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    Default My new manager (Part 1)

    Two tea's, one ice water, and a Hot cocoa. I repeated their order again as I made my way to the kitchen. I am a very petite girl, 5'2", 110 lbs, with bright blue eyes and long brown hair that reaches all the way past the curve of my ass. My mother was from france, and my father from germany and I happened to be raised in London, England. But lets skip the family history for now and jump right ahead to the juicier items. Less than three weeks ago I was hired at a local breakfast and pastry restaraunt close to my flat. I was rather excited to be working as a waitress because tips go quite a ways for a girl just barely out of highschool trying to live on her own.

    However, my excitement over the job paled in comparisson to the tan, built, manager of mine. Oh, he was so dreamy, he has these curly brown locks that kinda twirl all over the place. With deep green eyes and perfect white teeth I could barely contain myself. Even though I've already graduated grade school, I'm only 17. But I definitely looked very much like a woman with my D cup tits and curvy hips and ass. So, him being 26, I wasn't planning on telling him my age.
    At first the flirting seemed harmless, really it made my day go by faster. As the weeks went on he began to get a little more touchy and every once in a while I would see a glimpse of something in his eyes that both frightened and excited me. Two weeks ago, while I was organizing teacups in the back I felt two hands grab my waist and pull my ass back on his surprisingly hard cock. He nibbled on my neck and slowly made his way to my earlobe making a tiny gasp escape my lips. He whispered my name and started talking about how much he wanted me and how he just wanted to devour my 'sweet little body'. I was melting into him as i halfway turned and he kissed me full on the mouth. I felt his hot tounge press against mine and he cupped the back of my neck, drinking me in. I could feel myself getting wetter as the kiss deepened. By now we were facing eachother and he pushed up against me, grabbed my hands with one hand and pinned me up against the wall. With his free hand he slowly slid up my ribs and wrapped around to my back, unhooking my bra in one swift motion. He let got of my hands and pulled my top off, then slowly cupped his hands under the bottom of my bra and pulled it down. I saw his eyes glaze over with lust as my bra hit the ground.
    He started kissing my collar bone and slowly made his way to my tits. He went back and forth for what seemed like forever before I finally reached down, grabbed his hips and pushed against his cock. We both just stood there up against the wall kissing as we started to grind on eachother through our clothes. Fortunately that didn't seem to be enough for either of us. I took off his shirt and started kissing him on the hips while i unbuttoned his trousers. I started to kiss deeper and deeper on his abdomen, teasing him for all I was worth, when he started grinding up and down on my tits, soft moans escaping his mouth. As much as I wanted him it was still hard to pull away from his abs and adorable hipbones. He starting grinding harder and faster between my tits so I decided to help him out as I put the tip of his hot throbbing cock in my mouth and started swirling my tounge all around. I felt myself smile as he moaned through a semi-closed mouth.
    He started going faster and harder and I cuped his balls in my hand while he titty fucked me. Suddenly he pulled back and he didn't say anything, I could tell he was trying not to cum, so I decided I would make that impossible. I grabbed his cock with my hands and rubbed my mouth all around his shaft and eventually sticking the tip in my mouth, this time i let a couple inches go in. I started giving him a handjob while going up and down on just the top two to three inches with my mouth and never ceasing tounge. He dug his hands in my hair and started face fucking me when I felt his body tense up and he shot loads of cream in my mouth. I could feel it filling up my tiny mouth so I started swallowing as much as I could. Seing as this was my first time to give a blowjob, I wasn't very talented at the whole swallowing part so quite a bit came out of my mouth and spilled all over my tits.
    I couldn't believe what had just happened and to be honest I was rather embarassed, but extremely horny and wet. I said I needed to use the bathroom, grabbed my shirt, and walked to the back.
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    a good start can't wait for chapter two
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    Damn I want some more of that and a pic of you to match
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    Very nice start, would love to see more of this!
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    waiting for rest...
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