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    Smile PART 5 - Pokémon Ash and Misty Sex Story

    Well, here's Part 5!! It takes place immediately after Part 4, so I recommend you read that first.

    Disclaimer: I wish I did, but I don't own Pokemon.

    Hope you like it!

    “Wait!” Ash hears a voice and feels an arm pulling him back. He turns around to see Misty looking at him, pulling him closer.
    “What?” he asks.
    “I don’t think we should tell everyone just yet.” She tells him, nervously.
    “Why not?”
    “Well, I like where this is going. I like the secrecy” says Misty in a low, seductive voice pulling Ash in close to kiss him softly.
    “Okay then, we don’t have to tell anyone about us just yet” He says as he smiles down at Misty.
    The couple decide to keep quiet just a bit longer about their new relationship when they meet up with Brock, Pikachu and the rest of their Pokémon. None of them seem to suspect a thing. Brock was too busy chasing after girls all day and the Pokémon were occupied with playing in the hot springs.
    When the group arrive back in their room at the Pokémon center, they decide to stay one more night, since they haven’t really spent a whole lot of time all together.
    At around 10pm Ash, Brock and Misty go down to the lobby to hang out so Pikachu can get some sleep. They find a spot next to a window with three bean bag chairs.
    “Aaahh this feels great! I could sleep here!” says Ash as he plops down on one of the chairs. He takes off his hat and jacket, and then lies down with his hands behind his head.
    “So what’s up you guys?” asks Ash with a big smile on his face.
    “What’s with you Ash? You’ve been smiling a lot lately” says Brock.
    “Oh, nothing. Can’t a guy smile?” he says suspiciously.
    “So, Brock what have you been up too? How’s your family?” says Misty, changing the subject.
    “They’re good, thanks. How are your sisters and the gym?” he asks.
    “Oh, everyone is fine. Nothing has changed with them, really” says Misty.
    The three friends end up chatting for about two hours catching up and talking about how their lives have been, what they want to do in the future and how their Pokémon are doing. When it begins to get a little late, they notice that Nurse Joy is gone for the night and they are all alone in the lobby.
    “Hey, guys why don’t we have a little fun?” says Ash breaking the silence.
    ”Like what? Everything is closed” Misty says.
    “Well, how about a little game of strip poker?” smirks Ash looking in Misty’s direction.
    “We need more girls for that” says Brock.
    “Nah, it’s all good we can play just us three. Brock can I have your cards?” says Ash.
    Brock reaches in his pocket and tosses his deck of cards over to Ash. “You know I think I’m just gonna hit the hay. I’m exhausted” Brock says.
    “Chasing around girls all day is real tiring eh Brock?” jokes Misty.
    Brock laughs it off as he says good night to his two friends.
    “Do you want to head back to the room or do you want to chill here for a bit?” Misty asks Ash.
    “How about we play a little strip poker?” says Ash flipping through the cards with this thumb, and eyeing up Misty at the same time.
    “But I don’t even know how to play” Misty tells him.
    “So what? I’ll teach you”
    Ash deals the cards and tries to teach Misty how to play. She starts getting the hang of it, but she is still losing miserably. She is down to wearing only her tank top, bra and underwear. Ash only took off his gloves.
    “I suck at this. I don’t want to play anymore” Misty says as she throws down her cards, after Ash had beat her, once again.
    “Too bad, babe. Now strip” he demands.
    “No! I quit! We aren’t playing anymore!” cries Misty as she reaches for her clothes.
    Ash gets from his seat and crawls over to Misty. He pins her down to her bean bag chair before she had a chance to put her clothes back on. He plants his lips on Misty’s, allowing her to open her mouth to invite his tongue to clash with hers.
    “Babe, what if someone comes in?” says Misty.
    “Oh, I know someone will come, in ha-ha. And you still need to get those clothes off. I fucking won!” says Ash in a low, husky voice that drove Misty wild. She loved how he took control of her.
    “Ha-ha, so what are you going to do to me, Ash Ketchum?” Misty says as she twirls her fingers through his thick raven hair.
    Ash pins his body against her, making sure she can’t move. He practically rips off her tank top and bra, leaving her lying on her back, her boobs completely exposed. Ash grabs one with his hand and starts licking the other one with his tongue. As soon as he starts sucking, Misty grips gently onto his hair and rolls back her head.
    When Ash lifts his head, Misty looks him in his eyes and places both her hands on his face.
    “Get those pants off. Now.” she tells him. The way she said that turned Ash on even more than he already was. He backed away a bit and allowed Misty to take his shirt off.
    The way he unbuckled and ripped off his belt was enough to get Misty soaking wet. She wanted him. Now. The fact that they were in a lobby where anyone could walk in at any second completely faded away.
    Ash pulled his pants and boxers down to expose his throbbing erection. He noticed Misty still had her underwear on, and he ripped them off. Misty had barely even noticed.
    “You ready, hun?” Ash asks her, ready to enter.
    “You know I am” she tells him, gripping his shoulders.
    As Ash enters Misty, a moan escapes from her mouth louder than she had expected. He makes steady thrusts, feeling every inch of how warm inside her feels. Misty moves her hands down Ash’s back. Leaving scratch marks. Ash’s expression on his face turns painful, but he changes it immediately to a determined one. He starts thrusting faster, knowing it will send Misty over the edge.
    “Aaassshh” is all Misty can manage to say as she arches her back and grips onto Ash’s biceps.
    “You like it huh? You want more you dirty girl?” Ash says huskily.
    Misty could only nod as Ash pulled Misty off the bean bag chair and onto the floor. He positioned himself on top of her, his arms planted to the floor next to Misty’s head. Misty lifts her body up slightly and wraps her legs around his waist. Misty moans loudly once again as her boyfriend’s penis enters her. Ash picks up the pace he once had, and he knows Misty is getting close to orgasm by the expression and the blush on her face. She guides her hands down his back to his ass and she squeezes it, hard. She pushes him deeper into her as the wave of pleasure of enough to make her orgasm.
    Ash pulls out, grips his penis and comes all over Misty’s stomach and chest. The couple lay on the floor for a while, coming down from their high. They are suddenly snapped back to reality and they realize they are in the lobby of the Cinnabar Island Pokémon Center.
    “We should get upstairs.” Suggests Misty.
    “Can I sleep in your bed tonight?” Ash blurts out as Misty grabs her clothes.
    Misty turns around and looks at him.
    “Honey, Brock and Pikachu are up there, remember?” she says.
    “Yeah I know, I mean I take the bed and you take the couch” jokes Ash.
    “Jerk!” laughs Misty as she punches his arm.
    “But for real though. I don’t care what Brock or Pikachu will think. They are our friends and they will understand” Ash tells her.
    “Yeah but them waking up to both of us in the same bed would be kind of a shock don’t you think? Why don’t we just tell them in the morning?” says Misty.
    “Misty, I don’t care. I love you, and if they don’t find out soon they are going to know eventually. Please, I know I won’t be able to sleep if you’re across the room, away from me” pleaded Ash.
    Misty looks deep into his eyes and knows he’s being sincere. She couldn’t help thinking how god damn cute he looked right now. She couldn’t resist that face.
    “Okay then. Let’s go baby.” says Misty bringing in Ash for a kiss.
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    nice job keep it going
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    that was great plz continue
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    Great job!
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