
    “are you serious” I asked
    “yea I’m serious.” he said
    “Well what company does she work for?” I asked
    “Southwest.” he said

    My mouth dropped

    “Oh my god my husband flies for Southwest.” I said

    We both stared at each other.

    “Do you think they know each other.” I asked

    Jeff thought for a minute.

    “Well she is not assigned to a specific crew, she works with different pilots all the time. I guess they would have had to work with each other at some point.” he said

    I sat there and thought for a few moments.

    “Todd I think the right thing for me to do now is just tell Jeff the truth, no more lies.” I said
    “And maybe somehow this will all work itself out.” I said
    “Your not going to tell him about me are you.” he said with an panicked look on his face
    “well Todd, I just don’t want to lie anymore.” I said
    “NO!! you can’t do that Britney, he’ll come after me, and worse if he does Lisa might find out.” he said.
    “well Todd you should of thought about all this before you started having sex with me, and I should of thought about it too.” I said “If you are doing something you know is wrong, there is going to be consequences. Its going to come back to you some how. That’s just the way life is.”

    Todd sat back and closed his eyes

    “oh shit” he said he kept looking like he was going to say more but he was lost for words.

    “Todd this will all work out somehow, its probably going to suck for a while. But all we can do now is just come clean and hope for the best.” I said

    Todd just sat there quite. I got up found my stack of clothes I looked back at him still naked, he looked sad and worried, and I forgot about myself and started feeling bad for him.

    “Hey Todd.” I said

    He looked up. I put my hand on my hips, he looked at my naked body with a sad look still on his face. I smiled and I gave him a quick dance, and then reached for my clothes, and put them on. He gave me a half smile from my little dance.

    “Get up Todd.” I said

    He slowly got up he reminded me of a pathetic little boy after he just got caught doing something bad.

    “It will work out ok.” I said looking in his eyes. “I’m not going to tell him yet lets just sleep on it a few nights ok. We will figure it out.”

    Todd just stood there and looked at me

    “Still friends.” I said as I put up my arms up inviting him for a hug.

    He nodded his head and walked into my arms, and hugged me back. We sat there for a moment, and when I released Todd had a few tears in his eyes. I smiled at him again and walked out.

    As I went home I started crying again, but at the same time I felt a little relief. I have felt incredibly guilty for over a mouth now. Its been sitting there like a stone wedged in my gut. At least I can finally end this with Todd, and I can confess what I’ve done, and move on with my life. At the same time many sad feelings came over me knowing he would probably leave me for sure, But I made a deep promise to myself that if I can some how convince him to stay with me, I will never ever hurt him again, and I will spend the rest of my life proving that to him.

    I got home that night and Jeff was still out on his trip, and he would probably be home early in the morning. I called my boss and woke him up and said that something came up and I won’t be able to make it into work in the morning.

    I lied awake all night thinking how I was going to tell Jeff, I came to no conclusion, but my plan was to think about it several days, as I told Todd. I fell asleep for about a half hour when I heard Jeff come in the door. I got up and made him breakfast. I told him that I was really tired and I needed a day off from work.

    He finally went to sleep after being up all night, and I started cleaning the house up, with my mind never resting about how I should tell him.

    I went and grabbed his overnight bag, and grabbed the rest of his laundry. I went into the laundry room and started throwing his clothes in and grabbed his dirty underwear and as I started throwing them in the washer when I noticed something.

    I picked up his boxer briefs and I noticed there were a lot of cum stains on them. I thought that’s weird, Jeff always said that ever since he met me he never jerks off. He likes to save all his cum that way he has a huge load for me.

    I just smiled throwing them back in. Well I guess I can’t get too mad at him after all the shit I’ve done. I picked up his pants and put my hand in the pocket to make sure that I wasn’t going to wash anything important. I reached in and pulled out a used condom.

    My heart just seemed to stop, I didn’t know what to think. I examined the condom for what had to be at least five minutes. There was a good load of white semen in it. I smelled the outside and at first all I could smell was rubber. But as I kept doing it I could make out the smell of a vagina.

    I took the clothes out and put them back into the clothes hamper. I didn’t know what I was going to do, but I don’t want him to be suspicious that I found it quite yet. I walked quietly back into the room and put the hamper back where it was. When I got to the door, I turned around and watched him sleeping for a moment.

    My thoughts did not move, I knew I would have several emotions soon but, I didn’t want to jump to any conclusions until I investigated this further.

    I had the keys to his car and I opened the door and looked in the glove box, and everywhere I could think of where I could find evidence. I was getting really frustrated the car was really hot. I was just about to give up when I looked in the back seat where his flight bag sat.

    I fumbled around in it, and I finally pulled out a letter. I grabbed it and went around the side of the house where no one can see me.

    Dear Jeff.
    How are you baby, I’m just sitting here in Houston on a layover and was really bored so I thought id write you a letter. I have had so much fun fucking you over the last few months. I love how secret and sneaky we’ve been. Remember that time when we snuck in the cargo area of the plane while the passengers were loading and we 69’d on one of the boxes. I loved rubbing your balls and sucking your cock, while you licked my pussy, and ohh it feels so good when you rub your tongue on my asshole.

    And remember when we got that trip together and I snuck up to your hotel room, and I pretended I was a little girl on Halloween asking you for candy. And you made me suck your cock, and say trick or treat. And then we fucked like animals and you rubbed your wife’s picture all over my pussy. Then you pulled your wife’s panties out of your bag and we both sniffed them together. And you made me wear them on my head as you fucked me. And you jacked your cock off with my husbands tie. That really turned me on baby.

    And remember the night of your wedding when you got back to your house and I was hiding outside, and you snuck out and fucked me up my tight little asshole and then shot your tasty cum in a little container. And I watched through the window, and fingered myself watching you and your wife in your bed room, and your wife was sucking your cock, after you just got done fucking my ass. Then I took the container of cum home and I pored your cum in my mouth and rubbed it on my pussy. Then I went and made out with my husband with your cum in my mouth. And he ate me out with you cum rubbed in my little cunt.

    I could go on and on baby, we have had lots of fun times. We need to stop this soon because I don’t want your wife and my husband to find out about us. But lets keep it going for a little while longer sweetie cause I enjoy being your little dirty fuck toy.

    Your secret lover
    P.S. I been on the pill, so you can start fucking my sweet hairless pussy and stop wearing those annoying condoms.

    I sat there and looked at the sky for several moments letting my thoughts and my emotions come to me. My first thought was I don’t have any more guilt left in me. Guilt is probably the worst emotion to feel. Six long weeks of incredible fear and guilt has just been lifted off my shoulders, it was like I had to carry 200 ibs on my back for six weeks and I finally got to drop it.

    But I also felt three more emotions, and I started expressing those emotions. Three emotions that I never thought I could feel at the same time, and I felt them stronger than I have ever felt any of those emotions.

    My hands trembled and my head was full of “ANGER” for being betrayed by my husband, and being lied to as he snuck around with his little whore.
    Tears filled my eyes in “SADDNESS” knowing that our relationship will never be the same, if it even continues.

    And my pussy was super wet from being “HORNY” from reading that kinky letter and knowing, that Jeff has been sneaking around doing the same stuff I have, and that I was the only one out of Me, Jeff, Todd, and Lisa. That knows the whole story, and I was completely in the drivers seat.

    “hmm what should I do now?” I thought “ maybe I’ll just stick to my original plan and sleep on it for a few days, till I figure out what I’m going to do.”

    To be continued………

    (lol I just thought of, batman. Remember in the batman TV shows at the end when the narrator came on and asked “will batman and robin escape the jokers evil scheme, or will they plummish in the hot lava.”…….or something like thatJ )

    The Days After My Wedding (Part 3) by britney hoglund
    Fantasy , Anal, Cheating, Hardcore, Job/Place-of-work, Water Sports/Pissing, Wife Posted: 2006-08-30

    Author's infos
    Gender: N/A Age: N/A Location: N/A The Days After My Wedding (part 3)
    by Britney Hoglund

    I went inside after reading the letter. It was 11:00 and Jeff was still sleeping. I took the letter into our computer room where I copied it. Then I returned it to Jeff’s flight bag. I put the copy in my purse before sitting on the couch to reflect.

    I still was in shock and didn’t know what to think. A million unanswered questions swirling through me. I couldn’t believe Jeff would cheat on me. I always thought he was so in love with me and that he had such a moral, conservative personality. But then, I thought that about myself before I met Todd.

    The sex between Todd and me was just an adventure. Through it all, I remained deeply in love with my husband. It was a terrible feeling to think that not only has my husband been having sex with another women, but that he could of possibly fell in love with her. And if so, does he still love me? The thought brought tears to my eyes. I couldn’t bare thinking my husband loving someone else and not me.

    A whole hour passed before a thought crossed my mind -- a thought that should have come an hour ago. “Who is she?”

    I took the copy of the letter out of my purse and held my breath before opening it to read again. I scrolled through the letter, going over the disgusting details again. I had a lump in my throat as I read. I felt jealous and sick when it came to the part about what they did on the night of my wedding.

    I finally made it to the end of the letter which closed with, “Your secret lover . . . Lisa.”

    “Lisa.” I said aloud.

    I guess I read the name Lisa the first time but was in too much shock to contemplate it. There is no way this could be a coincidence.

    “This could not be Lisa, Todd’s wife,” I thought.

    I just sat there and let the thoughts swim around my head for another two hours when, finally, I heard noise from the bedroom. It was Jeff getting out of bed. I wasn’t ready to face him. I was still so confused about everything. I ran into the bathroom, locked the door, turned on the shower, disrobed and got in. A few minutes later I heard a knock on the door.

    “Britney?” said Jeff.

    “I’ll be out in a minute,” I replied.

    As I showered, I mustered the courage to go out and just pretend everything’s normal. After I got out of the bathroom and dressed, I found Jeff sitting in the kitchen in his shorts and a t-shirt, drinking coffee and reading the paper.
    “Good morning, good afternoon, whatever it is, Jeff.” I said.

    “Hi, honey,” he said.

    I made him something to eat and I was somehow able to put everything in the back of my mind and act like I always do around him. He was going to work on another trip and had to leave at 7:00 p.m. I was looking forward to him leaving so I could think and stop pretending I don’t know anything.

    His cell phone rang. He picked it up and looked at it.

    “Oh, that’s my captain. The one I’m flying with tonight.” he said to me before answering the call.

    Flipping open the phone, he said, “Hello,” and walked into the computer room.

    I got up and hid around the corner trying to hear his conversation.

    “Yeah, she’s home. I can’t talk to you right now but I’ll call you back on the way to work,” he said.

    I could hear a female voice on the phone but couldn’t make out the words.

    “I’ll call you back in about a half hour, Babe. Can’t wait to see you tonight,” he whispered.

    I heard the voice continue.

    “Okay, Babe. Stop that! You are giving me a hard on and I’ve got to go past my wife on the way out of here,” Jeff said, again whispering. “See ya tonight,” he said, shutting the phone.

    I went back to the kitchen table and looked in the newspaper, pretending to read it. By the time Jeff entered the kitchen, he had his pilot uniform and was adjusting his tie.

    “Sorry. That was Scott, the guy I’m flying with tonight. He was just calling to tell me . . .”

    I just sat there and tuned out the rest of his lies. I somehow managed to keep a straight face, kiss him good-bye and exchange “I love you”s.

    As soon as I heard his car pull off, I got up and ran down the hall and fell on the bed crying. I cried on and off for hours. In my whole life I had never felt so alone. My body was so weak from all the stress, and from having so little sleep in the past 48 hours. I felt horrible knowing what my husband was probably doing at that moment, and it was about 10 o’clock when I finally cried myself into a deep sleep.

    It was 6:15 the next morning when my eyes opened again. I was really groggy and it took a moment for my brain to start functioning. Then thinking of the letter and the phone call, I hoped it was all a horrible nightmare.

    I looked over and saw Jeff sleeping. My heart was broken, watching Jeff sleep on the other side of the bed. He usually falls asleep with me in his arms.

    I got up quietly and walked into the kitchen. I looked at his bags sitting by the door. I didn’t want to see anymore but I was extremely curious and I needed to find out more. I dug through his stuff looking for more evidence. I pulled out his laptop and turned it on.

    I did find something on the computer. It was the most shocking thing I have ever seen. All my questions were answered now. I just swallowed all my emotions that were now flaring even more than the day before. I copied it on a blank CD and put it in my purse with the letter before I got ready for work.

    On my way to work I stared blankly at the road ahead, with no plan of what to do next. I just wanted to go through my day as usual.

    I walked through the door and there were already tons of people getting off a big corporate jet. There was a line of probably 30 people and Todd was alone taking care of everyone from behind the counter. I hurried behind the counter and started handling everyone’s rental car, hotel, taxi, or other needs.

    I went to the copy machine and though Todd was really busy, he stopped me for a second.

    “Britney, is everything okay,” he asked with a look of very deep concern on his face.

    “I don’t know, Todd. I’ll talk to you when we slow down a little, okay." I said

    Two hours later people were finally starting to dissipate. I just sat there, staring off in space, not looking at Todd. He scooted up behind me.

    “Britney, please say something,” he said.

    I’m sure Todd has been tortured the last 48 hours, with what happened the night before last, and with me not showing up at work yesterday.

    “I don’t know, Todd,” I said , starting to tremble.

    “What, Britney, did you tell your husband,” he asked in a panicky voice.

    I looked into his concerned eyes -- he has such a cute, little boy face -- and all of the sudden I cracked a big smile. He looked at me curiously and I rolled my chair so my face was close to his. I gave him a soft kiss. He pulled back.

    “Britney, please tell me what’s going on,” he said “What happened yesterday?”

    I held his face with two hands. “Don’t worry about it now. Just kiss me,” I said quietly.

    I kissed him softly for a moment and I opened my mouth inviting his tongue.

    “Britney, tell me what is going on,” he said sternly, releasing his kiss.

    I put my hand down on his crotch and began to rub his soft member through his pants.

    “Don’t talk any more, Todd,” I whispered. “Just fuck me. I want you to fuck me now.”

    We continued kissing and I felt his cock starting to grow in his pants. I undid his belt and zipper and pulled his cock out. Stepping back, I quickly slipped off my shoes and took off my pants. I was standing behind the counter in just my dress shirt and panties.

    Pulling my panties to the side, I climbed onto Todd and guided his member in my pussy, and started to slowly move up and down on his shaft. I grabbed his head gently and kissed him passionately.

    Before, Todd was just a friend that I fooled around with -- a partner with whom I played kinky sex games. But this time I was making love with Todd. All the feelings I’d had for the last few days -- jealousy, anger, shame, humiliation, sadness -- all the sudden went away. I continued to passionately make love to Todd. A moment passed when I almost said I love you. I refrained from saying that, knowing that it wasn’t the truth. But at that moment I did love him.

    I withdrew my kiss and continued slowly moving up and down on him.

    “Now I really feel guilty,” he said.

    “Why now,” I asked, smiling.

    “Because this is the way I do it with Lisa,” he said.

    Just hearing him say those words was beautiful to me. I looked up at the ceiling and continued smiling.

    “ Would you feel more comfortable if I went back to acting like a complete slut,” I said.

    “Hold on now. I didn’t say I was not really enjoying this.”

    “I’m glad you are enjoying it,” I said “But I agree we need to just go back to being kinky little fuck buddies.” I said

    “Yeah, but I’d say this is pretty kinky, fucking here behind the desk when someone could come in at any second,” he said, and I laughed.

    “Our lunch break is coming up. Maybe we should pay another visit to the maintenance room,” I said.

    “Mmm, that sounds great. And then when we get done, will you tell me what happened yesterday? I know something is wrong by the look on your face this morning,” he said.

    “Okay, I do have something I need to talk to you about, but let’s go on lunch break first. I want to go in that maintenance room and be your little nasty whore.” I said

    “Okay,” he said, moaning “You have me really curious right now because I know something’s up. But you got my cock so hard that I’m really not worried about anything but fucking the shit out of you.”

    I moaned at his comment, got off him and stood up. He put his cock back in his pants as he watched me bend over and put my pants back on. I looked at him again seriously and gave him a soft passionate kiss.

    “Thank you, Todd, you are the best friend I’ve ever had,” I said.

    “Ah, you too,” he said. I put my finger on his mouth.

    “Don’t say anything else.”

    We clocked out and met each other in the maintenance room. We tore off each others clothes. He began kissing me softly again and I pushed him hard against the tool bench. He looked at me in shock, and before he had a chance to think why I had just violently shoved him, I was on my knees with his cock in my hand. I put my mouth over it and I sucked hard and fast. My hand circled his shaft with a very tight grip as I jacked him off at a fast pace. I looked up in Todd’s eyes -- his mouth was open -- and moaned while giving Todd probably the best blow job he’s ever had.

    I spit on his cock and looked him in the eyes as I licked it off.

    “You are such a little dirty fucking slut.” he said.

    I got up in his face. “I am a dirty slut, so why don’t you treat me like one,” I said.

    “You want that?”

    “Yes treat me like your little worthless fuck toy, just do whatever you want to me,” I said
    “If that’s what you want, that’s just exactly what I’m going to do,” he said, grabbing me by my long hair and slamming me face-down on the table. Todd pushed hard on my head, pinning my face to the table, and I was bent over with my ass sticking out. He reached his hand back and shoved his middle finger up my ass, all the way to his knuckle. He finger-fucked my ass a few times and then pulled my hair, forcing the back of my head up. He pulled is finger out of my ass and stuck it in my mouth, repeated this several times.

    “You like tasting your shit hole, don’t you slut,” he said.

    Before I could answer, he almost lifted me off the ground by my hair and threw me down on the concrete, face down against the cold floor.

    “Reach both of your hands back and and spread your pretty butt cheeks, so I can see your cute little asshole,” he demanded.

    I did as I was told, my face on the concrete and both my hands spreading my ass apart. I was so wet and turned on. But at the same time, my scalp was aching from having my hair pulled so hard. I was a little nervous because I couldn’t see what Todd was doing behind me. I don’t think Todd would actually hurt me but . . .

    Just then I felt a warm fluid hitting my ass. I kept my ass pulled open and I could hear the stream hitting my asshole. It felt so good, as Todd’s piss hit my asshole and ran in my pussy. Then Todd shot piss all the way up my back and into my hair before he clinched the muscles in his cock, forcing the piss to stop.

    He reached down and pulled me to my feet, then put his hand on the top of my head, forcing me to my knees.

    “Now your going to drink my piss, you slut. Your going to drink it like you did on your wedding day in your wedding dress. Only this time, I’m not going to be careful to not get you dirty,” he said.

    I was on my knees. Todd grabbed the hair on the back of my head, forcing my face upward. My mouth was open, waiting. As he pointed the end of his cock close to my open mouth, he let a stream of saliva come out his mouth. It hit my forehead and slowly slid down my face like molasses.

    His piss began, and it shot in my mouth and hit the back of my throat, making me gag. He released my hair, letting me put my head down to recover, and I swallowed a mouthful as my butt came down hard back on the concrete. He stepped back and continued shooting his piss. It hit my tits and he worked it down to my stomach.

    “Your stupid husband don’t know that I’m standing here pissing on his naked wife, does he,” he said.
    He continued shooting his piss all over my naked body -- from my, tits, down my stomach, on my pussy, and all over both of my legs and feet. He stepped up and grabbed the back of my head again and pushed hard making the flow really strong. I closed my eyes as the stream hit me between the eyes and splashed off my face. As the flow weakened, he moved the stream on my closed mouth and up to my forehead and finally let it drip down all over my hair.

    He stepped back. I had my head down wiping my eyes with my wrist.

    “Are you okay, baby,” he asked.

    I opened my eyes, and looked up. I smiled and nodded my head.

    “I wish your fucking husband could see you right now, sitting naked on the cold floor drenched in my piss,” he said.

    He walked up to me again. I was still sitting on the floor with one hand holding me up, the other still trying to dry my eyes. He turned around and put his ass up to my face.

    “And I wish he could see me, right now, because I’m going to wipe my ass with his little slut wife’s face.”

    Grabbing the back of my head, he forced my face in his ass, rubbing his asshole up and down my face. He finally released his grip and stood in front of me and bent over in front of my face.

    “Get on your knees and kiss my asshole. Now,” he demanded.

    I got up on my knees and kissed his butt hole. I kissed it several times, moaning each time I did.

    “Now, I want you to eat my ass. And I want you to think how much you love your husband as you push your tongue in my asshole,” he said.

    I grabbed his ass with both hands and I spread his cheeks apart. And I thought of Jeff and what I seen on his computer, and his fucking letter, as I rimmed Todd’s asshole. I did it for several minutes, getting such pleasure forcing my tongue in his asshole with those thoughts in my head.

    I didn’t want to stop but Todd turned around and forced me to bend over the table again. He spread my legs and shoved his cock into my cunt really hard, He pulled my hair really hard again as he thrust in and out as hard as he could.

    “AH AH AHHHHH,” I screamed. “Your cock is so much fucking bigger then Jeff’s. You fuck me so much better then he does.”

    “I’M CUMMING, I’M FUCKING CUMMING ALL OVER YOUR BIG COCK, TODD,” I yelled at the top of my lungs as my body froze up and I felt the orgasm all the way through my body. My cum came gushing out and ran down both our legs.

    He thrust in a few more times then pulled out and forced me down to my knees again.
    “Get on your knees whore. I want to cum all over his wife’s fucking face,” he said.

    Todd stood there jacking his cock close to my face.

    “ I wish my husband could watch you when you cum on my face,” I said encouragingly. “I wish he could have watched you fuck his wife on his bed, wearing his underwear, and you fucking me up the ass in my wedding dress before I went and married him.”

    I rubbed his balls as he jerked off, wanting to make him as horny as possible before he shot cum in my face.

    “And I wish he was here now, and he got to watch you make me taste my asshole off your finger, and then drenched my whole body with your piss, and you sticking your big fucking cock in his wife’s cunt,” I said. “I could just see him standing there watching you.”

    Todd’s whole body tightened. I stared at his cock watching it swell and looking like it was going to explode. It seemed like hours watching his muscles tighten before a huge stream of semen shot out the end of his cock, splashing right on the center of my nose. A second load shot out sending a long stream from the top of my forehead, all across the top of my head. I rubbed my clit staring at Todd’s tight grip emptying all the fluid in his balls onto my face.

    Todd stepped back and we both looked at each other trying to catch our breath. A long stream of warm cum was dangling off my chin.

    “You look like an original glazed Crispy Cream doughnut,” Todd said as he laughed.

    I let out a loud laugh as I started to get to my feet. “Boy, I tell you to treat me like a complete whore, and that’s exactly what you did. Look at me,” I said.

    Standing up facing him, my hair was totally drenched and piss was dripping off my naked body. My face was totally white with chunks of cum dripping off of it.

    “You said that’s what you wanted, so that’s what I did, and you know you liked it,” he said.

    “Oh yeah, I really liked it,” I said, “In fact, I liked it so much that I’m going to give you a big kiss now.”

    I walked up to Todd and gave him an open mouth kiss, and swapped his cum from my mouth to his. I stepped back and his cum was dangling off his nose.

    Todd and I cleaned the piss off the floor using a nearby roll of paper towels. Then I wiped my body and hair the best I could. We both put on her clothes. I was dry but I was still a complete mess.

    “What am I suppose to do. I can’t go back to work looking like this,” I said.

    “There is a shower in the men’s bathroom that the pilot’s use. You can go in there and I’ll make sure that if someone comes in that they don’t go in. I’ll tell them it’s out of order or something,” said Todd.

    We walked back to the FBO only about five minutes late. We walked up to a glass door and looked in. There was a pilot waiting in front of the counter.

    “Oh fuck,” I said

    “Okay, I’ll go take care of him. You wait here and when he leaves you can sneak in the men’s room.”

    I watched through the glass door where I couldn’t be seen and saw Todd gave him the keys to his rental car.

    Then I headed to the men’s room to shower and clean up before heading back to the work counter with Todd.

    “Todd remember how I had something to talk to you about,” I said.

    “Yeah.” he said

    “I have no idea how to tell you this, so I just want to let you see for yourself,” I said.

    Todd’s face looked concerned as I took the CD out of my purse and I stuck it in the computer. I clicked on a WMP icon and the video popped up.

    It started with my husband sitting on a bed in a hotel room.

    “Hello. My name is Jeff and I am making this video because sometimes weeks go by and I don’t get to see my sexy flight attendant, and this video will give me something to jerk my cock to while I wait to get another trip with her.

    Todd laughed.

    “What the hell is this,” he said

    All of the sudden Lisa, Todd’s wife, appeared on the video.

    “Hi baby,” Lisa said into the camera. She started undoing his pants and took out his cock and put her mouth on it.

    “Don’t let your wife walk in and catch you jerking off to this video of you fucking me,” she said smiling, putting her mouth on Jeff's cock looking into the camera and she gave a jack off gesture. Lisa got up and tore off her clothes, and sat on his cock in the reverse cow girl position.

    “And I want a copy of this too, so when Todd goes to work I have something to watch and get off on,” Lisa said into the camera, while bouncing up and down on my husband’s cock.

    Todd grabbed the computer plug and pulled it killing the power to the computer.

    “WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT,” he yelled.

    “Todd I’m sorry, I found this note in Jeff’s pants while I was doing his laundry and I read it and then I just went through all his stuff, trying to find more evidence,” I said.

    He tore the note from my hand and started reading it. His face went pale as he stared at the letter. When he was done reading, he crumbled up the letter and through it hard against the window before turning his back to me and leaning on a table. I watched him for a moment and I could hear him start to cry. I got up and went behind him and put my hand on his back.

    “DON‘T TOUCH ME BITCH.” he yelled as he shoved me. I fell back and looked up at him. He had tears in his eyes, and his face was red with anger.

    “Todd don’t get mad at me. We’ve been doing the exact same thing. Just calm down and let’s talk about this and try to figure out what we can do next,” I said.

    “I’ll tell you what I’m going to do next. I’m going to go over to your house and take care of your fucking husband. That’s what I’m going to do next,” he said, storming out the door.

    Todd jumped in his car and drove off and I followed him trying to keep up. It was two hours before we were suppose to get off work. I raced Todd down the interstate, I kept up with him in traffic, but as soon as he had an opening he was going over 100 mph and I fell behind.

    I started to panic knowing that Todd was going to beat me home. He said he was going to take care of Jeff. What does that mean take care of him? Todd has about the maturity of a ten year old boy. He has been doing the exact same thing that my husbands been doing, but now the tables have turned and he can’t take it. I didn’t know if--- take care of him meant kill him. I don’t think Todd could do that, but I have never seen someone as angry as he was when he left work. He looked like he was completely insane.

    I knew I was going to have to call Jeff now, and warn him, and I would have to tell him that I know about him and Lisa, and that Todd knows that he’s been fucking his wife. I know that after I tell him that I was going to have to tell him about Todd and me.

    My heart was pounding in my chest. I picked up my cell phone, and as I scrolled down to the name Jeff, all of the sudden I saw a couple of police cars. As I got closer I saw Todd. He was lying face down on the road being handcuffed, as I drove by.

    I was relived, I now have time to get home to Jeff and explain this whole thing. I just hope that Jeff is more grown up then Todd. I was really nervous but exited at the same time that we can finally lay this whole thing on the table, figure out what we are going to do next, and get on with our lives, with or without each other.

    I finally got to my street and pulled up close to my house. There was a car in the drive way. I pulled up and parked down the street. I am home two hours early from work, and there is a strange car in my driveway. I laughed “Hmm I wonder who that could be?” I said to myself “Now I get to go inside and catch them.”
    I walked up to the door and walked into my house as quietly as I could. I heard screaming in the bedroom. I walked down the hall, and saw my bedroom door halfway open. I walked up to the wall next to the door as quietly as I could, and peeked my head in the room.

    to be continued............

    The Days After My Wedding 4 by britney hoglund
    Fiction , Anal, Cheating, Humiliation, Lesbian, Water Sports/Pissing, Wife Posted: 2006-09-11

    Author's infos
    Gender: N/A Age: N/A Location: N/A The Day’s After My Wedding 4

    Lisa was on my bed bent over on her hands and knees, getting fucked by my husband in the doggy-style position. I stood their in disbelief, not because I was watching Jeff fuck another women in my bed, but because Lisa was wearing my wedding dress.

    As I watched them, I notice the sexy pink silk thong panties that Jeff bought me on our honeymoon were tied around the base of Jeff’s dick and were rubbing against Lisa’s pussy and asshole with each thrust.

    Jeff and Lisa had their back turned to me and my husband was pulling Lisa’s hair toward him, forcing her face up. Lisa had one hand on the edge of the bed to support herself and the other hand was used to pull the bottom of my white dress up to her lower back, giving Jeff easy access.

    Jeff pulled his dick out, and put the middle finger of his hand in Lisa’s cunt. Then he pulled his wet finger out and worked it in Lisa’s asshole, with his hand doing small circles. My panties were now tied halfway up his cock and he used his right hand to reposition them back down to the base.

    “You ready to get fucked up the ass now, gorgeous,” Jeff said.

    Lisa moaned, as Jeff jerked his cock a few times getting it hard again, and withdrew his finger and put the tip of his dick on Lisa’s asshole. The tip of my husbands penis was slowly disappearing. Her asshole was opening and taking it in inch by inch.

    “I love it when you fuck my ass,” said Lisa.

    “My cock feels so good up your tight asshole, baby,” he said.

    Their skin slapped together as Jeff began to fuck Lisa, causing the bed to make a lot of noise from their violent. I moved quietly behind them and watched for a moment.

    “What would your wife do if she knew I was wearing her pretty wedding dress, on her bed, while her husband’s cock goes in and out my butt hole,” Lisa said, panting.

    “She would probably make you pay the dry cleaning bill,” I said in a calm voice.

    Lisa and Jeff completely froze, though Jeff’s cock popped out of Lisa’s ass like a wine bottle cork. The bed was made but Jeff tore the sheets out to cover himself. Lisa sat there in my wedding dress, with her head down, a shocked, panicky look on her face. They both had turned white as snow. I stood there and just stared at both of them.

    “Britney, this is not what it looks like,” Jeff said in a trembling voice.

    “Well, what is it then, Jeff.” My voice remained calm.

    Lisa stood up and walked over to her jeans and panties that were sitting by the dresser. She picked them up but realized her bra and shirt were on the other side of me. We made eye contact and her face turned whiter then went completely pale. She started to faint, falling down to her hands and knees, then face first on the carpet.

    I finally made eye contact with Jeff. He had a horrified look on his face as I glared at him. Lisa started moving, struggling back to her hands and knees, but kept the top of her head on the floor, allowing the blood to flow back in her head.

    I stood there for a moment watching them suffer. I was enjoying the revenge. But then I started feeling guilty, knowing that I was just as guilty of doing the same things that I just caught them doing.

    “When you both are finished, I’ll be in the kitchen,” I said, walking out and closing the door behind me.

    I went into the kitchen and sat at the table, waiting for them. Several minutes later, Jeff finally came around the corner, with Lisa walking behind him, both in their original clothes. Sheepishly, Jeff sat down across from me. Lisa, her head down, walked toward the door.

    “I need to talk to you, too,” I told her sternly.

    Lisa paused by the door, still not making eye contact with me. “I probably should go,” she said quietly, grabbing the door handle.

    I got up and quickly pulled a chair out. “SIT DOWN,” I shouted.

    An expression of fear and shame crossed her face, and she looked like she was going to faint again. To further show my resolve, I walked over to her, placed a hand on her upper back and looked into her eyes.

    “I’m not mad at you, okay? But I need to talk to you,” I said in a soft spoken voice

    Lisa stood there for a second, then nodded her head, and slowly walked over to one of the chairs and sat down. I sat down and looked across at them as each just stared at the table in front of them.

    “First of all, I want you both to know that I already knew about this. I found that letter in your pant pocket when I was washing your clothes, Jeff,” I said.

    They both sat staring at the table and fidgeting nervously with their fingers.

    “And I also saw your little video on your computer,” I said, looking at Jeff.

    Jeff just continued to glare at the table, while Lisa had her right elbow on the table with her hand covering her eyes. We sat in silence.

    “Jeff I want to start out by saying that I love you. I love you with all my heart. I love you so much that I can forgive you anything,” I said. “ I know that you are an honest person, and I am going to ask you a question and I want you to give me an honest answer. I know what you been doing and I don’t want you to tell me what I want to hear. I just want the truth.”

    Jeff looked at me with an expression of shamed on his face.

    “I want to know if you still love me,” I said.

    Jeff looked into my eyes for a long moment.

    “I don’t know if you can believe me now, but I have loved you from the second I met you. I love you now and I will always love you,” he said in a soft sincere voice.

    I looked down at the table trying to hide my emotions. I felt a lump in my throat and I swallowed hard.

    “Then why have you been cheating on me,” I asked as my voice started to crack.

    Jeff leaned back in his chair and rubbed his face.

    “I don’t know, Britney,” he said.

    “Did you have any idea how much it would hurt me if I found out?”

    Jeff continuing just staring at the table.

    “Would you like it if I was sleeping with another man,” I asked as Jeff just shook his head. “What if I told you I have been with someone else?”

    Jeff lifted his head and looked seriously into my eyes.

    “Have you?”

    “Answer my question first,” I said.

    Jeff looked at me for another moment.

    “I wouldn’t like it, but I guess I would deserve it after what I’ve done,” he said.

    Jeff and I stared at each other. Tears were starting to fill my eyes.

    “Jeff I have been sleeping with someone else,” I said.

    Jeff’s expression stayed the same at first. But his eyebrows lowered and I could tell he was starting to get angry. I sat and watched his expressions change, saying nothing and hoping he wasn’t going to lose his mind. I wanted desperately for everyone to stay calm and talk through this.

    “Why have you been doing that” he said, with his voice cracking.

    I grabbed Jeff’s hand.

    “Jeff I love you so much, but I have always lived my life the way everyone thinks I should live it,” I said as I got up and started walking around the table. I needed the movement. It steadied my nerves as I continued.

    “It started off as just innocent flirting, and he kept pressing. I finally gave in and I slept with him, and I felt so guilty,” I said, stopping next to Jeff. “But I enjoyed so much being a bad girl for the first time in my life. I never had a secret and I really enjoyed having a secret. I started breaking it off, I felt so guilty and ashamed that I was sick to my stomach.

    “Then the other day, I was doing your laundry and I found Lisa’s note. I was really curious and I snooped through all your stuff and I found that thing on your computer. I was furious with you. You don’t know how hurt I was. But after what I had been doing, I also felt so relieved and happy at the same time.”

    Jeff continued looking at me with a soft look on his face. I have always loved the way he stays calm in stressful situations, and how he never judges anyone no matter how bad the person seems.

    “I have thought about this really hard for the last several days. We have been doing the same thing to each other, and I want to forgive you and forgive myself,” I said my grip tightened on his hand and tears began coming down my cheek.

    “I want you and I to get through this. And I want to spend the rest of my life earning back your trust for me, and I want to forgive you and trust you again. The last mouth in a half I have done the most awful things that you can imagine. I have done things that I never would of dreamed that I could do, but I have loved you, Jeff, through it all. I loved you every step of the way, and I want to spend the rest of my life loving you and never keeping anything from you ever again.”

    Jeff looked at me for a long moment as I walked back to my chair.

    “Britney, I feel the same way. I have done lots of bad things too, and I have felt incredibly guilty. I don’t know what you have done but I don’t even care. Whatever it is I forgive you,” he said.

    I sat there with my hand covering my eyes, tears flowing. Jeff got up and walked over to me and rubbed the back of my neck.

    “I forgive you honey. I love you so much and whatever it is, let’s just start all over again, okay?” Jeff said.

    I jumped out of the chair and through myself in his arms. I put my head against his chest and he put his arms around me, holding me tightly. We embraced for a long while.

    “I love you ,Jeff,” I said, breaking the hug and looking in his eyes. “I love you so much.”

    “I love you too, Britney,” he said as he softly kissed my lips.

    We kissed for a long while and were so caught up in the moment that we both forgot that Lisa was sitting there. She had a blank expression on her face and her hands were folded on her lap.

    “So you are Lisa?” I said finally.

    Lisa just sat there and looked into my eyes. She had a sweet looking baby face. Her eyes were a very light blue but they glowed with a very intelligent, grown-up look about them. She had beautiful milky skin and long, blonde hair.

    “I am so sorry, Britney,” she said, softly

    “It’s okay, Lisa,” I said, smiling. “I forgive you, too.”

    She gave me a half-smile in return.

    “So, you are married, too?” I asked.

    Lisa closed her pretty eyes and nodded her head shamefully.

    “So can you answer a question?”

    Lisa nodded her head again.

    “Why have you been cheating on him with my husband? And answer me honestly,” I commanded.
    Lisa had a blank look on her face. She opened her mouth a few times as if to speak but said nothing. Then, she finally straightened her face and looked at me.

    “I love my husband, too, but he is more like a kid then a man,” she started. “I have always loved him the way a mother would love her son. Then I met Jeff. He is mature and grown up, and I guess that’s the kind of man I been longing for.”

    Jeff moved to sit next to Lisa, looking at me from across the table.

    “So now that we got all that cleared up, I am curious,” Jeff said “Who’s the lucky guy who has been sleeping with my wife?”

    They both looked at me, anxiously waiting for my response.

    “I have been sleeping with . . . Todd. Lisa’s husband,” I said after a moment’s pause.

    Lisa’s mouth dropped. I looked at her, bracing myself, not knowing if she was going to hit me or curse at me.

    “You have been having sex with Todd?” she said in a non-believing tone.

    I nodded my head. All of a sudden Lisa cracked a huge smile and began laughing. I was completely caught off guard.

    “Why would you cheat on Jeff with Todd,” she asked, still laughing

    I shrugged my shoulders and let out a smile in relief and embarrassment.

    “Your not mad about that,” I asked

    “I always knew Todd would cheat on me,” she said. “I just would never have imagined he would get someone like you.”

    “There is something else you should know about Todd. I told him about you guys about an hour ago,” I said and paused to let that sink in.

    “The reason I am home early from work is because he stormed out of work, saying that he was going to come over here and take care of Jeff. I didn’t know what that meant so I tried to follow him home but he was driving out of control. He was going over 100 miles per hour going down the interstate, swerving through traffic. As I drove on, I saw that he had been stopped and was being arrested on the side of the road,” I said.

    “Good. Let him sit in jail,” Lisa said laughing. “Britney, he is such a wimp. He has never been in a fight in his whole life. Jeff would’ve beat his ass if he did make it over here.

    “So how in the world did he get you to fuck him anyway,” she asked.

    “Yeah, I’m a little curious, too,” Jeff piped in.

    “He was always flirting with me but I always blew him off. Then one day he asked me if he could take my panties home with him,” I said.

    “That sounds like Todd,” Lisa responded.

    “Yeah, he is really dirty, and that kind of turned me on. So, I took my panties off at work and let him take them home. Then he brought them back the next day, and told me how he sniffed them and jacked off in them. It made me really horny, so we ended up watching each other masturbate right there at work behind the counter. I finally said that he could come over that night,” I said.

    “So you did it in our bed,” Jeff asked with a slightly sad look on his face.

    I nodded.

    “So when was the next time you did it after that?”

    “Jeff, I’m not going to lie to you. The details are pretty rough, and maybe you are better off not knowing. But if you want to know, I will tell you,” I said.

    “Yeah, I’d kind of like to know,” he said.

    I took a deep breath.

    “After we did it that time over here I broke it off for a few weeks. Then at our wedding, after we did all the photos, I went back down that hall to get a drink. All of the sudden, Todd showed up and pulled me in one of those classrooms,” I said.

    “You fucked him at our wedding,” he interrupted to ask.

    “Jeff, I am so sorry. I know that is horrible,“

    “That is horrible,” he said.

    “Are you mad at me,” I asked. His answer surprised me. It was totally unexpected.

    “Actually, I’m kind of turned on. I never knew you were such a bad girl,” he said. We both smiled at each other.

    “Yeah, well, I was a little turned on watching you and Lisa in the bedroom there,” I said.

    I sat there and looked at Lisa and Jeff. We all started grinning at each other.

    “Have you ever been with a girl before, Britney,” Lisa asked.

    I smiled and shook my head. “Have you?”

    “No, but I have always wanted to try it,” she said.

    I looked at Jeff and he looked excited. I looked back at Lisa, then I stood up and walked around the table. Lisa stood and we glared into each others eyes. I put both of my hands on her cheeks. She raised her hand and rubbed her fingers through my hair. I moved closer till my lips met hers. Her mouth opened slightly and I responded by opening my mouth. Our tongues touched and I began moving my tongue in her mouth.

    I withdrew the kiss and looked down at Jeff, who was rubbing himself through his jeans. I moved behind Lisa and rested my chin on her shoulders. We were both facing Jeff, looking down at him. I reached around and grabbed Lisa’s small, perky breasts. Then I ran my hands down her body, to her hips and by her inner thighs.

    “I want to watch you suck my husband’s cock,” I said to her.

    Lisa moved her head to me and our tongue’s touched again. I put my hands on both of her shoulders and pushed her down to her knees. She crawled over to Jeff and started undoing his jeans.

    Jeff’s cock sprang out of his pants. Once free, I grabbed it and guided it into Lisa’s open mouth. I admired her beautiful eyes as I watched her head go up and down on my husband’s cock. She sucked really hard and moved her head up till his cock popped out of her mouth like a lollypop.

    “Can I suck his dick now,” I asked.

    Lisa had her hand around his cock and she pointed it at my face.

    “He’s your husband.” she said.

    I opened my mouth and she stuck it in. She was rubbing my face, watching me suck cock, then she ran her tongue up and down Jeff’s balls. I took it out of my mouth and ran my tongue up and down his shaft. Lisa was looking in my eyes while licking his balls. She slowly moved her tongue up all the way until our tongues met, circling the tip of his cock.

    I grabbed my husband’s hand and brought it up to his dick. I stood up and gave him a soft kiss as I continued to help his hand jerk himself off.

    “You want to watch a little, baby,” I said, gazing into his eyes.

    Jeff didn’t say anything. His facial expression said it all.

    Lisa and I both stood up, though Jeff remained seated, playing with himself. I started kissing Lisa’s soft lips again and she put both hands on my chest, rubbing my breasts up and down. I ran my hands down her stomach to her hips and reached around and grabbed her ass while still kissing her. Lisa’s hand worked up my shirt and slid under my bra. As her hands touched my nipples, my pussy got wet. I released my kiss, moved her hair aside and kissed her neck then sucked on her soft skin.

    Lisa and I were moaning. Lisa’s eyes were closed as she released my breasts and ran her hands down and started working on my work pants I was still wearing. She undid them and pulled them down to my knees, still making out with me. Lisa got on her knees and brought her face up slowly. I looked down and into Lisa’s sweet face as she ran her tongue up and down my pussy through my panties. She moved my panties aside and circled my clit with her tongue. Then, very slowly, she ran her tongue up and down my slit.

    I was running my hand through her soft blonde hair, watching her. I closed my eyes for a while, then looked over at my husband. He looked so sexy pleasuring himself while he watched Lisa lick my cunt. She looked up at me and put her soft lips on my pussy and kissed it.

    I stepped back and Lisa stood up, moving close to my face. I put my hands on her cheeks then gave her another kiss.

    “Will you excuse me, Lisa, I need to talk to my husband. But you are welcome to stay,” I said, smiling at her.

    I walked over to Jeff, swung my legs around the chair and sat on his lap, facing him. I moved close to his face.

    “I missed you, baby,” I whispered to him.

    “I missed you too. I love you so much,” he said.

    He grabbed my hips and put himself inside me. I slowly moved up and down on him.

    “You promise never to keep anything from me again,” he asked, kissing me.

    “I promise, baby. I promise never to do anything again to hurt you,” I said.

    “I promise too, Britney. I love you. I love you forever.”

    I released my kiss and put my head on his shoulder. His hands grabbed me firmly and pushed my hips up and down. The pace continued, and pleasure was building in my whole body. Jeff’s body tightened and I felt his dick swelling up in me. We both had an orgasm at the same and I rode him until all of his cum was inside of me.

    I stood up and looked at Lisa, who was sitting on the couch playing with her pussy.

    “I guess I better go bail my husband out of jail now,” she said, laughing putting on her clothes and walking out the door.

    It was Jeff’s day off and he took me out to dinner, where we talked for hours. At dinner we renewed our vows to each other. It was a wonderful night with him, and everything was new, like I was falling in love with him all over again.

    I got up the next morning, made Jeff breakfast and we talked more. We talked briefly the night before about Lisa, but mostly about our future together, about which we were both excited.

    “So I don’t think that Todd’s going to be at work today. I hope he and Lisa talked it over and they are okay now. But I think I’m going to talk to my boss about working in another department. I don’t think I am going to feel comfortable now, working with him everyday. I don’t think that it would be fair to you, either,” I said

    “Whatever you think, baby. I have complete trust that you’ll never do anything behind my back again,” he said.

    I walked over to him.

    “Thank you, Jeff. I love you and I will see you tonight.”

    We kissed and he walked me to the door and waved to me as I drove off for work.

    I arrived at work, and just like I expected, Todd was not there. Two jets landed at the same time and there were more than 40 passengers in the FBO waiting to be helped. The line was so big there were people waiting outside. An hour went by and I was working as hard as I could and the line wasn’t getting any smaller. I started getting really stressed out and frustrated as the people grew more and more impatient and made rude comments to me.

    A heavy set man was next in line. He glared at me as he walked up to the counter.

    “Do you have any idea how long I have been waiting,” he said.

    “I’m sorry sir. I am the only one here and I’m going as fast as I can.” He continued to glare at me with a disgusted look. “What can I do for you,” I said.

    He threw the paper with his hotel and rental car information on the desk before it slid down to the floor. I Swallowed hard to help myself to remain calm, I bent over, picked it up and started putting his information in the computer as he continued giving me a dirty look. I finally finished and handed him keys to his rental car.

    “You need to get back in the kitchen where you belong, you worthless bitch,” he said, grabbing the keys from my hand and walking out.

    The next guy walked up and handed me his information, glaring at me like the previous customer. I turned around to the copier machine to hide my face. Tears started filling my eyes and I decided that I was just going to walk out and quit this job. It was probably going to take me another two hours to finish all these people and their needs, and I didn’t think that I could handle all the rude people by myself.

    “I can help you over here,” I heard a voice say behind my back.

    I turned around and there was Todd. “Hello,“ I managed to say in true relief.

    Half of the line walked over to him and he quickly started getting taking care of them. Twenty minutes later Todd and I watched the last passenger walk out the door.

    He sat there and smiled at me.

    “Are you okay? What happened to you yesterday? I saw you on the side of the road with the cops as I was chasing you down.”

    “They pulled me over and I was completely out of my mind. I started cussing at them and telling them I had to go. They asked me to step out of the car and I told them to fuck off. As I started to drive off, they shot me with a stun gun thing and pulled me out of the car. That is probably when you drove by,” he said.

    I listened intently as his story unfolded.

    “The next thing I knew I was sitting in jail. Hours went by and I was starting to calm down. Finally Lisa showed up and they let me out,” he continued with the story. “I apologized to the officers and just told them I was having a horrible day. They dropped the charges except for speeding and released me.”

    “So are you and Lisa okay with everything?” I said

    “Yeah. We talked all night last night. I think we are going to be okay,” he said “And we decided to ask you if you and Jeff want to come over for dinner tonight.”

    I thought about it for a while before calling Jeff to ask him. He said he would like to do it. Todd and I spent the rest of the day talking.

    We got off work and I went home and started getting ready. I was excited. I hadn’t talked at all about it with Todd or Jeff, but I had a pretty good idea of what was going to happen that night.

    When Jeff and I arrived at Todd and Lisa’s condo, I could tell that Jeff was really nervous. Lisa opened the door and we walked in.

    There was alot of tension between my husband and Todd. They didn't make eye contact at first. Lisa and I felt uncomfortable, she was showing me her house, hoping to break the ice.

    "This isn't going so well." I said

    "Lets just leave them alone, for a while and see what happens." she said

    We walked back into the living room were they sat.

    "Guys Lisa and I are gonna run to the store and get some beer." i said

    Todd and Jeff both gave an expression like they didn't want us to go. We went anyway, Lisa and I were getting along very well, but we were nervous that when we got back our husbands would be in a fist fight.

    We finally got back and walked in the door. To our surprise Jeff and Todd were talking and laughing. We both walked and sat next to our husbands.

    “There is actually one thing that I am still a little upset about,” Todd said.

    We all looked at him curiously.

    “Lisa told me about you guys last night. I am pissed that I didn’t get to watch my wife lick her first pussy,” said Todd with a smile.

    “I’m sorry man. Wish you could have been there. Is there some way we can make it up to you,” Jeff said laughing.

    “You could watch your wife come over here and suck my cock. That would be a start,” he said.

    “Get it out, my friend,” Jeff said, sitting on the couch.

    I walked over to Todd and got on my knees, working his pants down. Lisa walked over to my husband and sat on his lap. I pulled Todd’s cock out and sucked it while looking at my husband.

    “Now I know why you been cheating on me, Britney. Look at the size of Todd’s cock,” Jeff said.

    “You are much more handsome, though, and I like your cock a lot better,” I said between licks on Todd‘s dick, before adding, “No offense, Todd, but I do.”

    “Yeah, Jeff you might be better looking then me, but my wife’s a lot hotter then yours, I just like your wife cause she lets me treat her like a nasty little whore,” he said.

    “I never knew that about you, Britney,” Jeff said.

    “Want me to show you what a whore I am, baby,” I asked.

    Jeff pulled his cock out and grabbed Lisa’s hand and put it on his dick, and started jacking off with her hand. I quickly pulled Todd’s pants down and moved behind him and spread his cheeks and buried my face in his asshole. I reached around and grabbed his cock and stroked it fast, while moaning and tonguing Todd’s ass.

    “You like that baby,” I said to Jeff.

    “I fucking love it,” he said, jacking his cock with Lisa’s hand.

    Todd walked off, and took off the rest of his clothes and grabbed my purse as we all watched him. He dug through it and found my lip stick. He walked back to me, and he took off my pants and grabbed me by the hair and bent me over the table, to where my ass was facing Jeff and Lisa. He grabbed my panties and pulled them hard until they ripped off me. He pulled my face up and stuffed my panties in my mouth, and forced my face on the table.

    I felt Todd writing something on my lower back and on my ass.

    “You guys want to tell her what it says,” Todd said.

    “Jeff’s-wife-is-a-filthy-whore,” Lisa and Todd both said reading Todd’s message.

    “And he dotted the “I” in wife with your asshole, Britney,” Lisa said, laughing with Jeff.

    I felt embarrassed and offended. I know this was just a game but hearing Jeff laughing behind me hurt. I didn’t want to spoil the fun so I kept my head down on the table so they couldn’t see my sad expression.

    Todd walked over and put his cock in his wife’s mouth, then pulled it out.
    “Spit on my cock, Lisa,” he said. Looking over at Jeff, he said, “Spit on my cock before I go fuck your wife’s asshole.”

    I heard Jeff laughing again.
    Todd walked back over to me and put his cock on my asshole. I could feel Lisa’s warm saliva as his dick slid in me. He pulling my hair hard as he shoved his cock in and out of my asshole. He pulled is dick out and swung me around by my hair so I was facing Jeff and Lisa. Todd pried my mouth open with both hands. He took my panties out of my mouth and made me wear them on my head, as he shoved his dick in my mouth. I could taste my lipstick from when he dotted the eye with my asshole. He forced my head down on his cock and I started choking and I pulled back. I sat there and tried to regain myself.

    “Are you okay, Britney?” Lisa said.

    I looked up at them and showed them the tears in my eyes. Jeff had a smile that changed into a concerned look.

    “I’m fine,” I said “I’m just a little humiliated.”

    Jeff rushed over and hugged me.

    “I’m sorry, baby. I thought you were enjoying it,” Jeff said

    Jeff’s concern helped return by motivation, turning my sad face into a smile.

    “I am enjoying it,” I said, wiping my tears away. “Lets keep going.”

    Lisa walked over and hugged me.

    “I have to give you a hug too, Britney. It makes me sad seeing you cry. My husband is such a big meaney,” she said.

    She released her hug and gave me a gentle shove. “Now get back to work, slut,” she said, smiling.

    I turned and looked at Todd, who had a big smile on his face. I clinched up my hands and started pounding on his chest. He turned his shoulder to guard himself from my punches. I grabbed him and tried to trip him down on the floor. He was too strong but submitted himself on his back. I climbed on top of him and guided his dick inside my cunt.

    I started slapping his face. “YOU ARE SUCH A FUCKING PRICK, TODD,” I said.

    He covered his face and blocked the punches as he laughed.

    “I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU, YOU FUCKING, ASSHOLE,” I said, still slapping him and fucking him at the same time.

    He then picked me up and shoved me off of him, as I screamed. We both sat there laughing at each other.
    “I’m going to give my husband a blow job now,” I said, getting up walking over to where Lisa and Jeff were sitting.

    “Help me suck Jeff’s cock, Lisa,” I demanded

    Lisa and I both licked Jeff cock and I took Lisa by the head and gently placed her mouth on it. I looked back at Todd.

    “Oh look, Todd, your darling wife is sucking a cock -- and it’s not yours. Your pretty wife is such a good cock sucker,” I said, taunting Todd.

    Jeff laughed, enjoying having his cock sucked and being a spectator. Todd walked over to me and grabbed me, pulling me over behind Lisa. We both worked at getting Lisa’s tight jeans off. She had sexy red thong panties and admired her soft smooth skin as I pulled her panties off slowly.

    Todd grabbed the back of my head and tried to shove my face into Lisa’s ass but I pulled away.

    “You know what Todd? I have had just about enough of you. Why don’t you go sit down and behave yourself,” I said.

    Todd did like I told him. I looked into my husbands eyes. Lisa’s head was still going up and down on his cock. I started kissing Lisa’s lower back and around her butt cheeks. I continued to tease Jeff running my tongue all around Lisa, getting close to her pussy, then bringing my tongue back. Todd just kept gazing at me and I slowly brought my tongue up to Lisa’s pussy, running my tongue up and down, messaging her clit.

    “Lick her asshole, baby,” Jeff whispered.

    “Yeah, lick her ass, slut,” Todd said.

    Jeff gave Todd a dirty look, as if to warn him.

    “Todd just sit there and shut your fucking mouth,” I said, glaring at him. I brought my face back down and kissed Lisa’s left butt cheek. “Want to watch me lick it, honey,” I whispered to Jeff.

    Jeff smiled and leaned forward, still allowing Lisa to suck his dick. He rubbed his finger around her asshole, looking at me, then with both hands spread her cheeks apart. I gazed up at him and stuck my tongue out and moved my head close till my tongue reached her asshole.

    My tongue circled her asshole as I gazed up at my husband. I kissed her asshole still looking at him and started working my tongue up her ass. Jeff brought his finger up to Lisa’s ass and stuck it in slowly. I brought my tongue down to her pussy as his finger eased up her ass, never letting our eyes loose contact.

    He worked his finger slowly out of her ass. I ran my tongue up her slit till I met his finger and took his finger in my mouth. He pulled his finger out of my mouth and I went back to licking Lisa’s pussy and asshole.

    “Which hole on Lisa have you enjoyed fucking more, Jeff,” I asked. “This one” as I put my finger in her pussy, “or this one?” I put my other finger in her asshole.

    “I like fucking Lisa’s asshole more because you never seemed to enjoy it when I did it to you,” Jeff said.

    “Well this asshole here,” I said pointing at Todd, “has fucked my asshole so much the last few weeks that I am getting used to it and I am starting to enjoy it more up my ass then I do my pussy.”

    We all looked up at Todd who was playing with his dick. He just shrugged his shoulders. “I’m glad I was able to help,” he said, smiling.

    “Todd, why don’t you be a good boy and lie on your back and put your big cock up your wife’s cunt like a husband is suppose to do,” I said.

    Todd took off the rest of his clothes and laid on the ground with his hard dick pointing in the air. Lisa pulled her mouth off my husbands cock and got on top of Todd . I grabbed Todd’s cock and guided it in his wife’s cunt. Lisa was bouncing up and down on her husband, as I ran my tongue from Todd’s balls all the way up his cock to Lisa’s asshole.

    Jeff got on his knees behind us. I grabbed my husbands cock and directed into Lisa’s asshole, kissing him as he eased it in.

    I stood back and watched Lisa being double penetrated by Todd and my husband. I walked around them, watching as they all moaned. I bent over and ran my tongue up and down my husband’s ass as he thrust his cock up Lisa’s ass.

    I sat on the couch facing them and watched them. I was rubbing my pussy hard and I felt an orgasm coming. My body tightened up and my blood rushed to my pussy as I squirting my cum all over Todd, Jeff, and Lisa. My cum dripped off all their faces.

    I got up extremely horny now and bent over so my husband and Lisa could lick it off my pussy and asshole. I sat down on Todd’s face and rubbed my ass on his face and nose so he couldn’t breath. Todd started gasping for air and grabbed me by the hips and throw me off. My husband stood up and Lisa got off Todd.

    I got up and grabbed Lisa by the hair and pulled her over to the coffee table and laid her down, and climbed on top of her, pulling her legs back and held them between my arms and buried my face in her pussy in the 69 position. My husband came up to me and I took his hard cock in my mouth, then pushed it in Lisa’s asshole while I resumed licking her pussy. He pulled it out of Lisa’s ass and guided it in my mouth.

    My husband got on his knees and licked Lisa’s asshole as I licked her cunt. Then he brought his mouth to mine, kissing me.

    “Lisa’s pussy tastes so sweet, baby,” I whispered to him.

    “Her asshole tastes good, too,” he whispered back.

    “I could smell Lisa’ asshole when you pulled your cock out and stuck it in my mouth,” I said.

    “You like that, don’t you,” he said.

    I stuck my middle finger up her ass and pulled it out. Jeff stood up and I watched Lisa’s asshole open up as my husband slid his cock in. I sat up and moved Lisa's hips so she was now laying on her stomach, resting her head with her chin. I grabbed my lipstick again and got in her face.

    “Lisa does my husbands cock feel good in your ass,” I politely asked.

    “Mmm yes. I love your husband’s cock,” she said.

    “Are you aware that you were going to have cock up your ass tonight,” I asked.

    Lisa nodded her head and smiled. I put my finger on her upper lip under her nose.
    “Smell this,” I said. “Why didn’t you clean your fucking asshole then?”

    Lisa’s face got red, and she smiled shamefully. I reached around with my other hand and stuck my finger up my ass and shoved it in her face. “My ass smells good doesn’t it,” I said, shoving my finger in her mouth.

    “Jeff bring your dick over here. I want her to taste her dirty little ass,” I said.

    Jeff walked over to her face and shoved it down her throat. I pinched her nose closed until her face got red and he pulled it out of her mouth and she gasped for air.

    I brought my lipstick up to her face and read aloud as I wrote.

    “Lisa-is-a-dirty-ass-slut,” I said reading my message.

    Jeff walked back and continued to fuck her ass. I sat on the table in front of her and aimed my pussy up at her face, and started shooting piss all over her face. My husband was watching over her shoulder, thrusting in her asshole and starting to moan that he was cumming.

    I stood up and watched my piss drip off her face. Then I went behind her and put my mouth on her asshole, and sucked out all Jeff’s cum. I walked back over and spit the cum between her eyes. Todd, who had been jacking off the whole time, walked behind me and stuck his cock in my pussy. He lasted only a few seconds before jizzing up my cunt.

    I sat back again on the table and grabbed the back of Lisa’s head and made her suck her husband’s cum out of my twat. She got up and looked at me and grabbed the back of my head, with her mouth full of Todd’s spunk, and spit it all over my face.

    She stood over me and bent her knees and aimed her cunt at my mouth. I opened my mouth and waited and Todd got beside her and aimed his cock at my mouth until both of their warm piss shot in my mouth, and all over my face and hair.

    Jeff grabbed Lisa and forced her on her hands and knees, and started pissing on her ass. He walked around to her face aiming his piss all over her body. I got behind Lisa and pried her mouth open with both hands as my husband’s stream went in her mouth. I looked up at him and opened my mouth and he pointed his dick, filling my mouth with piss. I stood up and walked over to Lisa with a mouthful of pee and skeeched it in her face.

    “Why don’t you too girls go take a shower? You both look awful,” Todd said.

    I flipped off Todd. Lisa and I walked to the bathroom with Todd and Jeff staring at our asses.

    After we got cleaned up, Lisa and I cooked dinner for our husbands. During dinner. We talked a long time and we all agreed that screwing each other’s spouses probably is not the key for a healthy marriage.

    I didn’t go back to work the next day. I told my boss that I had the flu. I didn’t want to go back to work and see Todd. I was exited about my renewed relationship with my husband. I ended up never going back to work. A few months later Jeff got a job flying corporate in California. We left town and didn’t look back. I started taking classes in California and Jeff loved his job.

    We never talked about Todd and Lisa again. I assumed that their marriage didn’t last very long because I thought they were married for the wrong reasons. But Jeff and I were happy. The future was bright and we looked forward to walk the journey of life together.

    To be continued………Just joking enough is enough.

    This is a part that I cut out of part 3. It was when Britney and Todd were walking back to work after fucking in the maintenance room. Britney was covered in piss and cum, and she was going to the shower in the men’s room. It really had nothing to do with the story, and It made Britney a bigger whore then I wanted her to be but I thought some of you might enjoy it still.
    So here it is………………..

    “What am I suppose to do. I can’t go back to work looking like this,” I said.

    “There is a shower in the men’s bathroom that the pilot’s use. You can go in there and I’ll make sure that if someone comes in that they don’t go in. I’ll tell them it’s out of order or something,” said Todd.

    We walked back to the FBO only about five minutes late. We walked up to a glass door and looked in. There was a pilot waiting in front of the counter.

    “Oh fuck,” I said

    “Okay, I’ll go take care of him. You wait here and when he leaves you can sneak in the men’s room.”

    I watched through the glass door where I couldn’t be seen and saw Todd gave him the keys to his rental car.

    Then I headed to the men’s room to shower and clean up before heading back to the work counter and Todd.

    The pilot took the keys but, instead of heading out of the building, walked straight into the men’s room.

    “After all that’s happened the last few days I don’t even give a shit,” I said to myself out loud. I desperately wanted to get all this stuff off my body, and wash my hair.

    I walked in the door, and Todd gave me a puzzled look as I walked by. I walked back and opened the door quietly, to the men’s room I walked in the back where the showers were and I could hear him taking off his clothes behind the curtain.

    “Excuse me sir.” I said in my sweetest female voice.
    “ah ahhmm, hold on a second.” he said
    I weighted for a few seconds and the curtain cracked and his head poked out. I could tell he was naked I could see the top of his hairy chest. He was probably 45 or 50, and he was not at all attractive. He looked at me and my hair was still wet with Todd’s piss, and my makeup was smeared all over my face.

    “I am such a mess, I was wondering if you could loan me some soap and shampoo, cause I need to take a shower really quick because I’m in a huge hurry.” I said with a sweet look on my face. (I have always used that look when I wanted something.)

    “Well darling’’ I’m in a huge rush myself, why don’t you just come in and we could shower at the same time, I got all kinds of soap and shampoo, and I got an extra towel you can use.” he said in a slow southern voice

    I could feel Todd’s dry cum on my face and my whole body felt awful with dry piss on it. I was really turned on when he was doing this, but now I wanted nothing more then to get clean again.

    “fine let me in” I said in a low tone
    I stepped in the shower, it was good size but only had one spout. I walked in started taking off my clothes and he just stood there naked watching me. I felt really uncomfortable, as he continued staring at me. I finally got all my clothes off and turned around to the shower trying not to look at him, but out of the corner of my eye, I couldn’t help but see him. He was bald and had a hairy body, he was not fat but was defiantly over weight, with a good size beer belly. I could see his dick, it was really small and shriveled up, and his pubes were almost as long as his penis.

    I turned on the water and weighted a second to check the temperature then I stood under the stream and the warm water felt wonderful cleaning my body. I grabbed the shampoo and quickly started washing my hair. I was hurrying as fast as I could I just wanted to get clean and get out of there.

    He continued to watch me
    “You sure have a pretty young body.” he said to me
    “ahh thank you.” I said in an unthankful tone.

    I couldn’t help but notice that he was getting a hard on.
    “its always been a fantasy of mine for a pretty young girl to walk in and take a shower with me.” he said

    “that’s nice.” I said rinsing my hair

    I looked at his hand and there was a ring on it.
    “so you a married man, are ya.” I said trying to make him feel guilty.
    “yea I been married for decades, the ol bed’s not quite as exiting as it used to be.” he said
    “hmm well I’m married too.” I said showing him the ring on my finger, trying desperately to discourage him.

    I got done rinsing and grabbed the towel and quickly started to dry myself .
    “Have we met darlin?” he asked
    “I don’t think so” I said
    “Yes, iv’e seen you before you’re the pretty little lady that works behind the counter out there.”
    I didn’t say anything and I grabbed my clothes and began dressing.

    “I also know Bill the FBO, manager.” he said “he’s not going to be too happy when he finds out that his employee is coming in here and showering with the pilots.”

    I turned around quickly trying to cover myself.
    “you can’t tell him about this.” I said sternly
    “of course I do, me and Bill are old buddy’s I can’t keep from him, that his employees are not doing what there suppose to when he’s not there.” he said
    “sir please don’t tell………”
    “I recon though that we could work something out for my silence.” he said interrupting
    “what do you want.” I said in a panicky voice
    “well, this whole thing will just between you and me under one condition.” he said
    “what is that.” I said quietly
    “you bring your pretty little self back in here and let me fuck you.” he said
    I stood there and looked at him with a grim look on his face.
    “and then when I’m all ready your going to get on you’re your knees and take all my stuff in your little mouth, and swallow it.”
    “no fucking way.” I said as I continued to put my clothes on.
    He reached in his bag.
    “I got Bill’s number programmed on this here cell phone, I better give him a buzz and tell him the big news.” he said pushing the buttons on the phone.
    “hold on.” I said
    “how do I know, if I do this that you’ll still go tell.” I asked
    “you come in here, let me fuck you, suck my cock and swallow my load, and I give you my word that I’ll never tell a soul.” he said “but if you don’t I’ll call up bill right now with you standing there.”
    “Is it a deal.” he said reaching his hand out.
    I closed my eyes and stood there for a second.


    “I give you my word honey.” he said
    I stood there for another minute, and finally shook his hand.
    “ha ha, now take those clothes back off and march your cute little ass back in here.” he said
    I took off my clothes and walked back in the shower.

    “now turn abound and put your hands on the wall and stick that little butt out.” he said
    I did as he said. He got behind me and I could feel his dick touch against my vagina. It hurt as he worked his little cock in. My pussy was completely dry. As he started fucking me I thought about what I did with Todd in the maintenance room, to get my pussy a little wetter, I had to get just horny enough to moisten my pussy up enough so I could get this over with.
    “mmm ahhh ahh.” he moaned in a really silly high pitch.
    “I recon I’m ready now, honey now get on your knees.” he said

    I turned around and got on my knees and took his dick in my mouth, I could feel his grey pubes all over my cheeks and chin, and they were going up my nose. He grabbed the side of my face and thrust in and out my mouth. It went on and on and he wasn’t Cumming.

    “I guess I’m not ready quite yet hun, stand up again and bend over.” he said
    I got up and bent over again staring at the wall.
    “Please let this end, this is by far the lowest moment of my life.” I thought to myself.
    All of the sudden I felt his dick ram up my ass. I straightened up quickly
    “I didn’t say you could do that..” I yelled

    “We agreed that I would fuck you till I was ready and you would swallow my cum.” he said “that was the deal now bend over.”

    I turned around again and he stuck it up my ass, not even bothering to get it ready. He fucked my ass for a few minutes till he finally pulled out. I quickly got on my knees and took his cock in my mouth. I didn’t want to give him a chance to pull the same shit he did before. I jacked his cock off really fast as I sucked it hard till I felt his dick tense up and I felt his sperm gushing in my mouth. I did it till I felt his dick muscles relaxing and it got limp quicker then I have ever seen a man get limp.

    I stood up, I had a mouthful of cum, and I’ve always enjoyed the taste of my past boyfriends, and my husband, and now Todd’s cum but this cum tasted awful. He looked at me.
    “Now swallow it all down honey.” he said

    I braced myself and forced myself to swallow, I dropped to my hands and knees and put my mouth over the shower drain and started gagging and choking.
    He laughed and watched me and put on his clothes.
    “See you around gorgeous, nice doing business with you.” he said “I promise I’ll never tell a soul.”
    He walked to the door and turned around.
    “Not that I would’ve anyway.” he said laughing and walked out the door.
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    Default The Camp Nurse

    The Camp Nurse

    Chapter 1. The First Day

    Author's Note: I hope you enjoy this story line. This first chapter
    takes a while to get going, but it does eventually. In technical terms,
    that's called plot development and generally makes a story more interesting
    The following chapters should contain more SEX (which is what we're here
    for right?) but if you don't read this first one, you'll miss the plot.

    BLAM! I heard the blast of the shotgun and my military training took
    over. I dropped my bags and hit the dirt and rolled to my right away from
    the sound, taking inventory of my body for wounds as I scurried for cover
    behind a slight rise in the terrain sloping up from the lake. I had heard
    the 'click-click' of another round being chambered and began to sweat.
    Even worse, I could hear the wap-wap-wap of the helicopter receding in the
    clear thin air. It was the only way out of here. I instinctively tried to
    locate the threat because whoever was shooting meant business. Somewhere
    off to my left, I thought. I couldn't see anyone or anything from where I
    was so I tried to crab over a ways to get a better angle. BLAM!
    click-click BLAM! click-click This time branches fell on my back and I
    heard the bark of the trees behind me being ripped away. I was dead meat.
    I started to get up very slowly, keeping my hands in clear view over my
    head. Might as well go out like a man. "Hold it right there, you bastard!
    Where the hell do you think you're goin'?" It was a voice from your worst
    nightmare. Shrill and angry. PMS on steroids. Pitched at just that tone
    that made your bowels turn to water, kind of like fingernails on a
    blackboard, only worse. And this one had a shotgun, too. "Mernnfroong gdnr
    nddnf." It's difficult to talk clearly when your mouth is full of pine
    needles and moss. "What did you say? Speak up before I blow your head
    off!" "I'm looking for the camp administrator, Janet Crandell," I said
    after turning my head and spitting out the debris. "What for?" I don't know
    why, given my situation at the time, but that question got my dander up.
    (For those of you who don't know what 'dander' is, it is a lot more
    comfortable to get up than something else that gets 'up' on occasion and
    gets cramped in your shorts, but in certain circumstances, like the one I
    was currently in, dander can be life threatening. Clear?) I impulsively
    resisted her questioning. "Are you Ms. Crandell?" "No." "Then it's really
    none of your business, is it?" I started to get up. BLAM! click-click She
    apparently didn't like my attitude. "Stay down, you bastard." I realized
    that I had heard several high pitched sounds after that last shot, like
    squeals or birds. I couldn't place the sound, but it seemed to come from
    all around. Slowly turning my head to both sides I spied several Nikes,
    Reeboks and Adidas of all colors sprouting some of the finest pairs of
    young tanned healthy legs I had ever seen in my 23 years. Then came 'The
    Voice' again: "Stay back, girls. It's a MAN!" She said that last work like
    it was a dirty word. One of the pairs of legs sassed back to her, "We
    KNOOOW" in typical teenage sarcasm. I decided I liked that kid, whoever
    she was. Several of the spectators giggled, and one or two laughed
    outright. The sound of running feet preceded the arrival of the
    'authorities.' "Gertie, what's all the shooting about. I warned you about
    that." "I got one, Miss Crandell! I got one of those slimy no-good
    pre-vert bastards trying to sneak into the camp!" "Where?" "Over there." I
    didn't see any of this as I was still face down in the moss, taking no
    chances. I heard or sensed someone come over to me. "My name is Janet
    Crandell. I am the administrator of this camp. Who are you and what do
    you want?" The questions were put forward in a very business-like manner,
    but in a voice that would have melted the heart of the toughest CEO. I
    also noticed she did not ask me to get up. "My name is Chris Mattson. I
    was hired to be your camp nurse." I reached - very slowly - into my shirt
    pocket and handed her my contract. There was dead silence for several
    minutes. "May I get up, now?" I asked after what seemed enough time for her
    to have re-written the entire contract, much less read it. Not receiving an
    answer, I slowly raised up. And looked at a very tanned, very shapely set
    of legs. Not hearing a gun shot was a good sign, and I continued to rise
    up passed a slight swell of feminine hips fronting for a smallish firm
    tight ass covered by a pair of clinging nylon running shorts, then a trim
    bare waist highlighted by one of the most perfect navels God ever created,
    then onto a set of moderately small high riding breasts encased in one of
    those sports-bra things. "This is too good to be true!" I thought as I was
    standing up. "If she's blonde, blue-eyed and gorgeous, I'll know this is a
    wet-dream." I looked at her face. She was. I pinched myself. It wasn't.
    She stood all of 5'3'' at most and, with her little girl figure, didn't
    look old enough to be the administrator. "Hi." I stuck out my hand. "Hello.
    Uh, sorry about the rude welcome, but there seems to have been some sort of
    mistake. This is an all girls camp...." She left my hand waving in the
    breeze so I took it back. Not a good sign. "And? What's the problem?"
    "Uh, well, let's go to my office and discuss this, OK?" We started up the
    path she indicated. We had to go right past the teutonic mass of flesh
    holding a 12 gauge pump action shot gun who I had now identified as
    'Gertie.' As I walked by, I stayed in a meek, head bowed posture until I
    was next to her. She felt invincible holding the gun, and let me get too
    close. Pretending to stumble, I reached out, grabbed the gun from her
    oversized hands, and did a swift leg sweep to knock her legs out from under
    her. I swear to God, the earth shook when she landed. I stood over her,
    staring down at her. I expected to see fear in her eyes, but Gertie
    surprised me. All I saw was hate. Loathing. Disgust. You get the
    picture. I was 'MAN', ergo I was "EVIL" As we stared at each other, I
    slowly pumped the shotgun and ejected the shells onto her body. There were
    five shells in the gun and one in the chamber. Shit, she must have
    reloaded the damn thing while Miss Crandell was talking to me. I broke
    down the gun, and with a final glare at her, continued up the path. I saw
    my bags neatly stacked by the office door. Not a good sign, again.
    However, several minutes later, after a seriously heated discussion about
    sexual discrimination, lawsuits for breach of contract, etc., Janet
    Crandell conceded defeat. She needed a nurse for the insurance, I was a
    registered nurse, I had a contract, thus, I was Camp Rah-Rah-Rah's new
    nurse. I wouldn't have been such a hard ass, but I needed this job. For
    all the wrong reasons. To make a long story short, I had gone into the
    Navy voluntarily because I wanted to be a SEAL. It was what I wanted to be
    all my adolescent life. Once in the Navy, I worked so hard I actually got
    into the program and was almost finished with the training when I ran into
    what in military terms is called a SNAFU. You know, Situation Normal, All
    Fucked Up. The Pentagon computer somehow decided that I should be trained
    as a nurse, not a SEAL. Nothing could change the decision. I appealed all
    the way up. My commander appealed all the way up. Senators and
    Representatives appealed all the way up. Nothing. They wouldn't even let
    me graduate from the SEAL program. So I became Lt. Chris Mattson, RN,
    USN. I didn't last long at the base hospital. It had something to do with
    my looks, I guess. The doctors didn't like the way I looked, except one or
    two of them, but all the women nurses liked the way I looked, except the
    commander, she was just too old to care. I suppose I should describe
    myself. I'm just over six feet tall, 180 lbs. If I grew a mustache, I
    would look like Tom Selleck, only better. I never considered myself
    handsome, but I never had trouble getting dates, either. No tattoos, no
    scars. Just your average guy. Anyway, why I needed this job.... It seems
    my presence at the base hospital was causing quite a problem. On the one
    hand, the doctors weren't getting anymore of the nurse nookie they had been
    accustomed to. Neither was I, but that fact didn't seem to be relevant to
    the horny bastards. And on the other hand, there were four or five cat
    fights in the nurse's locker room, the last one requiring major
    reconstruction surgery, as the other nurses were apparently fighting over
    me. God knows, I did nothing to encourage them. Well, almost nothing.
    They had insisted on the basis of equality that I use their locker room to
    change and some of them might have seem me naked six or seven times in the
    shower. Hey, what's a guy to do? So I got excited and got a hard on.
    You'd have thought they had never seen a 10" prick before. I mean, don't
    all men have one? Anyway, after the last fight, the commander called me
    into her office, gave me my decommissioning papers, and advised me that
    both of the nurses involved in the fight were married and that I may want
    to make myself scarce for a long - she emphasized that word 'long' - time.
    It seems that none of the nurses husbands had been getting any nurse nookie
    for a long time either and were really pissed at me. The commander
    suggested I contact a placement agency she knew of that handled RNs. I
    called. The agency had an immediate opening at an isolated kids summer
    camp with no access, only helicopter, and so here I was. The staff at the
    agency either didn't know or didn't care that this was an all girls
    cheerleading camp. Or perhaps they just assumed that a nurse would be a
    female. Or perhaps because my name is Chris and not Christopher. Who
    knows. Who cares. I was here. Camp Rah-Rah-Rah was an abandoned
    government facility in a hidden valley about 5000' up in one of the endless
    mountain ranges of the West. It sat on a glacier-fed lake and was
    protected from the weather by high peaks on all sides. The outlet stream
    from the lake plunged over a 100' water fall about a mile down stream,
    effectively sealing off the valley. It was beautiful. The camp was
    originally intended to be a training facility of some kind. Maybe the
    Forest Service wanted to train the rangers how to fly fish or something.
    But that's beside the point. There were several million tax dollars at
    work here, all of which the beautiful Janet Crandell had acquired for a
    mere pittance at auction. The camp was entirely self-contained with
    running water, huge underground warehouses that were turned into training
    areas, luxury hotel/dormitory accommodations for up to 200 people,
    kitchens, satellite communications, even generating electricity from the
    water fall. Typical government overkill. The dispensary was typical of
    this lavish style. There was actually an OR with an emergency generator.
    The clinic had not been used for a while, so I spent the rest of the day
    getting it in shape. Mostly dusting and organizing, familiarizing myself
    with the stocks. I had intended to make a list of things to order, but
    after two hours I hadn't been able to find anything to write down. The
    place was very well equipped. About 3:00 I heard the helicopter coming up
    the valley. I could see the landing pad from the dispensary window and I
    watched in wry amusement as Janet Crandell and Gertie pantomimed out a
    scene. Janet would point at the chopper and Gertie would shake her head
    'No'. Another firm gesture towards the chopper, and Gertie would hang her
    head and shuffle a couple of steps towards the machine. She would then
    turn and say something. The whole process would begin again. Janet would
    point, Gertie would plead. Shuffle, beg, point, plead. Gertie obviously
    did not want to leave. But she did and the chopper faded away for the
    second time that day. I felt better about this one. The phone rang - did I
    mention they had an internal phone system? - and Janet's assistant
    informed me that a Staff meeting was to be held at 4:00 before dinner. I
    showered, shaved and dressed in my best nurse whites to meet the staff and
    followed her directions to the boardroom. I was early and was able to
    greet each arriving staff member. Being a gentleman, I stood up as each
    one came in the door. All of them had heard the news by now, so they were
    all looking forward to meeting me. Apparently, all of them had also
    showered and shaved (I guess) and were wearing the most attractive or
    flattering clothing they had with them. And no wedding rings. I could
    describe each of them individually, but this is a short story. Suffice it
    to say that each one of them was an ex-Cheerleader at either a major
    University or pro sport team, and that there wasn't a ounce of excess
    weight on any of them. And with what they were - or weren't - wearing, I
    could tell. You get the picture. They were all outgoing, smart, friendly,
    confident of their womanhood, and beautiful. Excellent role models for the
    young girls at the camp. The room quieted down when Janet walked in. Or
    should I say floated in. I never noticed her move, but she was suddenly at
    the head of the table, calling the meeting to order. Before she spoke, she
    surveyed the female staff, and grinned a wry smile. "All right, people, a
    few things on the agenda. One, you have probably heard the news, but I
    would like to formally present our camp nurse, Mr. Chris Mattson. Please
    introduce yourselves and make him feel welcome." A titter of giggles swept
    the room. I blushed. So did Janet. "Not THAT welcome, ladies!" That broke
    up the room, and the ice. The tension that had been building unnoticed
    disappeared. When the laughter died down, she continued. "Second, you are
    probably also aware that Gertie is no longer with us. I'm sure we will all
    miss her, but it does leave a couple of holes in the roster. So we need to
    spread out her responsibilities. First, I need a volunteer to take over
    her campers." A tall red-head raised her hand. "I could take some of them.
    They're all the same age as my girls, so it should fit OK." She flashed me
    a shy smile as she finished speaking. A tawny, gorgeous black woman quickly
    spoke up, "Me, too." Another shy smile in my direction. "Thank you, ladies.
    Work it out between you. Next, is there anyone who quilts?" A long
    silence. "Anyone? Please?" Finally, a quiet voice spoke up behind Janet.
    "None of the campers had signed up for that class, Miss Crandell." Several
    of the staff tried to cover up their smiles. It wasn't nice, but it was
    funny. Janet shot her assistant a pained smile. "OK, that takes care of
    that. How about self-defense training? I know that all the girls have to
    take that course." Another long silence. Finally I spoke up. "What type of
    training are you looking for? Hand to hand or shotguns?" The room broke
    up. I probably shouldn't have said anything, but the bitch had shot at me.
    The look on Janet's face wasn't pretty, but I had another card up my
    sleeve. "Mr. Mattson, this is a serious meeting. Please keep your
    comments appropriate." All right, I deserved that. "I apologize, Ma'am.
    But I have extensive training in hand to hand fighting and weapons. Navy
    SEAL training, to be exact. I could put together a program for you. From
    the response of your staff for a request for volunteers, I could include
    training for them as well, if you want." Janet's face went from surprised
    to relieved. When I made the offer to train the staff as well, you would
    have thought the home team had just scored the winning touchdown. The
    cheers, whistles, and applauding went on for several minutes. When it
    finally quieted down, Janet said, "Well, it seems as if we have a new
    instructor. And a new staff course, as well." She looked around at all the
    female staff. "All staff personnel will participate in that course," she
    continued. An emphatic, over-loud whispered "YES!!!" from her mousey
    assistant broke up the room again and the meeting as well. Janet
    resignedly waved them away out of the room and sat at the head of the table
    shaking her head. She was smiling, however. She motioned for me to stay
    as the room cleared. "You seem to have caused quite a stir, Mr. Mattson. I
    haven't seen that much makeup on my staff in the four weeks we've been
    here." "Please, call me Chris, Miss Crandell..." "Janet." "OK, Janet.
    Look, I apologize for the remark about Gertie, but she did kind of start
    things." "Don't think anything of it. She was out of place here, but I
    couldn't get rid of her without a reason. You provided that reason, so in
    a way, I should be grateful to you. However, I won't have you making
    negative comments about anyone in a staff meeting. I don't work that way.
    Is that understood, Chris?" "Yes, Ma'am." "That sounded like there should
    be a salute with that," she chuckled. "Sorry. Just habit, I guess." "Let's
    go to dinner. I'll show you to your table." "My table?" "Yes. All the
    staff spread out around the room and sit in different areas. This
    encourages interaction between the staff and campers. You have an assigned
    table in your own area. The campers do not. They may sit where they
    like." By that time we were at the door to the dining area. The hubbub of
    noise from room came through the double swinging doors and filled the hall
    where we were standing. Janet looked at me with a raised eyebrow and a
    crooked smile. "Ready to face the enemy, sailor?" "Aye-Aye, Skipper," I
    grinned back at her as I held the door open for her. Apparently she wasn't
    expecting that because she gave me a very pleasant and appreciative smile
    as she ducked under my arm and into the room. It was like a switch had been
    switched off. There was dead silence in the room. Even the kitchen cooks
    stopped banging the pots and pans. All eyes were on me and Janet as we
    made our way over to what was to become 'my' table. The eyes follow us
    every step of the way around to the back corner, as yet unpopulated by
    diners. "This was Gertie's area. You just inherited it. Looks like
    tonight you'll get to eat in peace. Or you can join me if you like." "No
    thanks, Janet, I'd better not. I wouldn't want them to think I couldn't
    handle dinner alone." "Suit yourself, sailor," she flipped over her
    shoulder. I could have almost sworn she was flirting with me. Regardless,
    I was getting stiff watching her walk away towards the food line. Or maybe
    it was being in the middle of all that young stuff. You see, there was a
    reason I had never had any of the nurse nookie at the base hospital. It
    was all too old. I liked mine young. 18 at the oldest. There was
    something about a girl turning into a woman that turned me off. Which was
    why Janet interested me. She looked young. And she would continue to look
    young for a long, long time. She looked more fuckable the longer I looked
    at her. I broke my stare when I felt a tugging on my pants leg. "Hey,
    Mister. Can I sit with you?" I looked down to see an absolutely doll faced
    innocent young girl standing next to me. Her big brown eyes looked up at
    mine and she batted her eyelids in a most seductive manner. I just about
    came then and there. This was going to be harder than I thought. "Sure.
    Just let me go get my tray." "OK. I'll wait here. I went off in the
    direction Janet had headed to get my dinner. Nothing special about the
    menu, mostly healthy food, as would be expected. By the time I returned
    from the food line and got back to by table, my section was full. The only
    empty chair was mine. I looked around and caught one of the other
    staffer's eye. I motioned to her now nearly empty section and I made a
    questioning gesture of 'what's going on?' She just laughed. I sat down to
    11 pairs of eyes. But I couldn't tell you what they look like right then
    because all I noticed, on the QT, of course, was 11 pairs of young tits.
    Firm, gorgeous, unfettered youthful tit-flesh. A veritable feast of flesh.
    In all my favorite sizes from grapes to walnuts to oranges. The eyes
    around the table finally caught my attention and I smiled. I swear one of
    them swooned - or at least sighed heavily. I began small talk with the
    whole table, letting them fill me in on the rules, the schedules, what they
    liked, etc. Stuff they knew about, non-threatening. They didn't have name
    tags, but I remembered most of their names by the end of dinner. The
    conversation lagged a couple of times but picked up again. Once it was
    stopped abruptly by a water glass being spilled. The girl who spilled it
    had been quiet throughout the dinner, and now sat there jerking and shaking
    in her chair. A flush rose up her neck and spread over her cheeks. She
    gasped audibly in an OH-OH-OH manner, and then slumped down in her chair
    with a queer smile on her face. Being the nurse, I immediately jumped up
    and rushed to her side. I picked her up in my arms and ran to the
    dispensary with her. Surprisingly, only Janet followed. Sarah, the girl,
    closed her eyes, rested her head on my chest, wrapped her arms around my
    neck and held on tightly. At first I thought she was scared. I didn't
    know what to think, but I noticed that my shirt sleeve was moist where it
    pressed into her under her legs. She still shuddered every once in a while
    and clung tightly to me. I got to the dispensary and laid her gently on one
    of the beds. She didn't want to let go of my neck. Gently prying her
    hands apart, I began my examination. I called up her records on the
    computer to check for epilepsy. Nothing. I check for allergies. Nothing.
    I checked for anything. Nothing. Janet had entered the room while I
    checked the computer. She had this kind of amused look on her face as she
    watched me work. I began to get panicked. My first case, and I was a
    flop! I checked reflexes, muscle tone, everything. I could find nothing
    but a state of extreme relaxation and wet spot between her legs that I
    blamed on the spilled water. The panic must have been apparent because
    Janet called me over to her. "You going to carry every girl down here after
    she orgasms?" she whispered. "WHAT?" I looked at her with disbelief. She
    pointed to the wet spot on my shirt sleeve. "Smell." The tangy aroma was
    unmistakable. "You didn't see her?" I shook my head. "God, the whole room
    knew what was going on. These girls have been up here two weeks without
    their boyfriends. They get kind of horney from this point on and for the
    next two weeks of their time here it will only get worse. I kind of
    expected something like this to happen, just not this soon." "Gee, thanks
    for warning me!" Janet grinned up at me. "Hey, it's been 4 weeks for me
    and the staff! Why should I give you a break?" I almost grabbed her then
    and there and tossed her on the bed. Unfortunately, the bed still had
    Sarah on it and she was watching us intently. I went over to her. "Feeling
    better?" I asked her quietly She nodded her head 'Yes.' "Do you need to get
    some rest or will it be OK to release you?" "Can't I stay here tonight?" I
    slept in the next room and I think she knew it. "No, I don't think that
    will be necessary." "But what if it happens again?" "Do you think it
    might?" Again she nodded, shyly this time, like a scared little girl. I
    leaned over and whispered in her ear so Janet couldn't hear. "Then grab
    your pillow and hug it tight to you. You can think of me if you want, or
    your boyfriend. OK?" I grabbed one of her hands in one of mine, knelt on
    one knee, brought her hand up to my lips and kissed her on the palm of her
    hand. Sarah flushed, squealed, grinned and jumped up, all at the same
    time. She winked at Miss Crandell and ran back to the dining hall. She
    came back and yelled "Thank you, Mr. Mattson" to me, then left again.
    "WHAT did you tell her?" "Trade secret! You'll just have to do the same
    thing she did if you want to find out, won't you?" With that, she blushed
    deep red, turned and walked back towards the dining room. About half way
    down the hall, she turned back. "By the way, that was a good job in there.
    You did everything right. If it had been serious, you would have found it.
    Glad to have you aboard." With that she went back and finished her dinner.
    I smiled to myself as I watched her walk away. There was a bit more wiggle
    in her walk this time, I noticed. I wonder if she had noticed my erection.
    It would have taken a blind woman not to. The rest of dinner passed with no
    further orgasms or fainting spells. The girls in the rest of the hall had
    filed out long ago, but my area was still all there. Janet finally came
    over to rescue me, claiming a 'meeting' I had to get to. The girls
    actually groaned, and I realized then how erotic that sounded. It was so
    close to the moan that escapes those parted lips when you're teasing a
    fresh one into her first fuck. You get them to the edge, then pull back.
    Do it again, and again and again. When they're delirious, they are yours
    for the picking. Cherry picking. So it was with difficulty that I stood
    up. My prick was stiff and cramped in my shorts. I have always had to keep
    it aimed down, just in case something like this happened, because if it was
    pointed up, it would pop up out over my belt. That happened to me one time
    in Jr. High School, but I learned quick. So my meat was sticking down my
    pant leg and was kind of swollen. I guess I underestimated the length a
    little because there were several gasps when I stood. Until I adjusted my
    pants leg, my Ol' John Henry was a good two inches out in the open. I kept
    going as if nothing was the matter, but even Janet's eyes were wider than
    normal. "Shall we go, Miss Crandell?," I asked, holding out my arm to her.
    "Y-Yes, Mr. Mattson. Yes." She was still shaken by what she had glimpsed,
    or thought she had, or was it that she hoped she had. Her grip on my arm
    was possessively tight. I dropped her off at her office and thanked her for
    rescuing me. I almost got her in a clinch right then, but her assistant
    happened by, so I said good night to them both. The remainder of the
    evening I spent unpacking my kit and finishing straightening up in the
    clinic. I listened to the bells as they rang, remembering the schedule the
    girls at dinner had told me. 9:00 In Rooms. 9:30 In Beds 10:00 Lights
    Out. Like clockwork I could see the lights across the way blink out. They
    were all out on this side of the dormitory. Mine soon followed and I
    crawled in bed for what I hoped would be a long peaceful sleep. I couldn't
    have been more misguided. Within 30 minutes I heard the door to my room
    being quietly pushed open. I pretended to be asleep, which wasn't hard,
    given how tired I was. For a while I couldn't hear anything, and I was
    just beginning to think it was my imagination when a tiny hand was laid
    gently across my lips. "SSSShhhhhh. Don't say a word," came an unfamiliar
    whisper. A second small hand soon grasped my now throbbing cock and began
    to rub it up and down. "OOOOhhhhhhh, Daddy, that feels good. Let me kiss
    it for you." That whisper was followed by a hot sucking sensation that
    nearly pulled my balls back up into my groin. This kid could give head!
    Or was it Janet? The size was about right. The mysterious little nymph
    suddenly quit blowing me and straddled my cock. "OOOOHhhhh, Daddy, you make
    me so hot. I've got to have you inside me." A small squeal escaped as my
    cock was enveloped in one of the tightest pussies it had had the pleasure
    to penetrate. I was surprised when the kid took it all. Most have to work
    up to it in four or five fuckings. "OOOOOOOOOhhhh, Daddy! You're so
    biiiig. You filled me all the way u-u-u-uu-u-u" Little miss nasty collapsed
    on my chest. I held her gently, tweaking her little tits and erect nipples
    as she lay there until she gathered her wits together. Then with a quick
    kiss and a whispered 'Thank You, Mr. Mattson!' she was gone. I had just
    begun to drift off again when the door opened again. This time I was a
    substitute for "Billy". Then "Tommy". Then "Daddy" again, twice more.
    Then "Billy" was back. I asked this one if this was seconds, and she said
    'No'. I told her she may want to check up on her two-timing boyfriend,
    Billy, when she got home. For over two hours the parade kept up. For a
    while I wondered if there was a schedule or something. I thought about how
    ridiculous it would look if there were a line outside my door. The only
    differences I could tell in all the visitors that night were height,
    weight, tits and twats. The tits I felt ranged in size from just bare
    nipples only to those that were more than a mouthful. The twats were all
    tight, some more than others and all wet. But even after what must have
    been twenty orgasms on my cock, I had yet to spill my seed. These cunts
    were so primed that they only took 5 or so minutes to get off, the 3 to
    cool down and then gone. Slam, bam, thank you sailor. That was a twist!
    And each one ended with a kiss and a whispered "Thank you, Mr. Mattson." I
    began to suspect a plot. But the last visitor was the most memorable of
    them all. It was a bit longer between visits and I was actually asleep
    when I awoke to a hot mouth on my cum-coated cock. What a way to wake up!
    But something about this one was different. More experienced, maybe.
    Softer, fuller lips, perhaps. When she got on board, she was quiet. I
    wasn't a substitute for anyone for this one. She came almost as fast as
    the others, and as she was resting on my chest, I breathed in deep,
    smelling the wonderful fragrance of her hair. I played with her small
    breasts, tweaking her stiff nipples. She groaned deep in her throat and
    began to rotate her hips again. Then she raised herself up and leaned over
    me, propping herself up on my chest with her hands, letting her boobs sway
    as she rode my prick like a pro. I really worked on her tits, massaging
    and squeezing. My ministrations affected her and she worked harder and
    harder on my cock, trying to get me off. She must have gone through six or
    seven of her own shuddering orgasms, fighting her way through them to keep
    humping my log until I felt myself swelling in her. As I spurt my cum into
    her belly, she pressed her lips to mine to gag us both. We both yelled
    into each others oral cavity as the moment seized us. She lay there a long
    while this time, quietly twirling the hair on my chest. Then finally, with
    a sigh, she gave me a light kiss and a whispered, "Thank you, sailor", she
    was gone. I was still laughing as I finally got to sleep.

    Chapter 2. The Hike

    As was my practice, I got up at first light. That's just the way my
    body clock works. I don't care if I've only had 15 minutes sleep, I'm up
    at first light. Normally I do my exercises nude in my room. But with all
    the fresh mountain air up here, I decided to go outside this morning. I
    slipped on a pair shorts and sandals and wandered around the compound until
    I found a peaceful clearing overlooking the lake. My exercises consist of
    my own style of the Chinese Tai Chi movements. I had adapted them from
    movements I had picked up in the SEAL martial-arts training. I also used
    the exercises as a focusing aid to meditation. After the movements become
    so natural and fluid that I don't have to think about them anymore, I can
    slip into a really relaxing state of meditation. With all the beautiful
    scenery around, I really got into the meditation that morning. So when I
    tell you this next part, you'll have to understand that I really wasn't
    aware of this going on all around me. Janet, the camp administrator,
    filled me in later that morning. Anyway, there I was, doing my routine in
    my shorts and bare feet, body glistening with sweat in the first strong
    rays of the sun, the light playing off my rippling muscles as I moved
    cat-like through the slow graceful step of my routine. And, as would be
    expected in a group of 100 or more people, some of the others were early
    risers as well. Apparently, one of the early risers spied me from her
    window and quickly woke the others in her room and on her floor. The
    girls, ranging from 14-18, as well as the slightly older staffers, slowly
    trickled out into the woods surrounding the clearing I was in wearing
    whatever they had on, which in some cases, was nothing. Believe me, I'm
    really sorry I missed that, but I was totally focused inward, meditating.
    Soft, lithe fingers began rubbing and fondling moist cracks and perky
    nipples and sensitive clits. Sometimes the fingers belonged to the body
    being fondled, sometimes they belonged to the person next to them. But
    there was no pussy left un-petted, no clit left un-rubbed, no nipples left
    un-squeezed. According to reports, there were as many as 20-50 girls and
    staffers gathered around my clearing. A good sized orgy, if that's what
    you call 50 cunts and only one cock to go around. One girl actually humped
    a tree, letting a low-level branch slip between her cunt lips and rub along
    her sensitive swollen inner labia. She gave a new definition to the term
    'tree-hugger.' The moaning and groaning of all those wanton teenagers did
    not affect me consciously, but subconsciously my ears and brain picked up
    on those erotic sounds and directed them to the organ most usually affected
    by them. You guessed it. My cock-a-doodle-do did. Being in its usual
    head down position and unencumbered by jockey shorts or jock strap - which
    I never wear - my prick began to lengthen and swell. Understand, this is
    not an unusual occurrence when I do my exercises. The feelings I get from
    a good work out are almost the same as I get from great sex. (I said
    'almost', OK?) So a stiff prick didn't register to my meditating brain.
    However, my stiffening wang did register in the brains of the watching
    girls. While several of them had sampled it the night before, it had been
    dark in my room and, fortunately or unfortunately - you pick - things can
    seem smaller in the dark. Those who had swallowed my prick and then
    impaled themselves on it were amazed at it's size. Those who had heard
    about the visits to my room stared in disbelief, envy and lust. The
    staffers, who I assumed knew more about pricks than the young campers, just
    got plain horney and vowed to get my sausage between their buns if it was
    the last thing they did. It didn't help matters any when I started stroking
    my meat, slowing bringing it to its full potential and right out in the
    open. Hey, it feels good! And I really wasn't aware of the audience. I'm
    just kind of a shy guy. Honest! I don't like to get it on in public. But
    during part of my routine I focus on just my stomach and back so my hands
    don't have anything to do. They just kind of did what came naturally, and
    began working on my cock. Now this is something that seemed odd to me when
    Janet told me all of this. (By the way, she was getting hotter and hotter
    during our meeting. I noticed she wasn't wearing that bra-thingy she had
    on the day before and that her large engorged hard pink nipples were
    clearly poking through the tight thin cotton T-shirt she had on this
    morning. I wondered if her tits were sore from last night....) Janet
    seemed amazed that I could keep stroking as long as I did and not blast
    off. I told her I have always been what you would call a 'late bloomer' or
    something. I can get hard and stay hard for almost two hours before
    coming. For a long time I thought all guys were like that. But I had
    always asked myself two questions. The more you stroke it, the better it
    feels, right? If so, then why blow it so soon if it feels so good? Janet
    got outright agitated when I told her how long it takes me to come, and I
    almost thought she was going to ask me to prove it. Right there on her
    desk. With her. But she didn't. Her assistant, who I was beginning to
    really dislike by now, came in and interrupted the meeting at that point.
    The first wake up bell at 5:30 had roused most of the campers and staff
    from their erotic pastimes, and so, by the time I had finished at 5:45,
    most of them had left. I smiled shyly at the couple of campers still
    remaining, slipped on my sandals and went back to take a shower in my room.
    I had no idea the spectacle I had put on until I got hauled into Janet's
    office right after breakfast. Which is where I learned what I just told
    you. The bottom line she tried to force on me was that I was to be confined
    to the dispensary or the dining hall or the training room for the self
    defense classes. Period. Sounded like prison to me, and I told her so.
    She started raving about me corrupting all the young girls. Normally, a
    gentleman doesn't fuck and tell, but since I technically only fucked the
    last visitor last night - all the others fucked me - I felt I could tell
    her that these young girls had already been corrupted before I got there.
    By Billy twice, Tommy, Jerry, Sam, Bob, and particularly, Daddy. That shut
    her up. She then asked me to be careful of exposure, as some of the girls
    were not yet corrupted, and I did agree to be more careful. But there was
    something in her eyes when she saw my prick leap up when she mentioned the
    uncorrupted girls that made a lie of her sincerity. Thinking about that
    gleam in her eye kept me hard for the rest of the day. Honest! The next
    few days passed in a blur. I set up my self defense course for the campers
    and staff. The nightly visits by the campers, and I suspected some of the
    staff continued like clock work, including the final unknown visitor. I
    was hoping beyond hope that I knew who the last visitor was. I was really
    hoping it was Janet. But she never gave herself away other than to call me
    'sailor', which none of the other campers or staffers did. So I was never
    really sure. And I had tried everything I could think of to find out who
    it was. The only thing that was unusual during that time that was reported
    in the daily staff meetings was the high rate of visits to the nurse. By
    the staffers! I had 'had' to examine each one of them at least once, some
    twice, and a couple had almost moved into the clinic. I made meticulous
    notes of the visits, leaving out of the reports that none of them had
    escaped the exam without showing me everything, including having to bend
    over and spreading their cheeks to expose their rosebuds. God, aren't
    hormones great? Horney chics will do literally anything! I finger fucked
    all of them on the pretext of doing the exam and all of them had at least
    one orgasm from my fingers. Two of the horniest ones got two fingers up
    the ass, but none got my cock between their legs. I would have liked to
    say that none got my cock at all, but one particularly fine looking tiny
    brunette, Julie, skinned my shorts off and sucked my cock down her throat
    before she even said 'Hello.' And I was wearing a belt and jockeys, just
    like I'd agreed! What's a guy to do? I let her suck for a while until she
    got tired, then gave her a very thorough exam. She was one of the ones
    that got two fingers in the ass. It was obvious it was her first time that
    way, and she was squealing and moaning the whole time I pumped my fingers
    in and out of her back door. And fucking back on my fingers as if her life
    depended on it. She had one of the smallest asses of the group of
    staffers, and all that exercise she did kept it as tight and firm as when
    she was 14 years old. I complimented her on her muscle tone and firmness
    and she actually blushed. She was a little embarrassed that she had had an
    orgasm from having fingers up her ass, but I told her some women were built
    that way and it was normal for her. She actually believed that shit! And
    she came back for more later that day. Later that week, Janet,
    unfortunately, requested that all illnesses and visits to the nurse by the
    staff be routed through her office, and I could literally hear the groans
    of dismay. They were going to have to be more inventive if they were going
    to get some of my cock, but then, they were all intelligent women, as I
    mentioned before. I suppose I should mention the fact that, while I really
    like, and prefer, young, or young-looking girls, I have never had a problem
    getting it up for any good looking woman. Especially the ones that really
    want you bad. And I intended to be really bad with each one of them. But
    they were going to have to work for it. Which brings me to the first
    successful staffer to get my cock. I finally had a free day. I had been
    there a week and the staff was rotated, 4 days on, 1 day off. Except the
    nurse, who had 24 hour duty. But one day a week, when the other activities
    were light, I was allowed to get out of camp, sleep late, or whatever, as
    long as I had my pager. (Another tax-payer paid luxury.) That day I
    decided to go for a hike. I had seen a cabin or some kind of structure
    higher up on one of the neighboring peaks and I decided to investigate. I
    notified the office, packed a backpack full of safety stuff and food and
    set off. It wasn't fifteen minutes into the hike when I sensed I was being
    followed. Call it intuition, call it luck, but it was one of the things
    that had helped me pass the SEAL training. I could always tell when
    someone was on my tail. I stopped for a while to let whoever it was get
    close enough so I could tell who it was. I smiled when I saw the energetic
    bounce of brunette hair heading my way. Julie. Good. I'll give her a run
    for her money. I'll give the lady credit. She kept up with me over some
    pretty rough terrain. It was kind of a game. I would pick what I thought
    would be the route that would push her to her max or a little beyond even
    and she always came through. I was getting more and more impressed with
    her. And a little turned on, too. Which made it a bit more difficult to
    walk around, but then, we all have to suffer a little. Finally I angled my
    course at the unknown structure and came at it from around the back and
    above. It turned out to be an abandon mine shaft that had collapse years
    before. The building was just a huge pile of rubble that had survived all
    those years. I sat down on a rock facing away from the direction she would
    come and waited for her. I didn't hear anything for a long time, and then
    I sensed her behind me. "Hello, Julie," I said, without turning. Silence.
    "How long have you known?" "Since we left camp. You should have let me
    know you wanted to come up here." I turned and looked at her. She was a
    mess. Her hair was askew, makeup (for hiking?) was smeared from the sweat,
    and her thin shirt was clinging to her unsupported tits like saran wrap to
    cantaloupes. I thought she had never looked more beautiful and I told her
    so. She beamed up at me, all her anger forgotten. "So now what?" I asked
    her. "Uh, well, uh, I was wondering if, ummm, you know,.." "Julie, just say
    it." She looked down at her feet. Kind of shuffled them. Then she took a
    deep breath, which did wonders for pushing her nipples even tighter against
    her shirt. "Will you please fuck me, Chris? Please? God, I'm so
    embarrassed, I've never had to ask before. Will you do me?" When she had
    finished I let her stand there a minute. Her hopeful gaze faltered, then
    shattered, and she turned to go. "If you really want me to, I will." I
    swear, we were both naked in 3 seconds and I still had on my backpack. I
    have never seen a woman move so quick. How she got my shirt off with my
    backpack on still bothers me, because it's a great trick. She had -
    thoughtfully - brought along a blanket which we spread to prevent grass
    stains and settled on it. She attacked me before I was completely down. I
    had had a number of women suck my cock. But Julie could do things with her
    throat and mouth that made each time seem like the best time. She couldn't
    get it all in, not many ladies can, especially ones as tiny as her. But
    there was only a little bit of Mr. Roger not showing, and she was really
    trying to get it all down. After several minutes with no air, she finally
    pulled off and gulped a huge lungful of air. I appreciated the motion of
    those lungs all over again. "I'm sorry I'm such a poor cock-sucker. I
    can't seem to get you all in. Can I try again?" "Julie. You're doing
    fine. It's not you, it's me. I'm probably just too big around and long for
    you to get all the way down. But if you want to try again, please do. I
    really enjoy it." She giggled at the compliment and dutifully went back to
    work. This time, however, she attacked from the top, kneeling over my body
    with her legs straddling my chest. The view was too much to resist, and I
    lifted my head and gently probed her dripping pussy with my tongue. I
    heard a muffled squeal from her and then I noticed she slid her body back
    towards my head a little to get closer to my mouth. I guess she gave up on
    swallowing my whole prick because now she couldn't reach. But I really
    don't think she cared. I know I didn't. We stayed like that for almost an
    hour. She would suck on my cock like it was a straw in a thick milkshake,
    really trying to get me to come. I was just enjoying the feelings she was
    giving me. She liked what I was doing to her, too, because every now and
    then she would let loose of my prick, lift up her head and scream in
    ecstasy. It was really neat, too, because those screams would echo back
    and forth between the mountain peaks for several minutes after each climax.
    We would sit there and listen to them rolling back and forth until they
    would finally fade away. Then I would get back to work and so would she.
    Finally, I started focusing on her ass hole. First I swiped my tongue over
    it a couple of times and felt her shudder. But she didn't pull away. If
    anything, she pushed back farther and lowered her ass closer to my tongue.
    So I stuck it in. Like a little penis. In and out. In and out. In and
    out. Harder. Farther. Finally I pulled her upright so she was sitting
    square on my face. That way I could stick my tongue in as far as it could
    go. I kept up the in and out rhythm of my tongue in her ass until I heard
    her screams. These were higher pitched that the others and even more
    intense. She farted around my tongue when she came, but even that smelled
    sweet. She started giggling in the middle of her orgasm, not an easy thing
    to do. Apparently, she thought farting in my face was funny. I thought
    the sight of her giggling and cumming at the same time was funny. So we
    both laughed. She stopped laughing when I lifted her up by her hips off my
    face and turned her around to face me. I moved her body down so that she
    was poised above my cock. Her eyes got big and there was a little bit of
    fear in them, but she reached under her and aimed the head of my cock into
    the opening of her cunt, now dripping with the juice of her latest cum.
    "Ready?" She nodded. I gently lowered her down so that my prick was into
    her about two inches. Then I let her take over. I took my hands from her
    hips and moved them to her tits. We both liked that. Her little nipples
    were hard as rocks, but they were as sensitive as big puffy ones. I could
    press them to her chest with the pads of my fingers and roll them around.
    Julie reacted as if an electric current was being passed through her body.
    She shuddered and bucked. He eyes rolled up in her head and her tongue
    lolled out of her mouth. She took in huge gulps of air, trying to get
    oxygen into her system. Finally she came back to her senses. She looked
    down at me. "Never. Never before. God, what are you doing to me?" "You
    want me to stop?" I asked teasingly. "If you do, I'll kill you!" she said
    with a grin. I looked down between our bodies. "So, are you just going to
    sit up there, or are you going to ride the pony, little girl?" She looked
    down between her legs and saw most of my prick still outside of her. She
    looked back up at me with an almost pleading look and then let herself
    slide the rest the of the way down until our pubic hairs meshed. "OH. OH.
    Oh Ohhhhhh God!" She was still for a minute. Then she shook her head as if
    to clear the cobwebs. "Satisfied?" she asked sarcastically . "I'm happy if
    you're happy!" I quipped back. She rolled her eyes in response. Then she
    started the rocking motion which would make my stiff rod stir around in her
    honey pot. She started slow until she got used to the feel, and then she
    took off. She rode the rail for several minutes. When I thought she was
    close to the next peak, I touched my finger tips to her hard nipples and
    gently rubbed them around her chest. This time she didn't scream. But
    every muscle in her body contracted at the same instant, including her cunt
    muscles. It was great! She wasn't moving except to quiver and shake, and
    yet her cunt muscles were milking my cock like she was kneading bread. I
    was beginning to get worried until she suddenly gasped in a tremendous
    breath. And collapsed on my chest. After a while I felt tears wetting my
    chest and I turned her face to mine. "What's the problem, Julie? Did I
    hurt you?" "Oh God, Chris. I'm so terrible. You didn't cum. But I tried
    so hard. What's wrong with me? Aren't I sexy enough for you?" Can you
    believe women? You fuck their brains out for two hours and then they worry
    they're not sexy! Go figure! I quietly explained to Julie about how long
    it takes me to come. She asked me if I ever came. I said I did. She
    asked me if I had come with anyone at the camp. I said I had. She asked
    who. I chided her for being indelicate with her questions, but she
    persisted. I told her I didn't know, and why. She was quiet a moment and
    then she grinned. "You really like little girls, don't you." It wasn't a
    question. It was a statement. "I like all kinds of girls," I protested.
    "But especially the little ones. Like the little campers. Like me." I was
    silent. "And Janet...." She let that last statement taper off. I think I
    might have gotten away with denying it if my prick hadn't been still buried
    up to the hilt in her cunt. But when she mentioned Janet's name, it
    twitched. Best lie detector in the world. Her eyes widened. "Does she
    know?" "Know what?" "How you feel about her." "How do you know how I feel?"
    I asked her. "Women know these things." "Bullshit." "OK. It's in your
    eyes. Your smile. I mentioned her name, and you lit up like a little kid
    seeing the ice cream truck. Plus I just about got whiplash when your cock
    jerked. See, I told you, women know these things." I groaned. "I'm dead,
    aren't I." "What do you mean?" "She won't have anything to do with me if
    she finds out about the campers and the exams and this here today...."
    "What makes you think she doesn't already know?" "Huh?" "Who do you think
    told me where you were going today?" "I didn't think about it." Now I did.
    "Is she really OK with this?" "I don't think she thought we were coming up
    here for a picnic. She even gave me this." She reached into her bag and
    started to hand me something. Then she hesitated. I held out my hand and
    she shyly handed it over. "I don't know if I'm ready for that." I looked at
    it. It was a tube of KY jelly. Anal lubricant. I just about came right
    then. Thinking about that virgin ass hole squeezing my stiff dork as I
    plunged in and out... I jerked her off of me and laid her on the blanket
    beside me on her stomach. She didn't resist. But I did notice a small
    smile play across her lips as if to say "Gotcha!" The jelly was in a
    squeeze tube and I poked it into her butt and forced some of the cool gel
    inside her rectum. She shivered as she felt it slide into her and moaned
    deep in her throat, like a animalistic growl. She moved cat-like into a
    crouch, her shoulders and head resting on the ground and her hips raised up
    in the air, an inviting target. I gently probed her rosebud with my finger
    and it slipped readily in up to the second knuckle. Julie moaned and moved
    back against my hand, forcing the rest of my finger in. I wiggled my
    finger around a bit and then pulled it out. "Oh, nooooo," she wailed. I
    slipped two fingers into her back door and the wail turned into a moan of
    such animal lust that several animals in the area went into heat. I
    plunged them into her and held them there for several minutes as she ground
    her hips back onto my hand. With my free hand I slicked up my now rampant
    cock. I let her fuck herself on my hand for a while and then swiftly I
    switched my cock for my fingers in that virgin hole. "Oh noo EEEEEEEEE, oh
    God it so biiiig." And that was just the head of it. I let it set there
    for a minute, several, actually, until she grew accustomed to the size.
    When I noticed her breathing stabilize and her hips grinding back towards
    me, I eased forward a little. To my surprise, she sucked in the whole
    thing up to the hilt! "Julie, are you sure this is your first time?" "Yeah,
    I don't think I'd forget something like this." "Good or bad?" She was
    silent. "Neither. This is absolutely fantastic. I haven't stopped
    cumming since you slid in. It's like it belongs there, even though I know
    that's not right." "Says who? 'Normal' people who only use it to shit
    with?" Julie giggled. And came. "Fuck me, Chris. Fuck me hard. Fuck my
    ass." Julie began to urge me to begin moving with very vulgar words and
    actions. She started whipping her head around and moving her ass in
    counterpoint. I started to pull out a little bit. Then plunged back in.
    Julie squealed like stuck pig and went berserk. If I hadn't had a hold of
    her hips with a firm grip she would have wiggled completely off the end of
    my cock. As it was, the only way I could keep her under control was to
    stand up. It wasn't hard, she weighed less than 100 lbs. and I simply
    leaned back and stood up. That forced her completely down onto my prick,
    jamming it all the way in. With her supported on my cock, I wrapped both
    arms around her thrashing body and held her while she writhed and wiggled
    and did all kinds of erotic sexy movements with her body. When she would
    begin to settle down, I would torture her by lightly caressing her ultra
    sensitive nipples, sending her into even more convulsions. I hadn't been
    paying much attention to my own state, but apparently her movements were
    too much for my cock. Suddenly I felt it swell and begin to spurt sticky
    white juice into her dark tunnel. This time it was my screams which echoed
    around the hidden valley. We collapsed on the blanket, totally spent,
    listening to the fading echoes, relaxing in the afterglow of truly
    tremendous sex. We were just beginning to nod off to sleep for a brief
    post-coital nap, when we heard raucous cheering and clapping coming up from
    the direction of the camp. Julie and I looked at each other in disbelief
    and confusion. "Nahhhhh. Couldn't be......"

    Chapter 3 - The Skipper

    [The continuing adventures of Chris Mattson, RN at an all-girls
    cheerleading camp high up in the mountains out west. Only Chris is a male.
    Let the fun continue.]

    Julie and I napped for about an hour after we stopped laughing. There
    was a small stream where we cleaned up. Then we ate a light lunch and
    started back down the mountain. It only took about 100 yards for Julie to
    realize that she was too sore from her losing her anal virginity to make it
    back down the hill before darkness fell. Nothing was broken, but her tiny
    hole was stretched and the tissues were bruised. She bravely tried to go
    on, but it was obvious she was in too much pain.

    We combined our backpacks into mine and I picked her up in my arms. She
    gave me a very unchaste thank-you kiss and wrapped her arms around my neck.
    Fortunately, she was only about 100 lbs. or so, and I had no problem
    carrying her.

    There was an overgrown path that led from the abandoned mine down to the
    lake and I followed this down, even though this route was much less scenic
    than the one I took to get to the mine.

    About 10 minutes into the descent, Julie had wiggled her body into such
    a position that my hand was directly supporting her compact little ass.
    She kept her face buried in my chest with her eyes closed and I could feel
    her breathing speeding up. Another wiggle or two and my thumb brushed
    along her damp slit up between her thighs. Julie expelled her breath in a
    rush and groaned into my shirt. I kept my thumb still for a few moments
    and then rubbed it a bit harder against her hot, humid crotch. She
    shuddered and let out a small cry. But her arms tightened around my neck
    and she pressed herself back against my marauding digit when I moved it

    It wasn't intentional, on my part at least, but the edge of her shorts
    just kind of slipped out of the way, and suddenly my thumb sank into the
    hottest cunt on the mountainside. Julie tipped back her head and screamed.
    Loud. Right in my ear. We were far enough down the mountain that there
    weren't any echoes anymore, and it felt a little odd that she was the only
    one screaming without the mountains climaxing along with her.

    After she finished cumming, she whimpered to herself, thrust her hips
    down on my thumb even farther, and laid her head back on my chest. I took
    that as a sign that she liked it, so I kept my thumb in her pussy. It
    actually made a good grip to hold her with. I didn't try to give her a
    smooth ride down the hill, as I noticed that she seemed to react quite a
    lot to the jolts and bumps of walking down a rough path. I didn't jump
    over any logs or anything, but I didn't avoid any obstacles either. Julie
    came with regularity, about every quarter mile or so, announcing the event
    with an ear-shattering scream of ecstasy.

    Walking into camp was like the ending scene from a Rocky movie. The
    nearly deaf and very tired hero stumbling out of the jungle carrying the
    damsel in distress in his arms. The rest of the campers and staffers were
    even waiting for us in two long lines like a gauntlet of succulent flesh.
    It was a sight that made my prick forget it was tired. Two of the staffers
    standing next to Janet took Julie from my arms at the head of the gauntlet.
    She staggered when she tried to stand on her rubbery knees and I thought
    Janet was going to attack me right then. She was certain I had hurt Julie
    or allowed some harm to come to her. But before she could move, Julie bent
    and kissed the tip of my semi-hard prick through my shorts. Looking up she
    gave me a wink and said, "Thank you, Mr. Mattson" in the trademark line I
    had come to expect from my night time visitors. Her smile, and a silent
    `Thank You' directed at Janet reassured the administrator that she was OK.

    Janet turned to me and gave me a look with her expressive baby blue eyes
    that I couldn't decipher. There was relief that Julie was not harmed, just
    tired, but there was also a hurt look in there somewhere, but I didn't know

    She was quiet and withdrawn at dinner and then that night there were no
    visitors for the first time since my arrival. I was so tired, I didn't
    even miss them. Much. But carrying another person down a mountain is a
    lot of work, especially when there is a lot of wiggling and shouting going

    I must have been asleep an hour or so when I suddenly woke up. To the
    most heavenly feeling of my hard cock sliding down a tight, hot, wet
    throat. All the way down. With lots of suction and tongue action. In a
    very determined manner. Whoever it was meant business.

    I must have groaned or moved or something, because the blow job stopped
    and I heard "Hi, sailor. In town for long?" With that, the mouth returned
    to its task. I leaned back in the dark and enjoyed the wonderful feeling.

    After a while I expected her to stop. The only change she made,
    however, was to get more comfortable and straddle my torso. If she had
    been a bit taller, or if she would scoot back a bit, it would have been the
    classic `69' position.

    I pulled on her hips to move her lower lips closer to my mouth, but she

    "You're going to come in my mouth, damit. I need to get you all in."

    "Use your hands on the lower shaft and just suck on the top. It works
    just as good and you can pump with your fist better than your neck."

    She tried it. "Like that?"

    "Oh yeah, lady, just like that."

    I dove into her hot steamy cunt with my tongue and returned the favors
    she had been bestowing on me for the last 30 minutes or so. I immediately
    noticed something different. No hair. She was completely bald as baby.
    She must have just shaved it, too, because she was extremely smooth and
    smelled a little like baby lotion. I tongued the shaved area around and
    above her cunt lips to show my appreciation of her haircut. Then I
    centered on her clit with one finger in her fuck tunnel. She groaned as
    her first orgasm flooded through her system a while later. And a while
    later after that. And again later.

    Finally, I felt that tingling in my balls that preceded my own orgasm. I
    gave her a slight squeeze on her ass to let her know and she lunged down on
    my prick instead of pulling off, forcing my first explosion of thick seed
    to come deep in her throat.

    I groaned as I felt myself empty into her. The second spasm forced even
    more sticky white fluid down the gullet of my mystery lover. Then a third.
    A final blast of cum juice and I felt the stiffness in my prick begin to

    My mystery lady again surprised me. Instead of coming up for air, she
    began to suck me hard again right away. Now, I've never had a problem
    getting it up more than once, but usually there just isn't time in the
    night or desire on the part of my satiated partners. Never an unsatisfied
    customer. And, true to form, I rose to the challenge at hand, or mouth, in
    this case.

    Coming up off my prick, she turned herself and settled herself back down
    over my prick, enclosing it in her tight cunt. With a couple of wiggles
    she made herself comfortable. Even in the dark I could tell she was
    smiling. Almost smirking.

    "You really are amazing, sailor, you know? You don't come in the mouth
    very often, do you?"

    I shook my head, forgetting it was dark. But I'm glad it was, because I
    was blushing. I didn't know how to tell her that that had been the first
    time I had ever had anyone last that long so that I could come in their
    mouth. It was my first complete blow job and a great one at that.

    "Cat got your tongue, sailor? Why so serious?"

    I was silent. It wasn't that her milking cunt was completely
    distracting me, -well, sort of - it was that I didn't trust myself to say
    anything. I was afraid to say anything that might let me find out that
    this magnificent fucking machine sitting on my cock wasn't the woman I
    fantasized about. I mean, it was still a great fuck, but I felt like I was
    making love with this mystery woman, and I wanted so bad for the two them,
    Janet and this incredible body, to be the same person. But I was afraid to
    be disappointed.

    "We need to talk." I started to pull her off my prick. She fought me

    "Whoa! I'm fine right here. What's your problem? Not getting enough
    pussy?" she said teasingly.

    She was bordering on being downright flippant.

    "I need to know who you are. Uh, I think I have feelings for you."

    "How can you have you have feelings for me if you don't know who I am?"

    "Well, I think I know. At least, I know who I want you to be."

    "Oh." She paused. "And who would that be?"

    "I can't say."


    "Because if you, the most incredible body I have ever been with, are not
    who I want you to be, I would hurt you, and I don't want that. Part of my
    feelings for you have to do with the things we do here, understand? So I
    need you to tell me who you are. And it's not fair. You know who I am.
    That way, if you're not my dream girl, at least I can pretend you are and
    not hurt you."

    "Gee, thanks." She ground around on my cock for several minutes before
    continuing. She may have climaxed, but she was so tight and her muscles so
    active normally, I may have missed it. I wasn't touching her anywhere else
    and it was dark, so I couldn't tell for sure.

    "I can't tell you either. Sorry."

    "Why not?"

    "There are 150 girls and women in this camp. All of them horney, some
    of them are even fucking the trees. If one woman was to claim as her own
    the only prick for a hundred miles around, there would be a riot. A big
    riot. It would be better if, during the time at camp, there weren't any
    sticky feelings around screwing up a good program. Can you live with

    In a way, I was insulted. I was just a prick to satisfy 150 cunts. But
    the more I thought about it, the more excited I got. I think she felt my
    response, because she started giggling. I was going to have to stop having
    meaningful conversations with women when my cock was stuffed up inside
    them. No way to lie.

    "I think it's kind of sexist."


    "OK, so it does turn me on. But what about my feelings? What about

    "I feel like you do."

    "So tell me who you are!"


    Nothing is more frustrating than a stubborn woman. I tried another

    "If you feel the same way, how can you let me fuck all those others?"
    Ha! Gotcha there!

    She was silent and stopped moving for a long time. "That was a low
    blow, sailor. But if you want to know, it's better for you to fuck them
    with my knowledge than to do it behind my back."

    "Do you really mean that?," I asked unbelievingly.

    "You bet. Because they will get to you, one way or another. And then
    you would feel guilty and I would be hurt if I found out, and I find out
    everything that goes on in this camp. Besides, it may even help some of
    them with their problems." She started fucking me again. "I've got to get
    going. I've still got one to go after this."

    I didn't know what she meant by that, but I had one or two more
    questions. Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth. "OK, I'll agree
    to stuff my feelings, but I need two or three things from you. One, I want
    to know who you are after we're done here at Camp Rah-Rah-Rah, and two, I
    have to call you something. What do you want me to call you in here during
    your visits? And three, are there any restrictions on who I can fuck

    She placed her hands on my chest and grabbed two handfuls of hair. She
    didn't pull, but she let me know that she could. A deep throaty laugh came
    up from her, starting just above where my cock ended. "OK, I'll try to
    hold off until after camp. And you can call me `Skipper'. That seems
    fitting. OK, `sailor'? As to restrictions, any girl that comes here is
    old enough to fuck in my opinion. Just don't force anyone."

    Her laugh, the grip of her hands on my chest hair, the thought of all
    that young cunt being offered to me, and her request to call her `Skipper'
    confirmed my deepest hopes and dreams. It was Janet! I knew it. She knew
    I knew it. And I could still boff the campers with her blessing.

    I blasted off inside her.

    It was so unexpected, it caught both of us by surprise. I had only been
    hard for an hour or so. She stretched her body out on top of mine and laid
    down with her head next to mine. I could feel her stiff nipples grinding
    into my pectoral muscles as she snuggled in like a soft cat. She didn't
    let me out of her tight pussy, though, and kept up a constant squeezing and
    milking action.

    "The thought of all that underage pussy must really turn you on. Or was
    it me?"

    "It was you, Skipper," I answered and my cock didn't betray me for once.
    Or maybe it really was the truth.

    We lay there cuddling and kissing for a while, and she was like a little
    girl, licking all of her dried juices off of my face. My beard tickled her
    tongue and she started a giggle fit. It was one of the most erotic
    feelings I have ever experienced as her whole body got into the act. Her
    diaphragm and pelvic muscles convulsed in the most pleasurable way
    imaginable and I got up to full stiffness.

    My prodding member brought her back to her senses and suddenly she was

    "Good, you're hard again. Now we can finish."

    By now it was very late at night. Only once before had I gone two
    rounds with a girl and then there had been four of them. Never had I gone
    three rounds, but my pecker was sure up for it.

    "What do you mean `finish'?" We've already done everything."

    "Not quite." As she said this she gently pressed a small tube into my
    hand. I recognized the shape from a similar tube Julie had given me
    earlier in the day. Anal lubricant. I was going to have to order in a
    bigger supply if they were going to keep stealing it from the infirmary

    She nudged me off the bed and I felt her kneeling down where I had been
    laying. What little light there was gleamed off of a pair of pale white
    moons waving in the night. I sat on the bed behind her.

    "Skipper, have you done this before?"

    "What kind of question is that? That's none of your business." She
    almost sounded indignant and might have pulled it off, but for her
    salacious position.

    "No. I just meant that this can be uncomfortable for someone as small
    as you."

    "and as big as you?" she finished for me. "Don't flatter yourself,
    sailor. It'll fit. And besides, Julie said you were very gentle with her
    on her first time. I know you'll be careful with me."

    "on your first time," I finished for her. She didn't negate my
    statement. "God, is there anything you women don't tell each other?" I got
    no answer, but I realized Julie must have told Janet about our conversation
    on the mountainside and about my feelings for her. That would explain her
    change of attitude after shunning me the evening before.

    I spent several minutes preparing the target. As it was dark, I had to
    do it all by feel, which was just fine by me.

    The first thing I did was tenderize the target. I don't usually like
    rough stuff, but the way she had been teasing me all night, and her refusal
    to tell me who she was got to me. I swatted her swaying cheeks with my
    open hand. Not hard, but hard enough to turn that ivory skin a hot pink
    and to make a loud SWACK! Or at least it would have if I could have seen
    the colors. I just used my imagination in the dark.

    "Ooooww," she moaned. But she didn't move. "Have I been naughty,
    Daddy?" she asked in a seductive little girl voice.

    I didn't know whether to play her game or not. I decided not to. "No,
    Skipper, and let's not play games until I know who you are. I just decided
    to warm your backside before I butt fuck you. Sometimes it helps to relax
    the muscles, if you know what I mean."

    "Oh. Well, I am pretty tense." She let that hang there.

    SMACK! No sound. SMACK! Still no sound. SMACK! Still quiet. I
    swung harder, and switched cheeks. KA-SMACK! A low groan. I spanked her
    bottom several more times before I stopped and rubbed my hands over the
    soft smooth skin of her buttocks. It was warm. A trip to the exposed slit
    told me she was wet. Sopping wet.

    "Are you cumming from this?"

    "Oooohhh, yessssss. I didn't know I liked this, even though it hurts.
    Or maybe it's just you. God, I hope it's just that it's you. You make me
    feel so hot. Anything would make me get off."

    "Shit, you should have told me it hurt. I didn't mean to hit you that

    "Oh shut up, you big sissy. It didn't hurt bad, it hurt good. Now get
    busy. We haven't got all night." Which wasn't exactly true. We did, and
    had used most of it up already.

    She was really pushing me into this. I slid the tip of the tube of
    lubricant into her tight puckered hole and squirted some jelly into her
    rectum. The cool gel brought a moan and a shiver from the kneeling form,
    but she didn't move away. She even shoved back on my finger as first one
    and then two fingers stretched the tight sphincter.

    "It feels good but funny, like I'm full or I have to take a shit. But
    it doesn't hurt."

    That last was for my benefit, I was sure. I kept moving my fingers in
    and out until she really got into it. I could feel her own hands busy on
    her clit and in her cunt, but she was starting to grunt and groan in time
    with my thrusts into her ass.

    I slicked up my cock. I debated whether or not to warn her. I decided
    not to. I kneeled up behind her, still frigging her ass with my two
    fingers. I don't think she noticed, she was so far into what was happening
    to her ass.

    I smoothly pulled out my fingers and replaced them with the head of my

    "oh. OH!" She stayed quiet for a minute. "That's feels bigger that I
    thought it would."

    I held completely still, allowing her time to stretch. I could hear
    little grunts and panting, like Lamaz breathing exercises. I started to
    pull out.

    "Stop, damn you! Just give me a minute, OK? This is something I have
    to do." She didn't explain why. But soon I felt her beginning to breathe
    easier and then to push back against me. Unlike Julie, where I just slid
    in up to the hilt, I had to fight for every glorious quarter of an inch
    with this tight ass. And it was a glorious fight into a glorious ass.

    It took a while, but finally I was in up to the max. We were both
    sweating profusely. I leaned over her bent back and whispered in her ear.
    "We can stop now. I'm in you all the way."

    "Don't you dare, chicken-shit. You're going to finish in all three
    holes tonight, if I have to die doing it."

    I suddenly realized what she was doing. She was giving me a night so
    special, I would never forget it. Anybody I fucked after this would just
    be ordinary sex. If this was truly Janet I was buried in, it would explain
    her hurt look when I brought Julie back in that afternoon. She, and the
    whole camp had heard as I had climaxed inside Julie like I never had with
    the mystery lady. In her own way she was telling me she was laying claim
    to me, putting her mark on me.

    Well if she wanted it, who was I to refuse her? I started to slowly
    pull out of her. Just a couple of inches at first, and then I slid it back

    "Ooophhhh! Do it again!"

    I obeyed the Skipper. I let it slip out of the super-tight canal, and
    then pushed back in. And again. And again. Slowly, she began to loosen
    up and her breathing deepened. She started pushing back in counterpoint to
    my thrusts, pulling away when I pulled out, shoving back when I pushed
    forward. I was almost coming all the way out to my cock head on each
    motion by now.

    Suddenly she raised up on both elbows and squeezed down tightly on my
    prick. She was motionless for what seemed like several minutes and I held
    still behind her.

    "I wouldn't have thought it possible.."

    "What?," I asked after she didn't elaborate.

    "I just had the most intense orgasm of my life and I got it from having
    a ten foot log shoved up my ass! That's what! Now do it for me again,
    sailor. And that's an order!"

    I did my best, and, with her willful cooperation, I did it to her again.
    At least four more times. It seemed she got more sensitive with each
    climax, never quite coming down from the last one before exploding into
    another one higher and harder than the one before. I don't know how she
    hung on for the whole 2 hours or so we were locked into position like that,
    but she did. She didn't quit or hold back. If anything, she got more
    greedy for the orgasms, pushing herself and me to greater and greater

    Finally, just as her fifth and biggest orgasm was sweeping over her, we
    both felt my cock swell in her shit chute and empty into her. The feeling
    of my hot sticky spunk filling her sent her even higher and she fainted and
    collapsed on the bed, her mission accomplished.

    My cock was still stuck in her and I had to follow her back down to the
    bed. I gently rolled over onto my side and pulled her still hot body to
    me. Slowly she came to as I toyed with her tight swollen breasts and
    snuggled back into me. We lay there for a while in utter bliss until we
    heard a scratching noise at my door.

    "Psssst. Uh, Ma'am. Are you still there? It's almost light." I
    recognized the administrator's assistant, if not by her timing, then by her
    mousy voice.

    "I'll be right there."

    She rolled away from me and I slipped out of her ass hole with a loud
    "POP!" Then she farted. I could almost see her blush. She sat on the edge
    of the bed for a minute and then got up. I started to get up to help her.
    I also figured I'd be able to see her in the light from the hallway.

    She pushed me back down. "Nice try, sailor." She got almost to the door
    when she stopped. I thought she was in too much pain, but instead she
    turned around and came back to the bed.

    She lightly kissed me and said, "Almost forgot. `Thank you, Mr.
    Mattson'," in that sexy little girl voice. Then, "Goodnight, sailor. And
    I do mean I had a GOOD night."

    "Me, too. Goodnight, Skipper." Believe it or not, I was hard again from
    her saying that. God, she was sexy!

    I skipped my exercises that morning for the first time in years.

    The Camp Nurse

    Chapter 4 - The Assistant

    by Nightshade

    [The continuing adventures of Chris Mattson, RN at an all-girls
    cheerleading camp high up in the mountains out west. Only Chris is a male.
    Let the fun continue.]

    I slept late the next morning, arriving for breakfast just in time to
    take my place at my table after a hurried shower and shave. Janet was not
    at her place. I noticed the somber atmosphere of the girls around me and
    chalked it up to her absence - she really did light up the whole camp, and
    that was not just my biased opinion. Breakfast went by quietly and then
    again lunch. By dinner Janet still hadn't shown up, and I was concerned.

    But the quietness had a different cause, as I found out after dinner. I
    was sitting under one of the huge old redwoods that populated the valley,
    watching the last of the light reflect off of the lake. I heard light
    steps coming up from the direction of the camp and then a quiet soft voice.
    I turned to look at one of the younger girls standing by my side.

    "Mr. Mattson?"


    "May I sit down with you?"


    Instead of sitting on the ground as I expected, she pivoted and plopped
    her ass down in my lap. She ground it around a couple of times and then
    looked up at me with those big innocent clear brown eyes. Boy, can looks
    be deceiving!

    "Are you feeling better today?"

    I thought fast. Why was I not feeling better yesterday? Then I
    remembered that there were no visitors last night. They must have told the
    girls that I was tired or not feeling well. "Yes, I'm feeling much better,
    thank you. Why?"

    "Oh, good!," she gushed. "It's my turn tonight and I was hoping you
    would be OK." Suddenly she realized what she had said and blushed.

    "What's your name?"


    "Well, Melody, tonight when you come in, kiss me on my nose so I'll know
    it's you and we'll do something special. OK?"

    "But we don't have that much time to.." She again blushed.

    "We'll make time. Thank you for your concern." I kissed her on her
    forehead and helped her up, copping a satisfying feel of her tight little
    ass on the way up. She giggled and wiggled it against my palm and then
    impishly leaned over to give me a kiss back, pausing and holding herself
    bent over at the waist until I got a complete view of her 14 year old tits.
    Or what there was of them. When I sighed and grinned she finished her kiss
    and stood up, giving me an instant replay on the way back up.

    "Later, Mr. Mattson," she called.

    I could hardly wait for later. "Bye, Melody."

    But later came. Finally. The bells rang and the camp quieted down.
    The lights were out, but for some reason I couldn't sleep. Anticipation, I
    guess. I never realized how much I looked forward to all those tight
    pussies getting off on my prick each night. A guy could get used to this,
    you know?

    But the visits started, right on schedule. The first couple of fucks
    were straightforward kiss, suck, fuck, "Thank you, Mr. Mattson" jobs. I
    did notice, however, that I was being used less and less as substitute and
    that they were actually fucking my prick. In fact, I was only Daddy once
    that whole night.

    Melody was the fifth girl. I felt a kiss on my mouth that quickly moved
    up to my nose. She even nipped it a little with her teeth, just to make
    sure I wouldn't miss the signal, I guess. A girlish little giggle and she
    snuggled into the narrow cot beside me.

    "So what are we going to do?," she asked.

    "Well, first, take off your nightshirt."

    "Oh, Mr. Mattson, that would be naughty! I would be naked," she gushed
    as she lay back down next to me, soft young bare skin on my skin. They
    must teach speed stripping as a course here, with Julie as the instructor.

    I let my hands roam over her tight young body, exciting both of us with
    little touches and pinches and probes. Her tits were what you would call
    perky. Just beginning to develop, they were slight mounds topped by hard
    kernels of nipples. They were at that painful stage were they always
    itched or ached, so I was particularly gentle with them. As it was, her
    nipples were so hard and sensitive she came just from my gentle
    explorations. I also found a bald pussy, not the first one I had noticed
    that night. She shuddered again as I toyed with her lower nub between her
    cunt lips. She was biting my arm to keep quiet and I knew I was going to
    have a hickey the next day.

    "Melody, straddle my chest like you were going to get on my prick, but
    face the other way."

    She did so quickly and quietly. These kids recuperate much faster than
    us old folks.

    "Now slide this way." I pulled on her hips to move her towards my head -
    and mouth. She was still sitting straight up. I lifted her hips gently
    and lowered her cunt down on my mouth.

    "OH! OH! OH! OH! Mr. Mattson! What are you doing? It feels so
    good! OH! OH! OH! Yessssss! Nobody has ever done that before. OH!
    SSSsssshhhhiiiitttt! Don't Stop. AAARRrrrggggghhhh!"

    Several hissing and shushing noises came from the hallway. There really
    was a line out side my door. If that's never happened to you, you have no
    idea what that will do for your ego. Mine sure felt healthy.

    Melody kind of fell forward and gagged herself by swallowing my stiff
    prick. But her hips never stopped wiggling against my nose and chin,
    urging my tongue to greater depths inside her. I obliged to the best of my
    ability, which was considerable. She finally shuddered and collapsed on my
    abdomen, breathing heavily. I could feel the two knots of her nipples
    pressing on my stomach.

    When she started to come around, I lifted her small frame and flipped
    her around so she was lying on my stomach on her back. I slip her down
    until my prick head was butting up against her cunt lips. Automatically,
    she reached down and guided it into the tight opening. She took over from
    there, sensing what I wanted. She slid down its length and began to fuck
    herself with my hard cock. There wasn't as much contact with her clit in
    this position, but it did hit the G-spot better. I reached down and found
    her excited clit. I pinched it lightly between my thumb and fore finger
    and urged her to reach her climax.

    When she came, she twisted almost all the way around and kissed me hard,
    stifling her screams into my mouth. She tasted her own juice on my lips
    and she came again.

    "So that's what I taste like."

    "You tasted good. I liked it. And what we did, too."

    "Me, too." She pulled herself off the bed. She leaned over and lightly
    kissed me. "Thank you, Mr. Mattson. Thank you very much!"

    She was headed out the door when I whispered to her.


    She turned back to me.

    I reached up and found her nose. I rubbed it gently. "Let's keep it
    out little secret, right?"

    You would have thought I had just given her a million dollars. In some
    ways, I suppose a genuine secret is worth that much in self esteem to a 14
    year old girl. Her kiss that time was not so light and almost started us
    off again. If it hadn't been for the impatient girls in the hall way, I
    just might have fucked her again. But she would be back another night.

    I heard considerable whispering and discussions as the rest of the
    visitors tried to find out what happened with Melody. She became something
    of a celebrity and I prepared myself to make an explanation to the Skipper
    when she showed up later that night.

    I had not seen Janet all day, and had been refused access to her, unless
    it was an emergency. A lonely heart didn't qualify, so I had suffered
    through the day without her. But I knew she was going to come in later.
    She hadn't missed a night.

    But a half hour passed after the last girl had gotten herself off on my
    stiff member, then an hour. Finally, I heard the door creep open.

    "Uh, Mr. Mattson?"

    My heart sank, but not my prick. It was the assistant.


    She shuffled closer to the bed in the dark. "Uh, I was told to tell you
    that `The Skipper can't make it tonight.' She said she was sorry, and
    something about it was her fault for trying to swallow `a ten foot log.'
    She said you would understand. Do you?"

    I did. Her ass was sore. "Is she alright?" I was concerned.

    "I think she's just sore. She didn't sit down all day and has to lay on
    her stomach to sleep." She giggled. "She called you `an insatiable satyr'.
    From her, that's a compliment."

    "But she's OK?"

    "Yes, but she won't be here tonight." Her message done, I thought she
    would leave. While not unattractive, she didn't seem the type to hang
    around. For whatever. But she didn't leave. She kind of stood there and
    shuffled her feet.

    "Was there anything else?," I asked her.

    "Well, I was wondering, uh, since, you know, since, well, you know,
    well, since she's not, you know, like, well."

    "Would you like to take her place?"

    "Oh yes! That's what I want. I want to take her place."

    "In my heart or on my prick?"

    "Oh! On your thing, silly." I expected her to move, but she just stood


    "Uh, don't laugh at me, but I don't actually know what to do."

    "You've never done it before?"

    "Oh, yes. In high school and a couple of times in college. But I've
    never, well, I've always just kind of been there for the guy. They always
    did everything. I don't know what to do."

    I smiled in the dark at her honesty. I forgave her all her
    interruptions and swore to make this a good time for her.

    "You could start by sitting down." I patted the cot so she could hear
    where to sit in the dark. She sat. "Now take off your night shirt and
    sandals." She shivered in the cool night air. I touched her lightly on her
    side, just above her hip. A safe place to touch a skittish woman. "Now,
    what do you want to do?"

    She was quiet. Then I felt her hand sliding around my stomach gradually
    moving down. She bumped into my hard meat much earlier than she
    anticipated and kind of gasped. Her hand pulled away and then found it
    again, this time on purpose.

    "Oh, my! It's bigger than I thought." She played with it gently,
    stroking it up and down, then becoming more and more urgent until I cried
    out in pain.


    "Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Let me kiss it."
    Before either of us realized what she was doing, she had my rod in her
    mouth. It was obvious she had not done this very much, if at all, but her
    enthusiasm was arousing. She just about rubbed it raw with her teeth until
    I got her to cover her teeth with her upper lip and tongue underneath. She
    also got the head down her throat part way without gagging. She kept
    coming up and asking if she was doing it right. She tried so hard, and, by
    the time she was tired, was getting to be a pretty good cock sucker, too. I
    told her that, and I could feel the heat from her blush.

    She lifted her head up from my cock and stretched out next to me on the
    cot, never letting go of my prick with her hand. But now she held it
    gently and caressed it like a lover.

    I felt her looking up at me. I tipped my head towards hers and our lips

    "Do all men taste like you do?"

    I laughed. "Only men who have had twenty or so girls sitting on their

    "Oh." Silence "I liked it. Does that mean I like girls?"

    That was a loaded question. I changed the subject. "What would you
    like me to do for you?"

    She caught her breath. The big question. Decision time. In a shy
    voice she asked, "Would you make love to me? Show me what to do? I want
    to do something, but I don't know what or how."

    I rolled over so I was on top of her. Kissed her lips. Then her eyes.
    Then her ears. I spent a long time just caressing her and kissing her. I
    felt the tears rolling down her cheeks and licked them away. She cried
    some more. I drew my lips along her neck, down along her jugular vein into
    the depression at the base of her neck. I buried my face there and traced
    gentle designs with my tongue on that sensitive area. Then I did the other

    She had stuffed one of her hands in her mouth to muffle her screams.
    This poor woman was so tense she was orgasming already and I wasn't even to
    her tits. I avoided those for now and concentrated on her long smooth
    arms. Each finger received a lingering kiss with special attention paid to
    the palms of her hands. She was now sobbing, jerking around on the cot
    under me. I was afraid what would happen when I started on her breasts, so
    I flipped her over on her stomach. The sudden move surprised her until I
    ran my tongue down the length of her back. She screamed into the pillow,
    beating her fists into the mattress. She would have kicked her feet but I
    was sitting on them.

    I decided what this woman needed was a massage. I happened to know how
    to give two kinds of massages, both erotic. One was good, the other very
    good. I didn't think she would last if I gave her a very good one, which
    included the anal areas I didn't think she was ready for. Yet. So I
    started on a sensual back rub that had the effect of calming her down.
    Apparently this was something she could deal with, something she knew. Her
    breathing returned to normal as I worked my way down her back. And reached
    her buttocks.

    My rod had been resting on the crease between those cheeks for most of
    the massage, but she didn't seem to have noticed. As I began to rub and
    move the deep muscles in her ass, her breathing began to get ragged again.
    I did her butt, then moved down her one leg then back up the other. I did
    spend extra time on her feet and toes and was rewarded with another orgasm,
    but a slower, gentler one this time. It felt like she almost enjoyed that

    I moved up the side of the bed and quickly flipped her over. It wasn't
    like a kung foo thing, but it happened before she was aware of it. I
    started to massage her upper chest and shoulders, still avoiding her
    breasts. She noticed, because she started to thrust them up at my hands,
    brushing them against my wrists as I worked higher up. She began to grunt
    and pant in an animalistic way, writhing on the bed in the ancient
    movements of sex and seduction.

    "Oh, God. What are you doing to me? I've never felt this way before. I
    want you to touch me, squeeze me hard, play with my boobies.
    Please.Please.Please," she pleaded.

    I gently captured her swollen dancing nipples in the cracks between my
    fingers as I palmed her entire breasts. I applied pressure gently as I
    squeezed my fingers together over those soft mounds. I had always thought
    of the assistant as mousy, an ordinary, plain girl. From the way she
    dressed and walked, I imagined small, saggy tits and the same for her
    bottom, kind of flat and droopy. Boy, was I wrong! She was just a
    beautiful girl with a poor self image. Because the guys in her life didn't
    know how to make her feel special, she didn't think she was. Jerks. All
    of them. I may have my own quirks and kinks, but at least I made each
    person feel special. Not like some kind of jerk-off bag to squirt sperm

    Her tits were a bit larger than I like, and softer. But they felt
    terrific. I told her so and she started crying again. I continued down
    her body, describing each rib, each smooth curve of her trim body in the
    most erotic language I could think of. When I got to her mons, there was
    no hair.

    "Is this for me?," I asked her, indicating her shaved mound.

    "Yes. Most of the girls are shaved now. For you. Do you like it? I
    hope so. I haven't felt this naked since I was 12."

    "It's beautiful. Lovely, so smooth, so kissable." I proceeded to do
    just that and she squealed a bit. The aromas coming from between her legs
    told me she had really been enjoying herself, and that I would have to
    change the sheets before getting any sleep tonight. But I didn't mind. I
    kissed a little lower. Her legs parted automatically, spreading her
    cuntlips wide open. I frenched them. She arched her back into my mouth,
    forcing her cunt hard on my lips. I grabbed onto her legs to hold her
    there, and feasted on the delectable nectar she was producing in quantity.
    I could hear her sobbing softly but I didn't stop until she went limp in my
    arms. I laid her gently out on the bed and lay down beside her still form.

    She rested quietly for a while. She wasn't unconscious because her hand
    drew little designs in my chest hair.

    "Thank you, Chris, uh, Mr. Mattson. Thank you."

    "You're welcome, but is that all you want?"

    "There's more?"

    "If you want, yes. But it's OK to stop now. I'm fine. Only if you

    Her hand seized the hairs on my chest and pulled a few. Ouch!

    "I want more. Please. Now!"

    I laughed and gently kissed her forehead. Then I kissed her lips and
    she tasted herself, probably for the first time. "Ummmm. Good!" she

    I rolled her on top of me and helped her sit up. I cupped her swaying
    tits in my hands and held them firmly, the nipples rubbing into my palms.
    She began rutting on my stomach.

    "What do I do now?," she asked timidly.

    "Move down a little." Her old boyfriends really were jerks.

    She slipped down and bumped into my cock. She automatically raised up a
    little to slide over it, but as she passed over the head it slipped up
    inside her hot box. She froze.

    "What's the matter?"

    "I'm scared. It's always hurt before or I've been disappointed."

    "It always hurts the first time. But that's over now. And it wasn't
    your fault you were disappointed. Blame your taste in men, maybe, but
    other than that, it was all their fault you weren't satisfied. Go ahead.
    Let it just slip inside you. We'll go slow and make sure it doesn't hurt
    and that you like it. OK?"

    For an answer she let a bit more slip in. Before I could say anything
    she grunted, and forced a little bit more. To me it didn't seem that she
    was that tight, given the young pussies and tight assholes I had been into
    in the last few days, but it must have felt like she was splitting in two
    to her. She didn't cry, but it was an effort on her part to get each inch
    of me into her. But she did. And it was like a switch went off in her

    Suddenly she was the all-American cheerleader. The cheers started out
    clean enough, like the old: Push `em back Push `em back, Harder Harder, and
    the one that goes: Do it again Do it again We like it We like it.

    They started out, like I said, clean and somewhat quiet. But after her
    first climax riding in the saddle, she got loud. And dirty.

    Between cheers of: Push it in Push it in Harder harder and Give me an
    `F' Give me a `U' Give me a `C' Give me a `K' Fuck me!, Fuck me!, Fuck me!,
    I was beginning to hear peals of laughter coming from outside my window.
    My companion either didn't know or didn't care. Her yells got raunchier
    and louder with each climax, and she had quite a few. Her hips never
    stopped swirling and thrusting, rubbing her clit on both the up and down
    strokes. With and between each orgasm, I swear I could actually feel her
    cunt muscles tightening up. I guess the old saying about `use it or loose
    it' was true in this case.

    She finally shrieked and collapsed to a thunderous round of applause and
    laughter, not at her, but at the situation. Two of the staff came in and
    carried her away back to her room, both very solicitous of her. They both
    asked if I needed them to come back and help with any unfinished business,
    but I was already asleep, a big grin on my face.

    I think I had finally answered her loaded question if she liked girls or
    not. Maybe she did, but she liked men, too, and that was what was
    important. To me, anyway.

    Chapter 5 - The Canoe

    [The continuing adventures of Chris Mattson, RN at an all-girls
    cheerleading camp high up in the mountains out west. Only Chris is a male.
    Let the fun continue.]

    s Janet was at breakfast the next morning. She smiled a shy greeting at
    me and I noticed she sat down very slowly and gently. I grinned back at
    her and she noticed me watching her sit. She blushed a beautiful shade of
    pink, then got up her nerve and blew me a kiss across the room. I don't
    think any of the campers noticed it, but a couple of the staffers grinned
    knowingly in my direction.

    I got a call to come up to Janet's office for a 10:10 staff meeting that
    morning. I thought the time was odd, but she was a busy woman, and she had
    to make up for lost time the day before. I cleaned up for the staff
    meeting, and got there on time. Walking in to the outer office, I didn't
    see anyone. I went on into the conference room.

    Sandra, the mousy assistant, was mousy no more. She stood there in the
    room, leaning up against the table. Her hair wasn't in a bun, but hung in
    sexy waves around her face and over her shoulders. She was wearing makeup,
    just a touch, to emphasize her lips and eyes. But that wasn't the big
    change. It was what she was wearing. Or wasn't wearing.

    Gone were the tweeds and pant suits, the efficient business clothes.
    This morning she was wearing a half-T that was about two sizes too small.
    And no bra. The bottom edge of the short shirt showed most of her large
    soft tits that jiggled with each breath she took. And she was breathing

    She was also wearing a pair of loose fitting shorts that were high cut
    on each hip and made of a slippery nylon fabric. Even though they were
    loose, they clung to her body like paint. It was obvious she wasn't
    wearing any underwear and that she was damp in the crotch.

    She let me gaze at her for a moment, grinning and blushing at the
    visible effect she was having on me. The right leg of my short was bulging
    out and suddenly became too short to cover all my parts. Sandra licked her
    lips when she saw the large purple head pop out into the daylight.

    She had apparently not yet taken the speed stripping course at the camp
    yet, because she simply launched herself at me from her position at the
    conference table. Her arms wrapped around my neck and her legs wrapped
    around my waist. She didn't say a thing. She just kissed me real hard
    several times, and then just held on. Tight. Waiting.

    What was I to do? I struggled to get my shorts down and free the
    monster that had grown in my pants leg. She helped me by wiggling around.
    She wouldn't let go of my waist with her legs, however, and I was wondering
    how I was going to get into her pussy, when the situation kind of took care
    of itself. Her loose shorts slipped to the side and suddenly she was
    crying in joy as she felt it slide easily into her cunt. She was even
    tighter than last night. With the workout she had had last night and now
    again this morning, I felt sure her cunt muscles would be sore. But she
    didn't seem to mind. I looked down at her face and her eyes were screwed
    tightly shut. She was totally focused on this fuck.

    She was a little heavier than some of the petite little girls and women
    I had had ride my cock like that so I turned her around and eased my butt
    onto the conference table and supported our weight by leaning against it.
    It also provided her with a more stable platform for her increasingly wild
    screwing motions. It was when I looked up from watching her tits bounce
    and her face contort that my prick jerked and almost unsaddled the morphed

    Janet was standing just inside the door watching us fuck. My eyes
    widened in surprise when I saw her, but then she gave me a smile that let
    me know it was OK to keep going. In fact, she gave her own tiny breasts a
    squeeze through her tight top with one hand and caressed her cunt through
    her shorts with the other as she stood there watching. I just about came
    when she seductively licked her lips with that tiny pink tongue, running it
    around her lips two or three times. I remembered what it felt like on my
    prick and a shiver went down my back.

    Then I just about started laughing. Here I was, fucking a beautiful
    woman who I had just helped, I hoped, the night before to get over a self
    image problem, while at the same time fantasizing about another woman's
    mouth on my cock. I didn't think it would help Sandra's image if I
    laughed, or if she found out what I was thinking, so I made a face at Janet
    to let her know I knew what she was doing. She grinned wickedly and
    stopped fondling herself. She didn't stop watching.

    "Uh, Sandra,."

    "Call me Sandi. I don't feel like a Sandra anymore. Sandra didn't get
    fucked enough. Sandi is going to get fucked a whole lot. I feel like a
    Sandi," she interrupted me.

    "OK, Sandi," I replied. "What time is the meeting? The real staff

    "10:30. I hope I left us enough time. I wanted you to be early. What
    took you so fucking long to get here?" She paused. "God, I'm sorry. I
    don't know what came over me. Having your cock in my cunny just does
    something to me, you know?"

    "Don't apologize, Sandi. It feels good being inside you. But do you
    think it's fair to the others to have `special' meetings like this?"

    A bit of Sandra came back. "Fair? Fair? Do you think it's fair that
    all the other girls get all the attention, that they get picked for the pep
    squads? All I ever wanted to be was one of them, but." She tapered off and
    buried her head in my chest.

    I kissed the top of her head. I knew what she was going to say, so I
    finished for her. ".but you never tried out, did you."

    She sobbed, and shook her head. "I knew I wasn't good enough."

    I reached down and grabbed her chin and lifted her head up. "And now.?"

    She opened her eyes and looked at me. I saw a fire burning in them.
    She stopped crying. And she never stopped rotating her hips around on my
    cock. "From now on, I'm going to go after what I want. Like this." She
    indicated my hard prick by squeezing it with her internal muscles. "And if
    that isn't fair, tough shit. They can make their own arrangements."

    I smiled. Janet smiled. I kissed Sandi's forehead. "Good girl," I
    said. Then I leaned down and whispered to her. "If you want me to come
    early, just ask. I will do anything I can for you. OK?"

    "Oh, Chris! Thank you! OH! I'm cominnnnnnngggg." Sandi clung to me
    like a leech on a cock. I could feel her cunt actually sucking me deeper
    into her body. She shuddered and throbbed on my rampant cock for several
    minutes and then lifted herself off my tall member.

    "Thank you, Mr. Mattson." She leaned down and cleaned my cock with her
    tongue and mouth, even sucking my balls clean. Three times. She only
    jumped slightly when she felt Janet's tongue cleaning the insides of her
    thighs. But the groans she made with her mouth around my prick just about
    set me off. Janet was hampered by Sandi's shorts, but it was obvious that
    both of them enjoyed what was happening. And that it would happen again,
    later. Without the shorts.

    Sandi paused in her cleaning efforts and looked up at me with a question
    in her eyes. I could see the first edges of doubt about her sexuality
    creeping back in.

    "Both. It's perfectly normal to like both, Sandi. You're an attractive
    woman. To both men and women. Enjoy it."

    Sandi squeezed my cock in response and gave me one of the best blow jobs
    I had ever had. She had learned a lot in the last day or two. When she
    stuck a finger up my ass and massaged my prostate gland, I surprised all
    three of us and filled her mouth with a bucket of cum. She didn't waste a
    drop and only had to share with Janet because Janet immediately kissed her
    hard on the mouth and stuck her tongue in to get some of my jism. They
    dueled at length before Janet pulled back and sighed.

    "Think we can cancel the staff meeting, Sandi?"

    Sandi groaned. "They're already on their way. We'll have to straighten
    up, Miss Crandell."

    "Why, Sandi! How can you call me `Miss Crandell,' when I'm standing
    here with your pussy juice on my face? Call me Janet, OK?"

    The two women hugged. I was forgotten, my semi-stiff cock still hanging
    out of my shorts.

    "And you," Janet said to me, "put that thing away. It's caused enough
    `trouble' for now."

    The staff meeting was anti-climatic. Although a couple of the staffers
    with sensitive olfactory senses did sniff the air and give me a queer look.
    Apparently the pungent aroma of Sandi's secretions were detectable.

    The rest of the day past without incident, except that during the
    morning the fondling and quick feels by the staff became a bit more
    insistent and frenzied. I was in an almost constant state of arousal the
    entire day, with the engorged head of my cock visible and on display below
    the cuff of my shorts. The campers didn't seem to mind, in fact, several
    of them started to copy the example of their older leaders and began
    fondling and feeling it whenever they happened to pass within arm's reach,
    or could find some excuse to sit and grind on my lap.

    Janet watched this process with an amused grin on her face. Several
    times during the day I swear she told some of the younger campers to come
    over and `torment' me in some soft way or another. It was particularly
    hard not to plow those tight cunts when they had you firmly in the grasp of
    their tiny hands and looked up at me with those delightfully smiling eyes
    and asked me the most mundane question imaginable. I was in heaven, and I
    think Janet knew it.

    And then it stopped. Like a light going off. Right after lunch. The
    girls would come right up to me, stand a smidgen away from me and not
    touch. Time after time. I wasn't sure which was more exciting: The
    touching or the tantalizing. It didn't make any difference to me, I was as
    hard as a rock, regardless. I loved these little sex games they were
    playing. It kept everything on a friendly level with everyone knowing what
    was going on, and no one got their feelings hurt.

    I knew things were wide open when the first girl that night kissed me on
    my nose and said, "I want what Melody got," and then stripped and sat on my
    face. So did the second girl and the third. But this type of service took
    longer and it was getting late. The last several of the nocturnal visitors
    began coming into my room in pairs. One would sit on my face, the other
    would climb on my cock. Some of them even began kissing and fondling each
    other they were getting serviced by me. I'm sure a lot of activity
    continued on after they left me back in the dormitory later on that night.
    And when they were all done, the Skipper visited me.

    She slipped in and was naked in my arms before I heard her. She was
    just suddenly there and, at first I thought it was a dream. But dreams
    don't feel that good, and this felt tremendous. We kissed and I tasted a
    new flavor.

    "I see you had another meeting with Sandi, Skipper."

    "Uh-huh. I thought she need a good chewing out." She laughed. "She
    didn't seem too upset about it, though."

    "Did she do you, too.?"

    "Oh, God, yes. She really is a fast learner, you know."

    I was silent. "Next time, can I watch?"

    I caught a jab in the ribs. "Would that turn you on, sailor?"

    "Just thinking of the picture of the two of you making love to each
    other gets me hard." I hugged her to me tighter. "Thinking of you makes me
    even harder, though." I thought about how sore she must have been after our
    last bout. "What would you like to do tonight? Or do you just want to

    "Cuddle? That's for wimps. Unless you can't get it up, sailor. Then
    I'll just go back to Sandi." She was teasing, as she was laying directly on
    my rock hard cock. It must have been giving her a stomach ache it was
    prodding her so hard.

    "So what's your pleasure, Ma'am?"

    She leaned down and kissed my chin. "I want it up my ass," she said
    finally in a quiet, but firm voice. "It hurt like hell, but I loved it.
    I'm going to learn how to relax like Julie told me and take that monster
    all the way up there. Do you mind?"

    Did I mind? Offering me the finest ass I had ever fucked? Did she
    think I was crazy? Hell, no, I didn't mind. But I didn't want to appear
    too anxious.

    "You're sure? I'd hate to hurt you again."

    She lifted herself up and positioned her asshole over the tip of my
    cock. She lowered herself gingerly down until about three inches were
    inside her. She had pre-lubed her ass with enough gel so that some of it
    leaked out and ran down the exposed shaft of my cock, preparing it for
    deeper penetration. With a determined grunt she took the rest of my
    throbbing prick deep up inside her rectal recesses.

    "Was that better?"

    "Hey, it's always good for me. Was it better for you?"

    "Yesssssss. Can you feel it? I can't stop the spasms. They just
    ripple through me, one after the other. They start at my shitter and go to
    my toes and fingers and the tips of my nipples. My hair feels funny, too,
    like its alive. God, I love this. And it doesn't hurt now."

    She still hadn't moved. "Pull up a little and then slide back down." As
    she did, I slipped my hand under her and let her impale herself on my
    extended middle finger. With my thumb I found and pressed on her clit.
    She went wild. I thought my finger would break she was squeezing it so
    hard. She was laughing, sobbing , yelling, blubbering and so on all at
    once. Until her system finally spent itself of all her built up tension
    and she relaxed on my chest.


    "What, Skipper?"

    "Watching all the girls tease you all day really turned me on. I didn't
    realize how much."

    "Do you think it was a good idea with the campers?"

    "Hey none of those girls had ever seen a prick before, so I let them
    have their chance to see a real good one."

    "Those were all virgins?" She giggled as my prick seemed to swell to
    twice its normal size in her ass.

    "Well, they are for now. Who knows if they will be by the end of camp."
    She slid up and down a bit on my cock. "But before you get them, I have
    one more chore for you to take care of."

    "Your cunt?," I asked, hopefully.

    "That, too, but I didn't think that was a chore, you bastard!" She
    pummeled my chest with her tiny fists in mock anger. "I need you to `fix'
    one of the staff. Diane. I don't know what's wrong with her."

    I tried to picture Diane in my mind. All I got was a faceless blonde
    with high thrusting knockers. I had heard comments about a silicone job,
    but something didn't match up with her personality and a boob job. I also
    didn't recall her being one of the active participants of my torture
    earlier that day. Or of her coming in for an exam earlier. She was
    friendly enough, cheerful, outgoing, well spoken. But not horney? Give me
    a break. She was either tremendously self disciplined or had a wire loose

    The Skipper was continuing, "I want you to spend some time with her. As
    much as you need. I would suggest a canoe trip across the lake, if you
    don't mind my suggestions."

    "You're all right with this?," I asked, still not believing my luck or
    this woman's attitude.

    "Do you love me?," she asked me quietly.

    "Yes," I answered immediately. I didn't have to think about it. It was

    "Then I'm all right with it. Do what ever it takes," she instructed.
    "But first, roll me over and fuck my ass off, will you, sailor?"

    Always obey the skipper, my training manual said. So I did.

    The next day after lunch I wandered down to the docks to find Diane
    waiting for me with a back pack. A canoe had already been loaded with food
    and a sleeping bag. One bag. Diane stared at me hard and with a bit of a
    look of distaste or loathing when she saw the single bag, but said nothing.
    In fact, she actually sounded cheerful and would have fooled me, but I had
    seen her eyes. We loaded the rest of our gear in and took off.

    About a mile into the trip, we both bean to work up a sweat. We took a
    break and took off our sweatshirts, leaving me bare-chested and Diane in
    the tiniest bikini top I had ever seen. She sure wasn't shy about showing
    her body! She was extremely fair, as some blondes are, and I leaned
    forward to rub sun screen on her shoulders. Just as I touched her I felt a
    twitch or a shudder, as if she reflexively pulled away, but then she
    relaxed, looked over her shoulder at me and gave me such a smoldering look
    that I would have jumped her right then if it hadn't been that all the
    pieces didn't fit right. I grinned back at her, finished applying the sun
    screen and indicated the far shore. I swear she looked puzzled that I
    hadn't done anything.

    We got to the far shore and found a beach and a nice clearing. We
    pulled the boat up, unloaded our gear and set up a small camp. I had left
    the sleeping bag in the boat. When that was done, I unrolled a towel on
    the beach, stripped to my bathing suit and called over my shoulder as I
    dove into the cool water, "Last one in is a rotten egg!"

    She responded to the childish dare, stripped off her shorts and joined
    me in the water. Her suit was not meant for water and turned almost
    transparent, exposing her charms to anyone who would look. But I didn't.
    OK, I tried real hard not to, but would you be able to not look at a near
    naked woman playing in the water with you? I tried to studiously force
    myself to look directly into her eyes when I looked at her. But it was
    hard. I had thought her top was small. Her bottoms almost didn't exist.
    They were essentially a string around her waist and a second string through
    her crotch with a wide patch of thin cloth in the front. She was totally
    naked underneath. The string had long ago buried itself between her cunt
    lips and they were clearly visible as she jumped and splashed in the water.

    It was one of the hardest things I ever did to not take her up on her
    blatant offer. Somehow, I knew I had to make her ask for it. Otherwise
    she would consider me just another aggressive male.

    When we got out of the water, I collapsed on my towel in the sand and
    lay there soaking up the sun. I had my head turned away from her, but I
    could tell by the shuffling and rearranging that she was surprised we were
    not doing the dirty deed. I grinned to myself. It was like a game.

    I don't know how long we lay there, but suddenly it got dark. And wet.
    A sudden storm had blown in over the lake and was sitting right on top of
    us. The backpacks were waterproof and everything else but us and the
    towels were undercover, but we were getting soaked. We had just been in
    the water, but somehow this was wetter.

    I went over to the canoe and called Diane. I tipped the canoe over and
    pushed her under it and then crawled in behind her. It was quite roomy,
    but there was no way we could lay there without touching. I spread the
    bench cushions on the ground and used the sleeping bag for a pillow. We
    lay down side by side on the makeshift bed and prepared to wait out the

    It didn't stop. It was finally too dark to go back that night. We were
    stranded at the other end of the lake.

    I think we finally got tired of not talking. I know Diane was not a
    normally quiet person, and I have been known to talk as well on occasion. I
    think it may have started when she finally stopped avoiding me and put her
    arm up around my neck. It wasn't in passion, but for comfort. I grinned
    at her and leaned back and closed my eyes. I think that was when she
    started talking. I think she asked me why I hadn't done anything to her.
    She knew what was going on at camp, even encouraged her girls to take
    advantage of their scheduled visits. So why had I not tried anything with

    I had to think about that one. I told her I got a sense that she really
    didn't want me to do anything. She may have expected it, she may have even
    accepted my advances out of a sense of duty or obligation to someone or to
    me, but I didn't think she really wanted to have sex.

    Why do they always cry? At least I knew I was on the right track when I
    felt the salty drops falling on my arm. But I had no idea how screwed up
    this young woman was. Her story was simple, but devastating.

    As a little girl, she had always wanted to be a cheerleader. Her
    mother, also a beautiful woman, had been a cheerleader in high school and
    had then gotten married early and had Diane. As Diane developed into the
    gorgeous creature she was, her mother encouraged her and helped her as much
    as possible. Except for two things.

    The first was that, for some reason, Diane's mother was convinced that
    the evidence of nipples showing was in extremely bad taste and worse,
    wicked. So as soon as Diane began to develop nipples her mother would put
    tape on them before the games so they wouldn't show. She began using
    heavier and heavier tape, which not only caused Diane considerable
    embarrassment, but was painful to remove. And it wasn't always successful.
    One night, after a particularly rousing cheer, the dreaded nipples popped
    through the tape. Diane's mother and father had attended that game. Both
    of them came onto the basketball court and dragged her home. She was
    incredibly embarrassed by their actions.

    When they got home, her mother locked her in her room for about an hour
    and then flung open the door and stormed into the room. She had made her
    take off her sweater and bra and then her mom ripped the tape from her
    breasts. She then held up two small cylinders. They were about a quarter
    inch around and about a half inch long. They were sections from wooden
    dowel. Her mother pressed one of the dowels against her right nipple,
    forcing it to invert on itself. She pushed until the dowel was flush with
    the front surface of her breast and then put a piece of tape over it to
    hold it in place. She repeated the process with the other breast.

    Diane was in tears. It hurt. Terribly. But her mother said that this
    was the only way she could be a cheerleader in public ever again. So she
    suffered through it, finally getting so she would insert the plungers
    herself before the games.

    The second thing that her mother had done was to instill in Diane an
    absolute fear of any and all pleasurable, as is sexy, feelings. She had
    done this by spanking not only her fingers, but her clitoris when she was a
    little girl and had been caught exploring her own body in the bath tub.
    Later, she had poured burning hot water, not quite scalding, over her
    vaginal area when she was older and had been caught diddling herself. She
    had been caught ten times, until she simply lost the urge to masturbate.

    I, for one, was amazed at her persistence. I would have quit after
    being burned once, maybe twice. But it did confirm my suspicions that
    there was a passionate woman hidden deep in this body beside me. Now, how
    to dig it out?

    "Diane, what can I do for you?," I asked into the darkness. "What would
    you like me to do?"

    "Nothing. Nothing works. It all feels like blah."

    "Can I at least give it a try?"

    She looked at me. "Why? Why bother?"

    "Because I care about you. I hate to see you missing this side of your

    "What about Janet? I thought you cared about her."

    `DANGER! DANGER! Dive! Dive!' went off in my head. I answered
    carefully, but honestly. "I care about Janet very much. But we both think
    I may be able to help you."

    "How? By fucking me up the ass? It doesn't work, I've tried. No,
    thank you," she said bitterly.

    "That was a cheap shot, Diane."

    "Sorry. But I've heard that's what you like."

    "I like all kinds of sex. Including anal. But only if the partner is
    willing. Have you ever heard of me forcing anyone?"

    There was a long silence. Finally, "No. That's always puzzled me."

    We lay there a while. The rain still dripped on our roof, the canoe,
    but we could hear the sounds of the forest around us and the lapping of the
    waves on the beach a few feet from our spot. It was surprisingly warm in
    spite of the storm and we were both still in our bathing suits.

    "Chris, would you kiss me?"

    I leaned over to kiss her and she turned her head away from me. In the
    faint light I could see her flushed cheeks.

    "Not there. Down there."

    Bingo! She had asked for something. I held myself in check so I
    wouldn't seem to be rushing and began to wander down her lovely body. I
    got to her chest and nuzzled one of the swatches of cloth up and over her
    breast, baring it to my lips. I suckled on her tit and sucked out the
    wooden plunger. She was still wearing them. I spit it out.

    "Not there, either."

    I moved over to the other tit. Sure enough, I sucked another chunk of
    wood out of it.

    "Lower. Stop teasing me."

    I focused on her navel. She began to move, but microscopically. But it
    was movement.

    "Lower. Suck my thingy."

    "Your `thingy'?," I asked her.

    "My vagina and clitoris." She paused. "Suck my cunt! There, is that
    what you want to hear?"

    "Is that what you want me to suck?," I fired back.

    "Yes, damit! Now do it. Please?"

    The last plea was done in such a voice I couldn't have refused. And I
    had no intention of refusing. I lowered my mouth to her cunt lips and
    immediately got my tongue caught under her bikini bottom. I untied to two
    sides and drew away the insignificant covering. I urged her legs up and
    she slipped them over one of the crossbeams of the canoe over our heads.
    It lifted her knees up and out, spreading her wide open before me. I
    lowered my mouth back down to her now exposed box and began to feast.

    I went slowly. Something told me I would be there a while, but at that
    time I had no idea how long that would turn out to be. Diane's cunt was
    dry. Well, not dry, but not wet, either. As I licked and sucked and poked
    and prodded she would occasionally sigh, but other than that, there was no
    response. Occasionally she would shift to another position to get
    comfortable, but no response. But she never asked me to stop, either. Of
    course, if I had been in her place with a guy willing to eat my pussy all
    night long, I wouldn't have asked him to stop. I guess.

    Anyway, that was exactly what I did. I ate her all night long. Of
    course, it didn't seem that long as I was busy doing what I love almost
    more than fucking. But first light came and we were still at it. The
    first change came about 6:00 am. Suddenly, I got a reaction.

    "Ooooooohhhhhh. God, Chris, look!"

    I raised my head. "What happened?"

    "My nipple popped up! God, it feels so good!"

    An hour later the second nipple popped up. They were about an inch out
    from her firm breasts, standing stiff and angry red in the morning light.
    She was staring at them in amazement.

    "I never thought I'd see them again." She spoke of them as if they were
    her friends who had gone away. In a way, they were.

    "Diane, kiss them," I instructed her.

    While I went back to work in her pussy, she did that incredibly sexy
    move women do and cupped her breasts and brought them up to her lips. Her
    pointed little tongue sneaked out of her mouth and flicked against the
    right nipple. She stiffened and arched her back. She flicked her tongue
    against the left one and stiffened again.

    I had lifted my head when she stiffened the first time. As I bent again
    to my task, I got a huge surprise. And I do mean huge. Her clit had
    stiffened as well and popped up. It was about the size of my little
    finger, and it was a good two inches long or longer and about as thick. It
    took a little convincing on my part to myself that it wasn't a cock, and I
    sucked it into my mouth. I got a little squeal. I sucked harder and
    rimmed it with my tongue. I got a louder squeal. I bobbed my head up and
    down on it, sucked it and nipped it with my teeth. She came. A small,
    short, tiny shuddering orgasm, but she did come.

    I licked up her flow of cum juice and began tongue fucking her in
    earnest now. Even though my jaw was sore and my tongue was beginning to
    ache, I kept going. At eight o'clock she had her second orgasm. Still
    nothing to write home about to Mom, but for her it was earth shattering.
    When she finished trembling, she lay still. I continued petting her cunt
    with shriveled fingers and a tired tongue.

    Suddenly, she lifted those strong cheerleader legs and raised the canoe
    off of us and kicked it out of the way. She grabbed my ears and pulled me
    up to her so we lay face to face, with me on top of her.

    "Fuck me, Chris. Fuck me now."

    That was going to be easy to do, as when I had slid up her body, my hard
    cock had partially penetrated into her pussy. A slow thrust buried it in
    to the hilt.


    I had expected some reaction. But she didn't even sigh or anything. I
    looked at her and it looked like she was gritting her teeth.

    "Diane, relax! I won't tell your mother if you enjoy yourself. But
    don't quit on me now!"

    She glared at me reflexively, defensive of my attack on her mother. But
    then she smiled as she realized her teeth were clenched. Her face

    "It's so hard to let go."

    "I know. Take your time. I'm in no hurry."

    "What about all those young girls who didn't get their turns last night?
    Don't you want to get back to them?"

    "And miss this?" I gave a sharp thrust into her cunt. This time she
    gave an imperceptible groan. "Besides, they'll just be hornier when we get

    She gave a short laugh. "You're a baaad boy, Mr. Mattson!" And then
    she started moving her hips to fuck herself on my cock.

    I have mentioned it takes me a long time, about two hours, to orgasm and
    that I can stay hard between bouts. So when I say I came three times, that
    calculates out to a six hour fuck session. But by the end of the six
    hours, she was beginning to come alive. I heard moans and groans and she
    was beginning to shriek when she came. But I was just about at the end of
    my strength. I was thinking of renaming the camp to Camp Raw-Raw-Raw.

    When she pushed me off of her and rolled me onto my elbows and knees, I
    didn't resist. When she kneeled up behind me, it still didn't register.
    The slick finger up my ass got me wondering what was going on, and when she
    bellied up to my ass, I began to squirm. I wasn't into this. I told her
    so. She told me she wouldn't tell anyone, but that if I let her do me, she
    would let me do her. I was still unsure, but by that time I felt the
    slender shaft of her clit slide into my ass. She groaned. It was too
    late. I was deflowered.

    "Oh, God. That feels great! Ooohhh, you're so tight. It's like you're
    sucking on it and squeezing it and OOOOHhhhhh! YYYYeeessssss!"

    Diane didn't stop thrusting even as she came and it led her to her next
    climax, and then again. Finally, she leaned over my back, rubbing her now
    firmly erect nipples into my straining back muscles. She reached around
    and grasped my still hard cock. She had lubricant in her hand and it was a
    tremendously good feeling as she jerked me off while fucking my ass. To
    say I didn't enjoy it wouldn't be true, but I didn't think I would do it
    again. But the feeling of her hard breasts pressing into my back and her
    hand slicking up and down my prick only augmented the strange feeling of
    being invaded from behind. It felt good, but I didn't come.

    After her fourth or fifth building climax, she pulled out. She knelt
    down as I had been and offered up her ass to me. It was gorgeous. Full
    and round, her fleshy orbs quivered with the spasms of her last orgasm. I
    didn't have to be invited twice. I brought the head of my rampant cock to
    her tiny tight pink orifice, and pushed it in. She grunted, but did not
    pull away. I stopped and rested until I felt her begin to push back on the
    rest of my shaft. I slowly eased forward. She expelled her breath in a
    great big whoosh and began to immediately lunge back and forth on my cock.
    Her head was whipping her long blonde hair into a tangled frenzy. Her
    boobs were jiggling like mounds of firm Jell-O. She fucked herself for a
    while and then froze.

    The whole forest got strangely quiet. Then I heard a sound like I had
    never heard before. It started out as a high pitched whine that slowly
    dropped in pitch like the sound that the WWII bombs made when they fell
    from the airplanes in the old movies. As the sound came into normal range,
    it changed to a Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop sound, each whoop rising in
    pitch at the end like the song of the whooping crane. The whooping finally
    faded and I realized that the sounds were coming from Diane. And that she
    had just about squeezed my prick off with that climax.

    "Again, Chris. Do it again! That was great!"

    The second time came sooner, but the noise she made was the same. After
    this one she pulled off my prick.

    "We'd better get back, Chris. It's getting late." She was energized
    from her orgasms and looked as fresh as when we had started out.

    I looked at my watch. It was about three o'clock in the afternoon. We
    still had about three hours to get back. We loaded the canoe and pushed it
    into the water. I started to get in the back as before, but Diane had
    other ideas. She directed me to lay down on my back the floor of the canoe
    with my legs up and over the sides. She got in and straddled my cock,
    letting it slide up into her cunt. She shoved off and began to paddle
    towards the camp. With each stroke, she shifted the paddle from one side
    to the other. As she shifted, she would lift up on my cock and then plunge
    back down. After a while she looked down at me.

    "Well, don't just lay there, grab onto my tits!" Of course, I complied.
    She paddled a bit longer and then sang her climax song again. The canoe
    coasted for a while. She panted, trying to catch her breath. I could feel
    the tension leaving her body as she became more and more relaxed after each
    cum. And she got more energy. She lifted up and let my cock slip out of
    her, and I thought that was the end of it. But she reached down and held
    me upright and then settled back down, this time letting me slide up her
    shit chute. She turned and paddled away from the camp this time, like a
    sail boat would tack into the wind to make head way. She paddled and
    fucked herself until she sang her song again, and then she shifted me back
    into her cunt and paddled back towards camp.

    Back and forth we tacked all afternoon, the cries of the falling bombs
    and whooping cranes resounding up and down the hidden valley throughout the
    journey home. For my part, I held on to those smooth orbs as long as I
    could, but eventually gravity, the gentle rocking of the boat as it
    meandered back to camp, and the lack of sleep got the best of me. I must
    have passed out and gone to sleep. Not the worst way to go, if I do say so

    The bumping of the canoe against the dock roused me slightly from my
    sleep and I looked up into the concerned faces of the staff leaning over
    looking down into the canoe at me. In my best Ricci Ricardo impression I
    looked up at Janet and said' "Oh Lucy, I'm hooome." And immediately went
    back to sleep.
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    Default Helping My Sister

    I have an older sister Lora, one year older than me. She is a senior in high school. She is one of the very popular girls in school but she does have some problems when it comes to studying. Honestly, she is incredibly hot! I am her brother and I will freely admit that I think she is hot and I have plenty of jackoff fantasies about her. Lora is blonde, blue eyes, 5'6" great figure. I have seen her many, many times in her bikini and I can say she has a great ass and big tits, big nipples when they become erect. I have some pictures of her in her bikini that I use to jackoff to.

    She came into my room one day to ask me to help her. "Blake, I need to ask a favor of you." "Sure sis, what do you need?" Luckily for me I was sitting at my desk, otherwise she would have seen the erection I got while talking to her. "I am doing really badly in one class and I need help to study for the mid-term. If I fail the class I will have to take summer school before I can graduate. I really need you to help me." "Sure Lora, I can help you study." She ran up to me with her arms wide open. She gave me a huge hug, pressing her tits against my body, and gave me a quick kiss on my lips. "Thank you so much! You are an awesome brother! If you can get me to pass, I will owe you big time!" She turned and left my room, I watched her sexy ass wiggle as she walked out of my room. Needless to say, I got up, grabbed one of her pictures and cranked one off.

    I helped her study for her mid term and she ended up getting an 'A' on her test. I will never forget when she showed me her grade. I was up in my room playing with PS2; she came running into my room, "Look Blake! Look what I got on the mid term you helped me study for!" She got an 'A' and I was so proud of her. ""Thank you, thank you, thank you so much Blake!" She jumped on my lap and gave me several hot, thank you kisses all over my face. I felt a bit embarrassed, "Oh come on Lora...quit it." She stopped kissing me, with her arms still around my neck. She was straddling my cock, I really hoped she could not feel my hard on. She looked at me, "Oh you like it Blake. I know you like having me cover you with kisses." She gave me a little wink and as she did, she brushed her knee across my cock as she got off of me.

    "Well Blake, I still want to thank you for your help." I laughed a little at my sister, "I thought you just did?" Lora didn't say a word in response, she just smiled at me and she got this really odd look on her face. Lora placed her hands on my knees, spreading my legs apart; as she did it she dropped down to her knees. "Um...Lora...what are you doing?" My sister didn't respond at all as she moved herself closer between my legs. Then she reached out, grabbed my belt, slowly undoing it. I kind of jumped up in my chair; I never expected this from my sister. She kept looking up into my eyes, smiling with her beautiful smile. My sister then unzipped my pants and placed her hand on my erect cock! The electric sensation that shot through my body as my sister touched my cock was incredible. I actually thought Lora was going to give me a hand job; I didn't expect her to suck my cock instead!

    "I can see you really enjoyed me kissing you!" Lora said as she slowly stroked my cock. Before I could think of something to say, she lowered her lips to my prick head and gave it a wet kiss. Then I watched as my cock slid into my sisters’ mouth! I let out a loud moan and then I yelled out "Oooh Fuck!" as Lora slowly slid my prick out of her mouth. My sister smiled at me, giggled a little as she ran her tongue all over my throbbing shaft and then licked the pre cum from my cock head. I couldn't keep my eyes off of my sister as she licked my cock. She got my cock so wet with her saliva as she ran her tongue all over my cock before running her lips up and down my shaft. I never had a blowjob before and I knew no blowjob would ever come close to being as good as the one my sister was giving me.

    Lora then licked my balls, sucking them lightly into her mouth, working her tongue around them before releasing them from her wet mouth. I kept my hands on arms of chair, trying to keep myself from writhing around with such lustful pleasure as my sister now fully sucked on my cock. Then it hit me, this was incest! I knew why it was considered forbidden, it felt so fucking great! I kept watching my sister working her head up and down my hard prick. The slurping sounds coming from my sisters’ mouth as her wet lips worked my shaft made me even hornier. I could feel my sister sucking my pre cum right out of my prick. My eyes glazed over as I lost myself in this erotic pleasure, I just watched and listened to my sister sucking my cock. I couldn’t believe how great a blowjob felt and how great my sister was at giving head. I have watched so many porno movies and I never saw a blowjob as hot as the one my sister was giving me!

    My sister really knew how to suck a cock! I lost track of time as I watched my sister working her lips up and down my cock. As she worked my hard prick in and out of her mouth, my sister kept rubbing my balls. I could feel my cum load building up in my erect shaft. I suddenly realized that I didn't ask my sister if I could cum in her mouth or not. At this point I was so lost in my lust I was not going to stop my sister to ask her. I just figured I would let her know I was going to cum and see what she would do or say. I kept my arms resting on the arms of my chair as I looked down at my sister and she kept looking up at me as she worked my prick with her sweet, wet mouth. "Oh Lora...that's it, please don't stop sucking my cock. Oh yes...Lora...I'm gonna cum! I can feel it Lora...I'm gonna cum...sis...I can't...I can't hold it much more...I'm gonna cum...I'm gonna cum!" My sister didn't stop, she didn't say a word; she just worked my cock faster and faster moving her mouth up and down it. The pressure kept building as I tried to keep myself from cumming in my sisters’ mouth but I the intense pleasure I was experiencing would not allow me to hold back for too long. Finally I couldn't hold back any longer, I grunted and yelled out at my sister, "FUCK! I'M CUMMING!" At that moment my prick exploded inside of her mouth. All the times I have jacked off, I have never cum as much as I did in my sisters’ mouth; that includes all times I have jacked off to my sisters’ pictures.

    I felt my cock pumping spurt after spurt after spurt of my hot cum into my sisters’ mouth and best of all was I could feel Lora swallowing it! I don't think my sister was expecting the amount of cum I spewed from my cock because I could feel her gag at one point from the volume I unloaded into her mouth. I was in such a delightful world of pleasure, not just from cumming but from knowing how much cum I was pumping into my sisters mouth; I cum a lot! My sister kept working her mouth up and down my prick as filled her mouth with cum, cum was now working its way out of her mouth. I saw my cum running down the sides of her mouth and down her chin. I gave my sister a wicked grin as I watched her trying to keep up with my volume. Finally I emptied my prick into her mouth. I felt my sister swallow several more times as she sucked hard on my prick.

    Lora finally slid my prick out of her mouth as some cum went with it, dripping down onto her shirt. My sister wiped her mouth and chin off. "Oh my god Blake! I never had a guy cum that much! Wow! You really enjoyed my blowjob!" "That was my first blowjob Lora! Yes, I cum a lot anyway." "Ooh, so I got to break your virginity on blowjobs, great! So were you surprised that your sister swallows?" "Oh shit Lora, I am surprised at the whole thing!" Then my sister stood up in front of me, my cock was a bit flaccid now. Lora looked down at her shirt, my cum stains were quite visible. "Geez look at this Blake, I have never gotten cum on my shirts before!" She smiled wickedly at me and then I watched with a wild delight as my sister took her shirt off and she had no bra on! I let out a gasp as my eyes jumped out of my head when I saw her big tits! My sister saw how excited I was to see her tits, she massaged them a bit, "I can tell you like my tits." "Oh fuck yes Lora! How big are your tits?" My sister sat down on my lap facing me, she grabbed my head and pressed it between her tits. Oh fuck, my sister smothered me her big, soft, tits. She pulled my head out from between her tits. "They are right at the C/D size.” My sister grabbed my hands and placed them right on her tits.
    "You can do whatever you like with my tits." Well, my sister did not have to tell me that twice. I lustfully started to fondle my sisters’ tits. They felt fucking great! My sister smiled at me, enjoying not only the sight of me having fun with her tits but enjoying the pleasure I was giving her. I squeezed and fondled her tits for a long time, and then I began to play with her erect nipples. My sister moaned and bit her lower lip as flicked her nipples around. Then I decided to pinch her nipples; that drove my sister wild! She leaned back, placing her hands on my knees moaning even louder as I pinched her hard, erect nipples. "Mmm, that is soooo good Blake...suck my tits! Come on...please suck on my tits!" I smiled at my sister as I held her tits in my hands. I leaned forward and flicked my tongue across her nipples, my sister responded by grinding her crotch into my hardening cock. Then I opened my mouth, wrapped my lips around her left tit and gave it a good hard suck. My sister let out a loud, "oh yeah' as I began to lustfully suck on her tit. She rubbed her crotch harder against my erect cock. "Ooh yesss, Blake....hmmm that's it....suck my tits! Your cock is hard again! You must love sucking on your sisters tits!" I didn't say a word, I just ran my tongue from one nipple, down her big tit, up the other one to her other erect nipple; giving that one a happy, long suck. The minutes passed by like hours as I lavished my sisters’ tits with incestuous lust. I liked and sucked my way to all new heights of lustful pleasure. My sister moaned away and kept grinding her crotch on my erect cock; I kept thinking that she was trying to get me off!

    Then my sister spoke up through her moaning and biting her lower lip. "Blake, can I watch you jack off?" I stopped sucking on her tits, my jaw dropped to the ground. "Are you serious Lora?" "Mmm, yes. I have always wanted to watch a guy jack off for me. Besides, you have those pictures of me hidden that you jack off to, so I figure you would like to jack off to me in the flesh." I turned bright red with embarrassment, how did my sister know. "Oh that's right, you didn't think I knew. Well when I cleaned up your room a month ago I found the pictures of me in my bikini." "How...how did you know I jack off to them?" "I'm not stupid Blake, I know guys jack off. Since you had them hidden and they were of me in a bikini I put two and two together. At first I was really pissed and disgusted but then the more I thought about the more I didn't mind. I never have had a guy jack off to a picture of me and it kind of turned me on thinking about you stroking your cock to me." I was still in a mild state of shock but then my sister sweetened the pot to get me to jack off for her. "Come on Blake, please. I will let you cum all over me. Wouldn't you like to cum all over me, all over my tits and in my mouth again?" I didn't need my sister to ask me again. I just nodded yes.

    Lora got up off of me and moved over to my bed. I watched my hot sister's tits bounce as she walked and then climbed up on my bed. She laid down on my bed, sitting up just enough. I followed her up on to the bed. Lora told me to get down on my knees and to straddle her body. Now my cock was inches away from her tits. "Lora, I would love to fuck you tits." My sister smiled and just said, "First you have to jack off for me." This was the best cock stroking I would ever have; I straddled my sister and began to stroke my cock right in front of her. My sister smiled, licking her lips and fondling her tits as she watched my hand move up and down my erect prick.

    "Ok Blake, now tell me what you would think when you were jacking off to my pictures!" I stopped stroking my cock for a moment. "Are you serious sis?" "Yes! I want to hear every dirty thought you had." I thought to myself fine as I went back to jacking off in front of my topless sister. "I would think about stripping your clothes off! Then I would fondle your tits before sucking on them." "Ok...then what?" "Then I would think about putting my cock between your tits and fucking them!" "Would you fantasize about cumming all over them?" "Oh fuck yes Lora! I would think about cumming all over your tits and watching you lick all of my cum up! I would think about you sucking my cock and I would blow my wad into your mouth." "Just like I did to you?" "That was even better than what I ever thought it would be sis. I would so think about fucking you! Just a good hard fuck!" "Would you fuck me hard and fast?" "Both sis! I would think about fucking you missionary, doggie style, standing you up against the wall and fucking you. I would think about fucking you up your ass too!" "Oh really? I love getting fucked up the ass Blake! Would you think about cumming inside of me or cumming all over me?" "Both Lora!" "Mmm, I would love that! I love it when guys cum all over me! Would you think about just ripping my clothes off, fucking me, cumming all over me, my face and then just walking off?" I didn't respond to that...I had thought about it but I didn't know how my sister would respond to that. "It's ok if you did Blake. That is one of my fantasies. I would love to get hard fucked like that. I would love to come into a place and have a guy just rip my clothes off, fuck me hard, cum all over me and leave me like that! Would you like to do that to me?" "Yeah...that would be fucking hot!" My sister smiled very wickedly at me as she fondled her tits, licking her own nipples as she watched me jacking off faster and faster.

    "What is your other fantasy sis?" My sister smiled as she flicked her tongue across her nipple, "Mmm, well another one of my fantasies is happening right now, getting to watch my brother jack off for me!" I stroked my cock even faster; I couldn't believe how slutty my sister was. "What...what else Lora!" "Am I getting you turned on Blake? Do you like hearing my dirty, slutty thoughts? Will they make you cum a lot again?" "YES LORA! Fucking tell me more!" "I would love to get fucked by a whole bunch of guys! I would love to get gangbanged! A cock in my pussy, a cock in my ass, a cock between my tits, a cock in my mouth, a cock in each of my hands, all cumming for me over and over again!" As my sister told me that, I could so picture it in my mind, my sister getting fucked by a whole group of guys. Pre cum was dripping all over my sister's stomach and all over my hand. "What do you think of that Blake? Would you like to watch you sister getting gangbanged?" "FUCK YES!" "Oh you dirty brother...you would like to watch a whole bunch of guys cumming all over me, in my pussy, in my mouth, making me moan, making me swallow every drop of cum?' "Oh fuck yes Lora....it would make me cum so much!" My sister watched me working my cock even faster now; she could tell that my incestuous lustful thoughts were at even new heights. "Would you like it to be your friends? I know how your friends look at me. Would you like to watch them all take their turns at my pussy, my ass, my tits and my mouth?' I didn't even have to think, I knew my all of my friends would fuck my sister in an instant. "Fuck yes sis!" "Would they care if you fucked me too?" "Oh fuck no Lora!" I knew that for sure as well. All of my friends are kind of geeky and don't date, they have all said how do I go around the house without a hard on all the time with such a hot sister. They have all said that if Lora was their sister they would be hard all the time and jacking off at the time to her. So I knew they would not care about incest.

    Now I started to picture all of my friends fucking my sister and something about that mental picture brought me instantly to my climax. I cock instantly swelled up, turning a deep red. My sister saw this and she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. I let out a loud yell as my cock erupted with a good spurt of cum. My cum splattered across my sisters’ face as another spurt of cum erupted out of my prick and landed right on my sisters’ tongue. I then blew several wads of cum onto my sisters’ tits, making sure to cover both nipples. Then I quickly moved closer to my sisters face as I kept cumming, I sent more cum onto her chest, chin and into her mouth. My sisters’ eyes were so glazed over with incestuous, lustful delight as she watched me continuing to blow my load all over her. I loved watching every spurt of my hot, thick cum jetting out of my prick and landing on my sister's body; I didn't want this to end. I wanted to keep cumming all day; I wanted to keep cumming all over my sister’s body, her big tits and her face. Just as I finally stopped blowing my huge cum load all over my sisters’ face and tits we heard the garage door going up; our parents were home!

    I jumped up as did my sister. Lora let out a loud, 'oh shit! Mom and dad are home!' She quickly grabbed her top and ran out of my room with my cum still all over her face and tits. I heard shut her bathroom door and within a minute or two I heard the shower going, she was cleaning herself off. I was very disappointed, I wanted to see what my sister was going to do with all of my cum; as well as I was hoping I was going to get to fuck my sisters tits. For the rest of the week everything went on as normal, my jack off fantasies were even better now, I kept picturing my sisters tits and her sucking me off. Lora didn't try anything else with me, so I figured it was a one time 'thank you'.

    That weekend our parents went away for a little trip. Everything seemed normal Friday night, I was staying home and I figured my popular sister was going out. She came into me room early in the evening. "Are you getting ready to go out Lora?" My sister smiled, "No. I never got to finish thanking you when mom and dad came home. Since they are gone all weekend, now we can pick up from where we left off...if you want." I looked at my sister and my cock went rock hard instantly. She walked off into her bedroom and I very quickly followed her. I grabbed her by her arm and spun her around, planting a hot kiss on her lips. My hands went right to her big tits and I began wildly fondle them. Her hands went down to my pants, she undid them, pulling my hard cock out, and she held it in her hands and began to stroke it. I let out a moan of pleasure. "Mmm, your cock feels so good when it's hard. I loved how much you cum. Are you ready to use this on me?" I looked at my sister with a completely lustful, incestuous look. "Fuck yes Lora!" She led me to her bed holding my cock the entire way, "Did you jack off all week thinking about my blowjob?" "Yes sis!" "I wish I could have watched you. I would have swallowed every drop of your cum." At that point I grabbed my sisters' T-shirt and tore it off, exposing her big tits. I pushed her down on to the bed, sucking her tits as went. I mounted her within a minute after enjoying a quick suck on her tits.

    Lora looked at me, "Are you going to fuck my tits?" I didn't say a word, I smiled and placed my hard cock between her tits, holding her tits together I began to pound my cock in and out between them. My sister laid there moaning with each thrust of my cock between her tits, and then she started to talk dirty to me, driving me wild. "Oooh that’s it, that's how you fuck your sisters’ tits! Fuck my tits! Fuck them! I want your hot, sticky cum all over my tits! I want you to cum in my mouth too! I want to taste your cum so badly!" I fucked Lora's tits faster and faster, I was so horny, so filled with wild lust it did not take me long before I was ready to cum. I grunted louder and louder, my sister knew I was getting ready to cum, "Are you going cum? Are you going to cum for me?" "Yes...oh fuck yes Lora...I'm gonna fucking cum all over your tits! Open your fucking mouth so I can blow my load into it!" My sister placed her hands on her tits, holding them so I could fuck them, she opened her mouth wide sticking her tongue out, waiting to receive my cum load. I felt my cum load building up as I fucked my sisters tits harder and faster. Then I erupted, cum spewed out of prick. My first wad shot right across my sisters’ throat, her chin, her tongue and into her mouth. I kept fucking her tits as more and more cum spewed out of my prick, I coated my sisters' tits with a huge cum sticky cum load. I spat cum out all over her tongue and into her mouth over and over again. I got up, taking my sticky, cum covered cock and ramming it into my sisters waiting mouth. She sucked it so hard, licking up my cum and swallowing every drop of cum. I knelt there looking down at my sister sucking my hard cock dry of every drop of cum, what a sight! When I felt my sister had sucked my cock dried I pulled it out of her mouth.

    I looked at my sisters' tits, my cum was all over them, she looked so hot, so slutty! I moved down and undid my sister’s pants, pulling them off exposing her shaved pussy! She spread her legs instantly, "Do you want some of my pussy?" I moved between my sister's legs and then got down between them; pulling her wet pussy lips apart I drove my tongue deep into my sister’s wet, sweet pussy! She let out a loud scream of delight I lapped up her sweet pussy juice before sucking hard on her clit. My sister writhed around and began to lick the cum off of her tits as I worked on her pussy with my tongue. I licked and slurped away at my sister, making her moan louder and louder, I wanted to taste my sister; I wanted to make her get off all over my tongue. "Oh yes! Oh yes eat my pussy! Oh god you are so good! I can't believe how good my brother is at eating my pussy! Don’t stop! Don't you dare fucking stop!" My sister wiggled around more and more, and then she began to scream so loudly! She wrapped her legs around my head and began to thrust her pussy into my face as she arched her back up. The sweet honey that came out of her pussy was incredible as she squealed and moaned, wildly wiggling around as her orgasm hit. Tasting my sister, watching my sister and listening to her made me hard again. I never dreamed that incest with my hot sister could make me so horny so quickly but it did. I had only one thought in my mind now and that was fucking my sister.

    Looking down at my sister's pussy the only thought on my mind now was fucking her brains out. I grabbed my throbbing prick, looking at her wet twat. "Are you going to fuck me?" "Yes...can I fuck you?" My sister just nodded yes. I pressed my cock head against her wet, pussy lips. Her sweet lips parted as I pushed my prick inside of my sister. We both moaned together as I buried my cock deep inside of her. "Oooh yes! Your cock feels so good inside of me. Now fuck me hard! Fuck me like your friends would." I held my sister by her hips as I rammed my prick in her over and over again. She moaned louder and louder as I hammered her wet, tight twat. My gaze fixed on her huge tits bouncing around with each thrust of my cock. My sister wiggled around, moaning and arching her back as each thrust of my cock brought us both closer to our climax's. I could feel myself moving closer to blowing my wad, I didn't know if I should or if my sister would let me cum inside of her. "......, can I cum inside of you?" I said to her as I rammed my cock into her faster and faster. My sister looked up at me, holding her tits up to her mouth she licked her nipples before answering. "Do you want to cum inside of me? Will that make you happy to blow you cum wad into my pussy?" I just nodded my head yes.

    My sister did not answer me, she let me fuck her a while longer, making me hold onto my cum load. The pleasure was increasing, as I could feel my cum load building up, I didn't think I could hold it much longer. "Am I your first?" my sister asked me, "Yes...yes you are...I have to cum! I can't hold it much longer!" My sister smiled at me, "Do it then! Cum inside of me!" I pounded my cock into my sister as hard and fast as I could. I was filled with wild, uncontrollable lust. Lora’s pussy felt so good around my cock and the sight of her large tits bouncing with each thrust of my prick made this scene unbearable. I thought to myself how this was better than any porno movie I had watched! My balls were slapping against my sister, she was moaning as loud as was I. “I’m gonna cum Lora! I can feel it! I’m gonna cum!” Lora was writhing around, moaning to me, “Come on Blake, do it! I want to feel you cum inside of me. Fill my cunt with your hot cum. I know you want to cum inside of your sister, so do it!” I could no longer hold back, I let my cock erupt inside of my sister. It felt incredible! As each spurt of cum rocketed out of my cock and into my sister I felt nothing but intense pleasure. Lora’s pussy clamped down on my cock and she arched her back up as she now experiencing her own orgasm. We both yelled and screamed as we let our taboo passion overcome us.

    I collapsed onto my sisters/ heaving chest once I had expended my cum load into her pussy. Lora finally stopped writhing around from her orgasm as well. She asked me if I could fuck her one more time and I had to admit I couldn’t. “That’s a shame; I was hoping you would fuck me in my ass. Oh well, I guess that will have to wait for another time.” She smiled at me and then mashed my face between her huge tits. She let my head go and I looked into my sisters’ eyes. “You mean you will let me fuck you more?” “Of course silly, you are my special tutor and I have to repay my tutor don’t I?” I flashed her a wicked smile, “and what about my friends?” “Oh so you want to gang bang me with your friends. Hmm, if they are as horny as you are, I think we could to that. I would love to have a whole bunch of extremely horny boys fucking me. But we will worry about that later, remember, I am YOUR sister, YOUR fuck toy now.” I climbed off of my sister, “We better get dressed before mom and dad come home and catch us. Thanks Lora, this was every horny guys dirty dark dream come true; getting to fuck his hot sister.”
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    Not a bad list
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