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Thread: Origins

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    Default Origins

    “Man have I got to use it.”, she said as we drove around in the park with her headlights off.

    We had been there since 3 this afternoon but we decided to go for a little walk at 4:20 … yeah i said it .. corny huh? It was my idea and she had the materials so we had gone for a stroll and came back out to find that the park for whatever reason had shut it’s gate about 30 minutes early. “Oh yeah”, I thought looking at my watch. It was 5:30 and the park closed at 5pm. It was sort of nice really my lady friend, Cheree, had some munchies and really I don’t get the munchies when I would do the herb. I wanted to munch and … stuff ….. but it wasn’t Doritos and she was looking pretty damned good about now, with her sexy curves and tig ole bittys yeah .. she was lookin FINE. 42DDs with that wide but curvy figure that said “baby you can’t break me” Brown/ blue eyes that make you say things you’d sworn to yourself you’d never say. Framed in a squarish rounded face that makes me think of wholesome things until I thought about our passionate nights .. and hair, that hair .. she has a maine of hair that is that but length thick silky naturally raven black hair that is BUILT for pulling as well as gazing at in the sunlight to catch those almost blue tones in it. I digress .. She really is an amazing woman. But, she had to pee …

    She had to something fierce really. We were driving around the park enjoying the solitude but also needing to find an open bathroom. She looked around and suddenly turned the car into a parking space as I saw the lone and, and I believe, last, bathroom that we knew of. It’s grey brick exterior and lone street light wasn’t exactly promising in appearance but it was worth a try. She jumped out of the car with tissues in hand and ran to the building. I remember sitting there thinking to myself, “dayum, if it weren’t for her emergency I’d fuck that fine ass like her every hole was mine. I snickered as she jerked and tugged at the handle, thinking, “ok girl .. it’s not going to suddenly unlock if you speak to it more urgently.”

    She turned around and started following the fence, bordering the lot, till she was just at the edge of sight then I saw her cop a squat and lean back against the fence. I took another hit (hey 420 is good) and then something hit me. an idea. a warped idea.

    I got out of the car and started to walk back toward her. She looked at me and asked me what i was doing. She was just cleaning up and I told her I was going to relieve myself as well. She gave a look like “Oh ok” then i walked up to her grabbed her hair and roughly walked her about 10 feet away. She yelped at me and was spouting out some rather interesting combinations of color as she tried to swing at me. Knowing her weak side, I kept myself clear, and pushed her back down to a semi squatting / kneeling position, and pushed her back against the fence with one hand holding her throat but not squeezing. I had done this many times in play in other settings but she was still scared by the looked in her eyes. She had no idea what i was doing as I had lead her into the shadow of the building. While holding her there I roughly stripped my belt away and then leaned in against her pinning her by those huge breasts to the fence as I forcefully bound her wrist then looped the end in a knot around the fence post she was struggling and i stood up and slapped her tits hard and told her “enough of that shit. You’re going to suck my cock like the good whore that you are! GOT it!!??” She yelped at the slap then sobbed a little bit asking why am I doing this. I started to get scared .. Had I miscalculated? Then I noticed a reflection.

    She had one other attribute I was wild .. well many really, but this one drove me wild. Her clit was huge. I mean that thing when she was turned on would swell to about half the size of a basic thumbdrive. it was amazing. So ther I am starting to wonder when I notice .. Mrs Clit is looking around big time. She was still crying though which threw me for a loop to be honest but for some crazy reason it turned me on like no other .. I immediately went back to work. I took her hair in my hand as I opened my pants and told her “Stick your tongue out and suck my cock you fuckin cum slut.” She did as she was told and I rammed my cock down her throat with enough force to thrust her head back into the chain link fence. She gagged, hard, and then suddenly my cock was soaked with her spit as I fucked her throat hard. Each thrust was longer and I was holding my cock in her throat long enough that she would start to shake as she fought to push me back. When she would weaken I would pull out and let her gasp for air a few times then get back to fucking. i saw her shoulders moving and then realized that she was fucking the shit out of her pussy as I was doing it. That turned me on that much more. SO I stood back and took my pocket knife out and shredded her t-shirt off of her. Before i could toss my knife to a safe place I looked back and she had tried to pull her bra up but she couldn’t because of her restraints. I pulled her wrists from them and she immediately tried to push me away. So I pinned her to the fence again and started to cut her bra off … a major task let me tell you .. bras for big tits are tough! I did manage, to half cut (the straps and then undo the hooks) it off. she was fighting the whole time so I slapped her face took her hair in my hand and then slapped her tits roughly several times .. she yelped each time but seemed to become more docile each time. Finally I told her to suck my cock like the throat fucked whore she wants to be, as I again went back to fucking her throat she gagged hard again but kept taking it.

    I was just about to cum as I heard wet slapping sounds. Looking down as I was fucking her throat, now with her head pinned between me and the fence, I could just see her slapping her pussy rapidly. I could feel her whole body tremmering as she kept gagging and gasping over my cock. I reached down and slapped her tits hard several times telling her she was turning out to be a good little nasty whore when suddenly she thrust forward gagging really hard on my cock as she thrust she did a turn and suddenly I found myself with the choice either go with it or fall backwards. She had pinned me to the fence!!

    I took her head and leaning over put my arms behind her head so she couldn’t move and she shook really hard still slapping her pussy with a blurring speed. Suddenly I heard this really throaty Grunt it was really basey and her throat almost fell over my cock. her nose burried in my hair and her chin grinding against my balls. Then I heard what sounded like someone turning on a water faucet under us. Then she grunted again and I heard it again. I couldn’t stand it anymore I pulled back to shoot it on her face but didn’t make it. Instead I shot a cannon load into her mouth with enough force that it came in part out of her nose. I kept cumming like that. By the time we were done she had cum several times and I had covered her from sinus to tits .. she had it all over her as she fell to the ground shuddering and panting i was still cumming .. it was a fantastic mess

    She laid there panting as I sat there beside her doing the same. she looked over at me and said … “Dayum …. my own Dr FreakNasty!” She’s called me that ever sense. Come to find out this was one of her private little fantasies that she had had for years but has just filed it into the “never will happen” bin. I had just become a hero
    maybe an anti-hero ….....
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    Default Origins

    Doc I really liked it pretty good, my friend!
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    Need a bit of work on the punctuation but, for the most part, not a bad little tale at all.
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    I liked this one.
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