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Thread: That was hot...

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    Wink That was hot...

    ...After a few drinks we moved to the bedroom...

    I could feel my pussy wanting it, warm cum dripping down my leg, my cum was only making me want his cock more. I stripped down to nothing but thigh highs, my 34c pierced nipples staring him down. I made my way to the bed, laid down, legs spread exposing my wet shaved cunt. It didn't take long for his 10 inch cock to be rock hard, but not yet. The show had only begun. I grabbed the oil and greased my tits, pulling and twisting the bars that run through my perky tits. Filling my hand with oil, I began rubbing my clit, moaning softly, head back, slowly I switch from my fingers to my vibrator, an 8 x 2 inch pleasure machine and jam in roughly into my tight slit. I can see him stroking his cock at the edge of the bed, enjoying the show but not saying word. I fuck myself hard for a few minutes, sitting on my vibe, taking every inch of it, riding it like the whore I am...but it's not enough. I lean over, and grease up his hand...I make him enter my cunt slowly, I want to feel his thumb, and each finger as it enters, stretching my pussy open further and further. I can feel the burn of hand inside me, my pussy is soaked, I tell him to make it hurt. He leans over me, my legs over my head spread wide, he chokes me, calling me his whore as he fucks me hard with his hand, my cunt throbs in pleasure, my screams can barely be contained. My pussy engulfs his hand, its hurts, but I like the pain. After I cum, I need more...I throw him on his back and spread his legs wide, fingering his tight asshole with one hand as i lick and suck the fingers on my other hand, I go down on him, shoving my tongue into his asshole, sucking and licking his ass until I hear him moan, I know that moan, I slam my pussy ontop of his hard cock, taking every inch of it, riding him rough, reaching back and fingering his asshole as I grind my cum soaked pussy on his cock. "bite my nipples hard", he does, "spread my ass" he does, "you want your cock in my ass" he does. I slowly pull his hard cock from my slit, I love the feeling of his head as it catches on my tight cunt as I pull him out. I bend over and spread my ass cheeks with my hands, my cum as lube he slowly enters the tip, I beg for it, he tells me to shut the fuck up as he jams his huge cock in my ass, I scream, more for pleasure than pain, he fucks me hard, choking me with both hands from behind as he pulls his cock out as far as he can before slamming it back in, he's never fucked me this hard, I can feel my ass getting looser with each thrust, he tells me Im his slut as he chokes me harder, I reach down pinching my throbbing clit, this angers him as he wants control. He pulls out wipes down and tells me no one can hear me scream, throws me on my back puts my legs on his shoulders and enters me rough his cock is so deep it makes my stomach tighten, he tells me to take it as he grabs my nipples and twists my bars...I squirt all over him, cum shooting up my legs, down my ass...he comes closer, his thrusts more painful, and I hear that moan, he gasps take it, as he pulls his cock out and shoves it deep in my mouth, I guzzle every bit of his hot delicious cum, he hovers over me in exhaustion and watches as I rub the cum the dripped on my tits on my fingers and suck off every last drop...like the Sluttyprincess I am....

    I can't wait till he gets home...
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    mmmm fuck, what a tasty lil story u got there
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    Very hot encounter. Welcome to the story forum.
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    Default Welcome

    Fantastic. Nice to see each new author in the forum; wish you the best of success here as well.

    The Chronicles of Elsa
    Come and enjoy the adventures of Cat-girl Elsa, Chipper the insane squirrel, Nelson the illusionist and Sparkle - a dragon with mysteries. Join them on their quest, filled with magic, mayhem, mischief and romance, as they seek the legendary Jade Tigers.

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    Thanks all, they'll be more...I just need to do them first...
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