loved working like this when i a young apprentise

The wall started it... my wife’s boss from work needed one building across his rear garden and some how my wife got me the job, I suppose being a jobbing builder helped and the fact he was willing to pay me in cash, when you are young and starting out every job helps.

Was a very hot day and working outside in shorts , as the sun beat down on my bare back almost felt like a holiday, well apart from the work !

About halfway through the day her husband had to shoot out, as his kid needed to be picked up leaving me with his wife ,a very well preserved sort of Elaine Paige sexy kind of lady of about 50 , a real home maker conservative type pf lady .

She called me in for dinner and I popped into the bathroom to wash up, on the floor I spotted some very sexy under wear, of what looked like shear French panties I would never had imagined her wearing them.

Scooping them up pressing them to my nose, I could smell the scent of pussy , immediately I began to harden, my cock was still pointing out from my trousers, so I wrapped them around it loving the feel, as leaned against the wall wanking slowly my hardness intensified.

All of a sudden the door was pushed open...”.You finished washi”...was all that came out of her mouth, as she saw my rock hard cock pointing towards her, never even missing a beat; she just stepped into the room and grabbed my cock in her hand.

“.These are mummies panties do you like them” she asked .smiling at me rubbing my cock through them, “god yes they are fantastic” ....still wanking me with one hand she unclipped her wrap around skirt, it fell to the floor she was wearing identical ones!!!....

Kneeling down in front of me, then taking the head of my cock in her mouth licking around the head , still wanking me with her panties covered hand...teasing me she took me to the edge then stopped many times, my balls where throbbing filling with cum and needing release .

Every time she got me close to the edge she backed off chuckling and looking at me “not yet lover I want you inside me”.

“Fuck yes I can think of no better place” I replied

Standing back up she let go of my hardness, and turned bending over the bath tub, rolling her panties down to below ass cheeks, I could see the wetness through her dark bush ,.reaching back she slipped two fingers inside her cunt ,opening up her self for me she said” see anything you like”

“God yes” I replied going onto my knees so I could repay the compliment and eat her sweet looking twat.

“We don’t have time for that maybe another day get your cock inside me I want it now and I do mean now!” I was ordered

My cock slid easily into her sopping cunt, fucking for all I was worth holding onto her jiggling ass, she threw herself back at me telling me to fuck her harder, I could see her knuckles turning white as I tried to fuck her right into the tub, feeling her stiffen and the walls of her twat closing around my cock I new she was cumming, her knees almost giving out “yes oh god yes fuck me more” she screamed this demure quite lady was really getting her rocks off.

Her word sent me over the edge, my balls erupted shooting my cum inside her mixing with her juices, the wetness covering my balls as it dripped out as I held myself inside not wanting it to end .

Coming down from the high she pushed me back against the wall my cock slipping out glistening with cum , turning she bent and planted a kiss right on the mushroom of my cock “that’s for being a good boy for mummy” she smiled at me .

Standing up her blouse fell back into place, apart from the fact she still had her knickers around her thighs, plus the redness in her cheeks and sparkling eyes she was almost back to the little home maker.

Kissing me lightly on the cheek very demurely she said ...”Mummy has been not fucked like that for so long that was wonderful thank you”

“I was always told you where not interested in sex?”.......

“Is that what he tells your wife at work?”

.”Yes” I replied,

“No its just sex with him I’m not interested in, now get yourself cleaned up and come for lunch “

She slid her knickers off and let them drop to floor “shall mummy wear these again when you visit” she asked

Getting into the swing of it I replied “Yes mummy but could I also breast feed like I used to?”

“Well you have been a good boy, and my nipples will really need some special attention after you have left them all hard” as she said this hand stoked across her blouse lovingly, as left she picked up her skirt.

“mummy will have to go and get changed she is a little bit dirty, your lunch is on the table now please go and enjoy, I’m glad you are so handy, we have a few jobs that need sorting out around here, when my husbands away I’m sure he will not mind paying you to keep me happy”

As she stepped out of the door she popped her head back around and said “I have few friends at my ladies luncheon club I will pass your number on, with service this special, it is always better to share it among friends”

“Well I would be more than interested in satisfy any of your friends needs mummy just to keep them happy for you”

“Good boy we will keep you very busy I’m sure” she smiled at me then ...”Now put your self away and go and eat “

With that she left me, wondering what the future holds for my little “jobbing firm”