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    Default BIKERCHICK 1 - Jessinta

    This is a reworking of my past stories "Biker Girl."

    My name is Jessinta Jovanoski (mother’s maiden name), and I am Australian with Serbian and New Zealand decent.
    I was a thinly built (32-25-34) but athletically framed 152cm (5’0), 45kg (93lbs) girl at the time; with olive tanned skin, average to small but developing breasts (32A) and dark brown shoulder length hair with green eyes.
    I have only just started to become sexually aware and active.
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    For as long as I can remember, I had always loved watching Motorbike gangs riding around. In my early childhood, we lived in the same street as an Outlaw Motorbike Club. They were always nice to me and to my older brother. I would always pester them about piggy back riding me around, on their bikes. I was only about seven or eight at that time.

    My father’s brother would visit us around when i was nine until I was eleven but events, back then, are a blur to me.
    Sometime during that period (I think when I was around ten) he forced himself on me but that’s all a blur too.
    I needed counselling and I was withdrawn but luckily my mind blocked out those years.
    He was caught, by my father molesting me, and I think he beat him up badly. I never saw my uncle Steve again after that.
    My parents got a divorce not long after.
    One of the reasons was because of what happened and the other reason was that my mother had become addicted to poker machines and vodka.
    The court ruled in favor of my mother as far as custody went but I wished I had gone with my dad because things may have turned out different for me.
    Dad went his own way, first to Sydney and then, last I heard, back to New Zealand.
    I had mental issues stemming from being molested and I was taken to doctors who put me on medications. The meds made me lose track of time and I was more like a zombie when drugged up on them.
    But, when I was off my meds, I became horny and I couldn’t stop fingering myself.
    It didn’t matter if I was in class or just sitting down some place, I needed to finger myself if I sat down.
    The children in my class who sat near me would snickers, as there i was fingering myself once again.
    I’d arch my neck backwards and look at the ceiling, as i would cum in class.

    There were giggles as the students who knew what i was up too, would crack jokes.

    “Gee, there she goes again, what will she be like when she finally lands a boy?” There would be snickers and giggles.

    My first couple of times i would smell my finger afterwards, and then taste them by licking my cum off them.

    Smelt like i had a tuna sandwich, but the taste was something i had never tasted before.

    My mother, before my molestation and afterwards, become two different people. She was drawn to Vodka and never was sober after that.

    Poker machine ate all the rest of the money we had and we struggled, after dad left, to be fed or clothed properly.
    So really, the only sane one left in my family was my brother but he wasn’t too happy living with us either.
    Mum drove us both crazy, with her drunken rants.
    On the plus side, she started working afternoon shifts in factories so we never saw her before bedtime. She made my brother babysit me, after school, from the age of eleven until I was twelve.
    It must have annoyed him, because at sixteen he packed his stuff and moved to Sydney with a friend.
    I was off my meds now and left alone after school to do what I wanted. Feeling free for the first time, without supervision, I was alone until mum got home at eleven each night.
    Due to work and availability, we had to move around several times.
    We were either broke or Mum wasted all the money.
    It felt like we moved into every suburb in the Northwestern part of Melbourne until we finally settled down in the Laverton area.
    It was a rough neighborhood and not a good area for a thirteen or fourteen year old girl to walk the streets unattended.
    On some nights, I never saw Mum at all.
    When I did see her, it would always end with us arguing about nothing because she was drunk.
    I would storm off angry with her and return home to see her either passed out in front of the TV or yelling at it.
    I so wished I could leave her and live on my own, but money was a problem. We were poor so we had no DVD player, no console games, not much of anything, even food.
    After school, I was so bored, even after fingering myself in the lounge.
    I had no stable friends because constant moving and mum, so I was also a loner now.
    I had hardly any clothes that fit me properly, and some days I would go to school with soiled clothes.

    School studies were another thing and I was struggling now. English class really sucked. Chemistry and Science sucked even more and Geography and History classes just bored me.

    I spent more time in those classes with my finger inside my pants enjoying myself then even trying to understand the subjects.
    Often I would cum and have to muffle my ecstasy, by biting my lower lip. My panties would always be wet and soiled. Sometimes I would cum so hard my legs would straighten as if hit by taser-gun, and I would cause me to kick the chair in front of me. Some of the kids in class would comment soon after I had cum. “Smell that, someone’s pussy juices are ripe.” The boys would say.
    When I did a subject that I enjoyed I didn’t even think about playing with myself. Math and Phys Ed were those classes that I liked and they kept me busy.

    In the end, I would often wag or skip classes that bored me like Chemistry and Science. I would go and explore my neighborhood, even though the area was notorious for lots of violence and crime, walking everywhere I could while kicking stones and bottles around.

    Then one day I spotted a fortress like place, almost out of the residential area near the abattoirs. It had a massive tin fence around it with barbed wire on top and a flag on top of a building, security cameras and a buzzer out front.

    “What was this place?” I thought to myself.
    I climbed high up a tree, which was almost next to it, to have a good look. I climbed high enough to see over the big tin fence, and see what is inside the yard.
    It was some sort of motorbike club, with dozens of wrecks of cars in the yard as well.
    Wicked, I thought to myself, bringing back memories of better times.
    So my activities after school now for about a week was to climb the tree and have a sticky beak and do some of my home work until the day came when I was spotted by a biker.
    He had been fixing a bike in the yard.
    “Hey you, get down from there,” he said, walking out from within the fortress with a dog.
    I almost crapped my pants in fear as I quickly climbed down from the tree, almost tearing my skirt.
    “So sorry,” I apologized softly.
    The dog started snarling at me.
    “See, look, home work,” I said, as it barked at me.
    The man smirked as I dropped my homework.
    While on my hands and knees gathering it all up, he ruffled my hair.
    “I’m Bones and this is Max. Would you like a Coke?” He asked, and he led me into the yard.
    Max started to calm down once we were inside.
    I sat on the hood of a wrecked Holden, drinking the Coke, while Bones went back to working on his bike.
    “What’cha doing?” I asked.
    “Tuning the carbie,” he replied.
    I showed some interest in what he was doing and hung around him like glue.
    Bones was clean cut and in his thirties. All he seemed to do was fix motorbikes.
    When it started to get dark, more bikers turned up.
    Bones advised me that it would be safer if he road me home on the back of his bike now.
    He passed me a helmet, I sat on the back of his seat, and it felt good.
    My pussy spread across the seat riding each bump with a slight groan.
    From that time on and until I was finally allowed inside, Bones was my new babysitter after school.

    Over the next three months, I would flirt with Bones and he took it with tongue in cheek.

    I also started to learn about bikes and their maintenance.
    Bones would work on bikes with me glued to him until a female biker invited me in and introduced herself.
    Her name was Shaz and I had seen her before when she would take the trash out to the dumpster.
    I started to think she was the club’s cleaner or errand person, but how wrong I was.
    She was about twenty-five and attractive and she would almost be dressed the same every day.
    Shaz would be in a black sports bra or black tight skimpy T-Shirts, a variety of small skirts with cowboy boots and a dark denim jacket.
    I usually saw two other bikers, by the Clubhouse bar.
    Shaz introduced me to them; they were Mantas and Crazy Gypsy.
    Mantas was in his fifties and was like the boss of things.
    He looked like a member of ZZ Top with a scruffy appearance and a beer belly.
    Then there was Crazy-Gypsy or Crazy, he was in his forties and scruffy also.
    Mantas came up to me and shook my hand before stating some ground rules; I was not to enter this building unless the door was open. Mainly because some things that go on are not meant to be seen, by outsiders.
    Over all they treated me like a junior member but I was still glued, to Bones most of the time.
    I was still fourteen.

    It had been a year and a half of me hanging around Bones when, I was asked to do a similar role around the place like Shaz. I too became an errand person and cleaner of the Clubhouse.

    When I was inside, I would mess around on this area on stage with a pole, regularly.
    Until Shaz, showed me the proper way to use the pole.
    I soon found out that Shaz was not just a cleaner but also one of many Sheep in the gang.
    In biker clubs, Sheep were in fact slaves or biker bitches or whores.
    At barely fifteen, I was still naive about the pecking order of the Clubhouse.
    Shaz and Bones were my closest friends there at the time.
    Bones would teach me the mechanics of bikes while Shaz would tutor me on do’s and don’ts about the Club.
    In addition, Shaz taught how to pour beer and pole dance properly.
    These Club members gave me the name ‘Lambsey’ as Shaz was a Sheep and I was her underling.
    I still went to school but not as often.

    By the time of my fifteenth birthday, I was spending most of my time inside the Clubhouse unless something special was on and I was restricted to the yard with Bones and his dog Max.

    Shaz explained to me what her role was to the Club members.
    On my fifteenth birthday, I celebrated at Club as mum was at work.
    “Happy birthday, Lambsey,” Mantas congratulated me.
    “Thanks,” I said and smiled at him.
    I don’t know what or how it happened but I ended up sucking my first cock on my birthday.
    They had a porno movie on a big screen TV with no sound but with loud rock music blurring in the Clubhouse that night.
    I had been drinking with all the bikers and biker sheep and had drunk a few too many beers maybe four too many.
    In the movie playing, a young blonde girl was being gangbanged and sucking on many cocks.
    I felt both horny and drunk and I became eager to try sucking a cock.

    So I looked around on all fours for a familiar biker and I found Crazy by the bar drinking beer.

    I rustled his cock from his dirty jeans and licked the length of his shaft.
    He just smiled.
    I tried to emulate the blonde on the TV.
    So after sucking his shaft, I put his mushroom head inside my mouth and sucked on it for a while.
    Crazy gave out a small groan.
    The other bikers paid him out for it.
    I didn’t care, nor did he as I then gobbled his really fat cock half way inside my mouth.
    Shaz laughed at me because I was struggling to fit it in my mouth.
    But I still was able to bob my head up and down on his cock, even though not as deep as the girl on the video.
    My mouth struggled but I did keep a tight grip around his shaft with my lips.
    I must have done okay as Crazy was moaning every now and then.
    He was now moving his hips and forcing me to take more of his cock inside, while moaning and grunting.
    Then he grunted out a moan and soon after I felt his cock twitch.
    From his mushroom head exploded a liquid that made me semi-choke on it.
    I had to spit both his cock and his cum out as it tasted sour in my mouth.
    Dangles of cum and saliva dripped from my mouth and over my school shirt as I gasped for air and giggled.
    Crazy stood there almost disappointed.
    “You’ll learn in time, not to waste what you sucked,” he smirked at me about spitting his cum out.
    I drank another beer quickly to wash the sour taste from my mouth and it was enough for me that night because I must have dozed off.

    When I opened my eyes briefly I saw Shaz was butt naked and on her hands and knees with a cock in her mouth and was being fucked from behind.

    I then passed out.

    It was past midnight when a butt naked and glistened coated Shaz kissed my forehead.

    I looked up at her, and her hair was sticky and she smelled of cum.
    Her breasts were much bigger than my 32A’s and they were coated with cum.
    “I think it’s getting late. You probably should go home now,” Shaz suggested.
    I tried to stand up and groggily stumbled and had to brace myself against a table to steady myself.
    We hugged and kissed, before a biker piggy back rode me home on his bike.
    I still don’t remember getting home but I was told that’s how I got home.

    Waking the next morning in my bed, I only wore my panties and my head hurt.

    I felt so tired but ran a shower and went to school anyway.

    Over the course of the next twelve months, I went from loner to school slut as my sexual awakening had begun.

    I was a regular at the Clubhouse.

    .....story will continue with “Bike 2 - $5 Blows.

    I hope u liked it, as much as i like writing it

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    up !
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    I like the story. She sounds like a sweet (but abused) kid and she's found some friends.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ELaken-Palmer View Post
    I like the story. She sounds like a sweet (but abused) kid and she's found some friends.
    She was a mixed up kid, trying to find her place in the word.
    Thanks for the comments ELP
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