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    Default Recently published my 1st ebook!

    Erotirealm Chronicles -Book 1: The Outlander & the Elf-Maid
    It's an erotic, "Sword & Sorcery" fantasy novel! Check it out!


    & the fb page:

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    Default the cover

    cover as it appears on the site
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    I hope it does well.
    The perverted shit that I enjoy writing. http://stories.xnxx.com/profile364111/
    I also write under this name. http://stories.xnxx.com/profile313531/Rebeca+Lewis
    I love comments.

    Oh yeah, and pictures of my cock for people who are into that sort of thing.
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    Default A excerpt from chapter 2

    Luva was the first to awake. Being of a race brought forth from the arcane, she was more resistant to the effects of magic, but was in no way immune.
    When her eyes cleared, she gazed about at her surroundings.
    The familiar orange glow of an oil lamp illuminated a small cave-like chamber. She noticed that some attempt had been made to make the room livable. The floors were covered with a thick layer of straw, and a simple wooden table and chair sat along side a chest in the corner.
    As she got to her feet to further investigate, she noticed that all three of them had been completely stripped of their equipment, weapons, armor, and clothing. Although captured, they had not been bound –just left helpless and nude, and at the mercy of a fate only the gods could divine.
    She saw no sign of their captor, but could hear the minotaur breathing somewhere down the dark passage, that was the only way out of the room. The elf-maid figured there was no reason to tie them up with that hulking beast blocking the exit.
    She walked over to the chest, and opened it –empty.
    Even though she had no weapons or armor, she had her magic. All of the fae races had it; it was something she was born with, and could not be taken away. Humans called it “Glamour,” as it was the mastery of illusion. She could create sounds, odors, blinding light, pitch-black darkness, and images –all with the power of her mind. Pixies, brownies, faeries, dryads, sylkies, sprites, and elves all shared this power. They could also communicate without speaking, and if the concentrated hard enough, they could do this over great distances. Somehow, this ability had been lost on their corrupt goblin, ogre, and orc cousins, but that, she guessed, was for the best. It was only the trolls that had retained this power, but in a very dark, and insidious, form.
    Tyler and Sola began rousing from their magic slumber, and Luva rushed to their side. As soon as the fog of sleep started to clear from their heads, the elf broached to subject of planning their escape. But as if the timing could not be worse, Lina strode into the chamber, carrying a smoldering urn. A sweet smelling smoke billowed from the brass container as she set it on the table.
    “Oh, I see our guests are up and about,” the young sorceress said, in a most obsequious and demeaning manner, “and none too soon, I might add.”
    “Why did you not kill us when you had the chance?” Luva demanded.
    “Come, come, come, little elf,” she had not lost the condescending tone, “now that would not be any fun, would it?” Their captor ended what she said by poking her lower lip out in an overly dramatic, mocking pout.
    This infuriated the elf-maid to no end. But as suddenly as the feeling came on, it started to melt away as she felt her whole body begin to tingle with sensual desire. It was the incense; it was some kind of aphrodisiac, and it was flooding the subterranean chamber with its intoxicating fumes. There was no escaping it -the more they inhaled, the more their modesty and inhibitions melted away.
    Tyler watched his captor begin to remove her skimpy black clothing, and his mind filled with images of himself lustily violating every hole that little bitch had. Seeing his longing gaze, Lina perch-ed herself on the table, and opened her legs wide to expose her bald little pussy. She teasingly licked and sucked at the first two fingers of her left hand, and when they were good and wet, she let them wander down to her awaiting slit. He watcher her use those fingers to open her cunt lips, and expose the pink flesh within. And in the glow if the lamp light, he noticed the glistening of clear liquid that seeped from her hungry, little fuck-hole. This drove Tyler to the edge of his sanity –he had to taste it!
    The outlander’s cock throbbed as he moved toward the young girl. The thought of her silky smooth snatch, and the flavor of her juices on his tongue pushed him to her. And when he made it, he fell to his knees, burying face in her crotch, and ravenously lapping at her salty-sweet box.
    The miller’s daughter moaned loudly at the sudden assault on her loins, and reveled in the sensation. She grabbed the sides of his head –pushing his mouth even harder against her soaking honey-pot, and he responded with voracity.

    The fae libido is powerful to begin with, and when exacerbated by an aphrodisiac, it is nearly uncontrollable. Consequently, Luva latched on to the she-orc’s nipple, and started to nibble and suck as if she would starve without it. She held the rock-hard nub between her teeth, and flicked across it with her oral appendage. Sola moaned as she engulfed the little elf with her strong arms –pulling her closer.
    Both of them began to squirm, pressing against one another. As warm, silken skin touched and brushed, they sank to the floor, and rested themselves on the thick layer of straw. Their bodies inter-twined, as they explored with fingers and tongues, and the duet of their voices rang out softly in a salacious chorus of whimpers and purrs.
    The half-orc’s fingers found the tender folds of Luva’s already sopping twat, and opened them to seek out her swollen clit. Powerful digits rubbed the elf-maid’s engorged button, and she drew in a sharp breath at the she-orc’s fondling. Returning the favor, two elven fingers plunged into her love-tunnel, as a small elven palm massaged her mound.

    Tyler held the young sorceress’ legs wide apart, and greedily licked at her tiny gash, as she felt the first twinges of her impending climax. It could not come on fast enough for her, as she planned to have many this night. At first it churned slowly within her, but suddenly it burned across her small frame like smoldering embers igniting a wildfire. Her body tensed, as she tightened her grip on the outlander’s head, and shoved his face viciously into her sodden cunt. He responded by releasing his grip on her legs only to wrap an arm around each of her thighs, in a vain attempt to draw her soaking gash closer.
    His lecherous reaction to her cruelty intensified her orgasm, and she began to cry out loudly, “Aaaahhhh! Eat it!” The miller’s daughter demanded, “Eat it, you dirty bastard!”

    By this time, Sola was laying on her back, with Luva straddling her face. The elf-maid instinctively was grinding her hips against the she-orc’s lashing, while she too sucked and nibbled at the engorged clit of her companion. The muffled sounds of their voices mingled with the wet smacking noises of their oral inclinations, as they feverishly worked each others' pussies.
    It was the little elf that started to cum first. The orcess heard her ecstatic calls, and started to suck wildly on her dewy snatch. Orgasmic spasms seized her body, and she cried out loudly; yet she did not stop eating Sola’s delectable honey-pot, as she lapped and suckled through the licentious rush.
    Feeling the little elf squirming in rapturous pleasure atop her, and hearing her stifled calls -combined with the total refusal of the sylvan lass to suspend her prurient endeavors, sent her reeling into a frenzied climax of her own. It overtook every nerve in her voluptuous frame, as she too began to moan and howl at her impassioned bliss.

    After Lina’s orgasm had subsided, she commanded the lusty outlander, “Now, stand up, and stick your cock in my cunny!”
    Tyler responded without delay. He pointed his burgeoning rod at her dripping twat, and ran the tip of it up and down her slit before pushing forcefully -plunging it into her slick fuck-hole. Her small frame did not betray what one would imagine about how tight the fledgling sorceress might be, for it engulfed his throbbing cock with a vice-like grip. It took some effort to drive the full length of his shaft into her snug little hole, but he was soon stabbing at her wanton snatch with wild abandon -as she moaned and yelped with every lecherous thrust.

    The other two had just broken apart when the minotaur entered the room. They saw the monster, but they also saw the gargantuan pole that hung half erect between it legs, and beckon the beast to them. It strode over to them with the same predatory grace they had seen before. They knelt before the creature’s enormous rod, and Sola was the first to reach out for it -taking it in her hand, stroking it. Luva watched it begin to grow, as she fondled the mammoth orbs below it. When it was fully erect, the overall length and girth drove the orcess mad with lust; so she opened her mouth wide, and took as much of it in as she could...

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