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    Post seduced by gf's sister

    first time writing a story so go easy on me the story will take place over a number of years and there is not much action in this first part sorry if it's not very good.

    so this happened when i was 16 and staying with my girlfriend (lynda) parents house so it was me lynda and lynda's little sister (lisa) and her mum and stepdad in a 2 bedroom house so me and the 2 sisters shared a room. we slept in bunkbeds with lisa on the top and the bottom was a sort of sofa bed that pulled out which me and lynda used.

    as you can image me being 16 and lynda being 17 we couldn't keep our hands off each other and had sex every night and more than once a night i didn't know if lisa was sleeping or not and didn't really care i just wanted to have sex with lynda (i was 16 and just happy that someone would sleep with me) and we had a lot.

    lisa would often have friends staying over aswell and they where always staring over at me and laughing so we all thought that they had a fancy for me but they where so young i just laughed it off. me and lynda worked for the same company and i usually started at 7.00 and she started about 12 so i was up out of the house before anyone else was even awake but my shifts changed with lynda for a little while and she started at 7.00 and i enjoyed the longer stay in bed but would usually get woken up with lisa getting ready for school. as you know us men sometimes wake up with a hardon and sometimes when i woke lisa was lifting the covers up to try and have a look at my cock dirty little minx that she was i just laughed and rolled over so she couldn't see it.

    one night me and lynda meant to be eating our dinner watching a film on the sofa bed when she reached for my cock i put my dinner on the bedside table and unzipped my denims to let out my cock in the start on an erection and as she worked her hands up and down the shaft my cock got harder and harder so both of us sitting on the sofa bed her giving me a wank and suddenly the door opens and her mum and little sister enter the room my face must have been panic stricken i quickly turned towards the bedside table hoping they didn't see my hard cock coming out of my trousers and i didn't want to put my hand down and put it away as that would draw attention to it her mother quickly left the room she might have figured what was going on who knows but lisa ran to my side of the sofa bed (the far side) and lynda's mum shouted on her so she left the room to see what her mum wanted and lisa had her face painted and was asking if i liked it i said it was lovely but couldn't figure out what she was it was meant to be then she looked down and saw me cock hanging out my trousers fully erect then let out this little giggle and ran off.

    a few nights later lisa had a friend staying over and i wasn't happy as i was not having sex tonight somehow lynda didn't mind have lots of sex with me if it was her sister in the room but always none if lisa had a friends staying anyway i digest lisa and her friend went to bed but there was no way they where going to sleep anytime soon but me and lynda decided to go into bed and where just talking when all of a sudden a felt something hit my hed and one of the girls had flung more like dropped there panties on my head at that time i had no idea which one of them they belonged to i was just shocked but lynda thought it was really hilarious and just laughed for ages and handed the panties back up to the girl which 1 i didn't see.

    about a week later again me and lynda in bed and me being 16 was horny as hell and had a raging hardon but lisa was still wide awake and wouldn't go to sleep so lynda asked if she wan't to come in with us and she jumped down right away right in the middle of us and i was not happy but my erection went away eventually but lisa was constantly trying tickle me and rub my legs think she was trying to rub my cock but i turned away and tried to go to sleep which came a lot easier than i thought it would as i was use to sleeping next to lynda and being 16 we were at it all the time so in the morning when i awoke spooning lisa i thought it was lynda for a few seconds and my cock hard pressed against her ass with her hand upon it and my hand on her hip under her panties i quickly pulled away and for all i knew she was sleeping i waited for my erection to die down then got ready and went out for most of the day.

    when i arrived home lynda and her parents where all in the living room all looking very serious and lynda's mum asked me if there was something that she could ask me i was panicking on the inside and thought they are going to think i've been a perv but kept very calm on the outside i had done nothing wrong and actually discouraged lisa's advances but to my relief they only asked me to babysit lisa on the friday night her parents owned a bar and as there was an event coming up the both had to work and lynda had to do a late shift with our work i was a bit worried about having to watch lisa but i said yes i would they where kind enough to have me in there home while i was banging there daughter every night and every way we could think of.

    so the friday arrived and i got there from work just as lynda was leaving gave her a big kiss and said i'll see you tonight darling her parents left about 6 o'clock so was just me and lisa for the night well up untill about 11. we didn't do much at first just watching the tv lisa wanted to watch buffy so i was not going to say no it kept her away from me but it had to finish eventually and when it did i knew she would want to do something and she did "lets play a game" she said "what do you want to play" was my reply "cards" ok so we where playing cards out she was wearing a little white top and a pair of black trousers. we went back and fourth playing cards for a while me winning some her winning some we where sitting on the floor facing each other and her legs crossed at the bottom and then she jumped up and ran to her room "i'll be back in a minute" she said.
    when she came back she was wearing a little white skirt that can only be described as a belt and still the white sports top with her small breasts almost on display and sat across from me again the same way as before only this time with a skirt on and with playing cards on the floor i was always going to be able to see up her skirt and when i did i noticed she wasn't wearing any underwear i was frozen there in that moment staring at her pussy thinking it looks just like her sisters......

    to be continued
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    nice one plc do continue
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    The story idea is okay, but look, at 28 years old, there's no excuse for not knowing how to use a period at the end of a sentence, and how to use a capital letter at the beginning of one. Really, it's totally distracting. You'll get a far better reception by doing that. Again, your story idea is good. Just work on the mechanics.
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    Hi thanks for the feedback guys.

    I know i'm not the greatest typist, it took me ages to type that, then when i went to post it i had logged out and had to do it all over again, and english was never my strong point at school. I will try harder for the second part.

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    You should do it on Word, then copy and paste it, so. you wont lose any thing you write. I do agree with Horse its a good story idea, but I get really distracted at the things you missed.

    Keep writing you will only get better from here, with more practice.
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    Exclamation TwinMarker -- Spelling and Grammer

    As mentioned above this add-on will help everyone -- with F.F.

    SORRY !


    TwinMarker is a Free Online Grammar Checker for English language learners.

    The addon version adds the data import and export features to the generic version.

    This addon allows you to copy the text from the focused area on a webpage and write it back to the source page.

    The grammar checking is performed on the server-side
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    Very good
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    Very nice beginning, looks like a lot of fun to be had with both sisters.
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    I sat there for a moment and couldn't quite believe what was happening lisa was not wearing underwear. I thought she must know what she was doing she wants me to see her she wants me to fuck her. Time seemed to freeze for a moment and i looked up to see her with the biggest smile on her face. I didn't say anything about it but both of us knew i had seen her pussy and it looked just like her sisters only smaller and i couldn't help but have a glance every time i dealt the cards or had to put a card on the floor and she was having a glance at my crotch everynow and again.We sat in silence for nearly the rest of the game i had no idea what to say to her and she was to young to know what to say to me.I thought does she know what she's doing, when i was that young i had no clue about sex, i might have been curious but i never flash my cock at people. Does she want me to make a move on her would she even enjoy it at that age, would she be able to handle my cock, she might think she wants it but she has no real knowledge of what sex actually is or what it would do to her. There was no way i was going to do anything even if i might have been intrested in what was between her legs and she was definitely interested in what was between mine. I was in a loving relationship with her sister and lisa had no idea of the pain that lynda would have to endure if we got caught doing something and she was far to young.
    Then lisa opened her legs even wider and put her to feet on the floor giving me the perfect view of her pussy i stared at for a moment before saying to lisa go and put some clothes on why did you get changed go and put the clothes you had back on. She looked at me all innocent but why?? Because you shouldn't have got changed in the first place it's late and you are changing clothes why did you change? Before raising my voice NOW GO AND PUT YOUR OTHER CLOTHES BACK ON. She ran to her room crying but came back out eventually with her original clothes on but not in a good mood.I didn't try to comfort her why would i she was being a little minx but soon after that her sister came home and the thought popped into my head phewww if we did do something we would have been caught.

    After that lisa was a lot colder towards me and i was pleased with that hopefully she figures i'm not into her she just a little girl, it would do her good not to get her own way as she a spoilt little brat and would be a good lesson for her. After a few months me and lynda got our own place just a small 1 bedroom flat, i seen a lot less of lisa but she would come over and stay with us from time to time.Her and lynda where really close and i couldn't complain as it was her little sister.I always dreaded those nights though as lisa would always try and rub up against me in bed or when walking by me. I always wondered why she didn't have a boyfriend by now she was attractive enough and had a nice pair of breasts starting to form.She should be out trying to get a boy her own age and they can experiment together, but she always got really embarrassed when asked about it and told us with a shy smile no way i'm waiting untill i'm older to get the man i want. That's me she is talking about i would think but pushed the thought out my head and had a little laugh to myself.
    It didn't take long in the new house when we found out lynda was pregnant with our first baby.So we had to move to a bigger house,i took on another job which kept me really busy but we needed the money.To be honest i was terrified only 17 with the first kid on the way, i'm sure lynda was scared to but she never showed it.Lisa always seemed to be in a bad mood when around us, as i would find out a few years later it was because she was jealous of her sister.
    As the years went we saw less and less of lisa, me and lynda drifted apart what with me working two jobs and her raising our little girl, and ofcourse our sex life died as we just didn't have anytime together. As our daughter started school lynda suggested going back to work now that she had more time and it would give me the chance for a rest which i jumped on i was exhausted most of the time.So lynda started work in the hr department of the local supermarket and i gave up my night job but we still didn't get anytime together and our sex life was just awfull we had sex about once a month if we where lucky.So i was always horny, i'm sure lynda was as well which is why when lisa came over to visit one night when lynda was out at work. I couldn't believe my eyes. I had't seen her in years now but she had developed into a beautifull young woman.She was about 5ft5 blonde hair blue eyes with the most amazing figure and the most perfect breasts i had ever seen and not to big but not flat just more than a handfull.
    I was home myself that night lynda was working and chloe was with her grandparents house so i was all by myself i made myself dinner then sat down on the couch to watch some tv but there was nothing good on and i was bored so i decided to have a wank.I went to get my laptop to search for some porn.There i was on the couch with cock in hand wanking over some sasha grey(what a woman) when i hear the door go, ffs who's that, can't i even have a wank in peace anymore.So i closed the laptop over and put my still hard cock in my trousers then opened the door and who is standing there?Lisa and by this time she had developed into a beautiful young woman 5 ft 5 blonde hair blue eyes and the most perfect figure i guy could want, her breasts where to die for not to big(if there is such a thing) and not small just over a hanfull, she was wearing a little flower covered summer dress and my cock which was starting to lose the erection started to stand to attention again.
    Hi i thought i would come over to keep you company since your all alone tonight and i see you are happy to see while glancing at my crotch with a sweet little smile. I didn't know what to say at that moment should i just kiss her and take her inside and fuck her senseless.When she barged past me making sure she rubbed her hand against my cock as she walked by. I thought i heard someone screaming in here almost laughing as she said it and looking at the laptop and the kleenex on the edge of the couch where you having a wank???? Ye so what i was horny and alone so i was having a wank what's it to you?? Maybe i should have just walked in and caught you in the act by the look of your cock you want to continue why don't you just get it out and carry on?? Why you wanking anyway is lynda not giving you what you need?? Ha ha very funny?No i'm serious get it out? You know sisters talk, i know you and lynda are not having sex anymore and i'm here to give you what she won't what she can't you know she's fucking somebaody at her work don't you?? At that last part i was fuming with rage your just saying that as you want my cock? Oh i've always wanted your cock when i was young i use to listen to you and lynda having sex, while i was masturbating on the top bunk, i use to feel you up when you where sleeping, perhaps we could play a game?? how about cards only this time, i'm not going to put my panties back on.
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