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    Talking Let's all count to...


    *clears throat* One.

    Well, that didn't take long, did it..?

    Good. Ummm... what do we do now..?

    *looks around*

    *drums fingers*

    Well, we could... ummm...

    *drums finger some more*

    *looks at clock*

    we... well... maybe...

    *thinks really hard*


    I know!

    How about AN ORGY!!!!!!!

    *gets out the babyoil and the swimming pool*

    Last one in, gets to clean it afterwards!

    *jumps in and promptly flies out the other side, due to the baby oil*

    Darnit... hate it when that happens!

    *climbs in slowly, rubbing his coc- cyx* :D

    *grins* let the wild sex orgy roll!!!

    Bye for now - Fluffy McNoo
    For those who don't know: I AM LEAVING THE FORUM AT THE END OF THE YEAR. If you're interested, please go here for more information about my leaving. Time of departure, December 27th. Any messages sent on or after that date, will not be answered!

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    Fluffy, you look so innocent in your av, and now you're having an orgy!!!
    I guess you have to be careful of those puppy-dog eyes!!!!:D
    Let's go racing-NASCAR style!!!
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    That Made Me Laugh Hard.
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