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    Default An Apple family secret

    This is my first story, I know its short... but I'm more used to writing poems and thought I'd give this a shot.

    It was a day among days in Equestria, ponies playing and laughing, Applejack was busy relaxing in the barn on some hay bails, legs spread, her eyes closed and her hat over her head.
    Big Macintosh was doing his normal stuff, at the moment he was going to get something from the barn; he waked in and saw his sister, and noticed her legs spread... he was able to get a clean view of her pussy and he could almost see her asshole. He began to see his sister in a new way as his 10" cock was getting harder as he looked, he got nervous and backed out bumping into a shovel, making it fall to the ground which made a noise that Applejack heard. "huh? who's there? Oh its you Big Ma..." She paused as she saw her brothers hardening cock "got a present for me I see, huh?" she smirked. "oh, uhh..." was all he managed to get out before Applejack started walking to him and brushed his cock with her hoof. "so you want to have some fun big boy?" she said before leaning her head under him and started sucking him off, Big Mac was in heaven as his sister was giving him a blowjob with expert skills, swirling her tongue around his shaft as she took him all the way in, pausing at the base to lick around his balls. she could feel him getting close to climax and started sucking him harder until he came, filling her mouth with loads of his sperm, swallowing every drop she could. "You taste good big brother, but I want to see how you feel..." She started, than whispered in his ear "Fuck me." Big Mac didn't hesitate then, he was eager on fucking his sister right then and there. she laid down on her back as Big Mac positioned himself over his sister, he kissed her deeply before putting his cock inside her pussy and started pushing in. He felt something stopping him and realized that she was a virgin. "take me now, be my first brother" she motivated him, he complied as he pushed himself hard in her and felt the obtrusion stop as Applejack Kissed her brother deep and hard while she screamed in pain. Big Macintosh paused for a moment, letting his sister get the feel of his cock inside her... "OK, " she said "I'm okay, I'm okay..." he nodded and started pumping his full length in and out slowly. "ooooooohhhhhhh♥.... you feel so good big brother" Applejack said and her brother could only reply with his signature, "Ayupp". he started pumping faster, his sister pushing on him to meet his motions. she could feel she was close to her climax as she said "IIIII'MM CUMMING!!!" and with that, he pushed in all that he could. He felt her orgasming and the feeling of her pussy contracting and squeezing his cock pushed him over the edge and he came as well, shooting his load inside his little sister, impregnating her. they both just lay there, on top of each other as their orgasm's subsided. "Big Mac?" Applejack finally said, "ayupp?" he replied, "I love you more than you will ever know Big Brother ♥" She responded as she kissed him. 9 months later, Apple Joy was born.
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    I hate stories with 10 inch cocks being mentioned...and Double 'D's.....so boring!
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    humm nice man
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    I got lost reading this one. Is this about horses?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ELaken-Palmer View Post
    I got lost reading this one. Is this about horses?
    Yes, this is about horses. Ponies to be exact.
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