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    Smile Pokémon Ash and Misty Sex Story - Part 2

    This doesn’t have a connection to the first part so whichever one you read first, it doesn’t matter. It’s just a second story. Once again, they are both 18, NOT 10. I do not own Pokémon all the rights go to Nintendo.

    Ash, Misty and Pikachu have travelled to Cinnabar Island to check out the famous hot springs. When the three of them arrive, they decide to take a walk downtown to check out the shops, when they notice a familiar face.
    “Hey, Brock!” yells Ash.
    “Hey you guys! What are you doing here?” asks Brock.
    “Could ask you the same question!” says Misty.
    “Well I needed some medicine that is only available at the Cinnabar pharmacy for some of my Pokémon; they haven’t been feeling to well lately” Replies Brock.
    “Aw, that’s too bad” says Misty.
    “So, Brock, where are you staying?” asks Ash.
    “I don’t know yet, I only arrived this morning. I don’t even think I have enough money for a hotel room! I was just thinking of staying at the Pokémon center” Says Brock.
    “Yeah that’s what we were thinking too!” says Ash.
    “Why don’t we go check it out?” suggests Misty.
    Ash, Brock, Misty and Pikachu head to the Cinnabar Pokémon center. When they get there, Nurse Joy informs them that there is only one room left available as there are so many tourists this time of year. When they get to their room, they discover there are only two beds.
    “That’s alright, I’ll just crash on the couch” says Ash.
    “Are you sure, Ash?” asks Misty.
    “Yeah don’t worry about it” says Ash as he winks at Misty, making sure Brock didn’t see.
    It’s getting late and the gang decides to pack it in for the night. Ash has no trouble getting to sleep, but a few hours later he is awoken with an amazing dream about Misty. “It felt so real” he thought. He looks over at Misty’s bed and notices she is tossing and turning. He then glances at Brock, who is sleeping like a baby.
    Ash decides to sneak very quietly over to Misty’s bed. He crawls in, careful not to make too much movement. Misty turns over to see Ash and she almost jumps out of bed.
    “Ash what are you doing?” she whispers.
    “I couldn’t stop thinking about you, Misty” he says as he pulls her close to give her a slow, wet kiss.
    The kiss turns into a passionate make out session, with Ash getting on top of Misty, one of his hands creeping up her leg. As his hand reaches her pelvic area he realizes she isn’t wearing any underwear. He takes two fingers and slides them into her pussy, also rubbing her clit with his thumb. Misty lets out a moan, but Ash just kisses her to keep her quiet. He doesn’t want Brock to wake up and ruin this moment.
    “Ash, that feels so good” whispers Misty.
    “I’m just getting started, baby” replies Ash.
    Ash pulls off his boxers so that he is completely naked. He spreads Misty’s legs ready to enter her. She stops him, grabs his penis and guides it along her pussy, rubbing the tip against her clit. Misty leans over to Ash’s ear.
    “I want you to cum inside me, Ash” she whispers.
    Ash smiles at her, gives her a quick kiss and slides his penis into her pussy with a hard thrust. Misty rolls her head back as she tries so hard no to moan too loudly. She grabs the pillow and squeezes hard. Ash is pounding her so hard, the bed begins to shake.
    “Oh, god Ash don’t stop” whispers Misty.
    Ash pins Misty’s arms behind her head so she can’t move an inch. He slows down the thrusting, going slow, but still hard. Misty cums just a few seconds before Ash does. He grunts as he finishes inside her, then collapses next to her on the bed, panting.
    “Baby that was so good” says Misty, giving Ash a kiss.
    “Anything for you, babe” replies Ash, still out of breath.
    In the morning, Misty wakes up to Ash sleeping on the couch. She’s disappointed he didn’t stay with her but she understood because Brock would flip shit if he woke up and found the two of them in bed together.
    “So what do you guys want to do today?” asks Brock, coming out of the bathroom with a towel on and one wrapped in his hair.
    “Well, Ash and I wanted to check out the hot springs” says Misty.
    “Great, that sounds fun. I’ll be ready in a bit. The bathroom is all yours, Misty” replies Brock.
    “Oh, thanks” she says, looking over at Ash, who is still fast asleep.
    …to be continued.
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    Another amazing story.
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    great job on part2 don't stop now keep em coming
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    Not bad.

    The Chronicles of Elsa
    Come and enjoy the adventures of Cat-girl Elsa, Chipper the insane squirrel, Nelson the illusionist and Sparkle - a dragon with mysteries. Join them on their quest, filled with magic, mayhem, mischief and romance, as they seek the legendary Jade Tigers.

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    Thumbs up

    Can't wait for part 3
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