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Thread: huge cum shot

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    Default huge cum shot

    Ok. Me n my gf finally did some anal play on me today. Now I've stuck things in my ass and jacked offed and it was nice. But having her here and her fingers in my ass I came so hard and a lot more. Even hit my face... I don't think I really came that hard or that much before. Has anyone else noticed a better orgasm when someobe else was with you or doing it.
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    yeah...I think it is kinda like trying to tickle yourself; you just can't reproduce the feeling of someone else doing it. Lay back and enjoy it!
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    yea guy I put a small vib,dildo in my ass didn't move it jacked off in went over my head ( the head with eyes ).....OK I did this more then once....
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    ive done it with them in there too but it was never like having her doin it
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    If here finger(s) was in there when you came and she was pressing on your prostate, ya, it pushes more cum and you were probably super excited because she was doing it. I've had a similar experience-many times.
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