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    Default True Story - My Cheating Wife my Payback

    True Story about me and my wife - I am 40 and she is 32 - I am in the military - This happened when I was deployed. Anyway here goes.

    Like most military members, especially today, I am gone on the road a lot. My wife has been pressuring me to have a baby, to keep her busy while I am gone, but for one reason or another, she has not gotten pregnant yet.

    So, sure enough, I get orders to Abu Garcia to support the bombing missions in Afghanistan. This is about as specific as I am going to get because I know some of the guys in my unit log on to XNXX.

    Anyway, the deployment is for 6 months and needless to say by the time I came home I was horny as hell. I could not wait to watch my wife sucking my cock and riding up and down.

    Angela is a former gymnast and has an awesome, athletic body. Perky small breasts, strong arms and legs and is tireless in bed. When we were first dating we fucked so long that one time I actually had 3 orgasms. As most of you know this is most difficult for males, but this is how hot and tireless she is.

    Anyway, she came to pick me up at the unit and right away I could tell that something was different. She gave a very brief kiss and had trouble looking me in the eye. I knew that something was up, but I did not want to spoil all the sex I had planned, so I did not start a confrontation.

    When we got home it was more of the same strange behavior, she even had a cold shoulder when I wanted to touch her. So, I rolled over in obvious frustration and did not say a word. She began to rub my back and then started kissing my neck, but it was still different. She did not perform like usual, she just let me mount her, which did not last very long after 6 months of no pussy.

    The next day I confronted her and asked her what had happened while I was gone. Being a military guy I pretty much already knew the answer. She had met someone at one of the base clubs and had been fucking his brains out while I was gone. This had been going on about 2 months.

    Needless to say my heart sunk when I heard the news, we have been married for 6 years and I did not want to go through a divorce, but it appeared I was going to have to.

    This is when Angela begged me to forgive her and that she would never do anything like this again. Yeah Right! I told her to give me some time to think and this is when I came up with the idea.

    Often before this incident I used to beat off in the shower, dreaming of Angela fucking another man. Black men with huge dicks, taking it in the ass, and double penetration were all things that I used to beat off to.

    The thought off her fucking another man while I was gone really pissed me off, but it also got my dick hard at the same time, so when Angela and I had a sit down about what we were going to do I thought "What the fuck, going to probably end up divorced anyway, I might as well go for it."

    So I spilled all. I told her how I wanted her to invite the man over again and I would watch while she fucked him. "Are you fucking crazy?" This was her exact response. "Well it is either that or I am going to the base legal office to file for divorce." She certainly did not want that, so after a few hours of thought she agreed.

    "How are we going to do it, I mean you can't be in the same room?" That was true, but I had already thought this through. Where did you fuck him? She was reluctant to admit it, but they had fucked in our bedroom.

    This would make things easier because Angela had always wanted a vanity mirror with the fancy lights around it. Since there is an adjacent bedroom to ours, all I had to do was install a spy glass mirror for the vanity mirror and cut a hole in the wall of both bedrooms.

    These mirrors are quite easy to purchase, I bought mine off ebay for 90$. I know that is a little steep, but it needed to look like a real vanity mirror, not a cheap department store shoplifting glass.

    It took a couple of days of work and wiring, but I eventually got it just right.
    The mirror was at the foot of the bed with a set of 6 fancy lights and all the accesories, but more importantly, a very nice view of the bed with no clue as to the purpose of the mirror.

    "Are you sure you want to go through with this, Angela asked?" There was no doubt in my mind that I did, so she called up her John and told him that I would be working the swing shift tonight and to come over about 1600 - thats 4 o'clock for all you civilians.

    I had an unusual question for my wife before he arrived. I asked her, "Did you let him fuck you in the ass?" "No, of course not" was her reply. "You are going to today!" "I dont know if I can" was her reply. Unsure what she meant she exaplined that he had tryed to, but she shyed away because he is 6'4" and had a 9 inch dick. Angela is only 5'3" and 122 pounds. I told her I was sorry, but I am calling the shots. I reminded her that none of this would be happening if she was not such a faithless whore. She put her head down and said "OK"

    I gave her specific instructions on things I wanted done and how I wanted her to lay so I could see his dick pumping in and out of her.

    I had the other room set up with a nice comfortable bar stool that was high enough to accomodate my vision through the hole cut into the wall. I was all ready in the spare bedroom with the door closed when I heard a knock at the door.

    I heard talking and then quiet, this lasted for about 5 minutes and I thought "Oh Shit" she got cold feet and is spilling the beans. However, they soon appeared in full view of the mirror. The John did not even seem to notice the modification, especially since they had gotten started in the living room.

    When Angela appeared her shirt and bra were completely off and the John had a massive buldge in his sweat pants. He sat on the bed and pulled her towards him, I could see his arms wrap around her back as he pulled her in and sucked her tits.

    Angela groaned and rubbed his cock up and down through his sweat pants. He sucked her tits for a good 5 minutes before he pulled away from her. She leaned forward and kissed him deep and long. Eventually she reached down and lifted his shirt and pulled it over his head. She started to kiss his neck, then his shaved chest before sliding to her knees in front of him.

    His pants were easily pulled down after the draw string was undone, afterwhich, Angela settled into a comfortable position. I could see her bare back and her head moving slowly up and down on his cock. While this was a huge turn on, I still could not see shit. I think Angela read my mind because she looked up at her lover and said, "Do you want to watch?" The John nodded his head up and down. "Then stand up" she said.

    As he stood Angela used this opportunity to slide his pants off and turn sideways to the mirror. Now I could see why she did not want to do anal with this guy. He was tall and skinny and had a huge cock. The report of 9 inches may have been a stretch, but he was defintely 8 inches and must have been 7 inches around. It looked like a nice size cucumber. Not a giant one, but still pretty damn big.

    I remember him standing to the right with Angela on her knees to the left. Wait a minute she said, she stood up and moved toward the mirror. "Holy Shit " I thought she was going to pull the mirror off the wall when she reached for it. Instead she reached to the shelf where her stuff was and grabbed a rubber band for her hair. She pulled her shoulder length hair up into a tight pony tail.

    After looking at me, actually the mirror, for a prolonged moment she turned around and sank back to her knees. She teased her John a bit by first grabbing his cock a jacking him off. She was looking at his face and glancing back to his cock while rubbing it up and down. Finally he could not stand it anymore, he put his massive hand on the back of her head and pulled her forward.

    She opened her mouth wide and about one third of his massive dick diasappeared. I could not believe how good she looked performing oral sex. She slowly sucked up and down, then she would pull away and use her hand while licking the head of his cock.

    She was jacking him off hard now with just the head of his dick in her mouth. He was getting a little too worked up so she stopped and told him that she had a suprise and did not want him to blow his load yet.

    She stood up and removed her pants. They embraced and kissed, but he had to bend over so far it did not take them long to settle onto the bed.

    He pulled her on top of him and they just layed there for a few minutes tounging each other. Every now and then she would slide forward so he could suck her tits. Finally she slid her hips down into position.

    He was laying with his head on the pillow and from my vantage point I could see all. His massive cock, my wife's smallish cunt, and her hovering over him ready to take it deep.

    She licked her hand, I knew from fucking Angela that she like to spit into her hand and wet her pussy before fucking. The John grabbed his massive cock and pointed it upward at the same time she was rubbing the saliva into her pussy and in on smooth motion he sank half way into her.

    I have watched many a porno in my day, but nothing compares to watching live, spotaneous sex, especially when it is a kind of grudge thing against your wife. I knew better than to touch my cock, or I would cum in about 2 seconds.

    His cock seemed to stall about half-way in so she slowly moved her hips up and down a few times to work the saliva in, after a few strokes she was able to take three quarters into her pussy and then finally he started making upward thrusts and jammed it in up to the balls.

    I was amazed how she took the whole thing up to the head and then forcefully dropped her tight cunt all the way down. I had given her instructions to lean way forward so I could see all and she did not disappoint.

    Of course the John loved this because he could suck her tits while she stroked his cock up and down. In and out in and out. It looked so good I cannot write anything that would even come close.

    Her pussy was spread so wide that I cant believe she was not bleeding a little bit. He finally quit playing with her tits and reached for her ass. He grabbed a cheek in each hand and pulled them toward him. Of course this gave me a wonderful view of her asshole.

    Angela then sat straight up and rode him. Slowly this time. Up she would go before slowly sliding all the way down. Her tight ass looked really great this way. After a few minutes of seductive, passionate fucking, she began to pick up the pace. "UUUUNNNNHHHH" she was groaning hard now and his dick was so big that when she slid up I could see it in her pussy. She was fucking him faster and faster now.

    They were about 30 minutes into the whole thing when Angela leaned forward and began to shake and quiver. I knew she had just cum. Her pussy contractions were so forceful that she squeezed her ass togther until it formed dimples on the sides. The movements slowed until finally grinding to a halt.

    They layed there and kissed and he sucked her tits some more before beggining to slowly slide in and out of her again. She was really wet now. Thanks to the daylight I could see her fluids glistening on his dick. It only took about a minute before he rolled on top of her.

    She told him that he could fuck her this way but not to cum because she had still not given him the suprise yet. Of course, i knew what that was.

    Before he had arrived Angela had taken the time to clean her asshole out using an enema. She did not eat anything all day so that she would be clean and I could not wait to see her ass-fucked by this massive dick.

    OK he said. Then he leaned into her pussy hard. She tightened up a little, but as he pounded her she began to relax and take him in deep. I could not see as good as with him on top of her, but every now and then I caught a glimpse of his cock sliding in and out.

    She seemed to know that this was not a good position for the mirror, so she wrapped her legs around him after about 5 minutes. With her ass up in the air I could see all. Just like the positions in the porn movies where the guy pins the female actresses legs.

    He was fucking her hard and in this position he could pull his cock all the way out then jam it back into her. I could see the black hole of her pussy snap closed, then his huge head push into her waiting pussy lips and down to the hilt. I was only about 12 feet away. Over and over he pulled it out and jammed it into her, of course this drove Angela crazy and she came a second time. Her hips bucked upward taking him all the way in. Again her glistening juices began to flow. They ran out of her pussy and down the crack of her ass.

    I had to hand it to this guy. I probably would have blown my load already, but he was saving his. I figured the guy probably had an idea what the "suprise" was and wanted to fill my wife's ass full of cum.

    He slid off of her and moved to the side. They started kissing again and I could see his cock bobbing up and down from the steady flow of blood. She put her arms around him and whispered into his ear. With that he licked his hand and began to finger my wifes asshole.

    After about 2 minutes with one finger he pulled his hand back to his mouth and spit into then rubbed the outside of her asshole. He was now able to slide one finger in and out very easily. So, he went for two and then three, all the while lubing her ass with saliva. She grunted as she sucked on his tongue.

    She was nice and wet now and while he was unable to put three fingers all the way in he could defintely get past the opening.

    She rolled onto her stomach for him and as I had instructed and placed her legs together. If her legs were apart all I would be able to see would be his ass pumping up and down.

    So now it was time. He straddled her closed legs with his knees and slowly sank onto her. When he was almost in position he lubed the head of his cock with spit and slowly sank down.

    Because of the prepping he was able to slide the head of his cock in pretty easily. After that it seemed to halt. He tried to advance, but Angela tighted up in pain. This is when he did something we did not plan out.

    He slowly worked his way down and started licking her ass cheeks. My wife had also taken a bath and shaved her ass, but only for fucking, she had no idea he would want to eat her assole.

    He licked her cheeks for a while before moving to the tight little opening. He began to stick his tongue in and out of her prepped asshole. Angela grunted and squirmed a little. She froze in anticipation of his tongue going deep into her ass, then she would look back and make facial expressions of pleasure and squirm. I could not tell if this was for me or him. He enjoyed this for a few miniutes before straightening up and jamming his cock back into Angela's cunt.

    He fucked her slowly as he began to finger her asshole again. This time he did not stop until he had his massive dick in her cunt up to the hilt and three fingers working in and out of her asshole.

    Now it was time. In the blink of an eye he grabbed his cock and jammed it into her asshole. Angela was laying flat but pushed up on her arms in pain. His hands were big, but his fingers were certainly not 8 inches long and he had just jammed it in to the hilt.

    Angela was in obvious pain. "Good" I thought, you fucking whore. She seemed to want him to stop, but instead he used his wiry strength to push her hard back to the bed. She writhed in pain ass he raped her ass, HARD.

    He was fucking her similar to the missionary position. He would pull it out until I could see the head and then he would jam in back into her up to the balls. I knew this could not be pleasant for Angela. He was just too big and her asshole was just too small.

    He was fucking her so hard that her head began to bang off the headboard as she grunted in pain and pleasure simultaneuosly. Finally the pain eased a little and she was worn out after cuming twice and now having her ass pounded like a 13 year old was at the controls. So she tried to speed things along by talking dirty.

    "Fuck my ass." "OOOOOHHHHHH, cum in my ass baby, come on, cum in my ass." All the while with her head turned looking into his face.

    Of course this worked and he began to blow a massive load with his cock inserted to the hilt. He must have bucked and jerked for a good minute. Afterwhich he began to slowly, affectionately, slide his cock in and out of her ass while they tongued each other again.

    The suction pulled some of his cum out and I watched in run down Angela's ass cheeks and into her cunt.

    Finally his cock softened and he slid off of her. They layed there about 5 minutes before Angela got up and grabbed a towel for both of them. They toweled off and dressed and walked back into the living room.

    I heard the door shut. It only took about 10 seconds for Angela to open the door. She had a weird look on her face and said "Are you satisfied." "Not quite," I said.

    I stood up and undid my zipper. She looked at me like "C'mon," but she did not protest any further.

    My cock was hard as hell and this was the horniest I have been in my life. I could feel my heart pounding into my throat.

    Needless to say she only slid up and down on my cock about 10 times before I unloaded in her mouth. I sprayed so hard that she actually choked as my cum hit the back of her throat. Ever the whore though, she managed to suck it all down.

    She went and showered while I beat off in the bedroom. When she came out she was happy that "it was all over." "What do you mean Angela?"
    "I have four more fantasies I want to see before you are off the hook"

    I reminded her how she had done everthing but the anal I had seen for the past 2 months with this guy.

    She became angry, but quiet. After a few minutes she asked what I had in mind.

    I told her that I wanted to see her with another woman

    A black man with at least a 10 inch dick

    I wanted to do a threesome with her and a lesbian

    Finally I wanted to be in the room and watch her fuck some guy similar to this time, but in the end while she was riding him I wanted to fuck her in the ass.

    We have done all, but the last of these. Let me know if you like this and I will write more.

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    Nice very nice, I love watching my wife fucking other guys, and sliding my cock in to her spunk filled cunt is a blast, its so hot and sloppy. Deep down all woman are cheap whores, so we should all share them around I reckon
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    Default reply

    great story!
    Feel free to PM me if any females or couples want to chat.
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    Very nice. Keep going
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    Nice story !
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    Nice story, keep going!
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    Wonderful.....If you did everything you wanted? Tell us about it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    very nice ! thanks
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