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    Default A Hotel Meeting. Submissive Fem gets taken hard for the first time. (HARD)

    For Elizabeth. Part 1

    You come too me, Eager and excited. Nervous but ready too finally have your fantasies of submission fulfilled.
    The ride too the motel is full of anticipation. Your mouth is salivating and feels empty, craving the cock you have been staring
    at for the past month...Your little cunt throbs as you pedal yourself too me, you push down seeking relief from the seat...
    your cunt only soaks your panties further as you ride, your mind constantly fantasizing about the night ahead.

    Walking up too the door you are shaking, nervous and wet as a whore can be. You push your saliva out of your mouth and let it dribble
    down your chin right before you knock, as you do your cunt drips more girl juice, feeling like such a dirty slut, soaked cunt, drooling mouth..
    what a whore you really are.

    I hear the knock at the door and go too allow you entrance. Our eyes meet and I smile, seeing my wet, drooling cunt mouth whore finally
    in front of me. I hold my arms out too hug you only too grab the back of your head and hair with one hand and yank you sharply inside.
    Pushing the door shut and locking it while I still have you in my grasp you let out a little moan and stumble at my unrelenting strength.

    Not saying a word I shove my hand down your pants and into your panties, finding your bald, soaking cunt..."Now, Elizabeth...I have come a long fucking way just too train you how too be a dirty filthy fuckslut and your cunt is hardly wet enough and your dressed like a fucking nun"
    You look back at me partly in shock, "Yes Sir, but I..." I slap your face before you have time to finish, 3 times, quickly and effectively, leaving
    your cheek stinging "On your fucking knees" I command, jerking you downward with a fistful of your hair.

    You stumble too the ground, as I laugh at your clumsy nervous little body. I reach down and pin your arms behind your back, a quick lash with a white rope leaves you caught off guard. "Now, (taking you by the chin) you stupid little fucking cunt, are you here too get raped and fucked like a skanky little bitch?" Staring up at me with eyes wide you look at me "Sir, Yes Sir, I am here too be your little skanky whore" I Smile at you and laugh a little, Then pull my pants down, leaving my boxers still covering my thick hard cock. I push it against your face...letting you feel the thick hard meat against your cheeks.

    "Please, please can I suck your cock sir?" You blurt out, aching too finally taste this meat. My reply is physical and fast, I spit on your forehead and let it run down your slutty little face...."No, No you dumb fucking cunt you can't. Now, Stand the fuck up, get dressed like I want you dressed" you stumble again trying too stand with your arms bound is hard, you feel both my hands wrap around your throat and pull you standing by your neck, choking you, moving behind to release your arms.

    You stumble into the bathroom short of breath and shaking. Your mind is racing, your mouth hungry and your cunt dripping more than ever now. You quickly sort through your bag, peeling your pants off and admiring your wet little panties. Reaching a hand down you diddle your clit soaking your cunt more, knowing full well you won't get too suck my dick without a dripping wet pussy. You do your makeup quickly, you can hear me through the door "Don't make me fucking wait you little cunt...."
    You come back out, panties soaked looking at me hungry, mouth open...

    I walk over too you in Silence. A Stern look on my face, I take you quickly. By the hair once more moving you sharply, yanking your hair, pulling you over too come lying across my lap. Yanking your little pink panties up your slit while I yank your head back, talking deeply into your ear "Do you want me too fuck your little cunt mouth Elizabeth?"
    "Yes, Yes sir please fuck my skanky little cunt mouth whore" You feel your panties rubbing against your clit, my hand releases your panties and SMACKS your ass, twice on each side, hard and fast, making your ass sting, feeling me yank your panties aside too spit on your asshole..."Speak Up Bitch" I say loudly, SMACKING your little ass again, molesting your cheeks roughly when I strike, you can feel my hips grinding my throbbing hard cock into your stomach. "Yes,, Fuck....Yess" you say with each spank, you can't keep up the pain is stinging and making your clit throb, your little whore pussy is writhing with each strike of my hand. "Louder, MORE, SPEAK UP you little fucking cunt" I demand from you.

    "Please, Fuck my face, sir, fuck my ugly little slutty face" Within seconds you are whipped too the floor and my boxers are yanked off. My thick hard cock springs free...Throbbing and aching I lean back, jerking it and holding you by the hair. I hold your hair with one hand and my cock with the other, your mouth hangs open, I shove my fingers in your mouth, spreading your cunt mouth, spitting in you, ramming my fingers in and making you gag, choke and spit for me...my cock throbs inches from your face, you have time no too breathe as my fingers are replaced by my fat hard cock. I don't stop pushing until I can't go any further, filling your mouth my thick cock starts too take you.

    I take hold of you by the hair and chin, spitting in your face you wince as I do and feel my big hard meat being pushed into your little mouth, taking a firm grip on my little cunt mouth I start pumping in deep..."Swallow it all you ugly little bitch" Grunting like a caveman at you... You can't breathe around my dick that keeps getting shoved deeper down your throat...I hold it, your nose against my stomach as I feed my little bitch... You feel like you can't take anymore..masters cock just gets harder and bigger the more you take...you have no choice and puke while my cock fucks you... I keep forcing my bitch too keep taking it, over and over I "Feed the slut cock. that's right whore, that's what you fucking like"

    My cock can't go deep enough yet...I pull out as your drool and puke cover your naked chest and soak your panties. Pulling you up over too the edge of the bed I lay you down, spanking your thighs, making you keep your cunt spread. I force your panties off, they come with a layer of your own cum dripping from them. I kneel down and shove the wettest part of them in your mouth...forcing them in your throat until I feel you choke on them. "Taste whore, taste what a skank tastes like" I pull them out and wipe them allover your face before shoving my dick in your mouth.

    This time is different. This time you feel me really enter your throat. I slip at least another 2 inches in then MASH my balls against your nose. You panic, pushing me off, trying too push me off, you've never felt a cock this deep...I hold it there, thrusting my hips in "Fuck yeah, FUCK yeah honey, take that fucking dick you little fucking whore" I pull out slowly as you are choking, gagging and drooling hard allover your own face and my cock. I pull out as you barely catch your breathe. You feel me take you by the hair and mash your face into my ass. "Eat it bitch, Eat my asshole out"

    I pull you away and slap your face "NOW" jamming you back in I feel your tongue start licking my asshole...you go for it like a natural dirty slut. You taste my hairy ass hole and your little cunt squirms. I Pull back and take you by the throat. I slap your face, "Stay bitch, STAY" I hold your chin and start pushing my cock back in again as deep as before, ALL the way in. "Thats it bitch, thats how you get facefucked. This is what you are for. THIS is your fucking purpose" I keep pounding deep. Your mouth just gags naturally now, you have accepted it, embraced it...you feel dizzy, mesmerized by the feeling of being truly throated deep and hard. Relentlessly I keep going, your drool covers your face, you are ruined, your makeup is allover your face, your tears stream and your nose runs. Never have you felt so fulfilled.

    Reaching down I shove 2 fingers deep in your sopping wet cunt. I keep shoving deep so your mouth must take more cock...you wretch on my dick and I feel your Cunt squeezing my fingers...Taking your thighs under my arms I start fingering your hole hard, pulling and grinding on your g-spot. Overcome with my cock in your mouth you clamp down and cum HARD on my fingers, pulling out I let you squirt straight out, like a faucet for your Master....you can barely breathe when I whip my dick out and bend you over. In 1 fast motion I ram my thick big dick up your asshole... You cry out in pain, I hold your mouth open with both hands and start pounding your tiny virgin asshole... You are so small and tight I grunt and fuck you like an animal..my big thick cock ripping your little ass open...

    You feel my cock ripping your ass as you cry, your little bald pussy gushing as I keep fucking you, I pull out and fill your cunt, so slick and wet your Little hole stretches easily for my fat cock, you feel me hit your cervix and cry out again I keep pumping your soaking cunt as you moan like a true whore Out comes my cock and I ram it back in your asshole, it makes you scream again and I shove 2 fingers down your throat too fill my little whores hungry holes...

    I push your head too the floor with my foot, stepping on your face, spitting on your face and make you suck my toes while I pump my dick in your burning asshole.. You cry out around my toes as I rape you, soon I tense up and pump your ass full of cum, grunting like a bull my load fills your asshole... I spread your hole and then grab you by the hair, I make you squat and spread your asscheeks as you clean the cum from my cock... My cum leaks out of your asshole into a puddle on the floor, I say "down bitch, your dinner is ready" I hold your little face mashed into my cum as you lap it up, you feel my foot on the back of your head "Enjoy it slut, thats your diet from now on, worship that cum" I take you by the hair and wipe some cum from the floor, I spit in your mouth then shove my cum soaked fingers in..."Worship it my nasty little whore, you are in for a long night..."

    End of Part 1
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    Any Comments? Input?
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    Very different. Not my cup of tea but, if it's something she enjoys, who am I to say if she is wrong? Kick her once for me.
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