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    Default Stories about and with animals. mostly farm animals.

    I am wondering just how far am I allowed to go, with the bestality stories. This would be my first go with animal story writing. I would expect to keep it true as far as possible. I have lots of photo-animal experiences, as well as lots of down on the farm happenings.. I read lots of farm, family, dogs, horses, with both male and female..

    I have lots of stories to tell, give me some guidelines about how far to go. Is there anything that is totally not allowed..??
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    Stories about bestiality are allowed. There is a category on the main Sex Stories Site. http://stories.xnxx.com/themes/6/Bestiality

    "Lost and Found Love" by Erika Snow is now available on Amazon and smashwords.
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    Stories but NO photos!
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    Gosh Thorny I find it hard to believe that is really you.
    A'in it harm none do what thou wilt.
    Andreamedis' forever!
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    Default Let the animals out of the barn..

    I have decided to put some of my animal adventures on the screen.

    These will be as close to true as I can make them.. Not identify, no details that will give the storys away.

    Some are not animal, just my aunt and I as we grew up together on the farm.. We raised show dogs, and there were many times that sex and dogs were real hot sex. How about a story of a cow and a young farmer,, even a couple of hot ones with an older farmer.. There was always time to be alone with the sexy poney.. No not being fucked by the pony, but fucking the pony. (pony is a small horse and just the right size to, with the help of a small box, line the important parts up... A full size mare is also pretty good, just takes a taller box...
    Incest was not all that common, but it did happen and was damed good. I will expand on this subject, the first will be the breeder bringing a dog in heat to be breed! We were professional breeders, and this is a very common thing.. If it was just mom, myself and the customer, it always got around to sex after the customer left...Very seldom mom and the dog, usually mom and me. She could hardly wait till the customer had left.. More detail later... Most writers do not have a good knowledge as to the dog and the female getting knoted, will expand on that also.. Hope to post in about a week.
    If anyone has a request, let me know and I will search my mind for what has happened to me along that line..
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    I love to read zoo stories, and have som true to life stories of my own.. please let us read yours..
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