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    Sex Lover
    Sexual orientation : tfujiwara's Avatar
    Join Date : Dec 2007
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    Arrow Your Perfect Sex Partner

    As the title implies, describe your perfect sex partner.

    I'll start...

    1) Likes anal and DP. This is something I've always fantasized about and wanted to try.
    2) Loves to swallow my cum. Nothing turns me on more knowing that when I blow my load she is going to lick and swallow every drop...
    3) Gives mind-blowing hand jobs. To this day, I could never forget the hand jobs my first girlfriend used to give me. She was so good that I almost never wanted to masturbate the few years we were together...It just wasn't as good.
    4) Loves getting eaten-out by me and lets me keep going after she cums. Yes ladies, I know how extremely sensitive your clit is after you orgasm, but its such a turn-on making you have multiple orgasms.

    I could probably go on, but these are the top things I look for...
    ...i haven't done it all, but i'm pretty damn close...
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    Lend me some sugar, I am your neighbour!
    Sexual orientation : Yaztromo's Avatar
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    Location : England
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    Dark brown eyes, long beautiful hair, beautiful skin, outwardly very feisty, secretly vulnerable, older than me, sometimes totally unreasonable, addicted to World of Warcraft, a mother with 3 children...........

    ..........My Wife
    Quote Originally Posted by minerva_x View Post
    Practices gynecology but has the license for cardiology.... bad..bad..bad...
    ....somebody appears to know me too well
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    Porn Star
    Sexual orientation : swingerguy95621's Avatar
    Join Date : Jun 2011
    Location : Sacramento , CA
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    A woman who is happy with just being HEALTHY and HAPPY! no need for material things, wealth, fancy stuff, perfect bodies. All these things divert real happiness or substitute it.

    Is open to anything new.
    Likes being naked and is comfortable with her body, this applies to both skinny and thick girls.

    Does not like arguing and is content with agreeing to disagree.

    You said describe your perfect SEX partner...well this is my description. If she has all of these things, then the sex will be awesome.
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    Sex Lover
    Sexual orientation : N/D sweetmaggy26's Avatar
    Join Date : Oct 2011
    Location : your dreams
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    Red face hard one

    • first we have to have incredible attraction/ sexual chemistry ( the type that just looking at him i feel like cuming)
    • sence of humor, confident, knows what he wants, smart attitude arrogant, could be sweet at times..
    • taller than me (dont like short guys)
    • smells good and is clean
    • loves oral and would let me please him orally when ever i want (my oral fixation) or he wants
    • is open to anything (power play, role play, dominace, bondage/ discipline, sex in public, anal, masturbation, deepthroat, creampie, facials toys!! the list goes on and on...
    • is not opposed to having sex multiple times a day
    • has no shame when it comes to anything sexual
    • makes me cum
    Not here to masturbate your ego.......
    from submissive to TOP...
    theres nothing quite like a good mind fuck.
    Like Merry Popins Almost Perfect in Every Way, But chillin with Alice in Wonderland.
    real XNXX girl: http://forum.xnxx.com/picture.php?albumid=17214&pictureid=120093
    I find that my definition of myself is not even close to the truth... the possibilities are endless
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    Porno Junky
    Sexual orientation : Straight
    Join Date : Feb 2012
    Location : Manchester, UK
    Age : 33
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    A man who:

    Loves eating pussy
    Does NOT want to stick anything in my ass
    Wants me and ONLY me
    Makes me have fantastic orgasms
    Can go for hours
    Has a nice thick and long cock
    Has great tasting-cum

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    Porn Star
    Sexual orientation :
    Join Date : Sep 2011
    Location : mich,
    Posts : 2,071


    female....long dark str8 hair, b-cup tits with dark nipples, pussy shaved inbetween her legs trim in front, looks good without make-up,ave weight, easy to talk with, likes some of the same things.......
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    Sex Lover
    Sexual orientation :
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    For me, as of right now it's simple...


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    Sex Machine
    Sexual orientation : bigtrav20's Avatar
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    Location : Florida
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    My perfect partner would be

    Have a brain, doesnt have to be a super genius but at least able to hold a conversation on current topics.

    The want of having sex multiple times a day

    Understand and be up to all types of sexual fantasy, and be able to be vocal in what she would like to try

    Humor is a huge must if she can not take or make a joke then she is to stuck up.

    we defently need to have some type of attraction towards one another

    She should be out spoken

    lastly she should be very open to me cumming in on or were ever I want :D
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