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    Default Help, trying to find a story

    Hi everyone!

    I am looking for a story here about two women and ones first time lesbian experience. I read it a while back and can't remember the title. Any help is much appreciated.

    Here is a summary of the story:

    There is this girl who is telling about her erotic attraction to a friend of hers. She discovers she is lesbian during one of their outings and is okay with it. Later on, she tells about her experience going to the gym and being shy about showering in the open showers with her friend she is attracted to. One day, the privacy showers are broken and she is forced to strip in front her friend and shower next to her. At the corner of her eye, she notices her friend checking her out, as she does the same. She is so aroused by this that she has to go to a stall to masturbate. She then goes on to tell about when they go shopping together, they share a changing room where her friend tries on sexy underwear for her. This is when they first kiss. They go back to her friends house and explore each other in the shower. Her friend gives her an incredible orgasm before they move to the bed. On the bed, her friend asks her to close her eyes and if she trusts her. Agreeing, she does. Her friend begins to shave her and they go on to have more sex. I believe later on, they lead off into a threesome together.

    Anyone recall this story? I would like to give it to a friend of mine to read who has a similar crush for, and situation, a mutual friend.

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    It doesn't sound familiar, but damn it sounds hot!

    If you do find it, I'm sure I'm not the only one who would appreciate it if you posted the title and author in this thread (or a link if you're feeling ambitious).
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