Again this is only fiction.

I'm laid down on my back as my two elder sisters tower over me. Their breast in plain sight. I'm currently sucking on Jessica's left and she moans in ecstatic pleasure. I grope Mia's and she holds it against her chest. Once they see that my boner has returned they smile at each other. I always imagined how I'd loose my virginity, but never imagined I'd loose it to one of my sisters.

"I'm first," Mia states. Jessica watches in envy as Mia places herself above my cock. I know Mia is no virgin for I've heard her and past boyfriends through the wall and her moaning so that the neighbors could probably hear as well. If our parents weren't out late most of the time due to their unintentionally neglectful nature.

I watch as Mia slides my cock into her pussy and the feeling is indescribable. Instinctively I thrust upward. She feels so warm that I throw away all reluctance and grab her hips. Laying her beneath me. She enjoys my sudden take in charge and I thrust into her knowing that this won't harm her and she wraps her legs around my back. I lean down and kiss her on the lips as I thrust into her and she is the one to come up for air. The sound of her moaning fuels me and I begin to go harder and faster. I wonder if I should come inside of her or not and as if she read my mind she nods and I remember both of them are on the pill. Mia is the first to orgasm however and I can feel her pussy tighten around me. She lets out a long exasperate moan and just as she finishes I begin mine. Releasing my fluids into her. As I pull out I can see my semen overfill from inside her.

"That was so good," Mia comments and she was right, but I still feel hungry for more. I turn to see Jessica fingering herself in pleasure and smirking once she sees me. As if my intentions are on my forehead. She lays where Mia once was while Mia sits to the side watching. I kiss Jessica, our tongues dancing together until it feels as if our mouths have become one. I move my hands to her breast and like each nipple and she strokes my cock.

For all I know Jessica is a virgin and I no longer am, but the sensation she would give me would still be as pure as Mia was. I ask Jessica to bend over since this is a position I've been wanting to try and she listens obediently. As I enter the head I can already feel it is a lot tighter than Mia was so I enter slowly.

"I accidentally broke my hymen with one of Mia toys, but I'm still a virgin," she says. So I don't feel as scared. I push into her a moan of pleasure/pain begins to come out. I start going faster and thrusting harder and after a while. I lay my chest against hers, rubbing her breast and nipples as I do.

"That feels so good," she whispers. I begin to lick her neck and let my hands go to her inner thighs rubbing them tightly. She gets to her knees and I follow still inside her and watch as she orgasms. I continue to thrust into her and release five loads. I pull out and lay down and she does the same. Our hands intertwined within each others.

"It was a three some," I hear Mia say from the foot of the bed and she gets on top. Kissing me before leaving the room and Jessica later follows. Although I didn't predict for it to turn out this way I was awfully grateful it did.